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    Item FAQ by Tarrun

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    Mega Man X 
    Items FAQ 
    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction
    001.0 - Contact Info 
    002.0 - Legal Info
    003.0 - Version History
    II - Items 
    001.0 - Heart Tanks 
    002.0 - Sub-Tanks 
    003.0 - Miscellaneous Items 
    004.0 - Enhancements  
    005.0 - Weapons 
    006.0 - The Hadouken  
    Welcome to my Mega Man X Items FAQ. 
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my 
    email is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something 
    related to Mega Man X in the subject line so I don't have to figure out 
    what game you're talking about. Questions regarding something that's 
    already covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given 
    to anything sent to me that I add or major corrections. For 
    corrections, please email me only if it's something really important, 
    something that will clearly confuse anyone reading.
    Legal information:
    This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2008. 
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    Version History: 
    First Submission: Version 1.0 
    II - Items 
    001.0 - Heart Tanks 
    X begins the game extremely weak, and this is never more apparent than 
    in his pitifully small energy meter, which has a meager sixteen bars. 
    However, you can find eight heart tanks - one in each stage - to 
    increase his maximum energy by two units, sixteen in total. That's 
    right, you can double X's maximum energy by the end of the game! 
    - Chill Penguin's Stage - To prevent the player from keeping the Ride 
    Armor for too long, there's a blue pillar that the Ride Armor can't 
    jump over. Directly above here, on top of the caves you just left, is 
    an area you can be reached by performing a dash-jump. Use the Flame 
    Wave to destroy the second igloo and grab the heart tank. 
    Unfortunately, since most players take on Chill Penguin first, you may 
    have to come back for this one later. 
    - Storm Eagle's Stage - Ride of the platforms in the very beginning of 
    the stage, and perform a dash-jump at the very top to the left. You'll 
    wind up on top of the building where you begin, and the heart tank is 
    right there. 
    - Spark Mandrill's Stage - After a Mega Tortoise at the end of one of 
    the dark areas, you'll see the heart tank on a platform in the very 
    right corner of the area. You can either use the Boomerang Cutter to 
    snag it, or simply jump from the wall and climb up to reach it. Both 
    are tricky, and both will likely require several attempts.  
    - Flame Mammoth's Stage - After defeating Chill Penguin, the lava in 
    Flame Mammoth's stage will cool and solidify, allowing you to walk on 
    it. You'll find a heart tank at the end of an area with platforms and 
    several Dig Labors. 
    - Armored Armadillo's Stage - Fall down the long, open area and 
    immediately begin attacking the tank with the spikes in the front. It 
    is possible to destroy it with the X-Buster, but if you're having 
    trouble you can use the Flame Wave to make things easier. If you 
    destroy it before it passes the ledge with the heart tank, you can 
    climb up and grab it. Otherwise, the tank will destroy the rock 
    formation and make it even with the ceiling, which is too high for X to 
    - Launch Octopus's Stage - Jump onto the ship that's launching missiles 
    at you to uncover a hidden area below the level. Destroy the Sea Snake 
    in the underground cavern to open a room in the right corner containing 
    a heart tank. 
    - Boomer Kuwanger's Stage - Just before entering the tower itself, 
    you'll see a small platform that juts out just before the entrance with 
    the heart tank sitting on it. Use the Boomerang Cutter to claim your 
    - Sting Chameleon's Stage - After defeating Launch Octopus, there's a 
    small pit just before the caves and the armor enhancement. Slide down 
    and break the rocks with your boots, and then jump to the platform on 
    the other side of the cavern to find the heart tank.
    002.0 - Sub-Tanks 
    Instead of the E-Tanks from the original Mega Man series, X has Sub-
    Tanks to accomplish the same goal. Once you find a Sub-Tank, any energy 
    capsules you collect when X has full energy will be stored in any 
    available Sub-Tanks. Should X ever be in a tight situation and need to 
    recover, you can tap into these reserves to boost X's health. A full 
    Sub-Tank will recover X's entire energy meter, and unlike E-Tanks, you 
    can reuse Sub-Tanks as many times as you want as long as you refill 
    them. The only drawback is that the passwords don't remember if any of 
    your Sub-Tanks were full, so you'll always have to refill them when you 
    return to play. 
    - Storm Eagle's Stage - Jump onto the platform that rises up and shoot 
    the glass windows of the building to create a path. Destroy the Gun 
    Volt inside, and collect the Sub-Tank behind it. 
    - Spark Mandrill's Stage - Near the beginning of the level, the area 
    will branch off into two sections, with one ladder leading up and 
    another leading down. Head down and follow this path to the right until 
    you come across the Sub-Tank behind a pipe. Use the Boomerang Cutter to 
    obtain it. 
    - Flame Mammoth's Stage - In the same room with platforms and Dig 
    Labors where the heart tank was, make your way to the top of the 
    platforms and head to the left past some Mettools. At the end is an 
    extra life, and you'll find the Sub-Tank if you jump from here and 
    climb up the left wall. Use the boots to break through the blocks. 
    - Armored Armadillo's Stage - After dropping down into the mines, a 
    tank with spikes will break through a rock wall and chase after you. 
    Hang around on the wall and allow it to pass you, and explore the cubby 
    where the tank was to find the Sub-Tank.
    003.0 - Miscellaneous Items
    Besides heart tanks and Sub-Tanks, there are a few other items that 
    will help X as he blasts his way through the various stages. A list of 
    these items and their uses can be found below. 
    - Small Energy Capsule - These small, golden capsules refill X's energy 
    meter by two units. They're rarely found throughout the levels, but 
    enemies frequently drop them when destroyed. If you have full energy 
    and empty Sub-Tanks, the energy will be stored there. 
    - Large Energy Capsule - A much larger version of the energy capsule 
    that recovers eight units of energy instead of two. Enemies can also 
    drop these, but they're often found placed in the stages themselves as 
    - Small Weapon Capsule - If any of X's weapons meters are low, these 
    small, blue capsules will recover them. Even if you're currently 
    equipped with a weapon that's full, the capsule will transfer to 
    another that does need it. Weapon capsules are dropped by destroyed 
    - Large Weapon Capsule - Similar to the larger energy capsules, the 
    upgraded weapon capsule is a more effective version, and can also be 
    dropped by enemies. 
    - Extra Life - These helmet icons will grant the player another life 
    and allow them to start at one of the check points throughout the 
    stages instead of getting game over and replaying the entire level. 
    Extra lives are often tucked away in secret locations, but they also 
    have a tendency to drop from enemies, particularly the robot bats. A 
    great way to quickly earn several extra lives is by entering Armored 
    Armadillo's stage and fighting the groups of bats repeatedly. 
    004.0 - Enhancements  
    It seems that Dr. Light was a clever fellow. Recognizing that the world 
    may need a hero in the future, he stored away several item enhancement 
    capsules that would boost X's abilities. 
    - Boots Enhancement - 
    Where It's Found: In Chill Penguin's stage, make your way to the top of 
    the ice cavern with all of the spike wheels and you'll stumble upon the 
    capsule. It's literally right in your way - you can't continue until 
    passing through it. 
    What It Does: The boots allow X to perform a dash, either by tapping 
    forward twice or pressing the A-Button. Not only does this give you a 
    boost of speed, but you can jump almost entirely across the screen 
    during a dash. 
    - Helmet Enhancement - 
    Where It's Found: Found in Storm Eagle's stage, after all of the 
    vertical platforms, there's a narrow tower of crisscrossing metal bars 
    that you have to climb up. Instead of jumping to the platform at the 
    top, drop down on the other side and jump to the ledge on the right. 
    Destroy the flammable tanks, and enter the room to find the capsule. 
    What It Does: The helmet protects X from falling rocks, and gives him 
    the ability to smash through certain walls by jumping up and breaking 
    them with his head. These walls are unique in their appearance, and 
    they kind of look like Tetris blocks. 
    - Armor Enhancement - 
    Where It's Found: In Sting Chameleon's stage, just before entering the 
    caves, and above the heart tank in this stage, climb up the rock wall 
    and run to the end. There's a mini-boss guarding the capsule, and you 
    need to shoot its head to defeat him. After it's destroyed, the capsule 
    will appear from the ground. 
    What It Does: X's enhanced armor doubles his defense, reducing the 
    amount of damage received from attacks by half.  
    - X-Buster Enhancement - 
    Where It's Found: Near the beginning of Flame Mammoth's stage, you'll 
    find some breakable blocks above the second set of assembly lines 
    (after the collecting the free energy capsule and dropping down). 
    Perform a dash-jump from the ledge on the right and break the blocks 
    with the enhanced helmet. At the top you'll find the capsule containing 
    the X-Buster Enhancement.
    What It Does: The enhanced X-Buster allows X to fire an upgraded 
    charged blast. As a bonus, you can also use the enhanced X-Buster to 
    charge up your other weapons.  
    005.0 - Weapons 
    The X-Buster is going to be the workhorse of your arsenal, but the 
    weapons collected from defeated Mavericks certainly come in handy, 
    particularly against bosses. In this section, you'll find descriptions 
    of how each weapon works and how effective they are against the bosses. 
    005.1 - Weapons Database
    - Shotgun Ice - 
    Obtained From: Chill Penguin 
    What It Does: X will shoot a shard of ice from his X-Buster, freezing 
    anything it hits. As a bonus, if the shard of ice hits a wall, it will 
    shatter and send small slivers out diagonally and straight back. When 
    this item is charged, it will create a platform of ice to stand on. 
    Most Effective Against: Spark Mandrill is the only Maverick that will 
    become frozen by the Shotgun Ice, and a single, uncharged shot knocks a 
    whopping three bars from his energy meter. You can also use the Shotgun 
    Ice to make fighting the spider mini-boss easier. 
    - Storm Tornado - 
    Obtained From: Storm Eagle 
    What It Does: Firing the Storm Tornado creates a horizontal funnel that 
    slowly spins across the screen, obliterating anything in its way. A 
    charged Storm Tornado creates a vertical column of wind that surrounds 
    X for about one second. 
    Most Effective Against: Flame Mammoth is weak against the Storm 
    Tornado, and receives three units of damage for every hit. However, 
    charged Storm Tornados are devastating against Vile in Sigma's 
    Fortress, and they'll dish out eight units of damage to him. 
    - Electric Spark - 
    Obtained From: Spark Mandrill 
    What It Does: An orb of electric energy will shoot across the screen 
    when used. The charged variation creates two vertical columns - one on 
    either side of X - and flies to the sides of the screen. 
    Most Effective Against: The Electric Spark weapon is one of the more 
    useful attacks in the game, since it does double damage to both Vile 
    and Sigma at two energy units. However, poor Armored Armadillo gets the 
    worst of it - uncharged shots deal three units of damage, while charged 
    shots double that. Also, attacking Armored Armadillo with Electric 
    Spark will destroy his shield, which normally absorbs your X-Buster 
    - Flame Wave - 
    Obtained From: Flame Mammoth 
    What It Does: The X-Buster becomes Flame Mammoth's trunk, as a 
    continuous jet of fire will be released. It's doesn't have much reach, 
    however. The charged Flame Wave creates an actual wave about as tall as 
    X himself that runs along the ground in front of you, destroying 
    anything in its path. 
    Most Effective Against: Capcom couldn't resist the juxtaposition 
    between fire and ice, so Chill Penguin takes the most damage from the 
    Flame Wave, three energy units from an uncharged blast and four from a 
    charged one. You will have to wait until Chill Penguin's 
    invulnerability wears off following a hit before another one registers. 
    However, this isn't the case for regular enemies, so some of the more 
    durable Reploids, such as the mining tanks found in Armored Armadillo's 
    stage, can be quickly destroyed using the Flame Wave. 
    - Rolling Shield - 
    Obtained From: Armored Armadillo 
    What It Does: The uncharged version emits an oval orb that rolls along 
    the floor. It's only when the weapon is charged does it actually become 
    a shield, creating a blue barrier that completely encases X inside. The 
    shield will last indefinitely without draining your weapon's energy 
    meter, and will only disappear after it sustains a hit that would 
    normally reduce your energy by more than one unit. Unfortunately, you 
    can't use any other weapons while the shield is up, so there are very 
    few areas where it can be practically applied. 
    Most Effective Against: Capcom has a bizarre obsession with making the 
    least useful weapon the trick to defeating the most difficult enemies 
    to make up for the waste of space it causes for the rest of the game. 
    As such, the Rolling Shield knocks out four units of Vile's energy and 
    is the equivalent to a charged X-Buster shot against Sigma's final 
    form. Also, Launch Octopus is vulnerable to the Rolling Shield, and 
    will sustain three units of damage when hit by it. 
    - Homing Torpedo - 
    Obtained From: Launch Octopus 
    What It Does: This weapon, along with the Boomerang Cutter, is one of 
    the more useful weapons in the game, and you'll probably use it far 
    more during the actual stages than most of the others you'll obtain. As 
    the name implies, the Homing Torpedo sends out a small missile that 
    locks on to the nearest target, exploding upon contact. The charged 
    variation creates a half-dozen of these missiles, and they fly out in 
    all directions to find an enemy. 
    Most Effective Against: Boomer Kuwanger is vulnerable to the Homing 
    Torpedo for two equally important reasons. Not only does it injure him 
    by three and four energy units from uncharged and charged shots, 
    respectively, but also does all of the work by searching him out for 
    you. Thanks to the Homing Torpedoes, you can simply stand in the corner 
    and fire off missile after missile and watch as it tracks Boomer around 
    the room. The second mini-boss in Sigma's fortress can be fought using 
    the Torpedoes while you slide down the walls. Also, as mentioned above, 
    you can also use the Homing Torpedoes in the stages themselves to 
    attack otherwise hard-to-reach enemies. 
    - Boomerang Cutter - 
    Obtained From: Boomer Kuwanger 
    What It Does: The Boomerang Cutter releases a boomerang that will reach 
    about halfway across the screen before returning to you in an arcing 
    motion. When charged, four or five large boomerangs will appear on 
    screen and randomly fly around the room. 
    Most Effective Against: The Boomerang Cutter makes fighting Sting 
    Chameleon child's play, since you don't have to worry about jumping up 
    to attack him. Instead, you can stand underneath and fire off a 
    Boomerang, which will spin up and take three units of energy from 
    Sting. You can also use the Boomerang Cutter to slice off Flame 
    Mammoth's trunk and Launch Octopus's tentacles, which prevents them 
    from using their main attacks. It may also be worth noting that the 
    Boomerang Cutter can be used to retrieve items for you, and in some 
    cases it's the only way to collect some of the Sub-Tanks or heart 
    tanks. However, you can also use it to grab any energy capsules that 
    happen to fall in areas you wouldn't normally be able to reach. 
    - Chameleon Sting - 
    Obtained From: Sting Chameleon
    What It Does: When fired, the Chameleon Sting will release three green 
    stingers that fly out straight ahead and diagonally in front of you. 
    The charged version is somewhat more useful, since it will temporarily 
    make X completely invulnerable to any attacks. However, unlike the 
    Rolling Shield, you can still attack, but only using the Chameleon 
    Most Effective Against: Storm Eagle, and that's it. Sure, it drains 
    Vile's energy by two, but there are far better weapons to use in that 
    case. Besides those two, it's equivalent to a regular, uncharged X-
    Buster shot to all of the other Mavericks. 
    - The Hadouken - 
    Obtained From: Dr. Light's capsule above Armored Armadillo's boss room. 
    The next section is entirely dedicated to the specifics of obtaining 
    the Hadouken, so check it out for more information.
    What It Does: By performing the button combination of Ryu and Ken's 
    Hadouken attack in Street Fight - Down + Down-Forward + Y - while at 
    maximum energy, X will release a fireball from his hands that destroys 
    anything and everything. 
    Most Effective Against: Everything. Seriously, the Hadouken is the most 
    powerful attack in the game, so as long as you can time the attack 
    correctly, you can destroy any enemy with it. The Hadouken makes the 
    fight with Vile, Sigma's Dog, and Sigma himself and absolute joke 
    instead of the severe pain that they are otherwise. As for Sigma's 
    final form, actually damaging Sigma with it is next to impossible since 
    you have to be on top of the claws and time it perfectly, and even then 
    it doesn't automatically destroy him. That's also not mentioning the 
    fact that you have to maintain full energy, too, which can be a 
    challenge. Still, that's quite a weapon. 
    005.2 - Damage Chart 
    While each Maverick is vulnerable to a specific weapon, occasionally 
    there's a second or third weapon that can also be used in case you're 
    low on energy for the other. Below is a comprehensive list of each 
    weapon, including the X-Buster, and how much damage it inflicts on all 
    eight Mavericks, Vile, and Sigma. 
    - X-Buster -         Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One       Three  
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One       Three  
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       One        One   
    Launch Octopus          One       Three  
    Boomer Kuwanger         One       Three  
    Sting Chameleon         One       Three  
    Vile                    One        Four  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Shotgun Ice -      Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill         Three       Four  
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       One        Two   
    Launch Octopus          One        Two   
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    Two       Eight  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Storm Tornado -    Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth          Three       Four  
    Armored Armadillo       Zero       Two   
    Launch Octopus          One        Two   
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    One       Eight  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Electric Spark -   Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo      Three       Six   
    Launch Octopus          One        Two   
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    Two        Four  
    Sigma                   Two       Three  
    - Flame Wave -       Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin          Three       Four  
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       Zero       Two   
    Launch Octopus          Zero       Zero  
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    One        One   
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Rolling Shield -   Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       One        Two   
    Launch Octopus         Three       Four  
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    Four       Four  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Homing Torpedo -   Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       One        Two   
    Launch Octopus          One        Two   
    Boomer Kuwanger        Three       Four  
    Sting Chameleon         One        Two   
    Vile                    Four       Four  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Boomerang Cutter - Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        Two   
    Storm Eagle             One        Two   
    Spark Mandrill          One        Two   
    Flame Mammoth           One        Two   
    Armored Armadillo       One        Two   
    Launch Octopus          One        Two   
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        Two   
    Sting Chameleon        Three       Four  
    Vile                    Two        Four  
    Sigma                   One        One   
    - Chameleon Sting -  Uncharged   Charged 
    Chill Penguin           One        N/A   
    Storm Eagle            Three       N/A   
    Spark Mandrill          One        N/A   
    Flame Mammoth           One        N/A   
    Armored Armadillo       One        N/A   
    Launch Octopus          One        N/A   
    Boomer Kuwanger         One        N/A   
    Sting Chameleon         One        N/A   
    Vile                    Two        N/A   
    Sigma                   One        N/A   
    006.0 - The Hadouken  
    The Hadouken is a joke thrown in by Capcom as a final secret item. In 
    order to obtain it, you need to have all of the weapons, heart tanks, 
    Sub-Tanks, and equipment enhancements. There's a common misconception 
    that you're also required to have full energy and have all four Sub-
    Tanks filled, but this is not true for the Super Nintendo version. I 
    have heard that this is required when playing the PC version, but since 
    I don't own that copy there's no way I can confirm this. 
    Once you've collected all of the items, head to Armored Armadillo's 
    stage. The enhancement capsule that contains the Hadouken is found on a 
    ledge just above the entrance to the Maverick's room, and it's very 
    possible that you found it by accident the first time through, although 
    there was a large energy capsule instead of Dr. Light's capsule since 
    you didn't have all of the required items in your first run. Stand on 
    the mine cart as it barrels through the mines, and as it flies out into 
    the open, dash-jump off of it and stick to the right wall. Once there, 
    climb up to the ledge. 
    Unfortunately, even with all of the requirements met, it's still 
    possible that the capsule won't be there. In fact, it may take anywhere 
    from three to six attempts to successfully find it. There's no way to 
    guarantee that it will appear, so the best you can do is commit suicide 
    by jumping into the crevice and restarting from the final mine cart. To 
    prevent having to replay the entire level, make sure you have at least 
    six lives on hand. 
    When the capsule finally does appear, Dr. Light will be dressed in a 
    Ryu costume and will present you with "a special present". After 
    obtaining the Hadouken, whenever X has full energy, press Down + Down-
    Forward + Y, the traditional Street Fight "quarter-circle + attack" 
    motion, and X will release a fireball from his palms. While this is 
    certainly cool, the goofy, high-pitched "Hadouken!" that X cries as he 
    does this almost makes obtaining the Hadouken worth your while by 
    However, the Hadouken is also extremely powerful. So much so, in fact, 
    that it will destroy any enemy in one hit, including all of the 
    Mavericks, Sigma's Dog, and Sigma's first form! 

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