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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CRESPO99

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        \_    | /  /___________   ___\   \           /     /
          /   |/  /  ____/ __  \ /   |\   \        /     /     ___  _______________
         /        / /___/ /  /_ /  | |\   \      /     /      / _ \/ __/ _ \__  __/
       /  /   /  /  ___/ | ___ /  /| | \   \   /     /  ___  / // / /_/ // / / /
      /  //  //  / /___|  \\  \/  _  | \    \/     /   /__/ / ___/ __/  _ / / /
    /___//__//__/_______\_____/__/ |_|  \        /         / /  / /_/ /\ \ / /
       ________  ______   __  _____     /      /          /_/  /___/_/  \_\_/
        \_    | /  /   | /  |/  _/    /       \
          /   |/  /  | |/   |  /    /    /\    \     - GUIDE FOR: MEGAMAN X
         /        / /| |/     /   /    /   \    \
       /  /   /  /  _  |  |   / /    /     \    \
      /  //  //  /_/ |_|_/|__//    /        \    \_
    /___//__//__/           /_____\         /______\
                      Copyright CRESPO99 - August/2001 - Version 1.3
        [1] INTRODUCTION
           [1.01] What is MEGAMAN X?
           [1.02] Game Review
        [2] MEGAMAN X By CAPCOM 1993
           [2.01] Story
           [2.02] Gameplay
                    Regular Items
                    Special Items
                    Maverick Weapons
        [3] WALKTHROUGH
           [3.01] Highway Stage
           [3.02] Stage Select
                    Boss Order
                    Boss and Stage Difficulty 
           [3.03] Snow Mountain Stage
                    CHILL PENGUIN
           [3.04] Power Plant Stage
                    SPARK MANDRILL
           [3.05] Gallery Stage
                    ARMORED ARMADILLO
           [3.06] Ocean Stage
                    LAUNCH OCTOPUS
           [3.07] Tower Stage
                    BOOMER KUWANGER
           [3.08] Forest Stage
                    STING CHAMELEON
           [3.09] Sky Stage
                    STORM EAGLE
           [3.10] Factory Stage
                    FLAME MAMMOTH
           [3.11] HADOUKEN UPGRADE
           [3.12] SIGMA Stage 1
           [3.13] SIGMA Stage 2
                    Rangda Bangda
           [3.14] SIGMA Stage 3
           [3.15] SIGMA Stage 4
                    Final SIGMA
        [4] ENDING
           [4.01] Story
           [4.02] Cast
           [5.01] Updates
           [5.02] Disclaimer
     [1]                             INTRODUCTION
    -[1.01]-----------------------WHAT IS MEGAMAN X?-------------------------------
     MEGAMAN X (CAPCOM 1993) was the first 16 BIT game to feature the ever popular
     Blue Bomber -  but there  was more that  just a few  extra "console  bits" to
     distance  this from his  previous  outing  (MEGAMAN 6 on  the NES).  Possibly
     scared that they  were running out of  respectable numbers,  CAPCOM gave this
     game a much needed  change of direction - set in the distant  future, with an
     overly darker tone and all-new characters.
     This game would  begin the "X" spin-off series -  hence the next SNES Megaman
     game was called  MEGAMAN 7,  and did feature a  continuation of  the original
     series for the first time in 16bit. Although the two Megaman characters might
     appear similar, our hero in this game is simply known as X, and has learned a
     few new tricks too.
     The general format of  the game remains the same -  as before there are eight
     adversaries to defeat,  each at the end of their own level,  and which can be
     chosen in any order.  When you defeat each boss you obtain its special weapon
     (sound familiar),  and which helps you  greatly when playing  the rest of the
     game.  Apart from a few other slight additions  there was nothing that anyone
     who had played a previous MEGAMAN game wouldn't quickly pick up.
     Within two years this new series had spawned two sequels, with a 32bit fourth
     instalment  predictably  arriving  in 1997.  Each  game  introduced  many new
     friends and  adversaries for our hero,  but it was the psychotic  super-robot
     SIGMA  who  provided  the final  challenge  in each.  Two  more recent  32bit
     instalments have bought the series up to its 6th episode(!), although Megaman
     X5 was the last to be released here in the UK. 
    -[1.02]---------------------------GAME REVIEW----------------------------------
     Hopefully a different and unbiased look at Megaman X - but being a fan of the
     series, character, and genre - can it be possible?
     MEGAMAN 7?
     As well  as being  one of  the best  known video  game  characters  ever (and
     arguably CAPCOM'S main gaming icon), Megaman possibly holds the dubious title
     of staring in the  most video games ever.  You could therefore be forgiven by
     thinking that this is just another Megaman title - because you would be wrong
     (but obviously right to!).  For starters this is not Megaman 7,  instead it's
     the beginning of  a completely different  series of games  (I have heard that
     the X could possibly stand for 10,  and that this game ties  in with the more
     recent Megaman 9?). As with most of his previous outings, this is a 1 player,
     2d platform affair.
     If you  think  back to  when  this game  first  came out  (hopefully  you can
     remember that far back),  the Super Nintendo had already been knocking around
     for a couple of  years even in the UK,  so far from this  being just a launch
     title,  CAPCOM where always going to pull out all the stops to make Megaman's
     16 bit  debut special.  I for one was very  excited at the prospect  of a new
     Megaman game,  although  this change  of direction  with a new cast,  and new
     animal like bosses was met with scepticism. 
     The game intro simply  profiles this supposed  latest incarnation of Megaman,
     and with the actually game plot barely hinted upon, you will have to read the
     manual if you  are even remotely interested in what's going on (you do have a
     manual right?).  Luckily though,  the storylines  have never been  the strong
     point of Megaman games,  but the gameplay  is usually spot on -  which is the
     case here.
     Begin the actual  game and the first  thing you will  notice are the enhanced
     graphics,  with colourful sprites and interesting backgrounds - especially on
     the great looking intro stage (cars, lights, and the enemies that destroy the
     ground are a very nice touch).  You really wouldn't expect anything less than
     enhanced graphics seeing as Megaman has spent most of his existence in 8 BIT,
     but they  are actually quite good  even by SNES standards.  Despite the nifty
     visuals,  there are a few moments of slowdown in the game, most noticeably on
     the fast moving mine cart stage (make that slow motion).  Overall though, the
     graphics are definitely a strong point.
     The easy intro level quickly  gets new players adjusted to the controls,  and
     then  onto  the familiar  stage select.  The eight  bosses all  look  equally
     daunting in profile form,  and come in all shapes  and sizes due to the SNES'
     extra processing power.  Being able to choose any  one of 8 stages has always
     been a good  thing about  Megaman games,  with most  being pretty  varied (if
     unoriginal),  consisting  of the usual  ice stage,  mine cart  stage, factory
     stage with conveyer belts etc. A single familiar face returns in the shape of
     those Hardhat  wearing robots from the  previous games,  while robot bunnies,
     robot woodcutters,  even robot caterpillars  make up the rest  of the enemies
     (everything  is  robotic  remember).   Perhaps  some  of  the   enemies  seem
     uninspired,  but the bosses  all look great -  the chameleon boss  who blends
     in with the background is especially neat.
     The new Megaman character runs,  jumps,  shoots,  and even climbs with ease -
     the  control  is easily  this  games  best  feature,  in fact  the  Megaman X
     character is probably the most responsive 2D character ever (better even than
     Mario).  The new wall climbing feature can often prevents you from falling to
     your death, and once you get the hang everything you will realise what a huge
     dimension this adds to the game.  The slide from the last few games has gone,
     and replaced  with a dash  button which  overall proves  more effective.  The
     other  trick from  Megaman's  original  array of  abilities is  being able to
     charge up his weapon, and this also remains relatively unchanged.
     After  playing for  a while  you  will  notice  how none  of the  stages  are
     particularly long or difficult,  and it is mainly those damn bosses that will
     prevent you from  completing most early on -  with some proving  particularly
     tough.  What comes into play here is the thing  that Megaman X is all about -
     enhancements.  At the start your  character  seems nicely  reminiscent of the
     original Megaman,  but grab  a few upgrades  and the  added defensive  armour
     changes his looks completely.  Other extras  include extending  your life bar
     up to 100%, and spare energy tanks to call upon when you need them.  Needless
     to say, with the fully powered up Megaman you can defeat any of the Mavericks
     with ease,  but these enhancements are not at all easy to find - so bear that
     in mind.
     Another nice new trick is the addition of altering stages, which although not
     to the extent  of adding much to  the already  good replay value,  is still a
     nice touch.  Defeat the penguin  boss for example,  and the dangerous lava in
     another stage freezes, while defeating the eagle boss will cause his plane to
     crash into  the power  plant stage,  removing the  dangerous sparks  from the
     The familiar catchy tunes return,  but now make use of SNES' formidable audio
     chip -  the result is one of the more memorable game soundtracks,  and one of
     Megaman's  finest moments.  The original  tinny NES  tunes are  replaced with
     some classic drum and bass,  guitar and piano style tunes - most of which are
     perfectly in fitting with the surroundings. The overall music quality is very
     high, with  great  themes for  the title  screen and  stage  select,  and the
     accompanying fanfares and sound effects are all perfect.
     The crazy mine cart stage has an equally hip tune, while the snow stage has a
     serene  and slow  tune,  and the  boss  theme is  perfect  for  the  Maverick
     showdowns.  STORM EAGLE and SPARK MANDRILL both have great catchy tune's, and
     the end theme and  ZERO'S theme are quite moving with the storyline.  The few
     poor tunes just seem a bit hard to make  out the rhythm, with LAUNCH OCTOPUS'
     and STING CHAMELEON'S tunes both seemingly lacking, but that's about it.
     This is a great platform game, and most Megaman fans will rate this as one of
     the best, but others should enjoy it too. It might appear difficult at first,
     but is in fact  is one of the easier  Megaman games once you  discover all of
     the power-ups, but the last boss just might be to difficult for some people -
     damn is he tough.  The number of sequels has proved that this is still a very
     popular series, and hopefully CAPCOM will continue to do it justice.
         HIGHS                LOWS                   COMPARISON
          Its Megaman!         Uneven Difficulty      Megaman X3        9/10
          Great Graphics       Unoriginal Levels      Rockman & Forte   9/10
          Amazing Control      Some Poor Enemies   >> MEGAMAN X <<      9/10
          Excellent Music      A Bit Short            Megaman 7         8/10
          Altering Stages      TO MANY SEQUELS!!      Megaman X2        7/10
     [2]                              MEGAMAN X
                                      MEGAMAN X
                  _-----_            "HEAD" IS EQUIPPED WITH:
                 /_|/-\|_\           Broad-range eye camera
                | _\___/_ |          Ultra-sensitive Voice Recognition System
                || \_ _/ ||          Voice Generation System made by HAYATON Inc.
                \ \_o|o_/ /
                 \|  -_ |/
             ___  _\___/_  ___        "CHEST" IS EQUIPPED WITH:
            /   |/  \_/  \|   \       Accumulative Energy Generator
            \   |__     __|   /       Micro-fusion Fuel Tank
            /\_//  \___/  \\_/\       Central Joint-controlling System
           |_/  \__/   \__/  \_|
          /   \  \       /   /  \      "ARMS" ARE EQUIPPED WITH:
         /     |  -\___/-   |    |     X Buster (Mega Buster Mark17)
         | __  |  |     |    \__/      Energy Amplifier
         \/  \/  /_\   /_\   / _|      Variable Weapon system
          \()/  /   \_/   \  \/_/
               /   /   \   \            "LEGS" ARE EQUIPPED WITH:
              / \_/     \_/ \           Gyroscopic Stabilization System
             /   \       /   \          Emergency Acceleration System (Optional)
            |     |     |     |
            |      \   /      |         INTERIOR SKELETON:
           /       |   |       \        Reactive armor skeleton which reduces
          |        |   |        |       damage by 93 percent.
         |         |   |         |
         |         |   |         |      BODY SKIN:
        _|___     /     \     ___|_     Lightweight "Titanium-X" alloy.
       /     \___/       \___/     \
      /___________\     /___________\
            HOPE FOR THE BEST.
                                     SEPTEMBER 18, 20XX
                                                             T. LIGHT
     You have to read the  game manual to get  a better idea of  the actual story,
     which centres around  an archaeologist  named Dr. CAIN  who stumbles upon the
     remains of  what was  Dr. Thomas LIGHTS  Laboratory  (Dr. LIGHT  Invented the
     original MEGAMAN).  Inside he discovered a capsule  containing a robot simply
     named X -  and the warning  shown above,  but all the  lengthy  system checks
     seemed to have been completed on him.  Realising Dr. LIGHTS genius,  Dr. CAIN
     witnessed a robot  that could think and  make its own  decisions in an almost
     human way.  With Dr. LIGHT'S knowledge, Dr. CAIN hoped to create a new era of
     X helped Dr. CAIN create a replica,  from now on know  as a "REPLOID", and it
     seemed to  function ok.  Within  months the  REPLOIDS  where running  off the
     assembly  line, and  most people  seemed  to accept  them and  the jobs  they
     performed. After a while, it was clear that all was not well - certain robots
     were going MAVERICK  and harming people  before they could  be shut down. The
     people's reaction was mixed simply because of the dependency on REPLOIDS, and
     so instead a new group of REPLOIDS were assigned to stop these malfunctioning
     machines  -  known  as  the  MAVERICK  HUNTERS  and  led  by  the  incredibly
     intelligent SIGMA!
     All went well for a while, with only X's constant wondering about his role in
     life seeming to disturb him. Eventually though, SIGMA also went MAVERICK, and
     took  most  of the  HUNTERS with  him.  In thinking  that  REPLOIDS  are more
     intelligent than humans,  they are preventing their development - and so must
     be  eradicated!  With  the  terrified  humans  fleeing  the city,  X is  very
     distressed by these events and decides to join the MAVERICK HUNTERS and their
     new leader ZERO...
     This game uses a password system to  save your progress, so remember to write
     this down as  you progress through the game -  you get one whenever you leave
     a stage regardless of the circumstances.  You can re-enter your password from
     the title  screen later,  which will restore  your exact status  to the stage
     select screen.  In some cases,  certain special events WILL NOT be saved, and
     this includes your progress through the four final SIGMA stages.
     From the title screen you  can also choose the options menu,  offering a nice
     sound test  and the ability  to reconfig  your buttons  (I find it  easier to
     switch the dash  button to R on the top of the pad) - but unfortunately there
     is no difficulty option.
     You standard  weapon is  the trusty  X-Buster,  for which you can  rely on to
     defeat any  enemy in the game,  albeit with varying  levels of ease.  It will
     never run  out of  ammo, and can be charged up  to 2 higher  damaging levels.
     Simply hold the  fire button down,  and as soon as you see  X begin to absorb
     energy then he is ready to fire the  medium shot (1 second approx.). Hold the
     fire button down slightly longer  (2 seconds approx.) and the energy absorbed
     will turn yellow, enabling you to fire the larger shot.
     Later in the game you will acquire the ability to charge up to an even higher
     level -  hold down the  button for even longer  and the energy  absorbed will
     turn pink (3 seconds approx.), which releases an awesome pink wave of energy.
     Pressing  the START  button  during the  game will  immediately  bring up the
     STATUS SCREEN - displaying the number of lives, various energy levels for any
     weapons or  SUB TANKS  you have obtained (see below),  and also  providing an
     EXIT function if you are  returning to an already completed stage (taking you
     back to the stage select). From here the game is effectively paused, allowing
     you to choose your weapon or use a SUB TANK without hindrance.
     In this game you  can cycle through the special weapons  you have obtained by
     pressing buttons L or R (L or A if you change them like I do), although it is
     probably  still easier  just to press  start and choose  one from  the status
     screen. Pressing R will cycle forward, while pressing L will cycle through in
     reverse  order - you  can also  revert  immediately  back to the  X-Buster by
     pressing both buttons simultaneously.
     The wall  climb is  a new skill  unique to  Megaman X,  and is  an invaluable
     tactic for  avoiding death on  many occasions.  When X is falling  or jumping
     next to a wall,  press the jump button  and he will propel from it -  this is
     made slightly easier  if you hold the joypad towards the wall,  which makes X
     slide slowly down it.  This tactic allows  easy navigation of  vertical walls
     right from  the start,  and is something  that you will  need to  do a lot of
     (this is something that the original MEGAMAN still cannot do).
     When you start  the game you  will see your  LIFE BAR in the  top left, which
     provides  16 easily  lost bars of  energy -  so you  need to  be careful  and
     constantly on the look out for energy capsules.  There are two types of these
     - small and large,  both of which can be found scattered all over the levels,
     but most often appear randomly from destroyed enemies.
     Two similar  items that  you will come  across are the blue  weapon capsules,
     which recharge  the energy  of any special weapons  you might  have obtained.
     Weapons gained from  each defeated MAVERICK  will drain  WEAPON ENERGY as you
     use them -  which is denoted by a  separate bar that appears  to the right of
     your LIFE BAR when you select one.  If the current weapon  is at full energy,
     then  the power  will  automatically  be transferred  to the  weapon in  your
     inventory which has the lowest energy.
     There is also a less common item  that can be found scattered around a few of
     the  levels,  or possibly  dropped by  destroyed  enemies -  a Megaman  head,
     providing you with a much needed EXTRA LIFE (a maximum of 9).
     The Special  items can  only be  found hidden  throughout  the eight  regular
     stages, and usually require a lot of skill to locate or obtain.
     The  HEART TANK extends  your maximum  LIFE BAR by two  small bars,  of which
     there are Eight in the game - one on each MAVERICK stage (collect them all to
     effectively double your LIFE BAR).
     SUB TANK:
     The SUB TANK  (of which there are four)  allows you to store  surplus energy,
     meaning that any  energy capsules  collected when you are  at full power will
     instead be stored and not wasted.  When you run low of energy,  simply select
     a SUB TANK from the status screen and press Y - it will then completely empty
     into your LIFE BAR (filling up to 14 bars).
     Megaman X's final surprise is the new UPGRADE system. There are five capsules
     hidden  throughout  the eight  regular stages,  and each  provides  X with an
     enhancement  that not  only makes  the character  look cooler,  but  provides
     abilities that are invaluable for your survival later on.
     DASH UPGRADE (Found on CHILL PENGUIN'S stage):
     This is the easiest  upgrade to obtain, but also the MOST important.  Without
     this you will  not be able to get  any of the other upgrades,  or many of the
     special items -  not to mention  the fact that  most bosses are  considerably
     more difficult without it!  You cannot avoid  picking up this  upgrade during
     CHILL  PENGUIN'S  stage,  but you  should  still aim  to get  it as  early as
     Simply press the assigned dash button  (or double tap in the direction you're
     facing) and  X will boost forward -  best used  in conjunction  with the jump
     button.  With good  timing you can also  use this to jump  further off of the
     walls,  and just  by having  this  upgrade you  can break  certain  bricks by
     jumping against them.
     This is the  second most  important upgrade,  which simply  halves all of the
     damage  you  receive,  but  you  still  need  to be  wary  of  Instant  Death
     HELMET UPGRADE (Found on STORM EAGLE'S stage):
     This is  the least  most useful  upgrade,  which simply  allows X  to destroy
     breakable bricks by bashing them with his head.  It only has one positive use
     in the game, which is to obtain the.....
     You will eventually obtain this upgrade during the course of the game even if
     you fail to gain  it on FLAME MAMMOTH'S stage -  but at a much later point in
     SIGMA'S fortress.  It allows you to charge  your normal X-Buster  to a higher
     level,  but more importantly is the  added ability to charge  the weapons you
     gain from each MAVERICK.
     The hardest Upgrade to find, and one which provides the most amazing power to
     wield.  Press the  Joypad DOWN,  then FORWARD,  then  FIRE to  perform  RYU'S
     trademark move from STREET FIGHTER 2.  It can only be performed when you have
     a full LIFE BAR,  but defeats enemies and  MAVERICKS (including  SIGMA!) with
     just one hit!!!
     Fires a fast  shot which  rebounds  and sprays  into 5  smaller (but  equally
     damaging) shots when it hits a wall.  Charge it up to create  an ice platform
     that will slide forward along any flat surface and can be stood on -  it will
     only break against strong enemies or if it hits a wall.
     Fires a medium speed  shot that splits into two  sparks that hug the walls on
     contact. Charged up will create a powerful electric wall that fires both back
     and forward.
     Fires a slow  moving forcefield  that rolls  forward, rebounding  once from a
     wall and rolling  indefinitely before  crashing into a  second wall or enemy.
     Charged up will create a permanent force field around X which can destroy all
     weak enemies, but will be absorbed by anything stronger.
     Fires a slow moving missile that will seek and follow an enemy - a maximum of
     2 can be fired at once. Charged up will create 5 fish missiles that will also
     home in on enemies, but are much more damaging.
     Fires a medium speed  boomerang that circles a  short range in an upwards arc
     (occasionally a downwards arc while jumping).  You can fire a maximum of 3 at
     a time, and they will  all return to you unless they  leave the screen or hit
     an enemy  (WEAPON ENERGY w ill return  when reclaimed).  Another benefit from
     this useful weapon is  the way it grabs onto  both regular and special items,
     and then brings them to you -  which is the only way to  obtain some of them.
     Charged up this  will produce 4 large  green boomerangs that  will circle the
     screen in all directions before leaving (you will not get the energy back).
     Sprays  3 fast  green  laser  beams forward,  but  charged  up will  make you
     transparent  (invincible) for  just under  10 seconds - during which  for can
     move through enemies  and even over spikes.  You can also fire  the CHAMELEON
     STING while transparent.
     This creates a long stream of air in  front of you that hovers briefly before
     shooting forward -  excellent against  enemies that require  multiple hits to
     destroy.  Charged up will create a huge tornado around you, severely damaging
     anything close, above or below you.
     You can hold the  button down for a short-range  but constant stream of fire.
     This  flame-thrower  attack will  charge  up automatically  if you  have  the
     X-BUSTER UPGRADE,  so you might want to tap the button instead.  Charge it up
     to shoot  a flame  into the ground -  creating a  wall of  fire that  travels
     forward along flat surfaces.  This weapon is also excellent  against stronger
     enemies but  remember that it will not  work while you are underwater,  so be
     [3]                            WALKTHROUGH
     This Walkthrough  details the stages in the order which  is probably best for
     new players,  although each section has been written  without any assumptions
     made on the number  of upgrades collected,  or previous levels  completed. In
     other words,  you can go with  any order  you wish  and still  find the guide
     (hopefully) useful.
    -[3.01]------------------------Highway Stage-----------------------------------
     The first MEGAMAN game to feature the now customary introduction level, which
     takes place on a collapsing highway,  and populated with all sorts of robotic
     enemies as well  as cosmetic vehicles  fleeing the Reploid overrun city.  You
     just need to head right,  constantly charging the X-Buster  helps because the
     largest shot can  destroy many enemies at once.  Small flying enemies attempt
     to destroy the floor, but pose little worry, but a few larger enemies tend to
     take many hits.  There is a section where  you have to fight  a large robotic
     wasp-like flying enemy, and you will need to use the new wall climb after it.
     There is an  identical situation  right after,  with another  giant wasp like
     thing - just keep  blasting it while  avoiding its missiles.  Shortly after a
     few collapsing platforms  you will see enemy cars  driving towards you - just
     keep shooting to slow them down.  If you don't kill the driver and attempt to
     jump over them, then the car will turn around and chase you.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| A large  spaceship  will  drop  a few  more car
    |----------------------------| enemies onto  the ground  before VILE  appears.
    |                            | VILE  is the  small  purple  guy in  the  giant
    | Name:                 VILE | Ride-Armour,  and no matter how  much you avoid
    | Difficulty:      Very Easy | him or  fight back,  he will eventually  pummel
    | Normal X Shots:         NA | you into submission.  Just before you are dead,
    | Large X Shots:          NA | he will stop  running  into you and  try to hit
    | Weakness:               NA | you with a paralysing weapon (so you can't beat
    |                            | him,  but you  can  still  die if  you  are not
    |----------------------------| careful).
     After a mocking speech,  a red robot called ZERO shows  up and blasts the arm
     off of  VILE'S  Ride-Armour,  after which  VILE makes a  hasty retreat.  X is
     reassured by ZERO that he will soon get stronger,  possibly even as strong as
     him one day!  ZERO then departs for SIGMA'S fortress, while X goes on a quest
     to build his strength and abilities up.
    -[3.02]-------------------------Stage Select-----------------------------------
     A new twist this time,  no longer do  we have  humanoid robots  all ending in
     ***man,  but all of X's  adversaries  now resemble various  animal like forms
     (which is also hinted in their name). You can click on SPEC/STAGE/MAP on this
     screen before  highlighting each  MAVERICK to get an idea  of each ones stage
     and abilities, although this is mostly cosmetic and helps little. While it is
     possible  to defeat  a number  of the MAVERICKS  from the  start, it  is only
     something that the best players should attempt, and even then - some of these
     are nigh on impossible at this point.
     Each of  the eight  MAVERICKS  possess an  obtainable  weapon that  seriously
     damages  another Maverick,  so in theory it  is best to  tackle them  in this
     order  regardless of who  you start with,  but this often  means returning to
     previous  levels to obtain  important items -  and so it  is less  efficient.
     Below is a guide to help you decide the order in which to tackle each stage.
    BOSS ORDER (Clockwise):
     By using the first  order (starting with Chill  Penguin) you will always have
     the correct SPECIAL WEAPON to defeat the next boss. By using the second order
     (again starting with  CHILL PENGUIN) you will only  have to return to a stage
     once - so it is by far the most efficient (but more taxing). 
     (1) EASIEST:                            (2) OPTIMAL:
                 CHILL PENGUIN                            CHILL PENGUIN
                 /           \                            /           \
               /               \                        /               \
               \               /                        \               /
                 \           /                            \           /
                BOOMER KUWANGER                           SPARK MANDRILL
     When using  the OPTIMAL  order, note that it  is actually  possible  to place
     either LAUNCH OCTOPUS' or ARMORED ARMADILLO'S  stage at any point in the ring
     - this is  simply because  neither  stage requires  any items  or upgrades to
     obtain every item on the level. The only exception to this rule is that STING
     CHAMELEON  *MUST* be  chosen *AFTER*  LAUNCH OCTOPUS  so that the  level will
     flood -  allowing you to reach a vital  SPECIAL ITEM.  All of the other other
     levels must be done in the order stated,  leaving you needing only to revisit
     CHILL PENGUIN'S stage to collect the HEART TANK.
    BOSS AND STAGE DIFFICULTY (When chosen first):
     The BOSS table assumes you will collect all possible power-ups from the level
     before fighting  the boss (e.g. even  if you select  ARMORED ARMADILLO first,
     you can still  obtain both the  HEART TANK and the SUB TANK -  whereas if you
     choose  STING CHAMELEON  first  you  will be  unable to  pick up  any of  the
     levels special items).
     The STAGE  difficulty table in mainly  ranked on aspects  such as the overall
     size and the number of instant death situations - although to be honest, none
     of the level can really be classed as difficult.
          BOSS                        STAGE
               VERY HARD                    HARD
                |- LAUNCH OCTOPUS            |- LAUNCH OCTOPUS
                |- SPARK MANDRILL            |- SPARK MANDRILL
                |- STING CHAMELEON           |- ARMORED ARMADILLO
                |- BOOMER KUWANGER           |- STORM EAGLE
                |- ARMORED ARMADILLO         |- FLAME MAMMOTH
                |- STORM EAGLE               |- BOOMER KUWANGER
                |- FLAME MAMMOTH             |- CHILL PENGUIN
                |- CHILL PENGUIN             |- STING CHAMELEON
               EASY                         EASY
    -[3.03]---------------Snow Mountain Stage: CHILL PENGUIN-----------------------
     This stage is the obvious first  choice because not only is it an easy level,
     but you will obtain  the DASH UPGRADE at no real effort.  Just head right and
     then up (remember to use  the wall climb jump),  and you will eventually find
     the upgrade capsule blocking your path. The accelerator system (DASH UPGRADE)
     is a  must at  this  early  stage,  giving  you a  longer  jump when  used in
     combination,  and which can  also be  used when  jumping from  the wall (very
     helpful against the bosses).
     Shortly after,  you will find a Ride-Armour  suit similar to the  one used by
     VILE on  the Highway Stage.  While using  this armour you  can smash  the ice
     covered houses,  and if you jump out of it while it is also jumping,  you can
     get some extra height.  Right after the Ride-Armour is a situation like this,
     you can either go through the cave, or jump up and then out of the armour and
     go across the top.  It is slightly easier to go over, although you might want
     to muck around  in the Ride-Armour for  a while (remember to  jump out of the
     armour if you  fall into a hole  inside the cave -  you can easily wall climb
     Over the top of the cave are more of those small iced buildings,  but you are
     unable to  destroy these  unless you have the  FIRE WAVE  from FLAME MAMMOTH.
     Inside the first small  building is the HEART TANK  for this level (come back
     here later).  Continue and you will soon find  snowballs being thrown at you,
     but these  are pretty  easy to avoid,  and when you reach  the boss-door keep
     destroying the robots that throw  them to get energy capsules (full energy is
     a must for any boss battle). Then enter the door to face CHILL PENGUIN...
    |---------| Boss |-----------| CHILL PENGUIN is small  compared to most of the
    |----------------------------| others,  giving a large  area to avoid him.  He
    |                            | often  jumps across  the screen  in an  attempt
    | Name:        CHILL PENGUIN | to hit  you  (contact  is very  damaging),  but
    | Height:             5.34ft | you should  easily be  able to  avoid it.  When
    | Weight:              237lb | he lands  he  sometimes  breathes  icy  breath,
    | Difficulty:           Easy | creating two  ice statures  that remain  on the
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | level  until  destroyed  (and  also  damage  on
    | Large X Shots:          10 | contact),  his  breath  can  also  freezes  you
    | Weakness:        FIRE WAVE | temporarily  if you  are close  enough,  giving
    |                  (11 Hits) | him  a  damaging  free  hit.   Sometimes  while
    |----------------------------| jumping he  might grab  the hook in the  middle
                                   on the ceiling instead,  summoning an  icy wind
     that blows you either left or right,  also sending any  statues smashing into
     the wall.  He can also  shoot slow or fast  ice rocks at you,  although these
     stop if  they hit  an ice statue  (so you  can hide  behind them).  His final
     attack is  the Slide,  where  he shoots  forward on  his stomach -  also very
     As long  as you hit  him with  Charged shots,  and remain on  the walls (just
     watch for him jumping when he is near to the wall you are climbing),  you can
     defeat him  quite easily.  Just hit  him constantly,  the easiest  time being
     when he jumps, lands or finishes a slide attack.
     Using the FIRE WAVE doesn't really make him much easier, although you can now
     destroy the  ice statues  almost immediately.  He will still  jump around and
     slide on his stomach,  so you still need  to be careful  while on the ground.
     The charged up FIRE WAVE  is completely useless  because it is so hard to hit
     him with  and will run  out after  about 4 or 5 hits.  Because the  Fire Wave
     requires you to hold  down the fire button,  it will charge  up automatically
     anyway - which is actually more of a hindrance during the battle.
    -[3.04]---------------Power Plant Stage: SPARK MANDRILL------------------------
     This stage  is one of the  more difficult ones,  so you need to watch out for
     the constant  sparks shooting  across parts  of the floor.  These sparks will
     disappear after  you defeat STORM EAGLE (looks  like the remains of his plane
     at the start!),  but this will  cause some  areas to  plunge into  darkness -
     making a few sections actually more difficult.
     Shortly after the start you will see two ladders, the one going down leads to
     a SUB TANK, but you cannot get it unless you have defeated BOOMER KUWANGER so
     just go up (use his  BOOMERANG CUTTER to snatch the  SUB TANK later). It will
     soon get dark, and fast flying enemies will try to knock you off platforms to
     your death -  so remember to wall climb back up if you can't avoid them (just
     stop and wait if this part goes completely dark).
     The strange mid level boss is quite tough early on in the game, with the best
     advice simply  to avoid  the sticky  slime it  leaves on  the floor (move the
     d-pad left and right if you do get stuck).  You can use the wall climb to hit
     it while it is high up,  which is useful for when it  shoots sparks downwards
     (defeat STORM EAGLE  and it can no longer shoot these sparks).  It does moves
     quite slowly, and occasionally pauses, which is when you should get close and
     fire rapidly to defeat it in no time. 
     After this you can  then continue right -  avoiding the wall turrets is easy,
     but the giant turtle  enemies take many hits,  so you will need  to avoid the
     missiles they shoot back.  When you come to  a ladder going down,  you should
     see the HEART TANK  for this level above you -  this can be obtained by dash-
     jumping from the  right wall and then  trying to just touch  the ledge (needs
     good judgement as well  as the DASH UPGRADE),  you can also use the BOOMERANG
     CUTTER if you have it.  Keep going and it will get dark like before, so watch
     out for  more of those  those fast birds  (try and  anticipate  when they fly
     across the screen to shoot them) before reaching the door.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| SPARK MANDRILL is huuuge, but not impossible to
    |----------------------------| beat  even  without the  DASH UPGRADE.  He only
    |                            | has a few different attacks,  his most damaging
    | Name:       SPARK MANDRILL | being the dash punch -  which takes off lots of
    | Height:             10.0ft | energy,  and tends  to knock  you off  the wall
    | Weight:              646lb | that he bashes (so you might land on him if you
    | Difficulty:           Hard | climbed the wall  to avoid it).  The dash punch
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | is a good  move to  counter however,  so if you
    | Large X Shots:          11 | anticipate it a nd hit him with a  charged shot
    | Weakness:      SHOTGUN ICE | you  will  knock  him  back.  Watch  out  if he
    |                  (11 Hits) | repeats the punch however, you wont have enough
    |        Charged SHOTGUN ICE | time to charge  up another shot,  so its a good
    |                   (8 Hits) | idea to  prepare to jump  against the  wall and
    |----------------------------| vault him  afterwards.  He also tries  to jumps
                                   on you, but sometimes grabs the ceiling instead
     - slowly swinging across  (also a good time to  hit him with a charged shot).
     His special attack is when he punches the floor, sending two pink sparks (the
     ELECTRIC SPARK)  each way hugging the  arena wall (jump them  and you can hit
     him with a charged shot).
     He is easy to hit, and charged shots damage him severely - so always have one
     ready and try to make them count.  Hit him from the start  because he usually
     does the dash punch,  and prepare for his follow up because you can only take
     a few hits early on.  When he hangs on the  ceiling you can  hit him at least
     twice,  and he is particularly vulnerable during the ELECTRIC SPARK.  As long
     as you avoid his contact and anticipate the Dash punch, you should be able to
     beat him first with practice.
     His weakness is the SHOTGUN ICE,  with which you can just keep on hitting him
     over and  over to  freeze him,  making him a  doddle (shoot again  just as he
     breaks free).
    -[3.05]----------------Gallery Stage: ARMORED ARMADILLO------------------------
     The customary mine cart level is another tough stage - so jump on the cart at
     the  beginning  and shoot  like crazy  (enemies  hit by  the cart  are killed
     instantly).  If you jump off after the first  downward slope you should see a
     bat that is  considerably  larger than  the normal ones -  blast this  for an
     almost certain EXTRA LIFE,  and then keep walking forward and back to refresh
     the enemies for  more lives from it!  If you stayed on the  cart you will hit
     the wall at the end,  so remember to jump off - the momentum throws you off a
     bit so be careful.
     When you reach the wall going down,  slide down slowly until the rock-crusher
     goes past underneath,  just behind  it is a SUB TANK.  This level is good for
     filling your SUB TANKS,  so boss fights from now on will  be slightly fairer.
     Just follow the rock-crusher until it destroys itself, and carry on until you
     reach the next mine cart.
     When you jump off you have another vertical wall to slide down, but this time
     you want to  get in front of the  rock-crusher -  so stay to the right as you
     descend (touching its front is instant death).  Go on ahead until you see the
     HEART TANK above (you  cannot reach this if the  rock-crusher went in front),
     and then wait for the rock-crusher to go past below and destroy itself again.
     It is possible to destroy the rock-crusher using the X-Buster,  and before it
     reaches the HEART TANK -  but unless  you are quick  on the buttons  you will
     need either the STORM TORNADO or the FIRE WAVE. Right after this is the final
     mine cart  ride, so shoot  like crazy and  remember to jump  off at the end -
     just before the door to ARMORED ARMADILLO.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| This small  Boss is  annoying  because  he will
    |----------------------------| almost always  block your shots,  and even when
    |                            | you hit him  you don't do much  damage (charged
    | Name:    ARMORED ARMADILLO | hits do no  extra damage).  His main  attack is
    | Height:             6.36ft | to roll up  into a ball  and bounce  around the
    | Weight:              510lb | screen at 45  degree angles (you  need to judge
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | where he will  hit regardless  of where you are
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | on  the screen) - this is very damaging and you
    | Large X Shots:          32 | will probably  need that SUB TANK  from earlier
    | Weakness:   ELECTRIC SPARK | after a few hits.  You can usually get a hit in
    |                  (11 Hits) | just as he  comes out of the roll,  and just as
    |     Charged ELECTRIC SPARK | he enters it  if you are quick.  When he stands
    |                   (5 Hits) | still he  will begin  shooting  small  shots at
    |----------------------------| you, this is  easiest time hit  him even though
                                   he will still  block some of your shots.  If he
     blocks a charged shot he will absorb it and release a blast of energy in many
     directions (very damaging).
     I prefer to remain on  the left side for the entire battle,  where you should
     eventually notice a pattern in his  roll attack (knowing when to be either up
     the left wall,  or on the ground to avoid it).  When he jumps out of his roll
     attack you  want to  shoot him  constantly -  hitting him  a few  times while
     avoiding the small  laser beams he fires back.  Because of the high number of
     hits he  takes to kill,  this battle will last  quite a while -  so your only
     real worry is the occasional lack of judgement...
     If you have the ENERGY SPARK you just need to hit him properly once -  he can
     block this as before,  but as soon as you DO hit him he will lose his armour,
     allowing you to keep  hitting him no matter what he does.  Without his armour
     he cannot even block X-Buster shots, but try and hit him as often as possible
     with the ENERGY SPARK because he still has a lot of vitality.
    -[3.06]------------------Ocean Stage: LAUNCH OCTOPUS---------------------------
     This level  takes place mostly  underwater,  allowing you to jump  higher but
     very slowly (hold the jump button to jump really high). Keep going across the
     seabed until you stop to fight a large fish, this will shoot eels at you that
     are annoying to avoid, he also tries to draw you in - not too difficult.  You
     will then come across many fish that will try to suck you inside them,  these
     do not appear to damage you but actually drain you energy quite rapidly after
     a few seconds if you do nothing - so shoot to escape from their stomach.  The
     second pause is another of those giant fish's,  except this time parts of the
     ground have spikes,  and so you need  to be extra  careful when  he draws you
     towards him (jumping high helps you land back on the small floor section).
     Soon after you will find whirlpool  machines that you can use to climb to the
     water surface, the second of which  allows you to jump onto a Whale like boat
     which can be  sunk after a  pummelling (shoot  the orb on the top).  When the
     Whale sinks it  destroys the spiked  ground on the seabed,  revealing a large
     fighting area and a  serpent like mini-boss.  You can stand  on is back as it
     weaves around the area, making it easier to hit its head and tail weakpoints.
     If you  have the  STORM TORNADO  you can defeat  it in just  a few hits,  but
     always be wary of the spike patches below.  When you destroy it, a small cave
     appears to the right which contains the HEART TANK.
     Head back left and  up to the main path  and continue to  another pause, here
     you fight another of those serpents,  although the shallower  water means you
     can't stay on its back for as long.  Destroy it and walk up  to the boss door
     (there are no enemies to obtain energy capsules from so you might not be in a
     good position to do him first time).
    |---------| Boss |-----------| This underwater boss is a really tough one, but
    |----------------------------| still possible to defeat very early on. He will
    |                            | mainly stand or hop  forward while firing three
    | Name:       LAUNCH OCTOPUS | missiles  at  you,  so keep  your  distance and
    | Height:             7.80ft | continuously  fire normal  shots -  by standing
    | Weight:              348lb | your ground you can  destroy these missiles and
    | Difficulty:      Very Hard | hit him in-between (so don't bother to charge).
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | He less  frequently  fires 4  fish like  homing
    | Large X Shots:          11 | missiles (you can prepare  because he waves his
    | Weakness:   ROLLING SHIELD | arms before  firing them),  which are harder to
    |                  (11 Hits) | avoid and more damaging.  His last attack is to
    |           BOOMERANG CUTTER | jump up  and create a  whirlpool that  tries to
    |   (3 Hits to cut off arms) | draw you inside -  so watch out for this if you
    |----------------------------| do not have  the DASH UPGRADE  because you will
                                   not be able  to escape from it.  If you do have
     the DASH UPGRADE  then you can  easily avoid  this and even escape  if you do
     get caught in it -  allowing you more time to charge up your X-Buster and hit
     him when he stops spinning.  If you do get caught, he will move down and suck
     your  energy  (healing  himself  too),  so wiggle  the d-pad  to escape  with
     minimum damage.
     The best tactic is just stay away from him and shoot -  only hitting him with
     charged shots when  he is in the air.  This battle is only  difficult because
     the fish missiles are so hard to avoid,  and you will almost certainly need a
     lucky match if you don't have the DASH UPGRADE or a SUB TANK.
     LAUNCH OCTOPUS' weakness is the ROLLING SHIELD,  which damages him badly, but
     is hard to actually hit him with  because many shots will be cancelled by his
     missiles.  From the start  its best to just  get close to  him and unload the
     ROLLING SHIELD continuously,  he should only have about a third of his energy
     left when it runs out,  then revert to  the X-Buster and you  should beat him
     comfortably (I hope).
     Strangely this  boss has  a second weakness  which is overall  more effective
     than his true weakness.  If you have the  BOOMERANG CUTTER,  you just need to
     hit him with it three  times (normal or charged) to remove his arms.  Without
     his arms he  loses the ability  to fire the homing  fish missiles  or use his
     whirlpool attack.  All he is  left with is  those easily  countered  rockets,
     making him one of the easiest battles!
    -[3.07]------------------Tower Stage: BOOMER KUWANGER--------------------------
     This level takes place inside a tower,  and the direction  you travel most is
     up - so be prepared to climb.  Various ladders help you most of the time, but
     make use  of the  wall climb  to quickly  reach the  top of  the short  first
     section.  You soon have to go right past laser detectors turning on and off -
     break any of theses  beams and the guns will shoot you.  Its difficult not to
     get hit a few times and so the best tactic here is to just sprint dash (using
     the DASH UPGRADE) all the way through regardless -  proving too quick for the
     guns to hit you before you reach the end.  Continue up and you will soon come
     to a fast moving lift taking you even higher,  here you have to avoid instant
     death spikes  as well as  flying enemies -  the walls  on the side  also kill
     instantly.  You then  move  outside,  here you  need to  use the  wall  climb
     ability,  made slightly harder by the presence of  gun turrets popping out of
     the wall.
     At the top you can clearly  see the HEART TANK for this level,  which you can
     easily grab later on with the weapon from this levels boss (use the BOOMERANG
     CUTTER).  If you already have  both the SHOTGUN ICE  and the X-BUSTER UPGRADE
     however, it is possible to ride the charged  up ice platform off the edge and
     then jump  up onto  the ledge (needs good  timing).  Continue up  afterwards,
     destroying the enemies  on the platforms so you can ride  them up to entrance
     to the boss room.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| Apparently BOOMER KUWANGER is a Cockroach,  but
    |----------------------------| during the  Japanese translation  it would seem
    |                            | CAPCOM  decided  BOOMER COCKROACH just  doesn't
    | Name:      BOOMER KUWANGER | sound right, but either way this boss is not to
    | Height:             7.93ft | difficult.  His most  common  technique  is the
    | Weight:              206lb | teleport,  and he  does  seem  to make  a nasty
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | habit of appearing  in front of  you regardless
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | of which way you move (often making contact for
    | Large X Shots:          11 | big damage).  He can also charge  into you, and
    | Weakness:   HOMING TORPEDO | likes following up both  these attacks with the
    |                  (11 hits) | damaging  "Dead Lift" -  where he  lifts you up
    |     Charged HOMING TORPEDO | with his horns and throws you into the ceiling.
    |                   (8 Hits) | If you face him Without the DASH UPGRADE,  then
    |----------------------------| these  two  attacks  are  quite  hard to  avoid
                                   unless you  stay high up  the walls.  His final
     move is the  BOOMERANG CUTTER,  where he  removes  his horns  and throws them
     towards you, but this often misses and is  not particularly damaging anyway -
     usually done if you are up a wall when he stops teleporting.
     My best tactic is to just keep wall climbing on either side, and then jumping
     over him when  he appears  right below -  usually  getting in a  charged shot
     before  climbing  up the  other  wall.  By doing  this he  almost  constantly
     teleports,  pausing only to  throw the BOOMERANG CUTTER  which as also a good
     time to  hit him -  he cannot  teleport  while the  boomerang  is  travelling
     through the air, so make use of this vulnerability.
     If you have the HOMING TORPEDOES  then BOOMER KUWANGER  is very easy indeed -
     just shoot them  one at a time and they  will always hit him.  Because he can
     still teleport next to you, it is best not to just stand still and fire away,
     instead the best place to be is either of the top corners - here you can just
     shoot continuously.
    -[3.08]------------------Forest Stage: STING CHAMELEON-------------------------
     This Stage  is a poor first  choice because none  of the cool  bonuses can be
     obtained  without the  DASH UPGRADE.  At  the start  are those  annoying wood
     cutting robots, so have the charged shot ready to destroy them and the tree's
     they hide  behind. Not far  from the  start is  a vertical  cliff face at the
     entrance to a cave (where rock-robots fall inside) - dash jump and climb this
     cliff face instead of going inside  the cave. At the top you will be caved-in
     to face a giant green robot with  pincer claws - this is Dr. Light's test for
     the second most-important upgrade, the ARMOUR UPGRADE.
     This mini boss is  not too hard, and his moves  are not particularly damaging
     either,  but he  does take  a lot  of hits.  He will  jump to  where you  are
     standing most of the time, so always  move when he jumps. His other attack is
     to extend his claw about 2 thirds a  screen in length, sometimes grabbing and
     smashing you into the wall - but this  is also pretty weak. Just keep dashing
     from wall to wall,  and concentrate  on shooting his head  with charged shots
     (he takes 64  regular hits  and 32 of the  larger shot!!!!).  Afterwards take
     the ARMOUR UPGRADE, which will help  you considerably from now on (all damage
     is halved). Also, by destroying this secret boss, there will be no more rocks
     falling in the cave below.
     Go back and slide down the cliff face,  and immediately  below is a small gap
     in the ground -  slide down here to find a  secret area  leading to the HEART
     TANK.  If you  have defeated  LAUNCH OCTOPUS,  this area will  be filled with
     water, and this is vital for reaching the HEART TANK. Remember that you first
     need the DASH UPGRADE,  and then its a leap  of faith as far to  the right as
     you can.  When you reach the small ledge,  grab the HEART TANK and attempt to
     jump all the way back -  easier if you  slide down the ledge  before jumping.
     Now climb back up  and continue through the level.  There is an EXTRA LIFE in
     plain view shortly  before a suit of Ride-Armour,  grab this and  head right,
     jumping to avoid  the swamp that  slows you down.  Shortly ahead  is the door
     to the boss.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| The Chameleon  boss is a very  difficult foe to
    |----------------------------| beat early on, but if  you had the DASH UPGRADE
    |                            | and then  acquired the ARMOUR UPGRADE  from his
    | Name:      STING CHAMELEON | stage, he  becomes quite  easy. The top  of the
    | Height:             5.80ft | arena is covered in  spikes that are incredibly
    | Weight:              169lb | damaging (even with  the ARMOUR UPGRADE), so be
    | Difficulty:           Hard | careful when  climbing up  the walls.  His main
    | Normal X Shots:         20 | manoeuvre  is moving while  invisible  (being a
    | Large X Shots:          16 | Chameleon  he blends  in with  the background),
    | Weakness: BOOMERANG CUTTER | crawling  across  the  arena  and  re-appearing
    |                  (11 hits) | either  high or low.  You can usually  make out
    |   Charged BOOMERANG CUTTER | where he is crawling,  giving a split second to
    |                   (8 Hits) | react before  he reappears, and  which is vital
    |----------------------------| for avoiding  the devastating tongue  attack he
                                   usually does  when he appears  low (but this is
     still hard  to avoid without the DASH  UPGRADE).  If he appears  high, he can
     use his special  weapon - the  CHAMELEON STING,  where he sprays  three green
     spikes multiple  times (not too damaging).  Wherever he appears,  he can also
     drop to the  ground before  jumping up to the  ceiling and swinging  from his
     tongue - this shakes spikes from the  ceiling that are hard to avoid but also
     not very damaging.
     Because he disappears quite quickly  you need to move fast if you want to hit
     him after  avoiding his  attacks.  He is vulnerable  during all  his attacks,
     particularly  when he  sprays the  CHAMELEON STING.  When he  swings from the
     ceiling you don't need to jump off  the walls to hit him, he is low enough to
     hit with charged jump shots. If you see him about to reappear low, its really
     just best to concentrate on avoiding his tongue attack.
     If you have the BOOMERANG CUTTER then he is very easy even without any of the
     upgrades - and because the Boomerang goes in a high loop you can hit him even
     when he is high up.  Every time you hit him he will  fall down and jump up to
     the opposite side  (almost always starting the tongue swing)  - where you can
     knock him down again  and repeat. Just watch out  for him falling onto you if
     you knock him down from right above you.
    -[3.09]--------------------Sky Stage: STORM EAGLE------------------------------
     A different stage compared  to those so far, with good  jumping and judgement
     required from the start.  Head up from the beginning,  carefully jumping from
     the small platforms  while avoiding those annoying  enemies that pick you up.
     You can destroy  parts of the  right wall where  you can see  platforms (only
     hiding large  energy capsules),  and when you  reach the very  top you should
     dash jump as far  to the left as you  can (need the DASH UPGRADE),  to obtain
     the HEART TANK for this level.  Drop down after and make your way all the way
     back to the top to carry on.
     Back at the top you will soon come to more platforms to navigate (destroy the
     turrets on each platform),  but from here you can instead head up and left to
     reach the  control tower.  Just shoot the glass  to easily obtain a SUB TANK,
     and then drop  back down and  head right.  Without the  DASH UPGRADE you will
     have to wait for the next platform to be lower than the one you are on before
     jumping to it,  so you might  have to judge where  it is if you  can't see it
     below you. At the end of this section  is another wall to destroy, and inside
     is an EXTRA LIFE.
     Right after this is a tall mast to climb, taking you even higher, so climb it
     but slide down the other side instead of jumping to the higher Platform - and
     from here you can dash jump (need  the DASH UPGRADE) to a right platform with
     another of those destroyable walls.  Inside here is the HELMET UPGRADE, which
     allows you to  destroy certain  bricks in a  "Super Mario Bros" style.  Apart
     from looking  pretty cool  it does  little else.  Return back  up to the main
     path and  continue right (there is  another easy EXTRA LIFE  in plain sight).
     Just before the boss  is a section where you have to  jump onto a plane using
     platforms that fall when you land on  them - needless to say be quick to jump
     off.  Walk off the right edge of the plane  instead of going through the door
     to find a large weapon and energy capsule - then jump on the platform to face
    |---------| Boss |-----------| STORM EAGLE  flaps his wings,  blowing you back
    |----------------------------| from the start  (ultimately trying  to push you
    |                            | off the edge) - so without the DASH UPGRADE you
    | Name:          STORM EAGLE | need to run desperately against it to make back
    | Height:             8.20ft | some  ground.  He might  fly upwards  and hover
    | Weight:              275lb | before splitting out an  egg that 4 robot birds
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | hatch from  and chase you - but time  a charged
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | blast right  and you can destroy all  four with
    | Large X Shots:          16 | just  one hit.  While  hovering he  will either
    | Weakness:  CHAMELEON STING | land again, or disappear upwards - and begin to
    |                  (11 hits) | dive-bomb you. This is easily his most damaging
    |----------------------------| attack, and unless you  take action to evade it
                                   he will always hit you - so move constantly. He
     will later fly  down from the top of the  screen and hover  once more, before
     possibly landing or disappearing upwards  again and dive-bombing. If he lands
     he will  try to  blow you  off the edge  again,  sometimes using his  special
     weapon  instead - the  STORM TORNADO,  which pushes  you back with  much more
     force than his wings but can be jumped  to gain more ground, and also doesn't
     You can easily hit  him when he hovers  or lands with a  charged shot, and if
     you are quick also  when he dive-bombs (although  just evading this attack is
     more important). If you have the DASH UPGRADE  you can nail him constantly by
     shooting and dashing as he blows you back. As long as you just concentrate on
     avoiding him you can  beat this boss quite early in the game,  just watch for
     him blowing you off the edge if you do not have the DASH UPGRADE.
     Using the CHAMELEON STING only makes it easier to hit him, but charging it up
     to turn  yourself  invincible  will  prevent  him from  hitting you  with the
     dive-bomb or the STORM TORNADO - very helpful.
    -[3.10]------------------Factory Stage: FLAME MAMMOTH--------------------------
     This shortish stage  is a melting factory, so  watch out for the robotic junk
     on the conveyer  belts that can knock  you into the very  damaging lava (some
     shoot laser beams, so be careful).  By defeating CHILL PENGUIN you can freeze
     all the  lava at  the bottom,  allowing  you to  avoid the conveyer  belts by
     running underneath.
     After this  you will fall  down to a lower  section, where you  should notice
     smashable bricks above you, this is just before the large area. Remember that
     you need the HELMET UPGRADE  and DASH UPGRADE beforehand  - to reach this you
     need to dash jump from the higher right platform as far as you can, then just
     press the jump button  rapidly and you should find  yourself climbing up to a
     small hidden chamber (need good jump timing). If you fall down after smashing
     some bricks then you cannot get the upgrade without exiting the level. Inside
     the capsule is the  X-BUSTER UPGRADE, which allows  you to charge your normal
     X-Buster to a higher level (the energy  will turn pink when it is ready), but
     more importantly is the new ability  to charge the weapons you gain from each
     Continue Right until you come to more  platforms over lava, except these fire
     flames upwards, destroying  parts of the floor (not  if it is frozen though).
     This area is  quite high and  contains both  the HEART TANK  and SUB TANK for
     this level. To the far bottom right is the HEART TANK, which you can get even
     without having frozen the lava, but you will take serious damage so make sure
     you can take a few hits.  After this head up to the top left to find an EXTRA
     LIFE,  and from here  you can  dash jump  left (need DASH UPGRADE)  to find a
     small room behind  smashable blocks. Get the SUB TANK inside and head back to
     the right,  where you will soon come to another  conveyer section except this
     one has  junk crushers  (not an  instant kill).  Carry on  and you  will soon
     arrive at the boss door.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| You fight this boss in an unusually long arena,
    |----------------------------| with a conveyer belt  floor which FLAME MAMMOTH
    |                            | can change the direction  of by calling out. He
    | Name:        FLAME MAMMOTH | is pretty  agile for a  Mammoth, with  his main
    | Height:             10.5ft | attack simply  trying to squash  you by jumping
    | Weight:              719lb | forward over a screens  length - and even if he
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | misses  you  will  be  stunned  by  the  ground
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | shaking  (but   not  damaged).   He  will  stop
    | Large X Shots:          16 | in-between  jumps to  either spit  tar from his
    | Weakness:    STORM TORNADO | trunk (which slows you  slightly if walked in),
    |                  (11 Hits) | or shooting  far reaching  flames from  his arm
    |      Charged STORM TORNADO | gun. If he hits a blob  of tar with his flame -
    |                   (8 Hits) | it will ignite  and burn away  shortly, causing
    |----------------------------| you damage if you touch it.
     Because the arena  is so long it is very easy  to just keep your distance and
     shoot him.  It is a good idea to be on a wall if you can,  which will prevent
     you from being stunned when he shakes the ground, although you can also avoid
     this by jumping  just before he lands.  When he gets close  it is possible to
     stand right next to  him and shoot  continuously - as long  as he just stands
     and shoots, his flames will simply fly over your head,  but watch out for the
     conveyer belt trapping you between him and the wall.  It is generally best to
     be on the side  which is taking him  backwards, so either  run underneath him
     when he jumps,  or vault him when he  comes close using the wall.  You should
     then be  able to hit  him a few times before  moving to the far side.  If you
     have the DASH UPGRADE then you will have a much easier time avoiding him, and
     should beat him in no time.
     If you have the  STORM TORNADO then  you can  just stand in  front of him and
     fire away -  you should hit him every  time (just watch  out for the conveyer
     drawing you towards him). He will probably fire back and still try to jump on
     you, so if  you are low on  energy or just  don't want to get hit,  just keep
     your distance when shooting as before.
     Similarly  to the tactic  against LAUNCH OCTOPUS , you can use  the BOOMERANG
     CUTTER to remove  his trunk (just hit  him 3 times).  Without his trunk he is
     unable to drop blobs  of tar, and is  also unable to change the  direction of
     the conveyer  belt - but  overall this  doesn't effect the  difficulty of the
    -[3.11]-----------------------HADOUKEN UPGRADE---------------------------------
     After defeating  all eight  MAVERICKS you  will join  ZERO at the entrance to
     SIGMA'S fortress, and after a short conversation you will return to the stage
     select.  You can select SIGMA'S stage  by choosing the bottom right box,  but
     first you  should  return  to some of  the MAVERICK'S  stages to pick  up any
     missed items  (although you can  do this in-between  SIGMA stages if you want
     - but I don't recommend it).
     The final upgrade  can now be found  at the end of ARMORED  ARMADILLO'S stage
     after you have  obtained all eight HEART TANKS,  all four SUB TANKS,  and the
     other four upgrades. Just make your way to the final mine cart ride, and when
     you jump  off at the  end just before  the boss's door,  jump up and  get the
     energy  capsule before  jumping into  the ravine  to your death.  Repeat this
     strange requirement four more times, making sure you have Full Energy and all
     full SUB TANKS  on the fifth time - and  you should see the  final capsule on
     the cliff. You need a  lot of lives for this, so make  sure you get a maximum
     of nine from the "Fat Bat" at the start  of this level (see ARMORED ARMADILLO
     stage guide above).
     With the HADOUKEN UPGRADE in your possession it's time to take on SIGMA!
    -[3.12]-------------------------SIGMA STAGE 1----------------------------------
     SIGMA'S fortress  is divided into 4  incredibly difficult  stage's which must
     all be completed in one sitting - so passwords from now on will only remember
     special items  collected from  the regular  stages (apart  from the  HADOUKEN
     You will have another conversation with Zero at the start of the first stage,
     and he will then run  off ahead and create a diversion  allowing you to sneak
     in! Shortly after  the start you will come to  a very difficult section where
     you must make your way up the screen using moving platforms over a bottomless
     pit, and made all the more difficult by the quick flying enemies. If you have
     the X-BUSTER UPGRADE  then you can charge  up the ROLLING SHIELD  to create a
     force field, preventing  the enemies from knocking  you to your death. If you
     missed that upgrade then you will have  to be really careful jumping, and try
     and shoot each enemy as you jump because they keep coming back!
     Inside the base you  will soon come face to face with  VILE, who will then be
     chased through  a boss door by ZERO.  As you follow you will  hear the battle
     in the room ahead, and soon discover  ZERO captured by VILE who is now riding
     his Ride-Armour.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| You will have to fight  against his Ride-Armour
    |----------------------------| first of all,  and just  as with  your previous
    |                            | meeting you  will not  be able to harm  him (so
    | Name:                 VILE | don't waste any SUB TANKS on him). After he has
    | Difficulty:           Easy | given you a beating,  he will paralyse you like
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | before -  except this time ZERO  will sacrifice
    | Large X Shots:           8 | himself,  and the last of his  power to destroy
    | Weakness:   ROLLING SHIELD | VILE'S Ride-Armour.  You will kindly be given a
    |                   (8 Hits) | full LIFE BAR to fight him now, and this should
    |        Charged SHOTGUN ICE | be enough  to beat him  with unless  you have a
    |                   (4 Hits) | short LIFE BAR  or missed some of  the upgrades
    |----------------------------| (but don't be  afraid to use a  SUB TANK if you
                                   need one).
     He  will  run or  fly  from  left to  right,  pausing  only to  shoot  yellow
     paralysing plasma balls (which don't damage,  but give him a free hit).  When
     he flies overhead he drops two bombs that send sparks across the floor -  but
     contact  with  either  is  pretty  weak.  He is  sometimes  unpredictable  in
     movement, and very damaging to make contact with - so avoid him at all costs.
     Vault the  paralysing  Plasma balls  he shoots,  and either jump  over or run
     under him as he  crosses the screen.  You will have a  hard time avoiding the
     bombs he  drops if you are  close to him,  but you can easily hit  him at any
     point during the battle,  and as long as  you use charged  shots then he wont
     last long.
     His  weakness  is the  ROLLING SHIELD,  although the  charged-up  SHOTGUN ICE
     actually kills him  in just 4 hits(!!),  but you will  probably have a harder
     time hitting  him with it.  Of course you could always  just use the HADOUKEN
     UPGRADE if you can pull it off at the right time.
     After  beating VILE,  you will find  ZERO close to  death, and If  you didn't
     obtain the X-BUSTER UPGRADE  on FLAME MAMMOTH'S stage,  then you will receive
     it now from ZERO before he dies.  Make your way right and  then up a long and
     annoying vertical section (you can make use of the charged up CHAMELEON STING
     here),  and at the top you will face BOOMER KUWANGER for the second time.  He
     will be a lot  easier now you definitely  have the HOMING TORPEDO,  which you
     can now charge up for  an even quicker dispatch.  After these two easy bosses
     you will soon come to the real boss for this level.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| You  will  notice  the  four  web-track  in the
    |----------------------------| background  that this  large  spider  boss will
    |                            | travel  downwards on.  Every time  he pauses at
    | Name:             BOSPIDER | the top of the screen,  eight random connectors
    | Difficulty:      Very Hard | will appear between these tracks,  and which he
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | will  always use  to switch  between them.  The
    | Large X Shots:          11 | trick here is work out  where he will end up at
    | Weakness:      SHOTGUN ICE | the bottom of the the  screen so that can get a
    |                  (11 Hits) | quick shot in  when he opens  his eye. Although
    |        Charged SHOTGUN ICE | shooting  him is the  main objective,  you will
    |                   (7 Hits) | also have to  judge where he  will finish up so
    |----------------------------| that you  can avoid  his damaging  contact.  He
                                   also speeds up as you reduce his energy, and if
     he uses the outer tracks  he can hit you even when  you are right against the
     wall - very irritating.
     He will  only open the  eye for a  split  second  before  quickly  retreating
     upwards, so unless you are close to him you will need to shoot just before he
     reaches  the bottom.  During the  pause at the top,  he sometimes  drops four
     smaller robot spiders that are too low to hit with Normal X-Buster shots, and
     which will walk along the floor and up the walls unless you destroy them.  He
     will also stop and  drop these spiders if you become level  with him while he
     descends (such as you jumping or wall climbing).
     This boss can be really annoying,  and sometimes always  seems go the way you
     do - constantly  damaging  you really  badly.  The smaller  spiders are  also
     annoying to avoid, so try not to make him drop extra ones if you can help it.
     The charged up X-Buster is effective,  but takes too long  to recharge if you
     use it  to destroy  the smaller  spiders.  The  SHOTGUN ICE  is not  only his
     weakness, but destroys the smaller spiders too, but you are likely to run out
     unless you can  manage to hit consistently.  If you ever miss your shot, then
     you will not get another chance to hit him  unless you are using the X-Buster
     - so try to make  them all count.  Use a SUB TANK if you  need one, and don't
     bother to charge up the SHOTGUN ICE - it is too difficult to get close enough
     for it to hit him. You can also use the HADOUKEN if you get lucky...
    -[3.13]-------------------------SIGMA STAGE 2----------------------------------
     A short  distance into  this level  and you will  face CHILL PENGUIN  for the
     second time, but you should have even less problems this time around. Shortly
     on and you fight STORM EAGLE again - also easy,  but you may want to save the
     CHAMELEON STING for the real Boss.  You should soon come to  the boss door of
     this easier stage - but its not a particularly easy boss.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| This boss  consists  of three  different  parts
    |----------------------------| that must all be destroyed separately.  The two
    |                            | eyes can  only be hit  after they open  - where
    | Name:        RANGDA BANGDA | they  will either  be green,  blue or red.  The
    |    LEFT EYE/RIGHT EYE/NOSE | green eye  shoots 1 bullet,  the blue  one will
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | fly towards you,  and the  red one can  do both
    | Normal X Shots:   10/10/12 | but fires 3 bullets.  The bottom of  the screen
    | Large X Shots:       5/5/6 | has  instant death  spikes in  the middle,  and
    | Weakness:  CHAMELEON STING | every so  often the walls  will close  together
    |               (4/4/4 Hits) | and the  nose will come  to life -  so you need
    |                            | to cling  on to the wall  and watch  out for it
    |----------------------------| knocking  you onto  them.  It will  repeat this
                                   over and  over  until you  either  destroy  the
     nose, or both of the eyes -  in which case the walls  will close in for good,
     and you will have to destroy the rest while desperately clinging on the wall.
     Not too difficult  as long as  you can competently  remain on the  walls when
     they close together.  By using the CHAMELEON STING  you can destroy all three
     parts quite easily,  but if you used it up earlier then you will have to hang
     on for  slightly longer.  The best tactic  either way is to  hit all three in
     equal measures -  just to make sure the last part  when you have to remain on
     the wall indefinitely, is as short as possible.
    -[3.14]-------------------------SIGMA STAGE 3----------------------------------
     This level  is basically  the rematch  against all  the remaining  MAVERICKS.
     Right at the Start you will have to  fight ARMORED ARMADILLO before coming up
     against  STING CHAMELEON again.  SPARK MANDRILL, LAUNCH OCTOPUS,  and finally
     FLAME MAMMOTH completes the order, but you really shouldn't be having trouble
     against them this time around. Just use the correct weapon for each, charging
     it up for a quicker  kill (but you may want to  save the BOOMERANG CUTTER for
     the proper boss of this level) -  or even using the HADOUKEN if you have full
     When you leave the water after beating LAUNCH OCTOPUS but before facing FLAME
     MAMMOTH,  you will see  a platform of instant  death spikes  above you  which
     holds a large  energy capsule,  a large  weapon capsule,  and an  Extra Life.
     Simply charge  up the  CHAMELEON STING and  run across the  spikes to get all
     three items -  and if you are  quick you can  even make  it to the  boss door
     while still invincible, thus evading the many enemies outside.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| A very  strange  looking  boss  that is  in two
    |----------------------------| separate parts,  but only the top one will take
    |                            | damage.  It will  split  up and  the two  parts
    | Name:                D-REX | will move independently across the screen, with
    | Difficulty:           Hard | the bottom  half knocking  you off any  wall by
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | crashing  against either -  very annoying.  The
    | Large X Shots:          16 | bottom part  can only  actually  damage  you by
    | Weakness: BOOMERANG CUTTER | crushing  you  against  the  wall,  so you  can
    |                  (11 Hits) | stand on it to avoid its charge,  but watch out
    |   Charged BOOMERANG CUTTER | for the top  half trying to  crush you when you
    |                   (8 Hits) | do.  Both parts will occasionally  pause on the
    |----------------------------| right side  of the  screen  before  charging up
                                   and then  firing a huge  plasma ball,  which is
     best avoided  by being in  the top left  corner and  jumping forward  when it
     fires - this is its most damaging attack.
     You will have to be quick to avoid contact with this unpredictable boss,  who
     will speed  up as its energy  decreases.  Dash jump between  the two halves -
     towards the  right when  it comes  towards you,  and back  to the  left as it
     returns.  It is risky to shoot while both parts  are moving because you might
     be knocked off the  wall you need to jump from (and  then stunned), so try to
     hit it with charged  shots while it is charging up  the plasma ball. You will
     almost certainly need a SUB TANK  if you are relying on the X-Buster, but you
     can fill them up to the max easily on the final level.
     If you are using the BOOMERANG CUTTER then you just need to watch out for the
     bottom half of the boss, which will simply cancel the boomerangs on contact.
    -[3.15]-------------------------SIGMA STAGE 4----------------------------------
     You just need to climb upwards to finally face SIGMA, but first charge up the
     ROLLING SHIELD,  and destroy the  caterpillars that  emerge from the holes in
     the wall to fill your SUB TANKS.  With everything full,  make your way to the
     top - and the start of a sequence of battles that will give you nightmares!
    |---------| Boss |-----------| SIGMA will teleport into the arena and give you
    |----------------------------| the usual bad-guy speech before setting his pet
    |                            | dog  onto you.  It is  not a hard  battle,  and
    | Name:            VELGUADER | possible to  do without  getting hit -  but you
    | Difficulty:           Easy | should  aim  for  at  least  half  a  LIFE  BAR
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | remaining.  VELGUADER  is quite  agile, and can
    | Large X Shots:          11 | leap towards you from quite a distance -  which
    | Weakness:      SHOTGUN ICE | he will do right at the  start (stand still and
    |                  (11 Hits) | he will jump  over you).  He can also jump from
    |        Charged SHOTGUN ICE | the walls as well,  and if you are  hiding high
    |                   (8 Hits) | up one, then he will vault from wall-to-wall to
    |----------------------------| reach you.  His final attack is  the ability to
                                   breath  either  a fire  or  ice  attack -  both
     deadly in their own right.  The ice will spray in a rainbow arc,  and is very
     hard to avoid  while standing  on the floor,  but it cannot reach you high up
     the walls.  The fire shoots  in an upwards arc,  and can hit you  high up the
     walls at  distance,  plus he can  also sneakily  fire it vertically  if he is
     right below you.
     His biggest weakness  is the push-back effect  from either the yellow or pink
     X-Buster charged shots.  So if you constantly  charge and hide  up the walls,
     you can knock him  back to the  ground every time  with a well  timed charged
     shot.  He will probably do the vertical  fire move at least once, so you need
     to jump across  the arena  and quickly  up the other  wall if he does -  then
     repeat.  You can use this  weakness successfully  from the ground  too if you
     cannot bear  to hide like  a coward,  just move  from side  to side,  quickly
     jumping over him using the walls. And remember to try the HADOUKEN UPGRADE at
     the start, once you know what he does you can get him every time.
     Because the  SHOTGUN ICE shatters  into smaller  shots when it hits the wall,
     you can fire it while  hiding high up and hit him while  he is on the ground.
     Unfortunately it doesn't  push him back after a hit  so it cannot prevent him
     from chasing  you up  the walls -  and therefore  it's not as  useful  as the
     charged X-Buster.
    |---------| Boss |-----------| After a second speech,  SIGMA ditches his cloak
    |----------------------------| and faces  you himself -  with his light Sabre!
    |                            | Using his Light Sabre he can block anything you
    | Name:                SIGMA | throw at him,  including the  HADOUKEN UPGRADE.
    | Difficulty:   Intermediate | His main method of attack  is to simply zig-zag
    | Normal X Shots:         32 | from wall to wall climbing up the screen - done
    | Large X Shots:          32 | to chase  you if  you hide  in the  top corners
    | Weakness:   ELECTRIC SPARK | (which is where you should be).  He will damage
    |                  (16 Hits) | you most often simply by crashing into you, but
    |     Charged ELECTRIC SPARK | while you  are on the  floor  he has  two other
    |                  (11 Hits) | attacks.  He sometimes shoots  fast laser shots
    |----------------------------| from his forehead, which are hard to avoid from
                                   close range,  but not much  threat at distance.
     His final  attack is to  shoot forward and  slash you with  his light sabre -
     taking off almost  a quarter of the  maximum LIFE BAR,  but you should see it
     coming unless you are really close to him (which you shouldn't ever be).
     He doesn't really  have a pattern,  but by staying high  up the walls he will
     always zig-zag  up and down  the screen -  over and over.  Just wait in a top
     corner until he is just below you, then prepare to jump down and shoot him as
     you fall. He will then zig-zag down,  so you need to judge and then dash away
     from where  he will land -  and then get  in another shot before  climbing up
     again.  You can sometimes  get him into  a (kind of)  pattern,  where you can
     safely remain in the same place whenever you fall - but this is risky because
     he will eventually come out of it. You can also use the HADOUKEN UPGRADE, but
     unless you have full energy, don't waste a SUB TANK.
     He takes too many  regular hits,  and so you  should always  use the ELECTRIC
     SPARK against him.  The ELECTRIC SPARK  splits into two when  it hits a wall,
     which is  really useful for  hitting him  while he climbs them.  The ELECTRIC
     SPARK is a rapid fire weapon,  and easy to get carried away with -  so unless
     you time your shots right then you are almost certain to run out of it during
     the battle.  Just try to  get his  energy down  significantly before  you are
     forced to use  something else (use anything  else except the  ROLLING SHIELD)
     - try the charged CHAMELEON STING (temporary invincible) for the safest time,
     and its worth noting that the HOMING TORPEDO will not home onto him.
     You should ultimately aim not to use any SUB TANKS on either of these battles
     because the  final boss  is very tough,  and drains  energy at a  frightening
    |---------| Boss |-----------| SIGMA'S head  will rise and  attach itself onto
    |----------------------------| the head of a giant machine that appears in the
    |                            | background.  He is so high up that the only way
    | Name:          FINAL SIGMA | to hit  him is to  stand on  either of  his two
    | Difficulty: Very Very Hard | moving   claws   which    unfortunately   shoot
    | Normal X Shots:         NA | lightning  out of  their top  and bottom.  This
    | Large X Shots:   (PINK) 32 | lighting is  very damaging,  as is contact with
    | Weakness:   ROLLING SHIELD | the spikes underneath the claws - which he will
    |                  (16 Hits) | occasionally  send  downwards  to hit you.  His
    |                            | other move is to breath fast laser beams, which
    |----------------------------| will sweep  either  left or  right,  but can be
                                   expertly avoided  by dashing  through when they
     get close.  His final move  is to breath fire,  but this will miss if you are
     standing against  either wall.  All these  moves are very damaging,  and take
     skill to avoid -  so you will probably need "at least" 3  SUB TANKS to defeat
     him, and which you should use whenever you fall below half energy.
     You should try to get onto one of the  claws as early as possible rather than
     wait for him to send one down.  Then just do all you can  to remain on it for
     as long as possible,  while hitting  him at every  opportunity.  Stand on the
     very edge or try jumping  onto the wall when it shoots lighting upwards,  and
     also watch out  for the other claw  occasionally moving across.  Whenever you
     jump always  try to land back  onto the claw - this is very  tough in its own
     right,  but from up here you will  avoid the laser and fire it breathes.  You
     will need to  jump up to drop the  ROLLING SHIELD onto his head,  but you can
     also hit  him with the  largest charged  X-BUSTER shot (pink energy)  just by
     remaining standing (it does take a long time to charge this remember).
     There is not really much more advice to give because even veteran players can
     sometimes  come unstuck, but with practice (and luck) you will beat him - and
     finish the game (HOORAY!)...
     When the credits finish, wait for a few moments to see a message from SIGMA -
     he will be back!
     [4]                              ENDING
       Spiky             Amenhopper      Ray Bit                Gun Volt
       Crusher           Sea Attacker    Tombot                 Hotarion
       Ball De Voux      Gulpfer         Bomb Been              Flammingle
       Road Attackers                    Armor Soldier          Turn Cannon
                         Anglerge        Snow Shooter
       Bee Blader        Cruiziler                              Thunder Slimer
       Lift Cannon       Scrap Robo        Batton Bone       Dodge Blaster
       Flamer            Dig Labour        Batton M-501      Sine Faller
       Sky Claw          Rolling Gabyool   Mettool C-15      Jamminger
                         Hoganmer          Metal Wing        Mega Tortois
       Death Rogumer                                         Slide Cannon
                                           Mole Borer        Ladder Yadder
       Planty            Bospider         LAUNCH OCTOPUS
       Iworm             Rangda Bangda    STORM EAGLE
       Axe Max           D-Rex            ARMORED ARMADILLO
       Crag Man          Velguader        FLAME MAMMOTH
       Mad Pecker                         STING CHAMELEON
       Creeper                            SPARK MANDRILL
                                          BOOMER KUWANGER
       RT-55J                             VILE
                                 And you as MEGAMAN X
     [5]                            VERSION HISTORY
     1.0 - Initial Release
     1.1 - Added a few missing bits of information.
           - Mentioned that the BOOMERANG CUTTER grabs onto items,
           - Added that you can only smash blocks by jumping against them if you
             have the DASH UPGRADE,
           - Mentioned that the HEART TANK secret room in STING CHAMELEON'S stage
             will not be filled with water unless you have defeated LAUNCH
           - Added that destroying the secret boss on STING CHAMELEON'S stage will
             stop rocks from falling in the cave below,
           - Fixed some spellings.
     1.2 - Tidied up everything and added a few more missing bits of information.
           - Added a contents.
           - Added the Ending section.
           - Added a paragraph about the Status Screen.
           - Added to the quick Weapon Select with L and R.
           - Mentioned that the Fire Wave does not work while underwater.
           - Added the Optimal Boss order, and a Stage difficulty table.
           - Mentioned another way to gain the HEART TANK on the Tower Stage.
           - Mentioned the ability to cut off FLAME MAMMOTH'S trunk.
           - Also added many small bits here and there.
    1.3 - Lots of tidying up and formatting everywhere.
           - Added my game review.
           - Updated for Megaman X5's UK release.
           - Finally mentioned that Boomer Kuwanger is a Cockroach.
           - A few poorly explained strategy points have been fixed,
              Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth, Velguader, etc.
           - Slightly changed the Stage Difficulty chart.
     All main characters names are possibly  copyrighted to CAPCOM (the people who
     made the  game that  this guide was  wriiten for).  This guide  is all my own
     work, with all opinions also being mine,  and not that of anyone connected to
     CAPCOM. You may only  reproduce this document for  non-profit use, and if you
     want to put this  file on your site  please ask me first (I  have always said
     yes so far).   I hope you  find this  guide  useful,  and remember  to always
     respect the work of others!
    Thanks for reading

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