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Guide and Walkthrough by SubSaneDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/22/2004


            Written and maintained by Torro (aka SubSane)
                   Last Updated October 22, 2004



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story

     2.1 Game Start
     2.2 Status Screen
     2.3 Controls
     2.4 Items
     2.5 Outfits
     2.6 Points

     3.1 Treetops
     3.2 Dark Forest
     3.3 Fire Grotto
     3.4 Pete's Peak
     3.5 Snowy Valley
     3.6 Pete's Castle


     5.1 Version History
     5.2 Guide Credits
     5.3 Contact Information
     5.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================

                        1.1  Game Details

This game was released in 1994, developed by Capcom for the Super
Nintendo Entertainment System.

It was the first in the "Magical Quest" series that Capcom developed.
The second was called "The Great Circus Mystery" and came out on the
Sega Genesis, and the latest installment was released as "Magical
Quest 3" on the Gameboy Advance.

                            1.2  Story

It was a fine and sunny day. Mickey, Goofy, and their friends were
out in the park playing a nice game of catch.

One of Goofy's throws went too high for Mickey to catch, and the
ball rolled deep in the trees. Pluto chased after it, despite
Mickey's objections.

Pluto never came back. Goofy offered to search for the playful pooch,
but Mickey knows better than to put his faith in a guy named Goofy. 

Mickey decides to search for Pluto himself, and our adventure


===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================

                           2.1  Game Start

1p Game
- - - -
This option is to begin playing the game as one player.

2p Game
- - - -
This option is to start a two player game. The two players take
turns playing the stages.

Options Mode
- - - - - - -
Here you can adjust the difficulty, the controls for both players,
and the sound mode.

                          2.2  Status Screen

- - -
The current amount of points.

- - -
That gold coin with the famous silhouette is the number of coins you
currently have.

Stage Time
- - - - - -
The timer in the center is the remaining time for the stage.

- - -
Mickey's face and number next to it are the remaining lives.

- - - -
Each heart is one life point. You can gather large hearts and
accumulate a maximum of ten hearts.

- - - - -
The high score for the whole game.

- - - -
The nifty rectangle at the bottom is the outfit selection window.
Press L and R to select which outfit you want, then press A to

Turban/Firefighter Meter
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you have the magic turban or firefighter outfit, this is the
meter that shows how much energy that outfit has left.

                          2.3  Controls

Start........... Pause
Left............ Move, jump, or swing left
Right........... Move, jump, or swing right
Down............ Climb down rope, duck
Up.............. Climb up rope
Y button........ Hold items and enemies, use outfit
B button........ Jump, swim
A button........ Change outfit
L or R button... Select outfit

                             2.4  Items

Tomatos......... Grab and release, then hold to fly up
Yellow blocks... Grab or destroy these
Red blocks...... Grab or destroy these
Up blocks....... Grab and release to hit air enemies
Turbans......... Refill magic turban energy
Hydrants........ Refill firefighter energy

Gold coin....... Used to purchase at the General Store

Small heart..... Refill one life point
Big heart....... Refill all hearts and gain one new point

                            2.5  Outfits

Magic Turban... Used to attack enemies and fly on carpets
Firefighter.... Used to attack enemies, put out fires, push blocks
Climber........ Used to swing from blocks and climb up

Turban Upgrade........ Increases energy level. At General Store.
Firefighter upgrade... Increases energy level. General Store.

                           2.6  Points

Grapes........ 200 points
Apples........ 500 points
Stage enemy... 100 for first hit, 200 for next hit, 500 for third
Guards........ 100 points


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================

                            3.1  Treetops

The search for Pluto starts at the top of a giant tomato plant, high
up in the clouds. Is Pluto climbing among the clouds?

Section 1-1
Well, off we go. This first part is good to practice some basic
techniques, like flying with the tomatos, holding enemies and
blocks, and jumping on enemies.

You can also use a tomato and fly up to the vines to find a fat bird
and a giant block. Grab the bird and release it and it will drop a
coin, and pull the chain on the giant block to get some grapes.

Once you have done everything there is to do, go to the house on the
right and open the door. Inside we will meet a mysterious wizard.

The wizard will let you know where Pluto has disappeared to, as well
as who took him. Emperor Pete, ey? He may have all-powerful magic,
but he's never dealt with a small mouse before! Finish talking to
the wizard and exit the house to the right.

Break the yellow block near the house, then walk to the right and
grab one of the tomatos. Walk next to the house and use the tomato
to get on the roof.

Break the yellow blocks to get coins and a heart, then go inside to
find some fat birds and a giant block filled with apples.

Head to the right, and use one of the tomatos to get to the giant
block. Bust it open to get a whole bunch of coins. Now go back and
grab the other tomato, and fly up to the clouds over the giant block.
The clouds vanish when you step on them, so jump along quickly. The
next giant block will also contain some coins.

Jump along the clouds to the right, then make a BIG jump to the right
when you reach the last cloud. This will land you on a vine with
some yellow blocks and a giant block. This giant block will contain
a large heart, which adds one extra life point.

From there just run to the right to move on to the next section.

Section 1-2

Now that you know the basics, it should be a breeze. Go to the right
and break any blocks you like, then you'll come across a large
tomato. When you get on the tomato it will start rolling down the

To stay on the tomato hold Left to run the opposite way, which is
actually how you remain on the rolling tomato. Jump off at the end
to make sure you don't fall.

Jump on the next tomato and keep rolling, then jump off immediately
and get on the next tomato. You don't want to miss this one.

This tomato will then roll down to the ground, but first it will
roll up a small ramp over a pond. Stay on this tomato and jump off
at the peak of the ramp jump and get on top of the trees.

This little area has a giant block, some bugs, some blocks, and a
door. Take care of everything and go inside the door to enter the
General Store. All you can buy right now is some hearts, but later
on more items will appear.

When you exit you will appear under the trees. Run to the right to
face the bat goon.

The bat goon is pretty easy to beat. You can jump on his head when he
flys low, or use the small bats he releases as weapons. Ten hits will
do away with the bat goon.

Walk to the right to continue.

Section 1-3
The next part has you walking through a swamp. Destroy all blocks
and giant blocks and head to the right as usual.

When you see the bees next to the ponds, run back! The bees can't
attack while you're under the water. Just don't stay underwater too

When you get to the part with the frogs, use the frogs to bounce to
the other side. It's not that tough, and it's a better idea than
swimming under the frogs.

The next part will be across a beaver dam. There is a secret through
the beaver dam, but first use a yellow block and kill off the
beaver. Then, swim through the tunnel in the beaver dam to get two
extra lives.

When you get to the part with the stars, don't touch them! Those are
starfish enemies that can cause damage.

So keep going until you get to the next Pete statue at the end.

Section 1-4

And finally, we reach the boss. This fat snake has only one attack
which is basically to dash and try to hit you. It's easy to dodge,
just look out for his face to turn red. You can also use the red
blocks and snake segments as weapons.

When the snake loses enough segments it will start to jump around
randomly. Much like before, just dodge the attacks and hit the head.

After enough hits the snake will go down, hard. The search for Pluto
continues into the...

                           3.2  Dark Forest

Now Mickey's quest has brought him to a dark and eerie forest
halfway down the mountain. Will Pluto be among the twisted trees and
rotten roots?

Section 2-1

The good wizard will pop in for a conversation (if this guy  has all
this magic, can't he take care of Emperor Pete himself?) Anyway, he
still lends a helping hand by providing you with a nifty magic
turban. With this you can now switch outfits to use different

When you start, try using your powers on the yellow blocks. This
outfit is for destroying, nothing else (until the last stage). If
you hold Y you can charge the shot to make it three times as

So head to the right, taking care of any enemies you may come across.
When you get to the spikes, jump up. You can shoot the giant block
on the left of the branch for coins, then keep going to the right.

Start charging a shot when you see the muddy pond. Those eyes in the
pond are a large fish that will jump out and try to grab you. One
grab will take a life away, so you obviously don't want that. Jump
to the side and shoot the fish with your charged shot.
From there swim to the left and jump into that small gap under the
branch, where the yellow blocks are. Use a charged shot and break all
the blocks to go inside the door in the hole.

Sweet, lots of blocks! Bust all the small blocks for some coins and
hearts, then open the giant block to get a large heart.

Leave when you're finished and continue on to the right. You will
run into a bunch of trees, so use the bouncy branches to get up to
the top. You can use a charged shot to take care of the bouncing
white beans.

Once you get to the top and go to the right, you'll run into a large
gap with a bunch of floating leaves. Get across the gap by jumping
on the leaves and proceed to the next area.

Section 2-2
Equip the trusty magic turban and dive in. You have to remain in
the magic turban outfit to prevent from drowning while in the

Throughout the tunnel you will run into these weird barrier things.
A small magic shot will open them, but make sure to be next to the
barrier so you can slip through before it closes. Ya don't want to
lose a life, do ya?

So, swim along. The crabs floating in the water die with one hit or
can be avoided, and the caterpillars that come out of the holes can
also be avoided. Just watch for their heads to poke out.

Swim through the tunnel to exit at the top of the tree.

To proceed through the stage you're supposed to go on to the top,
but let's take a bit of a detour. Fall down the right side and hold
Left to land on another branch with another door.

This will take you to a General Store. If you have 300 coins I
suggest buying the magic turban upgrade (first item on the left).
If not, maybe a large heart? It's up to you.

Exit through the door to end up at the top.

Go forward a few steps and you'll run into the another one of
Emperor Pete's mid-stage goons. This vine goon bounces around on a
vine and uses spiked balls and his skirt as weapons.

He only throws the spiked balls when he jumps from one end to the
other, so jump up when that occurs. The skirt spin attack can be
avoided by jumping over the first throw, then ducking under it when
it returns.

Use fully charged shots to shoot the vine goon and this battle will
end soon enough. Walk into the next statue to continue.

Section 2-3

Onward, to the march through the golems! That sounded cool, huh? I
swear I need to write scripts or something...

Anyway, there are these stone golem statue things that pound these
big clubs. You can get hit when they're up, so jump your way across
when the clubs are down. 

The golems over the muddy pond have a weird order, which makes it
difficult to cross safely. Just take a hit from the last one, and
make sure not to stand still (the fish, remember?)

Get into the statue at the end to end the this short section.

Section 2-4

Use the bouncy branches to bounce up, and don't bother wasting any
energy on the white beans. Once at the top, use the single floating
leaf and float down to the bottom, where you will face the giant

The spider has two main attacks. He will dash straight at you, and
shoot web strings from it's, um, rear end.

Now then, the weak spot. That fat, ugly mug is the only place you
can shoot ol' spidey, so if his arse is facing you, jump to the
other side. This will happen often as he dashes to attack.

Once the body takes on a pinkish hue, lay down the magic shots! It
shouldn't be a problem to finish him off.

                           3.3  Fire Grotto

And now we enter into the fiery depths of hell, where demons and...

Oh, sorry. This is a Disney game. So, has Pluto wandered into this
really, really hot place? We shall see.

Section 3-1

Going... down? Oh my. Switch to the normal outfit and stay in the
center of the platform. From there you should be able to easily walk
left or right when the holes in the cave come along. It also makes
it easy to reach any yellow blocks you happen to see.

The small bats shouldn't be a problem either.

Once you reach the bottom you'll get some more yellow blocks and a
couple of turban refills. Guess what outfit you should switch to

And here comes the goon! This fire goon wields a large hammer and
likes to toss out fireballs. The hammer is used to bring up a lava
geyser that will push you up toward the spiked ceiling. So keep
moving left and right at all times.

Much like the previous level, use fully charged shots to finish off
the fire goon as quickly as possible. Proceed into the statue to go
to the next section.

Section 3-2

As soon as you start you'll get a nifty new outfit: firefighter!
With this outfit you can hurt enemies, put out fires, and push
blocks. Not bad.

Onward and upward! With the new outfit you can easily take care of
pesky flame enemies and fire bats that muck about. Splish splash,

Shortly after starting you'll run into a large square block that can
be moved with the hose. Push it forward and use it to jump up to
some upper platforms. There will be a door at the top, so go inside.
The room will have a giant box full of coins.

Continue on after the detour and you'll have to cross over a few fire
pools. It's simple enough, just watch for the flame enemies and
burning platforms. You can cool off the platforms with a little bit
of water.

Eventually you'll reach some platforms that catch on fire and lead
up. Keep going straight to find a little niche in the wall with some
yellow blocks and a giant block. Bust everything open for some coins
and an extra life.

Go back to the burning platforms and cool them off, then get to the

Up here will be more of the same burning platforms, so do the same
thing to cool them off. While you're crossing through the part with
a fire ceiling, stand on the one platform in the middle to get
lifted through the hole in the ceiling. Up here you'll find some
more coins.

Get across the rest of the fire to find the next statue.

Section 3-3

Ay, it's more fun with the firefighter outfit. Walk forward and
you'll see an ugly block moving up and down. Use the hose to push
the block out of the way so you may proceed.

You can get the yellow block under the first ugly blocks by
switching to the normal outfit and grabbing them out of the way.

To get the next set of yellow blocks, push one of the ugly blocks
into the gap. Switch to the normal costume and jump in. That giant
block will contain some more coins for your lil' wallet.

Get out of there and up to the top to go into a different part. Here
the wall of flames will constantly be moving up and down, and the
only way to avoid getting hit is to duck under the shallow pools of

Partway into it you may spot the shifty eyes of our old pal, the
fish. Needless to say you should quickly jump over that pond so the
fish won't snatch you for dinner.

Now, switch to the magic turban and get ready to dive under the water
right after you pass the fish pond. Swim down to the bottom and open
that giant box to get the large heart for this stage.

Keep going to the right and avoiding any fire to get to a small
block maze. To get through you will need the firefighter outfit.
Just blast the blocks, like before, and they will move forward. 

You can explore to find coins, an extra life inside the giant box at
the bottom, and a General Store at the top. I'd suggest saving the
coins so you can buy the firefighter upgrade later on.

Keep going to the right to enter the next statue.

Section 3-4

The boss, it seems, is a big head on the wall. No foolin'! It's main
attack will be small fireballs that it shoots out to set the
platforms ablaze. The rapidly spinning platforms can also be a

So, what to do. This boss's weak spot is the eyes, and only the
eyes. Make sure to concentrate all your water on them. If you run
out of water, put out the fires on the platforms to get some water

If you aim the water and hit the eyes long enough, the platforms
will change direction. You will have to continue to shoot a non-stop
stream of water to defeat the boss, so stay on the right side and do
all your shooting from there.

If you get enough water in the head's eyes, the evil Pete spirit
inside will vanish with the rest of 'em.

                           3.4  Pete's Peak

If one climbs down a mountain, one must naturally climb up a
mountain. Is Pluto pouncing pigeons on the perilous peaks?

Section 4-1

It seems Goofy has pretty much given up his search for Pluto (though
you have to give him credit for getting this far). Before he leaves
he'll give you a climber outfit to help you climb up the mountain.

The climber outfit doesn't have an energy meter like the others
because it's abilities don't require one. The climber outfit's main
purpose is the hook and rope you can use. It will cling to ceilings,
platforms, and blocks, which helps when crossing big gaps. You can
also grab yellow blocks with it.

Practice your rope swing on that first circular block, then when
you're ready proceed to the right.

Walk to the edge and hold Up to shoot your rope up to the platform,
then climb up. You can also aim your rope straight ahead to hit
enemies or anything in front of you. Keep going.

You can kill off the red guard by taking his shield with the rope,
then attacking normally. Climb up from there and you'll see another
egg and some yellow blocks above it.

Swing to the next platform and climb up the gray blocks on the right
side. This will take you up to another platform with a bee and five
eggs. Handle them as usual.

Now, look out to the left and use your rope to get onto the flying
gray blocks. This will lead you another platform of gray blocks with
a giant block. Bust the giant block open to get an extra life, then
go back to the right.

Keep climbing up and take care of any enemies that should appear.
Cross the gap by swinging across the flying blocks and grabbing that
last circular block to swing into the statue.

Section 4-2

Oy, now this part is tough. You can go through the top, which is
simple. All you have to do is avoid the wind gusts that blow down
the tunnels.

There is another way to go that will get you a lot of coins and a
large heart, but it's a tough route. It requires some fancy moves
with the climber outfit.

So if you choose to go the bottom way, fall into the first hole in
the beginning. DO NOT hold right, just press Y to shoot out your
rope and swing on the cliff wall. Tap Right to jump over and quickly
press Y to swing on the cliff wall again. Keep swinging on the
ceiling of the cliff and you will eventually run into a platform
with some yellow blocks and giant blocks. Bust them all open to get
coins, hearts, and a large heart. Get back up to the top by swinging
to the right using the gray platforms to climb back up to the top.

Run into the statue at the end to continue.

Section 4-3

Walk forward a bit to find yourself on a giant nest. Hmmm... Wouldn't
a giant nest mean there's... a giant bird!

Quickly grab one of the circle blocks and hold on. You have to do
this to keep from getting blown away when the bird approaches. Do
this every time the bird is about to fly in.

After the fly in, the bird will fly down with an egg in it's talons.
This egg contains some tiny birds that can cause major annoyance if
they are allowed to escape.

To stop the egg from breaking open, use your rope to grab the egg.
Then, toss the egg back at the bird to attack it. Repeat this
pattern, and don't forget to grab the blocks when the bird is about
to fly in. Pay attention to the left and right sides to see which
direction it will appear in.

After enough hits the bird will turn a bright pink color, and a few
more hits will finish it off.

                           3.5  Snowy Valley

Mickey's trek up the mountain continues. Is Pluto frolicking in the
frosty fields?

Section 5-1

Did you notice that red hydrant right at the beginning? Take that
as a subtle suggestion that you will need the firefighter outfit in
this stage. Switch to it and you may begin.

Make your way to the right, and avoid the furries when they appear.
They are your basic one-hit stage enemies, so it shouldn't be a

When you see the greenish slab of ice, jump on it. These ice blocks
will slide along the ground and get you somewhere very quickly. BUT,
they often lead to a gap. Pay attention to the ground and get ready
to jump off before you lose a life.

So go along to the right, same as every other stage. When you see
some ice crystals in the air, stop. Spray some water on them to make
some small platforms that can be used to get to a higher platform.
Jump on the first ones to get to a giant block and get some coins.

Keep going to the right and use the platforms to get up higher when
you need to. Jump up the first large group of ice crystals to find a
giant block with an extra life in it.

Shortly after that giant block will be another giant block. Use the
single ice crystal below it to grab it. 

Continue to the right and jump across several platforms to reach
the statue.

Section 5-2

This part will require you to have quick reflexes and a good eye.
There will be several large gaps that cannot be jumped normally,
and there are only two methods to get across.

Some jumps can only be jumped by running down a hill and gaining
enough speed. A good example of this type of jump is the first one
in the section. Just hold Right and run, then press jump at the

The other big jumps will make use of the green ice blocks. Ride the
ice blocks until you reach the gap, then jump off when the block is
about halfway across the gap. Make sure to hold Right to take
advantage of the momentum and get across.

Go in the statue when you get there.

Section 5-3

Well, looks like Pete sent a walrus clone of himself to stop

This guy will basically just skate up and down in the icy
half-pipe. Whatever side he lands on will be pretty much random.
After landing, he will shoot out three snowballs that can either be
frozen or jumped over.

The best attack will be the charged magic turban shot. So, switch to
it and start firing! All shots will have to hit the head, and if
you hit him with nothing but charged shots it will be a brief affair.

                          3.6  Pete's Castle

Last stop: Pete's castle! Pluto is inside, and nothing will stop
Mickey now that he is this close to finding his best pooch pal.

Section 6-1

Oy, this first section is a bit of a maze. You will need the climber
outfit to get through the first area.

Go to the right, and naturally you should be careful when crossing
over the water. Out fishy friends are back. In fact, all the enemies
in this stage are enemies you've seen before. They shouldn't be a

Walk along, getting any yellow blocks and giant blocks you see. When
you see the purple arrow guard, use your climber outfit to climb up
to that platform and kill him. Run down that small incline and jump
over the gap to the left, then walk to the end to find a giant block
containing apples. Continue to the right again.

Now there are two ways to go that will both get you some extra stuff.
If you stay on the platforms along the top you will run into a giant
block with some hearts.

If you want to explore the bottom water area, switch to the magic
turban. Swim down there and go to the left to find a giant block
with some coins inside. Swim back up from there.

On a side note, you can use the pink trampoline to jump up higher.
Stand on it until it stretches down, then press jump. If you stand
on it too long it will rip.

Continue to the right through more enemies, as well as some new
flying helmet enemies. These guys can be killed with a magic shot,
but it's best to use them to jump to other areas.

Jump down into the water (mind the fish) and swim down to find a
bunch of yellow blocks. Bust through them to enter General Store.
Although you could buy the firefighter upgrade, you won't really
need it. Go with the large heart.

Exit the store and swim back up. To get out, switch to the climber
outfit and quickly climb up to the platform. Don't spend too much
time in the water and avoid the fish.

Use the helmets on the right to cross the gap and keep going. When
you reach the next gap, keep going to the right and use the
trampoline get across. The giant block on the other side contains
some coins.

Go back and use the trampolines to jump up the platforms. You will
see a Pete statue on the left, but it's totally optional. It will
take you back in the stage, but you will find a giant block with an
extra life. If you feel you need an extra life, go for it.

From the statue, kill off the arrow guard use shoot a magic shot at
that rolled up carpet. It will turn into a flying carpet that you
can use to get across the gap to the right.

Walk into the statue to continue.

Section 6-2

Next up is another carpet ride. Hop on, and start floating to the
bottom. Because this is a straight down ride, you will have to keep
tapping Left and Right to keep going down without touching the

Along the way there will be several yellow blocks and a few more
carpets in case you fall off the original one.

It's simple enough. Go into the statue to continue.

Section 6-3

Switch to the normal outfit for this first part. Here there will be
a bunch of flying pots with fire on top. You can't jump on these, so
use the yellow blocks that fly up to hit the pots in mid air. Keep
this going until you get to the tunnel.

Switch to firefighter and start jumping up the platforms. The guards
who fire cannon balls can be killed off with a jump on the head, but
that's up to you.

For the big jumps use your firefighter outfit to push the gray blocks
closer to the next ledge and jump from there.

Once at the top you'll see some of those big blocks that move up and
down. If you recall, you can push them with the hose.

Push the first one over to the right a little bit, then use it to
get up to the platform. If you go to the right you can fight the bat
goon boss from stage 1 again. This is an optional fight.

Push the block on the left and ride it up. On the left is another
optional boss (the vine goon from stage 2) and the right side will
lead to another platform. Use your hose to push the block on the
right so it's on top of the Pete statue.

Ride this block up and kill that arrow guard, then there will be two
more statues. The statue on the right will lead to an optional fight
with the fire goon from stage 3, and the statue on the left will
lead to the final battle.

Section 6-4: The Final Battle!

Now it's time to face Emperor Pete himself. The evil souls of all
the previously defeated bosses will now enter Pete's body, making
him one hell of a challenge.

Emperor Pete has several attacks. When his hands glow with yellow
electricity, it will be one of four attacks.

One is a summon where he calls forth three flying pots. A magic shot
can handle them easily enough. The second attack will call two bricks
from the walls that will fly out, their teeth chomping. Just jump
over them. The third attack is a wall of flying bricks. Stay on the
bottom and shoot out the bottom two bricks to get through safely.
The final attack is an actual electric ball. Wait for it to shoot
out and jump over it.

When Pete's hands glow with blue smoke, it means he's going to shoot
blue steam out of the ground. A jump is all you need to get over the

Now, how to attack this fella. Make sure you use the magic turban,
and start hitting Pete's head with FULLY charged shots. If Pete's
hands are up, shots won't hit him. If you run out of magic energy
(which shouldn't be a problem if you bought the magic turban upgrade),
shoot the flying pots to get more magic energy.

This battle really is easy if you shoot Pete with nothing but fully
charged shots. Once he turns pink, there are only a few more shots
to go.

After defeating Emperor Pete, Mickey will finally find Pluto. Enjoy
the ending, and thanks for playing!!!


===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================

Sorry, as of this version of the guide I don't know any codes. Send
'em in if you got 'em.


===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================

                        5.1  Version History

October 22, 2004: Version 1.1
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A quick update for level 5.

October 15: Version 1.0
- - - - - - - - - - - -
The whole shebang was finished and submitted. Another notch on the
Disney video games belt.

                         5.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. J-Kwik the Oracle for clearing up the confusion about level 5.

2. Capcom, Disney, and Sega for creating this great little series.
It takes me back to a time when games were fun.

3. Thanks to Wilson Lau, whose Bart vs. the Space Mutants guide
inspired me to write video game guides.

4. My folks, for buying the Sega Genesis and "The Great Circus
Mystery" all those years ago.

5. YOU, for reading this thing. I hoped it helped out in some way,
shape, or form.

                      5.3  Contact Information

The address is: subsane@gmail.com

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
a subject. Put 'Magical Quest FAQ' or something similar in the
subject line.

                          5.4  Legal Stuff

1. "The Magical Quest" is copyright © 1992 Capcom U.S.A. Mickey
Mouse, Goofy, and any other Disney characters are property of the
Walt Disney Corporation.

2. This guide copyright © 2003-2004 Torro (AKA SubSane). This guide
may be distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
for commercial purposes.

3. If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
removed from that location.

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