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Low Level Guide by DragonKnight Zero

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 11/03/2004

                       Lufia 2 Low Level Guide
                         by DragonKnight Zero
                 e-mail: dragonknight_zero@hotmail.com
                       Version 0.9: 10/27/04


- Introduction and Words of Warning
- Legal Jazz
- Updates
- General tips
- Walkthrough to Ancient Cave
- Ancient Cave raiding
- Walkthrough beyond Ancient Cave
- Relnqshd's status protection list
- Credits
- Contacting me


  When I first started this crazy project, I couldn't find any
information on doing a low level game in Lufia 2.  So this guide is
meant to be a resource to anyone who has the time and guts to try
it.  Besides, it takes a long time so most people would want to try
no more than once.  Following my guide, you'll achieve finishing levels
of below 30 for Maxim, Selan, and Guy with Artea remaining at 38.
Some words of warning before starting.

- Complete the game normally before even trying this.  A low level
game requires a reasonable familiarity with the game.
- The low level game takes a long time.  Expect 70 hours or more
depending on how much time you spend in the Ancient Cave and Forfeit
Island casino.
- Patience is a requirement.  Some battles will take a good amount
of luck to pull off low level style.  Also, you'll be spending a
good deal of time in the Ancient Cave gathering superpowered
equipment to compensate for your low levels.  Be prepared to reset
once in a while.
- You will be killing off your own teammates quite a bit.  If that
sort of thing bothers you, the low level game is not for you.
- Everything in this guide is doable on the cartridge.  No save
states in the middle of battles here.
- While not really enforced, a level cap of 38 was in effect for
this guide that no character went over.  An exception is made for
Artea when shooting for lowest average levels.
- While I won't purposely include story spoilers, I will not go to
great lengths to conceal them.  If you haven't completed the game
yet, there's not a whole lot of reason to be reading this anyway.

Miguel Raya has completed a low level game with the lowest possible
average level of 20.  The final levels are Artea 44, Selan 19, Guy 11
(He won't gain any EXP throughout), and Maxim at 6.  Congratulations.
While this guide is not specifically written with that goal in mind,
the path is similar: the main difference being that the highest level
character recieves EXP instead of the lowest.  While it can be more
challenging at times, it can actually be done without AC equips this
Legal Jazz

  Copyright 2002-2004 by Erwin Lin.  This guide is freeware but it's
not public domain.  This is my intellectual property and if anyone is
going to profit from this, it had better be me.  Actually, the addition
of the status protection list means I may not profit either without
relnqshd's OK.

Terms of usage
Website usage: It is not necessary to ask my permission to put it on
a website so long as the contents of this guide are unaltered and the
site is freely accessible to anyone with a working internet connection
and compatible browser.  In simpler terms, I should be able to access
my guide on your site without inputting passwords, paying membership
fees, or any other means intended to exclude certain users.  This guide
may be converted to HTML format.  If you wish to use the guide under
conditions other than those stated above, you must receive explicit
written consent from me first.
Personal usage: This guide or parts of it may be freely used for
personal and private usage.  Do not sell or publish without explicit
written consent from me.
FAQ writers: If you wish to use a part of this guide in your own works,
give credit where it is due.

If unsure, ask.

- Updates

v0.9 10/27/04: Redid first part of walkthrough as far as the AC.  Some
changes have been made past that as well though those are not yet fully
implemented and there may be continuity conflicts.  I've also added
relnqshd's status protection list though the strats don't reflect this
additional knowledge yet for the most part.  There are no longer any
battles where more than one character survives except in situations
where the battle gives zero EXP.

V0.8 1/29/03: Massive format rearrangement and fixing of many stupid
spelling errors.  New info on Venge Ghost and the Ghost Ship strategy
has been completely changed.  Impractical infinite money trick at Alunze 
Casino added.  This update also deals with a few other issues I had with
the previous version.

General Tips

  Stuff to know about playing a low level game.  If you want to try
it on your own, these tips should help.

It goes without saying:
   A low level game is done in regular mode.  Following the guide in
RETRY mode does not count as a low level game since your levels will
be much higher with four times the experience points.

What counts:
   The purpose of a low level game is to have the lowest possible
levels for the final party upon completion of the last battle of the
game.  Tia, Dekar, Lexis, and all capsule monsters (except Zeppy who
cannot be obtained before you have your final party) levels aren't
counted for the purposes of this FAQ.  For extra challenge, for
purists, or for a perfect LLG (lowest average or not), keep everyone's
levels at a minimum.  I'll allow capsule monsters to gain EXP though;
there aren't enough battles available where they might actually
survive to gain it.

Leveling and experience:
   Experience is only given to characters that are standing at the
end of a battle.  In addition, the EXP is not split between party
members.  All battles in a low level game will be won with only one
character standing unless it can be completed with zero EXP gain.
   New characters join at a predetermined level. Nothing you do
prior to a character or capsule monster joining will affect this.
Consider yourself fortunate that Artea always starts at level 38.

Making money:
  Since the levels of Tia, Dekar, and Lexis aren't counted for the
purposes of a low level game, when you need to raise cash simply
fight a bunch of battles with only them and your capsule monster.
That assumes you choose to allow that though.  If not, the AC and
casinos are the only options.

He who fights and runs away...:
  doesn't earn full credit.  When fighting enemies in a dungeon, if
you kill some but not all members in an enemy party and then run
away, the ones you killed will stay dead when you confront the group
again.  This allows you to minimize the EXP gained from a compulsory
random battle.  This tactic applies mostly to the three towers near
the end of the game.

No, they haven't found a cure for death:
   Inns and HP spots in dungeons will not revive dead people.  This
makes it more convenient to restore a solo fighter without having to
kill off everyone else again.  Revival functions are performed by
churches (the places where you save in towns) by selecting CURE and
paying 10G * character's level.  Characters revived this way come
back with full HP.  Churches will be the primary source of revival
until Regains and Rally appear.

If at first you don't succeed, try again:
   The fights are possible at the levels given.  Dying is a matter
of bad preparation and sometimes pure rotten luck.  Be prepared to
try some places multiple times before passing them.  Also, while
building up IP before major battles is almost always a benefit, it is
not required unless stated otherwise.

Pet care:
  Capsule monsters are essential to a low level game since they can
absorb some hits for you.  Fortunately, they are not needed in boss
battles so it's not necessary to have any given capsule monster at
a high level for a boss battle.  In fact, a capsule monster that is
too powerful might even mess up some battles in the late game.

Extra mechanics stuff:
- You can hit your own teammates with physical attacks.  The only
exception is if you're using a weapon that doesn't allow you to
choose a target.  Another side effect is that if a character using a
weapon that hits all enemies is confused, they will only attack the
- Dead people's equipment can be changed.  You can also buy spells
for a dead character.  Naturally, they won't be able to cast them
until they're revived.
- You can individually select targets for spells rather than one or all.
In battle, select a target and tap A only once.  Move the cursor to a
different target and tap A once to select a third target or push the
button twice to cast.  Allies and enemies cannot be targetted
simultaneously in one casting.  In the menus, use the X button to
select characters individually to cast a spell upon.  The process is
really easy after a few tries.
- When running, it appears the game takes the AGL of a random living
member to determine whether enemies and your capsule monster act
before escaping.  A solo Tia or Artea escape nearly anything
unscratched while sometimes your final party can take a beating
from the same enemy party when everyone's alive.  I think the game
has a higher chance of using the lead character's AGL but I am not
- There are rows in this game.  On the status screen, the two people
on the top are considered to be in the front row while everyone else
is in the back row.  When in the back row, characters take and give less
damage with physical attacks.  Expect to do 1/4 less damage from the
back row.  If the party has only one or two members, they are
automatically front row.  Enemies have rows too.  Back row enemies
are set farther back.  The same reduction in physical attack
effectiveness applies to enemies too.  If all enemies in the front
row are defeated, back row enemies immediately take front row damage.
In this guide, I've left row configuration up to the player.  Weird as
it may seem, the reduction in attack damage applies to IPs that reduce
a target's HP by a fraction.  Moral of story: When using Dekar's Fatal
Blow (damages for 1/2 current HP) make sure he's in the front row.
- The switching character positions option (the up and down arrows)
does not use up a battle round.  In a back attack, it's often best
to restore characters to their usual row positions.

Walkthrough to Ancient Cave

  This walkthrough primarily covers specifics to a low level game.
For more detailed information on the dungeons and whatnot, consult
Iron Knuckle's guide (also at GameFAQs).  rpgclassics.com has visual
aids for puzzles in it's Lufia 2 section.  I assume that the player
knows how to solve the puzzles and reach all the items.

   Buy two boomerangs and nothing else.  Go to the secret skills cave.

Secret Skills Cave:
Required battles: 3

  Anyone who needs a walkthrough for this dungeon is not ready for a
low level game.  All enemies but the second red jelly must be fought.

  Anyway, when finished head back to Elcid.  Talk to Tia and watch
the scene.  When you leave the shop, a villager will announce that
monsters have infested the cave to Sundletan and taken the key.  Guess
who has to go clean them out?  Don't buy any equipment yet; the money
will be put to better use later.  Head off to the cave and run from
any random battles you get into.

Cave to Sundletan
Required battles: 2 + Lizardman

   In the cave, be sure to obtain the Life Potion before dealing
with the room with blocks and enemies encased between them.  Two
fights are compulsory in order to clear a path to the stairs.  I
chose the mushroom and lizard; there's not much difference in the
EXP gained and they may give items.  Pick up the Power potion and
hit the switch with your sword before jumping down to the lower
level.  A concealed passage will lead to Hide Armor and a Magic Jar;
pick these up.  Go down the stairs to the save point, use the life
and power potions on Maxim, use the restoration tiles, save if
desired, and then go to the next room to fight the boss.

Lizardman  HP: 80

Maxim LV 2: small knife, hide armor

   Use two boomerangs and it's over.  Easy, huh?

   Anyway, after killing it and recovering the key, walk on out.
Remember to use the recovery tiles.  Go through the locked door to
the town of Sundletan, again running from any random battles in the
  Decision time: Either buy a battle knife or 5 boomerangs and a
Small Shield.  Spend remaining cash on potions.  You could scrape
up the change for the Strong spell but having at least 15 potions
will be key for beating the Catfish later on.  Sell the cloth and
maybe the Escape if needed to purchase the needed potions.

Lake Cave
Required battles: Catfish + 2 afterwards

  Acquire all treasure besides the Insect Crush and Speedy Ring.
Those who find the Catfish too frustrating can wimp out and pick up
those items as well; the requisite battles will raise Maxim to LV 6.

Big Catfish  HP: 200

Maxim LV 4  knife, small shield, hide armor

  Either use boomerangs or the battle knife's IP to attack.  I used
the boomerangs because they do more damage.  Use potions as needed.
What's annoying is that the boss will usually go before a LV 4 Maxim
but not always.  The conservative approach is to attack only at 90%
to full HP and use a potion on any other round.  That way, it only
takes a little luck to win.

  Once the Catfish is baked, return to the save point and make your
way to the Insect Crush puzzle room.  There will be two more
compulsory battles that you cannot run from.  They're trivial, heal
only if you won't survive the next battle round otherwise.  After
these fights, Tia joins.  Use the MP restoration tile and make your
way back to Sundletan.  Buy a Whip for Tia but don't bother with the
other equipment.

   Now that Tia is in the party, it's possible to make cash.  Enter
a battle somewhere, kill off all but the weakest enemy, then kill
Maxim and have Tia finish the battle.  After that, go for Jelze as
his attacks will really aid Tia's lack of physical strength.
Battles with solo Tia are a matter of judgment.  Her AGL is high
enough to escape fights unscathed nearly all the time.  When in
battle, I tend to slug it out with physical attacks and use IP for
healing.  As long as Tia is equipping an item with a HP restoring
IP, she's fairly self-sufficient and can go far without using MP,
recharge tiles, and inns.  Avoid too many fights with enemies that
call for the use of spells to defeat unless you're near a free MP 
recharge source.  Don't be ashamed to run sometimes; some battles 
are too much for Tia to handle alone.
   OK, back to the game.  Spend some time raising cash and Tia's
level if you'd like, and then make your way to Alunze.  Go to town 
and buy a Long Knife and a Mini Shield.  If you need money, you know
what to do.  Optional at this point is to raid Alunze Cave.  The Jet
Helm requires bombs (which you don't have yet) and I would stay away
from the three chests next to each other but the other stuff can be
acquired now without having to fight any resistance.  The Horse Rock
is nice as its IP gives Tia extra punch and for the extra defense.
There are also those two chests which require the Hammer.  Whether
you go here or not, Alunze Castle is the next destination.  Don't
bother buying any other equipment yet. Have a chat with the king,
then make your way to the castle basement.

  It is possible to make unlimited money without battles thanks to
the slot machine on the second floor of the inn.  The process is
extremely tedious as one must win enough coins to buy Statues and
sell them at a shop for a paltry 1 gold.  At an absolute minimum of a
10 G investment, it will take 2000 coins just to recoup the initial
investment.  I don't even want to get into the untold millions
required to cover money needs for the game, so while the opportunity
is there, it's not worth it except for the questionable necessity of
Flame Charms.

Alunze Castle Basement
Required battles: 4

 Tia and Jelze are capable of handling all the fights themselves.
A bat party must be defeated to gain access to the healing tiles and
save point; this is not counted as a required battle.  An enemy that
must be defeated for the light knife is also not counted as required.
It's possible to gain zero EXP from the three Cobalt fights by
reducing their numbers in each fight to one, then re-encountering
and allowing the last one to escape but isn't necessary in the context
of this guide.

  Retrieve the crown and go talk to the king.  Choose nothing as a
reward to gain 3000 gold.  Now is a good enough time to buy Maxim a
Short Sword.  Make your way to Alunze Cave.

Alunze Cave
Required battles: none really besides Regal Goblin.

   In the cave, pick up any treasure you don't have already.  There's
that set of three chests that lock you in with a bunch of enemies
after opening one of them but using an Escape (or Reset) will allow
you to bypass them if you'd rather not battle them.  After retrieving
the treasure, head back to Alunze to revive Maxim.  Equip him with
all the gear from the cave if you haven't already and make your way
to the boss room in the cave.  Save beforehand.

Regal Goblin  HP: 500

Maxim LV 6: short sword, light armor, jet helm, power brace, speedy
ring, horse rock
Tia LV: 10: long knife, coat, mini shield, headband, witch ring

  Fight the Regal Goblin as you normally would.  Maxim attacks and
Tia heals.  Simply kill off Maxim when it's down to one of the

   Take the key and make tracks to Tanbel.  No need to revive Maxim at
all.  At Tanbel, talk to Hilda.  Tour the town, upgrade Tia's equipment,
and save.   It's possible to go to Tanbel Tower now and pick up the chests
that are behind where you fight Camu.
When you're ready talk to Guy and choose yes.  An intruder appears and
leaves some flunkies to fight.  Kill one, kill Guy, and finish the other.
You'll probably need to raise more cash to upgrade everybody's equipment.
Only one hide helmet is needed but otherwise it is advisable to have the
best equipment available as there's a hard-hitting boss coming up.  When
you have 200 gold, revive Maxim and Guy, use the free inn, and make your
way to the Southeast Tower, running from any random battles along the way.

Tanbel Tower
Required battles; 1 + Camu

  There's a goblin sitting on a switch that must be defeated.  To gain
zero EXP, a Cobalt must appear in the enemy party.  Kill all but one
Caobalt, run, and encounter again.  Let it run away on its own.  Pick up
the Jute Helmet and use the recovery tiles before fighting the boss.

Camu  HP: 1500  Weak Vs Thunder

From here on out, I'm not going to list every piece of equipment, just
the ones important or crucial to my strategy.

Maxim LV 6:
Tia LV 14: witch ring
Guy LV 11: kukri

  Very much the same as fighting him normally except be more diligent
about healing.  Use the Witch Ring's IP on the slaves to silence their
healing spells after Camu summons the second one.  After that, Tia will
probably need to devote herself to healing until Camu falls.  Maxim and
Guy simply attack and use the Kukri's IP every chance they get.  Once
Camu is down, kill off one slave before killing Guy and Maxim.  Have Tia
finish the last slave alone.

  You'll automatically wind up in Tanbel after this.  Use the inn without
reviving the guys.  Make your way towards the tower again and climb all
the way up to Camu's room and pick up the chests.  They contain some
equipment that will be useful later on.  Head for Clamento afterwards.
  In Clamento, talk to Rochy to initiate the next fetch quest.  There's
some shopping to be done before the next dungeon.  Buy the Bravery spell
for Maxim and buy about 6-8 mystery pins and a few awakes (3 should be
enough).  Buy armor for Tia if you want.  No other weapons or armor are
needed here; there's better stuff in the upcoming dungeon.

Ruby Cave
Required fights; Tarantula

  I'd suggest grabbing items and Blaze first then going back to Clamento
to revive the guys when ready to fight the boss.  There's a skeleton that
might trap you in the key room; lure it several paces away from the door
to prevent this.  Save point and recovery tiles behind vines as usual.

Tarantula  HP: 2000  Weak Vs Fire

Maxim LV 6:
Tia LV 16: pearl brace
Guy LV 11: fire dagger, camu armor

  Have Maxim cast Bravery on the first round, Tia use the Lightbulb IP
to boost her intelligence, and Guy attack.  Use the Fire Dagger's IP
whenever possible.  The first priority until the Tarantula dies is
staying alive, second is curing paralysis and sleep, and third is
attacking.  Tia should be the primary medic; have her cast Spark if
she's not occupied in some other way.  Once the Tarantula is gone, Tia
can finish off the last Web Spider easily by herself.  Flame Charms
from Alunze's casino will also speed up the battle.

  Go into the next room after winning.  Head back to Clamento after
acquiring the Ruby Apple.  Talk to Rochy again.  After some scenes, you
will be able to proceed onto the next town.

  Drop by Parcelyte town, and then visit the castle and talk with the 
king.  Selan joins at this point.   She starts at level 16 (and will 
remain at that level for a long time.)  At this point, I took the time 
to upgrade my equipment.  There is a round shield, anger brace, and 
cold rapier in the Treasure Sword shrine so buy what else you'll need.  
Be sure to pick up at least six Regains, nine if you plan on not reviving
anyone in Parcelyte.

Treasure Sword Shrine
Required battles: boss fights only

  Standard enemy dodging except after you find the key and go through the
key door near the entrance.  To avoid contact with the enemies that rush
out from behind the pillars, step forward until the enemy appears, walk
a step or two back until it's vertically aligned, then turn around by
holding R and stun it with arrows.  Take care to re-stun enemies as you
pass them as they will chase from behind.  Making it to the save point
won't be much trouble after this besides the puzzles.  Be sure to pick up
the Mind ring on the way.

(stats apply whether fighting for first or second time)
Pierre    HP: 1200  Weak Vs. Ice, Water  Resists Fire
Danielle  HP: 1200  Weak Vs. Fire        Resists Ice, Water

Maxim LV 6: cold rapier, speedy ring, catfish jewel if available
Tia LV 19: aqua whip, mind ring
Guy LV 11: fire dagger, undead ring (for MGR)
Selan LV 16: anger brace

  Tia should have at least 78 Agility for these fights.  Use a rock with
an AGL bonus or level up.  While the battles are still winnable without
making Tia faster than the bosses, it will require some blind luck.  For
the first fight against these clowns, have one person healing every round
until Maxim can use the Speedy ring's IP enough times so that Tia is
faster than the boss.  Keep track of damage.  Once you've done about 1100
HP damage, keep Tia alive and allow the others to die.  For Pierre, have
Tia attack with the aqua whip for the finishing blow.  For Danielle, cast
Spark.  Use Regains and the healing tiles between battles.
  After fighting each once, your party will discuss strategy.  Use the
healing tiles and revive everyone with Regains, you'll fight the bosses
with two characters apiece.  First, it's Maxim and Tia against Pierre.
Have Tia healing every round until Maxim uses Fake enough so that she's
faster.  Then you can have her attack at times.  Do about 1100 damage,
allow Maxim to die, and finish with the aqua whip (attack or IP)
  Guy and Selan have it more difficult.  Since Tia isn't around to take
the EXP, I chose to give it to Guy.  Anyway, Selan casts Strong every
round and Guy attacks.  After doing enough damage so that one attack from
the Fire Dagger's IP will finish Danielle, Selan should switch to healing
Guy only while Guy defends until Selan falls.  Then kill the boss.  My
Guy limped out with 22 HP so there's no need to be shocked.  If you want
to risk a battle lust on Guy, be sure to do so while your capsule monster
is still around.

  Go to next room.  Pick up Treasure Sword.  Leave.  The strategy for
avoiding enemies in the pillar room works on the way out as well.

  Go to the castle and speak with the king.  After some dialogue, the path
to Gordovan Tower opens.  Go to the castle basement for the Holy Wings
before leaving.  If you run into any Wispies on the overworld, run.  Solo
Tia doesn't stand a chance.

Gordovan Tower
Required battles: none really besides Gades

  Gordovan Tower has no compulsory random battles.  There are a few
baddies that may obstruct the way to some of the items.  Obtaining the
hookshot makes the Water Jewel in Alunze and the Dragon Egg in the cave
to Sundletan available; return for them whenever you'd like.  I went
back right away but that's just me.  Gades awaits at the top.

Gades  HP: does it really matter?

  You're supposed to lose.  At levels as low as these, there's no hope.
If there's anyone crazy enough to try by buffing Tia up with mass
levelling and Power Potions, they're welcome to try.

  Everyone's revived here.  The least bothersome course of action is to
continue through the story and run from all fights.  Keep this up after
Guy leaves (make sure he is not equipping the mind ring).  Stop by in
Merix to upgrade armor.  Also take note of the spell shop.  It's not
essential to buy any spells as of now though the Fireball and Trick
spells may be of interest.  Conduct whatever business you want then hit
the road for Bound Kingdom.
  When you enter the cave that leads to Bound Kingdom, you'll find the
bridge is down.  Guess why the carpenter can't fix it.  If you guessed
monsters you win free passage AFTER you eliminate the source.  In the
room with all the monsters, creep your way to the one parked in front of
the black ball thingy.  Kill all but the weakest one then kill off Maxim
and Selan so that only Tia gains EXP.  Smack the ball with the sword
(arrows or hookshot should work as well) and all the monsters vanish.
Take the stairs out.  After the bridge is fixed, you can return to Merix
and talk to the carpenter's kid for a dragon egg.  Then it's off to the
next fetch quest, er... castle.
  The routine should be familiar by now.  Upgrade equipment as desired
and talk to king to initiate a next quest.  Do not buy a Bronze Sword
though I'd suggest upgrading armor.  Stock some Regains and Mystery Pins
too.  Buying Tia Fireball is completely optional.

North Dungeon
Required battles: boss only: 2 back to back fights

  My first trip here was to bring out the Deadly Sword, Thunder Ax, and
Thunder Ring.  Uncurse the sword and revive and restore everyone if you
haven't already.  Avoid all battles in the search for the overconfident
prince.  Flash, another Dragon Egg, and a Life Potion await discovery.
Be sure to use the save point.  The next battles may take several tries
because plenty can go wrong.

4 Mummies  HP: 150 each  Weak Vs fire, water, light
                         Immune to dark

Maxim LV 6: fire dagger
Tia LV 20: aqua whip, pearl brace, speedy ring, eagle rock
Selan LV 16: thunder ring
  Boosting Tia's speed is the way to go here.  The difficulty comes from
two battles in a row without a chance to heal or revive.  For the first
part, hack away and heal only if needed.  Have Tia's health as high as
reasonably possible before killing the last mummy.

3 Trolls  HP: 200 each  Weak Vs fire
   Ouch.  These guys can paralyze with their regular attacks.  Two dead
people and one paralyzed one are soon followed by a game over. The Pearl
Brace provides immunity to paralysis though.  With the above setup, Tia
should be faster than the trolls.  Revive Selan and go to work.  Tia does
necessary healing and Selan attacks with Spark or Bolt from the Thunder 
Ring.  It's best to focus on one troll at a time.  Kill off Selan when
only one troll remains and have Tia finish it off.  Flame Charms from
Alunze casino, Fireball magic, or some extra levels for more AGL for Tia
help if you're having too much trouble.

  You're done here so make your way back to the castle when you regain
control of your party.  Inside the castle, strip all of Tia's equipment
and make sure Selan doesn't have the mind ring equipped before talking to
the king again.  The women will leave and Guy and Dekar will join up.
Before doing this, it's an option to fight with Tia to make more cash.
  Time to go shopping.  You'll probably need some more cash to outfit
your team for the next dungeon.  Solo battles with Dekar are easier due
to his high strength.  Fight with regular attacks and use the IP of the
Mind Ring (and later Metal Mail) to heal.  Check your stock of Regains
and Hi Potions as well and have at least 6-10 of each just in case.
There's a Fayza shield in the Ancient Tower but otherwise upgrade to the
best armor available, especially for Dekar.  Buy Maxim the Trick spell if
you fancy.  Whenever you're ready, head off to the Ancient Tower without
reviving Maxim and Guy.

Ancient Tower
Required battles: 4 + Gades
  Several battles are compulsory but Dekar should be able to handle them.
Run from King Frogs unless you feel lucky though; their confusion attack
can mess you up badly.  Besides fighting with only one character, it's
much the same as normal play.  Be sure to reveal the healing tiles.
Reviving Maxim and Guy before Gades is optional.

Gades  HP: 3000  Weak Vs light

Maxim LV 8: protect ring
Guy LV 13
Dekar LV 22: mind ring

 It's really simple for Dekar to take out Gades.  Have him use the mind
ring IP whenever Gades could kill with two attacks and attack the rest
of the time.  It's easier than the mummies and trolls earlier.  If you
bother to revive Maxim and/or Guy before this fight, have them boost
Dekar's DFP and ATP.

  More stuff to do that don't require new strategies. Be sure to
pick up the Magic Bikini.   There are some cut-scenes that follow
and everything's fine and dandy until Idura the babynapper shows up.
Well he picked the wrong parents to piss off.  Equip Selan and talk
to the king before leaving for the lighthouse.  Doing so seem to
trigger a flag that makes the Inn in Parcelyte free after whacking
Idura in the lighthouse.

Required battles: Idura
  Onto the lighthouse.  The good news is that there are no required 
battles.  The bad news is that you won't be able to gain levels at all 
and still be doing a low level game.  Be sure to find the Bee Rock
before challenging Idura.  Filling up Maxim's IP to 70% would be ideal
though not necessary.

Idura  HP: 1500  Weak Vs. ice
                 Resists thunder

Maxim LV 6: cold rapier, fayza shield
Selan LV 16: scimitar, magic bikini, anger brace, bee rock

  What used to be a very hard battle is made easier by Idura's
weakness to sleep.  It still requires luck with Drowsy's hit rate but
is no longer a duanting task.  Maxim should be faster than Selan.
Boost his DFP as much as possible too.
  If Maxim dies or Idura summons a Groupie at any time, reset.  In
round one, have Maxim cast Bravery and Selan cast Drowsy.  Have Maxim
throw on a Trick spell unless Selan has the IP and a free turn to
Battle Lust him.  Have him attack after that.  Selan should cast
Drowsy on any turn where Idura isn't asleep.  Have her heal, Battle
Lust, or bombard with Gale any other time.  The whole battle boils
down to keeping Idura in slumber while hacking away at him.  When his
HP is reduced enough to where Maxim can kill with the next move (a
Tricked Glacial Blast does over 300) kill off Selan and claim.  Just
be sure Idura is asleep on the round which Selan will suicide.  The
real challenge is manipulating the random number generator to serve
up a winnable sequence and not the battle itself.

  It's quite something to see Maxim go up six levels in one battle.
Make your way to Bound and continue to the transporter in the east.
Guy and Dekar join.  Continue on to Aleyn.
  I'm not sure which person to talk to in order to trigger the next
quest so just talk to townsfolk to find out about Jyad.  Phoenix 1911
informs me the person to talk to is a blue haired guy who asks your
party about ships.  More specifics to come in a future version.  Buy
spells and equipment.  Make sure to give Selan the Stronger spell and
buy Rally for at least Maxim and ideally Selan as well.  If you need
money and don't know the drill by now, then whose low-level game
are you playing?  Revive everyone when ready for the next dungeon.

Phantom Tree Mountain
Required battles: 2 Lions
  All fights are avoidable and there isn't much treasure of interest.
Oh yeah, there's the boss.  Four characters makes for an easier fight.

2 Lions  HP: 1000 each

Maxim LV 12: bee rock
Selan LV 16: magical bikini
Guy LV 13: thunder ax
Dekar LV 23: mind ring

  Selan is the medic whose main job is casting Stronger for the
first two or three rounds.  For an easier time, work on one lion
until it dies then move on to the next one.  Use the magic
bikini's IP for MP restoration.  With the mind ring, Dekar should
not have problems taking the last lion out solo.  And if nothing
else is working, the lions can be paralyzed by the bee rock IP.

  More story related stuff follows.  Kind of interesting how the
entire party has zero HP without a game over.
  Anyhow, you now have the choice of sailing to Gruberik or Narcysus.
I'd suggest Gruberik.  Ancient Cave sighted.

- Ancient Cave raiding

  This is not a strategy guide on playing the cave itself.  Besides,
I'd just be repeating what other FAQ writers have already stated.
The objective of the Ancient Cave in the low level game is equipment.
Completing the Cave isn't required although I recommend it anyway as
the Brill Helm and Dragon Ring are both nice.

  There are some blue chest equips I consider absolute essentials.
I'd recommend leaving the cave immediately the first time you find
these items unless you're on B98 with a clear path to the stairway.
I consider these equips essential because completing a low level
game without them may very well be impossible.
Flame Shield - reduces damage from fire attacks.  Handy against the
Fire Dragon.
Cryst Shield - reduces damage from ice attacks.  It's almost required
to beat the Tower of Truth.
Dragon Spear - the +50 AGL saved my tail end a lot of trouble.
Twist Jewel - the +35 AGL is helpful in some fights and any character
can equip it.

  The following items are highly recommended as they'll make the low
level game a good deal easier.  I'd also recommend leaving the Ancient
Cave the first time you find one of these.  Unlike the previous
equips, I don't consider these absolutely necessary to complete a low
level game.
Engage Ring - When equipped, all shops charge half price, including
spells.  This is very useful.
Fry Sword - a lot of later bosses are weak against light.  Being a
light elemental weapon, this should prove effective.  It also provides
good stat bonuses.
Blaze Sword - also light elemental
Bolt Shield - reduces damage from thunder attacks.  Idura is cake with
this (explanation is later on in the FAQ)
Sizzle Sword - the Stone Rose is weak against fire.
Mirak Plate - the strongest armor for Maxim and Guy for quite some time.
Its IP is handy to have in a pinch where someone needs MP.
Ruse Armor - provides much-needed defense for Selan and has a nice IP
that can revive everyone in the party at once.
Agony Helm - defense and fire reflection IP.
Boom Turban - the only blue chest helmet that Lexis can use.
Water Guantlets - the only blue chest shield for Lexis other than the
Dark Mirror.
Aqua Helm - an extra +10 AGL for insurance.
Ice Hairband - helps Selan's poor defense.  Also useful against the
White Dragons in the Tower of Truth.
Water Spear - the only blue chest weapon Lexis can use.
Dia Ring - its IP is the Zap spell.

  There are several more blue chest items that are nice to have even
if they are hardly essential.
Dark Mirror - the cursed version has the highest defense of any shield
in the game.
Gorgan Rock - has the highest defense of any rock or jewel.  I haven't
determined if the +20 MGR is really a necessity though.
Spido Jewel - three uses of this will reduce any enemy's speed by 70%.
Snow Sword - +50 to defense and MGR if you want it.  The weapon works
well on the Fire Dragon too.

  The Ancient Cave will remain accessible throughout the game so it's
not absolutely necessary to acquire everything before proceeding on.

- Walkthrough beyond Ancient Cave

  Sooner or later, one will have to snap out from the Ancient Cave
induced trance and proceed on with the game.  You can always go back
later for more.  Before trekking off to the next dungeon, take a
sidetrip to Karlloon and buy the Metal Mail for Dekar.  Equip it and
replace that Mind Ring with something more useful.

Tower of Sacrifice
Required battles: Idura.
  For those who choose to fight, Dekar can handle most battles by
himself.  Avoid the flying skulls though, as they use instant death
attacks.  Don't bother with Pugs either if you can't kill one with
each attack.  While they can't damage Dekar when he's equipping a
Flame Shield, they'll call reinforcements faster than he can kill them
off.  A new capsule monster can be found here.  Cruise to the save
point.  There is a choice of ways to tackle idura: round two.  First
though: stats.

Idura  HP: 2500  Weak Vs ice
                 Resists thunder

Maxim LV 12
Guy LV 13
Selan LV 16
Dekar LV 26

  The easy way is to equip Dekar with the Bolt Shield and Metal Mail
and go one on one with Idura.  With an Agony Helm as well: Plasma
Blaster does nothing, physical attacks from Idura do single digit
damage, and Idura Thunder can only take off around 60 HP.  Simply
use Metal Mail's IP when your life is low and hack away with any
non-thunder weapon. (Fry Sword is best) Idura's flunky will cast
Stronger to undo some of the damage you do.  Ignore it until Idura's
down; the flunky soon runs out of MP.  This strat can work without a
Bolt Shield, but with greater risk.  It may be safer to use the whole
  Using the whole party?  Then you'll need to revive and restore
everyone to full strength (use potions to fill up HP).  Dragon Spear,
Boom Turban, and Twist Jewel are highly recommended for Selan.  I
suggest giving Maxim the cold rapier and Guy the ice ring.  Selan
will be tied up with healing, especially if Idura is faster than her.
Split Strong or Stronger between Maxim, Guy, and Selan instead of the
whole party to increase their chances of survival.  Have Dekar use
Sacred Song on himself whenever his HP falls low.  Hopefully, you can
take down Idura before he kills enough people to wipe out any
survivors with Idura Thunder.  I'm unable to offer much else in the
way of strategy for this method as I used the other one in my game.

Checklist: Before proceeding to the next dungeon, be prepared
because you won't have an opportunity to fight random battles for
some time after it's completed.

Magic: Selan and Maxim should both have Rally.  Selan should have
Stronger.  One should have Poison. Blizzard and Fireball are
optional.  Stronger is optional for Maxim though it's a good idea
as its HP restoration to MP cost ratio is better when INT is
below forty.  Absorb is optional too.
Items: 10-15 regains, 6-8 mystery pins, about five awakes and shrieks,
and 10-15 hi-potions will work.
Money: It depends on how much blue chest equipment there is
available.  40000 will do if Maxim, Selan, and Guy are fully armored
with blue chest equips.  Raise more cash to cover the costs of new
equipment if needed.  I'd recommend a stash of about 100000-150000
before moving on.
Equipment: There will be a compulsory boss battle to deal with so
characters (especially Selan) should have adequate defense.  Hunt for
armor in the Ancient Cave if needed.  Speaking of which...
Ancient Cave: Now would be a good time to defeat the Master Jelly if
you haven't done so already.  Although reaching it is easiest with
Artea as the fourth character, having Dekar makes it the easiest to
defeat the Jelly.

Karlloon Shrine
Required battles: Idura
  There aren't any compulsory random battles in the Karlloon Shrine.
Dekar can handle most enemies.  Stay away from the Dark Skulls
though: instant death attacks.  It wouldn't be wise to tangle with
Medusas either without a Bolt Shield.  Utilize the recovery tiles
and save point to prepare for yet another encounter with Idura.

Idura  HP: 3200  weak Vs. ice
                 resists thunder

Dekar LV 30:
Maxim LV 12:
Guy LV 13:
Selan LV 16:

  Now he's pissed.  id software rejected him for a role in
Wolfenstein and Idura the wannabe decides to take out his
frustrations on Dekar and co.  Two possible ways to battle him,
each calling for different methods of preparation.
  I prefer the solo Dekar assault if he's equipped with a Bolt
Shield.  If you want to use the Dekar Blade, come in with full IP to
halve his HP at the start.  Other than that, hack away.  Only worry
is that Idura can confuse the entire party.  I believe he's more
likely to use it if people are using blue chest weapons.  I used the
Dekar Blade and never saw that attack.  Waste Idura and his groupie
and move on.
  If no Bolt Shield is available, then do the same thing as the
previous battle.  Go nuts on offense, have Selan heal, and hope to
take him down before he does the same to you.  If anyone's confused,
cure it immediately.  With luck, Selan won't die early.  Kill off
everyone but Dekar after main boss dies and have him take out the
flunky: yadda, yadda, yadda.

  It's not necessary to revive anyone yet.  If you're this far, I
don't believe I need to give directions.  Remove Dekar's equipment
upon arriving at the room with the magic sealing device.  Marvel
at the corny plot device.
  Whatever you do when you regain control of the party, do not
immediately run out to the overworld without saving or reviving
someone.  When you run into a random battle, instant game over.
So revive at least Selan before moving on.  Proceed on with the
story running from any random battles.  After meeting with Lexis,
warp to Aleyn and talk to Jaffy.  Warp back to Treadool

  "Would you like a flower?  It's only one gil, er.. gold."
Doesn't this flower girl remind you of anyone?  Aeris form Final
Fantasy 7 perhaps?  Maxim and company offer to go pick the flower
so that flower girl won't run off and kill herself.

Flower Mountain
Required battles: Rogue Flower
  Guy may have been hoping for a break but guess what?  Flower
Mountain is crawling with monsters.  All fights are avoidable here.
Pick up the Burn Sword for sure if you don't have a Sizzle Sword.
Do remember to use the save point.  Now with a name like Flower
Mountain, any guesses on what the boss would be?  Why an oversized,
mutant, carniverous flower of course.

Rogue Flower  HP: 3000  weak vs fire
                        resists water

Maxim LV 12: sizzle sword or burn sword, mirak plate, agony helm,
flame shield, protect ring, twist jewel
Guy LV 13: light jacket, agony helm, bolt shield
Selan LV 13: dragon spear or twist jewel, ruse armor, ice hairband,
cryst shield

  The equipment listed is simply what I remember using.  Most of it
is only for the defense though it is also important that Selan be
faster than the boss.  Maxim's weapon and protect ring are also
important.  The flower is vulnerable to sleep if its physical
attacks become a bother.
  Anyway, this is actually an easy fight assuming the boss's
Seedspreader attack doesn't wipe out Selan.  Two uses of Bravery or
one of Courage will reduce damage greatly.  Have Selan do necessary
healing and whack away at the boss.  Cure paralysis and sleep if any
party members are hit by those statuses.  When the boss is down to
300 HP or less, kill off Guy and Selan and have Maxim finish the Rogue
Flower off.  Looky, another four levels.

  Ahem.  Pick up the flower then walk or warp your way to Treadool.
Give the flower to the flower girl then go find Lexis.  Upgrade Lexis'
equipment and pick up the Strong and Absorb spells for him.  Stop by
Forfeit Island if you want.  When ready, head for Dankirk Castle.
  Buy Silver Mail for Lexis.  The magic shop also sells the Courage
and Shield spells which will be useful later on though you might as well
skip them now.  Talk to various folks until the Ruby Icon turns up
missing.  Warp to Clamento and speak with Jaffy.  Take the replica
icon to Alex.  After more scenes, the Dankirk dungeon is open for
exploration.  Buy Courage for Lexis before setting out.

Dankirk Dungeon
Required battles: 1 minimum plus 4 Soldiers
  The first time through the dungeon, avoid all fights and proceed to
the hidden room with the figgoru and dragon egg.  The ninja will be
blocking the way out so use the Escape spell or item to leave.  Or just
cast Reset.
  Heal up and return.  Avoid all fights until you reach the bridge with
a Shadow patrolling it which you must defeat.  You can cross without
fighting the ninja.  Stand one step to the right or left at the top and
stun the ninja when it's vertically aligned with your character.
Cross and stun it again when you're next to it.  Continue to the stairs.
Be sure to save because the stretch to the next save point is tricky.
Bypassing the green things is easy when you realize that they move in
the opposite direction that you're pressing, even if you're against a wall.
The shadow maze is the main tricky section.  The idea is to stun them when
they're not on the path and bypass them.  Odds are that two or three will
not move away and force a battle.  Hope they don't wipe out Lexis with an
instant death attack or constantly call companions.  Reaching the end is
simple once you're past this.

4 Soldiers  HP: 400 each

Maxim LV 16
Guy LV 13
Selan LV 16
Lexis LV 28: figgoru, bee rock

  If Lexis is equipped with both water gauntlets and boom turban, he
may have enough defense to take on the Soldiers solo.  Cast Courage and
attack until they're defeated.  Otherwise, revive someone before the
fight to help draw some of the attacks and kill off some of the enemies.
I used Selan.  This could hardly be called a boss battle.  Even with
non-AC equips, Lexis can still win solo by using Immobilize and being
lucky enough to paralyze at least two enemies.

  Since everyone is automatically revived, I chose to progress through
the story.  Sail to Ferim.  The Magic shop has Champion and Firebird,
remember for later.  Proceed with the story.  When Hans leaves, the
North-east Tower will open up.

Northeast Tower
Required battles: none
  No boss.  Avoid fights.  Go up tower.  Watch stuff.  Go down tower.

  There are some points of interest worth a detour before proceeding
through the story.
- Barnan equipment shop: good though not as good as AC equipment
- Capsule monster Darbi
- Portravia magic shop: Valor (and Thunder for those who want it)
Also, become familiar with solo battling with Lexis.  I mostly stuck
with attacking with the Figgoru, first because I didn't have a Water
Spear and second because if he's confused, he won't hit himself.  Use
Strong for healing and Absorb for keeping MP up.  Against stronger foes,
a casting of Courage can provide extra insurance.  Perhaps because of
my average levels being so low, I never ran into the majority of the
more dangerous enemies that can appear on the open seas.
  Once you complete the Mountain of No Return and Lexis leaves, there
will be no other source of cash other than bosses and finding and
selling blue chest items from the Ancient Cave.  So before completing
that event, make sure the party is prepared for the remainder of the
upcoming challenges.

Spells: Both Maxim and Selan should have Valor.  Selan should have
Champion and Firebird.  One should learn Courage while the other picks
up Shield.  Absorb is optional for Selan and unneeded for Maxim.  Both
should learn Stronger as well.  Might as well pick up Poison and Trick
for someone while on the subject of spells.  Mirror can be useful.
Items: Shrieks will become necessary in future battles so stock about 15.
Keep some Awakes and Mystery Pins handy too, 5-7 of each will work.  Buy
the Jewel Sonar too.  20 Regains should be enough and the unsure can
build a stash of Hi Potions and Ex Potions at this time.  I didn't have
to resort to potions so I make that part optional.
Money: With an Engage Ring, 500,000 will be sufficient to cover future
needs without having to make sidetrips for cash purposes.  My save file
at the end has about 400,000 gold so even 150,000 plus engage ring might
be enough with all characters outfitted with blue chest equipment.
Double the totals if no engage ring is present.  Increase the stash if
you'll need to buy extra equipment.
Powering up: Last chance to level up capsule monsters or win the proper
fruits.  I've pretty much forgotten they are there so it's overkill to
power any of them up to obscene levels.

  When ready to go on, enter the Mountain of No Return.  Progression is
fairly straightforward.  Once you've navigated the large room full of
horse statues and a treasure, prepare for a boss battle.

4 Gargoyles  HP: 1000 each  

Maxim LV 16
Guy LV 13
Selan LV 16
Lexis LV 37

  I fought this battle with only Lexis and Guy as my Lexis wasn't strong
enough to win this solo.  Healing Guy may not be needed though be sure
he's alive until at least two of the gargoyles are down.  Cast Courage on
Lexis for extra insurance and whack away.  This battle should not be any
trouble at all.

  Lexis leaves the party immediately after the battle.  His equips can be
bought at the Forfeit Island pawn shop.  Outfit Artea, though there's no
need to buy new equipment.  I would purchase the Strong, Rally, and
Stronger spells for him.  Shield, Courage, and Absorb are worthwhile
purchases as well.  Zap is a must-buy but it's not available yet.  Buy an
Evening Gown from the armor shop now or later  Go to divine shrine.

Divine Shrine
Required battles: none
  There are no required battles in the Shrine so run around snagging
treasures and making liberal use of arrows, hookshot, and hammer to avoid
battles.  The Iron Gorems are a little trickier to avoid because of their
movement patterns.  Artea is fast enough to escape unscathed as long as
the enemies don't land a surprise attack.  There's no boss either.  The
room which Karyn guards contains a tile which will increase all non-
derived stats (all but attack and defense) by about 5-7%.  It's not
necessary to use the stat boosts now and it's more profitable to wait
until the last possible moment.  Every little bit helps though.  Not
knowing at the time, I claimed the boosts right away.
  There is a choice to be made here.  For a lower overall average level,
one could dump all future experience on Artea.  You're on your own if you
choose this path.  I find it more important to field a strong team and have
written the rest of the strategies splitting all required EXP across the
entire group.  After revisiting Eserikto, go to Portravia for the sub.
While Barnan's the next stop as far as story progression goes, there's
some sidetrips to make.

  Use the sub to reach the village of Chaed.  Buy the Rune Rapier if you
like though the real prizes are on Dragon Mountain.  Raid the place for
treasures.  Also, complete the World's Most Difficult Trick.  The Legend
Helm is almost absolutely essential and the other items are useful too.
It is possible to grab all the treasures without fighting anything
though it takes persistence and luck to pass some of the enemies in the
big lava room.  Those items can be skipped as they contain rings and
jewels that I never actually used.  Do remember the Magic Scale though;
besides, there are no enemies guarding it.

Optional sidequest: Capsule monster Zeppy
I assume you know where to find it.  Requires sub
Optional sidequest: Dragon Eggs
This is the most convenient time to do the Dragon Egg sidequest as Artea
will be the only standing character.  I believe the Dragon Eggs' location
is randomized whenever the Egg Dragon hides them.  If you don't want to
fight at all, simply save before giving a set of eggs to the Egg Dragon.
If an Egg ends up in a chest inaccessible without a battle, reload and
try again.  If that method is too much trouble, simply have Artea absorb
any necessary EXP.  Use the trick about minimizing the enemy party to
one, running, and killing the lone member to minimize EXP gain.  Having
up to 30 of each stat potion as extra insurance is nice.  Do have the
Jewel Sonar before even attempting this sidequest.  If you decide not to
engage in the hunt, give the first eight Dragon Eggs to the dragon, take
the Ancient Shield, and be done with it.  The shield's IP will come in
useful later.  Doing this sidequest is highly recommended for those who
choose to dump all future EXP on Artea.

  On to the Shrine of Vengeance.  There aren't any required fights and
it's easy to navigate.  Only two potentially tricky spots.  For the
chariot guarding a weak wall hiding the Bright Armor, stun it when it is
not blocking the path and make sure to stun it again before going for
the treasure or it may block the way out.  Also in the long corridor, be
sure you stun the chariot in a position where you can walk around it.
Use the save and healing tiles and prepare for a boss.  Optionally,
fill up Selan's IP to about 55%, Guy's to 65%, and Maxim to 90%

Venge Ghost  HP: 7500  weak Vs. light, healing
                       resists ice

Maxim LV 16: heal armor
guy LV 13: fry sword,  bolt shield, legend helm
Selan LV 16: blaze sword, power robe
Artea LV 38: dragon spear

  Ooh, this might be difficult.  The Venge Ghost uses Doomcry, which
randomly kills people, and level 3 magic: Thunder mostly.  The boss can
be damaged by healing spells and IPs.  I'm not sure how much Sacred Song
and Rebirth will damage the boss at these levels though they will make
the battle much quicker.  Have Artea use Shield on the first round just
in case.  If Selan dies from an attack that does more than her max HP,
don't bother reviving her.  Artea heals (don't skimp), others attack.
When weakened enough, have Guy use the legend helm's IP, kill the others,
and finish in safety.

  Leave and go to Barnan.  After Selan's very unwarriorlike display, the
game prompts you to go to the tower of truth.  Revive and recover your
team and go to Durale to buy the Zap spell.  The Tower of Truth awaits.
  The Tower of Truth has no required fights.  In the room with the
lone Seiren, stun it and walk around to exit without battle.  Use the
save point; this next boss battle is dangerous.

3 White Dragons  HP: 550 each  weak Vs. fire    Ice elemental
                               resists ice

Maxim LV 16: lizard blow or sizzle sword
Guy LV 18:
Selan LV 16: sizzle sword, cryst shield, ice hairband
Artea LV 38: dragon spear

  Don't bother with Shield or Courage here.  Have Artea cast Firebird
on a single dragon right off to wound or finish it.  They'll fire off
their attacks next unless you've pumped folks full of Speed Potions.
If all three use Cold Stream or Ice Valk you will likely lose Maxim
and Guy.  If not, regular attacks from them will finish the first
dragon and injure a second.  Healing may not be necessary though have
Artea handle it if desired.  When down to one weakened dragon, Selan
should have no trouble finishing it off by herself since the dragon
will have trouble damaging her at all.  The Ice Hairband isn't even
necessary though its IP guarantees Selan's safety if she's attacked
with Ice Valk. (Spells on single characters hurt, even with the
appropriate elemental shield.) If a fire elemental weapon isn't
available, substitute with lizard blow or Firebird.

  Selan will finally gain some EXP for the first time in the game.
Up 3 levels and HP finally over 100: nice.  Dragon Mountain is where
the next challenge lies.  Do heal up as full power is called for at
the next boss fight.  To easily reach the boss without battles, go
through the World's Most Difficult Trick room and head left along the
bridge when you enter the big lava area.  It will break in the middle,
dropping you next to the stairway that leads to the Fire Dragon.

Fire Dragon  HP: 7500  weak Vs. ice        Fire elemental
                       immune to fire

Maxim LV 16: lizard blow, flame shield, agony helm
Guy LV 18: flame shield, agony helm
Selan LV 19: snow sword
Artea LV 38: dragon spear, old shield

  Equipment makes or breaks the battle here.  If you don't have at
least one flame shield on hand for Maxim, this will be a very uphill
and possibly downright impossible fight.  With both Maxim and Guy
protected, it's rather easy.  I only had to retry once and it was
because I accidentally killed it with three people standing.  Heh.
  On the first round, I had Artea cast Shield and Selan cast Courage.
The others attacked.  After that, Artea acted as the healer while the
others focused on attacking though I had Selan add a second casting
of Courage.  If Selan loses her full HP, don't bother reviving her;
she's not really needed once stat ups have been cast.  Do keep her
alive before then as her Snow Sword can take off 300 HP or so per hit.
If Drowsy puts someone other than Selan to sleep, use an Awake.  If
Artea falls to Bite, revive him at once unless the boss is already on
the verge of death.  After hacking away around 7000 HP, refrain from
further attacks until Maxim is alone then have him use either the
Agony Helm IP and regular attacks or the Lizard Blow IP to deal a
finishing blow.

  Maxim will shoot up five more levels after this fight.  While what
to do is straightforward, there are a few issues to take note of.  If
you want a Rune Rapier (so Artea can have a light-elemental weapon),
buy it now.  I shouldn't need to remind anyone to visit Preamarl's
equipment shop, though just in case anyone hasn't bothered to visit
shops. Since blue chest items outclass buyable equipment for most of the
game, the shop items are offering improvements over other stuff by this
point.  If you've used up all your shrieks, buy a few more just in case.
Also fill up on IP.  Guy needs around 90%, Selan and Artea 55%, and
Maxim can get by with around 30%.  For more overkill, retrieve a tough
hide from the pawn shop.
  There isn't even a dungeon before the Ghost Ship.  So commence
beatdown.  Save beforehand.

Ghost Ship  HP: 10000  weak Vs fire, healing
                       resists ice

Maxim Lv 21: tough hide, rocket ring
Guy LV 18: heal armor
Selan LV 19: evening gown
Artea LV 38: power robe

  Since the Ghost Ship summons other monsters, the idea is to defeat it
as fast as possible.  Since healing IPs will do the most damage, those
will be the tactics of choice.  If the boss does something other than
summon a deadly sword, reset.
  Do the following (all targeting the boss)

Artea: Sacred Song
Maxim: Re-energize (or whatever)
Selan: Sacred Song
Guy: Rebirth

  The Ghost Ship should die after this assault.  If everyone's faster than
the boss, have Artea hold back initially to allow it to summon a sword.
This shouldn't be the case unless you've used a lot a speed potions.  Dump
the EXP on Selan for this fight.
  In practice, I used 10 shots of Valor with some attacks thrown in so the
boss summoned three enemies instead of one. I also didn't reset after the
ship summoned flaming skulls, so I gained some 3500 EXP more than necessary.
I also gave the EXP to Guy instead of Selan so my character levels will
reflect that.

  It is possible to leave this area so if Selan wasn't the sole survivor,
go out and revive her.  Also, this is the last chance to buy a Rune
Rapier.  Proceed to the underwater shrine in which there is little of
note gameplay-wise.  After Daos reduces Chaed to ashes, all living
characters' IP will max out.  Go to Portravia next.  Before leaving for
Gratze, keep in mind that you won't be able to leave the dungeon until
beating the tank.

Gratze dungeon
Required battles: 2 of 4 soldiers each + Tank

  Gratze is likely the most annoying dungeon in the game due to the only
save being at the beginning so if you mess up, you have to go through the
entire place again.  I wound up replaying this area far too many times for
my liking.  Only Dankirk's North Dungeon could compete in annoyance factor.
  There're recovery tiles and a save spot at the beginning of the Gratze
dungeon.  I'd recommend using a separate slot to save in unless you're
daring or know you'll be able to beat the tank.  There is a compulsory
battle with four Soldiers.  Easy stuff: whip them and give Selan the
EXP.  There's one tricky spot in the dungeon.  If you want to make it
out with the Miracle, it will be necessary to lure the eyeball far
enough to the left so that it doesn't charge you the instant you come
back out of the lower left door.  The room in question is past the area
with the basement key.  All fights are thankfully avoidable (they are
difficult, damaging enemies).  The boss fight is actually two back to
back fights so I'll give the setup beforehand.  For emulator users, a
savestate before the battle will cut down on the frustration of retries.

Maxim LV 21: rocket ring
Guy LV 22: fry sword, legend helm
Selan LV 20: blaze sword, ruse armor or ghostclothes, twist jewel
Artea LV 38:

  If you've followed my recommendations earlier, Guy will be at LV 18
and Selan somewhere around 22-23.  These are just from my game.  First
you fight four Soldiers.  Selan shouldn't have any problems taking
them out by herself when you cast Courage straight away.  Before
killing the last one, make sure Selan's IP is full.

Tank  HP: 10000  weak Vs. light

  Although the tank is resistant to all forms of damage, light elemental
weapons and magic do more damage.  Simply killing the tank is easy, it's
doing it with a single survivor that drove me crazy.
Right away, have Selan use the Regeneration IP.  This will revive the
whole party.  Cast Courage so the tanks multihitting attacks aren't much
of a threat.  It has attacks that will surely kill at these low levels
but those power attacks only hit single members.  So simply revive them
and continue to hack away.  It's a simple battle, plus half the time,
the tank just sits there while you beat on it.  Perhaps the most tricky
aspect of the fight is keeping track of the damage done.  After doing
9500-9700 damage, have Guy activate the legend helm's IP and kill off
everyone else.  This will make winning easy; giving another character
the kill will be more difficult (especially with Selan).

  Thanks to the magic of plot devices, the engine that Guy was so intent
on, ahem, stealing remains intact.  Now that the airship is ready, fly to
Narvick.  Do upgrade armor; at least one Zircon Armor will be needed.
Be sure to speak with the elder before leaving for the first tower.  There
are compulsory fights in the towers so don't go until directed to.
  There are two required fights that open up essential stairways.  All
others are avoidable.  Also, these battles reset if you leave the tower.
For the first, if a Nosferato doesn't appear with the Leech (Lich?), exit
the tower to try again or reset.  Kill all but one Nosferato and have it
alone at the start of a round.  It will summon Vampires.  Kill all but one
Vampire, run, and encounter again.  Have Selan be the one to gain the EXP.
This method only gains the EXP from the single enemy.  Repeat the
procedure with the Black Dragon(s) later on.  As before, run after one is
left, then have Selan gain the EXP for the single enemy.  There's a save
spot near the top and then it's boss time.  Revive and restore Maxim's HP
and prepare.

Gades  HP: 7500  weak Vs. light

Maxim LV 21:
Everyone else is immaterial

  What a wuss.  With the strongest armor, Gades can't do much damage at
all after one or two castings of Courage.  Maxim can take down Gades
singlehandedly here.  Cure if his HP falls below 70 and attack
constantly.  You may even have to go to the trouble of killing Selan
yourself before Gades expires.  Using everyone speeds up the battle
though it isn't necessary.

Next.  Back to the Narvick elder, then on to the next tower.  Have some
Shrieks on hand.

  The enemies that guard the stairways in the second tower are of the
same type as those in the first.  So do the same thing as in the previous
tower: kill all but one, run, and come back and finish.  Give the EXP from
the Nosferato and the Black Dragon to Selan.  If you want to be safe, save
in a separate file at the save spot.  Revive and restore everyone this time.

Amon  HP: 10000  weak Vs. light

Maxim LV 24
Guy LV 23: fry sword, bolt shield, legend helm
Selan LV 25: blaze sword
Artea LV 38: dragon spear or arty's bow, aqua helm, and twist jewel

  After all those easy battles, the game dishes out a hard one this time.
Artea must be faster than Amon to have a fair chance.  Amon uses all level
3 magic but seems to favor Thunder so the Bolt Shield might save Guy's rear.
  First time I tried, Amon went before everyone.  Splat.  When Artea is
faster, the fight is amazingly simple.  Shield once and courage twice.
Artea heals; others attack.  Have Maxim use the Zircon Armor's IP to keep
up Artea's MP if the need arises.  Do not skimp on healing; full HP is
needed to survive some of Amon's attacks.  If someone is confused, use a
shriek immediately.  If it's Artea who's confused, have Selan cast
Champion to cover and have another use the shriek.  If two or more are
confused at once, just do your best to recover.  Whittle away 9000 to 9500
HP, then have Guy do that Legend Helm thing to win safely.  In practice, I
misjudged and Guy took the full force of a Thunder Spell.  Luckily, he
lived with 8 HP (thank you bolt shield) to deal the killing strike.

  Leave and return to Narvick.  Speak with the elder once more.  Do
anything you need to do now.  Have at least 8 Shrieks, 5 Awakes, and 5
Mystery Pins.  Buy some ExPotions if you'd like and at least one Regain.
Save now.  This is the last official save point of the low level game.
These are the character levels from my game.

Artea; LV 38       Guy: LV 26
Selan: LV 25       Maxim: LV 24

  For those who followed my recommendations, your levels will actually be
around 24-25 for Maxim, Guy, and Selan.  Artea will still be at 38.  Time
for the final stretch.

  The required fights in the last tower are actually different.  The first
one is with a Gorgon.  If it doesn't appear with a Basilisk, reset or leave
and try again as Basilisks give less EXP.  Kill all but one Basilisk, run,
yadda yadda.  Give Selan the EXP here.  The second fight is with a Leech.
Artea should be able to absorb the EXP from a single enemy and still need
over 50000 for a level up.  If you wish to use the save point at the top,
I highly recommend using a separate file.  Some more neat story sequences
later and it's off to the Doom Island showdown.

  Doom Island has no wandering enemies to speak of.  There just a dozen
Miracles and all important HP and MP restoration tiles that are accessible
after beating Gades.  All characters start with full IP at the beginning of
each battle.  On with the show.  Savestates help here to prevent replaying
completed battles.

Gades  HP: 7500  weak Vs. light

  I'm not going to give out levels here because he's ridiculously easy
with your powerful equipment even at LV 24.  Beat him down and force
the EXP on Selan.

Amon  HP: 10000  weak Vs. light

Artea LV 38: old shield, at least +45 AGL from equipment
Guy LV 26: fry sword
Selan LV 28: blaze sword
Maxim LV 24: dual blade

  Amon is exactly the same as in the previous battle.  The only thing
different is giving the kill to Artea.  Weaken Amon to where a single
Zap spell will finish him (<600 HP remaining).  Allow the others to be
weakened enough so one attack from Amon will kill while keeping Artea
at full health.  Activate the Old Shield IP.  Use Zap on the next
battle round when the others are down.

Erim  HP: 15000 (???)  weak Vs. light

Artea LV 38:
Guy LV 26: fry sword, legend helm
Selan LV 28: blaze sword
Maxim LV 24: dual blade, zircon armor

  I don't care what the FAQs say; her HP is closer to 12000.  Besides
that one of her spells may cause instant death, she's really
straightforward.  Shield once, courage twice, Artea on healing duty.
All those light elemental weapons will cause damage to add up fast.
Maxim should be the main MP restorer with the zircon armor's IP if
needed.  When Erim is close enough to death (11000+ damage), have
Guy use the same legend helm tactic he used at the Venge Ghost and the
Tank to clean up easily.

Daos  HP: 20000 (???)  weak Vs. light

Artea LV 38:
Guy LV 26: fry sword, zircon armor
Selan LV 28: blaze sword
Maxim LV 27: dual blade, pearl helmet, rocket ring

  FAQs say 20000 HP: it feels more like 15000 to 16000 though.  Daos has
two attacks worth mentioning.  One will randomly inflict negative status
on people.  Removing them is a priority after healing.  Dark reflector
turns the next attack directed towards Daos against the user.  Unless
everyone is faster than Daos, someone's likely to hit himself or herself
a few times during the battle.  However, most spells besides HP restoring
ones are reflected by Dark Reflector, even stat up spells and Absorb.
Shield once, Courage twice as before.  Have Maxim use Wave Motion right
away.  This will make him faster than Daos.  Weaken Daos to within 800 HP
of death, then have Maxim use the pearl helmet IP and kill everyone else.
If Daos uses Dark Reflector while Maxim is alone, cast Bravery or Absorb
on Daos to nullify it.  Brilliance should last long enough for Maxim to
win with regular attacks with Dual Blade.  This could be done with Guy
but it's much more fitting for Maxim to emerge the victor.

  Congratulations, this is the end of the low level game.  Artea should
still be at LV 38 while the others are around 27-28.  Here are the final
levels from my game.

Artea LV 38     Guy LV 26
Selan LV 28     Maxim LV 29

- Relnqshd's status protection list

  Hate losing a battle to a negative status at a bad time?  Believe it or
not, some equipment can block one or more bad statuses.  As one might guess,
this information was discovered by relnqshd and I claim no credit for its
discovery.  Makes the Egg Ring even more cheap than ever.

Reli's site:  http://www.geocities.com/bernardalgain/index.html

Protection against Poisoning:
- Bright armor (All)
- Bright cloth (Lexis only)
- Bunnysuit (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Camu armor (Guy, Dekar)
- Crystal mail (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Crystal robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Holy robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Holy wings (Selan, Tia)
- Lab-coat (Lexis only)
- Old armor (Guy, Dekar)
- Pearl armor (Maxim only)
- Pearl brace (Selan, Tia)
- Quilted silk (Selan, Tia)
- Royal dress (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru cape (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru silk (Selan, Tia)
- Silk robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Silk toga (Selan, Tia)
- Silver armor (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Silver mail (Maxim, Guy, Artea, Dekar,, Lexis)
- Silver robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)

Protection against Silence:
- Bunnylady (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Hairpin (Selan, Tia)
- Long robe (Selan, Tia)
- Mage shield (Maxim, Selan, Artea, Tia,, Lexis)
- Old shield (Guy, Artea, Dekar)
- Pearl shield (Maxim only)
- Royal dress (Selan, Tia)
- Rune gloves (Artea only)
- S-myst ring (All)
- Seethru cape (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru silk (Selan, Tia)
- Silk toga (Selan, Tia)

Protection against Instant death:
- Bright cloth (Lexis only)
- Bunny ring (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Dark mirror (uncursed) (All)
- Ghost ring (All)
- Holy robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Holy wings (Selan, Tia)
- Jute helmet (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Pearl armor (Maxim only)
- Ruse armor (Selan, Tia)
- Undead ring (All)

Protection against Paralysis:
- Bright armor (All)
- Bunnysuit (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Holy robe (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Magic bikini (Selan, Tia)
- Mirak plate (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Old armor (Guy, Dekar)
- Pearl armor (Maxim only)
- Pearl brace (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru cape (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru silk (Selan, Tia)

Protection against Confusion:
- Brill helm (All)
- Bunny ears (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Ghostclothes (All)
- Jute helmet (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Legend helm (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Old helmet (Guy, Dekar)
- Pearl helmet (Maxim only)
- Power brace (Maxim, Selan, Artea, Tia,, Lexis)
- Safety hat (Lexis only)
- Seethru cape (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru silk (Selan, Tia)

Protection against Sleep:
- Agony helm (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Anger brace (All)
- Boom turban (Selan, Artea, Tia, Lexis))
- Bunny ears (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Fury helmet (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
- Fury ribbon (Selan, Artea, Tia)
- Ice hairband (Selan, Tia)
- Mystery ring (All)
- S-myst ring  (All)
- Seethru cape (Selan, Tia)
- Seethru silk (Selan, Tia)

And finally, equipment that gives elemental protection when equipped

Fire: Flame shield (Maxim, Guy, Dekar)
 Ice: Cryst shield (Selan, Tia)
 Light: Apron shield (Maxim, Guy, Dekar) 
Neutral: Mega shield (Guy, Dekar) 
Shadow: uncursed Dark mirror (All), Brill helm (All) 
Thunder: Bolt shield (Guy, Dekar)
Water:Water gaunt (Selan, Artea, Tia, Lexis)

- TOP SECRET: Stat potion gathering

  I chose to remove from the main walkthrough all mentions of one of the
legal loopholes which can be used without affecting finishing levels but
makes the game really easy.  There is no limit, unless self-imposed, to
the quantity of stat potions that may be used on any character.  In
addition, an unlimited quantity of any type can be obtained without a
member of the final party gaining a single point of EXP.
  This is mainly for reference purposes because abusing stat potions to
raise stats to max is extremely cheap.  I made it with the few that
appear normally and 30 of each from the Egg Dragon; should be more than
enough.  Also, having 999 HP, STR, and AGL will suck all the challenge
out of the game, regardless of the level.  Still, for completeness' sake,
here are places to harvest the various stat potions accessible in a low
level game.

Power Potion: Defeat Big Crabs  Found in Tanbel Tower and overworld around

Life Potion: Defeat Spinner  Found in Ancient Tower

Speed Potion: Defeat Stinger  Found on Phantom Tree Mountain and overworld
around Aleyn and Narcysus.

Brave: Defeat Medusa  Found in Karlloon Shrine and overworld around Dankirk.
Notes: Not worth it.  Those Bolt spells are hazardous to single players,
Absorb makes Lexis helpless, and they're strong against non-attribute weapons.

Mind Potion: Defeat Necromancer  Found in Flower Mountain.
Notes: A health hazard because of instant death attacks.

Spell Potion: Defeat Bone Gorem.  Found in tower NE of Ferim.
Notes: Resistant to everything except thunder.

- Credits

First the contributors,

Phoenix 1911: Pointed out the Venge Ghost is hurt by healing and provided
the tactic of using healing IPs on such enemies.  Also was generous enough
to proofread this FAQ.
Einstein X Mystery: Informed me how to select individual targets for magic
in the menus.
G'Paladin: Provided help on beating the Catfish at LV 4.
(omitted): Suggested the use of Flame Charms.  However, because of an
arrogant attitude and deliberately insulting the FAQ author, he/she doesn't
get the privilege of seeing his/her name in print.
reliqsed: The source of all status protection info as well as pointing out
Idura's vulnerability to sleep.  Also for elemental protection and other
bits and pieces.
Miguel Raya: Final levels of lowest average level party, hints about where
to use the Bee Rock and instant death IPs, Sleep on Rouge Flower, Nosferatu
summoning Vampire, and other useful information.

And references,

Iron Knuckle's Lufia 2 FAQ: Where I found out about using healing magic on
the Ghost Ship.  I also verified various boss stats with this guide.
Beastman's Ancient Cave guide: Not directly used in the making of this FAQ.
Provides good coverage on completing the Ancient Cave.  Most of the tactics
I could provide would just repeat stuff from Beastman's guide anyway.

- Contacting me

  My e-mail is at the top of the document.  If you have a tip that would
help other players and don't want to wait for me to update, I will scan the
GameFAQs Lufia 2 message board on occasion for low level game topics.  If
I use something from a message board post, I'll credit the poster's handle
unless otherwise indicated.  Here's some stuff I'm looking for in 
"Format and Layout" Still accepting suggestions.
"Gameplay" Found a way to achieve even lower levels than what I've laid
out?   Beaten Erim or Daos without resorting to invulnerability IPs like I
did?  If you've managed something I haven't, send it in.
"Perfect Game tips" Keep Tia, Dekar, and Lexis at minimal levels.  Don't
fight unless required or when it's possible to obtain zero EXP for the
battle.  I'm aiming to change the FAQ eventually so that the strats are
viable for this more challenging run.  Send in strats or money management
Questions, comment, etc...  If you're stuck somewhere, ask and I'll try
to help.  No guarantees though.

  Do use coherent spelling and grammar when e-mailing me.  If it's a pain
in the rear to read, I'm unlikely to respond.

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