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  1. The 10 Commandments According to Madden

    1. Play 11-man Football. "Hey, if there aren't 11 players, it isn't real football."
    2. Use real players. "I want the All-Madden Team. The big boys. The flakes. The crazies...my guys."
    3. Call plays from my offensive and defensive playbooks. "I'm the coach, we use my plays. 81 plays in each covers the basics."
    4. Design your own plays. "If I pop in the right plays at the right time -- POW -- 6 points."
    5. Give me realistic gameplay. "There's a ton of goofball things that can happen on any given play like missed blocks, jukes and pancakes."
    6. Select Player Controlled Action or Computer Action. "Sometimes I want to take a handoff, hit the Umph button and jam it down your throat!"
    7. Don't forget gameplay conditions. "Some guys aren't mudders. Some guys can't hold a block on grass. That's real football, that's in the game."
    8. Call audibles. "If I don't like what I see when we line up I have to get out of it. One wrong play blows the whole game or costs the coach his job."
    9. Put in all the other stuff that happens. "Injuries, penalties, time-outs, turnovers, interceptions, situation substitutions -- they're all part of the game."
    10. Make your own league. "When I build my own teams I need every pro player, player rating and key stat. I l-o-v-e being the commissioner."

    Madden Report: It's a game of one-on-one match-ups. Plan your attack.
    Stadium View: Shows the whole field for passes and kicks.
    Action View: Plays start in this perspective and scroll with the action.
    Complete Stats: Better than the sports section. Instantly updated.
    Play Editor: Design and test offensive and defensive plays. Complete enough for a college coaching clinic.

    The First Real Football Simulation
    * Player Ratings: each player rated in 11 key areas.
    * Dynamic Situation: every variable affects gameplay on every play. Player ratings, match-ups, field conditions, and more.
    * Realistic Running Game: control key player, use Umph button for extra juice.
    * Accurate Passing Game: Crosshair passing feature for pinpoint sharpness.
    * 3 Ways To Play: Action Game, Strategy Game, and Stat Replay Game.

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