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FAQ/Walkthrough by glass_soul

Version: FINAL | Updated: 04/30/08

    __  ___          __                            _
   /  |/  /__  _____/ /_ _      ______ ___________(_)___  _____
  / /|_/ / _ \/ ___/ __ \ | /| / / __ `/ ___/ ___/ / __ \/ ___/
 / /  / /  __/ /__/ / / / |/ |/ / /_/ / /  / /  / / /_/ / /
/_/__/_/\___/\___/_/_/_/|__/|__/\__,_/_/  /_/  /_/\____/_/
  |__  // __ \/ ____/ __ \
   /_ </ / / /___ \/ / / /
 ___/ / /_/ /___/ / /_/ /

    ____        __  __  __     __            __
   / __ )____ _/ /_/ /_/ /__  / /____  _____/ /_
  / __  / __ `/ __/ __/ / _ \/ __/ _ \/ ___/ __ \
 / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /_/ /  __/ /_/  __/ /__/ / / /
/_____/\__,_/\__/\__/_/\___/\__/\___/\___/_/ /_/

                 (They're the same damn game, you see)
                             By glass_soul
                               (C) 2005
 2)Weapons and Items
 3)Reading Your Radar
 4)Enemies and Obstacles
 5)The Walk-Through
 6)2 Player Mode
 7)Level Codes
 9)Game Differences
10)In My Opinion...
11)Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff

It is the year 3050. You are a Mechwarrior of the Clan Wolf. You pilot a 
fearsome Mech, a Mad Cat to be exact. Guided by Galaxy Commander Craig 
Ward, it is your job to eliminate certain threats to Clan Wolf, so that 
Clan Wolf can... take over the universe, I guess. The game is kind of 
sketchy as to what the point behind these missions are.

Anyway, you will face five different adversaries on five different worlds. 
Only when all are defeated will Clan Wolf be victorious. (Oh, apologies 
about the Rocky-and-Bullwinkle-sounding title header, by the by.)


Your Mad Cat can carry up to three different weapons into each battle; 
heavy, medium, and light. Before each mission, you can customize which 
weapon scheme you wish to take into the fray with you. 


   Arrow VI - missiles fired from your shoulder packs, home in on nearest 
              target and can fire over walls, fairly high damage (10 shots) 
Gauss Rifle - arm mounted weapon that fires a ball of energy in an arc 
              which explodes when it hits the ground, capable of firing 
              over walls, goes farther the longer you hold the fire button
              down, will blow your arm off if you over charge (20 shots)
        PPC - stands for particle projection cannon if you were interested,
              an arm-mounted weapon that fires a ball of energy at your 
              target, travels farther the longer you hold down fire button,
              will over-charge and blow your arm off if you hold the button
              down too long (10 shots)


           Inferno - the game claims these are missiles but it looks more 
                     like a flamethrower, sends out a constant stream of 
                     fire and eats ammo surprisingly slowly, poor range but
                     very deadly to enemy Mechs (70 shots)
Long Range Missile - LRM for those who savvy the lingo, fires a single 
                     missile out of your shoulder packs, no homing ability 
                     but good range and fair damage (40 shots)
      Thunder Mine - mine that drops from your Mech and explodes after a 
                     brief delay, hard to use effectively (50 shots)


Large Laser - low firing rate but high damage (100 shots)
Auto-Cannon - medium firing rate, medium damage (150 shots)
Machine Gun - high firing rate, low damage (350 shots)


         Ammo - comes in three different forms corresponding to the three 
                different weapons you're carrying, restores that particular 
                weapon to full capacity 
      Coolant - drops your heat meter (read: life gauge) to 0 no matter how 
                much damage you've sustained 
Mission Items - various key items that you need to complete your missions, 
                range from bomb parts to canisters of genetic material 


Shooting weapons is an obvious, uncomplicated affair in this game. You've 
got three weapons, you fire each one with a different button. Genesis and 
Super Nintendo controllers have at least three buttons. Next question 
please. However, interpreting the gibberish that shows up on your radar map
when you pull it up isn't as open and shut, therefore, I feel the need to 
give you a slight crash course in how to read your map.

            You - Whenever you bring up your radar screen, it centers on 
                  your Mech. You are illustrated by a blue figure that 
                  looks kind of like your Mad Cat.
Everything Else - If something is on the map and it's red, it's an enemy. 
                  Turrets are circles, tanks and hovercraft look tankish 
                  and hovercraftish, and elementals appear as small, red, 
                  humanoid shapes. Enemy Mechs, in vein with your 
                  silhouette, look like red figures and are the same size 
                  as your Mad Cat on the radar so you can't miss them.
           Items -Whether it's an item you need to complete a mission or a 
		  power-up to heal or restock your ammo, items are 
                  represented by blue squares.
      Buildings - Structures, obstacles, and other things you can break are 
                  represented by green squares.
        Targets - Buildings or other objects that are targets you need to 
                  eliminate appear as green squares too, but they have a 
                  dotted red circle drawn around them, marking them as 

That's all there is to it. Just be forewarned that there are two levels 
where you start off with your radar jammed, and hence, unusable at first.


        Aero-Fighters - untouchable enemies, you can only see their 
                        shadows, attack by strafing
Buildings And Hangers - for the most part harmless objects that you can 
                        demolish to reveal items, sometimes though they 
                        produce an endless flow of enemies
           Elementals - armored battle troops of which there are two kinds, the
                        first walks slowly and fires lasers, the second is 
                        found only in the jungle and hops around and fires 
          Gun Turrets - fixed guns that fire lasers, auto-cannons and 
                        missiles, depending on their appearance and the 
    Hazardous Terrain - from volcanic vents on level 2 to spike-lined walls on
                        level 3, if it looks dangerous, don't touch it
          Helicopters - flying pests that inhabit only the swamp level, 
                        will fall after one shot from anything, come out of
                        the buildings marked with the "H" landing pad on 
                        top of them
           Hovercraft - slow-moving tank-like vehicles that come out of 
                        hangers and buildings, fire either lasers or 
                        auto-cannons depending on the level
             Marauder - fast, well armored, and armed with lasers, inhabit
                        the jungle level 
                Mines - there are three kinds of mines in the game, the 
                        first appears with a click and will explode a few 
                        seconds later, the second appears with a sort of 
                        thunk and will drift toward your Mech before 
                        exploding, and the final kind is buried in the 
                        ground and leaves a crater when stepped on or 
            Stormcrow - second level Mechs, medium-grade armor and armed 
                        with lasers
                Tanks - larger more durable versions of the hovercrafts, 
                        spawn from hangers and buildings, fire either 
                        lasers or auto-cannons depending on the level
          Thunderbolt - the "boss" of the game, heavily armored, very 
                        quick, and armed with the best weapons
                 Wasp - level 1 enemy Mech, light armor and armed with 
                        machine guns, but fast
            Wolverine - Mechs that guard the ice world, only armed with 
                        machine guns but very, very thick armor
                Uller - armed with lasers as well as missiles, fairly 
                        quick, but lightly armored, these guys are found in
                        the swamp

You begin the game with three lives. Once all three lives are gone, it's 
game over. Continuing or using a password will start you with a fresh trio
of lives. 

Objectives - Destroy Radar Site, Destroy Aerotech Hangers, Destroy DCMS
             Mech and Tank Bays, Rescue the Star Captain, Destroy the 
             Shield Generators, Destroy DCMS Compound

Alright, let's get this crap over with. This level isn't hard at all, so 
pick any combination of weapons you feel like. Head due east from the 
starting point, shooting things as you go. Use the radar to navigate if you
need to, until you hit the radar site. Blow it to pieces. There are mines 
planted around the site. You can either shoot them or ignore them, 
depending on how you're feeling. With the radar site in shambles, those 
little round turrets won't be able to fire at you as quickly as they could
before (enjoy that; those particular turrets are going to be a pain in your
ass for the entire game). 

Now the briefing tells you that you should take out the Aerotech hangers 
next, but I personally prefer taking down the Mech and tank bays myself. 
Really, you can do either. It's mostly a matter of would you rather stop 
the aero-fighters from attacking you, or you'd prefer to deal with several 
more Mechs than you need to. Whichever you decide, you will be enjoying 
your first Mech-on-Mech action about now. 

Mechs in this game attack by running around you in circles and firing their
weapon repeatedly. Your Mad Cat auto-aims (for the most part) so that takes
some of the guesswork out of fighting other Mechs. The best thing to do is
attack an enemy Mech with a combination of medium and light weapon fire; 
heavy weapons are, by and large, better suited for long range combat, 
something enemy Mechs won't let you engage in unless there's a wall 
separating you from them. 

Anyhow, all Mechs attack in this same way, so there's no real need to go 
into detail for ever Mech fight that comes your way. Back to the game. 

A couple of foot notes on the last two targets: the hangers have mines 
around them and the bay in the middle of the field, the big one, is the bay
that makes the Mechs, so take that one out first. With those two targets 
terminated, head to the northwestern sector of the map. You'll find a 
large, pyramid-shaped structure here, guarded by several turrets. Bust it 
open and you'll have freed the captive Star Captain. He tells you that he 
can blast open the main compound's gate, but only after the energy shield 
is shut down. 

That's your next target. There are four pyramid-shaped buildings 
surrounding the main complex. Walk around and destroy them all. While doing
this, be careful not to touch the energy beams these structures create, as
they're deadly to the touch. 

Once that's done, head towards the main gate of the complex. It will 
explode as you approach it. There's nothing even remotely dangerous 
guarding the main complex, so just stroll in and level the place and you're

Objectives - Destroy Launch Sites, Destroy Material Gathering Stations, 
             Destroy Main Assembly Plant

A couple of minor points about this mission before we get started. The lava
pits that dot the surface of this world do heat your Mech up slightly, but
as long as you keep moving, it won't effect you that much. There are vents
that spew out eruptions of magma, however, and these are different matter.
Standing on one when it goes off can kill you in a blink, so time yourself
when passing these. 

This mission is another one that you can complete with a minimum of fuss, 
so again go with any weapon scheme you feel like. When you touch down on 
the planet's surface, you need to move; the clock to the material launch is
ticking and if time runs out before you take out the two pads you lose the 
mission. Head south from your starting point until you hit the southern end
of the field. Swing east from there and you'll encounter the first of the 
launch sites. Waste it, and grab the coolant it leaves behind if necessary.
From here, head northeast until you hit the eastern boarder of the playing
field, then continue north. Shortly, you'll run into the second launch 
site,  Smash it to the ground and breathe a sigh of relief: the hardest 
part of this mission is now over. Now you can take your time mopping up the
gathering stations. 

The stations are all clearly marked on your radar, and there's no real 
pattern to follow here, so go about and demolish them in any order you feel
like. Two quick points of advice while you're wreaking havoc. First, 
there's a Stormcrow guarding a passage in the middle-northeastern area of 
the map. You never need to go over here for any reason, so unless you're 
simply feeling destructive that's a fight you can avoid. And second, 
speaking of avoiding things, stay away from the main assembly plant in the 
middle of the map until all of the gathering stations are dust. The main 
plant is guarded by a ring of turrets and another Stormcrow, and it's all 
too easy to hit one of the buildings during a firefight. If you do 
accidentally destroy one of the main plant's buildings at this time, it 
will set off a chain reaction which will destroy the planet (and you) and 
you will lose the mission. 

After all of the gathering stations are no more, head to the assembly plant
and destroy it to finish the mission off. 

Objectives - Destroy Radar Jamming Sites, Destroy Research Facility, 
             Destroy Main Base

This level does indeed, per the briefing, have ice on it. The ice does 
indeed make it hard for your Mech to maneuver. What the briefing doesn't 
tell you is that firing a weapon while on ice will send your Mech sliding 
backwards. All of the icy areas are ringed by spiked walls that do high 
damage to your Mech, so this is something you need to be aware of when 
fighting on ice. 

Choose any light or medium weapons, but take the Arrow VIs for your heavy 
choice. There's a lot of opportunity to fire over walls on this world, 
allowing you to take out several enemies that you'd otherwise have to face 

When you hit the surface, head east, hugging the southern wall. When you 
can go east no more, head south and enter the opening on your left. 
Maneuver your Mech down this icy tunnel, wasting or avoiding the mines that
pop up as you go. Your first jammer is in here, so demolish it and come 
back out. 

Once you're back to the snow, head north and waste the next two jammers 
which are located kind of close to each other in a large snow field at the
northern end of the playing field. Go all the way west from here, and then
south into another icy area. Blast the jammer located inside, back out and 
head south. 

Here abouts you'll run into the first Wolverine. The Wolvies are only armed
with machine guns but their armor is very, very thick, so they can inflict 
some heavy damage on your Mech by simple virtue of staying power. Waste the
Wolverine. There's coolant in the passage above the icy area here, so go 
and grab it if you need to after your Mech battle. 

Now head into the icy area and smash the final jammer. Now you can use your 
radar map again. Call it up and have a look. See the red-tinged area of 
wall, not far from your current location? That's the entry point for your 
assault on the research facility. Go to that area, knock down the wall, and
annihilate every building in sight. 

Once done with that, head back out and go north. At the northern boarder go 
east to the final ice area. Fight your way down the icy path towards the 
main base. Eventually, you will come to an island of snow with some coolant
near it. Creep slowly over to the right-hand wall. Very frequently, this 
will alert the other Wolverine. Fire your Arrow VIs over the wall to 
soften him up. There's a reload to your missiles at the end of the ice 
area, so go grab them when you run out, then come back to the island for 
some more cheap shots. Congratulations, you've just made your second Mech 
battle ten times easier. 

Scoot around the corner at the bottom of the icy area, waste the Wolvie, 
mash the base and you're done.

Objectives - Collect 4 Bomb Parts, Destroy the Main Gate, Destroy 
             Dropship Facility

This level is a very ammo-conscious one. You can complete it with lasers, 
but you'll probably be better off picking auto-cannons or machine guns. 
Also, pick the gauss rifle for your heavy weapon. There is a large, hidden 
mine field you'll need to cross, and the rifle is the perfect weapon to 
destroy it with. 

As you land, one of the bomb pieces will be to your immediate left. Ignore 
it for now, opting instead to head north. Two of the bomb pieces are 
located in the northeastern sector of the map, very close to each other. 
There are lots of mines in the vicinity, so go slowly, and one piece is 
guarded by a Marauder. 

The Marauders are tough. They're fast, well-armored, and they've got 
lasers. Deal with him as quickly as possible. There is coolant in an 
unguarded path to the south of this area for you to heal yourself with if 
the Mech-on-Mech action leaves you more beat up than usual. The path does 
have mines in it, so proceed with caution. 

With the first two pieces of the bomb in your possession, head south almost
to the starting point and then east for the third one. After wading through
tanks, elementals, and more turrets than you can shake a stick at, you'll 
come to a field that runs north-south and is dotted by those big rock 
stalactites. This is that mine field I was talking about earlier. Use your 
gauss rifle to sweep the ground, detonating the mines. Then cross the area 
by stepping only where there are craters. 

Now there are two walls to blast through to reach this bomb piece. Once 
you've opened the area with the building housing the third piece, stand on
the spot where the second wall once stood. Fire at the building from here;
you should be able to hit it. When the building explodes, take a deep 
breath, then dash in, grab the bomb piece and scurry back out before the 
Marauder can come after you. 

Now head back to the starting point and grab the final bomb piece. You've 
got 34 seconds to make it to the metal wall now before the bomb goes off 
and blasts you to itty bitty chunks. That wall is directly west of where 
you're at now. Hurry over and drop it, then get clear so that when the bomb
goes off you don't go up with it. 

Once the facility is accessible, march in and raze it to the ground. There
is one more Marauder guarding the area in here. You can out maneuver him, 
but count on dealing with him in the old fashioned way. 

Objectives - Destroy Radar Jamming Sites, Collect 10 Genetic Canisters, 
             Destroy Thunderbolt Mech

This level is the one area where I'd recommend going in with a specific 
weapon configuration. Choose Arrow VIs (the homing capabilities are 
invaluable), auto-cannons (you won't have enough ammo with lasers and 
machine guns are too weak) and Infernos (there are a fair amount of Ullers
around, none of which you can avoid, and this will help you deal with them
quickly). Also, don't get your hopes up for the swamp helping you stay 
alive by keeping your Mech cool. The swamp's water really doesn't help all
that much. 

There is a specific order in which you should deal with this level. Charge
out of the starting point, using your cannons on minor enemies and your 
Arrow VIs on turrets. There's plenty of Arrow ammo around, so don't be 
afraid of running out of missiles. The first genetic storage building is 
near the starting point on the left. Bust it open, grab the gunk, and keep 

Continue north bound and you will eventually come to a small clearing that
has the next genetics building as well as your first encounter with an 
Uller. Waste them both, collect the canister and move out, heading west. 

Take the upper path at the second fork in the road; that will bring you 
face to face with the next Uller as well as lead you to the first of the 
jamming stations. Destroy them both, then double back to the main road. 

Heading immediately west from here nets you your third canister, and going
to the right-hand fork south from this point will take you to the fourth. 
After that, continue in along the main road in a southwesterly direction. 
Soon enough, you will hear the warning that another Mech is approaching. 
Deal with that Uller accordingly, then head north into the clearing that it
was guarding. There's your second jamming site. 

You're not radar blind anymore, so pull up your map and have a look. 5 of 
the final 6 genetic buildings can be tackled in any order, but save the one
on the far western side at the dead-end for last (and do watch out for the
final Uller lurking by the canister in the northwestern area). When you 
grab that final canister, the Thunderbolt will appear in the clearing to 
the right of where you're standing. 

You'll have a moment or two to chuck some of your Arrow VIs at him, but 
this Mech is a touch more intelligent than the other ones you've been 
dealing with. He'll move out of range and then start closing in on your 
location via the paths through the swamp. Wait for him and hit him with 
everything you've got when he shows up for the party. Congrats! You've won!
(Sadly, the T-Bolt's intelligence level does not extend to a different 
attack pattern than all of the other Mechs you've met, and he'll fall to 
the same light/medium weapon combo that you've been using since level 1).


This game is host to the most bizarre simultaneous 2-player mode I've ever 
seen. Player 1 gets to control the Mad Cat's upper torso and weapons. 
Player 2 gets to control the legs. This makes for semi-interesting game 
play that might keep you and a friend entertained for about 10 seconds or 

                     Super Nintendo            Sega Genesis
Mission 2                65C816                   STJNNN
Mission 3                B1GBND                   GRBCHV
Mission 4                FSPRNG                   BBYLND
Mission 5                YHWX11                   BMBRMN



Unlimited Ammo - Enter the code BRN521 at the password screen


      Invincibility - Enter each stage code (BMBRMN is the code for Mission 1,
                      though why in the hell you NEED a code for the first 
                      mission is beyond me) and the Unlimited ammo code. 
                      Then enter the code MKWFLL at the password screen.
Play As Enemy Mechs - At the Tiburon Entertainment logo as the game loads 
                      press Down, A, X. Then go to the password screen and
                      enter the code XTRM3K. This will bring up a list of 
                      the Mechs in the game. Highlight the one you want to
                      control (you still get to pick from your regular 
                      weapon selections, but you also acquire your new 
                      Mech's speed and armor abilities).
     Unlimited Ammo - Enter the code M1R0G3 at the password screen.


 1 - 3050 has more codes and secrets than Battletech does. I believe this 
     is due to the fact that, while they are the exact same game, 3050 was
     actually released a year after Battletech was, allowing the 
     programmers to "refine" their product.
 2 - The ice in level 3 interacts differently with your Mech, depending on
     which cart you're playing. In 3050, movement is sluggish and slow, 
     like your Mech can't get any traction. In Battletech, you slide 
 3 - Also on the snow level, in 3050 you leave footprints whereas 
     Battletech has you kicking up clouds of loose snow powder.
 4 - At the end of the briefing for level 4 in the Genesis cart, Ward 
     simply tells you that nobody knows what's out there and to be ready 
     for anything. In 3050, however, he warns you that the enemy Mechs in 
     the area are equipped with jump jets and will attempt to fly away from
     a losing engagement. (This is bogus, by the way; the Marauders can do 
     no such thing).
 5 - The SNES cart tends to slow down considerably when there's a lot of 
     action going on, a fault that doesn't affect the Genesis cart much at 
     all except in the swamp.
 6 - At first I thought that the enemies in the Genesis cart could shoot 
     farther than their SNES counterparts, but then I realized that the 
     camera in 3050 is actually zoomed in a little closer than in 
     Battletech. This affects the game play, making Battletech the more 
     challenging of the two titles.
 7 - The large stills and overall graphical quality of 3050 is slightly 
     better than Battletech (there's nothing new about a SNES game having 
     better graphics than its Genesis counterpart though).
 8 - The SNES cart lacks the clouds of smoke that hover over destroyed 
     buildings and turrets that the Genesis provides. 
 9 - On the whole, enemies in the Genesis cart behave slightly more 
     intelligently; they will still circle you endlessly, but sometimes 
     they will actually try and retreat from a fight as well. The exception
     to this is the Thunderbolt. In 3050, the T-bolt will come right at you
     whereas in Battletech, it tends to run around aimlessly like an idiot
     before attacking.
10 - Battletech features a breif, hyper-sounding bit of music whenever your
     objectives update. 3050 lacks this feature.
11 - The cover art for 3050 features the Mad Cat/Timber Wolf (different 
     names for the same Mech in the actual Battletech universe) that your 
     stalwart Mechwarrior pilots throughout the game. Battletech, for some 
     reason, has a Vulture/Mad Dog on its cover, a Mech which doesn't even 
     appear in the game.


I've said it before, I'll say it again. I'm an old-school Battletech 
junkie. But, until the advent of Mechwarrior 2 on the PC and PS-One, 
Battletech video games by and large sucked. Take the SNES conversion of the
first Mechwarrior for instance. Strange Mechs, ridiculously powerful 
homing missiles that made any other weapon pointless to use. You get the 
picture. Anyhow, 3050/Battletech kept things going in the groan department
for the FASA's attempts at a video game.

First, the good. The game does have some pretty spiffy graphics for a 
16-bit cartridge game. Your Mad Cat is superbly detailed and the animation
of it walking has got to be some of the smoothest I've ever seen for games
of this era. Enemy Mechs are less detailed and have fewer frames for their
walk cycle, but they're still fairly impressive. There are some very nice 
still shots throughout the game, including but not limited to the title 
screen, the ending screen, and several cut scenes during the game itself. 
Nothing to say about the controls either (other than the people who thought
up the two-player mode were on crack). Your Mad Cat goes where you want it 
to and shoots when you ask it to. And the inclusion of Star Captain Craig 
Ward, a fairly prominent figure in the pencil/paper world of Battletech,
was a nice touch for geeks like myself.

Now for the bad. 3050/Battletech has a complete lack of soundtrack except 
for during the briefings, during the intro, and during the ending. I 
intensely dislike it when designers decide to omit level music. Games 
should be played with a memorable musical score playing in the background
to either get your blood pumping or to stick in your brain and annoy the 
crap out of you. When there's nothing but sound effects to listen to, no 
mater how good those sound effects are, something seems to be missing to 
me, and judgeing by the number of websites devoted solely to game music 
these days I'm not along with this opinion. So points off for that. As 
stated in the walk-through, all the enemy Mechwarriors apparently have 
cerebral palsy because they all attack exactly alike and can all be beaten
the same, easy, boring way. This gets old after the first level, and since
the enemy BattleMechs are the stars of the damn game, this is very, very 
bad. And finally, the game is only five levels long, far, far too short. 
This isn't an Atari 2600 game. There's no reason the programmers couldn't 
have found it in them to make at least two or three more areas for you to 
punch through.

Still, I guess the game isn't all that bad. Being a Battle-nerd, I like it 
because it puts a lot of the things I've been doing with since I was 13 
with dice and metal figurines onto a screen so I look like a cool gamer 
rather than a hopeless geek. But to be honest, 3050/Batletech probably is 
only going to generate the mildest interest in someone who isn't as into 
FASA's fictional battle-verse as I am.

4 out of 10.

I suppose I must grudgingly thank Activision, Extreme Entertainment, and 
FASA. Nice try, good effort, bt we'll move on to Mechwarrior 2 and beyond,

The game play info of the walk-through and the level codes were all 
acquired by me, through copious note taking and more than one wasted hour 
in front of my TV.

Codes found in the secrets area were gleaned off of the Cheat Codes and 
Secrets page for this game on GameFAQS.com, and therefore I must commend 
Retro and MI4 REAL for their work in making these cheats available.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is Copyright 2005 glass_soul (that's me). Only GameFaqs, 
Neoseeker, and 1-up have permission to post this walk-through on their site
(if they feel like it). Nobody else, person, entity, or otherwise, may post
this document in part or whole on their website without my express 
permission to do so.

Comments, questions, corrections and other forms of feedback in general are
all welcome.

I may be reached at elfuego767@yahoo.com.

Bye for now.

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