• Level Passwords

    All eight stages at beginning w/ Super Adaptor unlocked4735 2557 5886 8352
    All eight stages at beginning, 4 E-Tanks, 4 W Tanks, S Tank, and 999 Bolts1751 8117 6486 6326
    Burst Man defeated8775 2517 5412 8362
    Cloud Man and Freeze Man defeated8375 2757 6457 8262
    Cloud Man defeated8375 2717 6416 8362
    Cloud Man, Freeze Man, Junk Man, and Burst Man defeated8375 2756 8553 2372
    Cloud Man, Freeze Man, and Junk Man defeated8375 2757 1453 2262
    Dr. Wily's level part 28235 7652 2547 2133
    Dr. Wily's level part 31235 7452 3547 8173
    Eight Robot Masters Unlocked initially1755 8187 6486 2322
    First set of robot masters and Turbo Man defeated8275 2746 3547 8333
    First set of robot masters defeated, Turboman and Protoman defeated1235 2542 2143 8333
    First set of robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, and Protoman defeated8235 2442 1547 2333
    First set of robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, Protoman, and Spring Man defeated8235 3452 8547 2333
    Have 4 Energy Tanks,4Weapon Tanks, and a Super Tank8731-2587-5416-4366
    Junkman and Freezeman defeated, H letter and Rush search8775 2747 2457 2262
    Junkman Defeated8735 2587 3416 2362
    Junkman, Freezeman and Burstman defeated. H and R letters obtained8735 2556 3553 8332
    skips intro level8735 2517 4416 8362
    Skips intro level, starts you at selection screen for first 4 robot masters.8775 2587 4416 8362
    Start at 1st set of bosses with 999 bolts and all items except the Proto Shield7553 8157 6215 7314
    Start at 2nd set of bosses with 999 bolts and all possible items7853 8124 3245 7314
    Start at Last Level with Full Power6853 5646 1241 7515
    Starts at final Wily level with all weapons, items and 999 bolts.1415 5585 7823 6251


  • Instant Kill on Turbo Man and Spring Man

    In order to perform an instant kill on Turbo Man and Spring Man, Mega Man must have first acquired the "Noise Crush" weapon by defeating Shade Man. Just before entering Turbo Man's and/or Spring Man's boss chamber(s) equip the "Noise Crush" weapon. Then on the exact same step that makes Mega Man enter the boss chamber, fire the "Noise Crush". If done correctly Mega Man will enter the boss chamber and the "Noise Crush" shot will ricochet endlessly between the two walls. When Turbo Man's and/or Spring Man's health bar begin to fill, the "Noise Crush" will strike the robot master killing it instantly. This is a difficult trick and requires practice as the window for opportunity is close to, if not 1 frame. Inch Mega Man gently towards the door leading to the boss chamber and continue until his foot is across the white gate and his toe is just a pixel from the entrance. At this point press forward and the shot button at the same time. It is a tough trick no matter what, but hopefully this reference point helps!

    Contributed By: Hanzaemon_.

    8    3


  • Different Shade Man Music

    For different music for the Shade Man level highlight his level, press and hold the B button, and then select his level. You must not have defeated Shade Man for this to work.

    Contributed By: alex cross.

    4    0

  • Get ProtoMan's Shield

    First, go to ProtoMan's room in CloudMan's stage (right before the outdoor part before the boss, there will be a ladder. Use Rush to get to it). ProtoMan will comment about using weapons to find areas. Then go to ProtoMan's room in TurboMan's stage (this one is at the very top of the area with the traffic light platforms; go through the wall just before you reach the top of the ladder). He will mention something about the Super Adaptor.

    After you go to these two rooms (doesn't matter with order you go to those), go to ShadeMan's stage. Continue like normal until you reach the Pumpkin mini-boss. Shoot the small orange core of the Pumpkin (NOT the eyes on the outside). After you defeat it, it will open a hole on the bottom. Go down until you reach the room with a lone green Sniper Joe. Defeat the Sniper Joe, and instead of going down the ladder, go right through a secret passage and enter the gate you find. If you did everything correctly, ProtoMan will challenge you to a duel.

    Once you defeat ProtoMan, he will give you the ProtoShield. This can be used at the same time as the MegaBuster (don't forget to select it), and it will block many enemy shots (like those birds that hatch from the egg; let all of them run into the shield and they will die).

    Contributed By: RandyPandy.

    6    2

  • Versus Mode

    Enter the following password: 1415 5585 7823 6251
    Then press and hold R & L, and push the start button. After doing so you'll be taken to the Versus Mode character select screen.

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

    7    0

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