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FAQ by Raging_DemonTEN / Ice Flamethrower

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/10/2002

     /'\_/`\                   __            /\__  _\
    /\      \     __     _ __ /\_\    ___    \/_/\ \/     ____
    \ \ \__\ \  /'__`\  /\`'__\/\ \  / __`\     \ \ \    /',__\
     \ \ \_/\ \/\ \L\.\_\ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \L\ \     \_\ \__/\__, `\
      \ \ \_\\ \_\ \__/.\_\\ \_\  \ \_\\___/     /\_____\/\____/
       \/_/ \/_/\/__/\/_/ \/_/   \/_/\/__/      \/_____/\/___ /

            /'\_/`\  __                  __                /\ \
           /\      \/\_\    ____    ____/\_\    ___      __\ \ \
           \ \ \__\ \/\ \  /',__\  /',__\/\ \ /' _ `\  /'_ `\ \ \
            \ \ \_/\ \ \ \/\__, `\/\__, `\ \ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \ \_\
             \ \_\\ \_\ \_\/\____/\/\____/\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____ \/\_\
              \/_/ \/_/\/_/\/___/  \/___/  \/_/\/_/\/_/\/___\ \/_/

                  Mario Is Missing! FAQ/Walkthrough
           Written by Raging_DemonTEN and Ice Flamethrower
           Copyright 1993 Nintendo, The Software Toolsworks
                     FAQ Copyright 2000-2001
         E-Mail Addresses: eagle25_100@yahoo.com

       This FAQ is for individual use only, and is not to
       be reproduced and sold in any shape or form without
       the authors' permission. If you would like our 
       permission, please feel free to e-mail Raging_DemonTEN
       at eagle25_100@yahoo.com

Current Version

Version 2.0 - Updated E-mail Address
              Major Formatting Issues Fixed
              FAQ/Walkthrough Completed

                          Table Of Contents
                  <>  1. Introduction             <>
                  <>  2. Overview And Controls    <>
                  <>  3. Oh,The People You Meet...<>
                  <>  4. Tools                    <>
                  <>  5. Walkthrough              <>
                  <>  6. Expanded Version History <>
                  <>  7. Thanks To...             <>

1. Introduction

     This was Nintendo's attempt at making an educational game fun. 
They mixed together history and geography with action-adventure gaming. 
It's a good idea, and might be able to be used as a teaching device, but 
it's lacking in a few areas, mainly the actually making it fun part. I 
was bored to tears by the second set of stages, and wanted to cry by the 
third. However, I stuck with it, and tried to finish it. I couldn't. So I 
let IceFlamethrower have a run with it. But now that he retired from FAQ 
writing, looks like its up to me to finish the entire thing. 
     So behold the guide that will get you through this game as fast 
as possible, so you can tell your friends you've beaten ALL the Mario 
games, and watch them murmur about how much of a nerd you are.

2. Overview And Controls

     It seems Mario was sucked into some kind of time vortex in the
beginning of the game, and Luigi has to find him and rescue him, with
the help of Yoshi, by finding missing artifacts in the lands and
returning them, then answering questions about them. How this helps you 
rescue Mario beats the hell out of me, but hey, whatever works for the 
game makers. There are a lot of lands in the game,??? in all, but they 
are all pretty static, and all that changes is the building and map 
structure and the different artifacts. The controls are as follows:

Map Selection Screen
Up (D-Pad) - Enter a land

Gameplay Screen
START - See Tools
SELECT - Toggles smaller version of city map on screen
Up ( D-Pad) and Down ( D-Pad)- Cross a street (Have to use walkways)
A Button - Talk to people
           Make a selection
B Button - Jump on enemies
Y Button - Dash

3. Oh, The People You Meet...

    There are five people that you can meet and talk to in each of the 
lands, even though it is not necessary with the help of this walkthrough 
:) They all give information to you about the land or the artifact you 
are holding, for "extra learning purposes" (The fun never stops with 
Mario Is Missing!, yessir).

1. Professor- Talks about the general geography of the area with 
              a smarmy attitude. 

2. Police Officer- Tells you not to do certain things in a city, and
                   acts like the ultimate "classroom cop".

3. Kid- Whines about his life and how his parents won't let him do
        something...something you don't care about. Don't waste your
        time talking to this future sanitation engineer.

4. Business Woman- Because the makers don't want to seem sexist, they
                   threw in the stereotypical business woman, who
                   can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it.
                   Mindless blather ensues.

5. Tourist- Looks through his tourbook, finds an interesting fact 
            the area you don't give a rat's ass about and chuckles
            like a buffoon.

     Playing this game DOES teach you something: for the most part, 
people are idiots who shouldn't be bothered for information, as you are 
probably better off learning it yourself.

4. Tools

    When you hit the START button in gameplay, a menu pops up with the 
following things : Artifacts, Computer, Globulator, City Map, and Photo 
Center. These are the tools of Mario Is Missing!

Artifacts - Displays the artifacts you currently have for that level

Computer - Displays all information you have collected so far. To
           complete a level, all you have to do is find the artifact       
           and return it to its original place.

Globulator - Displays a world map, and shows all the lands you have
             completed so far. To exit a level, use the Globulator to                       
             move to the spot on the world map where the city is, and
             then go to the blue pipe where the cactus is.
             Thanks to Chris Horkins for the info.

City Map - Shows a map of the city, and points out where all the  
           enemies are, the information centers, the people, the       
           landmarks, and the starting-ending pipe.

Photo Center - Visit an information center after replacing an    
               artifact, and you will receive a photo of the 

5. Walkthrough

  There are five doors in a floor, with a city and country being in each 
of them. After you get all the artifacts in a land, move Yoshi to the 
city on the Globulator where you are and then go to the cactus to exit 
the level. When I list the lands, I list them from the one closest to the 
door to the one farthest away.

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 in that order


Floor 1
Boss: Wolfgang Von Bowser
Cities: Rome,Italy - Beijing,China - Nairobi,Kenya - Moscow,Russia   
       San Francisco,USA


Rome, Italy

 A. Gladiator's Spear - Reward $2000
  1.Artifact Location
   - At the beginning of the level, the first turtle to pass the
     beginning-ending pipe going left.

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Coliseum was built in AD 72 at the command of an important Roman 
emporer.Its name comes from a Latin word meaning big, and it really is 
huge. 573 yards in circumference, the Coliseum seated over 50,000 
spectators. The rulers and the public came to the arena each week to 
watch games of strength and other entertainment. The games they watched 
were often very violent, with gladiators sent to fight
riveting foes like hungry lions and elephants.

    Q: Just how many people could fit in this place 
    A: 50000
    Q: Who would use the spear  
    A: Gladiator
    Q: When was the Coliseum built  
    A: AD 72

 B. Sistine Chapel - Reward- $900 , Bonus- $2400
  1.Artifact Location
    - Most upper-left monster on city map

  2.Pamphlet Information
    In 1508 Pope Julius II commissioned the artist, Michelangelo, to
decorate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
He wasn't used to painting on plaster. It took Michelangelo
over 4 years to finish painting the 10,000-square-foot ceiling. Much of 
the painting had to be done in an uncomfortable position. The artist was 
either lying on wooden scaffolds, or looking straight up. The Chapel's 
ceiling is breathtakingly beautiful. It is considered Michelangelo's 

    Q: What does Sistine mean in Latin 
    A: Six
    Q: Let's make this picture perfect. Who painted the ceiling 
    A: Michelangelo
    Q: Where is the Sistine Chapel located 
    A: In the Vatican

 C. Trevi Fountain - Reward $1500
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go right from the Trevi information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
   Legend says that if a visitor tosses coins over his shoulder into the 
Trevi Fountain he will one day return to Rome. The Trevi Fountain is one 
of the best known landmarks in Rome because of its fable, but
also because of its fancy carvings. The fountain was shown in the
1954 movie " Three Coins in the Fountain".

    Q: The Trevi is the biggest and oldest___in Rome 
    A: Fountain
    Q: Add your two cents, Luigi. Why do people throw coins 
    A: To return to Rome

Password - BVLPMPH



 A. Hall Of Good Harvest - Reward $1610
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go one street above the Forbidden City

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Tian Tan, the Temple Of Heaven, is China's most famous temple. It
consists of several buildings built around the 15th century, all set
inside a walled park. The Hall of Good Harvest, the most well known
of the park's buildings, is set on top of a triple tier of marble
terraces. Each carved terrace has its own balcony. The 123-foot high
structure is amazing because it was built without one single nail.
The Emperor Of China would spend one evening a year in the Temple,
fasting and praying, to assure a good harvest.

    Q: What did the Emperor do here once a year 
    A: Fasted and prayed
    Q: About how high is the Hall of Good Fortune 
    A: 123 feet
    Q: Amazingly, the Great Hall was built without 
    A: Nails

 B. Gate Of Heavenly Peace - Reward - $1750, Bonus - $2800
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go two streets above the Forbidden City

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Gateway of Heavenly Peace, Tian An Men, was built in AD 1651. An 
impressive 110 feet tall, Heavenly Peace is the main entrance to
Forbidden City, which has been renamed the Palace Museum. Once the
walled estate of emperors, only the Emperor himself was permitted
to use Tian An Men -- guards kept everyone else out. Those entitled
to visit the City had to use a separate entry. In 1949, the
leader, Mao Zedong stood at the Gate to announce the formation
of the People's Republic of China, the present day Communist

    Q:Who couldn't enter the Forbidden City through the Heavenly Gate           
    A: Everyone but the Emperor
    Q: Who built the Heavenly Gate 
    A: Yung Lee

 C. Stone From Great Wall Of China - Reward - $1225
  1.Artifact Location
    - Go left from the Forbidden City information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    One of the world's seven great wonders, the Great Wall is the only 
manmade object visible from outer space. The Chinese poetically call it 
'Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li'. It is said that over 300,000 men labored 
for ten years to complete its 3,946 miles. Begun in fifth century B.C., 
its purpose was to keep northern tribes from attacking southern states. 
The Wall was built wide enough to allow a team of five horses to run, 
side by side, along its top surface.

   Q: How long is the Great Wall 
   A: 3946 miles
   Q: When did the building of the wall begin 
   A: B.C. 5
   Q: How many men did it take 
   A: 300,000

Password - 5VDQ3BV



 A. Maasai Headdress - Reward $2400
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go one street above the information center, and it is the first
     turtle coming from the left

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Of the more than 70 tribes in Africa, none are more visually well 
known than  the Maasai. Their lives revolve around their cattle and the 
money they make from trading herds. But the Maasai are also famous 
warriors. When the male Maasai reaches the age of fifteen, he is 
initiated into the warrior group. He  dyes his skin a distinctive
reddish-orange with pastes from the ocher plant.  His hair is tightly
braided and then it too is covered with ocher paste. As young warriors, 
the boys hunt with blunted arrows. Small birds are their  first prey. As 
a reward, the birds are stuffed and tied around a frame, which they wear 
as headdresses.

    Q: The Maasai make a living from what animal 
    A: Cattle
    Q: What does a Maasai warrior use to dye his skin red  
    A: Ochre paste

 B. Human Skull - Reward - $2800, Bonus - $3000
  1.Artifact Location
   - One street above the information center, near the Police Officer

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Anthropologists believe Kenya to be the birthplace of all mankind. 
Scientists working there have dug up some of the oldest human fossils 
ever found. One skull found near Lake Turkana is said to be almost 3 
million years old ! The plains of East Africa -- Kenya, Tanzania, and 
Ethiopia -- are being eagerly excavated to try and solve the mystery of 
where human beings first lived.

   Q:Anthropologists think Kenya may be the birthplace of mankind. Why  
    A: Very old human fossils
    Q: How old is the skull you're holding 
    A: 3,000,000 years

 C. Baby Elephant - Reward $2400
  1.Artifact Location
   - The bottommost street, near the middle of it

  2.Pamphlet Information
    A mere eight miles from the contemporary city of Nairobi is this
authentic wildlife preserve. The park's trails open onto the undisturbed 
Kitengela-Athi plains to allow the animals to follow ancient migratory 
paths. The park is full of lions, cheetahs, rhinos, antelopes and many 
other species. Since the park is completely undeveloped, it provides an 
amazing drive-through safari in the shadow of a modern, teeming capital 

    Q: The Nairobi National Park is also an animal 
    A: Preserve
    Q: The safari park is important because it allows animals to 
    A: Roam free

Password - YZPZNXV



 A. Cannonball from Emperor's Cannon - Reward $1600
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go right from the Cathedral Dome information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Emperor's Cannon, in the Kremlin, is known in Russian as Tsar
Pushka. It is the biggest cannon in the world, with a caliber of 35
inches. Its barrel is 17.5 feet long. The cannon was cast in 1586 by
Andrey Ahchokhov and weighs a total of 40 tons. On the barrel is a
likeness of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich.

    Q: Whose image appears on the cannon 
    A: Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich
    Q: The cannon is the ___ in the world 
    A: Biggest

 B. The Cathedral Dome - Reward - $2250, Bonus - $3000
  1.Artifact Location
   - On the street where the Cannon information center is, it's the 
     second turtle to your right

  2.Pamphlet Information
    This strange and wonderful church was built in 1555 by Duke Ivan III, 
known as Ivan the Terrible. He ordered the church built to honor the holy 
fool, St. Basil(Holy fool is the name for a saint in Russia). The famous 
'onion' domes were added later in the 16th century. Although the church 
appears to have no real design, the building was carefully built as one 
large chapel surrounded by eight, dome-shaped chapels. Every room is 
painted in different patterns and colors.

    Q: Who ordered the church built 
    A: Ivan The Terrible
    Q: The cathedral structure is ___ feet high 
    A: 107 feet

 C. Bolshoi Ballet Slippers - Reward $1500
  1.Artifact Location
   - The uppermost street, on your left

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Russian dance companies are the accepted starts of 20th century
ballet. No troupe is more famous than The Bolshoi Ballet company,
founded in 1776. Alexander Gorsky, director of the Bolshoi until 1924,is 
one of the most important people in the ballet world. It is said he made 
the dances more interesting to modern audiences by introducing the idea 
of realism into choreography and scenery. The Bolshoi Theater was built 
in 1856 and seats 2000 ballet fans.
    Q: Alexander Gorsky is said to have introduced ____ into ballet 
    A: Realism
    Q: Bolshoi is a city, a ballet troupe, and 
    A: A theater

Password - P96QM4Z


San Francisco, USA

 A. The Golden Gate Bride Fog Horn - Reward - $2240, Bonus - $3000
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go right from the Transamerica Pyramid information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Although more of an orange color than its name suggests, the Golden 
Gate Bridge might be the world's most famous bridge. It was built in 1937 
and it took over 4 years to complete. It is 4200 feet long. The main 
cables are 36.5 inches in diameter and were designed to withstand winds 
of up to 100 miles per hour. Because the Golden Gate Bridge is covered in 
fog most days, it is equipped with enormous foghorns. In the very middle, 
the bridge is 260 feet above the bay, just tall enough for Navy 
battleships to pass underneath.

    Q: What color is the Golden Gate Bridge 
    A: Orange
    Q: The Golden Gate Bridge was built in 
    A: 1937

 B. Window From Coit Tower - Reward - $1999
  1.Artifact Location
   - Go right from its information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Coit Tower stands 500 feet above San Fransico Bay on top of Telegraph 
Hill. The structure takes its name from Lilian Hitchcock Coit who donated 
$125,000 to have it built in 1934. The tower honors the San Francisco 
Fire Brigade. Shaped like a tall column, it is easy to see why people 
constantly remark that it resembles a fire hose. Inside, the tower is 
decorated with sixteen large murals. The 25 mural artists were 
commissioned as part of the 'make work' program designed to ease 
financial hardships during the Great Depression.

    Q: On which hill does Coit Tower stand 
    A: Telegraph Hill
    Q: What was the tower built to honor 
    A: The San Francisco Fire Brigade

 C. Top of The TransAmerica Pyramid - Reward - $1600
  1.Artifact Location
   - First turtle on your left when you begin the level

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Transamerica Pyramid on Columbus Avenue in downtown San Francisco 
was built in 1972. It has become a landmark due to its unusual shape. 
Standing 853 feet tall, the Pyramid is said to have changed the distinct 
shape of the city's skyline. San Francisco is very susceptible to 
earthquakes, so the Pyramid was built with a flexible concrete base, 
which makes it one of the most earthquake-proof of all of San Francisco's 

    Q: The TransAmerica Pyramid is earthquake proof due to its  
    A: Concrete base 
    Q: The Pyramid is located 
    A: On Columbus Avenue

Password - GPYR6CX


 Boss - Wolfgang
    I wouldn't call the boss battles in this game boss battles, or even a 
battle at all. They are ridiculously easy due to the fact you can't die. 
Ah well, all you have to do is jump on Wolfgang's head six times, and 
he's gone. On to the next floor !



Floor 2
Cities: Athens,Greece - Buenos Aires,Argentina - Sydney,Australia 
        Mexico City,Mexico - Paris, France



 A. The Brass Plaque - Reward - $1350
  1.Artifact Location
   - The bottommost street on the map, just left of its information

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Roman Emperor,Hadrian (117-138 AD), commissioned the building of 
the ornate arch. The arch separates the ancient city of Athens from the 
Roman city to be built there, Hadrianopolis. The arch, made from pure 
white marble, was completed in 131 AD, and resembles the French Arc De 
Triomphe. Two brass plates affixed to the arch say it all: On the west 
side, the inscription reads 'This is Athens, the ancient city of 
Theseus,while on the east face, the inscription reads 'This is the city 
of Hadrian and not of Theseus'.

    Q: For whom did they name the arch and the new Roman city  
    A: Hadrian
    Q: The arch is made of 
    A: Marble

 B. The Caryatid - Reward - $1650
  1.Artifact Location
   - One street down from the Business Woman

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Erechtheion Temple's floorplan is very complicated. It was built 
to include many earlier temples that once stood on the same site. Over 
the centuries, the temple had been a church, a palace, a harem and a 
storehouse for the Greek military. Its most famous feature is the Porch 
of the Caryatids, a deck supported by six columns, which resemble young 
girls. Each Caryatid stands 6 feet, 6 inches high. The girls' dresses 
look like the columns they replace. The Caryatids are copies. The 
originals were removed to protect them against pollution.

    Q: What is one thing the Erechtheion Temple has not been  
    A: A disco
    Q: The original Caryatids were removed to protect them from   
    A: Pollution

 C. The Parthenon Column - Reward - $1500, Bonus - $3000
  1.Artifact Location
   - Second turtle in the beginning going right past the blue tube

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Parthenon was built to honor Athena, goddess of Athens, who gave 
Greece's capital city its name, Athens. The Parthenon was erected between 
447 and 438 BC by the same architects who built the Acropolis. The temple 
is famous for its quantity of Doric columns. There are eight columns on 
both ends and seventeen along each side. An enormous statue of the 
goddess once stood in the Parthenon's great hall. She was 39 feet high, 
her hands and face made from ivory. Her dress was 2,205 pounds of pure 

    Q: Which of the three types of Greek columns is best represented 
    A: Doric
    Q: The Parthenon was built to honor 
    A: Athena

Password - CFQNMYF


Buenos Aires,Argentina

 A. Flute from Teatro Colon - Reward - $1710
  1.Artifact Location
   - The rightmost turtle on the street where the Professor is

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Teatro Colon is considered one of the world's most beautiful 
opera houses. it is also famous for its wonderful acoustics, or sound 
system. It was built in 1908. The stage can hold six hundred performers 
and is longer than one city block ! The theater is very fancy, with its 
huge chandeliers, red and gold box seats, and soft red upholstery. 
Besides opera, the Colon is home to the National Ballet and National 
Symphony companies.

    Q: What group does not perform at the Teatro 
    A: Tango dancers
    Q: When was the Teatro Colon built 
    A: 1903

 B. The Boledoras - Reward - $2090
  1.Artifact Location
   - Second turtle going right on the Teatro Colon's street

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Gauchos are Argentina's version of cowboys. Boledoras, a Y-shaped
lasso with leather-covered stone balls at one end, was the gaucho's most 
effective herding tool. In the 1700s the gaucho lived in the fields with 
his herds. He mostly traveled the Pampa(plains) while riding extremely 
fast horses, imported from the Spaniards. The gaucho used the boledoras 
to trip the bulls and cows in his herd, causing them to fall. Once on the 
ground, he could brand or butcher the cattle without help.

    Q: What is a boledoras  
    A: Gaucho tool
    Q: What is the American version of a gaucho 
    A: Cowboy

 C. Stone from Obelisk Monument - Reward - $2375 - Bonus - $3800
  1.Artifact Location
   - The turtle on the top street

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Obelisk Monument, in downtown Buenos Aires, honors the 400th
anniversary of the founding of Argentina's capital city. Built in 1910 
and made of stone, it was designed to look like the Washington Monument 
in Washington,D.C.. The Obelisk is very tall and can be seen from most of 
downtown. A small door on the monument's side allows visitors the unique 
opportunity to climb an obelisk. A staircase inside brings visitors to 
the top, where they can look out onto the Plaza de Republica and view the 
entire city.

    Q: What does the Obelisk Monument honor  
    A: The founding of Buenos Aires
    Q: What will you find at the top of the Obelisk 
    A: Windows

Password - NB1G4MF



 A. Surfboard from Bondi Beach - Reward - $1260
  1.Artifact Location
   - Turtle on the upperleft-most street

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Australia, because it is both a country and a continent, has
thousands of miles of coastline. Two of the most popular beaches near
Sydney are famous around the world. Both Manly and Bondi beaches are
popular as great surfing beaches, but Bondi is perhaps the better of the 
two. Thousands of beach enthusiasts gather at Bondi every year to watch 
the Australian Surfing Championships.

    Q: Surfers seem to like Bondi Beach more than ___ Beach 
    A: Manly
    Q: About how big is Bondi Beach 
    A: 75,000 square feet

 B. Taronga Zoo Koala - Reward - $2100 - Bonus - $2800
  1.Artifact Location
   - Turtle next to its information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The koala is a world-famous symbol of Australia. Contrary to
popular belief, koalas are not bears but marsupials. The country 'down 
under' is the only place in the world where the small, cuddly animals can 
be found. The Taronga Zoo has its own landing wharf to receive the 
ferryboat, which brings visitors from Sydney, a 25-minute ride away. The 
zoo is the nearest place to the city where tourists and Australians can 
see the koalas and other animals unique to this country and continent

    Q: Taronga Zoo can be reached from Sydney by 
    A: Ferryboat
    Q: So, what does the bear like to eat 
    A: Eucalyptus

 C. Sydney Opera Music Sheet - Reward - $1190
  1.Artifact Location
   - First turtle you see at the beginning of the level

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Sydney's Opera House has become the most well known landmark in
the city. Most people remark that it looks exactly like a boat under
full sail. A contest was held to design the Opera House. People from all 
over the world submitted plans, and a young architect from Denmark was 
chosen. Because of problems with the construction, the architect 
unhappily left the project before it was completed. The theater is built 
on Bennelong Point, named for an Aborigine, Australia's native people.

    Q: People say the Opera House resembles 
    A: A sailboat
    Q: The Opera House is built on 
    A: Bennelong Point

Password - F1KT4P1


Mexico City,Mexico

 A. The Angel - Reward - $1500 - Bonus - $2400
  1.Artifact Location
   - One of the three turtles on the street that the Professor is on

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Zona Rosa, or Pink Zone, is at the exact heart of Mexico City's 
oldest district. In the Plaza de la Reforma, in the center of the Zone, 
sits the Angel Of Independence. The Angel is a 150-foot golden cherub 
built to honor the heroes of the Mexican Revolution. Even the city's 
natives use the beautiful angel as a geographic landmark.

    Q: The angel honors heroes of the Mexican ___ 
    A: Revolution
    Q: The Angel faces 
    A: Juarez Avenue

 B. The Diego Rivera Mural - Reward - $1800
  1.Artifact Location
   - One of the three turtles on the street that the Professor is on

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The explorer Cortez convinced Mexico to build the National Palace. 
Inside is a painting by Diego Rivers, one of Mexico's most famous 
artists. He is especially well known for his political murals, in 
particular for the 1200-square-foot painting 'The Epic of the Mexican 
People', in Mexico City's National Palace. The wall painting took the 
artist, and his full-time 16 assistants, 16 years to complete. The 
painting depicts Mexico's exciting political history.

    Q: The mural took ___ years to complete 
    A: 16
    Q: Rivera is known for his ___ murals 
    A: Political

 C. Fine Arts Catalog - Reward - $900
  1.Artifact Location
   - One street up from the Angel information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Fine Arts Palace, on the main street, Juarez Avenue, used to be a 
royal palace. The palace was first turned into an opera house and finally 
an art museum. Admired for its elaborate architecture, the museum's vast 
collection represents Mexico's greatest artists including: Tomayo, Diego 
Rivera and his wife, Frieda Kahlo. Its official Spanish name is Palacio 
de Bellas Artes.

    Q: The museum used to be a  
    A: Royal palace
    Q: Diego Rivera's wife, ___ was also a famous artist 
    A: Frieda Kahlo

Password - F*87MYY



 A. Tricolor - Reward - $1400 - Bonus - $2000
  1.Artifact Location
   - 2 streets down from the starting point

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The tower that has come to symbolize Paris was designed by Gustave 
Eiffel, an engineer. The tower was built for the world's fair of 1889. It 
is 1050 feet high and made entirely of steel. 2.5 million rivets hold it 
together. The tower has it's own post office, and letters posted there 
bear it's impressive postmark. Once the world's tallest building, it is 
now dwarfed by the Empire State Building and Chicago's Sears Tower.

    Q: For what occasion was the Eiffel tower built 
    A: World's fair 
    Q: What was the tower designer's profession 
    A: Engineer 

 B. Notre Dame Bell- Reward - $1190
  1.Artifact Location
   - From the Eiffel Tower , go to the far left and up 

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Construction of King Louis IX's big project , the Cathedral of Notre 
Dame(Our Lady) began in 1163 and took 150 years to complete. Every detail 
of Gothic architecture was used in it's design. Situated on the banks of 
the Ila-de-la-cite, Notre Dame can hold 9000 people. The church is 
especially known for it's rose-colored stained glass window. The window 
is illustrated with 80 pictures taken from the old Testament. This is the 
home of the loveable Quasimodo the hunchback from Victor Hugo's novel 
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame".

    Q: The cathedral is an example of what architectural style 
    A: Gothic
    Q: How many towers does the cathedral have 
    A: Two

 C. The Eternal Flame - Reward - $1750 
  1.Artifact Location
   - On the street below the Arc de Triomphe

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Arch Of Triumph was by the architect Chalgrin on orders by 
Napoleon. It honored the French Empire and the triumph of the French 
armies during the Revolution. Napoleon died before the structure was 
completed in 1836 . A small museum inside the arch commemorates both the 
history of the great general and the building itself . In 1920 the arch 
became the sight of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier . Every evening at 
6:30, a delegation from The Old Soldiers Association rekindles the tomb's 
torch .

    Q: Who ordered the arch to be built 
    A: Napoleon
    Q: Who is responsible for rekindling the torch at the tomb 
    A: The Old Soldier's Association

Password - SS2L5K


 Boss - Iggy 
    Iggy cannot kill you or hurt you, same as Wolfgang. He takes six hits 
and moves a little bit faster. Nothing new here.



Floor 3
Boss : Morton Koopa
Cities : New York City ,USA - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Tokyo, Japan  
         - Cairo, Egypt - London, England

New York City, USA

 A. Liberty's Torch - Reward - $1750 - Bonus - $2500
  1.Artifact Location
   - The Koopa right next to the starting point has it 

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Statue Of Liberty was a gift from the French people to 
commemorate the friendship between the two countries which started during 
the American Revolution. Built by Franco-Italian sculptor Fredric 
Bartholdi, Ms. Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. Made from 
copper , the statue weighs 225 tons and stands 151 feet tall. Her nose is 
four feet long. The torch in her right hand is raised above the Hudson 
River. Her left hand holds the Declaration of Independence. The statue 
stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.

    Q: What does the lady hold in her hands  
    A: A torch and the Declaration
    Q: Ms. Liberty looks a lot like  
    A: The sculptor's mom
    Q: The Statue of Liberty was built 
    A: To honor the French-America friendship

 B. Prometheus Statue - Reward - $1700 
  1.Artifact Location
   - At the very top street 

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Radio City Music Hall was made famous by the dance troupe, the 
Rockettes. The all-female group started in Missouri in 1925. They took 
their name from the Roxy Theater, their original New York City home. The 
Rockettes have performed their high kicks in Radio City since its opening 
day in 1932. The hall was built to be the largest in the world, despite 
the depression. The theater is a famous Art Deco landmark.

    Q: The statue overlooking the Ice skating rink is 
    A: Prometheus
    Q: Rockefeller center closes once a year because 
    A: It will be private property

 C. King Kong - Reward - $1960 
  1.Artifact Location
   - Near the Radio City Music Hall

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Named after New York's nickname, the Empire State Building stands 
1453 feet tall. At 102 stories, it's the third tallest building in the 
world, and is served by 73 elevators. It takes 30 minutes to climb the 
1860 stairs, but the express elevator will carry you to the 80th floor in 
under a minute. While King Kong is a fictional character, the window 
washer can be seen daily, climbing the portable scaffolds which enable 
her to move easily around the five acres of windows. Each pane gets 
washed once a month.

    Q: How tall is the Empire State Building 
    A: 102 stories
    Q: The building is located in 
    A: Manhattan

Password : YVN64QQ


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

 A. Sugar Loaf Cable Car - Reward - $2250 
  1.Artifact location
   - The Koopa is on the same street as the information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Sugar Loaf Mountain stands on the side of Rio's great balloon-shaped 
bay. Two cable cars carry visitors 1300 meters above both the city and 
Guanabara Bay. Once atop the mountain, visitors can get off at the lower 
vista and watch samba troupes perform at cliffside restaurants, or they 
can go all the way to the top. From that height the city spreads out like 
a carpet of lights. The granite mountain got its name from Portuguese 
sailors who swore it resembled cone-shaped loaves of sugar processed from 
Brazilian sugar cane.

    Q: Tourists can scale the mountain by 
    A: Trolley
    Q: What's the name of the bay east of Sugar Loaf Mountain 
    A: Guanabara Bay

 B. Spotlight - Reward $1200 - Bonus - $2100
  1.Artifact Location
   - On the same street as the Redeemer Statue information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Standing at the top of the 2037 foot peak of Corcavado, the statue of 
Christ the Redeemer holds out its arms as if to embrace the city of Rio 
De Janeiro. The concrete image of Jesus Christ weighs 700 tons. In 1931, 
most of Rio's churches pooled their collected
money and erected the statue on top of the mountain. The top of the 
mountain is often in fog, but the huge spotlights keep the figure visible 
from every corner of the city.

    Q: What is the Redeemer made out of 
    A: Concrete
    Q: What groups saved money for the statue 
    A: Churches

 C. Seashell - Reward - $1350 
  1.Artifact Location
   - From the Redeemer information center, to the left and up 

  2.Pamphlet Information
   Going to the beach is an art form in Rio. There are different sand 
spots for tourists, the young and old, the rich and poor. Certain beaches 
around the world are well known for surfing, shell collecting or, in this 
case, for people watching. The world's most famous beach ,Copacabana, 
curves 4.5 kilometers into Guanabara Bay. It sits in front of the world's 
most densely populated urban area. Those who know say any weekend upwards 
of 100,000 people will spend time on the beach.

    Q: How long is the beach 
    A: 4.5 Kilometers
    Q: The beach is world famous for 
    A: People watching

Password : PBN1LGQ


Tokyo, Japan

 A. Sensoji Lantern - Reward - $1755 
  1.Artifact Location
   - Near the blue tube where you entered the level

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Sensoji Temple in the Asaku District of Tokyo was built in 640 
A.D. To enter the temple grounds, you must first pass under the gate of 
thunder, an elaborately carved arch on which hangs the giant red paper 
lantern sacred to the temple and its worshippers. Built in the shape of a 
traditional pagoda, smaller red lanterns line the arcades of the walls. 
The giant red lantern casts a rosy glow and lights the way for temple 

    Q: What lights the path to the Pagoda temple 
    A: Red Lanterns
    Q: Sensoji temple is built in the shape of a 
    A: Pagoda

 B. Sumo Apron - Reward - $1040
  1.Artifact Location
   - By the Sensoji Temple information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Sumo wrestling has been both a popular art and sport since the 6th 
century, and originated in Shinto temples. The wrestlers begin training 
in their early teens by endless practice, strenuous exercise, and the 
avid eating of special foods. To become serious contenders, the men must 
reach an enormous size, 250-375 pounds. The aim of a match is for one 
contender to force the other out of the ring, or to touch the clay 
surface with any body part except a foot. The wrestlers appear first in 
the heavily embroidered aprons donated by dedicated fans, then strip into 
skimpy loincloths and a special bun-like hairstyle.

    Q: The aim of Sumo wrestling is to 
    A: Force the opponent out of the ring 
    Q: To fight, wrestlers wear bun hair and a 
    A: Loincloth 

 C. Buhdda's Orange - Reward - $975 - Bonus - $2600
  1.Artifact Location
   -  By the Great Buhdda information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The great Buhdda of Kamakura is not the only 'great' Buddha in Japan, 
but he is the only one you can enter by buying a ticket, through a door 
smack in the middle of his big, brass belly. Sitting 37 feet tall, the 
brass Buddha, or Daibutsu, is best honored by the faithful placing of 
flowers and oranges at his feet. This Daibatsu used to sit in a small, 
wooden house but he was rendered homeless after a tidal wave(tsunami) 
washed it away.

    Q: Daibatsu lost his house because of 
    A: A tidal wave 
    Q: The Buddha is 
    A: 37 feet tall 

Password : PXFJL2R


Cairo, Egypt

 A. Gingerbread Clock - Reward - $1400 
  1.Artifact location
   - On the bottom street 

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The Mohammed Ali Mosque was built by a sultan in 1430 using the 
Turkish style of the Ottoman Empire. It's nickname, the Alibaster Mosque, 
comes from the valuable white stone that covers the temples facade. The 
clock tower on the courtyard's western side was a gift to the sultan by 
King Louis Philip of France in return for a stone obelisk, which now 
stands in front of France's Place de la Concorde. Egyptian sultans lived 
in the mosque until 1517. It is now used only for prayer.

    Q: Who lived in the mosque until 1517 
    A: Egyptian sultans
    Q: What did Egyptians trade for the clock 
    A: Obelisk

 B. The Great Pyramid - Reward - $1190 - Bonus - $2800
  1.Artifact location
   - From the Pyramid information center go up 1 street, right 5,
     and up again 1 street

  2.Pamphlet information
    The ancient Greeks called the great pyramid of Giza one of the 
world's seven great wonders. Pyramids are elaborate tombs, housing the 
mummified remains of the pharaohs and the fantastic treasures and 
paraphernalia that were buried with them to ensure a comfortable 
afterlife. The limestone pyramid covers thirteen acres of desert and is 
480 feet high. Every royal pyramid entrance faces north, towards the Pole 
Star. The details of the engineering and building of the wondrous 
Pyramids still remains a mystery to this day.

    Q: Pyramids are thought to be 
    A: Tombs
    Q: The entrances to royal pyramids always face 
    A: North

 C. The Sphinx Klaft - Reward - $1750 
  1.Artifact Location
   - The top street in the city

  2.Pamphlet Information
    The man-faced lion statue was named the Sphinx by ancient Greeks. A 
sphinx is an ancient monster who liked to ask riddles, and kill those who 
could not answer correctly. The Great Sphinx was carved from one enormous 
piece of limestone, 240 feet long and 66 feet high. Later, the Ottoman 
Turks used the statue for target practice. Its nose and beard were 
knocked off. The original name meant 'Lord' and it is presumed that the 
Sphinx was made to protect the
great pyramids behind it.

    Q: Who gave the Sphinx its name  
    A: The Greeks
    Q: The Sphinx is located in 
    A: Gaza

Password : D*C7MKQ


London, England

 A. The Crown Jewels - Reward - $2400
  1.Artifact Location
   - Top street, two streets above the Big Ben info center
  2.Pamphlet Information
    William The Conqueror built the Tower of London for several reasons: 
to protect London from invasion, to oversee shipping on the Thames, and 
to scare his subjects. The original tower was built around 1078. It 
covers 18 acres on the bank of the Thames River. At various times the 
Tower has been a mint, a fortress, a vault, a terrible jail and a place 
of execution. Famous as a showplace for England's elaborate Crown Jewels, 
the Jewel House includes the largest cut diamond in the world, 530 

    Q: One of the things the Tower Of London was NOT used for was a 
    A: Post office
    Q: Who ordered the building of the Tower Of London  
    A: William The Conqueror 

 B. The Bust Of Shakespeare - Reward - $1620
  1.Artifact Location
   - Right next to the information center

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Edward The Confessor, a one-time ruler, ordered the building of 
Westminster Abbey - officially known as the Collegiate Church of St.Peter 
in Westminster - to serve as his burial place. From his death is 1066 
until 1760, most British and English sovereigns were buried there. 
Perhaps to get their money's worth, the abbey has also been the site of 
coronations and many royal weddings. Considered a masterpiece of Gothic 
architecture, the abbey has undergone many renovations.

    Q: Edward The Confessor ordered the Abbey built as his
    A: Burial place
    Q: What does 'Minster' mean, anyways
    A: Monastery

 C. Big Ben's Minute Hand - Reward - $1200 , Bonus - $2400
  1.Artifact Location
   - One of the Koopas on the same street as the Tourist

  2.Pamphlet Information
    Big Ben, the symbol of England, is located in the Houses of 
Parliament, England's Capitol Hill. It's officially called the Palace of 
Westminster, originally the palace of Edward the Confessor. At the north 
end of Parliament is the clock tower, 320 feet high. The face of the 
Tower's clock is enormous: the minute hands alone are 14 feet long. 
Although most people believe the clock itself is Big Ben, that 
distinction goes to the tower's 13-ton bell, which strikes the hour and 
lets London know all is well.
    Q: The BBC uses Big Ben as its official
    A: Time signal
    Q: The clock tower is ___ feet high
    A: 320 

Password - 2TYR4Z4


  Boss - Manfred
    Same exact thing as the other two boss battles: jump on his head six 
times. You think they would try to make it a LITTLE bit fun and 
challenging. Sigh...


    The Ending *SPOILERS*
    Luigi hits a switch and a hole in the wall opens. Out pops Mario. 
Looks like a happy sequence. But then comes big bad Bowser to ruin the 
fun. Luigi hits the same switch however, and the wall doesn't open this 
time. Heck no. A cannon appears out of the ground, and Bowser gets shot 
out into the middle of Antarctica, where he quickly freezes to death.

     There, now you won't have to play this horrible, horrible game :)

                              THE END

6. Expanded Version History

Version 1.8 - Updated E-mail Address, England coming soon.

Version 1.7 - Finished Egypt

Version 1.6 - More of Tokyo
              Part of Egypt , Africa

Version 1.5 - Tokyo , Japan
              Rio De Janerio , Brazil
              New York , USA
              Paris , France
              Placed dashes between lands for easier reading

Version 1.4 - Buenos Aires,Argentina
              Mexico City,Mexico
              Added ASCII Art
              Added Thanks To... Section

Version 1.3 - San Francisco, U.S.A
              Wolfgang Von Bowser
              First Room Done

Version 1.2 - Nairobi,Kenya
              General Corrections

Version 1.1 - Addition To Controls
              General Corrections

Version 1 - Introduction
            Controls and Overview

7. Thanks To...

Chris Horkins - Thanks for the information on how to use the Globulator

Plasticman's Emulation Zone - Thanks for the ROM. Visit the site at:

IceFlamethrower - For helping me finish this guide. Thanks for 
                  picking up the slack when I wouldn't


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