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Guide and Walkthrough by Rolent X

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 11/26/2000

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse 
Super Nintendo
By Justin Ridenour aka Rolent X
Version 0.1
E-mail: RolentoHeat@aol.com
Copyright 2000 by Justin Ridenour. This document may not be used elsewhere 
without the permission of the author.

Table of Contents
1) Story
2) Items
3) Costumes
4) Enemies
5) Walkthrough

1) Story
Mickey and his friends are playing catch in the park.

Goofy: Here comes the pitch Mickey.

The ball bounces off of Mickey's head and Pluto chases after it.

Mickey: Watch out Pluto. Stop!

Goofy: Don't worry Mickey. I'll find Pluto for ya'.

Mickey: Worried? Who's worried? If Goofy said he'll find him, he'll 
definitely...........he'll probably........Oh Pluuutooo! Heeere Pluto! I'll 
find ya' pal!

Mickey then runs and slides off a cliff. This is where the game begins.

2) Items

Tomato: Grab it and release it to make it fly. Grab on to reach higher 

Bird: Grab it and release and it flies away. When it is offscreen, it drops a 

Magical Blocks: Grab and throw at enemies. The dark ones keep reappearing 
after you take them.

Golden Box: Jump and grab on to the ring on the bottom to open it. Usually 
contains goodies.

Apple: Worth 500 points.

Heart Container: Gives you an extra hit point.

Flashing Heart: Replenishes one hit point.

Magic Lamp: Refills energy for Turban.

Fire Hydrant: Refills energy for Fire Fighter Costume.

Grapes: Worth 200 points.

Arrow Block: Flies in the direction the arrow is pointing when you let it go.

1-up Doll: Extra life.

3) Costumes
Magic Turban: You get this costume in level 2. It allows you to shoot magic at 
your enemies and to breathe underwater. If you hold the fire button down, you 
can charge up your shot. Uses magic lamps to regain energy.

Fire Fighter: You can destroy fire enemies using the hose. You can also use 
the hose to shoot large blocks off.

Mountain Climber: You have unlimited use of the hook. Use it to grab blocks, 
swing from the gray circles, and to climb to higher places.

4) Enemies

Level 1: Treetops
Bug: Jumps and flies at you when you get close. Jump on it and throw it away.

Guard: Tries to charge at you. Jump on it's head and toss it away.
Bee: Flies in circles trying to sting you.

Frog: Jumps out of the water trying to get you. When you get past one it tries 
to follow. Just jump on its head.

Beaver: Swims around trying to attack you.

Starfish: Calm at first but follows you around when you get close.

Level 2: Dark Forest
Plant: Drops spikes on you.

Leaf: Walks around trying to hit you. Just jump on it and get rid of it.

Worm: Hangs from trees on a string and rises up and down. Use magic shots and 
blocks to destroy them.

Crab: Swims around in the tree. Use magic to kill them.

Green Worms: Swim in and out of holes in the tree.

Level 3: Fire Grotto

Fire Bat: Flies around, use hose to defeat.

Fire Guy: Walks around and disappears, use hose.

Level 4: Pete's Peaks

Egg: Hatches when you get close and runs at you.

Guard: Same as before, but now has a shield. Use your hook to take it from 

Bee: Attempts to dive at you. Jump on its head.

Level 5: Snowy Valley

Furball: Pops out of the snow and runs at you. As usual, jump on it. 

Level 6: Pete's Castle

Fish: Jumps out of the water to bite you. If it gets a hold of you, it's 
instant death.

Arrow Guard: Shoots arrows at you. Dodge them and hop on his head a few times. 

Helmet Head: Flies around and is hard to get rid of.

Torch: Comes alive and tries to dive at you. Extinguish with the hose.

Cannon Guard: Fires a cannon at you. Dodge the cannonball and jump on him.

5) Walkthrough
Stage 1: Treetops

1-1: Walk to the right and grab the first tomato. Use it to fly up to the 
higher platform. On it you will find a bird. Go all the way to the right and 
drop. Take care of the bug and open the door to the house. Walk to the right 
and a wizard will appear.

Mickey: Hi ya! I'm lookin' for my dog, Pluto. Have you seen him?

Wizard: Yes. Your dog was captured by the evil ruler of this world, Emperor 
Pete. He will never give him back to you.

Mickey: Emperor Pete!? 

Wizard: He will put an evil spell on Pluto as he does all his prisoners. I 
warn you, his powerful magic has never been defeated. Do not attempt to rescue 
your dog. Save yourself.

Mickey: No!! Pluto's my pal. I won't give up. Can you tell me where I can find 
this Emperor Pete?

Wizard: If you insist on going, follow the emperor's statues one after 
another. These will lead you to his castle. 

Mickey: Gosh, thanks! So long!

Wizard: I will scatter magical boxes throughout the land. They will help you 
whenever you find trouble along your journey. Good luck, and beware the 
Emperor's magic.

The wizard disappears allowing you to continue on. Exit the house and you will 
see magic blocks fall from the sky. Hop up and climb up to the top of the 
house. Walk to the left and destroy the magic blocks to find a secret door. 
Enter it and you will find two birds and a Golden Box. Open the box to find a 
bunch of apples. Exit through the door to the right and you will reappear in 
the house. Exit again and head to the right. Take care of the guard and grab a 
tomato. Fly up to the high platform and get rid of the bug. Jump up to the 
Golden Box and open it to get a bunch of coins. Drop back down and grab 
another tomato. Use it to fly higher and drop onto a cloud. Jump across all of 
the clouds to find a platform with a Golden Box above. Jump and open it to get 
coins. Now jump across the rest of the clouds. When you reach the last one, 
just let it disappear and fall straight down. You'll fall to the right of a 
spiky vine. Now jump across the clouds to your left and grab a tomato. Go left 
a little and then head back right so the clouds are regenerated. Jump back 
across. When you're back where you fell, walk right and use the tomato to fly 
to the higher platform. Open the Golden Box to get a Heart Container. Walk to 
the right and at the end of the vine, fall straight down to land on some 
blocks. Below you is a long spiky vine, so jump across the clouds and blocks 
to the right. Jump over the pit and go right to finish this part of the level.

1-2: Jump across the blocks at the beginning and then onto the top of the 
Golden Box. Fall down and grab the ring to get some coins. Run down the hill 
to find a very large tomato. Jump on it and it will start to roll. This part 
isn't too hard. You can jump from the tomatoes onto boxes to take a high road. 
Try not to fall off onto the spikes. When you reach the third tomato, try to 
stay on it. When it flies through the air, jump to the single block. Jump up 
to the top of the trees and you find that you can walk on the treetops. Walk 
to the right watching out for the bugs and open the Golden Box to get some 
apples. Keep walking to the right and you'll see a bunch of boxes. Destroy 
them to find a door that leads to the store. The only thing available to me 
was the Extra Hearts. When you exit, you'll appear right to the left of the 

Boss: I don't know what to call this thing. It's looks like a dog, but has bat 
wings and is wearing suspenders. I don't know what they were thinking. This 
fight is a joke. First, he will fly around the screen. Hop on his head when 
he's low enough. When he hangs upside down and drops bats, stomp on one and 
throw it back at him. I killed him in five hits, three hops and two bats. Walk 
to the right and into the cave that looks like Pete.

1-3: Start by hopping on the blocks across the water. Be careful if you fall 
in because if you are in for too long, you drown. In the next little puddle 
are two blocks with a Golden Box overhead. Jump on a block and open it to get 
a bunch of apples. On the other side is a bee. Just jump on it and continue. 
Next are six frogs with a couple blocks in the middle. Jump across them and 
you will come to a Golden Box. Open it to get a bunch of hearts. Continue on 
and you will see a beaver swimming around below. Jump across the logs onto the 
dam. Continue jumping across the logs trying not to fall when they roll. When 
you reach the other side, there are a block and two stars in the water. The 
stars are starfish and try to attack when you enter the water. Just jump on 
the block and avoid them. There are three starfish in the next little lake of 
water. Just quickly jump across. To the right is a deep lake with a block over 
it. Jump on the block and avoid the bug. Jump down and further right is a 
guard and a bunch of blocks. Deal with the guard and the exit cave is to the 

1-4: You will now have to fight a snake boss. Each time you hit it, part of 
its tail comes off and you can use it as a weapon. There are two replenishing 
blocks on each side. Quickly nail him in the head with a block and he will get 
angry and fly at you. Try to jump on his head when he does. Keep it up and he 
will start hopping around after five hits. Dodge him and hit him two more 
times to score a victory.

Stage 2: Dark Forest

When the level starts, you are confronted once again by the wizard.

Wizard: You have been doing very well against the emperor's magic, I see. 

Mickey: Oh, hiya wizard! What are you doin' here?

Wizard: I have come to give you this magic turban. 

Mickey: Gee, thanks! But what's it do?

Wizard: With this turban, you will have the power to perform magic and to 
remain underwater for a very long while. Use it wisely, and be careful. 

Walk to the right to put the turban on.

2-1: Start by jumping up to the first platform and then to the right. Destroy 
the blocks and then take a careful jump to the sloping platform and jump to 
the right. Destroy the blocks and drop into the hole to find a secret room. 
Enter and open the Golden Box to get another Heart Container. When  you exit, 
you will be back at the start of the level. Jump up two platforms and head 
right watching out for the plant that drops spikes. Jump up to the next 
platform and stomp on the leaf. Pick it up and throw it at the Golden Box to 
the left of the plant. Get the coins and go back to the platform to the right 
of the plant. Destroy the leaf again and walk to the right. You will come to 
two plants with a platform to the right with a magic lamp on it. You must make 
a tricky jump onto a plant and over to get it. Go right further and swim 
through the water. On the other side, open the Golden Box to get some coins. 
Now walk right and bounce up the three spring branches up to the left. Power 
up a magic shot and destroy the three worms. Jump up to the next platform and 
walk all the way to the right. Bounce up to the block. Jump all the way up and 
go right avoiding the leaves. Now you must jump across big leaves that are 
falling. Time your jumps for when they are falling towards you. On the other 
side is the level exit.

2-2: Get the magic lamp and enter the tree. Shoot the wall and it will open. 
Now destroy the two crabs and get the magic lamp. Swim up watching out for the 
green worms. At the top, destroy the crab and swim right. Shoot another wall, 
take care of the crab, and get the magic lamp to your right. Swim up, deal 
with the crabs, and swim to the left. Get the magic lamp and swim up. Watch 
out for the four green worms and deal with the crab at the top. Shoot the wall 
and crab to the fight and exit the tree. Instead of jumping up on the branch, 
jump over it and straight down to a door. Inside is the store with more items 
available. You will now be teleported to the area right before the boss, which 
is another
dog like creature. He shoots his grass skirt at you and jumps back and forth 
to each side of the screen. Four fully powered magic shots takes him down, I 
didn't even get hit. To the right is the exit.

2-3: Go right and use the branch to jump up to the higher ground. There are 
totem poles that try to smash you with clubs. When they strike, jump on top 
and over them. Continue and you'll find more totems. Jump on top of the second 
one and jump to the platform to get a magic lamp. Further right is some totems 
over the water. Time your jumps and try not to fall in. After that, the short 
level is over, the exit is near. 

2-4: Hop up on the branches while avoiding the worms. Towards the top, you can 
get a magic lamp. Walk to the right and you will see a falling leave. Jump on 
it and take it all the way down. Jump on the branch and across the pit. Go 
right and jump on the blocks, it's boss time again!! You now have to face a 
huge spider. Quickly get the magic lamp. Use the turban and fire fully charged 
shots at his chin. Avoid him by staying on the low blocks and dodge his webs 
when he fires. It took me five fully powered magic shots, and two jumps on his 
chin to win. 

Level 3: Fire Grotto

Enter the cave and a ghost will appear.

Ghost: Going down!

3-1: You will be in a small elevator with spikes at the top. When it goes 
down, blocks will try to push you into the ceiling. Avoid them and shoot the 
bats that appear. The first Golden Box contains coins. After a minute, ledges 
appear and you need to stand over the holes. First go, right, then left, then 
a small hole in the middle, and when you see the blocks, quickly destroy them 
so you can get to the hole. Now quickly run right destroying any blocks in 
your way and get the magic lamps. Now you must face another boss and this one 
is red and shoots fireballs. When it hits the ground with its hammer, lava 
shoots part of the ground up and into the spikes. Try not to be on it when it 
does. I took him out with about five or six fully charged magic shots. Head 
right to leave the level.

3-2: When the level starts, you see a glass casing with a firefighter uniform 
inside. A block falls, busts it open, and you get your next costume. Go right 
and use the hose to defeat the fire enemies. When you see a very large stone 
block. Jump up and use your hose to shoot it off the ledge. Jump onto it and 
then onto the blocks. You will see stone totems moving around. Jump on the one 
moving up and down and then to the left to get a hydrant. Jump back on, and 
when it's at the top, jump to the right on the blocks. Destroy the gold blocks 
to find a secret room. Inside, open the Golden Box to get some coins. Exit, 
and destroy the fire guy that appears. Jump over to the stone totem, and then 
to the next area of ground. Destroy the fire guy and get the hydrant. Jump up, 
get the next fire guy and run to the right. When you get to a higher platform, 
you'll see several gray boxes. Shoot at the single one to move it, and then 
jump up to them. You will now see totems on fire, shoot them out and you have 
to quickly jump before they turn back on. In the lower left of this part of 
the level is a Golden Box with a 1-up inside. Now go back to the totems and 
spray the totem. Quickly get on it and go up to the next one. Spray it and 
jump up to the high platform. Walk up the slope and you will see totems moving 
up and down over a fire pit. Spray one and jump to the blocks. Do the same to 
the next one and then over to the ground. Kill the fire guy and get the fire 
hydrant. Now you have to deal with more totems over a fire pit. Deal with them 
the same way until you see one that doesn't catch on fire. Jump on it and stay 
on till it rises high and you see a Golden Box. Open it to get some coins and 
then take the totem back down. Extinguish the last totem and then jump over to 
the exit.

3-3: Start by heading right and when any falling blocks get in your way, spray 
them with water to get rid of them. At the start, spray the first block, and 
drop down to where you see a bunch of golden blocks. Destroy the blocks and 
then use you hose to shoot the bottom stone block into it. Jump up to the 
higher level and then walk right. When you get to a part where you see a 
tunnel that falls and there are blocks on the bottom, spray the block to the 
right, get on it, and get rid of the blocks. On the other side is a Golden Box 
full of coins. Jump up to the higher level and go right. You will see the fire 
ceiling go up and down. When it comes down, you need to get in the water and 
duck. Put on your turban and continue right. When you find a part of the water 
that goes down, you'll find a Golden Box. Open it to get another Heart 
Container. Go back up and finish going to the right. Totems will catch on fire 
because of the ceiling, so avoid them. At the end is a bunch of gray blocks 
and a fire hydrant. Fire at the blocks to move them. You will see a Golden 
Box. Open it to get a 1-up and then fall down and left to get another hydrant. 
Shoot the blocks to the left and jump back up. Blow away some blocks to the 
right and jump to the ground. Jump over the little volcanoes and watch out for 
the fire bats that appear out of thin air. Jump over the fire pit to the right 
and walk to the exit.

3-4: Walk to the right and jump on the platform. It will move to the right and 
stop at a bunch of other platforms. See that big face in the middle? It's boss 
time again. The platforms will rotate around the face while it shoots fire at 
the platforms. Keep a steady stream of water on the face. Shoot it enough and 
it will change colors and the platforms will move faster and in a reverse 
direction. Keep shooting at it and the fire it shoots at you and it should 
change one more time. Keep it up and the face will go down. Also, shoot some 
of the platforms on fire and hydrants will appear.

Level 4: Pete's Peak

4-1: Hey, guess who shows up? It's Goofy! My he's been missing for a while. 

Goofy: Gawrsh Mickey, I still can't find Pluto, and I've looked every which 
way but up. Hey! Maybe you should look up this mountain. You can even use 
these snazzy climbin' britches and this rope. Looks like you're gonna need all 
the help you can get! 

Now walk to Goofy to get the third and final costume. Now go to the right and 
use the hook to climb up to the high ledge. Watch out for the egg and hop up. 
Walk to the right and take care of the two eggs. Swing across the gap and use 
your hook to steal the guards shield. Now grab the block and knock him out. 
Trick the eggs on the platform above to run off and then use your hook to 
climb up. Swing to the right and continue to the gray blocks. Use your hook to 
climb up to the next ones and to the high platform. Dodge the eggs and use 
your hook to grab the flying blocks. Jump up and grab the high level with your 
hook. Go to the left and grab onto the floating blocks to the left. Jump over 
to the block platform and open the Golden Box to get a 1-up. Swing back over 
and use your hook to climb all the way to the top. Deal with the guard and 
walk all the way right. Jump, hook the platform, and swing to the next one. 
Jump over to the non moving platform, hook the circle, and swing to the exit. 

4-2: You see that pit at the beginning? Jump on in =). Use your hook to keep 
swinging across the bottom and watch out for gusts of wind. You should reach a 
platform with blocks and two Golden Boxes. One has coins, the other, a Heart 
Container. Now, swing the rest of the way across making sure you don't get 
knocked down by the wind. Make sure you're hooked to something and you'll 
swing right through it. At the end, swing to the flying blocks. Jump to the 
one going up and down, and then to the next one. Jump up and hook the ground 
and climb up to the exit.

4-3: Jump to the blocks and then to the nests. IT'S BOSS TIME!!!!! When you 
see the screen start to rumble, quickly hook one of the circles. The easiest 
way to defeat him is to use your hooks to grab his eggs and hit him with them. 
If he drops one, little birds will walk back and forth on the nest, so try to 
get the eggs first. First, hook yourself to stop from getting blown away. Now 
the bird will come down in the middle. Steal his egg and hit him. Now hook 
yourself again. He now comes down on the left, the right, and then the middle. 
He will now change colors. Hook yourself again. Now he drops left, and then 
center. If you hit him each time, he falls with this hit. 

Level 5: Snowy Valley

5-1: Get the fire hydrant and change into your firefighter costume. There are 
pink flowers in this level that will bounce you away from them if you run into 
them, so watch out. Fight off the furballs until you see a couple green gems. 
Spray your hose at them to make an ice platform. Make one and jump up to the 
higher platforms. Open the Golden Box to get some coins. Now drop back down 
and climb up the platforms to your right. At the top is a fire hydrant. Go 
right and you will see a bunch of gems. Take care of the furballs and if you 
have some skill, use the gems to climb up to a Golden Box with a 1-up inside. 
You will see a leaf. If you jump in it will slide across the snow. Instead, 
use the gem to make a platform and open the Golden Box to get some grapes. 
Deal with the furballs and keep heading to the right. Watch out for the pink 
flowers and continue on. Jump into the leaf and jump out when it hits the 
flower. Now go to the bottom and keep running to the right jumping from 
platform to platform. You should reach the end shortly. 

5-2: You will need to run as fast as you can from the start and jump over to 
the leaf. Ride it and jump to the next one. When you see the flower, jump over 
it and then into the next leaf. When you see the platforms going up, jump out 
and climb up. Watch out for the pink flowers and jump into the leaf on the 
top. Ride it down and jump to the next one. Ride it and jump to the last one. 
Ride it until you see the exit cave and jump to it.

5-3: Get the fire hydrant and go to the right. It's boss time again. The boss 
screen is a ramp with flat ground on each side. The boss is a skating 
dog/walrus. The best costume to use is the turban. Fully power your shots and 
hit him in the head. Jump over the snowballs and try to watch where he will go 
so you can hit him on the head. About ten hits should do it here.

Level 6: Pete's Castle

Mickey walks up to the castle.

Mickey: Gee. S-sure is d-d-dark in there. Maybe this isn't the emperor's 
castle after all...

Pluto: Arf arf. 

Mickey: Why, that's Pluto barking! This must be Emperor Pete's castle. I'll 
save ya Pluto-don't worry! (I'm doin' enough worryin' for the both of us...)

The door to the castle rises.

6-1: See that shadow in the water? It's a fish. Avoid it at all costs because 
if it bites you, it's instant death. Run across the platform avoiding it and 
jump over. Deal with the shield guard and open the Golden Box to get some 
grapes. Watch out for the guard with the bow and arrows and use your hiking 
gear to climb up to him. Defeat him and walk right to see another arrow guard. 
Climb up and deal with him the same way and open the Golden Box to get some 
hearts. Keep going right until you see the fire hydrant. Get it and jump to 
the right watching out for the helmet heads. Keep going until you get to solid 
ground. Walk further right and jump across the gray blocks and the circle 
platforms. Do not jump on them holding a block or you will fall through. The 
same will happen if you stand on it too long. At the far right is a Golden Box 
with coins inside. Now put your turban on and jump into the water while 
avoiding the fish and swim down and left to find a bunch of blocks. Destroy 
them to find a door to the store. When you leave, switch to your hiking gear 
and climb up to the higher ground while avoiding the fish. Now go back to 
where you saw the arrow blocks and grab one. Go to the right until you get to 
the platform before the gray blocks and let the arrow block go. Jump on it and 
it will rise. Jump to the ground high in the air and go right to find the 

6-2: Start this level by putting on the turban and shooting the magic carpet 
with magic to open it. You must fly on the carpet downwards while avoiding the 
spikes and blocks. If you fall try to land on a block because there is usually 
another carpet nearby. This level is pretty short and the exit is at the 

6-3: Run past the arrow blocks and the torches. To the far right is a cannon 
guard. Duck under his shot and jump on him. Climb up and dodge more of the 
cannon guards. If you need to get a better jump, use your hose to move the 
gray blocks closer. At the top are two cannon guards, so be careful. At the 
top, use your hose to shoot the stone blocks so you can ride them higher. 
There are a lot of exits here. Most of them are minibosses from earlier. The 
one I got to is very high. Get up so you can jump on top of the exit to the 
far right but don't. Wait for the stone block to come down and hit it with 
your hose. Now jump over and get on it. At the top jump on the guard and go 
left to the two exits. Take the left one to battle Emperor Pete. Pete will 
throw everything at you. When he makes bolts appear one of these will happen: 
blocks will come out of the right wall, the torches will come alive, or a 
block will come out of each side and bounce across the room. Keep firing fully 
powered magic shots until he turns red. If you get low on energy, shoot the 
torches and more ammo will appear. When red, instead of these attacks, Pete 
will make fire shoot out of the ground. Avoid it and keep firing. It shouldn't 
take too many hits. 


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