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Boss FAQ by Brother Reed

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/10/01

                 ***** Brother Reed is proud to present *****

     ____  _____ _____ _______ ____   ____  _____ ____  _____  _______   ____
    \_   \/_  _//  __//  ____//    | \_   \/_  _//    |/_    \/ ____  | / __/
     / /| // / /  __//  /_  //  *  |  / /| // / /  *  | / /|  /     | |/ /
  __/ / |// /_/____/ |_____//__/___|_/ / |// /_/__/___|/_/ |__/     /   |
 /___/   /___/                    /___/   /___/                  __/ /| |______
                                                                /___/ |_______/


                                   Version 1.1
                                November 10, 2001
                          Copyright 2000, Brother Reed
                         E-mail: brother_reed@hotmail.com


TABLE OF CONTENTS                            PAGE NUMBER
-----------------                            -----------
I. Introduction to FAQ ..................... 1-2
II. Legal Information ...................... 2

3. Boss Strategies
     A. Sub Bosses
          RT-55J ........................... 2-3
           Thunder Slimer .................. 3
            Mech Eel ....................... 3

     B. Maverick Reploids
          Chill Penguin .................... 3-4
           Storm Eagle ..................... 4-5
            Flame Mammoth .................. 5
             Sting Chameleon ............... 5-6
              Spark Mandrill ............... 6
               Armored Armadillo ........... 6-7
                Boomer Kuwanger ............ 7
                 Launch Octopus ............ 7-8

     C. Sigma's Fortress
          Vile ............................. 8
           Bospider ........................ 9
            Rangda Bangda .................. 9-10
             D-Rex ......................... 10
              Sigma's Dog .................. 10
               Sigma ....................... 10-11
                Velgauder Sigma ............ 11

4. Credits ................................. 11-12
5. Contact Information ..................... 12

        ***************     INTRODUCTION TO BOSS FAQ     ***************
     Welcome to the Mega Man X Boss Guide. The major objective in Mega Man X is
to destroy all the Maverick Reploids and their leader, Sigma, in order to save
mankind from destruction. This game is one of very interactive weapons. Each
time you defeat a Maverick, you get its weapon, and each weapon that you get
has a unique use in the game: often to destroy another Maverick. All Reploids
have a weakness to one weapon or another. This guide will show you how to
defeat the game's many bosses, and what to do with the weapons that they pass
off to you. With that brief introduction, I hereby present to you Brother
Reed's Mega Man X Boss FAQ.
     If you are the webmaster of any site other than GameFAQS,
(www.gamefaqs.com), and you would like to post this FAQ on your site, please
refer to the legal instructions below

         *****************     LEGAL INFORMATION     *****************
     If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail me and ask permission. I
will probably say yes. Just make sure that you give the name and address of the
site, because I want to have a list of all the sites where this is posted. By
posting this FAQ, you affirm that all of the following conditions will be

_ALL_ of this FAQ must be included in its original form. It must NOT be
altered, changed, added to, subtracted from, or otherwise tampered with in any
way, shape or form, electronically or otherwise.

My name, the version, and this fine print must be included.

Do not post this FAQ/walkthrough with a banner add or anything similar.

I ask that you update this FAQ within a week of the time the update is sent to
GameFAQs. If you do not want the responsibility of updating it, then don't post

You may convert this document to HTML, change the colors, add game pics, etc.,
as long as the content remains unchanged, and I am previously informed that the
change shall take place.

DO NOT attempt to revise or update this FAQ apart from the updates that I make
myself. If you think it needs updating, tell me about it. Don't take matters
into your own hands.

This FAQ/walkthrough is intended for individual use. It must not be used for
financial purposes, i.e. buying, selling, bartering, etc. You may however, if
the web site allows, print this document for personal use.

All names, characters, etc., used in Mega Man X are trademarks of their
respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Capcom, and/or
any other persons/companies that are/were involved in the production and
marketing of this game. All copyrights are acknowledged that are not
specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

          *****************     BOSS STRATEGIES     *****************


     The sub bosses are the tough enemy machines found in the middle of some
stages, which are not Reploids, but are much more difficult to defeat than your
average small robots. Sometimes destroying a sub boss will get you a prize, and
other times you must beat them simply to progress through the stage. There are
three sub bosses in the eight stages of Mega Man X, all of which are covered

     This boss is one that some people probably have not battled, since you can
pass right by him and never know he exists. That's not a good thing though,
because you get quite a prize for destroying him. That prize comes at a high
price of time, because RT is one tough character, who is not quickly subdued.
     In Sting Chameleon's stage, dash and jump up to the wall right before the
cave where the rocks fall on you. Climb the wall and you will enter a small
open area. Quickly rocks will fall to seal off the entrance. There's no turning
back now. As soon as the wall is secure, a green robot with wrench-like hands
that block your shots and a single red photoreceptor on his tiny head will jump
into the screen to fight you. The robot does three things. He jumps, he shoots
out his hands to the end of their chain to grab you, and he grabs the wall and
pulls himself to it. RT-55J jumps very high, but not high enough to reach you
if you stay at the top left corner. Stay at the top of the wall when he jumps.
When he stops to throw out his arm, jump down to attack. The chain will not
harm you, so jump the crook, and in front of him, shoot his now vulnerable
body, and jump back over when he reels his hand back in. Storm Tornado and Fire
Wave do the most damage. You can run under him when he jumps, but it's best
just to stay on the wall until he attacks again. DO NOT jump into the chain to
shoot him if his hand has grabbed the wall. You have scant seconds to jump over
his hand and climb the wall to the top before he pulls himself in. Keep hitting
him, and after a while he will begin to smoke. This means that he's nearly
finished. The smoking will become more severe until finally his arms break off
and he explodes. You get a nifty suit of body armor for your trouble.

     At first I though it was "slimmer", but that doesn't make any sense does
it? The Thunder Slimer immediately throws bubbles of a sticky substance that
looks like water (thunder slime?) to trap you so that it can pound you into a
little Mega Pancake. Avoid the bubbles (run like crazy if you do get caught)
and head up the wall on the other side. From there hit it with Storm Tornado.
Drop and run under him when he bounces, and arm yourself with Fire Wave. You
can use this to break any more bubbles that he flings at you. When it stops on
the ground, fry it with the flame. Keep hitting it with tornado and fire until
it blows up.

     No, I don't know what it's really called, but there are two of them. You
can stand on top of it when it swims low. Just avoid the head and the spiked
tail. Now run up to the second section and blast the head with storm tornado.
Two to three blasts of that will take him out.



     Mavericks, as I'm sure you already know, are the robots with bad tempers
that you fight at the end of a stage. They all take the form of a different
animal, and have sophisticated attacks and easily learnable attack patterns.
Some are easy, some are...not so easy. But, as I said earlier, most Reploids
have a weakness to be exploited. You should fight the Reploids in the order in
which they are listed, mostly because of what you can find in their respective
stages. For instance, the first four bosses listed are the first because their
domains contain the multiple upgrades that X can get, and you want to have
those as soon as possible. The second reason (which was more or less ignored
when formulating this order) is that beating some stages has an effect on other
stages. Don't worry if you can't use all of the right weapons the first time
around. You have to fight all of the Reploids again in Sigma's fortress, and
you will have all the correct guns at that point. Note that the Reploids'
difficulty ranks were given using just the X-buster. The difficulty ranks would
vary greatly from what they are if the bosses' weaknesses were considered.

     Chill Penguin's stage should always come first, because it is here that
you get the dash boots, an extremely important feature, and because Chill is
easy enough to defeat without the use of a special weapon.
     Climb up the left wall and stay there while penguin guy fires his shotgun
ice, and then jump down and blast him when he finishes sliding. Get out of the
way when he starts blowing the cold air, because if it hits you you'll freeze
into a Mega Man X shaped ice cube. Stay beyond the reach of his blowing and
fire a blast at him underneath the ice penguins before he's done "sculpting"
them. Note that you should now get back to the wall as he will slide right
through his own penguins to get you. Sometimes he will uselessly fire ice at
his penguins for a while first, just to show you how smart he is. If he jumps
up to grab the handle on the ceiling, slide on the wall so that your x-buster
is facing out into the room and blast him before he can activate it. Keep
blasting him, and Chill Penguin will "chill out" for good. When you fight him
later in Sigma's Fort, use flame.

Height: 5.34 ft
Weight: 237 lbs
Attacks: Shotgun ice, sliding, freezing, making and blowing ice sculptures
Weakness: Fire Wave
Acquired Weapon: Shotgun Ice
Difficulty Rank: 8th

SHOTGUN ICE: Hit Y once to fire an ice blast that scatters miniblasts off in
the opposite direction upon impact. When charged, it creates a penguin-shaped
sled that you can jump on and get a ride. I have yet to figure out the purpose
of this function, as it does not seem to be particularly effective or allow you
to reach an otherwise inaccessible area. The standard blast works wonders
against Spark Mandrill.


     Enter Storm Eagle's battle field by the hatch in the bottom of his airship
(the one that Vile came from in the first stage). You have to constantly dash
toward him to keep from being blown away by his wings. Try to charge while
doing that and hit him when his attack subsides. Then you may have to dash once
or twice to get by the storm tornado blast and shoot him again. Hit him as many
times as you can as he flies into the air and when he spits out the egg, fire
an orange-charged blast to destroy it before the little birdies come out. After
a short time he will probably start diving. Diving is the attack that is
hardest to counter because you never know from which direction he is going to
dive. He dives across the screen either from the top left to bottom right or
from top right to bottom left. I think that he dives from whichever direction
you are facing, but I'm not sure. Just dash away from the attack and if you
can, turn and fire before he gets all the way down. As a rule, the more you hit
him, the shorter his diving spurts. If you never hit him, he may keep doing it
for a very long time because he sees that it's working. When you fight him in
Sigma's Fort, use Chameleon Sting to really blow him away. This is especially
good because stalls in the air for a second after being released. You can fire
a blast and move away, and he'll dive right into your shot!

Height: 6.20 ft
Weight: 275 lbs
Attacks: Wind storm, storm tornado, egg shot, diving
Weakness: Chameleon Sting
Acquired Weapon: Storm Tornado
Difficulty Rank: 6th

STORM TORNADO: Hit Y once To create a powerful horizontal cyclone that first
sits in place and then jets forward damaging all in it's path. It is strongest
against large robots. The powered up form of the weapon is a wide, vertical


     Flame Mammoth is the largest Reploid. His chamber is unique, as the floor
is a conveyor belt. He chooses which way it will take you both, and
consequently the direction changes many times during battles. The only weapon
powerful enough to do him much damage is Storm Tornado, and fortunately you
just got it so don't hesitate to blast him with it. Mostly he just jumps and
tries to hit you that way (he jumps rather high for such a big lug), but his
most dangerous attack is the fire wave in which he spews flames from his arm
cannon. Occasionally he also flings some oil out of his trunk and onto the
conveyor belt, which he attempts to set ablaze with his flame attack. Climb up
one wall and stay in the top corner as he jumps up to you and vault over him
when he lands. Then nail him with tornado and high tail it over to the other
side, firing "over your shoulder" at him. Make sure not to get caught on the
floor when he lands from a jump or you'll be shaken off your feet for a moment
from the shock waves. If you leave him in the dust climb high up the wall cause
he'll come catapulting into the screen. If you got the arm upgrade in his
stage, you can charge up the storm tornado while on the wall and hit him with
the vertical storm when he is jumping under you.
     In Sigma's Fort, fire a few boomerangs at him and you'll cut off his
trunk! This will leave him looking extremely foolish, and unable to spurt oil
at you.

Height: 10.5 ft
Weight: 719 lbs
Attacks: Jump press, fire wave, oiling
Weakness: Storm Tornado
Acquired Weapon: Fire Wave
Difficulty Rank: 7th

FIRE WAVE: Fire wave is a strong but short range weapon that acts as a flame
thrower when you hold the Y button. When charged and released, coulombs of
flame spurt up and burn quickly along the floor in front of you, searing all in
it's path, until it hits an obstacle. It is also effective against robots and


     Chameleon can be very tough for newcomers to beat. I know I struggled long
and hard against this spiked foe before finally destroying him. Now however his
is relatively simple. Being a chameleon, he can blend right into his
surroundings, becoming invincible during that time. Fortunately you can still
track him and be ready to attack when he shows himself again.
     As soon as the you can move, Sting will (almost always) leap up to the
left corner, hook onto the sharp ceiling with his metal tongue and begin to
rain spikes down on you. Move to avoid the spikes and take a few jump shots at
him. When he becomes invisible, watch the squiggling background (that's him) to
see where he's headed. If up to one of the corners, dash over to the opposite
wall and fire a charged shot at him when he appears to fire the sting rays from
his tail. Then drop in between the blasts. If he comes down in front of you,
and you should be on a wall, he is going to strike you with his tongue the
instant he appears. This attack is difficult to quell, but here's what to do.
Have your x-buster charged to pink, let it go the instant BEFORE he appears,
and climb higher on the wall. In that second, he will materialize and be hit by
the tail end of the pink x-buster shot. When you fight him in Sigma's Fort, use
boomerangs. They may not make him loose tons of energy, but more importantly,
they cancel his attacks. This is especially helpful when he starts to rain

Height: 5.8 ft
Weight: 169
Attacks: Spike shower, iron tongue, chameleon sting
Weakness: Boomerang Cutter
Acquired Weapon: Chameleon Sting
Difficulty Rank: 5th

CHAMELEON STING: Upon being fired, chameleon sting produces a green energy that
splits into three separate beams. When charged, X blends into his environment
like a chameleon and during that time he is invincible and passes right through
enemies. Chameleon Sting really bothers Storm Eagle.


     Whoa, big fella! Spark Mandrill is REALLY big, REALLY strong, and equally
lethal. Nope, no wimp here. Spark can, as his name implies, spark. He pounds
the ground and creates electric sparks that roll along the floor and up the
walls. These you must jump over. He also jumps up to the ceiling and swings
from conveniently placed electric wires until he gets over you and tries to
pound you. In addition to these devastating moves, mandrill swings his iron
fist, crushing anything between him and the wall. Considering that he does all
of this quickly, rarely giving you enough time to think let alone react, it's
no wonder he's the hardest Reploid to subdue. That is, until you put his
weakness into effect. What's that? Shotgun Ice. Suddenly the big, scary, high-
voltage monster turns into a ten foot Popsicle. How funny. And how easy. Just
fire the ice. When he breaks out of the frozen shell, hit him again before he
has time to retaliate. That's it. A baby could beat him by just sitting around
pushing the Y button. Some challenge.

Height: 10 ft
Weight: 646 lbs
Attacks: Electric spark, dash punch, jumping
Weakness: Shotgun Ice
Acquired Weapon: Electric Spark
Difficulty Rank: 1st

ELECTRIC SPARK: A shocking weapon, hit Y to fire a pink static charge that will
climb up walls. When charged up, electric spark creates a strange blast that
shoots out from X and pulverizes enemies on both sides. Effective against metal


     Enter Mega Man X, stage left. He looks around, and feels the walls begin
to rumble. Enter Armored Armadillo, stage...well actually he comes through the
ceiling. Spinning in his highly protective metal plating, this armadillo can
bust through almost anything, including X's armor! Armored Armadillo has three
basic attacks. First, he starts spinning and bounces off the walls like a
pinball, trying to smash you. Second, he fires blasts of energy out of a cannon
in his head. And last, he puts up his armor when you fire a charged blast,
absorbs the energy from your shot, and throws it back at you in the form of
energy balls.
     When you first enter the stage, climb the wall to avoid the initial impact
that dillo will make when he comes crashing through in his rolling shield
attack. He may spin for awhile but when he stops, fire an electricity  blast at
him. If you make contact, it'll give the iron critter a mighty powerful shock
and KNOCK HIS ARMORED SHELL OFF! This will leave you with a rather vulnerable
adversary who cannot block, spins much less frequently, and who can be hit even
while spinning. Mostly he will fire from his head cannon. Just jump his blasts
and bombard him with electric spark. Use the same method in Sigma's Fortress.

Height: 6.36 ft
Weight: 510 pounds
Attacks: Rolling shield, head cannon, guarding
Weakness: Electric Spark
Acquired Weapon: Rolling Shield
Difficulty Rank: 3rd

ROLLING SHIELD: Few weapons have such wide usage in the game as rolling shield.
When fired, the "Rolling" part is introduced with a bundle of energy that rolls
along the ground. When charged, "Shield" becomes the theme as an energy shield
forms around X and protects him from any enemy, provided that enemy could be
destroyed with a single rolling shield blast. Several tough characters,
including Sigma, have a weakness to this worthy addition to your arsenal.


     Thanks to a few resourceful people, I have now been informed that Boomer
Kuwanger is a cockroach, and that Kuwanger is the Japanese word for the bug.
The translators just decided to leave it and not call one of their bosses
Boomer Cockroach. A wise choice. I used to think that Boomer Kuwanger was the
most difficult Reploid this side of Sigma, but now I know better. It just so
happens that Boomer is just harder than Sting Chameleon, and not by much! In
fact, he might even be easier. Boomer is a strange looking spindly robot with
horns on his head, and he is extremely fast. This is what gives him the only
real advantage he has over X, because not only is he fast, but he can disappear
and reappear somewhere else in less than a second!
     The most important thing when fighting a kuwanger is to stay on the wall,
for kuwangers cannot jump, and therefore have difficulty damaging you when you
are up above them. If you get caught on the floor, THEN you are in danger of
the dead lift, in which he scoops you up in his horns and heaves you into the
ceiling. Major headache. So stay on the wall (charging your x-buster) until he
takes off his horns (which by the way double as a boomerang) and hurls them at
you. Jump off the wall before they reach you, land behind Darth Boomer and fry
him with a charged shot. Then get back up to the wall again. He will at some
point just start disappearing and reappearing rapidly on the ground, leaving
you to get bored with staying on the wall. This is very dangerous, because the
crafty kuwanger is luring you down to the ground so that he can attack. Don't
let him win. Stay on the wall and he will eventually get tired and start the
boomerang attack again. In Sigma's Fort, stay on the wall and fire homing
missiles at him.

Height: 7.93 ft
Weight: 206 lbs
Attacks: Boomerang Cutter, dead lift
Weakness: X-buster, but he doesn't like homing missiles either
Acquired Weapon: Boomerang Cutter
Difficulty Rank: 4th

BOOMERANG CUTTER: Yet another weapon of varied use. It fires a boomerang that
circles around and then comes back to you. You can get some hard-to-reach items
by catching them in the boomerang. It can also cut off the appendages of a
couple of Reploids. The charged form is rather useless, and fires four energy
boomerangs that don't do anything in particular.


     The one aquatic boss. Launch Octopus is a scary sight, arms flailing, eyes
glaring, expressionless grid of a mouth fixed in a perpetual scowl. Launch is a
high jumper and just generally a missile-happy lunatic. Take care when fighting
him. He's fast. He tires to hit you by firing three missiles simultaneously.
The two top ones are close together and if you're far enough from him, will
pass overtop of you. The bottom one however will usually get you. But that's
the least significant attack, even though it is the most frequent. The more
lethal ones include the X-seeking fishies that he emits from his upper arms and
the whirlpool he creates which, if you are caught in it, pulls you into his
grasp and allows him to suck out your energy! This he uses to fill his own
health meter, bit by bit. Not a nice thing to do, the dirty parasite!
     You can beat the octopus I just described, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Instead, defeat an octopus that cannot dispatch homing fishes or drain the very
life from your body. When you enter his chamber, switch to your newly acquired
Boomerang Cutter, and hit him with it until his arms fall off. Then switch back
to X-buster. Now all you need to do is stay away from him, and fire your x-
buster constantly. This will destroy that one low missile that I talked about
and, if you're fast enough, penetrate to the Launch Octopus. Dash under him
when he jumps, and keep hitting him. You should be able to beat him and take
minimal damage. Launch really hates Rolling Shield, but it's almost impossible
to get it past all those missiles and make contact.

Height: 7.8 ft
Weight: 348 lbs
Attacks: Missiles, homing torpedoes, e-drain
Weakness: Rolling Shield
Acquired Weapon: Homing Torpedoes
Difficulty Rank: 2nd

HOMING TORPEDOES: Just what it sounds like. They're torpedoes, and the home.
The charged version fires (what a surprise) seeking fishies. BTW, THESE ARE NOT
FISH! It does not fire homing FISH, it fires homing FISHIES! There is a big
difference, and the latter is correct. Why? Because I said so.

-------------------------------!WARNING: SPOILER!------------------------------
-------------------------------!WARNING: SPOILER!------------------------------

***************************     SIGMA'S FORTRESS     **************************

Stage 1                             Stage 1                             Stage 1
-------                             -------                             -------

     It isn't long after you penetrate the outer defense of Siggy's lair that
Vile appears again, this time without his invincible ride armor. Obviously you
did not destroy him in the highway stage, and he got away clean, or at least as
clean as one can get away when missing an arm. Anyway, Zero cuts him off at the
pass and, wishing to save X from a death match with the hunter, rushes to
confront Vile. Zero knows he can destroy him without his armored carrier. X
follows then into the chamber, only to find that Vile had his ride armor hidden
in the room, and that he has captured Zero and imprisoned him in a capsule. Now
X must fight Vile to save his friend. Of course, X is no more able to destroy
Vile's carrier than he was in the introductory stage, and so he is stunned and
placed in a corner. Laughing, Vile assumes that he has won. Seeing that X has
been subdued, Zero busts out of his cage in a burst of adrenaline and rage, and
grabs Vile's ride armor. "Maybe...but I'm not through yet!" With that, Zero
summons all of his energy and destroys the armored carrier, leaving himself
badly injured and Vile to battle X on his own two feet.
     There isn't a lot to be said about the battle. Vile's weakness is Rolling
Shield, so jump over him when he dashes and hurtle his stun balls while firing
Rolling Shield at him. Soon he will be rather handsomely defeated.

     Fight him again, this time using Homing Torpedo.

     A heartless and fearsome boss indeed. The Bospider can be an extremely
tough adversary to overcome. He starts at the top of the screen, positioned
over one of four bars extending to the floor. Then green horizontal bars
appear, bridging gaps at certain points between the vertical bars. He now has a
"web" that he can use to come down to get you. He comes down on the "web",
following a path made by the intersecting bars. You have only a moment when he
is still to note his position and the arrangement of the green bars, and to
calculate what path he could take. Your goal is not to be under him when he
gets to the bottom. He cannot move upwards, and he cannot move more than one
space to the side. For instance, in the first figure 1, the Bospider cannot
reach X if X stands in the right corner, and from there X will have a safe and
clear shot. In the second figure, there is no safe place; the spider could end
at any point. However, X should stand in the same place as in figure 1, because
it is less likely that Bospider will end up there.

1.                    2.                   3.                    Key
___ ___ ___S___ ___   ___S___ ___ ___ ___  ___ ___ ___ ___S___   ---
   |___|   |   |         |___|   |___|        |___|   |   |      S = Spider start
   |   |___|   |         |   |___|   |        |   |___|   |      E = Places
   |___|   |   |         |___|   |___|        |___|   |   |          spider may
   |   |___|   |         |   |___|   |        |   |___|   |          end
   |   |   |   |         |___|   |   |        |   |   |   |      X = Safe spot
   E   E   E   X         E   E   E   E        X   X   X   E          for X

Sometimes you just can't tell, and will have to guess, and if you guess wrong
try to dash out of the way when he comes down. You can only hit the Bospider
when he shows the red light on his back. This happens when he reaches the
bottom at which point he stalls for a moment (long enough for you to hit him)
and then climbs back up. NEVER jump up to the wall when Bospider is coming
down. He will stop in mid climb and release a bunch of really annoying baby
spiders. He may also do this from the top before starting. If he does, try to
destroy three with one shot and jump over the fourth. As you continue to hit
him, he will increase in speed, becoming very fast by the end. The only weapon
other than X-buster that is effective at all is shotgun ice, so you can use
this weapon if you choose.

Stage 2                             Stage 2                             Stage 2
-------                             -------                             -------

     Fight him again, this time using the Fire Wave to roast him.

     Yep, it's him again. Use Chameleon Sting.

     Please let me say that I _DID_NOT_ invent that ridiculous name. I saw it
in the credits. Had it been up to me this large, face-like contraption would
have been named something respectable. But you're playing a Japanese game, so
the names don't have to make sense.
     Rangda Bangda consists of two eye sockets and a "nose", that opens up and
moves around when vulnerable. You are in a room with spikes in the center of
the floor and safe ground on either side below the eye sockets. First the one
of the eye sockets will open, revealing an eye that will be either blue, green,
or red. Each has different abilities and you should learn to recognize them on
sight. The blue on just flies over to you and comes back. The green one stays
in its socket and fires little energy blasts, and the red one, which usually
appears later, both flies toward you AND shoots. Jump to the side opposite the
side on which the eye opens and fire at it from there, avoiding any projectiles
it may emit. After you have shot at the eyes, the walls will close in leaving
only the spiked part of the floor, and activating the "nose", or center
component. Stay on the wall, dodge the center when it comes at you, and hit it
with a charged blast before it returns to a resting position. The you will
fight the eyes again. This will continue until you have either destroyed both
eyes or one eye and the nose. Hopefully it is both eyes. Once both eyes are
gone, you are left to destroy the center part. Do that, and you're on to stage

Stage 3                             Stage 3                             Stage 3
-------                             -------                             -------

     In the third stage you will have to re-fight all the remaining Reploids in
this order: Armored Armadillo, Sting Chameleon, Spark Mandrill, Launch Octopus,
and Flame Mammoth. Flame Mammoth's chamber leads directly to the final Sub-
Boss, the Skull Car.

     The dinosaur-like car has two parts: the top, which can move independently
of the bottom and bears a face with sharp teeth, and the bottom part which is
land bound and when it crashes into a wall you're climbing it knocks you down
and hits you. The top is the vulnerable part. Hit it with charged blasts from
your X-buster; no other weapon works as well. The car has several attacks. If
it begins to create sparks between the two parts, it is about to fire a huge
energy ball. Climb up mid way on the wall, and just before it fires, climb a
little higher and vault over it, hopefully blasting the head on your way down.
It also likes to bash back and forth slamming into the walls in hopes of
trapping and smashing you. You may need to jump and dash between the two parts,
but be nimble and quick, cause the head will try to smash you with its teeth.
If you can stay out of trouble you will find that this menacing boss is not as
difficult as it appears.

Stage 4                             Stage 4                             Stage 4
-------                             -------                             -------

     Sigma stage. All you have between you and the fiend is a vertical shaft
that you must climb up in order to do battle. And then there are the worms that
come out of the little port holes. They never stop coming, and since they
almost always give you something good, like health-ups, weapon energy and even
extra lives, you should keep shooting them to stock up and fill your sub tanks
before tackling Sigma.

     You have finally confronted the evil Maverick, but he doesn't think you
are worthy of his time and energy so, suddenly inventing a way to get rid of
his dog that he never had the heart to send back to the pound, he sends his
mutt to fight you. Right. A stupid dog. Does Sigma really think that after X
has destroyed skads of his best warriors that his robot DOG can beat him? I
think not. This just goes to show you what kind of a pet owner the X Hunter is.
     The dog is really simple to beat if you know what to do. Charge your X-
buster as much as you can, and climb one of the walls. The dog will jump around
on the ground shooting things in an attempt to kill you and will not even
scratch you. At this point he will either start jumping from wall to wall up to
your level, or send a wave a fire up the wall to knock you off. If he jumps,
wait 'til he gets close your level and starts to jump over to your wall. Then
slide down a little with your X-buster charged and facing out away from the
wall and blast him in mid jump. He will recoil and fall to the ground. That's
the good thing about your orange or pink blasts: they knock the dog back and
give you time to escape. If he shoots fire, leap off the wall and land behind
the dog. Fire a blast to knock him off your heels and climb the other wall.
Continue in this strategy until Rover is all busted up.

     This is it. The big man himself throwing off his robe and firing up his
lightsabre just for you. You have dared to defy the master Reploid and destroy
his empire, and now you will pay the price with your life...unless, of course,
you're any good. For having such a simple attack pattern, Sigma is surprisingly
difficult to defeat. That's mostly because you have to be very fast.
     Start by going part way up a wall. Sigma bounds from wall to wall in much
the same way as his dog did. When on the ground, Sigma will attack by shooting
ray bursts from his head or rushing toward you swinging his sabre. Most likely
though, he will start bounding. You don't have to charge your X-buster because
no amount of charging will take more than one line from him, but you can to
increase your chances of hitting him. If you want to take more energy from him
with each hit, use electric spark. The drawback is, it is more difficult to hit
him because spark is not very fast. I would personally recommend X-buster. The
action you should take depends upon the starting point of Siggy's jump. If he
starts away from you and then jumps to your wall, he will hit and then jump up
to the opposite wall. When he does, you can drop to the ground and be ready to
fire at him when he returns. If he jumps from right up against the wall, you
will have to drop and dash under him to the other side before he lands. This is
where you must be so fast, because any stalling could embed his boot in your
skull. Keep doing this and shooting him each time he returns to the ground.
Every now and then he may vary his jumping pattern and will hit you in spite of
your preplanning, but mostly not. And if you don't beat him the first time, you
have much less chance of beating him the second time because as a rule, bosses
are smarter in the second round. Try not to use more than one sub tank on
normal Sigma, because, well, it isn't over yet. There is a much more horrible
enemy yet to fight.

     You destroyed Sigma's body, but his head remains intact. Slowly it rises
up to the top of the screen, and attaches to something. That something is
nothing other than Sigma's powerful gargantuan battle body Velgauder. The
lights go up, and X is confronted with a hideous wolf-like machine with Sigma's
head. Now he will crush X for sure right?
     Wrong. I hope you filled your sub tanks, cause you're sure gonna need 'em.
The final Sigma's new attacks are far more powerful that his previous ones. The
massive combat machine has two hands that mostly stay up about halfway in the
air, moving around and sometimes shoot a beam of electricity. DO NOT get caught
in that beam! Also, the undersides of the hands have killer claws that you
don't want to come into contact with. The only vulnerable part of this monster
is the head, and only two weapons can hit it. One is your fully charged X-
buster, and the other is Rolling Shield. Use the Rolling Shield, because it
does more damage. Use as many sub tanks as you need during the battle.
     Stay on the ground in the middle, watching the hands and the eyes. If you
see the eyes flash, break of a corner. That means the head is about to fire
either sparks or a flame blast. Hope that it is fire, as you can be safe from
that in the corners, but the sparks go even higher and you have to climb up the
wall past the hand to escape them. Wait for a hand to descend. Climb up on it,
and when it takes you up as far as it will go, jump up and fire Rolling Shield
at the head. Repeat this process until you blow the head loose from the body
and the building begins to blow. What will Sigma do now?

Why the other Mega Man X games? Watch the credits, and wait on the "thanks for
playing" screen. After a while, a message is intercepted. A dark, dark

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