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Hints and Tips by Anonymous

Helpful Hints For Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Section 1: Treetops

	(1-2) Ride third giant tomato all the way down the vines.
The tomato will run up a ramp over the water and bounce up into
the air. At the top of the bounce, there is a block to your right
that you can jump onto. Jump onto the block, then jump up
treetops. Run along the treetops to the right, go into the Store
(sometimes this store will be completely sold out, especially if 
you don't have enough money to buy anything other than hearts).

	(1-2) Bat Boss - jump on his head when he swoops low over
the ground. When he releases the baby bats, jump on their heads
to stun them, then pick one up and throw it back at the boss.

	(1-3) Hit the Beaver with a block, then quickly swin\m
through his dam, and you will be rewarded with a Two-Up.

	(1-4) Dragon Worm Pete - grab the red block to the left,
then jump back on top of it when it reappears. Wait for the boss
to come out of the trees and reach the ground level, then throw
the block at his head. When he turns red, that means he is a jump
at you, so be ready to run or jump over him. Jump on his head
when he is close to you, or grab the sections of his body when he
drops them and throw them back at him.

Section 2: Dark Forest

	(2-1) When you first appear on the board,  run right past
the spikes on the bottom of the screen, then break the blocks at
ground level. Drop down underground and break the blocks to find
two Hearts that add to your strength.

	(2-2) When you come out of the giant tree, drop right off
the side of the branch and fall straight down. At the bottom
there is a Store.

	(2-2) Bungee Boss - power up your magical bolt by holding
down the button, then zap the boss. Move to avoid the spiked
balls that he throws. When the boss throws his skirt, jump over
it, zap the boss, then duck as it returns to him.

	(2-3) Spider Pete - power up magic bolt by holding down
the fire button, then shoot him repeatedly in the face. When his
face is pointed up, you can jump on him if you are close enough.

Stage 3: Fire Grotto

	(3-1) Hammer Boss - run off the platforms when he shoots
you up. Power up magic bolt and zap him repeatedly.  Avoid fire
balls when he shoots them. You can jump on his head if you run
out of magic.

	(3-2) Hose the large block to the right and down, then
jump down and continue to move it right until you can jump on top
of it and jump right to the upper platform. Ride moving platform
up, go right across the blocks and into a Bonus area.

	(3-3) in the area with the gray blocks, to the right and
down in a Free Mickey Doll. Move the blocks with the hose and
work your way to the right and up. Towards the top of the screen
to the right is a Store.

	(3-4) Boss Face - jump from platform to platform while
hosing the face. Hose the flames on the other platforms to get
fire hydrants. Duck when passing under the face so you aren't
knocked off.

Stage 4: Pete's Peak

	(4-1) Move up the mountain, get on the winged platform
past the bumble bee. Ride the platform to the left and get the
Free Mickey Doll. Drop right off the side of the platform to the
Store below.

	(4-2) At the second wind tunnel, wait for the wind to
pass, then drop down the hole. At the end of the fall, shoot out
your grappling hook at the bottom of the earth. Work your way
right with a combination of swinging, releasing, and grappling,
u u get the Heart.

	(4-3) Eagle Boss - grab onto hook when the Eagle flies at
you from the background. When he passes. move onto the middle
platform and wait for him. Grab the egg out of his talons with
the hook and throw it back at him.

Stage 5: Snowy Valley

	(5-4) Skating Pete - when he first appears on the screen,
he will skate from the right platform to the left, so jump on his
head and run across. From the right platform, hose the boss when
he skates by. The boss will skate the bowl three times, t ss onto
the right platform, so be ready to jump on his head and run
right. He will then cross back to the left platform on his next
pass, so be ready to jump on his head and run right. Continue fo

Stage 6: Pete's Castle

	(6-1) Grab the blocks with the arrows and ride them to
the top of the screen. Go in the mouth and go left and pick up
the Free Mickey Doll. 

	(6-2) Fight the Bat Boss again. After you come out of the
mouth, hose the block left so that it moves freely up and down.
Ride the block up, drop right to take out the guard with the
arrows. Hose that block right, ride up to the top. Move left to
ea with the two faces. Pete is in the face to the left.

	Emperor Pete - By this point, you should hopefully have
picked up the turban from one of the Stores that uses half the
magic of the regular turban.  You can only hit Pete when he is
walking back and forth, not when he is standing still or has his
raised to make a magical attack. Duck and shoot the horizontally
moving blocks. Shoot the pots when Pete creates them and they
will drop lamps to power up your magic. Keep moving and jumpin 's
y ellow fireball when Pete shoots it at you.  Keep hitting Pete
in the chest with the magic bolts. Pete can be stopped using the
hose, but it only does about one-third the damage of a fully
powered magic bolt.


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