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Quote FAQ by ShEEpDuDE86

Version: Final | Updated: 10/13/03

                  _     _   _   ___   ___    ____      ______ 
                 | |   | | | | |  _| |   |  / __ \    |  __  |
                 | |   | | | | | |_   | |  | /__\ |    | || |
                 | |   | | | | |  _|  | |  |  __  |    | || |
                 | |_  | |_| | | |    | |  | |  | |    | || |
                 |___| |_____| |_|   |___| |_|  |_|   |  ¯¯  |
                            Rise of the Sinistrals
Lufia 2 Quotes

    Game: Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
Platform: Super Nintendo
  Author: Sheepdude86
    Date: 9/19/2002
 Version: Final
I. Contents
   2.Version History
   5.Contact Info/Legalities
                                1. Introduction
-Introduction to me

     My name is Brandon Williams.  I am 13 years old.  Online, I am known as 
     sheepdude86 or Sheepdude860.  Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals is my
     favorite game.  I saw a quote guide like this for The Legend of Zelda: 
     Ocarina of Time, so I decided to write one for Lufia 2.

-Introduction to this guide

     This isn't really a guide.  This was made to document everything that is
     said by the characters of Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals.  I thought it
     was a good idea so I made it.  This guide has major spoilers, as it
     basically tells the whole plot of the game. So if you haven't finished the
     game, I strongly recommend that you do not read this yet.

                              2. Version History
-Version 0.9

     I wrote the first version of this. It will most likely be the last. Of
     course, I didn't write it in just one day.

-Final Version

     All of the spelling errors were fixed. This will not be updated anymore.
-Please read this before you go on. These are the quotes from the "cinematic"
 scenes, or, the scenes where you cannot move. Some of the quotes aren't from
 "cinematic" scenes, rather, I thought they were important to the story.
 I wrote everything exactly as it looks in the game, so most spelling or 
 grammar errors in this section were made on purpose in my part.

 Name: Text             This is what the person says.

 Name: {Text}           This is what the person is thinking.

 [Text]                 A message, but there is no particular person talking.

 (Text)                 Indicates the choices of what you can say.


-In the Introduction, Arek's castle

 Erim: Master.

 Arek: Erim...I would like to ask you something.

 Erim: Yes, sir.

 Arek: Who should rule, we Sinistrals, or humans?

 Erim: There is no doubt in my mind that we should rule!

 Arek: ...

 Erim: But why do you ask that, sir?
 Arek: Judgment time with the Dual Blade has come.

 Erim: Are you saying the Dual Blade is resonating!?

 Arek: Would you...go?

 Erim: Yes, sir.

-In the Introduction, Elcid

 Tia: I heard there are monsters in the North Cave.

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Tia: Are you going away again?

 Maxim: Well, that's my job.

 Tia: Be...be careful...

 Maxim: I'll be alright.

 Tia: You always say that. But I always worry.

 Maxim: I'll get them but you have to buy them, Tia.

 Tia: I will.

 Maxim: Well, see ya.

-In the Introduction, Tanbel

 Hilda: Oh Guy. You're here!

 Guy: Hilda! What's up?

 Hilda: Jessy was looking for you.

 Guy: Really!?

 Hilda: She was upset. Did you do something?

 Guy: Nope!

 Hilda: Yeah?

 Guy: ...I forgot our date and went to get monsters.

 Hilda: Typical! No wonder Jessy's angry!

 Guy: Women don't get it! It's a man thing!

 Hilda: I get it alright. You prefer MONSTERS!

-In the Introduction, Parcelyte

 Tim: Lemmy's a crybaby! Lemmy's a crybaby!

 Kim: Crybaby!

 Lemmy: Whaa! Sniff, sniff!

 Selan: Hey, you boys! You should be nice to girls!!

 Tim: Oh no!! It's Selan!

 Kim: Run!!

 Lemmy: Selan...Whaaa! Whaaa! Sniff, sniff!

 Selan: Listen carefully, Lemmy.

 Selan: They're wrong, but try to be strong.

 Lemmy: Why? My father said it's ok for girls to cry.

 Selan: Listen. A woman's tears should...

-In the Introduction, Bound Kingdom

 Dekar: I say there's no one who can beat me.

 Soldier: Monsters are all over the North Labyrinth!

 Dekar: Chill good man! With my sword, I'll...

 Prince Alex: Where are the monsters!?

 Josef: In the North Labyrinth, Your highness!

 Prince Alex: Excellent! Josef, follow me!

 Josef: Yes, Your Highness!

 Soldier: Sir...Sir Dekar!

-In the Introduction, Treadool

 Lexis: I get it! So that's how it works!

 Lexis: I understand at last! I'll start work right now!

 Stela: Looks like Lexis is off inventing again.

 Eric: His inventions never work the way they should.

 Stela: Yeah. He sank a ship with his last one.

 Eric: ......

 Stela: What was that invention anyway?

 Eric: A machine to move ships without wind.

 Stela: Oh, that's right. Hey, your memory's pretty good!

 Eric: Yeah - 'cause it was MY ship that went under!

-In the Introduction, Eserikto

 Artea: Milka! Wait!

 Milka: Artea...

 Artea: Milka, where have you been these days?

 Milka: I..I...

 Artea: The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself.

 Milka: But Artea, the people in the city...

 Karyn: Milka. Say nothing more.

 Milka: Mother.

 Karyn: Artea is aware of everything.

 Artea: Karyn...

 Karyn: Artea, it must be really hard on you, too.

-In the Introduction, Arek's Castle

 Arek: Us or humans...?

 Arek: Which of us is really transient on earth?

 Arek: Dual Blade, do you have the real answer?

-The shop in Elcid

 Maxim: Tia, are you home?

 Tia: Hi, Maxim! How was work today?

 Maxim: Alright. I got six jellies.

 Tia: Let's see...that'll be 120 gold pieces, right?

 Maxim: Wait a minute Tia. I said six jellies. That comes to 180 gold pieces!

 Tia: Look, monsters are cheap these days. The city's suffering so I can't pay
      the top price.

 Maxim: Yeah, it's true.  More monsters every day.

 Tia: It's spooky, you know.

 Maxim: Well, I should appreciate it though. I'm a monster hunter. I'd lose my
        job without them.

 Tia: Maxim! Have you thought about getting an ordinary job?

 Maxim: What is an ordinary job anyway?

 Tia: Let's see...

 Tia: like..

 Tia: a shop owner...

 Tia: perhaps.

 Maxim: Me? Shop owner? Ha! That'll be the day!

 Tia: {How can he be so insensitive...!?}

 Maxim: Did you say something, Tia?

 Tia: Forget it!! Here's your money!


 Elder: Oh, it's you, Maxim. This is a good time to show you my secret
        techniques for fighting in dungeons.

 Elder: I'll wait for you at the dungeon south of here.

-Secret Skills Cave

 Elder: You took so long, Maxim! Let's go ahead and start the lesson for secret
        techniques in the dungeon.

 Elder: First, the important thing is to learn the patterns of the monsters'

 Elder: Monsters move only when you move. So, don't worry even if a monster is
        in front of you.

 Elder: Oh good, I see a jelly right there.  Why don't you try to get that 

 Elder: That's our Maxim. Jellies are nothing for him!

 Elder: But don't get cocky! Some monsters are fast, gaining two steps to your

 Elder: Also, when there are many monsters in a room, don't let them surround 

 Elder: Of course, the monsters move only when you move, so stop and think 
        before you act.

 Elder: Good. Let's move on to the next room. Enter from the door above.

 Elder: In this room, we will learn how to use Skills!

 Elder: Press the Select button to display the Skills you have. Select the 
        Skill you wish to use.

 Elder: You now have only the Skill Arrow but you will receive more...

 Elder: Incidentally, arrows can freeze enemy movement for a while. Press the Y
        button to shoot them.

 Elder: When you hit an enemy with an arrow, it's temporarily paralyzed.

 Elder: Bumping into a paralyzed enemy doesn't lead to a battle.

 Elder: Skills never run out. So, shoot an arrow when you don't feel like 

 Elder: Select the Skill you wish to use with the Select button and press the Y
        button to use it.

 Elder: You will use your skills most in dungeons.

 Elder: You can fight with that jelly there or use Skill to stop its movement
        and not fight.  It's up to you.

 Elder: The bridge gave way, but can be crossed when the switch in the back is
        turned on.

 Elder: The switch is not within your reach. Hmm. We're in trouble. We can't go

 Elder: I was just kidding.  You can also use Skills in a situation like this.

 Elder: Arrows are not only to stop enemy movement. Why don't you hit that 
        switch with an Arrow?

 Elder: The door to the room above is locked.  Can you find the key to open it?

 Elder: Can you see the switch at the upper left? Stand on top of it.

 Elder: That's right Maxim. Please wait a moment. I almost forgot!

 Elder: I forgot to give you one very precious spell. You can't survive the 
        dungeon without it. It's...

 Elder: "Reset!"

 Elder: When you solve a trick in this room by pushing something, you must
        remember one thing.

 Elder: Although you can push the pillars, you can't pull them.

 Elder: In other words, if you push a pillar against a wall or door, you can do
        nothing more.

 Elder: But don't worry! There is a Reset spell that sets it all up again.

 Elder: This spell sends you back in time to when you had just entered the

 Elder: Everything in the room returns to its original position, including the 

 Elder: Reset does not take any MP. Thus, you can use it as many times as you 

 Elder: Possess this spell and you'll have nothing to fear. I shall give you
        the Reset spell.

 [Gets the Reset spell.]

 Elder: You can also find Reset on the Skill ring.  Press Select then up or
        down on the control pad.

 Elder: Whenever you see arrows like those on the cliff on the right, you can
        jump down. Give it a try.

 Elder: The next door will be opened when you defeat all the monsters.

 Elder: When you can't find any devices or tricks, one way to solve the problem
        is to defeat all the monsters.

 Elder: Press the B button to swing your sword. You can cut grass using the 

 Elder: Sometimes switches are hidden under the grass.  Why don't you try to
        find one?

 Elder: Press the A button to pick up and put down the vase.

 Elder: This is a unique skill. Press the control pad while pressing the R
        button to change direction without moving.

 Elder: You need this skill to change direction when there's nowhere else to

 Elder: Don't forget how to use the R button.

 Elder: Let's see. What do you think will happen if you put the pot on that
        slate? Why don't you try?

 Elder: Well, I guess I've finished the lesson. Of course, you have only begun
        to learn.

 Elder: To get through many dungeons, you must try many different things.

 Elder: It's not easy to do, but I'm certain you'll make it. Well, I must be 

-The shop in Elcid

 Tia: Hey Maxim. I was about to have dinner. Would you care to join me?

 Maxim: Love to.

 Tia: I made something special, Maxim! Wait a minute, ok!?

 Tia: Ta-daaaa! It's fish pot pie made of 'navaroa', the phantom fish!

 Maxim: Hmm, so this is navaroa, huh!? I've heard of it before but never seen

 Tia: I know! I've never seen it either. What's it taste like, I wonder? Let's
      dig in.

 Maxim: Well, let's see.

 Tia: How is it?

 Maxim: We...well...aaah...what shall I say? Hmm...I mean...um...Tia, why don't
        you try some?

 Tia: I will. Here goes.

 Maxim: And?

 Tia: This...is pretty bad, that's what this is!

 Maxim: You think so too? It's not your cooking, it's the fish, don't you 

 Tia: Why is this called the phantom fish, then?

 Maxim: Because it tastes so bad that nobody eats it. Something like that.

 Tia: Oh, I'm so disappointed. I wanted to cook something really tasty for you.

 Maxim: Well, maybe it's not that bad if you cover it with lemon or something.
        See, it's not bad.

 Tia: Well, I guess you could eat it that way.

 Maxim: See? It's already tasting better.

 Tia: Yeah, you're right. How odd. Maybe that's why it's called the phantom

 Maxim: Well, it at least brought us a cheerful evening. Ha, ha, ha!

 Tia: I guess so. Well, I'm stuffed. Let me get some tea.

 Tia: Here you are.

 Maxim: Thanks.

 Tia: Say, Maxim?

 Maxim: Yeah?

 Tia: Why...are you always in battle?

 Maxim: Why do you ask such a thing all of a sudden?

 Tia: You're the only one fighting monsters. Not many people fight to live. Why

 Maxim: I've been fighting ever since I can remember. I've never asked myself

 Tia: I've never met anyone quite like you before...

 Maxim: ...Well, thanks for dinner. I'll make it up to you sometime.

 Tia: Don't worry about it. It's no fun to eat alone anyway. Join me again
      sometime, ok?

 Maxim: I'd love to! Eating is something I do very well, you see. Well, bye!


 Man: Bad news, everyone!

 Daisy: What is it?

 Man: A horde of monsters appeared in the cave on the way to Sundletan!

 Boy: Are you sure about that?

 Daisy: That's horrible.

 Girl: Daisy, will monsters come to this city, too?

 Daisy: Well, I don't think they will, but...

 Man: Unfortunately, that's not the only problem we've got on our hands.

 Boy: What do you mean?

 Man: The monsters have closed the door at the back of the cave. We can't get
      to Sundletan without the key.

 Boy: That's not good...

 Elder: So, does anyone have any ideas about what we should do?

 Man: Well...No, I don't...

-Cave to Sundletan

 Lizardman: I won't give you the key to the door!

 [Gets the key to the door.]

 Maxim: {I don't get it! How could the lizard men be smart enough to steal the

 Maxim: {Besides, why should the lizard men steal the key? They gain nothing by
        disrupting human life.}

 Maxim: {I just don't get it. This has never happened before!}

 Iris: Do you wish to know why, Maxim?

 Maxim: Wh...who are you? How did you know my name?!

 Iris: I can see the future. I know your name and why you come here.

 Maxim: Who are you?

 Iris: Never mind. Don't you want to know why monsters are smarter and
       attacking humans?

 Maxim: Do you know why?

 Iris: Are you aware of the ball of red light that appeared a couple of days

 Maxim: Yes.

 Iris: Everything that's happened has been because of that light.

 Maxim: What!? I can't believe that a ball of light has that kind of power.

 Iris: I understand your doubt. It is incredible, but true.

 Iris: But time has begun to change. Now a mere wave, later a gigantic swell of
       an attack on humanity.

 Maxim: That's ridiculous! Why are you telling me this?

 Iris: Because...you have the power, the power to confront that swell.

 Maxim: Me?

 Iris: Yes, you.

 Maxim: Wait a minute. It's true that fighting is my job, I know. But I don't
        have such great power.

 Iris: ......

 Maxim: What is this ball of light anyway? Is it monster of human?

 Iris: ......

 Maxim: I need to know! What can I do against this humongous enemy of all

 Iris: It's not just you. There are others in this world who can confront this
       evil power.

 Iris: You're destined to go on a journey to meet those people and fight
       against evil.

 Maxim: A journey...to fight?

 Iris: That's right. When that ball of light appeared, your destiny was sealed.

 Maxim: {Will that ball of light really bring misfortune? And I have the power
        to handle that?}

 Iris: This is all I can tell you.

 Iris: Whether or not you believe me and go on your journey is totally up to

 Maxim: Wa...wait!

 Iris: My name is Iris. I am here to ascertain your future. If you go, we may
       meet again.

-The shop in Elcid

 Tia: Oh, Maxim! Thank goodness, you're here! I had this weird feeling.

 Maxim: About what?

 Tia: Well.., I..I had this feeling that you were going away somewhere...

 Maxim: ......

 Tia: Silly me, It's nothing, forget it. So what was it you wanted today?

-Lake Cave

 Big Catfish: Good. Someone's finally made it this far. Although I never 
              expected anyone so weak.

 Big Catfish: No use fighting. Go home before you hurt yourself!

 Maxim: The earthquake. Is it you who's responsible?

 Big Catfish: I was bored. I created the earthquake hoping someone would come
              to me.

 Maxim: Your earthquake is troubling everyone..Give it up.

 Big Catfish: Well, I'll think about it, only if you beat me! Of course, that
              won't happen!

 Big Catfish: I...I give up...I'll never roll out another earthquake, so please
              forgive me.

 Big Catfish: Perhaps I'll sink under the lake and sleep for a while. Yes,
              that's what I'll do...


 Man: Huh? I thought you went to the Lake Cave.

 Maxim: I did.

 Man: Then you must have missed each other.

 Maxim: Missed who?

 Man: A young woman came here looking for you. I told her you went to the Lake

 Maxim: A young woman? What was her name?

 Man: She took off as soon as I told her, so I didn't catch her name. But she
      was quite a beauty.

-Lake Cave


 Tia: Maxim!?

 Tia: Maxim.

 Maxim: Tia! What on earth are you doing here!?

 Tia: I...I felt like you were going away. And I just...just couldn't help

 Maxim: ......

 Tia: Silly me. You're not going anywhere. Right, Maxim?

 Maxim: ......

 Tia: Oh, no. You are...aren't you?

 Maxim: Yes...

 Tia: But why?

 Maxim: You remember the ball of red light that flew north?

 Tia: Uh-huh.

 Maxim: That light has an evil power that could lead to world destruction.
        That's what I was told.

 Tia: World destruction? I can't believe that.

 Maxim: But it's true that monsters are increasing and have begun attacking

 Tia: Even if that's true, why do YOU have to go!?

 Maxim: The same person told me that I have the power to shatter that ball of
        evil light.

 Tia: It's...it's true that you're stronger than most, but still...

 Maxim: I just want to know, Tia.

 Tia: Know...what?

 Maxim: Ever since I was born, I've known swordsmanship. No one taught me. I
        just knew.

 Maxim: Why do I have this ability? What am I supposed to use it for? I have to

 Tia: So...you're not going to change your mind...are you, Maxim?

 Maxim: No...I won't be able to see you for a while.

 Tia: That's not true.

 Maxim: What?

 Tia: 'Cause I'm going with you.

 Maxim: What!? No way. I can't take you with me, Tia!

 Tia: Hey, did I beg you to take me? I run a weapons shop. I know how to fight!

 Maxim: Wait, Tia! Don't walk around so fast, it's dangerous!

 Tia: I know that!

 Maxim: Tia!

 Maxim: Are you crazy!?

 Tia: Thank you, Maxim. I...I'm so sorry, but I...I...

 Maxim: Alright Tia. Let's go together. But don't be so rash!

 Tia: Ok.

 [Tia joins the party.]

-Alunze Throne Room

 [Your Majesty!!!]

 Berty: The...The Crown!!

 King: What is it!?

 Berty: I just learned that this crown is an imitation!

 Guard 1: This can't be true!

 Guard 2: The way it shines...it must be real.

 Man 1: The guards on the crown were the best!

 Man 2: It's impossible for anyone to switch crowns!

 King: Wha...what's going on?

 Berty: I have called an expert. I'll have him examine the crown right away!

 King: Very well. Do it immediately!

 Berty: Yes, Your Majesty!

 Man 1: Hold on, there!

 Man 1: I've never seen you before. What's your outfit, soldier?

 Berty: ......

 Man 1: What is it? Cat got your tongue?

 Berty: Dribbles, drubbles, I see you noticed, eh?

 Man 1: What the...!?

 Berty: Welly well well! 'Tis I, Berty, world renowned thief!

 Bart: And I, as welly well. 'Tis bart, Berty's first apprentice! Greetings.

 Man 1: What!? Who are you guys!

 Bart: Ah, ah! Don't move!

 Bart: I assume all of you can see this boomin' bomb well now, eh?

 Berty: What are you waitin' for, Bart? Lets party arty, eh!

 Bart: Righto, Berty!

 Guard 1: Waaah!

 Man 1: Oh no!

 Guard 2: Put it out!

 Man 2: Bu..but!?

 Berty: Ha! Ha! Ha! Watch out folks, the big one's coming!

 Bart: Here it comes...3, 2, 1, BOOM!!!

 Berty: ......

 Bart: ......?

 Berty: What's goin' on, Bart?

 Bart: Huh? It should....

 Bart: I haven't got a clue, Berty.

 Berty: What're you playin' at, Bart?

 Berty: Hmm! I'm a great and generous kind of thief. I'll let you go this time!

 Bart: Welly well done! You hurt Berty and me something terrible! But no more.
       Gone! Poof!

 Man 1: ......

 Man 2: ......

 King: Wha...what are you doing! Do something! What if this spreads outside the

 Man 1: Yes, Your Majesty!

-Alunze Castle

 Maxim: Are you alright?

 Guard: Two..two men suddenly..th..the bomb...

 Maxim: Threw a bomb at you?

 Guard: No, no. The bomb exploded before they threw it!

 Guard: Fragments struck my head and I passed out.

 Guard: But, how could they survive the explosion anyway...?

-Alunze Castle Basement

 Tia: Maxim, look! Those two guys!

 Maxim: You! Don't move!

 Berty: I applaud your efforts in coming this far. But you shouldn't have
        jumped down there, you see!!

 Berty: Ha, ha! Surprised? Weren't expectin' such terrible tricks underground,
        were you?

 Tia: What are we going to do, Maxim!?

 Berty: You ready to swim? The wily water's on its merry way!

 Berty: Alright Bart, do it!

 Bart: Righto, boss!

 Maxim: ......

 Tia: What weirdos.

 Tia: Maxim, look! The crown!

 Maxim: They must have dropped it when they were washed away by their "wily"

 Tia: Whatever happened to them?

 Maxim: I have no idea. How far were they carried anyway?

 Tia: I wonder if they're ok?

 Maxim: I wouldn't worry. They're the type that always comes back to bug you
        over and over.

 Tia: Yeah, you're right.

 [Gets the crown.]

-Alunze Throne Room

 King: You retrieved our crown, did you not? On behalf of the kingdom, I thank

 King: I would like to reward you. What would you like?


 King: Very well. I will reward you with 2000 gold pieces.


 King: What!? The Princess? Well, that's for her to decide.

 King: The woman behind you is glaring at you. Are you quite sure of your

 King: I believe this will cause you much trouble. Why not settle for 500 gold


 King: Wh...what!? You want me as your reward!?

 King: But..No, no. Well, if you insist, I'll think about it...No, of course
       not. I was joking, you see!

 King: Well, why not settle for 1000 gold pieces?


 King: What!? You want nothing? I admire your generosity. I shall reward you
       with 3000 gold pieces.

-Alunze Northwest Cave

 Abel: Oh my goodness...

 Tia: What's wrong? What's your name?

 Abel: I'm Abel. I..I...the key...

 Tia: What's wrong with the key?

 Abel: Eh...ah...

 Maxim: What!? If you want to say something, just say it. You are a man, aren't

 Abel: Ye...yeah...but...uh...

 Maxim: What?

 Tia: Hey, Maxim.

 Tia: It doesn't work that way. He's frightened.

 Tia: Would you tell me what really happened? I'm not going to get upset at

 Abel: {.....}

 Tia: Please.

 Abel: I took out the key to the small shrine to look for stuff in a treasure

 Abel: A huge monster suddenly appeared and I was so freaked I threw the key at

 Abel: And that monster took the key and went inside the dungeon.

 Tia: Ok. I understand. Don't worry. We will find the key for you.

 Abel: Really!?

 Tia: Yes. So promise me you're not going to do this again, ok?

 Abel: I promise.

 Tia: That a boy. Now, this place is dangerous, so go back now.

 Abel: I will. Please be careful.

 Maxim: You're so good with kids, Tia.

 Tia: I'm just prepared, that's all.

 Maxim: Of course.

 Tia: {If only he could understand what I mean by that, I wouldn't be so 

 Maxim: What's on your mind, Tia?

 Tia: Oh, nothing. Let's go, Maxim.

-Alunze Northwest Cave

 Regal Goblin: Who are you?

 Maxim: Didn't you pick up the key a little kid threw at you? We'd like it
        back, if you don't mind.

 Regal Goblin: It's mine now. I'll never let it go!

 [Found Shrine key]

-Shrine to Tanbel

 Hilda: Thank goodness. You found the key. Now I can go back to Tanbel.

 Hilda: Oh! If you are ever in Tanbel, please stop by. We run an inn there.

 Hilda: I'm Hilda. We'd be pleased if you'd stay at our inn for free next time
        you come.

 Hilda: Well then, I must be on my way.

 Hilda: Oops, I guess I forgot to have you open the door.

 [Uses the small shrine key.]

 Maxim: Go ahead.

 Hilda: Thanks for all your trouble. Goodbye.


 Hilda: Oh, you came to Tanbel. Let's see...I guess I haven't got your names.

 Maxim: I'm Maxim. And this is Tia.

 Tia: Hello!

 Hilda: Thank you so much for what you did at the small shrine.

 Hilda: Oh, it's you, brother! I was just about to go and talk to you.

 Guy: Hilda, who are these people?

 Hilda: They found the key when I was in trouble at the small shrine. This is
        Maxim and Tia.

 Maxim: Glad to meet you.

 Hilda: This is my brother, Guy.

 Guy: I hear you helped my sister at the small shrine. Thank you.

 Hilda: Maxim, please stay here today. I'll cook something special for you.

 Guy: That's a great idea. I don't know about her other abilities, but her
      cooking is pretty good.

 Hilda: And just what do you mean by that!?

 Guy: Well, is there anything else you can do really good? I just can't

 Hilda: What are you saying? I manage the inn, cook, clean and even do laundry.
        You can't do anything!

 Guy: I do my own laundry!

 Hilda: Yeah right! If tearing apart the clothes is called doing laundry, you
        do that really well, huh!?

 Guy: ......

 Tia: Ha, ha, ha!

 Hilda: Men! They can't do a thing by themselves, yet act like they rule the
        world. Don't you agree, Tia?

 Tia: Yeah, I know what you mean.

 Maxim: What?

 Tia: Never you mind Ha, ha, ha!

 Guy: In any case, please stay today. Hilda, why don't you go and fix up

 Hilda: Coming right up.

 Guy: I'll be in the square out back training. Why don't you join me later?

 Maxim: Sure. I'd love to.

 Guy: See you then.

 Tia: They're so close. They appear to be nice people, too.

 Maxim: Yeah.

-In the back of Tanbel

 Guy: Hey Maxim! Are you ready to have a little match?


 Guy: Alright. I'm ready whenever you are!


 Guy: Well, let's get to it then!

 Guy: Can I strut all my stuff?

 Maxim: You'd better or you might end up getting hurt.

 Guy: You're that confident, huh!? Ok. Comin' at you!


 Guy: What!? We were just getting to the fun part!

 Man: Guy! Monsters! Monsters are in town!

 Guy: What!?

 Guy: Wha...what the...!?

 Camu: Are you the strongest man around?

 Guy: Who are you?

 Camu: I'll introduce myself after, if you get all my henchmen!

 Maxim: Guy, let's have our match after we take care of these punks, ok!?

 Guy: Good thinking! Let's clean up this scum!

 Guy: Is that it? Whoa...way too easy.

 Camu: What the..? My men! Blast it!

 Guy: Hey, you're next!

 Camu: Rats in your eyes! I'll be back for you!

 Guy: Some interruption, huh. Well, are you ready?

 Boy: Guy!! Some weird man took Hilda away!

 Guy: What!? Hilda? The scumbag!

 Boy: He ran to the Southeast Tower!

 Guy: Thanks!

 Maxim: I'll go with you, Guy!

 Guy: The tower's full of monsters. It's too dangerous, but not for you, I
      guess. Let's go!

 [Guy joins the party.]

-Tanbel Southeast Tower

 Hilda: Gu..Guy!

 Guy: Hilda!!

 Camu: I applaud your efforts to have come this far.

 Guy: You! Why did you take Hilda? What did she ever do to you, huh!?

 Camu: Orders. You see, I had to check out the abilities of certain men. I
       considered your case a while...

 Camu: ...and came up with an idea - kidnapping your sister! You'd do anything
       to save her.

 Guy: That idea will cost you dearly, friend! Pick up your sword!

 Camu: Noisy, aren't we? Now it's time to see your real strength!

 Camu: It is mo...more than I...had expected. Guy, and...Maxim?

 Camu: But, don't...overestimate yourself...th...the time...will...come...

 Guy: What are you talking about!?

 Camu: This world...will be ruled by...Sinistrals. Soon, just wait...

 Guy: Rules by Sinistrals? What do you mean!?

 Camu: Ha, ha, ha! You people will...never leave here...No need to...know!

 Tia: The door just closed!

 Camu: Ha, ha, ha! You cannot escape!!!

 Guy: Is he trying to bury us with the tower!?

 Maxim: Let's try to open the door! Guy, go get Hilda!

 Guy: Ok!

 Guy: Hilda! Hey, hang on!

 Hilda: Oh...I knew you would come...

 Guy: Of course. We're going to get out of here together.

 Maxim: Magic's stopping the door from opening!

 Guy: This doesn't look good! We haven't got all day!

 Maxim: The door opened!!

 Iris: Please! hurry!

 Maxim: You...you are the one I saw at the cave! But why?

 Iris: There is no time for conversation! I am warping us to Tanbel!


 Guy: Whew, I guess we made it. Hey, Maxim. Who was that woman?

 Maxim: She once told me that I was destined to travel and fight.

 Guy: What a weird woman. Well, she saved us alright. I should thank her...
      Where is she?

 Tia: She's gone.

 Maxim: What...is...she..?

 Guy: In any case, let's go back home. Hilda's a little hurt, too.

 Maxim: Right.

-Tanbel Inn

 Guy: Hilda...

 Guy: Finally slept.

 Tia: How's Hilda doing?

 Guy: She'll live. Wasn't hurt as badly as we thought. But she'll be out of it
      for a while.

 Guy: Hey, Maxim. Who was that woman at the tower? Seemed like you knew her.

 Maxim: That woman. You know, the one who told me I was destined to fight.

 Guy: Just what kind of woman is she, I wonder.

 Maxim: Who knows. But she's good for us. She knows how to get rid of the magic
        cast on that door.

 Guy: Yeah. Anyone who can get to the top of that monster-ridden tower must be
      pretty strong.

 Maxim: That's the way I figure it.

 Guy: So what's your next move, Maxim?

 Maxim: To keep going. I got wind of something that...bothers me.

 Guy: You talking about the super beings out to rule the world?

 Maxim: You got it. If they really exist, I'm going to have to meet them.

 Guy: And what do you do after you...meet?

 Maxim: If this world is their target...I'll have to destroy them, won't I?

 Guy: We're talking super beings here, you know. You can't just walk on them
      like bugs.

 Maxim: Sword to sword, I can win. And you, Sir Guy? Don't you feel the same?

 Guy: Ha! Of course! I won't be ordered about by anyone. Be ruled? No way,
      Maxim. Not me.

 Maxim: So I thought. Listen, we've got to be moving on soon.

 Guy: Huh? Already? Well, I could...Nah. I should take it easy a while longer.

 Jessy: You really want to go, don't you Guy?

 Guy: Jessy...

 Tia: What a beautiful woman she is. Who is she, Guy?

 Guy: Jessy. She's...uh...my...you know...

 Jessy: Can't you say it straight out!?

 Jessy: Hi. I'm Jessy. Guys girlfriend.

 Tia: Why, that's wonderful! Nice to meet you.

 Jessy: Same here.

 Maxim: Sir Guy's girl, huh?

 Guy: What do you mean? Can't I have a girlfriend?

 Maxim: Oh, sure. I didn't mean anything by it.

 Guy: So, Jessy. What did you mean when you asked if I wanted to go...?

 Jessy: You want to go, too, right? It was written all over your face.

 Guy: Well...but, I..

 Jessy: If it's Hilda holding you back, don't worry. I'll take care of her.

 Guy: I would feel better if you were at her side. But, you and I...

 Jessy: Oh, I'll miss you for sure. But you have to do what you have to do. You

 Jessy: {When it's all over, you'll come back to me, right?}

 Guy: {You know I will.}

 Jessy: Go, then. It's ok, Guy. I'm happy for you.

 Guy: Oh, Jessy.

 Tia: They're so close they can trust in each other and wait it out. Now that's
      true love.

 Maxim: {That's because one follows the other's lead, sort of supports...}

 Tia: Maxim! What on earth are you thinking?

 Maxim: Oh! Uh...nothing, nothing at all.

 Tia: Well, I should tell you I'm not a waiting around type of woman.

 Guy: Maxim! I can go! I want to meet that super being. You'll let me in,

 Maxim: You sure about this? I mean, it's a very dangerous journey.

 Guy: Dangerous journey? Is that all you can tempt me with?

 Maxim: Sir Guy...

 Guy: You have to drop this Sir stuff. I mean, I'm part of the team now. We're
      equals, ok?

 Maxim: I understand.

 Guy: No, no. You don't have to be so prim and proper. I mean, you can say,
      like, "Got it."

 Maxim: Got it. Ok, then, let's get going, Guy!

 Guy: Let's do it, Maxim! Outta here, Tia!

 [Guy joins the party.]

-Clamento, Rochy's House

 Rochy: I'm Rochy, the richest man in this village.

 Rochy: I understand you are warriors. Have you ever gone to the North Cave?

 Maxim: No, but why do you ask?

 Rochy: Rumor has it there's an apple-shaped ruby there, but I can't get to it
        because of the monsters.

 Rochy: I just have to have the Ruby Apple. If you happen to find it, would you
        sell it to me?

 Rochy: Of course, I will pay whatever you ask. I'm not stingy, I just know how
        to use money.

 Rochy's Wife: Honey, that glass shop hasn't paid the rent yet. They're always

 Rochy: What, again!? I told them one more delay and they're out.

 Rochy's Wife: What shall we do?

 Rochy: Hmm, let's see...Oops. Sweetheart, don't bring up such things in front
        of our guests.

 Rochy's Wife: Why not? I don't see anything wrong with speaking the truth.

 Rochy: H-ha, ha! Now isn't there something you should be doing out back,

 Rochy's Wife: Alright, alright.

 Rochy: Excuse me. How embarrassing! Ha! Ha! Ha!

-Clamento Glass Shop

 Jaffy's Wife: Hello.

 Tia: Wow, what beautiful glass crafts! Did you make all of these?

 Jaffy's Wife: No. My husband makes all the crafts.

 Tia: Really? Is he here today?

 Jaffy's Wife: No, he's off on a journey. He seeks beautiful things and turns
               them into glass.

 Jaffy's Wife: But he hasn't come back for such a long time. He's never been
               away this long before.

 Jaffy's Wife: I'm sorry, I talk to much. Did you find anything you like?

-Ruby Cave

 Tia: Maxim, look! The Ruby Apple!

 Tarantula: Ha, ha, ha! More idiots fooled by the ruby! Looks like my dinner
            has just arrived!!

 Tia: Maxim, the ruby!

 Maxim: Was it broken in that battle?

 Guy: Wait a minute, Maxim. I thought ruby was a pretty strong gem. It can't be
      so easily broken!

 Tia: What's going on?

 Guy: I have no idea.

 Jaffy: Good heavens! I was caught by a monster and trapped here. I was about
        to be eaten, too!

 Tia: Why did you come to such a dangerous place? You don't appear to be an
      explorer or anything.

 Jaffy: I'm a glass craftsman. You see, I can't make a living just by making
        glass crafts.

 Jaffy: I really needed money during my trip and heard there was an enormous
        treasure in this cave.

 Jaffy: So I came here. But as you can see, I got caught. I guess I'm not cut
        out for treasure hunting.

 Jaffy: I'd love to give you something for saving me, but I have only this.
        Will you accept it?

 Tia: Tha...that is...!?

 Jaffy: I found this lovely red glass during my trip. So I made this out of it
        just for fun.

 Jaffy: I made two and sold one in the city. You seem to know about this.

 Tia: You're kidding. Wait a second.

 Jaffy: This, this is the glass ruby I made. But why is this here?

 Tia: This is the treasure you were talking about. The Ruby Apple!

 Jaffy: What!? Wait a minute. This is just glass, it's not ruby.

 Tia: When was it you sold that glass apple?

 Jaffy: At the start of my journey, a long time ago.

 Guy: I don't know how this apple got here, but it became THE treasure talk of
      the town.

 Tia: How's that possible? Jaffy, who did you sell this glass apple to?

 Jaffy: To a rich guy in Narcysus. He treated me great when I told him I ran
        the glass shop in Clamento.

 Jaffy: I've known other rich people, but this guy was nice, not like Rochy.

 Guy: In any case, we got the Ruby Apple. Let's go back and get the money from

 Tia: But this isn't a ruby, it's just glass.

 Guy: Look at the apple closely. Can you tell the difference?

 Maxim: That's right. We found the Ruby Apple in this cave. That's the truth.

 Tia: Maxim! I never thought you would say such a thing.

 Maxim: It's ok. If Rochy thinks it's a real ruby, then there's no problem,

 Maxim: If he believes it's a real ruby, it means it's worth that much.

 Guy: Yeah! I can't wait to hear what he says when he takes a look at this!

 Maxim: Yeah. Alright, let's go back to Clamento.

 Jaffy: I'll go back, too. Thanks for everything.

 Tia: Can you go back by yourself alright?

 Jaffy: Yes. And please take this apple.

 [Gets the Ruby Apple.]

 Jaffy: I'll go back to the village. Thanks.

-Clamento, Rochy's House

 Rochy: Oh, yes. This is it! The Ruby Apple! You did it! You found it!

 Rochy: Thank you so much. This is to show my appreciation. Please, take it.

 Tia: Oh my! Are you sure? This is a lot of money.

 Rochy: Never mind, never mind. I don't hold back when it comes to quality! Ha!
        Ha! Ha!

 Tia: But that is...

 Maxim: Tia.

 Maxim: Well, we've got to go now.


 Tia: Is that really ok, Maxim? That's a lot of money.

 Maxim: It just tells us how good Jaffy's work is, that's all.

 Tia: But...

 Maxim: Don't worry about it. Let's go.

-Clamento Glass Shop

 Maxim: Hello, Jaffy!

 Jaffy: Oh, it's you, Maxim.

 Maxim: Yes. I wanted to give you this.

 Jaffy: What? Money!?

 Maxim: That's how much Rochy paid for your glass apple.

 Jaffy: Bu...but I gave you that apple. I can't except this.

 Maxim: That's alright. This money belongs to you.

 Jaffy: Bu...but...

 Maxim: If it makes you feel better, why not sell me this? The money will cover
        it, right?

 Jaffy: Maxim...thank you so much.

 Maxim: Don't mention it. Well, we've got to go now.


 Tia: Maxim, you were planning to do this right from the start, weren't you?

 Maxim: Well, yeah. By the way, here Tia. Take it.

 Tia: You're giving it to me?

 Maxim: Well, I can't wear it!

 Tia: Thank you, Maxim. What a lovely thing to do!

 Guy: Such a simple thing makes her so happy. She's like a little girl.

 Maxim: Yeah. But I don't know if coming with me will make her happy.

 Guy: Well...that's something she'll decide, isn't it?

 Maxim: I guess. Hey, Tia. We're leaving soon.

 [I'm coming!]


 Tim: Hey Lemmy. Let me show you something interesting.

 Kim: Look!

 Lemmy: Eek! A snake!

 Tim: Ha, ha, ha! Look again! It's just a rope!

 Kim: You're such a crybaby, Lemmy! Hee, hee, hee!

 Lemmy: Whaa! Sniff, sniff!

 Selan: Hey, you boys! You're supposed to be nice to girls!!

 Tim: Oh no!! It's Selan!

 Kim: Run!!

 Lemmy: Selan...Whaaa! Whaaa! Sniff, sniff!

 Selan: Stop crying, Lemmy.

 Lemmy: But...but...

 Selan: Listen, Lemmy. It's not right for them to bully you, but girls
        shouldn't cry so easily either.

 Lemmy: Why...? My daddy said boys shouldn't cry, but girls can.

 Selan: Hey, listen. A woman's tears..mean a lot more than a guy's.

 Lemmy: ...a lot more?

 Selan: That's right. You shouldn't cry easily. Save your tears. Do you

 Lemmy: ...Well...no.

 Selan: You will, when you grow older. I have to go back to the castle. Don't
        cry, ok!?

 Lemmy: ...Alright.

-Parcelyte Castle

 Selan: Here I come!

 Soldier: I'm ready, Commander!

 Selan: That's it? That's all you can do? You really think you can protect the
        castle like that?

 Soldier: Forgive me, Commander!

 Selan: Well, you're improving. You'll just have to keep practicing, that's

 Soldier: You really think so, Commander? Thanks you, I will!

 Selan: Right, I think that's all of you. I'll be in my room. Call me if you
        need me.

 Soldier: Yes, Commander!

 Guy: She's pretty good, huh! Don't you think so, Maxim?

 Maxim: What? Well yeah...I guess.

 Guy: Her skill is one thing, but the way she looks--whew! You don't see such a
      pretty woman so often.

 Maxim: I guess not.

 Tia: Men! One look at a pretty face and you're jellied! And what's Jessy going
      to think, Guy?

 Guy: Wait a minute, Tia. Don't be so cruel. You know I think you're much
      prettier, so please!

 Tia: Too late, kiddo. I'm not going to buy that!

 Maxim: Come on, Tia! That's enough.

 Tia: What do you mean? You were the same. Your tongue was about to hit the

 Maxim: That's not true!

 Tia: Well, alright. I guess I thought she was pretty, too.

 Guy: I don't think I've ever seen such a strong woman.

 Maxim: Yeah, me neither...

-Parcelyte Castle Throne Room

 King: Oh, would you happen to be Sir Maxim!?

 Maxim: Yes, I am Maxim. But how did you know my name, Your Majesty?

 King: I heard from the king of Alunze that you had recaptured the stolen

 King: I heard that you'd gone on a journey. I hoped you'd visit my country,
       too. Welcome.

 King: Knowing your skills, I have a favor to ask. Will you accept?

 King: You will? Excellent! It's rumored that the Treasure Sword is hidden in
       a fortress up north.

 King: The problem is that monsters live there, so no one can get in.

 King: With your abilities, I believe you could defeat the monsters and find
       the sword.

 King: Of course, I will reward you for your efforts, should you succeed. Do
       you accept?

 King: Excellent! Wait for a moment. Oh...Zepel!

 Zepel: Yes, Your Majesty.

 King: Bring Selan here.

 Zepel: Yes, Your Majesty.

 Selan: Your Majesty.

 King: Selan. I'd like you to go with Maxim to the North Fortress.

 Selan: The North Fortress? Is it about the treasure sword, if I may ask?

 King: Yes.

 Selan: If I may. My troops and I can find the sword. I don't believe we need
        the help of a traveler.

 King: Listen, Selan. I know you are a strong warrior. But because of this, you
       tend to act on your own.

 King: Remember, people must help each other. Two heads are always better.
       Understand this on your journey.

 Selan: I'll only say it one more time. I order you to search for the sword
        with Maxim.

 Selan: Bu...but, Your Majesty!

 King: Do you dare disobey me?

 Selan: No, Your Majesty! I will go with Maxim and pursue my mission!

 King: As you see, Maxim, Selan will go with you. Any problems with that? You
       may lead the party.

 Maxim: I don't have any problems with that, Your Majesty.

 King: Very well! Selan, this is a great chance to experience being under
       another’s command.

 King: Well then, I wish you all the luck in the world!

 Selan: You're Maxim, right?

 Maxim: Yes.

 Selan: How about the others?

 Maxim: This is Guy. We met in Tanbel and have been traveling together ever
        since. And this is Tia.

 Tia: Hi. Nice to meet you!

 Selan: Maxim. Let me just say one thing. I haven't accepted you yet.

 Selan: The King ordered me to follow your lead, so I will. But that's all you
        can count on.

 Maxim: You're pretty straightforward, aren't you?

 Selan: I intend no offense but, yes, I tend to speak my mind.

 Maxim: Well, that's alright. I know you don't like this situation. But what
        can I do to gain your trust?

 Selan: Strength is not the answer, I can tell you that.

 Maxim: Hmm, tough, huh!?

 Selan: ......

 Guy: Hey, that's enough! Selan, right? Welcome to the party! We'll find the
      sword together.

 Selan: Of course. That's my mission.

 Guy: Mission, huh? That sounds awfully serious. But anyway, good to have you
      on board.

 [Selan joins the party.]

-Treasure Sword Shrine

 Pierre: I'm not going to let you go any further!

 Pierre: I wonder if you can really defeat me?

 Maxim: No! This can't be true! I defeated you!?

 Pierre: Ha, ha, ha! Your power is not enough to defeat me. Get out of my face!

 Daniele: I wonder if you can really defeat me?

 Maxim: No! This can't be true! I defeated you!?

 Daniele: Ha, ha, ha! Your power is not enough to defeat me. Get out of my

 Selan: Wait a minute, Maxim. There's something wrong with those monsters.

 Maxim: Did you notice something?

 Selan: I mean it's strange that they look exactly the same and say exactly the
        same thing. It may be...

 Maxim: May be what?

 Selan: They may be one monster split into two. If that's the case, there's no
        use fighting with only one.

 Guy: You mean get two at once?

 Selan: Yes.

 Maxim: Then, we'll have to split up into two teams.

 Selan: I'll do it alone.

 Maxim: I don’t think so.

 Selan: My people should handle this investigation. I feel so bad asking for
        your help.

 Maxim: Selan. We've been investigating together. Do you think we're total

 Selan: Well, ah...

 Maxim: I admit you're strong, but I cannot let you fight by yourself.

 Selan: ......

 Maxim: Guy.

 Guy: Alright. I'll fight with her.

 Maxim: Is that ok, Selan?

 Selan: Alright, you win.

 Guy: Ok, then see you later.

 Maxim: I'm counting on you, Guy.

 Guy: You're doing the right thing!

 Pierre: You never give up, do you? I will really fight this time!

 Pierre: Whoooaa! This can't be happening!

 Maxim: Selan, you were right. But how did you know about the two monsters?

 Selan: I heard a rumor about a monster that could split itself in two.

 Selan: That monster can be revived as long as the other half is alive.

 Selan: Some say the only way to defeat that monster is to get both halves at
        the same time.

 Maxim: Is that right? I've never heard that before.

 Selan: I've been exposed to battles as long as I can remember. I know many
        such stories.

 Selan: Well, let's go. The Treasure Sword should be through this door.

 Guy: Tia...

 Tia: I'm ok. I'm not going to give up yet. Let's go!

 [Found Treas. sword]

-Parcelyte Castle Throne Room

 King: Oh yes! That's it! The Treasure Sword, indeed! you are as I've heard, a
       great warrior indeed!

 Maxim: I couldn't have done it without Selan. We made it only because she knew
        the monsters' weaknesses.

 Selan: That's not true. What I knew wasn't important. We owe our success to

 King: Fine, fine. In any case, an excellent job. I shall reward you with the
       treasures in the basement.

 King: I will tell the gatekeeper you're coming so you can get in anytime.

 Soldier: You...Your Majesty! A terrible thing has happened!

 King: What is it!?

 Soldier: I just learned that someone demolished our neighboring city of

 King: Can this be true!?

 Soldier: I can't confirm details yet, but it seems a man appeared and
          destroyed the entire city!

 King: What!? A single man? How can that be?

 Selan: Your majesty, let me find out what happened!

 King: Hmm...but the man might come to my land. I'd rather you stay and keep an
       eye on our guards.

 Selan: I'll take only three soldiers. That way, there will be enough guards to
        protect our land.

 King: What!? Only four of you? That's too dangerous. I can't allow it!

 Maxim: Your Majesty. With your permission, we could go with Selan...

 King: That would be excellent! But...well, no. I can't burden you with so

 Maxim: We were leaving for the next city anyway. I'm also curious about this
        villain with such power.

 King: Hmm...well, if you insist. That would make me feel Selan is safe.

 Selan: Your Majesty! Allow me, but we cannot keep asking Maxim for help.

 Maxim: Lady Selan. Would we be in your way?

 Selan: No, it's not that. It's just...

 Maxim: Well then, I see no problem. Besides, you were going by yourself
        anyway, weren't you?

 Selan: What do you mean?

 Maxim: You know that this will be a very dangerous trip. I mean, you might not
        make it back.

 Selan: ......

 Maxim: Sorry to say, but your soldiers aren't ready for this yet. So you have
        to go alone. Am I wrong?

 Selan: ......

 King: Selan. It seems Maxim knows everything. I trust it will be ok with you

 Selan: Yes, Your Majesty.

 King: Very good. Maxim, please look after Selan.

 Maxim: Yes, Your Majesty.

 Selan: Maxim, I don't understand. Why are you doing this? It's not even your

 Maxim: The truth? I want to know about the destroyer. My destiny is 
        to...fight. Fight someone...

 Selan: Your destiny?

 Maxim: A woman in a cave told me this. I don't know if I believe what she
        said, but something disturbs me...

 Selan: I see. I've been in the midst of battles since I was a child. I
        understand what you mean.

 Maxim: Anyway, who's going to lead the party? Considering the situation, you
        should lead.

 Selan: I don't think so. I want you to be the leader.

 Maxim: Are you sure?

 Selan: I was astonished when you spoke of my soldiers. I couldn't think of
        another's troops like you.

 Selan: I want to be under your command and watch what you do.

 Maxim: Can I take that to mean that you're starting to trust me?

 Selan: I guess you could say that. But only a little.

 Maxim: Tough, huh!?

 Selan: That's right.

 Guy: I guess we're ready. To Gordovan, shall we?

 Selan: Gordovan's west of Parcelyte. We have to go through the small shrine.

 Guy: First, let's get the reward. The king said it's in the basement of the
      castle, right?

 [Selan joins the party.]

-Gordovan West Tower

 Guy: Maxim...

 Maxim: Yes, I sense it too.

 Selan: Be careful...It's strong!

 Gades: Hmm...I don't recognize your energy pattern. Strangers? Traveling
        warriors, perchance?

 Maxim: The destroyed town!? So you're the one...!

 Gades: I expected them at least to put up a fight. They didn't even begin to
        amuse me. Pity...

 Maxim: Why, you!!

 Gades: But you! Now, you seem more the sport. You, what is your name?

 Maxim: Maxim!

 Gades: I am Gades, Master of Destruction!

 Gades: Ah! How irritating! Now witness my true power!

 Maxim: You...you are...

 Maxim: Is everyone alright?

 Tia: Yes.

 Maxim: Once again, you have come to my aid. Thank you.

 Iris: No, it is nothing.

 Selan: Maxim, who is it?

 Maxim: It is the one who told me that my destiny was to travel and fight.

 Iris: I am called Iris.

 Iris: You seem to have found friends, Maxim.

 Maxim: You mean...

 Iris: Yes.

 Iris: Guy. Selan. You, too, are fated to travel and do battle.

 Selan: Me?

 Iris: Yes.

 Selan: But, why me?

 Iris: You also have the power to resist the evil light.

 Selan: Power to resist the evil light...

 Maxim: Iris.

 Maxim: Why...are you traveling?

 Iris: I am looking for answers.

 Maxim: Answers? To what?

 Iris: Time's passing. Everything else is up to you.

 Selan: My destiny is to travel with you...

 Guy: Well, that's that. But what now?

 Maxim: Let's see...

 Selan: Let's return to Parcelyte. We must report this to the King.

 Maxim: Ok.

 Maxim: Tia, what's wrong?

 Tia: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about something...

-Parcelyte Throne Room

 King: I see. Hmm...the villain who destroyed Gordovan was that strong...

 Selan: It is all my fault. I overestimated my ability.

 King: That isn't true. In any case, we have to do something about Gades.

 Selan: Your Majesty. With your permission, I'd like to find out more about
        Gades. Of course, I'll go alone.

 King: Hmm. I guess we shouldn't rely on Maxim so much...

 Soldier: Is there a Guy, here?

 Guy: What is it? What do you want?

 Soldier: A messenger from Tanbel is here. He says your sister's condition has

 Guy: What!? Hilda!

 Maxim: Guy, go back right away!

 Guy: Bu...but, Gades is so powerful...I can't just leave you guys like this.

 Maxim: What Hilda needs most right now is for you to be with her.

 Guy: That's true, but....

 Maxim: Besides, don't worry about us. I know someone who can help us.

 Guy: You mean...Could that by any chance be...?

 Maxim: Your Majesty, might I ask for Selan's help? Of course, we'll help her
        find out more about Gades.

 King: Oh, that's excellent! Yes, yes, that sounds very good indeed. Is that
       alright with you, Selan?

 Selan: Yes, Your Majesty...

 King: I shall entrust you and Maxim to investigate Gades.

 Selan: Yes, Your Majesty.

 Maxim: Well then, Your Majesty. By your leave, we'll be off.

 Guy: Well, I'll go back to Tanbel, then.

 Tia: I hope Hilda is ok...

 Guy: Hey, she's my sister. She won't give up so easily. Besides, Jessy is with

 Tia: Yeah, that's right.

 Guy: Maxim. I'll be back. Don't get knocked out until then, ok?

 Maxim: Hey, who do you think you're talking to!?

 Guy: I know, I know. You're the man. Well, see you guys!

 Tia: Hilda will be ok, right?

 Maxim: Of course.

 Selan: Maxim...

 Maxim: Before we go on, Selan, tell me the truth.

 Selan: The truth?

 Maxim: Are you coming with us because the King asked you to?

 Selan: No, that's not it. I'm also curious about what that woman said to you
        in the cave.

 Maxim: You mean, "Your fate is to fight on your journey"?

 Selan: Yes. Besides, I just can't let Gades beat me and do nothing. I've got
        my pride.

 Maxim: So...you think you can beat Gades?

 Selan: True, his power is awesome. But if I could actually face him with my
        sword, I think it's possible.

 Selan: Maxim. I know you feel the same.

 Maxim: Yes.

 Selan: That's what I thought. That's why I decided to go with you.

 Maxim: You trust me more now?

 Selan: Well, yeah. But not completely, no.

 Maxim: Whew, tough, aren't you? Well, shall we, then?

 Selan: Yes! Let's go through the tower and head for Merix village. The tower
        barrier should be gone by now.

-Cave Bridge

 Tia: There's nothing in this room...

 Selan: There's something really fishy about this emptiness...

 Tia: Isn't there a trick or something somewhere?

 Maxim: Hey, Tia. Don't walk around so carelessly.

 Tia: I'll be fine.

 Maxim: Tia!!

 Selan: Oh my goodness! Let's go find her, quick!

 Maxim: Darn it! I can't find the stairs to go down!

 Selan: We should just go from here! We don't have time to look for the stairs!

 Maxim: What the..?

 Selan: Tia! Watch out!

 Selan: Whew. That was really close. Are you alright?

 Tia: Ye..yes. I'm fine. Thank you.

 Selan: That's ok.

 Maxim: Tia! Are you ok?

 Tia: Yes, I'm fine. Selan saved me.

 Maxim: Thank you Selan. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't
        jumped down right away.

 Selan: No, actually I reacted very carelessly. It was ok this time, because
        nobody got hurt.

 Maxim: Yeah, you're right. Don't be so careless in the future.

 Selan: Ok. But if somebody's in danger, I might do it again without thinking.

 Maxim: By the way...what's our next move? I don't see an exit.

 Selan: Let's see...there might be a door hidden somewhere...

 Maxim: Selan!

 Tia: Wait, Maxim!

 Maxim: What's wrong Tia!? We should hurry!

 Tia: You...you're right. I'm sorry. Let's go.

 Maxim: Selan! Are you alright!?

 Selan: Tsk, tsk, Maxim.

 Maxim: Huh!?

 Selan: You just told me not to do such careless things. But you jumped down
        right away.

 Maxim: I...I might have said that but...

 Selan: I'm just kidding. Thanks. I'm glad you came right away.

 Maxim: Anyway, I'm glad you're ok.

 Maxim: Let's go, Tia!

 Tia: {You...Maxim, you're so sweet. It would have been much easier if you'd
      been cold.}

 Maxim: What's wrong, Tia?

 Tia: Wh...what? Oh, I'm sorry. I was just spacing out. Let's go.

 Ugene's Father: All of a sudden, the monsters are gone. Is it you guys who got

 Maxim: Yes. We destroyed the source of the monsters in the basement of this

 Ugene's Father: Amazing! Now I can fix this bridge in a jiff. Won't you stay
                 and watch me work?

 Ugene's Father: I do better when someone's watching. I guess it's in my blood.
                 My whole family's that way.

 Ugene's Father: Anyway, it'll be done in a minute, ok!?

 Ugene's Father: Isn't this great? Ok, I've done my job. My precious daughter
                 awaits me, so I'll see you guys later.

-Bound Kingdom

 Soldier: Wh...who are you!?

 Idura: Ha! Just what do you think you can do, wimps!?

 Dekar: What is it? What's going on? What!? Who are you? Where do you think you

 Idura: So, are you the strongest warrior in this castle? The top wimp?

 Dekar: Not just here, ya big blob. I'm the strongest warrior anywhere!

 Idura: Very amusing...I am called Idura. I was sent here by a certain someone.

 Dekar: "Certain Someone"?

 Dekar: You take orders from someone without a name? Come on, get real!

 Idura: Idiot! I choose to have him remain nameless. I see wit isn't your
        strong suit. Ha, ha!

 Dekar: Enough talk. Why did you crawl out from under your rock to show up

 Idura: You ARE slow. Ok, I'll make it clear. I am here to destroy this
        kingdom. Got that?

 Dekar: ......

 Idura: Flabbergasted, huh?!

 Dekar: Destroy this kingdom? With those silly monsters? Are you joking or just
        bonkers? In your face!

 Idura: Such a stinging tongue! Come, my fiendish friends, TAKE HIM!

 Dekar: Humph! You are one unlucky guy! You wouldn't have done this had you
        known I was here!

 Idura: You! Monsters! What are you doing!? Shut that idiot up!!

 Idura: Ha! Words, words, words. Where is your real strength?

 Idura: What the..!?

 [Yoo, hoo! Up here!]

 Dekar: Ha! This is one of a 100 special tricks I have. This baby here is
        called BlastMaster.

 Dekar: Against this, your monsters are, like...well, zeros, like, even less
        than nothing!

 Idura: Grrr! Don't think you can get away with this! You will pay with your

 Dekar: Hold on!

 Idura: What?

 Dekar: Pay, huh! Pay is something you do when you buy something. You got
        nothing I want to buy.

 Idura: Pest! I'll take no more insults from you. I swear I'll get you! You
        can't hide!

 Dekar: What was he so mad about, anyway?

 Dekar: Well, anyway, nobody in this world can outdo me. Aren't I great,
        really great?

 Maxim: Strong, that's for sure...

 Selan: Well yes..that's true, but...not so smart.

 Maxim: I agree.

 Dekar: Huh? It seems that one tiny monsterette remains.

 Prince Alex: Where is the monster trying to destroy my kingdom!?

 Josef: Your Highness, there it is!

 Prince Alex: Oh, there you are!

 Prince Alex: Very well, Josef. You stay behind. I will get this one!

 Prince Alex: There, Josef! I defeated the monster!

 Josef: Excellent! Excellent indeed, Your Highness! I shall always remember
        your bravery.

 Prince Alex: No need for compliments. As a prince, it is my duty to protect my

 Josef: Oh excellent! I am so moved by your words! They nearly bring tears to
        my eyes.

 Prince Alex: Oh, it's you, Dekar! Did you see that, too?

 Dekar: Your Highness, please do not endanger yourself.

 Prince Alex: Nonsense! Without me, who would protect this land? Dekar, watch
              and be strong like me!

 Dekar: Yes, Your Highness.

 Prince Alex: Good. Josef, I am going back in.

 Maxim: So, he was Dekar...

 Selan: This is one amazing country. ...In every way.

 Dekar: I haven't seen you before. You look like a swordsman. Wait! Are you

 Maxim: Yeah, that's right.

 Dekar: Well! I've heard about you. Seems like you've got yourself quite a

 Maxim: It's nothing, really...

 Dekar: You don't have to be so humble. I always wanted to meet you, and see
        your stuff.

 Maxim: What for?

 Dekar: There's only one reason to meet another swordsman. A duel, Maxim!

 Maxim: Wa...wait a minute. I don't want to fight you right now.

 Dekar: And it was just getting interesting... You're tired right? Fine, fine.
        So, what brings you here?

 Maxim: I want to know about a man named Gades.

 Dekar: Yeah, I've heard of him. He destroyed Gordovan all by himself, right?
        Man, is that for real?

 Maxim: Very real, unfortunately.

 Dekar: I just can't believe there's someone who could destroy a city all by

 Maxim: I know. It's a bit terrifying.

 Dekar: Yeah? I think it's great! I'd love to meet the bum. Of course, I'd take
        him down.

 Maxim: Really?

 Dekar: By the way, I've heard Gades is around.

 Maxim: Are you sure!?

 Dekar: Yes. And Idura, was it? I heard someone sent him here, too.

 Maxim: Are you saying it's Gades who sent him here?

 Dekar: Idura manipulates monsters, right? So Gades has got to be behind it.

 Maxim: ........

 Dekar: Anyway, aren't you going to introduce me to those ladies behind you?

 Maxim: Sure. This is Tia, a childhood friend.

 Tia: Hello! Pleasure to meet you.

 Maxim: This is Selan. She's a Parcelyte warrior. She's traveling with us to
        take out Gades.

 Selan: Hey.

 Dekar: Oh, so you're Selan from Parcelyte. I hear you're tough as nails. I
        didn't know you were so cute!

 Selan: A sweet talker, huh?

 Dekar: Well, I'm great with a sword, and not too bad at soothing words, for
        pretty ears.

 Selan: Ha, ha...Really?

 Dekar: The castle's not much, but make yourselves at home. Hey Maxim, let's
        square off later, ok!?

 Maxim: A straight shooter, isn't he...!?

 Selan: He's too honest. Doesn't he know flattery only counts when it's not

 Maxim: In any case, why don't we go inside the castle?

-Bound Kingdom Throne Room

 Soldier: Your Highness! The evil Idura has escaped to the North Labyrinth.

 Prince Alex: Very well! I shall go there and defeat Idura myself. Josef?

 Josef: Yes, Your Highness.

 Dekar: Your Highness, the North Labyrinth is dangerous. Please leave Idura to

 Prince Alex: I appreciate that. But he's not an ordinary villain. You wouldn't
              make it. I must do this.

 Dekar: You...Your Highness!

 Prince Alex: Don't worry! He's nothing before me! You just wait for the good
              news. Josef, be ready!

 Josef: Yes, Your Highness!

 Dekar: Your Majesty!

 King: I hate to call on you time and again, but would you follow the prince
       again, Dekar?

 Dekar: Of course, Your Majesty. I must say, though, we can't keep doing this

 King: I am aware of that. But it is like a disease, you see. I'm sorry, but
       please be patient with Alex.

 Dekar: Of course, Your Majesty. I'm off to the labyrinth.

 King: By the way, Dekar, I wonder if you could help Alex without...uh...you
       know. Secretly?

 Dekar: I understand, Your Majesty.

 King: Good grief...!

-North Labyrinth

 Idura: Ha, ha, ha! Start saying your goodbyes!

 Maxim: What?

 Idura: I have blocked the spell, Escape. You are trapped. Well, let's begin.

 Idura: I see you can fight a tad. And how about this monster!?

 Idura: Amusing, indeed. But you cannot win. As long as I live, I can send
        monster after monster against you.

 Selan: What're we going to do? There's no end to this battle!

 Maxim: Darn it!

 Idura: Haha, haha, haha, haha!

 [What's so funny!?]

 Idura: Huh?

 Idura: Who are you?

 Dekar: Did you think up that childish trick? You certainly are a wimp!

 Idura: Enough! I will not take your insults any longer!! Take this!

 Dekar: These guys? Not again.

 Dekar: Why don't you stop sending all those stupid monsters and come yourself,

 Idura: Mmm. Destroying you now would be boring. I will return to send you to
        your doom!

 Dekar: Hey, Maxim. You're already here. I entered the labyrinth first, so you
        must have passed me.

 Maxim: Thanks.

 Dekar: No sweat. That wasn't even a fight. Oh, I almost forgot...

 Dekar: Your Highness, are you alright?

 Prince Alex: I am just fine. My apologies, Dekar. Because of me, you had to go
              through all this trouble.

 Dekar: Please. It is you who entered the labyrinth for your country and
        people. Not everyone can do that.

 Prince Alex: But, there was nothing I can do.

 Dekar: With practice, you will become a strong swordsman. And do not forget
        the good you will foster by trying.

 Prince Alex: Dekar, would you teach me swordsmanship?

 Dekar: My pleasure, Your Highness.

 Josef: Oh...wonderful! I have never been moved like this in my entire life!!

 Dekar: Shall we go back to the castle, Your Highness?

 Prince Alex: Yes, let's.

 Dekar: Maxim, I'll take the Prince to the castle. We never should have let
        Idura go.

 Maxim: He'll be back.

 Dekar: Yeah, you're right. I'll take care of him then. By the way, I need to
        talk later at the castle.

 Maxim: Sure.

 Selan: Maybe he's not as dumb as we thought.

 Maxim: Yeah, maybe not.

 Dekar: Maxim...

 Maxim: What happened?

 Dekar: Do you...happen to remember how to open the door in the next room?

 Maxim: Push the pillar and put it on top of the switch.

 Dekar: Oh, that's right. I know I opened it a while ago, but I forgot. Whew!
        Thank you.

 Selan: I think we were right about him the first time around.

 Maxim: He's definitely a little forgetful.

 Selan: But he really cares for Prince Alex.

 Maxim: That's true. The Prince wouldn't trust him so much otherwise.

 Selan: That's really impressive.

 Maxim: So are you, Selan. Many warriors in Parcelyte think the world of you,
        you know.

 Selan: Why, thank you. But that's the warrior in me. The other part...

 Selan: Never mind. Let's go back to Bound Kingdom!

-Bound Kingdom

 Soldier: Oh, Sir Maxim! I've been waiting for you!

 Maxim: What is it?

 Soldier: Gades came here while you were in the labyrinth!

 Maxim: What!?

 Soldier: Gades talked only with the King and left. The King's been waiting to
          see you.

 Maxim: Alright, I'll go and see him right away.

-Bound Kingdom Throne Room

 King: Maxim...glad you came.

 Maxim: Your Majesty, may I ask what you talked about with Gades?

 King: Yes...but it wasn't really a conversation, you see. It was a one-way

 Maxim: Your Majesty, what did Gades say?

 King: A fearful time begins...so he said...He said he would begin by sinking
       Seim Island.

 Selan: What!? He said he would sink Seim Island where Parcelyte is?

 King: He also said he would destroy Bound Kingdom...

 Maxim: Oh no! And what did he ask of Your Majesty?

 King: Nothing. He didn't ask for a thing.

 Maxim: I don't understand!

 King: He didn't ask for anything! In other words, this isn't a threat, it's a

 Maxim: I don't get it. He wants to destroy, for no reason...?

 Dekar: So, that's the whole story, Maxim. You're going with me, aren't you?

 Maxim: Yes...but...

 Dekar: But what?

 Maxim: But I'm not taking Tia and Selan.

 Selan: What do you mean? Parcelyte is in danger. I'll fight with you!

 Maxim: Thank you...but, my answer is no. Not this time.

 Selan: I could really help you in battle!

 Dekar: Hey, Selan. Don't you get it? This battle will be serious business, and
        Maxim knows that.

 Selan: No, I don't. I'm not a decoration. Danger!? Fine! Wasn't that our
        purpose in traveling together?

 Maxim: I'm sorry, but not this time. Besides there are things only you can do.

 Selan: Like...what?

 Maxim: Go back to Parcelyte and tell everyone about this. And then lead them
        to safety.

 Selan: ............

 Maxim: Please. People won't believe such calamity as this unless you tell

 Selan: Ok. I understand. I'll do this time, but it's the first and last time.

 Maxim: Tia, you can understand too, right?

 Tia: No, I can't! I want to go with you no matter how dangerous it might be!

 Maxim: Tia....

 Tia: No, you go. I was just being stubborn. But - promise me you'll return
      alive. I'll be waiting.

 Maxim: I promise.

 Maxim: Selan, please take good care of Tia.

 Selan: I will.

 Dekar: Well? Have you guys settled everything?

 Dekar: Your Highness. I said I would show you my swordsmanship, but destiny
        now calls.

 Prince Alex: But - you always tell me you're the strongest. And now you run
              off and deny me.

 Dekar: I...I...

 Prince Alex: Well, if your words be true, then may victory be yours. We'll
              spar upon your safe return.

 Dekar: Thank you, Your Highness. I won't let you down.

 [What? Whoa, so gloomy!]

 Maxim: Guy!

 Guy: Hey, Maxim. Great to see you again! Whew! I've been out of it way too

 Maxim: Is everything ok with your sister?

 Guy: Sure. She's ok now. She can't really walk around yet, but she's fine. And
      boy can she eat!

 Guy: Jessy said she's worried about Hilda turning into a blimp! Ha, ha!

 Maxim: That's a good worry! So, what brought you back?

 Guy: A letter from the King. He needs my help. So I came as fast as I could.

 Maxim: He wrote? I didn't know.

 Dekar: Hey, Maxim, who's this?

 Maxim: This is Guy. We used to travel together, but his sister got sick so he
        had to return home.

 Dekar: {I see.}

 Guy: {.........}

 Dekar: Pretty good! My name's Dekar. It's nice to meet somebody who can
        actually hold his own.

 Guy: I'm Guy. That was close, you know. If you hadn't been easy on me, one of
      us could have been hurt.

 Dekar: Ha! Ha! Ha! You knew that much, huh? Anyway, welcome to the party, Guy!

 Guy: Good to be on board!

 King: I heard Gades left for the East Tower. I need your help. I know of no
       others who can defeat Gades.

 Maxim: Your Majesty, I've always known I'd fight Gades. And this...this is the
        perfect time.

 Maxim: Guy, Mr. Dekar. Let's get going.

 Dekar: Before we go, Maxim, would you do something about that "mister" stuff?

 Maxim: But...

 Dekar: We're going to get Gades, aren't we? There's no time to be formal.

 Maxim: Alright. Well then, Dekar, let's just get Gades, huh!?

 Dekar: Yeah, that's my man!

 Guy: Yeah! Let's get him!

 Tia: Male bonding - what a touching sight.

 Selan: Gets me right here.

 Tia: Selan - I haven't given up Maxim, you know.

 Selan: Wha...? I...I'm not...

 Tia: Shall we leave for Parcelyte, now?

 Selan: Yes, let's do that.

 Tia: Well, we're off to Parcelyte. Please, Maxim. Please be careful.

 Maxim: Thanks, I will. And you, too, Tia.

 Tia: I will.

 Maxim: Let's move!

 [Guy and Dekar join the party.]

-Ancient Tower

 Maxim: Gades!!

 Gades: You again! You were defeated once. Why do you keep trying? You have no

 Maxim: That remains to be seen!

 Gades: Why do you not cease your senseless resistance? You need only bow down
        before us to live.

 Maxim: You ask the impossible! For you have destroyed whole cities for no

 Dekar: I will bow down to no one!

 Guy: So you beat us once. Don't let it go to your head!

 Gades: You are merely foolish mortals after all. Prepare for the end!!!!

 Gades: How...how can it be? Mere mortals, with such power..!?

 Dekar: The corridor!

 Guy: Oh, no!

 Gades: Now, with Seim Island sinking...I will take everyone in Parcelyte with

 Gades: Ha, ha, ha, ha!!


 Maxim: That voice! Could it be...!?

 Maxim: Tia and Selan! Why have you come here!?

 Tia: I was just so worried about you...I couldn't...

 Maxim: Selan, why didn't you stop her!?

 Selan: I'm sorry...But...I was worried, too...

 Maxim: Well, we've got to get our of here.!

 Dekar: What about you!?

 Maxim: Gades pressed the switch before he died. Something here has to do with
        the sinking. I must find out.

 Tia: I'll go with you!

 Maxim: The corridor's collapsed! You can't cross. The tower's ready to fall!
        Get out while you can!

 Tia: No! I can't leave you behind!

 Maxim: Tia! You have to understand! It's not safe here!

 Tia: No!

 Maxim: Tia!

 Selan: Let's go, Tia.

 Tia: How can you say that!? So it's ok for Maxim to die as long as your
      Parcelyte is safe!?

 Selan: No. That's not true! We can't do anything right now. Don't you realize
        we're in his way?

 Tia: But if something happens to Maxim...

 Selan: Maxim can handle this and you know it.

 Tia: Of course I do!

 Selan: I believe in him. So I'll wait for him in Parcelyte.

 Tia: In Parcelyte...

 Selan: Yes. The Island will not sink. Maxim will stop it from sinking!

 Tia: Selan...

 Selan: Let's go.

 Tia: Ok.

 Guy: Alright. Let's get out of here!

 Tia: Maxim. Promise me that you'll come back. I'll be waiting for you!

 Maxim: I did it!

 Maxim: I never knew there was such a device in this tower...

 Iris: ......


 Maxim: Is this...Parcelyte? How did I get here?

 Selan: Maxim!

 Maxim: What..? Oh, Selan! I guess Parcelyte's ok, then.

 Selan: Yes.

 Maxim: Is everyone alright?

 Selan: Yes. People in the city, Guy, Dekar and Tia, everyone's just fine.

 Maxim: Good. That's a relief.

 Selan: I owe everything to you.

 Maxim: No, that's not true. I couldn't have done it alone.

 Selan: Yeah, I guess. But you're really something.

 Maxim: You finally give me credit, I see.

 Selan: No...

 Maxim: Still?

 Selan: I mean, I have for a long time.

 Maxim: Selan...

 Selan: Maxim...I'm so...It's nice...to see you again.

 Maxim: What's wrong?

 Selan: I knew you were coming back...And I know this is no miracle, your
        standing here...yet...

 Selan: You're here. You're really here. You're not going anywhere again...
        right? I..I..

 Lemmy: Selan, are you crying? You said girls shouldn't cry so easily.

 Guy: It's ok, little lady. It's ok to cry right now.

 Dekar: You ok?

 Dekar: I thought you were in love with Maxim.

 Tia: Yes...I am...But it's ok. You know what? I couldn't cry.

 Dekar: So?

 Tia: My name...Tia, like tear. Because of this, I was always teased and always

 Tia: Maxim always saved me. And one day he said "People tease you because you
      cry so easily."

 Tia: So I tried not to cry, no matter how hard kids teased me. Then they

 Tia: I've never cried since then. And I couldn't even cry when I really wanted

 Tia: Maybe I just can't cry anymore...

 Dekar: You're wrong.

 Tia: Why do you say that?

 Dekar: The time hasn't come when you'll really want to cry.

 Dekar: To be sure, Maxim is a kind man, but you two live in different worlds.
        And you know it.

 Tia: Yeah. I noticed that when Maxim said he was going. It's ok now. I found
      out something at the tower.

 Tia: I'm in love with Maxim, but not Maxim the warrior.

 Dekar: Not the warrior?

 Tia: I chased him to the tower because I was worried. I just didn't have faith
      in him as a warrior.

 Tia: The mere thought that we might never again meet sent me after him.

 Tia: And I put him in danger. But Selan said she'd wait. She believed in him.

 Tia: I waited, too. But, the thought of something awful happening to Maxim
      just kills me.

 Tia: I don't think I can bear feeling this way every time Maxim goes to

 Tia: It's true that I love him even now. But that's why I don't want to be in
      his way.

 Dekar: You're not going to say goodbye to him?

 Tia: No. If I see him now, I may cry. I decided long ago that I'm not going to
      cry so easily.

 Dekar: You will someday. I mean, your tears haven't dried out yet...

 Tia: Thanks...You've really helped, you know. I feel a lot better now.

 Dekar: Humph, I am great at swordsmanship, but I'm also great at cheering
        people up, you know!?

 Tia: Ha, ha! Thanks, really! Tell Maxim, I'll find someone just as good as

-Wedding Ceremony

 Girl: Congratulations, Selan! You look so beautiful!

 Boy1: Madam, Selan. You are, you are really getting married!

 Boy2: Hey, stop crying! This is the happiest day of her life!

 Guy: It's been only a month since Maxim returned. They rushed into a marriage,

 Dekar: Hey, Guy! What about your girlfriend? Isn't she asking you to get
        married, too?

 Guy: Yeah, but women don't understand the adventurous male spirit. Warriors
      don't need women!

 Jessy: So, is that how you feel about us, Guy?

 Guy: Wh...whoa! Jessy! What are you doing here?

 Jessy: I'm here for the wedding. If you really feel that way, I can leave you

 Guy: Hey, now. I was just joking, Jessy. I need you, you know that.

 Jessy: Uh-huh. Sure, Guy.

 Guy: Come on, Jessy! I mean it! I was just joking. Hey! Wait up!

 Dekar: So that's a true warrior, huh!?

 Selan: I guess that's the way they show each other affection.

 Dekar: Hey, Selan! You look really cool in that wedding dress.

 Selan: Thanks.

 Soldier: Commander Selan! Monsters are in the southern part of the castle! We
          need your help!

 Selan: You guys, it's our wedding day! Can't you be a little bit more 

 Maxim: But, Selan. Aren't you hiding your sword under your dress?

 Selan: You know about that, huh? I feel like something's missing without it.

 Selan: But you, too, Maxim. You have your sword, too, right?

 Maxim: Well, this is like a part of me...

 Soldier: Please, Commander!

 Selan: I guess I have to...

 Selan: What do you think, Maxim?

 Maxim: The wedding needs some sort of attraction like this, don't you think?

 Selan: Yeah, I guess so.

 Guy: Oh, Maxim! I heard your off to the battle. I'll join you!

 Jessy: Guy! Whatever happened to that talk about our wedding!?

 Guy: Maxim, Selan. I'll go ahead and meet you guys later, ok!?

 Jessy: Hey wait, Guy!

 Maxim: Shall we, Selan!?

 Selan: Yes, sir!

 Dekar: I thought the idea was to put the knife into the wedding cake and not
        into the monsters!

 Dekar: Well, I guess its their style. I'd better go ahead and give them a

 Cleric: It's their wedding day...

 King: It's alright. They can deal with ordinary monsters easily.

 King: As long as villains like Gades stay away, this world will remain at

 Cleric: Yeah. Thanks to Maxim's risking his life to defeat Gades, we now have
         this precious peace.

 King: Indeed. Maxim's really some guy!

 Cleric: That's for sure.

-In Spring

 Maxim: Hello, I'm home!

 Selan: Hi!

 Maxim: Hmm. Something smells good!

 Selan: Doesn't it! I tried something different today.

 Maxim: Really!? What is it?

 Selan: I deep fried jelly in olive oil.

 Maxim: Heh...? Is it...um...you know...edible?

 Selan: Didn't I just say I tried something different?!

 Maxim: Did it work?

 Selan: Ha, ha...ha.

-In Summer

 Selan: It's really hot...

 Maxim: Yep, it's summer alright.

 Lemmy: Selan, aren't you going to the sea this year?

 Selan: Let's see...Maxim? Are we going to the sea?

 Maxim: The sea, huh!? That sounds good.

 Lemmy: Selan's swimsuit has two parts, top and bottom. And so tiny, too.

 Maxim: Two pieces, huh? Tiny, huh? Hmm....

 Selan: That was last year. You wear something like that when you're young.
        I'll wear the one-piece.

 Maxim: ...Hmm!!

-In Autumn

 Soldier: I...I give up!

 Selan: What!? That's all? It's the perfect season for training. Can't you keep
        it up a little longer?

 Soldier: Ye.. yes sir! I see you're still as strong as ever, Commander.

 Selan: You think so? But I haven't been practicing much since I got married.
        Right, Maxim?

 Maxim: No, but you wave your sword around a lot when we fight. That's scarier
        than a real battle.

 Soldier: So that's her secret. You're probably the only one strong enough to
          be her husband, Sir Maxim!

 Maxim: It certainly isn't an easy job! I get more nervous fighting Selan than
        monsters, you know.

 Selan: You're not implying that I'm worse than a monster, I hope!

 Maxim: Well, sometimes...

 Selan: Maxim!!

 Soldier: Whew, incredible swordsmanship! Really, they are quite a pair!

-In Winter

 Selan: It's almost been a year since we were married...

 Maxim: It's gone by so fast.

 Selan: I know.

 Maxim: Are you...happy, Selan?

 Selan: Can't you tell?

 Maxim: I think I know.

 Selan: Hey...Do you love me?

 Maxim: Do I have to tell you?

 Selan: Yes.

 Maxim: So, you're going to make me say it.

 Selan: I need to hear it sometimes...

 Maxim: Selan...I...

-Maxim & Selan's house

 Aunt: It's a boy, Selan!

 Selan: My...my baby...

 Maxim: Selan!

 Selan: Look, Maxim! It's a boy. He looks just like you...

 Maxim: Good job, Selan. A really good job.

 Selan: Yeah.

 Maxim: We have to name him.

 Selan: I've been thinking about that. How about Jeros?

 Maxim: Jeros...Yeah, it's a good name. Yes, he is our Jeros!

 Selan: Good. I was hoping you'd like it.

 Maxim: A name you chose? Of course I would.

 Selan: Thanks.

-Maxim & Selan's house

 Selan: Hi, my love!

 Maxim: How's Jeros doing?

 Selan: He's sleeping.

 Maxim: I thought so. I couldn't hear his voice from outside.

 Selan: That sounds like I'm always making him cry or something.

 Maxim: well...you're not very good at getting him to go to sleep, are you?

 Selan: Neither are you!

 Maxim: What's that sound?

 Selan: It came from the bedroom. Let me check!

 Maxim: You...you..! You're Idura!

 Idura: I've got your little baby.

 Maxim: What do you think you're doing!?

 Idura: Orders from one up high.

 Maxim: Who!? If it's Gades, he's history.

 Idura: No, no. Not Gades. Too bad you don't know yet.

 Maxim: What are you talking about?

 Idura: Come to the North Lighthouse to find out.

 Selan: Maxim...Jeros! Our baby!

 Maxim: I know. We've got to go to the North Lighthouse.

-North Lighthouse

 Selan: Jeros!

 Idura: You're here...

 Selan: Jeros's ok, isn't he?

 Idura: Don't worry. He's just fine...for now.

 Selan: What did my son ever do to you!?

 Idura: I am under orders from a certain someone to ensure your bloodline
        ceases, Maxim.

 Maxim: My...bloodline?

 Idura: We do not need to talk really, now do we?

 Idura: Don't you move!

 Idura: Once step more and you'll never see daylight again!

 Idura: Oh, I forgot. His fate will be grim, no matter what you try to do. Ha,
        ha, ha!

 Idura: Wh...what!?

 Iris: Maxim, NOW!

 Idura: Aggrrrrh!

 Selan: Oh, my baby Jeros. It's ok now.

 Maxim: Iris...

 Iris: Good to see you again, Maxim.

 Maxim: I began my journey as you told me. I've met many people in many places,
        and I met Selan.

 Iris: ......

 Maxim: I defeated Gades and brought peace to the world. You did mean that I
        was to fight Gades?

 Iris: Exactly. But...your fate has changed.

 Maxim: What do you mean?

 Iris: If you had died when you defeated Gades, peace would have returned to
       the world.

 Iris: But you married Selan and left a descendant.

 Iris: You were supposed to die in that tower. But I...

 Maxim: ......?

 Iris: The flow of time is changing. Even I cannot see the future any more.

 Iris: I can tell you it's time for you to go. To protect your loved ones, you
       must fight again.

 Maxim: Are you saying there is an enemy stronger than Gades?

 Iris: If in fact you have the power to change fate, you will one day know the

 Selan: Maxim...

 Maxim: Selan...is Jeros alright?

 Selan: Yes.

 Maxim: ......

 Selan: You're going, aren't you, Maxim?

 Maxim: I must go to protect you and Jeros.

 Selan: I'm going with you.

 Maxim: No, you can't. You must stay with our son.

 Selan: If I were just an ordinary mother, I could wait with Jeros for you to
        come back.

 Selan: But I am different. I know how to fight! I will fight to protect Jeros!

 Maxim: You may not be able to see Jeros again once you go on.

 Selan: If we can't defeat the enemy, the world will end sooner or later
        anyway. But...

 Maxim: But what?

 Selan: I will come back to Jeros and lead a peaceful life, with you and Jeros,
        in a world at peace.

 Maxim: I knew I couldn't stop you. Ok. The first thing we should do is track
        down Idura.

 Selan: Before that, let's go back to Parcelyte. We can't take Jeros with us.

 Maxim: Alright.

 Selan: Auntie, please look after my Jeros for me.

 Aunt: Don't worry about it, Selan. But, Selan...why you? Why do you have to

 Aunt: My only hope was for you to have the ordinary happiness of a mother, you

 Selan: Auntie, I AM happy. I fight for the people I truly love. What mother
        can do this?

 Aunt: I guess that's another way to look at it. In any case, I'll take care of
       Jeros just fine.

 Selan: Thank you. I'm counting on you.

 Aunt: Selan...You have to come back. Jeros needs you.

 Selan: I know. I know, Auntie.

-Small Shrine to Aleyn

 Guy: Hey, Maxim!

 Dekar: Where are you two going?

 Maxim: Guy! Dekar!

 Guy: Were you just going to go off without saying anything to us? I thought we
      were a team!

 Dekar: Did you really think we wouldn't notice an enemy bigger than Gades
        making a move?!

 Maxim: ......

 Guy: Let me tell you. I'm not going for you. I'm going because I have someone
      to protect, too.

 Dekar: I heard you still haven't married that someone you must protect. Talk
        about slow!

 Guy: Ha! What do you know about love anyway? You don't even HAVE a girlfriend!

 Dekar: My love is my sword!

 Guy: If you ask me, you should stay away from thoughts like that.

 Dekar: Anyhow, I'm going no matter what you say, Maxim.

 Maxim: I know. You two will do whatever you have to do no matter what I say.

 Guy: That's right. Well, shall we, then?

 [Guy and Dekar join the party.]

-Phantom Tree Mountain

 Maxim: What happened?

 Jyad: You don't see so many people in such a place like this. I'm Jyad. How
       about you?

 Maxim: I'm Maxim. I'm after someone on the East Continent, but the ships in
        Aleyn were destroyed.

 Jyad: What!? All the ships destroyed? What about my Margos?

 Maxim: I didn't see any ships at all in the port, so probably...

 Jyad: Darn it! What's goin' on? Well, that makes my coming here worthwhile,

 Maxim: What are you saying?

 Jyad: There's a tree called the phantom tree on this mountain. It's light,
       strong, ideal for ships.

 Jyad: I'm a darn good ship maker, you see. As soon as I get the tree, I can
       make the best.

 Jyad: But the monster ahead is too tough, so I'm stuck sitting here doing

 Dekar: That's easy then. Let us take care of the monster.

 Jyad: Are you sure?

 Dekar: Trust me! But in return, please take us to the East Continent when you
        finish the ship.

 Jyad: Sure. No problem.

 Dekar: We've got a deal!

 Maxim: This might be the one!

 Jyad: Th...this is it...

 Guy: This is a huge tree! Is this it?

 Jyad: Yeah! I’m sure of it!

 Maxim: Do you think you can make a ship out of this?

 Jyad: Sure - the best! Right! I'll go back to the city and organize some help.

 Maxim: Oh, wait!

 Jyad: What is it? I have to go back right away and...

 Maxim: You can go back to the city in a flash.

 Jyad: What?

 Maxim: Would you come over here and stay close to us?

 Maxim: Selan, we are ready.

 Selan: Alright. Warp!


 Jyad: So that's what a "Warp" is.

 Selan: Was that your first time?

 Jyad: Yeah. I don't meet many people who can use spells. My stomach feels kind
       of weird.

 Selan: You're just spell sick. It happens to some people when they get hit
        with one.

 Jyad: Me? Sick? You're kidding! I've never been sick! Even riding out a

 Selan: Ships and spells are different. But you'll soon get used to it.

 Jyad: No thanks. I prefer ships. Oh, that's right. I've got a ship to make.
       I'm off to fetch the wood.

 Jyad: The ship will be done in a couple of days. I'll show you my best work.
       Come back then, ok!?

 Selan: I guess sailors like cruising instead of warping.

 Dekar: I'm so used to warping now that I can't travel around slowly in ships.

 Maxim: But you can't get to places you've never been by Warp. That means we
        must travel by ship.

 Dekar: Hmm...that's true.

 Selan: By the way, Maxim. What are we going to do until the ship is done?

 Maxim: Jyad said a couple of days, so we have to stay in the city until then.

 Guy: Maxim. I just remembered something I have to do.

 Dekar: Me, too.

 Guy: You're not thinking about going out on the town, are you?

 Dekar: Not to show off or anything, but, besides being great and all, I'm good
        good at making friends!

 Guy: No woman in her right mind would befriend you!

 Dekar: Save it until you can see what I can do, alright?

 Guy: Where is this confidence coming from!? You've got nothing to be proud of!

 Guy: Well, Maxim. You heard us. We'll be chillin' around this city for a
      couple of days.

 Selan: Typical males!

 Maxim: ......


 Jyad: Look at this beauty! I did it! It's done. This is my newly born Margos.

 Maxim: Incredible! It's amazing how fast you can work!

 Jyad: It's nothing, really. A piece of cake. Do it all the time...Ha, ha, ha!

 Guy: Oh, it's ready, huh! What good timing! I needed a break from the party.

 Dekar: Yeah, you just don't know how to handle the wild side like I do, huh?!

 Guy: Look who's talking! Who was it that go smacked up side the head by a "new

 Dekar: You don't know how strong she was. She's probably stronger than Gades!

 Guy: Uh-huh. Sure.

 Selan: It's not strength! She just knows how to handle brutes like you.

 Maxim: In any case, Jyad, would you take us to the Ustark Continent?

 Jyad: Why not! And where exactly did you want to go?

 Jyad: You can go to either Narsysus port on Ustark or Gruberik port where the
       Ancient Cave is.

 Jyad: Alright. Let's go to Narcysus!


 Jyad: Here we are in Narcysus.

 Dekar: Huh? What's that flute sound?

 Woman: I...I must go...

 Guy: Wh...what the...?

 Dekar: Hey! What's going on? Where are you going?

 Marsa: North...the North Tower. I must go to the North Tower.

 Guy: The flute has stopped.


 Dekar: Hey, what's happening around here?

 Kreg: I don't know. It's just that all the young woman left the city!

 Kreg: Anyway, I'll try to go after Marsa!

 Guy: Only the young woman have gone. That flute sound stinks.

 Dekar: Yeah, very fishy!

 Selan: But nothing happened to me.

 Guy: I guess it's because you're married.

 Dekar: Only the young single woman, huh. They must want to use their life-force
        for something.

 Guy: Life-force! Then they're in great danger, for sure!

 Dekar: We've got to do something to save them! I'm off.

 Guy: Wait a minute, Dekar! I'll go with you.

 Dekar: No, that won't be necessary.

 Guy: It doesn't matter. I'm going. I can't let you be the hero and not me.

 Dekar: You already have a girlfriend in Tanbel, don't you!?

 Guy: A man in battle needs a little romance!

 Dekar: Oh, come on! Why don't you go ahead and marry her, huh!?

 Selan: I can't take this nonsense. Leave them alone and let's just go
        ourselves, Maxim!

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Guy: Wait up, Maxim. Alright. Let's all go together.

 Dekar: I won't be defeated, you know!

-Tower of Sacrifice

 Guy: Maxim, look! The girls from the city!

 Marsa: Did you come here to save us!?

 Guy: Yeah. As long as I'm here, you have nothing to worry about.

 Emily: We'll be ok now, won't we?

 Kaila: I thought we'd never get out of here.

 Guy: Darn it! It's a trap!

 Idura: It's you folks. I knew you would come.

 Maxim: Idura...

 Idura: Those girls will be used to resurrect Sir Gades. I'll let no one stop

 Maxim: To revive Gades!? Do you have the power to revive Gades?

 Idura: I don't have the power to revive Sir Gades.

 Maxim: Who then?

 Idura: Soon, all will know of the four Sinistrals, for they have begun to make
        their move!

 [Are you still speaking as if you don't know what you're talking about!? I
 just hate that!]

 Idura: Y...you! How did you get here!?

 Dekar: You ladies can relax now. Dekar has come to the rescue.

 Marsa: Are you going to save us?

 Dekar: As long as you believe in me, no enemy can beat me.

 Marsa: Oh, yes! I believe in you!

 Guy: Beware of this sweet talker. His skill is sure, but a thinker he's not,
      with muscle for brain.

 Dekar: Ha! Look who's talking! You're inside the trap and I'm out. Now who's
        the thinker?

 Girl: He's right! I believe in Sir Dekar.

 Dekar: Thank you, thank you so much. You just made me invincible!

 Dekar: Come on Idura. I am perfectly ready!

 Idura: 'Tis my loss. As you are now, there is no way I can win. The girls are

 Dekar: Hmm, since you're a fast learner and since I'm a nice guy, I'll let you
        live. Beat it!

 Dekar: As I promised, ladies, you are safe now.

 Marsa: Oh, Sir Dekar...

 Dekar: Oh, darn it!

 Marsa: .....

 Guy: You’re just not real swift, are you?!

 Dekar: What did you say!? You were the one who fell for the trap!

 Guy: And where do you think YOU are now?!

 Idura: Easy! So easy.

 Guy: I hate it! I just hate to see dumb Idura proud of nothing! Oh, my blood

 Idura: Ha, ha, ha!

 Dekar: Humph! Don't think you're so smart just because you trapped us in this
        shabby cage!

 Idura: The spell Escape is blocked inside the cage. To wit, you cannot get out
        using magic.

 Dekar: So, who needs magic?

 Idura: What do you mean?

 Dekar: Ladies, would you kindly step aside?

 Idura: Waah! Ha, ha, ha! You've finally lost it! Ha, ha, ha!

 Idura: Ha! Forget it! You can't break that!

 Idura: Huh!?

 Dekar: You'd better make your cage a little stronger next time, eh!

 Guy: The game's over. Here we go!

 Idura: Agrrrrh!!

 Dekar: He flees faster than anyone I know.

 Marsa: Thank you so much.

 Dekar: I could do that only because you had faith in me.


 Marsa: Kreg!

 Kreg: Are you alright, Marsa?

 Marsa: Yes, I'm fine. I knew you would come, Kreg!

 Kreg: Of course. Let's go back.

 Man: Emily!

 Emily: I was so scared.

 Man1: You're alright now.

 Man2: Kaila!

 Kaila: I was thinking about nothing but you.

 Guy: Same here...Let's return to the city.

 Lulu: Sir Dekar, thank you so much. Because you saved me, I can...be your

 Dekar: Really? But...


 Lulu: Iyan!

 Iyan: I was so worried about you, Lulu. Are you ok?

 Lulu: Yes.

 Lulu: I'm sorry, Sir Dekar. I forgot I'm already engaged to Iyan. Goodbye!

 Dekar: Men in battle do not need women! My love is my sword!

 Selan: Let's leave him alone for a while. But Maxim...

 Maxim: I know. It's what Idura said, right?

 Guy: The resurrection of Gades and the four Sinistrals on the move, right?

 Maxim: When we fought Gades at the West Tower in Gordovan, he called himself
        a Sinistral.

 Guy: So you think there are three other Sinistrals like Gades?

 Maxim: I don't know. But Idura said that people would soon know about the four

 Selan: They'll finally show themselves to us.

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Dekar: Whether they are Sinistrals or just garbage, I'll defeat them all! I am

 Maxim: Ye...yeah, you're right. Let's go back to Narcysus now, anyway.

-Karloon North Shrine

 Idura: Every time I tried to do something, you were in my way. Now I have no
        place to go.

 Maxim: What are you talking about?

 Idura: Sir Amon will not forgive me anymore.

 Maxim: Amon?

 Idura: One of the four Sinistrals, Master of Chaos. Sir Amon trusted me as his

 Idura: Thanks to you, I have lost his trust.

 Idura: I have nothing to lose. But I cannot let you live! Say your goodbyes!

 Idura: You will not escape this shrine...Ha, ha, ha, ha!

 Maxim: Iris? Why are you here?

 Iris: Idura caught me.

 Maxim: But why you? Why did Idura kidnap you?

 Iris: I do not know. Anyway, thank you so much for helping me.

 Maxim: Well, I'm glad you're ok. Let's get out of this place. Selan, please.

 Selan: Alright. Escape!

 Selan: It's blocked.

 Dekar: It's Idura. He had to do such a slimy thing before he left!

 Guy: We've no choice. Let's walk down.

 Maxim: Wh...what!?

 Guy: The shrine is collapsing!

 Dekar: So this is Idura's final hurrah, huh!? He can be surprising, I guess.

 Selan: Come on, we have to do something. Escape's blocked, for heavens sake!

 Dekar: What can we do?

 Iris: There must be some sort of device which is blocking the spell.

 Dekar: How do you figure that?

 Iris: Idura is dead, but magic works. That means something must be generating
       the magic.

 Dekar: Could be.

 Maxim: Alright. Let's find out what.

 Iris: That ball might be the device!

 Dekar: Alright. All I have to do is break it, huh!

 Iris: Break this ball and Escape will no longer be blocked.

 Dekar: Ok. I'll break it.

 Dekar: Here we go!

 Iris: It's a wild way of doing it, but the blockage seems to be gone.

 Dekar: Well, let's get out of here.

 Iris: Hey, Dekar!

 Dekar: Darn it. I...I wasn't paying attention...

 Dekar: What!?

 Idura: You people are not going back alive!!

 Dekar: You live!?

 Idura: Ha, ha, ha, ha!! FAREWELL!!!

 Dekar: Go, go, go! Get out of here!!

 Selan: Dekar! Hold on! I'll be right there!

 Dekar: No! This shrine's not going to last that long. Go! Go, Maxim!

 Maxim: Do you think I can leave you like this!?

 Dekar: The shrine will be gone before it's over! Iris! Take them back with you

 Iris: Bu...but...

 Dekar: I said GO!!!!

 Iris: Escape!

 Dekar: Idura! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth!


 Maxim: Dekar...

 Selan: No, it can't be true, That Dekar couldn't...

 Guy: He'll be back! Dumb people always make it back alright.

 Iris: I am sorry. I shouldn't have used Escape so soon.

 Maxim: No. If you hadn't used the magic, we all would have been lost.

 Iris: ......

 Maxim: Where are you going?

 Iris: To pray for Dekar...That's the only thing I can do now.

 Guy: What are we going to do now, Maxim?

 Maxim: Continue on our journey. Sinistrals or not, we're going to get them!


 Man: Huh? You must be traveling warriors. You definitely need a ship for the
      rest of your journey.

 Man: There's a ship on sale at a fair price. You can look and talk to the
      seller. Are you interested?

 Man: Good. Follow me.

 Man: Hello. I brought you a customer. Huh? Where did Lexis go?

 Sailor: He must be at the laboratory. So are you the one interested in the

 Maxim: Well, I thought I'd at least take a look.

 Sailor. This is she. Still new, a great bargain, you know.

 Maxim: Why did the owner want to sell such a new ship?

 Sailor: The owner's Lexis Shaia. He's a somewhat unusual guy who calls himself
         a genius inventor.

 Sailor: He's always inventing strange things. Since his inventions cost a
         fortune, he always needs money.

 Maxim: How could he have afforded the ship in the first place, then?

 Sailor: Well, he said he talked a rich person into buying it for one of his
         inventions. Ha, ha, ha!

 Selan: He sounds untrustworthy.

 Guy: Come on. We don't know until we meet the guy. He might be a real genius,
      you know.

 Sailor: Lexis is in the cave north of here. You see, the cave is his

 Sailor: In any case, talk to him directly.

-Lexis Shaia Laboratory

 Lexis: Huh? You're strangers around here, aren't you? But how did you get

 Maxim: Are you Lexis?

 Lexis: That's right. What about you folks?

 Maxim: I'm Maxim. This is Guy and this is Selan. Someone in Treadool told me
        that you're selling your ship.

 Lexis: Oh, so you're interested in buying the ship? That's wonderful.

 Selan: Excuse me for asking, but why are you selling such a great ship?

 Lexis: Well, it might be great, but it's not strong enough to hold this.

 Selan: What's this?

 Lexis: That is an engine.

 Selan: And what's an engine?

 Lexis: Mixed oil and air in a cylinder to generate combustion. The engine does
        this at high speed.

 Selan: {......}

 Lexis: If this runs without problems, the ship can move without wind, you see.

 Selan: Are you serious?

 Guy: Sounds pretty far-fetched to me.

 Lexis: I guess proof's in order. Moment of the century, folks! You'll never
        forget what you witness today!

 Lexis: Ok, here goes.

 Lexis: Ta-daa!

 Guy: Look! The propeller's rotating without wind!

 Selan: Wow! That's amazing!

 Lexis: Ha, ha, ha! Yes, isn't that great. I can even rotate it faster!

 Lexis: Ha, ha! What do you think!?

 Lexis: Ah..ha, ha...

 Selan: He's right. I'll never forget this.

 Guy: I'm going, Maxim.

 Selan: Let's ask Jyad to make our ship.

 Guy: Yeah, that might be better.

 Lexis: Wait a minute. You mean Jyad's building ships...again?

 Maxim: Yes, but what does that have to do with you?

 Lexis: He said he wasn't going to build any more ships until he got the
        phantom tree.

 Maxim: Oh, that. We found the tree for him.

 Lexis: Is that true!? He finally got it!?

 Maxim: Do you know Jyad?

 Lexis: He's the best ship maker there is, and the only one who can make a ship
        for my engine.

 Lexis: But why do you need a ship? You don't seem like sailors to me.

 Maxim: There is an enemy we must defeat and we need a ship.

 Lexis: Is that by any chance the one who destroyed Gordovan and tried to sink

 Maxim: How do you know about that!?

 Lexis: My kymograph moved.

 Maxim: Kymograph?

 Lexis: We all radiate energy. When our emotions change in pain or anger, our
        energy flows differently.

 Lexis: The kymograph catches those energy waves. It twice recorded enormous
        inhuman movements.

 Maxim: And those waves were recorded at the incidents in Gordovan and
        Parcelyte, right?

 Lexis: I checked it and, yes, they match the time of those incidents.

 Guy: Where is this kymograph anyway?

 Lexis: That's right. You're disciplined warriors. You might have strong
        energy. Give it a try?

 Lexis: This is it.

 Guy: So what shall we do?

 Lexis: Just concentrate.

 Guy: Alright. I'll give it a try!

 Guy: {.... .... .... ....}

 Lexis: Oh my goodness! What a number!

 Guy: That much?

 Lexis: It's five times more than the largest reading I've ever seen.

 Guy: Well, my power is extraordinary, you see.

 Selan: Looks interesting. Let me try.

 Selan: {.... .... .... ....}

 Lexis: Wha...what's going on...?

 Selan: How was I?

 Lexis: Eight...eight times more!

 Selan: All right! Mine is even stronger than Guy's!

 Guy: I don't get it. Is that machine working ok?

 Selan: Why don't you try, Maxim?

 Maxim: Ok.

 Maxim: {.... .... .... ....}

 Lexis: Th...the needle went off the scale! Immeasurable...

 Selan: That's great, Maxim!

 Guy: That machine must be broken.

 Lexis: Who are you guys, anyway?

 Guy: Just a bunch of crazies trying to pick a fight with four Sinistrals who
      would destroy the world.

 Lexis: Trying to pick a fight with Sinistrals? That IS crazy!

 Guy: I told you, didn't I?

 Selan: Hey, Guy. Would you take back that "bunch" stuff? Sounds like I'm
        crazy, too.

 Guy: What? You're saying only Maxim and I are crazy and you're sane!?

 Selan: No. Maxim isn't crazy either!

 Maxim: Hey, cut it out!

 Guy: Ok, ok.

 Selan: I just got a little carried away, that's all.

 Maxim: Well Lexis, we should be going now.

 Lexis: Wait! Would you take me with you?

 Maxim: You? But why?

 Lexis: You've caught my interest. I've never known anyone who'd dare to pick a
        fight with Sinistrals.

 Guy: Most folks would think as you, I suppose.

 Maxim: It's a very dangerous journey. I can't promise that you'll return

 Lexis: Just to go with you would be life enough for me!

 Maxim: But...

 Lexis: Don't worry. I can use swords and spells. I can be of help to you.

 Guy: Hmm. You and spells. Interesting combination.

 Lexis: Also, I will install my engine. If you have the engine in your ship,
        you can go anywhere.

 Guy: That engine? You must be joking. I don't want our ship to explode in the
      middle of the sea.

 Lexis: Don't worry! Improve it a little bit and it'll be as safe as any
        regular ship!

 Guy: Are you sure about that?

 Lexis: Yes. I'm a genius, you know. And I am saying it will be safe, so that's

 Guy: What do you think, Maxim?

 Maxim: Well, if the engine works, it would be very useful...

 Lexis: Exactly! Well, it's all settled! I will make an engine, so please come
        when you get the ship.

 Selan: Are you sure about this, Maxim?

 Maxim: Lexis has talent that we lack. We may need him in the future.

 Guy: I hope he won't be in our way. Let's just go ahead and go to Aleyn and
      talk to Jyad.


 Jyad: Oh, it's you guys. What do you want?

 Maxim: We'd like you to make a ship.

 Jyad: Why do you need a new ship? It's cheaper to buy one ready made.

 Maxim: The ship must be of the phantom tree. A regular ship can't hold the

 Jyad: The engine? You mean Lexis' engine?

 Maxim: That's right. Do you know about it?

 Jyad: Yes! Lexis is a genius. I see the engine's finally ready, huh? Now we
       can make a power ship.

 Jyad: Ok, I'll do the ship, but I have to design it from scratch because of
       the engine. It'll take time.

 Jyad: Hey, where are you staying right now?

 Maxim: In Treadool.

 Jyad: Treadool? Hmm. So I have to go through the watergate in Auralio, huh?

 Maxim: Is there a problem?

 Jyad: No, not really. Alright, wait for me in Treadool. I'll bring the ship as
       soon as I finish.

 Jyad: I'll do my best, but I don't know how long it'll take. Just be patient
       and I'll see you in Treadool.

 Jyad: I'll go ahead and get on with the ship.

 Guy: everything went smoothly, huh? So what shall we do now, Maxim?

 Maxim: I guess we have to go back to Treadool and wait for the ship to arrive.


 Leefa: Fl...fl...flowers. Would you like some fl...fl...flowers?

 Selan: What lovely flowers! Can I have one?

 Leefa: Tha...tha...thank you. Th...th...that'll be one gold, pl...please.

 Selan: Are you alright? You look pale.

 Leefa: Yes. I'm...m...m...fine.

 Maxim: Watch out!

 Selan: Are you ok?

 Boy: Oh no, sis!

 Girl: Hang on, Leefa! Hang on!

 Maxim: Well, let's take her someplace she can lie down.

 Boy: Our place's right over there. Follow me.

 Boy: This is it. Bring her inside!

-Leefa's House

 Boy: Sis...

 Selan: She's ok. She's just sleeping.

 Guy: What's wrong with her?

 Selan: She's just exhausted. She'll be ok if she rests for a couple of days.

 Boy: She's always working alone and...

 Girl: If we could work, she wouldn't be so exhausted like this...

 Leefa: Aaah. Mmm.

 Boy: Leefa!

 Leefa: Oh, you guys. Huh...? Why am I here in bed?

 Selan: You fainted.

 Leefa: You're the one who bought flowers from me. Did you bring me back here?
        Thank you.

 Selan: Don't mention it. But you really should look after yourself better, you

 Leefa: I know, but...

 Boy: No, Leefa. You have to stay in bed for a while.

 Leefa: Thanks. I'm alright now. I have to get some flowers for tomorrow.

 Leefa: Besides, I saw a beautiful flower on the mountain. I've never seen such
        a beauty in all my life.

 Leefa: If I can get my hands on it, I'm sure it'll be a big seller.

 Boy: Leefa!

 Leefa: {Fl...flower...}

 Guy: We've got to do something. Otherwise she'll push herself to go find the

 Maxim: Selan, cast Drowsy on her.

 Selan: Drowsy? Oh yes. We could do that, couldn't we?

 Selan: Drowsy!

 Boy: What did you do to my sister!?

 Selan: She'll be ok. Drowsy is a spell to put someone to sleep. When she's
        better, she'll wake up naturally.

 Boy: Really?

 Selan: Yes.

 Maxim: Well, shall we go get some flowers now?

 Guy: Yup. It'll make a nice change from whacking monsters, that's for sure.

 Selan: We'll look for the flower your sister saw. You guys take good care of
        her, ok?

 Boy: We will!

 Guy: And where does your sister usually pick flowers?

 Boy: On the mountain south of here. There are many pretty flowers there.

 Guy: The mountain south of here, right? Ok Maxim, let's go!

-Flower Mountain

 Selan: Isn't this the flower Leefa was looking for?

 Guy: It's a giant flower, I thought.

 Selan: But it's so pretty. This has got to be the one.

 Maxim: Alright. Let's bring it back.

 [Gets the Pretty Flower.]

-Treadool, Leefa's House

 Selan: Leefa, wake up!

 Leefa: Mmm. I had a really good rest. Good morning!

 Selan: Here you are.

 Leefa: Thi...this flower is the one I saw!

 Selan: Good. So this was the right one.

 Leefa: Please let me buy this flower! I'm not rich, but I will give you all I

 Selan: We brought this flower back to give you.

 Leefa: Are you giving this...to me?

 Selan: Yes. Will you accept it?

 Leefa: Of course...but are you sure? If you plant this and make more, you can
        sell them at a good price!

 Selan: I don't know how to take care of flowers anyway. Besides, this one will
        be happier with you.

 Leefa: Tha...thank you so much. I'll take good care of it.

 Selan: If you grow a lot of them, would you give me one?

 Leefa: Of course!

 Guy: By the way, what's this flower called?

 Leefa: I don't think it has a name yet. I have an idea! Would you name it?

 Selan: Me? Well, let's see. How about "Priphea"?

 Leefa: Priphea. That sounds really lovely! Yes, that's it!

 Selan: I'm glad you like it.

 Maxim: Selan, we should be going.

 Selan: Alright. We've got to go now. I hope your Priphea grows a thousand

 Boy: Sis, that's a really nice flower.

 Leefa: Yes. I'll grow thousands of them and show everyone in the world how
        beautiful it is.


 Lexis: Oh, Maxim! Where have you been? The engine and ship are already done!

 Maxim: Already?

 Lexis: Jyad is out on a test sail. He should be back soon. Oh, that's him now.

 Maxim: Whew! It's so fast!!

 Lexis: I know, I know. Amazing, aren't I!?

 Jyad: I take my hat off to you, Lexis! This engine thing is amazing! It's
       really a dream invention!

 Lexis: Yes, yes. I know. I know.

 Jyad: Lexis, the ship's yours if I can use your laboratory, too. I want to try
       to invent something!

 Lexis: Well, not everyone can actually invent something, but, you mean it? No
        charge for the ship?

 Jyad: That's what I said.

 Lexis: Alright! You can use the lab for anything you want.

 Jyad: Thanks. I'm on my way! Please take good care of the Excerion. See ya,

 Maxim: Lexis, what is Excerion?

 Lexis: The name of this ship. Excerion, isn't that a cool name?

 Maxim: By the way, we were supposed to buy that ship.

 Lexis: What are you talking about? I am already a member of your party.

 Maxim: That's true.

 Lexis: Now we have the ship. Let's begin the adventure!

 [Lexis joins the party.]

-Dankirk Kingdom Guest Room

 Prince Leon: The signing ceremony is tomorrow. It marks a new start for the
              future of our country with Dankirk.

 Prince Leon: I truly hope the Ruby Icon will bring peace to our two countries.

-Dankirk Castle

 Guard: Did you find it?

 Knight: No. I couldn't find it anywhere.

 Guard: Well, we've got to tell Prince Leon about this.

 Selan: Aren't they the messengers from Auralio? Why are they in such a hurry?
        Has something happened?

-Dankirk Kingdom Guest Room

 Prince Leon: I'm sorry, but we're super busy right now, there's no time for
              small talk.

 Selan: Your Highness, I don't see the Ruby Icon. What happened to it, If I may

 Prince Leon: What!? Uh. Well...the icon is, ah...put away. It is very
              valuable, you see. Ha, ha, ha....

-Clamento Glass Shop

 Jaffy: Oh, Maxim. It's been a while! What's brought you here this time?

 Maxim: I have a favor to ask.

 Jaffy: You've done so much for me with the Ruby Apple thing, I'll do whatever
        I can.

 Maxim: Jaffy, do you know the Ruby Icon?

 Jaffy: What!? Ruby Icon? Of course I do. That's my teacher's work.

 Maxim: Really!?

 Jaffy: Yes. That icon was really something. I still remember it clearly.

 Maxim: My favor is for you to make that icon.

 Jaffy: What!? But my skills are nowhere near my teacher's!

 Maxim: Without the icon, two countries on the verge of peace may come to

 Jaffy: Hmm..., but...

 Jaffy's Wife: Why don't you give it a try, honey?

 Jaffy: But I...

 Jaffy's Wife: You always told me that some day you would surpass your teacher.

 Jaffy: I know, but...

 Jaffy's Wife: Why don't you try anyway?

 Maxim: Please.

 Jaffy: Alright. I don't know how much I can do, but I'll do what I can.

 Maxim: Thank you.

 Jaffy: By the way, I won't be able to get a ruby that size anywhere. What
        should I use instead?

 Maxim: Red glass would be fine.

 Jaffy: Alright. I'll start right away.

-Clamento Glass Shop

 Maxim: Hello, Jaffy!

 Jaffy: What good timing! I've just finished.

 Maxim: This is amazing!

 Selan: It's just like the real one, Maxim.

 Guy: I can't believe you did it from memory.

 Jaffy: You never forget the icon, once you see it. It's not exact, but it's
        the best I could do.

 Maxim: This will do. Everything will be just fine now. Thanks.

 Jaffy: I'm glad my work can be of help.

 Maxim: Thanks again.

 [Gets the Ruby Icon.]

-Dankirk Kingdom Guest Room

 Maxim: Your Highness, let me present this to you.

 Attendant: Thi...This is! Bu...but how did you get this!?

 Selan: I guess it works, Maxim!

 Attendant: Whew! In any case, I'm so relieved it was found. Now everything
            will be ok, Your Highness.

 Prince Leon: No. This will not do.

 Maxim: Your Highness...You noticed.

 Prince Leon: Yes. This is amazingly crafted, but...this is an imitation, is it

 Attendant: Wha...what!? An imitation!? Good grief. It looks just like the real

 Prince Leon: Not to these eyes. Looks aside, this lacks the devilish power of
              the Icon.

 Maxim: This is the work of a friend. I apologize for thinking that you 

 Prince Leon: No apologies necessary. I should thank you. I can't postpone the
              ceremony, so I'll use this statue.

 Maxim: I hope the ceremony ends peacefully.

 Prince Leon: Please attend the ceremony. You saved Auralio.

-Dankirk Kingdom Throne Room

 Prince Leon: Your Majesty, as testimony to the good of our countries, please
              accept this Ruby Icon.

 King: Oh dear! That is the Ruby Icon!? Just as I heard, it is quite a beauty,

 Queen: The Ruby Icon. It's mine at last.

 Prince Leon: {.......}

 Queen: Hmm? Thi...this....This is not the Ruby Icon!

 King: Wha...what!?

 Queen: Prince Alex! Are you trying to insult me!? Do you think I cannot see
        through this fraud!?

 Prince Leon: I...I...

 Queen: I do not want to hear any excuses. If Dankirk wishes, it can invade
        Auralio within moments!

 Princess Thea: Stop this nonsense, mother!

 Prince Leon: Princess Thea...

 Princess Thea: Prince Alex came to our country with the real Ruby Icon!

 Princess Thea: But during his stay, it was stolen. If anyone is to be blamed,
                it should be us, mother!

 King: Good heavens! Is this true?

 Princess Thea: Everyone in the castle knows this. Only you and father have
                been in the dark!

 King: I did not know. James! Gather the soldiers at once and have them look
       for the Ruby Icon.

 King: Where's James!?

 Knight: Your Majesty. James has been gone for a couple of days...

 King: What!?

 Prince Leon: Where did he go, for heaven's sake?

 Knight: Someone saw him heading towards the North Dungeon, Your Majesty.

 King: North Dungeon? Whatever for? Besides, those monsters will let no one in.

 Knight: I cannot say, Your Majesty.

 King: Just find the statue! And send someone to the North Cave, just in case!

 Knight: Yes, Your Majesty!

 King: My goodness. What is happening?

 Queen: No matter what, I will not proceed with the ceremony without the Ruby

 Princess Thea: I apologize, Prince Leon. She was not always like this.

 Prince Leon: It isn't your fault, Princess Thea. Ironic, though. The Icon was
              to bring happiness.

 Princess Thea: Prince Leon...

 Prince Leon: Since the people know, we have to solve this at once. We'll also
              look for the Icon.

 Princess Thea: Father...

 King: Once the queen gets upset, there's nothing I can do, you see...

-Dankirk North Cave

 James: As promised, Prince Klaus, I have brought the Ruby Icon. Please speak
        to the King of Gratze for me.

 Prince Klaus: Certainly. My father has already said he's ready to have you as
               a minister in our country.

 Selan: Wait a minute!

 James: What the...? Who are you!?

 Selan: That Ruby Icon is a symbol of peace between Dankirk and Auralio.

 Guy: I can't and won't use it for your own greed! Whoever may permit it, we
      will not!

 Prince Klaus: Who the blazes are you? Give us your names!

 Guy: If you insist.

 Guy: Here stands the "Invincible and Mighty Warrior", Guy!

 Guy: And here is the "Warrior of Justice", Maxim!

 Guy: And here, the "Genius of the Century", Lexis!

 Guy: Lastly, I present the "Magical Wife", Magical Selan!

 Selan: Hey Guy! That's a really stupid name you thought up for me!

 Guy: What's wrong with it? I think it's cool.

 Prince Klaus: Are you trying to insult me!? Errrg, get them! Get them!

 Prince Klaus: Argh! You won't get away with this!

 James: Prince Klaus, please open the door!

 Selan: I'll take this Ruby Icon, alright!

 James: Wh...what are you going to do with me?

 Selan: That is for your King to decide.

 James: ......

-Dankirk Kingdom Throne Room

 King: James...did...did you really....?

 James: ......

 King: As King, I cannot forgive your conduct. You must pay for your evil deed.

 James: ......

 King: Take him away!

 Prince Leon: Your Majesty. Let us get on with the signing ceremony!

 King: Indeed. For eternal peace between our neighboring lands.

 Selan: Will things be ok from now on, Maxim?

 Maxim: Well, the rest is up to Dankirk and Auralio. There's nothing more for
        us to do here.

 Selan: Yeah...I guess so.

-Dankirk Castle

 Guy: The signing ceremony ended peacefully. This might signal a new start for
      Dankirk and Auralio.

 Selan: It left me with a somewhat uneasy feeling, though.

 Maxim: Well, I don't know.

 Princess Thea: Prince Leon, let me give you back the Ruby Icon.

 Prince Leon: Oh no. I gave it for peace between our countries. I'm sorry but
              I can't accept it.

 Princess Thea: Please. It belongs to Auralio. Besides, I just switched it for
                an imitation...our secret.

 Prince Leon: I don't need it anymore. There is something in this country I
              want more. But, I shouldn't say what...

 Princess Thea: I beg your pardon?

 Prince Leon: Princess Thea, what I really want is...

 Selan: This peace will probably last a very long time.

 Maxim: I think so.

-Auralio "Castle"

 Prince Leon: Oh, you're here! Thank you so much for Dankirk and the Ruby Icon.

 Prince Leon: We'll keep the watergate open for you. Please go through at your
              own pace.

 Prince Leon: I thank you again.

 Prince Leon: Oh yes. As thanks, let me present you with this VIP card.

 [Gets the VIP card.]

 Prince Leon: You can go to the VIP room in the basement of the casino on
              Forfeit Island with this card.

-Ferim Kingdom

 Hans: Eh? I never see people like you around here. You look like warriors, and
       good ones at that.

 Guy: I guess you have excellent eyes.

 Hans: It's not only my eyes that are excellent. I am also a good swordsman. My
       name is Hans.

 Guy: I'm Guy. This is Maxim, Selan, and Lexis.

 Hans: Maxim? You're the party that did Gades in. What a stroke of luck to meet

 Guy: Even people on the Ustark Continent are talking about us!?

 Hans: Anyone who knows anything at all about swordsmanship would know about

 Hans: By the way, do you know anything about the guy who landed on the
       Northeast Tower?

 Maxim: Someone has landed on the Northeast Tower?

 Hans: Yeah, some stranger. Since he appeared, monsters have begun to appear in

 Selan: Maxim...that might be...

 Maxim: I guess the remaining Sinistrals we haven't met?

 Hans: What...who are the remaining Sinistrals?

 Maxim: I hear there are three others with the power of Gades. That might be
        one of them.

 Hans: What!? If that's really true, then...

 Maxim: Yes. That means this kingdom could be in danger.

 Hans: Alright, I'll check out the Northeast Tower later.

 Maxim: I wouldn't move on this fast. They're a lot stronger than you think.

 Hans: But I was going to the Northeast Tower anyway. There's something I have
       to do over there.

 Maxim: What do you mean?

 Hans: Eric's attendant asked me to bring the gem back from that tower.

 Selan: And you agreed!?

 Hans: {If that makes our Princess happy, I...}

 Selan: ......

 Hans: I've got to go. See you guys later.

-Northeast Tower

 Maxim: What's wrong, Hans?

 Hans: I...I can't move my body...

 Guy: Something's here, Maxim!

 Selan: This feeling...could this be...?

 Maxim: Yeah, I sense it. It's like Gades, but somehow more than that!

 [You must be strong to move in these energy waves. But I see that one doesn't

 Hans: Aaah!

 [You must not feel embarrassed. That is the normal way of things in the

 Maxim: Where are you!? Show yourself!!

 Amon: You must be Maxim...Yes, I feel your power. It's strong, yet very pure.

 Maxim: Who are you!?

 Amon: I call myself Amon, Master of Chaos.

 Maxim: Amon...Master of Chaos?

 Guy: So you're one of the four Sinistrals, huh!? How about the other two?

 Amon: I see you know about us already. But it matters not. You can do nothing
       to stop us.

 Amon: The other two, Daos and Erim, will descend soon. Too bad you can't even
       get close to them.

 Guy: Shut your mouth!

 Maxim: Guy!!

 Amon: Do not throw away your life so fast. I shall show you true terror in

 Selan: Are you alright, Guy?

 Guy: Yeah, but this doesn't look good. Gades's Power is nothing compared to

 Hans: I'm so embarrassed. I was unable to move even a step. I cowered before

 Selan: That's normal.

 Hans: I overestimated myself. I'll practice and get a lot stronger!

 Selan: By the way, did you get the gem the princess was talking about?

 Hans: No, not yet. It should be inside that door.

 Hans: Thi...this is...

 Selan: I don't see any gems anywhere.

 Guy: Yeah. There's only this blue stone and that's all.

 Hans: No, this is it. This blue stone is it!

 Selan: That blue stone is a gem? It looks like an ordinary stone.

 Hans: Yes. This is just a stone. But this should be it. I'll return to the

 Selan: What was that about? Say, Maxim, why don't we go back to the castle,


 Prince Eric: Do you call this a gem!? This miserable pebble!?

 Hans: Yes...I think that's it.

 Prince Eric: Silence! Stop this nonsense! You just couldn't find the gem,
              could you!?

 Prince Eric: Here, you take it! What do I need a pebble for, huh!?

 Prince Eric: Oh, what can I do?

 Attendant: Don't worry, Eric. I heard the princess likes sapphires.

 Prince Eric: Are you sure?

 Attendant: I prepared a sapphire of excellent quality just in case something
            like this happened.

 Prince Eric: Excellent, excellent job! Shall we go and see the Princess,

 Prince Eric: Princess, I have brought the gem from the tower. To show my love
              for you...

 Princess: My gem is...it is nothing like this.

 Prince Eric: What?

 Princess: You have been to the tower, Hans, have you not?

 Hans: Yes.

 Princess: Did you find the gem?

 Hans: No.

 Princess: Oh, I see...

 Hans: But, I did find something you had lost.

 Princess: What?

 Hans: Something you had lost when we were children.

 Princess: I have never forgotten it, that small stone you gave me when we were

 Hans: Princess...

 Princess: I still treasure it.

 Prince Eric: I had no idea, a stone...

 Princess: Hans!

 Hans: Princess...I...I am still not worthy of you.

 Princess: I've grown used to waiting. But please, don't make me wait much

 Hans: I won't. I promise.

 Prince Eric: Princess!

 Princess: Oh, you're still here? You can leave now.

 King: Uh, I don't know what to say. It seems this affair has been settled.
       Sorry. You can go now.

 Prince Eric: Don't think you can get away with this! I'm the only one that
              can bail the castle out!

 King: Watch your tongue!

 King: I'm a King: I can do quite well without depending on you!

 Prince Eric: I hope you don't live to regret this!

 Attendant: Prince! Wait for me!

 King: That felt nice! Ha, ha, ha!

 Selan: I guess everything's settled now.

 Maxim: I guess so.

 Guy: Ouch! What's going on?

 Knight: Excuse me! I was in a hurry...

 Maxim: What's wrong?

 Knight: A man has destroyed the village of Agurio north of the Northeast
         Tower! I have to tell the King.

 Selan: Maxim!

 Maxim: Yeah, that must be Amon!

 Guy: Not again! They did it again!

 Selan: Let's go!

 Maxim: Yeah!


 Iris: When I got here, it was already too late.

 Maxim: Even if you had come in time, you would have been destroyed just like
        these people.

 Iris: You're...probably right. I couldn't have done anything all by myself

 Maxim: If only I had defeated Amon at that tower, this wouldn't have

 Iris: Maxim, I've been telling you that your mission in life is to travel and
       fight. But not now...

 Maxim: What do you mean?

 Iris: You've fought enough. Discard your sword and return to a peaceful life
       in Parcelyte.

 Maxim: Why do you say such a thing all of a sudden?

 Iris: Your power...is not enough to defeat Amon. Next time you fight, you'll
       be destroyed.

 Maxim: It's true...that Amon was strong. But you'll never know until you
        really face him and fight.

 Maxim: I...I just can't forgive Amon for destroying so many innocent people.

 Iris: Your energy waves...I sense very good energy from you.

 Maxim: What?

 Iris: I feel rage, but you're in control. With these energy waves, you may...

 Maxim: I may defeat Amon?

 Iris: The key to winning a battle against a Sinistral is energy.

 Maxim: Would you explain that for me?

 Iris: The Sinistrals are energy held in a physical temple. To defeat them, you
       must destroy their energy.

 Iris: But your energy isn't strong enough to destroy Amon.

 Maxim: How can I get stronger?

 Iris: Energy waves come from the way you feel or think. You can't physically
       gain strength, but...

 Maxim: But what?

 Iris: There's a sword that amplifies energy waves.

 Maxim: A sword that amplifies energy!?

 Iris: It's called Dual Blade. It resonates to the energy waves of its
       possessor, intensifying his power.

 Maxim: Dual Blade..? Do you know where I can find this blade?

 Iris: I do not know. It may be only a legend.

 Maxim: I see. Still, just believing that it may exist gives me courage and

 Iris: So you will go on to battle, I see, even if your own end awaits you.

 Maxim: It's harder for me to run away than to face my own destruction.

 Iris: I shall not hold you back, then. But I cannot leave these people like
       this. Would you help me?

 Maxim: Of course.

 Iris: May there be eternal peace for those who have suffered.

 Selan: They will go to paradise, won't they?

 Maxim: Yes, they will...

 Iris: Sir Maxim? What are you going to do now?

 Maxim: I don't know how to begin, but I'll look for Amon and Dual Blade.

 Iris: I saw a ball of light fly south in the sky when I got here. That might
       have been Amon.

 Maxim: I see.

 Iris: Well, I should go now.

 Maxim: Iris.

 Maxim: Would you tell me someday who you really are?

 Iris: The time will come for me to tell you...

 Iris: {Although I don't know if you'll know it's me when I show my true self.}

-Portravia, Kirmo Laboratory

 Kirmo: Oh, Lexis! You're still alive!

 Lexis: What kind of greeting is that!? By the way, did you finish the
        submarine design?

 Kirmo: What do you think I do all day? It was done long ago, but I can't find
        the right ship for it.

 Lexis: Don't worry. You've got Excerion, the one made of the phantom tree.

 Kirmo: What!? Are you serious!? That ship will be perfect. Where is it?

 Lexis: We anchored it right outside. We can bring it here in a flash. What do
        you want to do?

 Kirmo: Don't ask me such a stupid question! Let's get on with the remodeling!

 Lexis: You heard him, Maxim. Can we remodel Excerion?

 Maxim: Yes.

 Lexis: Good. Let's bring Excerion right away.

 Kirmo: So this is Excerion, I see. Yes. This will do. We can remodel this into
        a submarine!

 Lexis: Good. Then let's get to it.

 Kirmo: Alright. Bring me the plans!

 Scientist: Right.

 Scientist: Hey, what are you doing here!?

 Scientist: I've got you now. You can't go anywhere!

 Kirmo: What?

 Scientist: Dr. Kirmo! The plans for the submarine have been stolen!

 Kirmo: What!? Who did this?

 Scientist: An elf child! I'm sure of it because her ears were pointed.

 Selan: Elf!? Elves never get close to human cities. You must have thought you
        saw an elf child.

 Scientist: I saw it. I could tell from those pointy ears.

 Selan: But...

 Lexis: No time to argue about it. We must get them back or we can't do a

-Mountain of No Return

 Milka: No way!

 Maxim: Are you alright?

 Milka: I didn't ask you to help me! You people, you people are...

 Artea: Milka! Stop it!

 Milka: Artea...

 Artea: What kind of language is that? These people saved your life, didn't

 Milka: But Artea, they were making one of those weird ships. That lab was
        draining ooze!

 Artea: Is that why you stole the plans? Whatever the reason, stealing is

 Lexis: Wait a minute! Are you sure about ooze coming out of the lab?

 Milka: You didn't even know how the lab was killing the city and the sea!? Not
        a single flower blooms!

 Lexis: --!

 Artea: That's enough Milka Give the plans back.

 Milka: But Artea! They'll just keep...

 Artea: Forced understanding will not last. Change only comes when they see the
        problem themselves.

 Milka: ----.

 Milka: I return these to you...

 Lexis: Wa...wait!

 Lexis: It might not be right away, but I'll fill Portravia with flowers. You
        have my word!

 Milka: You mean...

 Lexis: Yes. I will remodel the machines in the lab so that no more ooze leaks

 Milka: You will? Really?

 Lexis: Of course. I will prove that I am really a genius!

 Milka: ......

 Lexis: When the city is filled with flowers, I will invite you to join me

 Lexis: And I will give you a big bunch of flowers! Will you accept that from
        me then?

 Milka: Only if the city is really filled with tons of flowers.

 Lexis: Thank you...Well, let me go back to the city and start working on it
        right away.

 Lexis: Maxim, I'll meet you at Portravia.

 Elf: Artea! Bad news!

 Artea: What is it?

 Elf: A weird ball of light appeared above our village.

 Elf2: That light is full of evil energy flow. The amount...is...well, it's

 Maxim: Sounds very familiar!

 Artea: Really? What is it?

 Maxim: It's the Sinistral of Destruction! You should return to the village at
        once! We'll go with you.

 Artea: Bu...but I really cannot bring humans into my village...

 Guy: We have no time for that now, alright!? Go now or your people will be

 Artea: Alright! I'll warp us!


 Elf Female: Artea! The ball of light suddenly flew here and wrapped around
             Karyn and took her away.

 Milka: What!? My mother!?

 Elf Male: There was nothing we could do. It was too strong. We couldn't even
           move. I'm so sorry.

 Artea: So where did this ball of light go?

 Elf Female: It flew towards the Divine Shrine.

 Artea: The divine shrine!? That's why Karyn...he's had everything planned all

 Maxim: What is this Divine Shrine?

 Artea: There're mystic stones that boost power inside. Only Karyn can open the

 Guy: I understand. This isn't good, Maxim. We don't want an Amon with even
      more power.

 Maxim: I know. Artea, where is this shrine?

 Artea: You can't enter without elves. Please leave this to me.

 Maxim: I know you don't want to do things with humans, but you really need us
        for this.

 Maxim: Amon's power is beyond imagination. We may not be able to defeat him.
        We need to work together.

 Artea: I understand. This is no time to futz around. We need to get to Karyn
        as soon as possible.

 Maxim: So, will you tell me where the shrine is?

 Artea: Southwest. You seem to know best about Amon. Until we save Karyn,
        please lead the way.

 Maxim: Alright. Let's go!

 [Artea joins the party.]

-Divine Shrine

 Amon: Will you now open that door?

 Karyn: Through this door is the Divine Room whose concentrated energy gives
        power to the mind.

 Karyn: Do you really think I would open the door for the likes of you with
        your wicked heart?

 Amon: Hmmm...will you choose to open it and live, or not and be destroyed?

 Karyn: You have my answer already. I will not open this door.

 Amon: Then why is it you did not resist and let me kidnap you?

 Karyn: Isn't it true that had I resisted then, you would have harmed the
        people in my village and...

 Amon: And?

 Karyn: This is where I can use my power to its fullest.

 Amon: I expected as much. But do you really think you can beat me with your
       paltry powers?

 Karyn: I do not know. But at least I can assure you that you will not escape

 Artea: No, Karyn! If you release your power in this place, your life..!

 Amon: It's you people again! Why do you follow me like stupid tiny flies!?

 Guy: What did you say!?

 Amon: I will not let you live this time! No more mercy!

 Maxim: Ah! What power!

 Amon: Wh...what!?

 Karyn: Ye being wicked of heart, out! Depart forthwith from this sacred place!

 Amon: Why...why this much...power..!? Ahhh!

 Artea: Ka...Karyn...! No! KARYN!!

 Karyn: Artea...

 Artea: Karyn, why did you do this? You knew...you knew what would happen...

 Karyn: Yet even my life is not enough to...defeat Amon. You...you are the
        only...our hope...our...

 Artea: I know. I know, Karyn.

 Karyn: Ar...Artea. Please look after my Milka for me...

 Artea: So that was the one...

 Maxim: Yes. That was Amon.

 Artea: Please let me go with you! That evil! I must destroy it!

 Maxim: I don't think I even introduced myself. I'm Maxim.

 Guy: Guy. My name's Guy.

 Selan: I'm Selan.

 Artea: I am Artea.

 Maxim: Artea, you will risk life and limb in this battle. You have no idea
        what it's like.

 Artea: I cannot imagine going back without fighting now. For Karyn and

 Maxim: I understand. Fine. We'll do this together then.

 [Artea joins the party.]


 Milka: Artea...where is my mother...?

 Artea: I'm so sorry. I couldn't save her...

 Milka: Oh, no...no!

 Artea: Forgive me...I have failed you...

 Milka: {Artea...}

 Artea: Milka, I am so sorry. Please forgive me...

 Milka: Was my mother able to be of any help to you, Artea?

 Artea: Yes. If she had not released her power there, I wouldn't be alive.

 Milka: My mother saved you, didn't she? I am sure she can rest peacefully with

 Guy: Are all elves that emotionally strong?

 Artea: They're no stronger than humans, Gai. She was crying, you know. Human
        or elf, sorrow is sorrow.


 Lexis: Excerion's been remodeled. You can submerge by pressing the button at

 Lexis: By the way, I didn't catch your name, young elf.

 Artea: I'm Artea.

 Lexis: I'm Lexis. I'm sorry for the ooze. I never thought a lab could cause
        such a muck.

 Artea: As long as you understand that, it's ok. Besides, you solved the

 Lexis: Well, that's the least I can do. Maxim, what happened to Amon?

 Maxim: Seems like he went back under the sea.

 Lexis: People in the city also saw the ball of light go under near Barnan.
        That might have been it.

 Maxim: I see.

 Lexis: Barnan's west of the sea. Maxim, it's all up to you now.

 Maxim: I know.

-Shrine of Vengeance

 Artea: I feel the energy...

 Venge Ghost: Odious humans! I detest them!

 Artea: This is a form of energy. The energy of sheer hatred - a totally
        negative power.

 Guy: Why is such a thing floating around here!?

 Artea: I sense some kind of power has drawn it into this world.

 Maxim: That could be...

 Venge Ghost: Arrrrgggh! Detestable humans!!!

 Venge Ghost: Odious...I hate...

 Guy: Hey, isn't it still alive?

 Artea: No, the energy forms are all broken. I wouldn't let it suffer any

 Artea: Oh, hovering entities, be released from suffering! Bless the entities
        with the sacred energy...

 Maxim: Have they been put to rest?

 Artea: I just helped them. They can be truly rested when they understand the
        sacred truth.

 Maxim: Sacred truth?


 Maxim: Iris. Why are you here?

 Iris: I was waiting for you.

 Maxim: Waiting for me?

 Iris: Yes. I wanted to ask you something. Well, if it's ok, I'd like to be
       alone with you.

 Selan: It's not ok!

 Iris: I didn't ask you. I asked Maxim.

 Selan: I said no, so the answer is NO!

 Iris: You don't trust Maxim, is that it? Is the bond between you so weak?

 Selan: That's not true!

 Iris: Why don't you prove it to me?

 Selan: What?

 Iris: South across the ocean stands the city of Durale. The "Tower of Truth"
       is west of the city.

 Iris: There, you can see the truth. I'll be waiting. If you have the courage,
       come see me.

 Selan: Who does she think she is!

 Maxim: Iris seemed...different. Definitely not her usual self.

 Guy: Do you know her that well, Maxim? You're quite the flirt!

 Maxim: No, it's not like that!

 Selan: Maxim! Are you by any chance...!?

 Maxim: Not you too, Selan? Don't be silly, ok?

 Artea: She's not being silly, Maxim. People can change, you know.

 Maxim: Artea!

 Guy: Hmm. He just added fuel to the flames. Deep. Elves' jokes are really

 Selan: Maxim! We're heading for Durale, alright! NOWHERE ELSE!

 Maxim: Ok, ok!

-Tower of Truth

 Selan: I'm here, Iris.

 Iris: The Mirror of Truth lies through this door.

 Iris: If the feelings you have for Maxim is real, your figure should appear in
       the mirror.

 Selan: In a minute. First, what was it you wanted to ask Maxim?

 Iris: What Maxim feels for you and you for him. Do you really love each other?

 Selan: My feelings for Maxim are true.

 Selan: Maxim, how about you?

 Maxim: Would you like to go in, Selan?

 Selan: Yes.

 Artea: Why do you deliberately push them into a corner?

 Iris: Who are you.

 Artea: I am Artea.

 Iris: Elf...aren't you?

 Artea: Yes. I live longer than humans and sense certain patterns of energy
        that humans cannot.

 Iris: {......}

 Artea: Would you answer my question?

 Iris: I am not trying to push them. I just wanted to know the truth.

 Artea: The truth?

 Iris: Yes, the truth...It's my mission to know the truth.

 Selan: So that's the Mirror of Truth?

 Maxim: ......

 Selan: Maxim...I'm sorry for getting you involved in such a mess.

 Maxim: Selan...you trust me, don't you?

 Selan: Of course I do!

 Maxim: I trust you, too. But here I am just because Iris said something

 Maxim: It's so funny. I trust the words of my beloved, yet the words of a
        stranger bother me.

 Selan: ----!

 Maxim: Selan, even if your figure doesn't show in the mirror, I trust you.

 Selan: Thank you, Maxim. I'm so sorry. Why didn't I know that? You're so

 Maxim: I would have lost faith in you if your figure hadn't shown in the
        mirror. How absurd.

 Selan: I trust you more than...this shiny peace of untrustworthy mirror.

 Maxim: Selan...

 Selan: Let's go back, Maxim. I know what I feel.

 Artea: Sorry to interrupt!

 Artea: Monsters are coming! Please get back!

 Guy: They were nothing, really.

 Artea: But the mirror's broken.

 Selan: Well, this can't be used anymore.

 Maxim: That's ok, too, I guess.

 Guy: By the way, how about you two? Did you see yourselves in the mirror?

 Selan: We changed our minds.

 Selan: Isn't that right, Maxim?

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Guy: Too bad.

 Artea: Speaking of mirrors, I don't see Iris anywhere.

 Guy: Yeah, where is she?

 Artea: The monsters didn't get her, did they?

 Guy: Oh, right. You didn't know. She's strong, her magic spells awesome.
      Monsters can't defeat her.

 Artea: Is that so? Her spells are that strong?

 Guy: I guess something's up with her. She always suddenly appears and suddenly

 Artea: ......

 Selan: Let's go back to the village, Maxim.

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Guy: They seem even closer than before.

 Artea: No, they've always felt that way towards each other.

 Iris: {My mission has ended.}

 Iris: {There's no stopping.. Only when one of them is no more can the answer
       be known.}

 Iris: {Isn't that right...Sir Arek?}

-Dragon Mountain

 Elder: I don't know who you are but this is a dangerous place! A dragon's
        coming, so go home.

 Guy: That's what I should say to you! It's dangerous for an old man to hang
      around here.

 Elder: Don't think of me as an ordinary person..

 Selan: Maxim!

 Maxim: So this is the dragon!?

 Elder: Go quickly! Go!

 Guy: Don't worry, old man! We are not ordinary people either, right Maxim!?

 Maxim: Yeah!

 Elder: You...you folks. Who are you anyway? And these energy waves...

 Maxim: You can sense energy waves?

 Elder: I told you I'm not an ordinary person. I see you are the warriors
        fighting the Sinistrals.

 Maxim: Yes.

 Elder: I thought so...Then you should go to Preamarl...Well, it's not possible
        for humans to...

 Maxim: What's wrong?

 Elder: Well, alright. If you happen to come to Chaed, would you come by my

 Maxim: Yes, we could do that.

 Elder: I may be able to help you. Let's talk about it more at my place.

 Maxim: Alright.

 Elder: I'll go back to Chaed. Actually, I hate heat. I just can't stand this


 Elder: Oh, there you are.

 Maxim: So what was it you wanted to talk about?

 Elder: Yes...uh...it's about Dual Blade.

 Maxim: Do you know something about it?

 Elder: It's only a legend passed on in my family. So I do not know if it's
        true, but...

 Maxim: That's ok. I want to know everything, anything at all about Dual Blade.

 Elder: Alright. I hear the queen of Preamarl knows where Dual Blade lies.

 Maxim: Premearl...? How can we get there?

 Elder: North by northeast is a crescent shaped island.

 Elder: The entrance to Preamarl should be under the island in the sea.
        Preamarl is a land of mermaids, you see.

 Maxim: A land of mermaids?

 Elder: Yes. Inside Preamarl is a submerged shrine. I hear there is one sword
        in the shrine.

 Maxim: You're saying that is Dual Blade?

 Elder: That's right.

 Guy: I just can't believe what you said about the land of mermaids...

 Elder: Well, most folks feel that way. But I have proof that Preamarl exists.

 Elder: This jade is proof. This jade will be your key to Preamarl.

 Maxim: This jade? The key to the land of mermaids?

 Elder: Take it with you.

 Maxim: What? Are you sure? This must be very valuable to you...

 Elder: If the legend is true, I want you to have it. You can really use it.
        It's no use to me anymore.

 Maxim: Ok. I understand, and I thank you.

 [Gets the Jade of Mermaids.]


 Queen Marla: I am Marla, Queen of Preamarl. I never expected human visitors.

 Queen Marla: How did you manage to open the door of the Submarine Cave?

 Maxim: The elder in Chaed gave us this ball.

 Queen Marla: From the elder in Chaed? So, how is he doing these days?

 Maxim: Huh? Well, he's living with his granddaughter and seems very happy.

 Queen Marla: Is that so? Good, good.

 Maxim: Do you know the sword called Dual Blade?

 Queen Marla: Dual Blade...I see. Now I understand why I've sensed some form of
              energy ever since you

 Queen Marla: arrived. Are you the ones fighting the four Sinistrals?

 Maxim: Can you tell?

 Queen Marla: We have an ability that you do not possess. Anyway, it was about
              Dual Blade, was it not?

 Queen Marla: I know of a legendary shining sword in the Submarine Shrine. This
              may be Dual Blade.

 Maxim: Where can I find this shrine?

 Queen Marla: North of here lie three small islands in a circle. The shrine's
              entrance is at the circle's center.

 Queen Marla: But nobody knows who made that shrine, or when or why. Nothing is
              known about it.

 Queen Marla: You are still going, are you not?

 Maxim: Yes.

 Queen Marla: I see...

 Merman: Your Majesty. The sea current around the cave connected to the shrine

 Queen Marla: The current?

 Merman: Yes. There had been some sign that it would happen, but it suddenly
         changed today.

 Queen Marla: So what is it like?

 Merman: The current is extremely fast. Once you are in, it's impossible to
         come back.

 Queen Marla: I see. Well, this will stop anyone from getting close to that

 Merman: Th...this is not confirmed, but...

 Queen Marla: What is it?

 Merman: Well, Princess Piara seems to be missing. She loves to swim around
         that cave so we are wondering if...

 Queen Marla: Piara!?

 Merman: I will put together a team immediately and send it to the cave.

 Queen Marla: No, I cannot allow that. If the current has changed, it's too
              dangerous to get close.

 Merman: Bu...but...

 Queen Marla: Also, I hear the ghost ship appears there. Listen carefully.
              Never go to that cave.

 Merman: I understand, Your Majesty.

 Maxim: Who is Piara?

 Queen Marla: My daughter. Pardon me, but I have something to do. I must excuse

 Maxim: Are you thinking about going to the cave?

 Queen Marla: No. That would be suicide now. Besides, we don't know if my
              daughter went to the cave.

 Queen Marla: My daughter will come back soon. Please excuse me now.

 Selan: I know she's going to the cave. I just know it.

 Guy: But she said she's not going.

 Selan: There is no mother in the world who wouldn't worry about her own child.

 Maxim: The changed current concerns me more. Something may have begun moving
        under the sea.

 Selan: You're right.

-Submarine Cave

 Queen Marla: This place is very dangerous! Please go back to your world right

 Artea: I don't think we have time to go back now.

 Guy: I guess not. It's coming!

 Selan: The current of the sea is back to normal now.

 Guy: That ghost ship was the reason for all of this?

 Merman2: Oh, Your Majesty! Are you unhurt?

 Queen Marla: You! I thought I told you not to come here!

 Merman4: We are not such cowards as to obey such an order.

 Merman3: We can't do anything when the Queen and Princess are gone.

 Queen Marla: You people are so...stubborn...But I...uh...appreciate it.

 Princess Piara: Thank you for helping me.

 Princess Piara: I was always told that all humans are selfish. I now think
                 that that was wrong.

 Artea: Please don't judge so quickly. It is true that there are many selfish

 Guy: Thanks a lot, Artea! So you're saying there are no selfish elves, huh!?

 Artea: Well, a lot fewer than humans.

 Guy: That's because the absolute number of elves is fewer! Simple math, you

 Princess Piara: Please stop arguing...

 Maxim: It's alright. They're not seriously arguing.

 Princess Piara: Really?

 Maxim: They can argue with each other because they're as equals. If not, they
        wouldn't do it.

 Princess Piara: I did not know humans could be so interesting.

 Queen Marla: You are so strong. I can understand why the elder in Chaed
              entrusted you with that ball.

 Maxim: Was that ball such a precious item?

 Queen Marla: Well, it is like the life of...

 Guy: Th...the current!!

 Artea: I guess that ghost ship wasn't the reason for the abnormal current of
        the sea.

 Selan: Come on, we have to save them!

 Guy: Hey, calm down. They're mermaids. They're not going to drown.

 Maxim: But we've got to do something. Besides, our real purpose, Dual Blade,
        lies ahead.

-Submarine Cave Shrine

 Maxim: Are you folks alright?

 Queen Marla: Yes, seems so. We were pushed by that current, and the next thing
              we knew, we were here.

 Selan: In any case, I'm glad you are all ok.

 Queen Marla: Well...I wouldn't relax yet.

 Selan: What do you mean?

 Artea: Don't you feel it, Selan?

 Guy: That's not like you, Selan.

 Maxim: Concentrate, Selan. It's that energy form.

 Selan: This energy form...Maxim!

 Maxim: Yeah, it's one of the four Sinistrals. It's stronger than the
        Sinistrals we've seen so far.

 Merman1: Queen Marla. Let's leave this place right now. We'll look for the

 Queen Marla: Don't move about carelessly. I sense something very...terrifying!

 Merman1: Then we should find the exit even quicker!

 Merman2: That building might be it.

 Merman1: Alright. Let's go.

 Queen Marla: Oh no!!

 [Only a select few can get close and you do not deserve to be among them!]

 Maxim: Who are you!?

 [If you wish to know, come. But only if you wish to be destroyed like those

 Queen Marla: Ho...how could you do such an evil thing to my mermaids! I will
              never forgive you!

 Maxim: No! Don't go there! Selan!

 Selan: Drowsy!

 Princess Piara: Mother!

 Selan: She's ok. She's just sleeping.

 Princess Piara: Are you sure?

 Selan: Yes. Please find the exit and leave this place right away.

 Princess Piara: What about you and your people?

 Maxim: We'll go inside.

 Princess Piara: But I thought only those who were selected could enter there.

 Maxim: We're the ones. We are the ones with the power to fight the Sinistrals.

 Princess Piara: The power to fight the Sinistrals? But isn't that power given
                 to you by the super beings?

 Princess Piara: All life comes from them. But then, why would they create such
                 power that could destroy life?

 Guy: That's true, too. I never thought of it that way.

 Selan: Why were we born with such power? Especially you, Maxim...?

 Maxim: Hmm. If I could meet one, I'd ask that myself.

-Dual Blade Shrine

 Maxim: Is this Dual Blade?

 Selan: What's that sound?

 Artea: Dual Blade. It's ringing.

 Selan: It stopped.

 Guy: It wouldn't ring for me.

 Selan: Maxim.

 Maxim: What?

 [Unbelievable. Sir Arek told me of it, but I had to see it. A human making
 Dual Blade ring!]

 Maxim: Who are you!?

 Daos: I call myself Daos, Master of Terror who stands atop the four

 Maxim: The boss of the Sinistrals...

 Daos: 'Tis I.

 Maxim: Why are you trying to destroy the world!? Why do you kill without

 Daos: Because of Dual Blade.

 Maxim: What?

 Daos: Dual Blade belongs to us. But Dual Blade has begun to ring.

 Maxim: What's that got to do with anything!?

 Daos: It means a human with the power to fight against us exists! And we...
       cannot allow that!

 Maxim: What an excuse!

 Daos: The strong were meant to rule this world. And yes! We are the strong,
       and we shall rule.

 Maxim: Don't be a fool! I will defeat you with this Dual Blade!!

 Maxim: Dual Blade's vanished! But why?

 Daos: Ha, ha, ha! I see you are not worthy of wielding Dual Blade!

 Maxim: N...no...

 Daos: You are no enemy without Dual Blade! Watch as we reign over all with


 Selan: Is...is this really Chaed?

 Artea: I guess Daos warped us here.

 Guy: What for!?

 Girl: Oh, you people back again! Did you find the mermaid country?

 Selan: Ye...yes.

 Guy: Huh? Getting dark.

 Girl: Look! There's an island in the sky!

 Guy: Wha...what!?

-Daos' Shrine

 Daos: Listen to my voice, people of earth. I am Daos, Master of Terror, leader
       of the four Sinistrals.

 Daos: You who are too accustomed to peace have forgotten the faith. Now taste
       real terror!


 Selan: Oh no!

 Guy: Did he bring us here just to make a point!?

 Artea: I won't forgive him for this! He won't get away with this!

 [Do you understand now how powerless you people are?]

 Maxim: Daos! If you want to fight, fight us! Only a coward attacks powerless,
        innocent people!

 [Ha, ha, ha! You have something to say? Come up here! We will talk then.]

 Maxim: Be sure of it! If I could only...

 Artea: Maxim. What shall we do? The island is in the sky!

 Guy: Man! Can't we do anything!?

 Maxim: What...what shall I do..?

-Portravia, Kirmo Laboratory

 Lexis: Oh, Maxim. I thought you'd come. It's about Doom Island, isn't it?

 Maxim: Doom Island?

 Lexis: I thought it better to give it a name, so I came up with Doom Island.

 Maxim: I see. Anyway Lexis, I must go to this Doom Island. I have no choice!

 Lexis: I knew you'd say that. I'm planning to remodel Excerion into an air

 Guy: What? So, you're saying that a ship can fly in the air?

 Lexis: Not fly. It floats. I'm going to put a big balloon onto Excerion. The
        plan isn't difficult, but...

 Maxim: But?

 Lexis: We need another engine. We don't have enough power with the engine we
        have right now.

 Maxim: Can you make another engine?

 Lexis: It took me years to make that engine. I can, but not right away.

 Guy: So we can't really do anything, can we?

 Lexis: Not exactly, but there is a way.

 Maxim: What do you mean?

 Lexis: North lies Gratze Kingdom, a militaristic land with no relations with
        other countries.

 Lexis: I hear their technology is ahead of ours. Especially tanks. They have
        powerful engines.

 Maxim: But would such a kingdom lend us an engine?

 Lexis: Absolutely not. You see, it is rumored that the kingdom is trying to
        conquer the world.

 Guy: I thought only the Sinistrals would be so foolish. Pity. Humans too, eh!?

 Selan: But then how are we going to get the engine?

 Artea: If a friendly way fails, the only other way is to...

 Guy: Smart thinking, Artea! Yep, there's only one thing left to do.

 Selan: What? Do you know how to get it?

 Guy: Borrow it without...uh...permission.

 Selan: That's stealing! Besides, what are we going to do if we get caught?

 Guy: Then we'll just have to force them to let us have it for a five-finger

 Selan: That's not what I call borrowing.

 Guy: The kingdom is trying to conquer the world, for heaven's sake. This is
      for world peace.

 Maxim: Well then, Lexis. How can we get to Gratze?

 Lexis: The fastest way is north through Dankirk Kingdom, but it seems both
        land and sea are out.

 Selan: Then how are we to get there?

 Lexis: People say there's no way to get there, but there must be a secret path

 Selan: Yeah. As I think back, isn't the North Cave in Dankirk linked to some
        other place?

 Guy: Oh, you mean where the Ruby Icon was stolen?

 Maxim: We should check it out.

-'3y Kingdom (Gratze)

 Maxim: This is...

 Soldier1: Who are you?

 Soldier1: You strangers there. Don't move!

 Soldier2: Let's make them sleep!

 Soldier3: Alright. Drowsy!

-Gratze Prison

 Guard: Too many sneak thieves these days, you know. We're going to run out
        prison cells soon.

 Maxim: Mmm...Hey, are you guys alright?

 Selan: I'm fine.

 Artea: Very interesting. I never thought we would come out in the center of
        the enemy castle.

 Guy: You really surprise me sometimes!

 [Hey, new people! Be quiet!]

 Berty: Kids these days just don't know how to behave, you know.

 Bart: True it is, true it is, Berty.

 Maxim: Aaaah! You guys!

 Berty: Whoa! You were the dude underground!

 Selan: Maxim. Do you know these two?

 Maxim: They took the crown in Alunze Kingdom.

 Selan: You're kidding!? That incident!?

 Berty: Thanks to you we didn't get the crown!

 Maxim: Do you think I could just turn a blind eye to thievery!?

 Guy: What in the world are they doing here, anyway?

 Maxim: Indeed. They must have pulled some stupid stunt.

 Berty: You wish! We chase only big game. After all, we are bros Berty and

 Bart: Righto! We went for the King's crown! So there!

 Maxim: The crown again!? Don't you ever learn?

 Berty: We have wily ways. The harder the target, the more exciting the job.
        It's an art.

 Selan: But you got caught, didn't you?

 Berty: My crimey calculations went wrong is all. Anyway, why are you
        do-gooders here?

 Maxim: We're...let's see. You know the engine? Well, we also miscalculated.

 Artea: Maxim, no time for small talk. We have to think of how to get out of
        this place.

 Maxim: Absolutely. Selan, do you think you can cast Escape?

 Selan: Nope. It's blocked. It's a prison. They cast some spell to prevent

 Berty: You see? You pretty people only know how to fight. You can't even open

 Guy: And why are you still here? Go ahead and escape! You can't unlock the
      door either, can you?

 Berty: Ha! I can unlock it with my eyes closed!

 Guy: Then why aren't you escaping?

 Berty: The four foul soldiers in the room ahead are watching us. I can escape
        whenever they leave.

 Bart: Artists of thievery we are, you see, we abhor violence.

 Guy: So you say. But isn't it rather that you're puny and weak in battle?

 Bart: What did you say!?

 Guy: If I'm mistaken, unlock the door and rid us of those soldiers! I'm

 Berty: Welly, well, well. I guess we have to prove ourselves. Out of me way!

 Berty: This lock. It's a piece of crumblin' cake, it is!

 Guy: Hmm. I see you speak some truths sometimes.

 Berty: If we choose to, there's nothing we can't do. Later, losers!

 Selan: They took off with the door opened.

 Guy: They're men of simple minds.

 Artea: In any case, now we can get out of here. But will they be ok, I wonder?

 Maxim: As far as I know, the word "ok" is not in their vocabulary.

 Guard: What the...? More would-be escapees, I see!

 Guy: You didn't get far!

 Berty: Shut up! We know what we're doin'!

 Guard: Escape is a serious crime. We'll rough you up like we did these two.

 Guy: Don't be so sure of that, my friend!

 Berty: I see you know how to fight after all.

 Guy: Still talking after that beating?! Can you still walk?

 Berty: Of course! I told you we knew what we're doin'! This is nothing! Gone!

 Selan: Well, they're pretty tough.

 Maxim: They've always been that way.

-Gratze Kingdom

 Soldier: We found the two who escaped from jail.

 Prince Klaus: Humph! Silly people! Did they think they could escape? Fine. I
               needed some target practice.

 Prince Klaus: I'll show you the power of this latest tank!

 Guy: Seems like they're back in jail.

 Selan: What are we going to do, Maxim? We have to save them!

 Maxim: Yeah, we've got to do something!

 Guy: Let's throw these folks our kind of party, shall we?

 Artea: That might destroy this country. We're talking about people here. Let's
        make it a small one!

 Maxim: Well, shall we?

 Selan: Get your hands off those two!

 Guard: And just who do you think you are?

 Selan: I'm not talking to you. If you don't want to get hurt, stay back!

 Guard: How dare you..!

 Prince Klaus: Yo...you are...

 Prince Klaus: You are the "Magic Lady", Magical Selan!

 Selan: Stop it! I hate that stupid name!

 Guy: I thought I had met him before. We met in the cave when the Ruby Icon was

 Prince Klaus: Thanks to you, I messed up that time! Magical Selan, you're
               going to pay for it now!

 Selan: I told you, don't call me that. It's so embarrassing!

 Prince Klaus: I never expected to see you here. What do you want in this

 Maxim: First, we want you to let those two go. Second, we want the engine from
        that tank.

 Prince Klaus: What did you say? Ha! Ha! Ha! Did everybody hear that?

 Soldier: They don't seem to be aware of the situation they're in right now.

 Guard: It's probably the fear.

 Prince Klaus: My Gratze army is the strongest in the world. This tank is
               invincible, stronger than any monster!

 Prince Klaus: I'd forget about it if I were you. There's just no way, you see.

 Artea: Guy. Did you hear someone talking in his sleep?

 Guy: Nobody seems to be sleeping, though.

 Selan: So, that wasn't someone talking in his sleep. Then what was that we
        just heard?

 Maxim: Just somebody talking nonsense, that's all.

 Prince Klaus: Shut up! Get them! Get them all!

 Maxim: See, that was just someone talking nonsense!

 Prince Klaus: Alright you! I'll take the tank to your face so you can see up
               close what it can do!

 [Gets the engine.]

 Prince Klaus: This can't be...arrgh! You just wait...

 Guy: Wha...what the...!?

 Artea: He's trying to destroy this whole castle and himself as well!

 Maxim: Selan!

 Selan: Warp!


 Selan: I had to warp us to Portravia.

 Artea: That was really close.

 Guy: I wonder if those two escaped alright?

 Maxim: They aren't the kind of people to go down without a fight.

-Dankirk North Dungeon

 Bart: Whoa, boss, that was sizzling close!

 Berty: Yeah. Even I got fairly freaked...a wee bit, that's too say.

 Bart: Hey, boss. Why did they help us anyway?

 Berty: You got me there. Can't say, can't say.

 Bart: They're ok, don't you think?

 Berty: Seems that way. But one thing is sure, mate. They're not cut out for

 Bart: What are we going to do now, boss? We didn't get the crown and we got no

 Berty: How long is it going to take you to really understand me, Bart?

 Bart: Bo...boss! That's the...but how?

 Berty: When the guys were fighting, I took it. This is my strong point, don't
        you see.

 Bart: Boss! You are the greatest! I mean the master mover!

 Berty: Tell me something I don't know! What say? It's party time in the city

 Bart: Sounds serious, so delirious!

 Berty: Yeah! But what ho? How are we going to cross here? Fly? The bloomin'
        bridge's down.

 Bart: Well, look. They had to come from somewhere. Me thinks it must be a
       secret passage or something.

 Berty: Yeah, yeah! Blimey you're right! Whoa! Look out city lights!


 Artea: Well, we've got the engine now. Let's go to Lexis.

-Portravia, Kirmo Laboratory

 Maxim: Lexis, we've got the engine.

 Lexis: Good! We've finished the remodeling plans for Excerion. Mabel, come
        over here please!

 Mabel: Yes?

 Lexis: Would you bring Excerion to the dock!?

 Mabel: Yes, right away.

 Maxim: How long will it take to remodel Excerion?

 Lexis: With minds like ours working on it, it won't take too long.

 Lexis: Here it comes!

 Lexis: Let's get on with it!

 Selan: They're really remodeling, right? Nothing else?

 Guy: They're not trying to tear it apart, are they!?

 Lexis: Alright, it's done. How about a test cruise?

 Selan: My goodness!

 Lexis: Now, Excerion can fly in the air and swim in the sea. It's a dream

 Maxim: Thank you all so much. I'll take good care of her.

 Lexis: Don't worry. Use it as you wish. If you break it, I can repair it right

 Lexis: Besides, I think that you are probably the only people who can defeat

 Maxim: We'll beat him alright, and come back! I promise!

 Lexis: I knew you'd say that. Go on. Press the "A" button whenever you want to

 Maxim: Ok.

 Selan: Maxim! What's that sound?

 Maxim: Is it Dual Blade ringing!? No...a little different.

 Selan: But very similar.

 Mabel: Doom Island stopped above Narvick.

 Lexis: What! Above Narvick? Why Narvick...?

 Maxim: What do you mean why?

 Lexis: Narvick's a small village on Shuman Island. It's surrounded by
        mountains, cut off from others.

 Lexis: No one knows what kind of village it is or what kind of people live

 Lexis: There are two other islands around Shuman, Strahda and Kamirno. Each
        has a spooky tower.

 Lexis: We never get too close. But why would Doom Island stop above such a

 Mabel: And this sound. It seems the sound is coming from the tower on Shuman

 Lexis: From the tower on Shuman Island? Hmm. Could Doom Island have something
        to do with it?

 Mabel: The winds around Doom Island are really gusting up a storm.

 Lexis: Turbulence, huh? Only around Doom Island, huh!?

 Mabel: Yes. This can't be a natural thing.

 Guy: It's Daos! It's got to be him!

 Artea: He's trying to stop us from getting up there. Well, I didn't expect a
        warm welcome.

 Lexis: Hmm. If that's the case, Excerion may not be strong enough.

 Maxim: In any case, we'll go to Narvick. We can't just sit around and worry
        about it all day long.

 Maxim: That ringing sound troubles me, too, because it comes from the tower on
        the same island.

 Lexis: You're right. There's no time to worry. Let's head west by air to


 Elder: You, young man. What do you call yourself?

 Maxim: My name's Maxim.

 Elder: Maxim...

 Elder: Lisa, Marie, Clare. Would you come over here, please?

 Elder: What do you think? Do you feel anything?

 Lisa: Yes...I sense a very strong energy flow.

 Marie: The one I have been sensing since the other day is indeed his.

 Clare: This person...he might be able to break the seal of the Sinistrals.

 Elder: I see. That's exactly what I thought.

 Maxim: What are you talking about?

 Elder: Listen to me, Maxim. We have spent all our lives devoted to super
        beings, been so for generations.

 Elder: They gave us armor, shields, and helmets. We put them in the three

 Elder: One tower here on Shuman, one on Strahda northeast of here and one on
        Kamirno to the northwest.

 Elder: The super beings sealed the items. It's said only he worthy to wear
        them can break the seal.

 Elder: With that island parked above, I imagine Daos or his henchmen want
        those items.

 Maxim: Does that mean those items have already been unsealed?

 Elder: No. Not yet.

 Guy: Daos is a super being. Not even Daos can break the seal?

 Elder: In order to unseal the items, you must have something.

 Maxim: What is it?

 Elder: These girls.

 Maxim: What!?

 Elder: These girls inherited the power to resonate certain energy waves.

 Maxim: You mean those energy waves...

 Elder: Yes. They are the key to breaking the seal.

 Lisa: It's ringing...

 Maxim: ......

 Lisa: Maxim, my name is Lisa. Please take me to the top of the tower. I am the
       first key.

 Maxim: Bu...but...

 Lisa: You are kind to be concerned for me, but please do not worry.

 Lisa: I inherited this power to save the world...

 Elder: Would you go, Maxim?

 Maxim: Yes. Yes, I will.

-Shuman Island Sealed Tower

 Gades: I thought you would come.

 Maxim: Ga...Gades!?

 Selan: Wh...why?

 Gades: Thanks to Erim's landing on the island, my energy has been totally

 Maxim: Erim? She's a Sinistral!?

 Gades: Mm hm. Amon, Erim, Daos, and yours truly. The time has come for us to
        rule the world!

 Maxim: Don't be ridiculous! I won't let that happen!

 Gades: Don't think this is the end! As long as Erim lives, we can revive
        anytime. Ha, ha, ha!

 Selan: Maxim...

 Maxim: I guess there was one tough Sinistral we didn't know about...

 Artea: Looks like the real enemies are this Erim and Daos.

 Guy: On top of that, they're on Doom Island! Blast it!

 Artea: We can't even get close to Doom Island because of that turbulence.

 Lisa: We might be able to take care of the turbulence.

 Maxim: Are you sure!?

 Lisa: Maxim, If you can break the seal of the Sinistrals, it might be

 Maxim: Does the turbulence have something to do with the seal?

 Lisa: Just stand over there. The Divine Armor is inside there.

 Maxim: Ok.

 Maxim: That ringing sound!

 Lisa: The seal is breaking!

 [Gets the Divine Armor.]

 Lisa: With this resonating sound, all will be fine.

 Maxim: What do you mean?

 Lisa: As long as I stay here, the ringing will continue. When all three slates
       in the three towers start

 Lisa: to resonate...

 Maxim: What'll happen then?

 Lisa: The resonance will create an enormous power that could help us blow away
       the island's turbulence.

 Maxim: But if you do that, you could...

 Lisa: Please say no more. I cannot defeat Daos, but I want to help, if I can.

 Lisa: Please go. Please go and defeat Daos.

 Maxim: Thanks. I'll do just that.


 Maxim: I am sorry. I left Lisa in the tower.

 Elder: No, you did not leave her. Lisa stayed there. She is also fighting.

 Elder: We cannot waste Lisa's feeling. Marie, come over here, please.

 Elder: Would you go?

 Marie: Yes.

 Marie: Maxim, my name is Marie. Would you take me to Strahda Island?

 Maxim: Yes.

 Marie: The Island is northeast of here. Let's go!

-Strahda Island Sealed Tower

 Amon: It's time for you to disappear. You people have begun to annoy me!

 Guy: Did you get him!?

 Artea: I don't think so. He's probably still alive.

 Maxim: This battle will not end until we defeat Daos and Erim and destroy Doom

 Marie: Please stand over there, Maxim.

 Maxim: Ok.

 [Gets the Divine Helmet.]

 Marie: I feel Lisa's energy. Please, please go quickly and be careful.


 Elder: Doom Island could start to move any minute. Clare, come over here

 Elder: You are the last one I'm counting on you...

 Clare: I know.

 Clare: My name is Clare. Maxim, would you take me to the tower on
        Kamirno Island?

 Maxim: Yes.

 Clare: The island is northwest of here. We should hurry.

-Kamirno Island Sealed Tower

 Maxim: No one seems to be around...

 Artea: I don't feel any energy either...

 Selan: But something's fishy.

 Guy: We can't just wonder about it all day long.

 Maxim: You're right.

 Clare: Well, Maxim.

 [Gets the Divine Shield.]

 [I see you've girded yourself completely at last.]

 Maxim: Da...Daos!

 Daos: I was unable to reach the divine armaments because of the seal.

 Daos: But if I destroy you now, they will become mine, won't they?

 Maxim: Sorry. It doesn't work that way!

 Daos: Those armaments are perfect for he who can handle Dual Blade. And that's

 Maxim: Dual Blade...

 Daos: You are not chosen! You are not worthy of wearing them! Say your

 Daos: I see you still have some energy left...Forget it. It'd be a waste of my

 Selan: Maxim...

 Maxim: Don't worry Selan. He can't get me!

 Daos: You imbecile!!!! I shall tear you apart!!!

 Maxim: That's what you think!

 Daos: Wh...what the...!?

 Maxim: Dual Blade...

 Daos: What's going on...?

 Clare: Dual Blade chose you as its true owner.

 Daos: It cannot be...

 Clare: There, Maxim. Hold the blade in your hand.

 Maxim: Whoa! The power, the energy. It's overwhelming!

 Daos: This can't be happening...

 Maxim: Daos!!

 Daos: I don't accept this! I won't concede your power to hold Dual Blade!

 Maxim: Is everyone alright?

 Artea: Yes. But Daos disappeared!

 Guy: This isn't good! He might run off to destroy another city!

 Clare: Don't worry about that. We won't let Doom Island go anywhere.

 Maxim: Can you do that?

 Clare: I feel stronger power from the slate. With this, I think we can stop
        the motion of Doom Island.

 Clare: I also feel the auras of Lisa and Marie. They must be thinking the same

 Maxim: But will you be alright controlling such energy?

 Clare: There's no time to think. Doom Island has begun to move. Please step

 Clare: Lisa? Marie? Can you hear me? It's time to combine all our power.

 Lisa: Now is the time. May our wishes be heeded.

 Marie: I entrust everything to you now.

-Daos' Shrine

 Daos: What the...!?

 Amon: There is a powerful aura over this island. We can neither move nor

 Daos: What aggravation! Then it's just a matter of time until they arrive.

 Amon: No. They will not be arriving right away.

 Daos: How so?

 Amon: I launched an attack on their ship.

 Amon: This aura prevented me from destroying the ship, but it will fly no

 Daos: You've thought of everything, as usual. But won't they repair the ship
       right away?

 Amon: I've taken care of that as well.

-Kamirno Island Sealed Tower

 Clare: We've stopped Doom Island, but I don't know how long it will stay put.

 Clare: I vaguely felt that Doom Island had attacked something. It may have
        been your ship.

 Guy: What!? Excerion!?

 Artea: It never occurred to me that they would attack our ship. I wasn't
        paying attention to the ship.

 Guy: Ok, you weren't paying attention to the ship. Please pay attention to
      what we should do now!

 Maxim: I guess we have to go to Portravia and have Lexis fix the ship.

 Clare: Please go fast! We have trapped Doom Island at the center of the three

 Maxim: Alright. But if you feel any danger, any danger at all, please flee,

 Clare: Th...thank you. Please go now. I will try to control the power as long
        as my strength lasts.

 Clare: Maxim. Remember, you've been chosen by Dual Blade, the blade that can
        defeat the Sinistrals.

 Maxim: I know.

 Maxim: Selan, let's get to Portravia!

 Selan: Warp!

-Portravia, Kirmo Laboratory

 Maxim: Lexis, what do you think? Can you repair Excerion?

 Lexis: It's pretty bad, but fortunately the engine was undamaged. Yes, I can
        repair it right away.

 Maxim: Is there anything we can do to help?

 Lexis: What you have to do right now is rest. This is my job.

 Maxim: I understand.

 Maxim: Selan, can I see you for a second?

 Selan: ......? Alright.

 Selan: What's wrong, Maxim?

 Maxim: You should stay here and...

 Selan: Maxim, just stop there, or I won't be able to respect you as long as I

 Maxim: Selan...

 Selan: Just don't talk to me like that. It hurts.

 Maxim: ......

 Selan: Do you think I can let you go without me? No matter what happens to me,
        I'm going with you.

 Maxim: Selan...

 Selan: Let's go together. And come back together. Let's go back to our son,
        Jeros, together.

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Artea: Listening in is not such a good hobby, Guy.

 Guy: The next battle is heavy, you know. They have a kid. I was just concerned
      about them.

 Artea: They know very well what they have to do and who they have to protect.
        They'll be fine.

 Guy: Hey, you were listening, too.

 Artea: Elves have good ears. I didn't overhear...I simply heard.

 Guy: Pretty useful ears, huh!

 Artea: By the way, Guy. I thought you had someone very dear to you.

 Guy: Yeah, I do. She's waiting for me back in my hometown.

 Artea: You must return unharmed, then.

 Guy: Yeah... But even if I didn't make it back, she'd chase me as far as
      purgatory, you know!

 Artea: She sounds very strong. I'd like to meet her sometime.

 Guy: Let's have dinner tomorrow night at my place then. Invite everyone and
      let's have a party.

 Artea: Sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, let's have a party with all our friends!

 Guy: Yeah, with everyone...

 Guy: Are you through with your talk?

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Artea: Looks like Excerion is fixed.

 Selan: Lexis is really a genius!

 Guy: Well, now it's our turn to show our stuff.

 Maxim: Yeah, I know. Let's go!

-Kirmo Laboratory

 Lexis: I've repaired Excerion. Well, I guess it's time.

 Maxim: Yes.

 Lexis: Maxim! You come back, alright!

 Maxim: I'll be fine.

 Mabel: Oh, no! The energy holding Doom Island is weakening!

 Selan: Maxim!

 Maxim: Yeah, let's go! We don't have much time!

 Scientist: Monsters are all over the city! And the sea is full of them! We
            can't move Excerion like this!

 Lexis: What!?

 Guy: It's the Sinistrals! They're doing this to us!

 Maxim: Let's go have a look.


 Guy: Rats! So many monsters! Do we have to fight forever or what!?

 Artea: There're monsters even in the sea. We can't take off on Excerion like

 Lexis: Let us take care of these monsters! You go ahead and board Excerion!

 Maxim: But...

 [What are you freaking out about!? They're just babies!]

 Maxim: What!?

 Dekar: Take my BlastMaster!

 Guy: Yo...you!?

 Selan: Is this really happening?

 Dekar: Hey, long time no see.

 Maxim: Dekar! You're alive!

 Dekar: Of course! I'm not only an excellent swordsman, but I'm also great at
        staying alive, you see.

 Guy: Yep, it's Dekar! No doubt about it!

 Selan: Yes, that's got to be Dekar!

 Dekar: Who else would I be? Say, there's a dangerous looking island in the
        air. Is that their castle?

 Maxim: Yeah.

 Dekar: Then you shouldn't be hangin' around talking, right!? Just go!

 Maxim: Dekar...

 Dekar: I'll take care of all the monsters on this side! Maxim, you go up there
        and get them all!

 Maxim: Alright!

 Guy: You're alive..?

 Dekar: Did you really think I'd go that easily?

 Guy: Yeah, you're right. I'm probably the only one strong enough to get rid of
      you, right?

 Dekar: Uh-huh, uh-huh! Who do you think you are, eh? But just go get the
        Sinistrals ,ok? "Talk" later.

 Guy: Alright. We will TALK!

 Dekar: I've forgotten how to miss. I guess I have to take care of the ones who
        want to go first.

-Kirmo Laboratory

 Maxim: Ok, let's go!

 Dekar: I'll take care of the monsters on this side! You just go ahead and get
        up there!

-Daos' Shrine

 Daos: It seems they have arrived.

 Amon: Master Daos. I will drop those annoying creatures like flies.

 Daos: Interesting. Show me.

 Amon: With pleasure, Master.

-Shrine of Daos

 [Is everyone ok?]

 [Yeah, I'm fine.]

 [Me, too. I'm alright.]

 [Selan...Selan! Say something!]

 [I'm alright too, Maxim.]

 [We finally got here, huh!?]

 [Is this the Shrine of Daos?]

 [It's so dark...]

 [I feel the energy.]

 [Evil energy. Watch out. It's pretty strong!]

 [Selan, use the spell Light.]


 Maxim: So, this is the Shrine of Daos.

 Selan: It's so cold. It's so cold it chills my heart.

 [You made it to my shrine at last...]

 Maxim: Daos? Daos!? Is it you!? Show yourself!

 [Come! Come before me I am right above you.]

 Gades: You finally made it this far...

 Maxim: Gades! You can't get away any more!

 Gades: Silence! Advance not a single step more!

 Gades: Arrrrrgh!

-Shrine of Daos 3F

 Amon: So you defeated Gades?

 Maxim: You're next, Amon!

 Amon: You overestimate yourself! Now you shall see my real power, in your

 Amon: Si...Sir Daos!!

-Shrine of Daos 4F

 [You may cross.]

 Selan: Maxim. It could be a trap.

 Maxim: He said cross. Let's go.

 Selan: But...

 Maxim: Daos is testing us. He senses our feelings. Don't show any fear!

 Guy: You're right. That's what he's doing.

 Artea: My power is strong. The hopes of my people energize me.

 Maxim: Come on, Selan. We're the world's last and only chance!

 Selan: I know.

 Maxim: There's still hope as long as Dual Blade keeps its light.

 Selan: Dual Blade. It's light is beaming even stronger than before.

 Maxim: We'll destroy the Sinistrals and restore peace. Promise me you'll go
        back with me.

 Selan: Yes, I promise. I'll go back with you.

 Erim: Are you the one chosen by Dual Blade?

 Maxim: Wh...who are you!?

 Erim: I am...

 Maxim: What is it? What's your name!?

 Erim: I'm Erim, Mistress of Death.

 Maxim: You're Erim!? Was it you who revived Gades!?

 Erim: Exactly. As long as I live, the four Sinistrals will always revive!

 Maxim: So, I have to destroy you to destroy all the Sinistrals, right?

 Erim: That is my purpose as well. For our enemy is he who possesses Dual

 Erim: You are str...strong, Maxim. What is it that gives you the strength to
       battle on?

 Maxim: I have someone to protect...

 Erim: The woman beside you? You would risk your own life for one woman?

 Maxim: To me, she means more than life itself.

 Selan: Maxim...

 Erim: Is this human emotion? Ha! Ridiculous! Even such power must fail before

-Shrine of Daos 5F

 Maxim: We've got you now, Daos!

 Daos: Why do you try to stop me? Many people worship superior beings such as

 Maxim: So you say! No one would worship such evil Sinistrals!

 Daos: How simple minded. Listen to me. There are two ways of looking at all

 Daos: Some believe in love and happiness, others in destruction and chaos.
       They cannot stand apart!

 Maxim: Then why has only evil appeared? Where are those others who believe in

 Daos: It is so ordained by Arek the Absolute.

 Maxim: Arek the Absolute...?

 Daos: He is the One who stands above all others like me.

 Maxim: I had no idea...

 Daos: We've chatted long enough. It's time to settle this, time to meet your

 Maxim: With this Dual Blade I will put an end to your evil ways!

 Daos: Excellent! I can sense your power is superhuman. It's no surprise that
       you can use Dual Blade.

 Daos: With my power, that sword should be mine! Why did you choose him, Dual

 Daos: I will have my revenge on you and Dual Blade! I am Master of Terror! No
       one can challenge me!

 Maxim: This is the end, Daos.

 Daos: Never! The Sinistrals are the absolute Masters of Destruction!!

 Daos: Gades! Amon! Erim! Gather before me! Let your power resonate with mine!

 Daos: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

 Guy: Those Sinistrals still haven't bitten the dust!?

 Artea: Not exactly. Those are the last of their energy waves. They're
        resonating with Daos energy!

 Guy: His last ditch effort!

 Artea: It's not that simple! Those energy waves could rupture and take the
        world with it!

 Guy: What!? They're willing to destroy themselves and the world to take us

 Maxim: I won't let it happen!

 Maxim: Selan! Guy! Artea! Lend me your power! This is going to take all of us!

 Daos: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Your energy waves are too puny and pathetic to break
       this last barrier!

 Maxim: We've got to give it everything we've got!

 Artea: Maxim, Selan can't take much more of this!

 Selan: Don't worry about me, Maxim! I can do it!

 Maxim: Alright!

 Daos: You little hoochees!

 Maxim: Now! Do it now!

 Maxim: It's over...

 Maxim: You ok, Guy?

 Guy: You can't get rid of me that easily!

 Maxim: Artea?

 Artea: I'm doing fine.

 Maxim: Selan?

 Selan: We've finally done it, Maxim...

 Maxim: Are you alright, Selan?

 Selan: Now...the world will be at peace once more.

 Maxim: That's right, I know. We can go home now.

 Selan: ..I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't go with you...

 Maxim: Selan? What are you saying?

 Selan: I was hit when the Sinistrals ruptured...I can barely speak...

 Maxim: Selan...Talk to me, Selan!!

 Selan: I really want...I wish I could go with you...

 Selan: ..and hold our son once again...

 Guy: The shrine is collapsing! Artea, get us out of here!

 Artea: Selan and Maxim are too far away! If we warp right now, we'll leave
        them behind!

 Guy: Blast it! Can't we do something?

 Maxim: Guy! Artea! Save yourselves! Go!

 Artea: Maxim!?

 Maxim: We've defeated the Sinistrals. The people need to know. You must be the

 Artea: But...

 Maxim: I can't leave Selan. Please understand.

 Artea: ....

 Guy: Let's go, Artea!

 Artea: Guy, what are you...!?

 Guy: Maxim wants us to go! If we can't all go, that leaves us only one choice!

 Artea: ...

 Guy: Artea, come on!!

 Artea: Maxim...I promise to tell the world about this victory. Please! You
        must try...

 Artea: Warp!!

 Maxim: Selan...there will be a new era of peace now. I wish we could have seen

 Maxim: Selan, I love you. I always have and I always will.

 Maxim: What the...? The shaking has stopped?

 Maxim: Daos!!!

 Daos: You think you've won!? I may not be able to destroy the world, but I
       still have this island!

 Maxim: What!?

 Daos: I'll drop this island onto Parcelyte! It will be my final act of terror!
       Ha, ha, ha, ha!

 Maxim: Drop Doom Island onto Parcelyte!? What am I going to do!?

 Maxim: Iris? No, you're not Iris.

 Iris: ...

 Maxim: I feel your aura...the same aura as Erim!

 Maxim: Why? You are the enemy, and yet you have helped me time and again?

 Iris: This was a battle of judgement for us.

 Maxim: A battle of judgement?

 Iris: That you exist, and resonate with Dual Blade, means people act apart
       from the Sinistrals.

 Maxim: Apart from the Sinistrals?

 Iris: The purpose of Dual Blade is to defeat the Sinistrals. Defeat them, and
       you need them not.

 Maxim: Are you saying that we do not need help from super beings anymore?

 Iris: No. Humans still need faith. Arek thought Dual Blade wouldn't ring for
       at least 1000 years.

 Iris: But Dual Blade began to ring and, thus, I came to you...to see
       everything, the end.

 Maxim: .....

 Iris: But I helped you more than I should have...I don't know myself why I did

 Maxim: Iris, this island is falling towards Parcelyte. You must know a way to
        stop it.

 Iris: Yes...but I can't tell you.

 Maxim: But why not!?

 Iris: I am Mistress of Death. It would be against my nature to save the lives
       of many.

 Maxim: But you have appeared now, in the form of Iris!?

 Iris: ----!

 Maxim: The Iris I know helped me, and would wish well for those who perished.

 Iris: ............

 Maxim: It was because of you that I journeyed, because of you that I met so
        many people.

 Iris: My time is...running out. My...energy is...fading.

 Maxim: Tell me please, Iris!

 Iris: At the foot of this island are three mystic stones that control it.
       Destroy them to alter its course.

 Iris: Only a powerful aura can destroy the Mystic Stones. To destroy them
       could mean your life...

 Maxim: I understand.

 Iris: With my final breath, I shall open the door leading below. There is
       little time left before...

 Iris: I can no longer help you. Everything is up to you now.

 Iris: I will be watching from afar to see whether or not people have the power
       to build their own future.

-Doom Island

 Maxim: This must be the mystic stone. Alright, here goes!

 [Breaks the first Mystic Stone.]

 Maxim: Two more to go...

 Maxim: The second one...

 [Breaks the second mystic stone.]

 Maxim: Alright. One more.

 Maxim: This is it. This is the last one!

 Maxim: Darn it! I'm not strong enough to stop this.

 Maxim: Du...Dual Blade...

 Maxim: Alright. I'll use all the power and strength I've got left with you!

 Maxim: Lend your power to mine, in this, my final blast of strength, Dual

 Maxim: Selan, I changed the course. Parcelyte..., our Jeros will be ok now.

 Maxim: I'm tired. I'm so tired, Selan. Let me sleep for a while next to you...

 Selan: Maxim...

 Maxim: Selan? Is that you...?

 Selan: You did it, Maxim.

 Maxim: Yeah, I did, didn't I, Selan?

 Selan: Let's go Maxim...Let's go to our son...and...

 Maxim: Yes, let's do that.


 Milka: Artea!

 Artea: Milka...I'm home.

 Milka: Artea. Your eye. You hurt your eye! I must treat it right away!

 Artea: I'm alright. This won't kill me.

 Milka: Artea...

 Artea: Now, Milka. Do you feel like going to a city called Tanbel?

 Milka: Tanbel?

 Artea: That's where Guy lives. I promised I'd come to his party after this

 Milka: It's ok if I go with you?

 Artea: Of course. The time's come for everyone to enjoy this peace - together.


 Guy: Hey, Hilda, Jessy? I'm home!

 Jessy: I'm home! When that island started to fall, can you imagine how I
        worried? Can you!?

 Guy: I'm so sorry, Jessy.

 Jessy: What's going on? It's not like you to be so humble like that.

 Hilda: What happened to Maxim and Selan, brother?

 Guy: Oh, that's right! We were supposed to celebrate after the battle!

 Jessy: So everybody's coming?

 Guy: Yeah. Maxim, Selan, Artea, Dekar, and that old man, Lexis, will probably
      come, too. And...

 Jessy: Wow! Sounds like a big party. I wonder if we have enough rooms in the

 Guy: Well, if not, bring them to other people's houses. You can use anyone's
      house for this!

-Bound Kingdom

 Dekar: I don't feel the evil energy in that island anymore. I guess you did
        it, Maxim.

 Guard: Maxim defeated Daos! He is great! Indeed, truly different from all
        other warriors!

 Dekar: Of course! He's the second strongest man in the world, you see!

 Guard: Second? Who's first?

 Dekar: Who do you think!? Me, of course.

 Guard: Ha, ha...Yeah.. That's right...So, do you think Maxim will come to this

 Dekar: Of course he will! He has to! We haven't had our match yet!

 Guard: That's great! I can't wait to see him!

-Portravia, Kirmo Laboratory

 Mabel: Doom Island has changed course! It's not going to fall on Parcelyte!

 Lexis: I see...

 Mabel: I calculated the falling point on the new course. It's heading beyond
        the strait to West Land.

 Lexis: To West Land? That far?

 Mabel: Yes.

 Lexis: Whereabouts in West Land?

 It should fall in the sea northwest of a village called Alse.

 Lexis: I see...I guess I must go...to West Land.

 Kirmo: But first you should go to Tanbel for a big party, am I right?

 Lexis: How did you know about that?

 Kirmo: I know everything.

 Mabel: The ship is all set to leave.

 Lexis: I wish you folks were this enthusiastic all the time.


 Tia: .....

 Daisy: What's wrong, Tia?

 Tia: Wha...what? No..no, nothing...Nothing, really.

 Daisy: Are you crying..., Tia?

 Tia: Eh? Yes...I guess I am...

 Tia: It's...strange...I haven't cried for such a long time.

 Daisy: Are you sad about something? You look like something awful has

 Tia: I...I don't know. It's funny because I don't know. But my tears won't

 Daisy: Cry when you want to. Don't worry about it. Just cry.

 Daisy: When you're feeling sad or in pain, you should cry out everything. The
        next day'll be better.

 Tia: Yeah.., thanks.


 Jeros: Mmm...ma, mama...mamaaa...

 Aunt: Oh, yes, yes, Jeros. What is it?

 Jeros: Ma.. mama...ma, ma...mama.

 Aunt: Were you having a dream about your mother? Don't worry, she'll be back

 Aunt: Your father and mother saved this world.

 Jeros: Ma...mama!

 Aunt: Are you smiling?

 Aunt: Soon, they'll be back home soon, Jeros...

                                  4. Credits
Some people/companies I would like to thank for contributing to this guide.

 Neverland Company - For developing the Lufia games.
 Taito - For publishing the first Lufia game.
 Natsume - For publishing this game.
 Me - For writing this guide :) .
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 written in the main part of this guide is copied straight from the game, so I
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