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In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 05/01/01 BStephens 16K
Game Script 05/05/05 dinobotmaximized 1.0 140K
Level Guide 06/11/99 FException 28K
Quotes FAQ 10/13/03 ShEEpDuDE86 Final 96K
SRAM Guide 03/03/11 Vegetaman 1.0 37K
Save State Hacking Guide 03/20/04 Bri64 1.0 8K
Shop FAQ 05/18/05 dinobotmaximized 1.0 26K
Treasure Guide 11/27/08 jvh147 1.0 80K
US/Japan Changes FAQ 03/30/03 D 4 22K

Maps and Charts

Aisen Tower Map (GIF) 02/01/13 StarFighters76 37K
Arus Cave Map (GIF) 01/25/13 StarFighters76 42K
Blue Tower Map (GIF) 01/23/13 StarFighters76 28K
Cave East Of Herat Map (GIF) 02/01/13 StarFighters76 32K
Cave North Of Glasdar Tower Map (GIF) 02/04/13 StarFighters76 46K
Cave North Of Treck Map (GIF) 01/14/13 StarFighters76 26K
Cave Southwest Of Bergen Map (GIF) 01/18/13 StarFighters76 34K
Cave To Bergen/Medan Mines Map (GIF) 01/18/13 StarFighters76 29K
Cave To Glasdar Tower Map (GIF) 02/06/13 StarFighters76 62K
Chatam North Cave/East Cave Map (GIF) 01/14/13 StarFighters76 25K
Dias Cave Map (GIF) 01/21/13 StarFighters76 27K
Epro: Underwater Cave Map (GIF) 02/04/13 StarFighters76 28K
Fortress Of Doom Map (GIF) 01/14/13 StarFighters76 47K
Gayas Island Cave Map (GIF) 01/30/13 StarFighters76 60K
Ghost Cave Map (GIF) 01/18/13 StarFighters76 58K
Glasdar Tower Map (GIF) 02/06/13 StarFighters76 69K
Green Tower Map (GIF) 01/23/13 StarFighters76 33K
Loire Island Cave Map (GIF) 01/30/13 StarFighters76 52K
North Tower Map (GIF) 01/21/13 StarFighters76 38K
Northwest Tower Map (GIF) 01/16/13 StarFighters76 37K
Odel Tunnel: Maze Solution Map (GIF) 02/06/13 StarFighters76 19K
Oil Cave Map (GIF) 02/04/13 StarFighters76 44K
Old Cave: 2nd Level Map (GIF) 01/16/13 StarFighters76 25K
Old Cave: 3rd Level Map (GIF) 01/16/13 StarFighters76 27K
Old Cave: 4th Level Map (GIF) 01/21/13 StarFighters76 24K
Old Cave: 5th Level Map (GIF) 01/23/13 StarFighters76 31K
Old Cave: 6th Level Map (GIF) 01/25/13 StarFighters76 32K
Old Cave: 7th Level Map (GIF) 01/28/13 StarFighters76 52K
Red Tower Map (GIF) 01/25/13 StarFighters76 44K
Ring Island: Underwater Caves Map (GIF) 02/01/13 StarFighters76 56K
Tower Of Light Map (GIF) 01/28/13 StarFighters76 65K
Tower of Grief Map (GIF) 01/28/13 StarFighters76 24K
Ulupp/Elba Island Caves Map (GIF) 01/30/13 StarFighters76 49K
World Map (GIF) 02/07/05 GreenWithEnvy 56K

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