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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

    Version: 5.4 | Updated: 08/11/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     Game:           Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
     Platform:       Super NES
     Version:        5.4
     Last updated:   08 August 2010
     Written by:     Iron Knuckle
     Type:           Walkthrough/FAQ
     GameFAQ Status: 100%
    Table of Contents
    Version updates
      Dungeon elements
      Sub screen options menu
      Qualities (statistics)
      Battle system
        Battle options
        Battle methods
        Important word on combining elemental attacks
    Main Characters
    Other important people
      Arek - The Absolute
      Camu and Idura
    Game modes
       1. The request of the old man
       2. Monsters in the cave to Sundletan
       3. Earthquakes in Sundletan
        -Capsule monster: Jelze
       4. The coronation of the king
       5. Abel and the key
       6. Camu kidnaps Hilda
       7. The legend of the Ruby apple
        -Capsule monster: Blaze 
       8. The king's treasure sword
       9. Gordovan destroyed by whom?
        9.1. Gades... the invincible?
      10. Bridge to Bound Kingdom
      11. The prince's ego
        -Capsule monster: Flash
      12. Evil threats
       12.1. Defeat the Sinistral!
       12.2. Last Revenge
       12.3. All's well that ends well?
      13. Idura is back
       13.1. Reunion with Guy and Dekar
      14. Jyad the shipbuilder
      Sub-quest 1: The Ancient Cave
      15. A mysterious melody
        -Capsule monster: Gusto
      16. Idura finally defeated
       16.1. The demise of the almighty Dekar
      17. Boat for sale
      18. The Priphea flower
        -Capsule monster: Sully
      Bonus: The 'Markao' Casino on Forfeit Island
      19. The ruby icon
        -Capsule monster: Darbi
      20. The stone of princess Jerit
       20.1. Meet Amon - Master of chaos
      21. Amon destroys Agurio
      22. Transforming Excerion into a submarine
      23. Milka's mother is gone
        -Capsule monster: Zeppy
      Sub-quest 2: The Egg Dragon's eggs
      24. Investigating the shrine of vengeance
      25. The test of Iris
      26. The elder of Chaed
       26.1 The world's most difficult trick
      27. The mermaid queen and her daughter Piara
       27.1. The Dual blade
       27.2. Daos - Master of Terror, leader of the Sinistrals
      28. Engine needed
      29. The sealed towers
      30. Repairing Excerion
      Final. Daos' shrine
    Appendix A:
     Capsule monsters
      1. The 7 elements
          Jelze - Neutral
          Blaze - Fire
          Flash - Light
          Gusto - Wind
          Sully - Earth
          Darbi - Shadow
          Zeppy - Water
      2. Statistic comparisons
      3. Feeding guidelines
    Appendix B:
     Chart tables
      1. Items
            I. Potions
           II. Attack items
          III. Miscellaneous
           IV. Scenario objects and keys
      2. Weapons
            I. Swords
           II. Axes
          III. Rods and Staffs
           IV. Whips
            V. Spear and Javelins
           VI. Tools and Wrenches
          VII. Bows
      3. Armor
            I. Body
           II. Shields
          III. Hats and Helmets
      4. Rings
      5. Rocks and Jewels
      6. Spells
      7. IP attack list
      8. Shop list
      9. Experience Chart
    Appendix C: 
     Defeat the three most difficult bosses
      1. Gades - the first confrontation
      2. The Master Jelly
         A. Cheap Strategy
         B. Realistic Strategy
      3. The Egg Dragon
         A. Cheap Strategy
         B. Realistic Strategy
    Appendix D:
     The Ancient cave
    Appendix E:
     Monster chart list
      -Main enemies
    Appendix F:
      Japanese vs. US/AUS/EUR Differences and Changes
       1. Weapons, armors and items
       2. Enemies
       3. Capsule Monsters
       4. Visual Changes
      PAR Codes
    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    Unfinished Business
    Spelling and Grammar errors
    Version updates:
    Version 0.01
     22 January 2001: I decided to make a walkthrough for this game on paper, very 
    small introduction.
    Version 0.8
     25 January 2001: After almost four days of typing and playing the game again, 
    I got all the way up to Dragon Mountain. I've also added titles for each 
    Version 1.0
     26 January 2001: Finished the game in walkthrough. (Not completed though, 
    sealed towers are not yet covered) Started on Appendix B, this is almost 
    Version 1.4
     28 January 2001: Decided to add prices to Appendix B as well. Started on 
    appendix A: the capsule monsters, and C: The best way to beat the three 
    hardest bosses. Added small story and put in the two sub-quests and bonus 
    (casino) sections in the walkthrough as well.
    Version 1.6
     31 January 2001: Almost completed the lists of items, started on Appendix D: 
    The ancient ave, and Appendix F as well: Bugs, glitches and other stuff. Added 
    small section called: "game controls".
    Version 1.75
     1 February 2001: Added some parts to the controls section. Added 9999 (max) 
    Damage and "heal enemies to death" to bugs, glitches and stuff. I included a 
    small expansion on the Capsule Monsters as well. Used spelling check and 
    grammar correction, corrected a huge lot of errors and also placed info on 
    "harvesting" enemies in Appendix D: the ancient cave.
    Version 1.8
     2 February 2001: Added evolution section to capsule monsters. Made start on 
    Appendix E: Dropped items.
    Version 1.95
     3 February 2001: Extended Appendix D: The ancient cave, with a huge update. I 
    made a small ASCII drawing at the top of the FAQ/walkthrough. After fighting 
    some monsters yesterday evening I found some new dropped items, and they are 
    added to Appendix E. ( I have put the monsters now in alphabetical order )
    Version 2.1
     4 February 2001: Added IP's to the weapon, armor, rings and jewel lists. Made 
    a small paragraph about the main characters. Also made a list of IP attacks 
    and the percentage needed to perform the attack. Will this FAQ ever end?
    Version 2.3
     7 February 2001: Added most of the special attacks of the capsule monsters. 
    Completed the IP table, and started & finished the shopping list table. Fixed 
    some minor details like correcting the spelling of the word Parcelyte with an 
    'A' instead of a 'E'.
    Version 2.35
     11 February 2001: I've read the entire walkthrough again, and corrected some 
    errors that I missed earlier on. Also worked on the special attacks list of 
    the capsule monsters.
    Version 2.4
     12 February 2001: Added special chart tables at the end of each list for the 
    items that can only be found in the red chests of the ancient cave.
    Version 2.5
     16 February 2001: Fixed some more errors and minor details, made an ASCII 
    drawing to explain the last stage of "the world's most difficult trick". Added 
    Zeppy's Bubble blast and Diving claw attacks to the capsule monster chart.
    Version 2.8
     19 February 2001: Finally completed the Sealed towers, and the bush puzzle of 
    Dragon Mountain in the walkthrough. Also added the dropped item of Stinger; 
    this one took me quite a while to find out.
    Version 2.85
     21 February 2001: Added a brief explanation about the battle system, as well 
    as adding "death" to the diseases section. I think my FAQ/Walkthrough has 
    become quite complete by now, and with the typing of these lines I've broken 
    the 400-kilobyte barrier in this Microsoft Word version. ^_^
    Version 2.9
     10 March 2001: Worked a bit on the layout to make the walkthrough easier to 
    read and easier to find a specific part. Also added Gusto's Air attack and 
    Sully's Tackle to the capsule monster chart.
    Version 3.0: 
     16 March 2001: Added my e-mail address to this walkthrough, and some minor 
    Version 3.2:
       [first Released version]
     19 March 2001: Added more details to Bonus: Casino on Forfeit island, 
    explained basic rules of most of the casino games. Except for the stud poker 
    and the flower slot machine, because they make no sense to me.
    Version 3.3:
     22 March 2001: The walkthrough is finally on-line, but I have still found 
    errors. Also added "Spelling, grammar and typing errors" as well as 
    "unfinished business" at the end of the walkthrough. Thanks to Joel Holcombe I 
    was able to tell the two clowns (bosses) of the treasure sword shrine apart.
    Version 3.5:
     27 March 2001: Expanded Appendix F with rumors. With the aid of Miguel 
    Aboytes I've added the rumor about using the 10 Iris treasures to open the 
    door near the third mystic stone, also placed a new tip on beating the master. 
    (Ancient Jelly) Thanks to Kevin Fanning I know what IP stands for; Item 
    points, this is added to Qualities section. It turns out to be that IP can 
    also mean Ikari Points. Appendix B: Changed the question marks into N/A at the 
    value column of the red chest items of the ancient cave, since you can't 
    sell/buy these items. Added the dropped items of the Silver dragon and Orky. 
    Thanks to Rubyheart for huge amount of things he added, they are listed at the 
    end in the "Credits" section.
    Version 3.6:
     16 April 2001: Another update on this gamefaq. The geographical location of 
    the unicorn was added to the dropped items section, thanks to Thomas Vickrey. 
    In the same part I've added lots of new enemies and their dropped items. "Iron 
    Kick" description was included at the Name Glitches part of Appendix F. Some 
    challenges were added as well to the stuff section.
    Version 3.7:
     6 May 2001: Celes Destiny helped me by correcting some errors I made in the 
    chart tables, and confirmed the gold eye as a dropped item of the gold dragon. 
    Added some new glitches like "brought 99 dragon eggs" and "defeated egg dragon 
    99 times". Some minor things fixed as well. Card_Shark gave info some on the 
    casino's blackjack, and Bahamut for an tactic that allows you to defeat Gades 
    on any level.
    Version 3.9:
     6 June 2001: A huge update; Got some info on the casino games, corrected some 
    of the glitches for they were inaccurate. The world's most difficult trick 
    walkthrough was added. Also added a chart list for every monster in the game. 
    Since this made the 'dropped items' section useless, I changed it into 
    'Monster list'.
    Version 4.0:
     16 August 2001: A huge spelling check, some poker hands are described, an 
    easy way to get the ancient key, and a hidden pot in North cave of Alunze were 
    added. Well, then this means that the "stud poker" game is all there is left 
    to be completed.
    Version 4.1:
     12 April 2002: Yes, I'm still alive. Even though there is not much altered in 
    this version I did add some things like the solution to the rumor of the Iris 
    treasures, I received a mail from Dang Nguyen who got a mail from Natsume 
    themselves. So this means that there is one rumor less in the world. Also a 
    new section called FAQ was added to Appendix F, it holds the most commonly 
    asked questions that I have received.
    Version 4.3:
     4 April 2003: Yep an update... only half a year later than expected, though. 
    This is probably on of the last time I will update this FAQ, some small 
    modifications have been made. Added some new tricks by Phoenix1911 (Check his 
    FAQ on Lufia 2 as well, it looks very good), 9inchNEL, and Bliz122122. Thanks 
    to all of you.
    Version 4.4:
     25 September 2003: I've been working on the Enemy Chart table again, added 
    some extra attacks. In chart tables I added an extra section for the 
    Experience Charts of both Party members and Capsule Monsters.
    Version 4.4a:
     06 December 2003: I only added Mercury Spirit to list of sites where this FAQ 
    should be available, with thanks to Midian. 
    Version 5.0:
     1 January 2005: At first I didn't think I would do another update on this 
    walkthrough, but a massive amount (and that is still weakly expressed) of new 
    information has been discovered by Relnqshd mostly regarding the chart tables. 
    All his info is now added to the FAQ and also updated the Experience Chart. 
    See the credits list, for all of his contributions up to now. Also a lot of 
    newly found glitches have been added to list at the bottom.
     Finally I included some differences between the Japanese and the other 
    (US/EUR/AUS) games. They can be found below the glitches section. One of the 
    changes is that the Casino is filled with women dressed up as bunnies in the 
    Japanese version of the Game and also some puzzles were modified.
     Also a new Strategy (it's actually an exploited glitch) was created to defeat 
    the Egg Dragon in 1 round! Finally I had to remove the Mercury Spirit since it 
    turned out to be that Midian didn't have time for his site anymore.
     Final remark is that I also added two additional translations from the PAL 
    version of the game: Deadly Sword -> Lethal Sword, Follower -> Henohman (with 
    typo). My guess is that both American translations were changed to prevent an 
    ambiguity with the other Deadly Sword and Follower respectively.
    Version 5.1:
     4 May 2005: 
    1. Updated the Walkthrough and added a description for the Japanese version
        of the Treasure Sword Shrine Puzzle, since I did receive some mails about
    2. I added several other glitches to the 'glitches' section in Appendix F as
        well. One of them is contributed by Matt Yanak, who told me about his 
        discovery about the sprite glitch in Alunze Basement.
    3. Corrected some mistakes in the Walkthrough that Relnqshd pointed out to me
        and added some information he gave about the Blackjack game.
    4. Moreover I added some extra data on the characters initial statistics and
    5. I added a strategy that makes it easier to feed a Capsule
        Monster; see the 'Feeding' section in Appendix A for more details. Thanks
        to Laura Strange for the information.
    6. Many Lufia Players don't seem to know that certain effects cannot be
        combined, so I added a small section on elemental attacks in the
        'Battle System' Section and again in Appendix D: Ancient Cave.
    7. Finally ZeroAnt mentioned to me that I never ever mention Arek a single
        time! I wasn't aware of this (Arek only seems to appear at the
        introduction of the game) so I added a description of him in the Important
    Version 5.2:
     12 July 2006: Added some information about skipping the rerun Dankirk north 
    dungeon, when you need to go to Gratze. Fixed some Japanese translation 
    errors. Also including the quirk which allows you to get more that 999 for HP 
    and MP.
    Version 5.3:
     22 March 2009: Thank you all for continue sending your mail containing 
    corrections, additions, etc. Yep, I'm still updating this FAQ. And this time 
    round I've also added the infamous level 0 glitch. 
    Version 5.31:
     8 August 2010: Another minor update. Added the attacks for Kraken in the 
    monster list. Also included some more PAR codes on the courtesy of Drachen 
    Kiraa. He also found that I missed the Rage Knife in the item list and a 
    several other minor errors. Thanks for the feedback!
    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:
    Q: Which Capsule monster is the best?
    A: If you ask me I would choose Blaze in a regular game, because he's great in
       short battles as long as he doesn't get hit. For the Ancient Cave I thought
       that Flash and his healing abilities would be great, but I came to the
       conclusion that he is too weak to be of any real use since he healing is
       entirely random. So I guess I have to go with Blaze, Darbi or Gusto.
       Darbi's Instant Attacks will work miracles against many enemies and Gusto
       is a very fast CM that can also cancel out attacks making him last longer 
       in battle.
    Q: How do I get my Capsule Monster to transform into M(aster) level?
    A: This is most commonly asked about Blaze, since he needs the fruit when he's
       'Not Hungry' on level 3. So he has to evolve to level 4, but you can change
       your capsule monster's level. By choosing CHANGE this way you select him on
       level 3, and then you feed him the Charm Fruit. This also applies to the
       other capsule monsters.
    Q: Shoulder button?!? What is it? Can you eat it???
    A: I've been receiving loads of questions about the second block puzzle of
       Treasure Sword Shrine. Most people haven't figured out that you need the 
       shoulder button in order to turn around, while remaining on the same tile.
       When playing on an emulator check the configuration of you keypad, here you
       will see key numbers that correspond with the L & R buttons.
    Q: A boss is not there at the top of a tower / end of a dungeon. How can this
       be? Is it a glitch?
    A: Sometimes a boss will only appear after you met a certain person, or
       triggered an important event. Camu for instance won't appear in Tanbel East
       tower, if you didn't meet him in Tanbel. So always go to every village and 
       try to talk to at least the king or an other important person.
    Q: Is Lufia 2 a prequel to Lufia?
    A: Yes, the events in Lufia 2 took place before Lufia 1. So to say in Lufia 1
       you start at Daos' Shrine where Maxim and the others defeat the Sinistrals,
       after this event the game goes on 50 years in the future. Also take note
       that in "Lufia - Fortress of Doom" Daos is "Master of Chaos" and Amon is
       "Master of Terror", for some reason this was changed in "Lufia 2 - Rise of
       the Sinistrals".
    Q: The Underwater Shrine and the Last Field of the Ancient Cave are screwed
       up. How can this be?
    A: A little bug in the game is the cause of this, it was fixed in the European
       and Australian version though. From what I can tell it is not hard to get
       the top of both structures, just keep walking up and in case of the
       Underwater Shrine you need to take three steps to the left or right when
       you get stuck to get up. 
    Q: How can I revive a dead character, when I don't have regain or miracle?
    A: A character can always be brought back to life by a priest, it is next to
       the option Save, when you talk to him.
    Q: Who is this 'Arek' person that you can see in the Introduction?
    A: That be a good question. I myself am not even entirely sure what his
       motivations are, also since he only appear near the start of the game not 
       much is known about Arek, he even hides his face behind an iron mask so no 
       one knows for sure. You can check the "Important People" section below from
       a little more information.
    Q: Will this FAQ ever be complete?
    A: Not sure, I'm trying to put everything about this game in here. But I doubt
       that I will ever be able to make it fully complete. So this might as well
       be the last update for a long while.
    Q: How can I effectively raise money early on in the game?
    A: The Deadly swords (Lethal Swords for the aussies) in the Northern Labyrinth
       regularly drop swords with the same name. If you sell them cursed they net
       you 10,000 gold which is a big deal during that period in the game.
    Here is a simple description of how the buttons are used on the SNES-
    D-pad; used to move Maxim in one direction on the map, village or dungeon. 
    Also used to move cursor in item lists, command lists.
    Start; used to start game or verify name.
    Select; used to switch between time & gold / capsule monster's requested food 
    in main menu. In dungeons used to make the special skill ring appear, this 
    allows you to select arrow, hammer, restart, etc.
    Top L button; you can use the top L button in a battle to choose a standard 
    attack for the first enemy quickly. In a dungeon you can use it to use a 
    special skill. Use it in sub-screens to move the menu faster upwards.
    Top R button; use this in combat to attack multiple enemies, if the 
    attack/weapon/spell can be used on more than one character/enemy. Use in a 
    dungeon to turn in a direction without having to make a step or move. Use in 
    sub-screens to move the menu faster down/upwards.
    Y-button; use this to use the skill you currently have equipped. (Special 
    skills can only be used in dungeons)
    X-button; with this you can make the menu visible. If you press X while 
    selecting an item you will get info about that item.
    B-button; usually used to cancel a command or attack. Use in shop menus to 
    return to back to the play screen. Swing your sword to cut bushes inside a 
    A-button; use it to confirm an attack or command. Also used to talk to people 
    in villages, open chests and pick up items.
    Dungeon elements
    These elements can only be found in dungeons and are usually used and needed 
    to solve puzzles. I've only noted the most commonly used elements meaning that 
    this list isn't fully complete.
    Switches, Levers and Buttons:
     They open doors, lower ladders or make bridges appear. When standing next to 
    the switch press "A" to pull or push switches and levers. In some cases you 
    need a special skill to reach it. Walking over them usually activates a 
    Small objects: 
     Sometimes you have to grab and lift something like a box, pot or vase. Most 
    of the time you will have to use it to do something like opening a door or 
    putting it on a switch. Stand next to the item to lift it with "A".
    Moving blocks and pillars: 
     Stand next to the block or pillar and walk against it while pushing "A" to 
    move it. Sometimes you can only proceed when you moved a block or pillar a 
    particular square/tile. Note: blocks and pillars can only be pushed not 
    pulled. So once they're cornered they are useless. If you're stuck or can't 
    get any further use the "reset" spell to start over again and place everything 
    back into its original position.
     In almost every dungeon you will have to collect the key to reach the boss. 
    By collecting the key of the dungeon you can open the other type, you know, 
    the "bigger-looking-reinforced-colored-with-a-lock-in-the-middle" doors. They 
    are usually hidden in a special blue chest.
     In some dungeons you will find these white looking tables up against the 
    wall. These are hint-tiles; if you read them when standing in front of them 
    with "A" you can get a clue to help solve difficult puzzles.
    Grass patches and bushes:
     Most of the time they block your way; so remove them with your sword by 
    pressing "B", or use a fire arrow on them. They can also be part of a puzzle, 
    when you're expected to do something else than normal.
    Weakened walls / Damaged Floor tiles:
     Weakened walls can be found many dungeons. If a wall looks darker or shows 
    breaches it can usually be destroyed with an explosion of the Bomb or a hit 
    with the Hammer. Damaged floor tiles are often used to fall down one floor, if 
    there are no stairs nearby. How to use: Just walk over the tile to fall 
    through it.
     Some rocks can't be blown up and need to be pulverized with the hammer. Nuff 
    Horse Statues / Blowers: 
     These can be found in the dungeons of the mountain of no return and the Tower 
    of sacrifice respectively. There are two big differences between them:
    1. It is not possible to walk past the front of a Horse statue, that is the 
    line in which their mystical wind blows. Normal blowers can be passed, when 
    you are walking against the wall opposite of them.
    2. Horse statues can be moved and regular blowers not.
    Sub screen options menu
    You can get to the main (options) menu by pressing X in a dungeon, on board of 
    Excerion (boat and sub) or in a village. Here you will find the following 
    |                                 |
    |  Team member 1  Team member 2   |
    |                                 |
    |  Team member 3  Team member 4   |
    |   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   |
    |  |                           |  |
    |  |  >ITEM       STATUS       |  |
    |  |   SPELL      EXCHANGE     |  |
    |  |   CAPSULE    CONFIG       |  |
    |  |   EQUIP      SCENARIO     |  |
    |  |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|  |
    |            |                 |  |
    |            | time / gold     |  |
    |            | capsule / eat   |  |
    |            |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|  |
    Use 'Select' to switch between:
               Time & Gold                
               CM's name & Requested food
     Open the full list of items you have in your inventory, except for the 
    weapons and armors that have been equipped. In this screen you can use potions 
    to heal your characters. Once you have bought a Sonar you can use it to check 
    the number of chests in a dungeon as well. You can sort and/or dump items as 
    well to create order in the assortment. If you want to examine an item, select 
    in with "A", then press "X" to see the details of that particular item.
     You see the qualities of a party member as well as the currently selected 
    equipment. Use R and L to switch between allies, you can also see the 
    percentage of IP a character has.
     Here you can change the position of your party members. I haven't found any 
    use for it, but it seems to be that people in the back sustain a little (I 
    think) less damage than the ones at the front. Also people in the front line 
    can deal more damage with the same attack. It only makes a difference in which 
    order they attack if they have the same AGL. When the characters have the same 
    AGL then the character in the front attacks first.
    You can check your capsule monsters and their statistics. Their type, class 
    and special attacks are listed here as well. When you select FEED you can feed 
    them with your older weapons to make them evolve to a higher class. Their 
    names can be changed as well, if you like to call them different. Use CHANGE 
    to change between classes and types of capsule monsters.
    In the configuration you can set:
     -Text speed; slow, medium and fast.
     -Battle cursor; Delete or Remember.
       When you choose 'remember' the cursor of a spell or IP you last selected is
       still in that position in the next round or next battle.
     -Status cursor; Delete or remember.
       When you choose remember it means that the last selected item or spell that
       you used in the options menu will be selected the next time.
       Change sound from Stereo to Mono.
    In this sub screen you can set the weapons and armor for each ally. This way 
    you can equip someone with a weapon or armor you just found.
    Here you will find all the keys and items important to the storyline (such as 
    the ruby apple) of the game that you have collected so far.
    Qualities (Statistics)
    A lot of people don't seem to know what the statistics of a character are used 
    for exactly, especially when you're talking about INT, GUT, MGR and most 
    importantly AGL. So I decided to include the meaning of all these qualities:
    HP - Health/Hit points, simply means how much damage a character can take 
    before he/she is defeated.
    MP - Magic points, if members of your party are able to use magic, then it's 
    important to keep an eye on their MP. If the MP is less than the cost of a 
    spell they simply can't cast the spell.
    STR - Strength, number displayed shows how strong that character is, the 
    higher the number the more damage they can cause and the less they take. 
    Strength can be split up in two other categories: ATP; attack power and DFP; 
    defensive power.
    AGL - Agility, if a person's AGL is higher than that of his enemy your 
    character will have the first strike/attack. Therefore a slow party gets hit 
    more often than a fast party. Red cores for instance have an AGL of 200.
    INT - Intelligence, this is only important if the character can use magic and 
    some types of IP, the higher the intelligence the more damage a spell will 
    cause. INT also has a small effect on the growth of your MP.
    GUT - Guts, the higher the number the faster your IP bar will grow. This will 
    allow you to use IP attacks more often. For capsule monsters it has an extra 
    meaning: the higher the amount of guts the longer they will stay in battles 
    even if they get hit. GUT is the only stat that doesn't go any higher than 
    MGR - Magic resistance, a person with a high MGR will be damaged less by spell 
    than a person with low MGR. MGR is the only stat that can't be increased with 
    the aid of potions.
    EXP - Experience, defeated enemies give you Exp. The more battles you win the 
    faster you will level up and the higher your statistics will reach, thus 
    making you stronger in the oncoming battles.
    IP - Item/Ikari Points, when you get hit by your enemies your IP bar will grow 
    a bit, if your IP percentage is high enough you can perform special attacks. 
    The attack will unleash the power sealed inside the item, these special 
    attacks can do huge amounts of damage against your enemies when chosen 
    During a battle you can get hit by your enemies, and sometimes one of the 
    following diseases can be placed on your characters. I've noted all of the 
    diseases and some (if not all) of the possible cures and remedies.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    If a character is poisoned you will notice it by the text balloon with black 
    Jolly Roger in it. Each round some HP will be taken from your character's 
    health. Unlike the other diseases it isn't cured at the end of a battle. 
    Possible cures:
    -Antidote        An item/IP that can be used to cure a poisoned character.
    -Poison spell    It does not always work but usually it does the trick.
    -Die and revive  This way poison is also cured, but this is not advised. Since
                     you will need to revive again.
    -Priest          Go to a church and ask the spiritual to cure you.
    - - -
    - - -
    If a character starts to sleep, he/she won't be able to fight. It's marked by 
    the text balloon with Zz. in it. At the end of a battle all characters will 
    automatically wake up and gain experience. 
    Possible cures:
    -Awake           Item that always wakes up 1 ally.
    -Awaken spell    This is not 100% effective, but most of the time it has the
                     right effect.
    -Getting hit     Sometimes when the sleeping character gets hit he/she will
                     wake up again.
    -Get hit by you  If you attack your own party members they always awaken!
    -Reawaken /      These two IPs can cure sleep
    -Luck            With a little luck your ally will wake up on his/her own.
    -Die and revive  After they are revived they won't be sleeping anymore. That
                     makes sense.
    -End of battle   A person will automatically wake up after battle is finished.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    A character can't move if he/she is paralyzed and therefore cannot attack. It 
    has actually the same effect as Sleep and can be cured.
    Possible cures:
    -Mystery pin     This item will allow a character to move again.
    -Luck            Sometimes your ally will regain on its own.
    -Getting hit     If you get the paralyzed character gets hit he might be able
                     to move again.
    -Die and revive  As with the other diseases it is a way of curing paralyses,
                     but not advised.
    -Paralysis Cure  an IP that can be used to heal this status
    -End of battle   If a battle is over, paralysis will be instantly cured.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    This disease is I think the worst of all. It's marked by a text balloon with a 
    question mark. If this happens, you will lose control over that ally and 
    he/she will attack someone completely random. (even him/her self) this can be 
    very annoying, if you don't have the item to stop confusion.
    Possible cures:
    -Shriek          This item will bring the ally back to his senses.
    -Getting hit     As with sleep it can sometimes be cured by an enemy attack.
    -Get hit by you  If you attack your own party members they always awaken!
    -Luck            If you have any luck, your character will regain on its own.
    -End of battle   After the battle is over, it will be cured as well.
    -Die and revive  It always works, but dead people are a useless if you don't
                     revive them.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    This disease is very rare, it only happened a few times and you will notice it 
    by the text balloon with "---" in it. Now you will be unable to cast any magic 
    Possible cures:
    -Free magic      The IP of the light armor can cure the silence status
    -End of battle   After battle you will be cured from "Silence".
    -Die and revive  Still not my favorite method, because you need to cast rally
                     or use regain/miracle which are quite expensive.
    - - -
    - - -
    If a person receives more damage than his/her HP can bear, he/she will be 
    defeated. Be careful, because if all party members die (Capsule monster 
    excluded) you will be defeated and you will have to restart your game. There 
    are only a few ways to revive a character. Especially in the beginning of the 
    game it's hard to revive, because you don't have many reviving items.
    Possible cures:
    -Regain and miracle  These items will surely revive you.
    -Rally and valor     These two spells can revive your characters.
    -Priest              Go to one of the churches and ask the spiritual to revive
                         one of your fallen characters.
    - - - - - - -
    Cursed items
    - - - - - - -
    (Not really a disease as such, but I didn't know where to place it else)
    When you equip a weapon like deadly sword / evil jewel / etc., you will be 
    unable to unequip that item again. So you must lift the curse of that item, 
    and there are two ways of doing so.
    Possible cures:
    -Go to a Priest   Located in every church, and ask him to uncurse the item.
    -Curselifter      Uncursing an item can also be done by using a Curselifter,
                      which can be found in any red chest inside the Ancient Cave.
    -Black Mirror     You can unequip a cursed "black mirror" without uncursing it
                      by entering & exiting the ancient dungeon/cave. (handy if
                      you want to unequip it, but do not want to lift the curse )
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: -
    You will have this skill at the start of the game, use it to stun enemies or 
    use it to trigger a switch that is out of reach. They can reach till the end 
    of the screen if nothing is blocking their path.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: Secret Skills Cave
    This is used to reset dungeon puzzles to their original state, when you figure 
    you can't solve the puzzle anymore or if you want to retry.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: Alunze Basement
    Used to solve puzzles, blow up walls and destroy bushes. The bomb will explode 
    6 steps or moves after you placed it down.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: Gordovan West Tower F3
    Use it to pull yourself over huge gaps to the other side, if there is a pole 
    or pillar over there. For the rest it has the same properties as an arrow.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: Flower Mountain
    The hammer is used to move pillars that are out of reach. You can crush 
    rocks/weakened walls with it, also used for stunning enemies in dungeons.
    Fire arrow
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Location: Phantom Tree Mountain
    The same as an arrow, the only difference is that these arrows are on fire, 
    which means that you can burn bushes out of reach or entire rows in one go.
    Battle system
    Lufia's battle system is purely based on strategy, and each round everybody 
    gets a turn to attack. The order of attacks is depending on the AGL stat of 
    the character or monster. You can get an extra round, if you manage to attack 
    an enemy in his back when you were in the dungeon (got in first). However 
    beware that if an enemy succeeds to attack you in the back they will get an 
    extra round before the initial battle commences (surprise attack).
    - - - - - - - -
    Battle options
    - - - - - - - -
    When a battle starts you will see on the lower part of the screen the HP/MP/IP 
    and a picture of each member. In the middle you will see three options. You 
    can choose between:
      Action         Icon          Direction
      -------------  ------------  ---------
      Switch places  Two arrows    Up     
      Attack         Sword         Default
      Run away       Running man   Down   
    Use the first option to change the position of you character. I haven't found 
    any good use for it, so I never really use it. The third option is run away, 
    if you choose this you will flee from your enemies and return to the dungeon 
    or world map. Note that you can't run in a boss battle. The middle or second 
    option is Attack and is selected as default, when you press "A" you will get 
    the "Battle methods" option.
    - - - - - - - -
    Battle methods
    - - - - - - - -
    Here you will see five options you can now select:
    Attack (Sword, Default):
     Use this to attack your enemy with the object your character is currently 
    equipped. Sometimes your character will make a critical hit. This is noted by 
    the light flashes, and usually does more than double damage.
    Use Magic (Cane, Up):
     This will open up the magic spell screen, here you will see all the spells 
    you currently have. A spell with white letters can be used, so select the 
    spell and choose the monster(s) or character(s) you want to use your spell on. 
    If you don't have enough MP or when you are silenced, you won't be able to 
    cast a magic spell. Upon casting a spell that increases your statistics (e.g. 
    trick, courage, etc.) you can select all 4 allies without making the spell 
    less effective. This little trick however doesn't apply on offensive spells.
    Defend (Shield, Right):
     Use this option when you need to heal a person, or if you wish to wait a 
    turn. When you select defend your DFP will be raised for one round, but you 
    can't attack. This option is also used, when you are "harvesting". (look at 
    the Ancient cave section for details about this tactic)
    Use IP Attack (Flame, Down):
     This will open up a different version of your equipment screen. Here you will 
    see your current equipment and IPs of those weapons. If your IP bar has grown 
    enough you can perform some special attacks that can be devastating to your 
    enemies. I usually spare up my IP to use it against the bosses, for IP attacks 
    are the best way to defeat strong enemies very quickly.
    Use Item (bag, left):
     If you want to heal/revive someone in a battle you can use an item with this 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Important word on combining elemental attacks
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Some combinations of the elemental weaknesses do not always work, especially 
    if you are wearing a Sea / Undead / Dragon Ring. If you have been wondering 
    why the Lizard Blow or the Flying Blow do so little damage on enemies that are 
    weak to it may well be because you are wearing the ring on that particular 
    Character. The above mentioned rings turn all physical attack into the 
    corresponding element and the following elements/types can NOT be combined for 
    combo attacks:
     Combinable        NOT Combinable (With anything other than Neutral)
     -------------     ----------------
      Fire              Hard
      Water             Flying
      Ice               Dragon
      Thunder           Sea
      Light             Insect
     This means that these attacks will only be effective if used on its own. So 
    if you combine for instance:
        Weapon     Ring   Damage        Reason
       -------   ------   ------------  ----------------------------------------
         Water +      - = Water         Seems logical
          Hard +      - = Hard          Seems logical
       Neutral + Dragon = Dragon        Neutral is the only combinable type
       Neutral +    Sea = Sea           Neutral is the only combinable type
          Fire +  Light = Fire & Light  These Elements can be combined
       Thunder + Dragon = Thunder       Dragon won't have effect
        Flying +    Sea = Neutral       Flying & Sea cancel each other out
         Light +  Light = Light         No effect can be doubled
        Dragon + Dragon = Dragon        No effect can be doubled
        Shadow +  Light = Shd. & Light  Yes, opposite elements can be combined*
        Insect +  Light = Light         Insect is cancelled out by Light
    * = Most monster however are strong to the opposite element that they are weak 
    to so they effects are cancelled out.
     A final note that I would like to add is that IP attacks are also affected by 
    the Rings too. The Gades Blade IP for example 'Octo-strike' is Light Elemental 
    if you use the Undead Ring.
    Main Characters
    * = Level 99 statistics are the minimum base statistics a character will reach 
    through leveling up, due to random level ups these statistics may end up 5 or 
    so points higher than the indicated values. Also take note that using potions 
    (and the statistic boost you get from the Divine Shrine) won't affect the 
    level ups, therefore the statistics will always end up higher when you near 
    the end of the game. In the Ancient Cave all characters get a small boost at 
    level 1 as well; that is why Maxim Initial statistics (level 1) that are 
    listed here are not the same as the stats when you start in the Ancient Cave.
    Maxim - Monster Hunter:
     The main character of this game, he lives in Elcid and he hunts monsters down 
    for a living. After meeting Iris in the cave to Sundletan he starts his quest 
    to find the Dual blade so he can defeat the Sinistrals, for he turns out to be 
    the one chosen by destiny.
     +: He doesn't have any specific weaknesses, his statistics are overall.
     -: His spells are weaker than the magic of the other spell casters.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP     20    694  
    Max MP      0    464 
    ATP        12    364
    DFP        10    258
    STR        12    364
    AGL         9    153 
    INT         8    147
    GUT       100    100
    MGR         5    191
    Lvl         1
    Exp         0
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Small Knife
    Armor   Cloth
    Shield  -
    Helmet  -
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Tia - Shop owner in Elcid:
     She is secretly in love with Maxim, and even follows him to the cave of 
    Sundletan where she joins him in his quest. Until they reach the Bound kingdom 
    she will fight on your side. After the defeat of Gades she gives up Maxim and 
    leaves the scene, only to be seen once again near the very end of the game.
     +: Good magic, pretty fast.
     -: Very weak, low HP.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP     37    420
    Max MP     39    476
    ATP        14    102
    DFP        25    169
    STR        14    102
    AGL        36    236
    INT        28    195
    GUT        60     60
    MGR        31    234
    Lvl         7
    Exp       750
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Frypan
    Armor   Frock
    Shield  Small Shield
    Helmet  Hairband
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Guy - Warrior:
     You will meet him in Tanbel, after a brief introduction he will join your 
    alliance to get his sister Hilda back from Camu, who has kidnapped her. He has 
    a girlfriend called Jessy, but the relation is not always as it should be. Guy 
    will fight amongst your side in the final battle against the Sinistrals.
     +: Strong, good HP, ATP and DFP.
     -: A bit slow, Can't use magic.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP    147    794
    Max MP      0      0
    ATP        70    454
    DFP        42    284
    STR        70    454
    AGL        14    114
    INT         9    130
    GUT        90     90
    MGR        27    152
    Lvl        11
    Exp      5400
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Short Sword
    Armor   Hide Armor
    Shield  Wood Shield
    Helmet  -
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Selan - Sorceress:
     She lives in Parcelyte with her auntie. After the king sends you on the 
    mission to retrieve the treasure sword she is forced to join you. At first she 
    doesn't trust Maxim and the others, but she comes around and even marries 
    Maxim. They will then have a child called Jeros.
     +: Good INT; great in combination with healing spells.
     -: After Tia she is the weakest of the team.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP     84    557     
    Max MP     86    604
    ATP        59    152
    DFP        37    173
    STR        59    152
    AGL        16    194
    INT        80    289
    GUT        80     80
    MGR        43    233
    Lvl        16
    Exp       735
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Rod
    Armor   Tight Dress
    Shield  Bracelet
    Helmet  Red Beret
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Dekar - Royal Commander:
     The strongest warrior in the world of Lufia. His sword skills are unmatched, 
    and he is always very confident about himself. Dekar lives in the Bound 
    kingdom, and is secretly helping out the prince whose ego is too big. He will 
    join you when you go to the ancient tower to confront Gades again. Dekar meets 
    his demise after Idura's defeat in the north temple of Karlloon... He can't 
    use magic, but since his INT is so low it wouldn't cause much damage even if 
    he could use it.
     +: Hit points by the cartload, physically THE strongest ally, his ATP is top
         notch and good DFP as well.
     -: Bad AGL and low MGR, too stupid to use magic.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP    283    949
    Max MP      0      0
    ATP       171    669
    DFP        95    368
    STR       171    669
    AGL        19     67
    INT        13     40
    GUT       100    100
    MGR        31     81
    Lvl        20
    Exp     46000
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Bronze Sword
    Armor   Iron Mail
    Shield  Brone Shield
    Helmet  Stone Helmet
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Lexis - Genius and inventor of the Century:
     Dr. Lexis Shaia lives in his own cave to the north east of Treadool. His 
    inventions are not always as perfect as they should be. He helps you with your 
    boat; Excerion. He has also a part in making Excerion ready for submarine-, 
    flight-mode. I think he only exists (as a playable character) to fill in the 
    gap between Dekar and Arty, and therefore you can only use him in a small part 
    of the game.
    +: Best INT of all; causing the magic spells to be more effective.
    -: His equipment is very limited.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP   184     634
    Max MP   110     387
    ATP       86     297
    DFP       76     232
    STR       86     297
    AGL       67     168
    INT      163     374
    GUT       70      70
    MGR       87     179
    Lvl       28
    Exp   170000
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Vice Pliers
    Armor   Lab Coat
    Shield  Slash Shield
    Helmet  Metal Cloche
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Artea - Archer of the Elves:
     After meeting Arty / Artea on the mountain of no return, you will hear that 
    Amon has taken the elf Karyn to the divine shrine. Arty then decides to come 
    with you to save Karyn. After failing in bringing Karyn back, he will do 
    everything in his power to avenge her death. So Artea will then join you in 
    the battle against the Sinistrals.
    +: Best AGL & MGR of all, he can use some light elemental spells that others 
    -: His STR is somewhat low, making him vulnerable to enemy attacks.
    Stat    Init.  LvL 99* (see top)
    ------  -----  -----
    Max HP    277    613
    Max MP    286    550
    ATP        98    268
    DFP       118    255
    STR        98    268
    AGL       139    245
    INT       141    210
    GUT        60     60
    MGR       127    328
    Lvl        38
    Exp    570000
    Initial Equipment
    Weapon  Battle Rod
    Armor   Silver Robe
    Shield  Gold Gloves
    Helmet  Golden Band
    Ring    -
    Jewel   -
    Other important people
    Arek - The Absolute:
     This is a very mysterious figure, perhaps even more than Iris... What we do 
    know about him is that he stands above the four Sinistrals and he also ordered 
    the four to eliminate the person who made the Dual Blade 'ring' again. Daos 
    mentions him once near the end of the game. Other than that he only appears in 
    the introduction scene, where he has a sort conversation with Erim. He asks 
    her who should rule the world: the Humans or the Sinistrals.
    Iris - The Enigma:
    You will meet this character various times in the game, she will usually come 
    in a nick of time to save your butt in critical times. She tells about - the 
    dual blade - the sword forged to destroy Sinistrals. In the end she turns out 
    to be someone you might not have expected....
    Jeros - Son of Maxim:
    The son of Maxim and Selan, with him being born and carrying on Maxim's 
    bloodline there will be Lufia: the fortress of doom.
    Camu & Idura - Two Silly Henchmen:
    They are both henchmen of the Sinistrals, and they will do everything the 
    Sinistrals tell them to do: Camu tried to kidnap Guy's sister in Tanbel. Idura 
    made a feeble attempt to invade the Bound kingdom, he kidnaps not only Jeros 
    and all the young women of Narcysus, but also Iris. Idura is finally defeated 
    after the third battle in the shrine to the north of Karlloon.
    Game modes
     This is the normal option of playing the game in story mode.
     This is also the game in story mode, but all your enemies (incl. Bosses) drop
     4x normal experience and gold. This nice feature doesn't work in the Ancient
     Cave however. This option becomes available after you completed the game the
     first time.
     This mode becomes available after you finished the game in RETRY mode. It is
     a bonus game that you can only play in the ancient cave. However you can
     select your own party. Meaning that you can have a party with: Maxim, Tia,
     Dekar, and Artea for instance.
    War knows many causes: greed, hate or desire for power. The Sinistrals began a 
    war for the most selfish reason of all; they wanted the land of Lufia for them 
    alone to rule. They knew that it's time for them to strike, when the dual 
    blade started to ring. Daos - the leader of the Sinistrals - heard about the 
    song of the Dual blade and believed that the time has come. The Dual blade 
    would insure their victory, and all pathetic and despicable humans would soon 
    know the power of the Sinistrals and the Dual blade.
     With the aid of the sword the evil Sinistrals would be victorious against 
    anyone, but the humans weren't defeated, yet. Although they have the knowledge 
    of the power of the Dual blade, they would never achieve their goal as long as 
    Maxim has anything to say about the future of Lufia. Guided by destiny Maxim 
    will meet other people who will join him in his battle against the evil 
    Sinistrals. Together they will find the cause of the evil and exterminate it, 
    so they will triumph over the Sinistrals.
     Victory doesn't wait for the ones who wait, it's time for deeds.
    1. The request of the old man
     Here in Elcid the story begins about Maxim and his fight against the four 
     After the chitchat with Tia you will go outside. Now you can try to walk out 
    of the village, if you do so the elder of the village will stop you. He will 
    ask you to go to the cave to south of Elcid for some basic training. Since you 
    don't have much choice you might as well do as he says, time to get moving.
    --Secret Skills cave--
     Chests: 0, (total amount of chests found; 0)
      Lizard, Red jelly
    -The elder will teach you how to fight the single red jelly. Here you can 
    observe the movements of your enemies. This can be important later on in the 
    game if you want to avoid a battle with stronger enemies. Remember that 
    monsters can only move if you move. Also if you attack a monster in the back 
    you will get an extra round, but if a monster attacks you in the back it will 
    get an extra turn against you.
    -The old-timer leaves you the choice to fight or flee. After that you simply 
    use an arrow in the next room to make a bridge appear. A little bit further 
    you will see a pillar and a switch. once you moved the pillar on the switch 
    you will receive the restart spell, use it in the puzzle parts of the dungeons 
    if a crucial pillar is stuck or if you made an error.
    -You will have to fall from one of the edges marked with arrows, then you have 
    to kill all the monsters to open the door. Don't forget to heal yourself from 
    time to time. (From here on I won't bother you with suggestions to fight 
    enemies or not, unless they're important in a puzzle or something like that. 
    Just make sure you experience level and gold reserves are high enough)
    -Here is where you have to do some lawn mowing to find the switch, so just 
    press 'B' to uncover the button below a suspicious looking patch. The solution 
    to the next part is to pick up a pot, turn around, put it on right switch, get 
    the other pot and put it on the switch to the left to open the last door. 
    Mission complete!
    2. Monsters in the cave to Sundletan
    Head back to Elcid, because dinner is served by Tia. After some more talking 
    to her you will step outside. Walk over the bridge and you will hear someone 
    approaching. A messenger tells about monsters blocking the cave to Sundletan, 
    (Just back and duty calls again) but first you might want to buy some spells 
    or maybe a rapier and a small shield. Chances are that you don't have enough 
    money, so go out and kill some monsters until you can buy a rapier, small 
    shield and the "strong" spell.
    --Cave to Sundletan--
     Chests: 7 (7)
      Antidote, Dragon egg, Escape, Hide armor, Life potion, Magic jar,
      Power potion
      Bat, Lizard, Moth, Mushroom, Red jelly, Spider
      Lizard man
    -At the entrance you will see a red haired goof who talks about a lady who 
    just came past him, but don't mind that right now. Walk through the door and 
    across the bridge. The entrance ahead of you leads to a room with the exit to 
    Sundletan; however it requires a key to open it. So go to the right and open 
    the door above first.
    -Pick up a pot and put it on the ground tile one space down to the right of 
    the spikes. Pick up the other pot and walk against the other pot, then turn 
    around without moving (use R button). Put the pot down onto the button to 
    lower the spikes, turn 180 degrees and pick up the other pot and put it on the 
    other button. Walk (you will have to pick up the first pot) through the left 
    door to find a life potion. Walk through the right door and cut some grass to 
    find "escape".
    -Back to the room with the bridge, below you'll find a door that doesn't 
    budge. Just cut the single grass patch to find a button that unlocks it. 
    Further on you will see a chest to the left. The only way to get to it is to 
    cut the third most left grass patch, here's a gap where you can walk through 
    the wall, at the end you can find a chest that holds an Antidote. Go to next 
    room. Here you will see two doors two pots and 4 patches of grass. Start 
    mowing again, to reveal two hidden switches. Place the pots on them to open 
    the doors. You don't have to go through the right door, because in the room 
    behind it leads to a dead end. So take left one, move the blocks out of the 
    way so you can go down the stairs.
    -Here is a room with some bats around, if you walk down on the left side you 
    will find a power potion (Use it if you want). Hit the switch and fall down at 
    the edges marked with arrows. Walk over the bridge and you can find a spot on 
    the left wall were you can walk through. Here you will to come at a secret 
    stairway. Walk down to find "Hide armor", a magic jar and an already opened 
    chest. Walk back to the bridge you made and go down the stairs to find a place 
    to heal HP/MP. You can save on here as well on the star tile. Be on level 5 or 
    6 at least, because in the next room it's time for your first boss.
    Boss: Lizard man (Look at Appendix D, to find all statistics for bosses)
     HP:         80
     Weak:       -
     Strength:   -
     Protection: -   
     Specials:   -
    On level 6 it took me 6 rounds to beat him, without having to heal. Since this 
    battle is one on one there is not much to say about this fight, just use a 
    potion if your HP is low.
    -After his defeat you will receive the key to Sundletan. Don't forget come 
    back later on, when you have the hook so you can to collect the Dragon egg. 
    After the fight you will meet a woman who will ask Maxim about his natural 
    fighting skills, she also wants to know what he thinks about it; why would he 
    posses those skills. She disappears as quickly as she came leaving Maxim alone 
    again. Go through the big door that was locked before, so you can go to 
    3. Earthquakes in Sundletan
     Upon entering the village he's welcomed by an earthquake and a villager. 
    After you talk to some other people, you will find out that some believe that 
    a fish is responsible for the earthquakes. Time for some investigating, but 
    first you can do some shopping here. Don't buy a weapon here, because you will 
    find the insect crush in the Lake cave which is more effective on those insect 
    type monsters. Instead buy a Cap and some spells. After you're done you can 
    leave the village and enter the cave to the northwest.
    --Lake Cave--
     Chests: 5 (12)
      Insect crush, Lake key, Miracle, Power potion, Speedy ring 
      Baby frog, Beetle, Blue jelly, Eagle, Mosquito, Mushroom, Red jelly, Spider
      Big catfish
    -First hit the switch to your left with an arrow. Make a bridge with the three 
    tiles, and keep on walking up through the next chamber. Take the upper door 
    first to end up in a room with three enemies. Beat them all and most 
    importantly remember which order you beat them. (If you run out of HP in these 
    battles go down one room from here to find two healing pads) Once they are all 
    three defeated you will see them again, hit them again with an arrow in the 
    right order. If you do it right the top right door will open, go through, down 
    the stairs to collect the Insect Crush. You might as well equip this new 
    -Back in the room with the Blue jelly, go through the left door. Cut grass and 
    fall down the 'middle-lower' part of the weakened floor. This will trigger the 
    right door, but first go through the door at the bottom of the screen. Here 
    you will see a chest with a power potion, use it to become a little stronger. 
    Walk back and go through the top right door and behind it you will find two 
    pillars. Move the pillar below one space up to open a door. Walk through and 
    go to the right of this room with the grass patches. Cut them until you can 
    reach the top of the room, walk through the left wall here to collect a 
    miracle. Go back and head for the door with the hint tile next to it. Fight 
    all the monsters in the small passageway. You can use IP: bomb attack if there 
    are multiple enemies to defeat them faster (Note: this room is also good for 
    leveling up). After they're all gone you can collect the Speedy ring.
    -Back in the room with the pillars, move the right pillar on the button. In 
    order to open the other door, move the lower right block to find some stairs. 
    Here you will see a small puzzle. All you have to do is: change the triangle 
    so in points up. Since you can only move the three outer blocks not much can 
    go wrong. Just move the left block one space up and then two spaces to the 
    right, move the lowest block two to the left and one up and push the last 
    moveable block one square down. The door will open allowing you to get the 
    Lake key.
    -Back at the place where you fell through the ceiling, use the left entrance 
    to find a save point, or the right door to another small puzzle. First make a 
    bridge over the water to the switch using three tiles, then pick up the fourth 
    tile and put it in the water on the spot to the right of the switch itself. 
    Trigger the switch so the water lowers and walk down the stairs. Pick up the 
    last tile, and use it to create the final bridge. Climb the ladder and go 
    through the door to meet the boss of this cave.
    Boss: Big Catfish (Can drop catfish jewel)
     HP:         200
     Weak:       -
     Strong:     Water
     Protection: All Ailments, not Instant
     Specials:   Flash, Mega quake
    To beat this one fast, use the eagle rock's (an eagle sometimes drops it) IP, 
    since it does double damage. The Catfish's regular attack can cause about 10 
    HP damage, his mega quake does 20 HP damage, and Flash seems to hurt you by 
    about 30 points. So you should heal yourself one or two times, but in the end 
    Maxim should be victorious.
    -If you want to collect a Catfish jewel; this item is sometimes dropped by the 
    Catfish and can be used inside the Ancient Cave. Level up to a least 10, build 
    up on IP and save at the save point just before you go to the Catfish. This 
    way you can start over again if he doesn't drop it the first time.
    -When he is defeated the Catfish promises that he won't cause any more quakes. 
    He then decides to go to sleep at the bottom of the lake once again. After 
    restoring peace head back to Sundletan.
     Once you've returned to Sundletan Maxim will hear from the villagers that a 
    young woman went to the Lake Cave as well to find you. So you better get back 
    to the cavern to find her.
    --Lake Cave--
     Go to the room where you fought those three creatures in the same order to 
    obtain the Insect Crush. Upon entering a skeleton and a goblin will attack 
    Tia. It's is up to you to dispose of these two monsters. Their health is near 
    30 HP so it should not take too long to defeat them and if saving her once 
    wasn't enough, Tia will be attacked again by one goblin. Defeat him too, then 
    after some more talking Tia and Maxim decide to go together. So Tia joins your 
    party and travels alongside.
     Once Tia joins you the bloke blocking the portal to the north of the Lake 
    cave will step aside allowing you to get past it.
    Capsule monster: Jelze
    --Foomy woods--
     Walk to the left on the world map after passing through the portal and then 
    head south to find the first capsule monster in the Foomy woods. He is a Foomy 
    with a default name that goes by: "Jelze", from this moment on a Capsule 
    Monster will appear in battle that will help you fight enemies. Take a look at 
    Appendix A for more information on Capsule Monsters.
     Feeding him weapons will make him evolve into a stronger form. Alunze's shop 
    has enough cheap items that will make Jelze evolve to his second form. With 
    the aid of Sundletan's Apple cider for 1000 Gold per piece, you can evolve him 
    to level 3 right away. You can probably only afford that much, if you are 
    playing in RETRY mode. It is not necessary to get him up to his third class, 
    but by making a CM (Capsule Monster) evolve they will become more powerful and 
    gain new attacks.
    4. The coronation of the king
     You can go to village to gamble in the "Mini-Casino" at the inn, but the 
    stuff here is very expensive and the flame charm is the only thing that might 
    be handy later on against the boss of the Ruby cave. You can talk to the 
    people here and they will talk about the main event that is going to happen 
    around here: The king will be crowned very soon. So you better give him a 
    small visit before traveling on.
     It's a good idea to shop by in this town for a Short sword, Armor cloth and 
    Buckler on Maxim, a Long knife and a Mini shield for Tia.
    --Alunze castle--
     Walk into the castle and up stairs to the room of the king. Once you are 
    there two soldiers come running into the room telling everybody that the crown 
    is a fake. So they say that they will take it to an expert for closer 
    examination. Just before they leave the commander asks who they are. After 
    this short interrogation the two soldiers are unmasked! They actually were two 
    thieves named Bart & Bertie. Bart tries to use a bomb so they can escape, but 
    not everything worked how it was supposed to do. Still they manage to escape 
    with the crown, from under the king's nose. It's your turn to do something 
    about it.
     Don't go down the stairs, but head outside the castle's throne room and on 
    your right you will see a path leading to the stairway for the basement. Go 
    down twice and you will find a guard who got hit by one of the bombs Bart & 
    Bertie threw at him. He allows you to investigate the basement of the castle.
    --Alunze castle Basement--
     Chests: 9 (21)
      Bomb, Coat, Dragon egg, Escape, Head band, Light knife, Miracle,
      Secret fruit, Water jewel
      Baby frog, Bat, Big bat, Buffalo, Centopez, Cobalt, Eagle, Mad horse,
      Mosquito, Needle lizard
    -Talk to the guard here if you please and continue on. Go through the first 
    door and head down another room, put the pot on the switch. In the next room 
    place one of the blocks on the switch causing the path leading down to become 
    one space wider. Move the other block down on the left side so you're able to 
    push it to the left on top of the other switch to open this door. Fight the 
    mad horse and collect the Bomb.
    -Go back to the room with the single Centopez, choose the Bomb with 'Select' 
    and use it on the weakened wall section. Go through and you will be in a huge 
    room with a pot in the middle and a switch to the left of it. Put the pot on 
    the switch so the floor will fill up the gap, making it able for you to cross 
    it. This allows you to collect the Headband, if you head up from there you 
    will see a lone chest. You can't get there until you get the Hook-skill, so 
    you have to come back later to collect the Water jewel.
    -Down the stairs and again through the door, here you will find two ways to go 
    one up using the bomb on the weakened wall and another one leading down. If 
    you go down you find a bat, defeat it to open a path to an HP / MP Heal tiles 
    and a Save tile. After powering up you can go through the wall in the other 
    room by using a bomb. This will lead you to a room with a small bridge. Go 
    through the door again, and use the pot to the left on the top left switch to 
    open the door with a chest containing Escape. Use the pot on the other switch 
    to get in a small but long room with two bats. Push the block at the right 
    end, place a bomb at the place the block stood to open the way to a new room.
    -Here you will find a puzzle with colored blocks. There are multiple ways of 
    solving this puzzle, if you form three or more of the same color on a row they 
    will disappear. The best way to explain it is by making some "simple" ASCII 
     Maxim =        m
     Yellow block = Y
     Red block =    R 
     Blue block =   B
         Start        Picture 1       Picture 2      Picture 3       Picture 4
           R   Y          R   Y     R     Ym       R     Y          R   R
       Y R Y B B      Y R Y B B       Y R Y B B        R Y B B        B B   B B
       Y Y B R R    Y Y Y B R R           B R R          B R R              R R
         R B   B    m   R B   B         R B   B        R B   B                Bm
         Ym                                                         R
        picture 5
        mR   R R
    -Solving this puzzle lowers the spikes and will open the door to you right. 
    Behind the door you will find a chest containing a coat. Continue on to the 
    next room. Push the left moveable block down, the right block the right, walk 
    one step down, move the block so you can pass through. Next you'll find a 
    teleporter, but first walk to the left and move the block you see here one a 
    space to the left, leave the other one for now.
    -Put the pot on the top-left switch, step on the teleporter and you'll be 
    transported. If you'd like to have a Dragon egg, select your bomb, place it 
    next to the crate, and walk over the spikes before it explodes. If you failed, 
    use 'Restart' to return back on the stairs. The floor mysteriously fills up 
    the gap filled with water and you can now collect the first of the 8 Dragon 
    eggs. You will need these later on so don't worry about them right now. Head 
    down through the door and push block, move it 2 spaces down and the spikes 
    will disappear.
    -Head back to the teleporter and place the pot on the top right switch. 
    Teleport and then press down first so you can walk around the sides along 
    spike maze. On the right side of the maze, there should be a small path 
    leading to the wall with the crack. Place a bomb and move 6 steps, this will 
    open the way to a chest with a Miracle inside. Step back on the teleporter, go 
    back and enter the maze again. Walk up through the mini maze to find some 
    Secret fruit, keep this in your inventory. It will be handy at some point for 
    evolving Jelze.
    -Go back again and put the pot on the down right switch, step on the 
    teleporter once more. Press down so the Mad horse will be trapped between 
    three walls. Walk to either left or right, then up and towards the Mad horse. 
    Defeat him in order to get the chest, which contains a Light knife.
    -Finally use the lower left switch and teleport for the last time. In a room 
    you must defeat the 3 Cobalts, watch their walking patterns and attack them. 
    After they are all defeated the door will open leading to the area where you 
    lowered that line of pins earlier on. Go left, down the stairs, through the 
    door to meet up with Bart & Bertie. After some talking they escape with a 
    waterslide and leave you "trapped". Once you regain control over you're 
    characters again hit the switch and walk to the upper part of the room, then 
    down through a door. In this room you should find the crown which those 
    villains lost while trying to escape. 
    --Alunze castle--
     Back at the king's, give him his crown back. He is so grateful that he let's 
    you choose your reward: Money, Princess, King or Nothing. The best choice is 
    'nothing' for the king will then reward you for being modest. 
    The options are:
    Princess;  500 gold pieces
    King;     1000 gold pieces
    Money;    2000 gold pieces
    Nothing;  3000 gold pieces
    5. Abel and the key
    --Entrance of North-west cave--
     After returning the crown, you can go to the cave northwest of Alunze. Here 
    you will find a small boy named Abel. When Tia has talked to him it will 
    become clear that he was playing around with the key of the Tanbel Shrine 
    Door. Abel saw an evil monster, got scared and dropped the key. So, it up to 
    you to explore the cave and find that key.
    --North-west cave--
     Chests: 14 (35)
      Brave, Eron hat, Jet helm, Tuff buckler, Hi-magic, Hi-potion(2x),
      Horse rock, Light armor, Miracle(2x), Power brace, Shrine key, Witch ring 
      Bat, Big bat, Centopez, Cobalt, Lizard, Moth, Mega moth, Needle lizard,
      Red bat, Small crab
      Regal goblin
    -Walk down the ladder at the beginning, walk a bit up, stand next to the 
    spikes and chest, choose your arrow and shoot one against the switch. You can 
    now collect a Hi-potion. Walk up on the other ladder, and form a bridge with 
    the tile. To your right you will see a door, go through and you will be in a 
    room with 2 monsters, 3 pots, 3 switches and some rocks at the bottom. You 
    need a Hammer to break those rocks so come back later on to collect the Eron 
    hat and Tuff buckler. Place the 2 pots on the switches. Finally pick up a 
    third pot hidden behind the right pillar. It is hard to spot, but it is there.
    -In the next room there is not much to do, so continue to the next door. Here 
    you will see a weakened piece of floor at the bottom. Step on it to fall down 
    one floor, move the block you see here a space the right or left, walk one 
    step up and push the other block one space up. Walk around it and push it two 
    spaces down, the block should be on the switch and keeps the door opened for 
    you. Move on to find a chest with a Horse rock in it, push the first block you 
    see one space up or down, then push the second one until you can walk around 
    it. Go down through the door, here's an invisible button hidden, locate it by 
    walking over it, then place the vase on the ground on that position. A 
    stairway will appear which you need later on, go back and take the other door. 
    -Here you can walk through the middle section of the wall leading to some 
    stairs. In the room down there is a Light armor. Go back again, and proceed 
    through the next 2 rooms without taking any of the stairs. You should find 
    yourself in a chamber with to two healing pads, and a vine growing against the 
    wall. Cut it to find Brave and a Miracle.
    -Go through the door and down the stairs you created by placing the pot on the 
    right position, you will be in a very large room with a block and a button 
    behind some fast growing weeds. The idea here is to put some bombs on the 
    weeds so you can push the block over them in less then three moves. (Don't 
    forget you can turn without using a move with R) After you've done this, a 
    ladder will appear. Go up the left branch to reach a switch, hold distance so 
    that you're still standing on the other side of the gap. Then fire an arrow 
    and the wall will break apart. If you where standing in the middle of the wall 
    you may have fell down. The walkthrough will be a little different, but not 
    much so I assume you stayed atop of the wall.
    -Head back to the stairs and walk back past the healing tiles. Go through the 
    door and the stairs. Three chests are here on your right containing Hi-potion, 
    Hi-magic and Power brace. Be ready though, because as soon as you touch those 
    chests the spikes you just walked over will extend and they can only be 
    lowered by defeating all the enemies. Once you're free again create a bridge 
    to the other side of the water using the 2 pillars. Use the other two pillars 
    in order to create a bridge next to the right wall. Here you can walk through 
    the wall to collect the Witch ring. Go up and to the far right to find Jet 
    Helm in a chest. Go down the stairs above the water.
    -First go through the far right. Here you are in a room with water, hit the 
    switch (water lowers) and head back. Go down with the left stairs and head up 
    via the other stairway. If you want to collect a Miracle it is best to walk 
    under the small bridge and through the wall, leading down to a secret room. Go 
    back, and this time climb the ladder, enter the next room with a second 
    switch. Hit it, go back again to where you skipped the door that was leading 
    up. Because you activated the two switches the water rose and the two bridge 
    parts combined into one. Heal and save here, blow up the wall above you to 
    meet the boss of this cave.
    Boss: Regal goblin
     HP:         500
     Weak:       -
     Strong:     -
     Protection: -
     Specials:   Calling Companions (Goblin/Goblin Mage) + an Attack
    His attacks cause about 20-25 HP damage, when you are at level 13. A couple of 
    IPs like the Eagle rock (Dive attack), the Short blade's (Ice attack), Tia's 
    Spark spell and Jelze's special attacks should finish him. Since your team 
    consists of three characters it shouldn't be too hard. He may summon a goblin, 
    but those are very weak so don't worry about them. According to Relnqshd the 
    "Drowsy" Spell does miracles in this battle.
    -After his defeat you can collect the Shrine Key. If you don't want to fight 
    your way back to the entrance use an 'Escape'.
    --Shrine to Tanbel--
     Here you will find Abel, who will promise not to play around with the key 
    anymore. You will also meet Hilda around here. She owns a hotel in Tanbel and 
    is very happy to see that the key has returned to the shrine. So open the door 
    and go to Tanbel to meet up with her again.
    6. Camu kidnaps Hilda
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Note: You can get the Fire Dagger, Camu Armor and Pearl Brace right away 
           if you go to the top of Tanbel East Tower before you meet Guy in
           Tanbel. These items can be useful in regular combat and you need to
           get these items in a separate round, since you can't get them when you
           meet Camu.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     When you arrive in Tanbel you will meet Hilda who introduces you to her 
    little brother Guy. He wants to duel with Maxim, just when they get started 
    something happens. Someone named Camu (one of the henchman of the Sinistrals) 
    appears. He tries to kidnap Hilda, but Guy doesn't allow it. Then Camu summons 
    two slaves to fight you.
    Mini-boss: Follower (2x)
     HP:         150
     Weak:       Water
     Strong:     -
     Protection: -
     Specials:   -
    Guy will also be on your side in this battle. The followers are not so strong 
    they only have 150 HP each. You can take care of these goons without too much 
    trouble; in two or three rounds. If you do have trouble beating these clowns 
    up, I suggest you train some more to gain more EXP.
     After the battle there will be some talking and it's decided to pursue Camu 
    to the south-east Tower of Tanbel. Before you leave it might be wise to do 
    some shopping. Buy some Kukris, since thunder power of the IP is effective on 
    Camu. Also buy some magic spells, because your enemies are getting stronger 
    and the elements are starting to come into play. Example: If you meet a 
    creature like a Scorpion it's a good thing to cast a water or an ice spell, 
    but don't attack them with fire because they're almost immune to that element.
    --Tanbel south-east Tower--
     Chests: 5 (40)
      Camu armor, Fire dagger, Jute helm, Pearl brace, Sky key
      Big crab, Goblin, Imp, Needle lizard, Newt, Poison lizard, Small crab,
      Skeleton, Scorpion
    -At the entrance take the left door walk over the marked tile, move 3 blocks 
    on the left, right and lower switches. A little further down you will see 
    three blocks, move one of them down, pick up the pot, walk to the door, turn 
    around using R and drop the pot. The door will open allowing you to go F2.
    -Go through the door, press the switch the goblin is guarding, go outside walk 
    towards the next entrance and go inside the tower again. Push the pillar to 
    the left to open both passages, go up the stairs 2 times. Here should be two 
    doors and a skeleton. First take the door on the right, defeat the crab and 
    walk over the button from the south side so the metal blocks won't appear. Go 
    outside, walk up the ladder, press the switch and a platform will be lowered.
    -Back to the room with the skeleton, take the other door. Here you must push 
    the pillar on the square that looks different, if done correctly 4 markings 
    will appear. (3 visible, and one behind the pillar) Place the four pots on 
    those positions and the door will open. Head down, don't take the stairs, but 
    continue on by walking down. A skull will be located near the lower wall if 
    you walk over it you will notice a small dust cloud. Use a bomb to blow up the 
    skeleton and a button will appear. Press the button and a new path is opened. 
    Go outside down the ladder and inside. Here you will see three pillars. Each 
    of them will make a sound if you step on the tile at its front. Imitate those 
    sounds, start with lowest and work you way up. Using your sword, then arrow 
    and last the bomb. The door will open so you can collect the sky key from the 
    blue chest.
    -Go back up the stairs I told you to skip earlier on. From here on down, use 
    the Healing / Save tiles if you like, go outside walk over the platform you 
    lowered, walk through the entrance, up through the door. This is some sort of 
    "clock". The pillar is the big hand and the block the small hand, to open the 
    door you must set it on 9:00. That is put the block on the left mark and the 
    pillar on the upper mark; the door should open. There's a switch behind it, 
    use it to complete the ladder to Camu chamber. Note: If it's 12:00 a new door 
    will form in the wall leading to the "Instant Death" protecting Jute helm. A 
    graphical picture would look like this:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
         Empty              09:00              12:00 
          ___                ___                ___
        _| X |_            _| P |_            _| P |_         
      _|       |_        _|       |_        _|   B   |_   
     |           |      |           |      |           |
     |X    c    X|      |B    c    X|      |X    c    X| 
     |           |      |           |      |           |
      ¯|       |¯        ¯|       |¯        ¯|       |¯
        ¯| X |¯            ¯| X |¯            ¯| X |¯
          ¯¯¯                ¯¯¯                ¯¯¯
     X = Side mark
     c = Center tile
     B = Block (Small hand)
     P = Pillar (Big hand)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go outside, move up the final ladder and then open the last door with the key 
    to meet up with Camu. You might want to save first, because he is harder than 
    the other bosses you previously encountered.
    Boss: Camu (Rarely drops Camu jewel)
     HP:         1500
     Weak:       Thunder
     Strong:     Fire
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Buster attack, Calling companions (Slave), Sleep stinger
    It's best to use swords that have thunder power. He is more dangerous than the 
    other bosses you have fought. If you have a Catfish jewel equip Tia with it, 
    the Catfish jewel's IP does more damage when the person who uses it has a high 
    INT. Tia can also cast Flash (a thunder spell), Maxim and Guy can use the 
    Kukri's IP thunder-blast. If he summons a Slave you don't really have to kill 
    him first, because the cause not much damage. Jelze's Foomy punches and head 
    butts usually clobber them.
     After Camu's defeat Iris will 'coincidently' appear and transport Maxim and 
    the others to Tanbel.
     Hilda will have to stay in bed, because she appears to be very ill. Guy then 
    decides to join Maxim and Tia, because he feels it is his destiny to fight 
    against the dark and demonic forces.
    --Tanbel south-east Tower--
     You probably noticed those three chests behind Camu. After you defeated him, 
    you can go to the chamber of Camu again to collect: Fire dagger, Camu armor 
    and pearl brace. Finally go through the other door to find the exit to 
    Clamento. Do so now, because the fire dagger is important for the next boss. 
    Also you can actually get the equipment before you fight Camu! If you go up 
    the tower before sparring with Guy in Tanbel, Camu won't be there.
    7. The legend of the Ruby apple
     In this little village the super-rich Rochy owns every house. He's willing to 
    pay a great amount of money for the one who can bring him the ruby apple. 
    There's also a shop where glasswork is sold. It turns out to be that the shop 
    doesn't seem to run as good as it normally did. The husband of the shop keeper 
    has left home to find the Ruby apple. Maxim and the others decide to help the 
    lady, by going to the ruby cave to find that apple and her husband. Don't 
    forget to buy some useful spells like Brave; this spell is very useful to 
    raise your defense in combat. Also Release and Mystery pins are valuable, 
    since we will be battling the Tarantula Boss very soon.
    --Ruby cave--
    Chests: 4 (44)
     Flame fruit, Fury helm, Ruby key, Water whip
     Armor goblin, Bat, Big bat, Big bee, Goblin, Poison beetle, Skeleton,
     Red bat, Web spider
    -Walk up to the first door now you have the choice to go either left or right 
    if you take the left, skip 'Capsule monster: Blaze' and go to the next part.
    Capsule monster: Blaze
    --Ruby cave--
     Go right, blow up the darker looking wall, through the door, down the 
    stairway. Then you will see 4 switches, push them all four once, and you will 
    hear the lava flowing away. Blow up the dark part of the wall and use the 
    teleporter, walk towards the dog-like creature. This is Armordog and it is his 
    default name is Blaze. He gets his power from the fire element; hence most of 
    his attacks are fire elemental. If you use him, feed him at least until he 
    reaches level 3. By the way, it's possible to get your capsule monster to 
    level 4 already. How? Simple; fight lots of big bees, because they will drop 
    bee rocks. With those rocks you can feed your monsters to level 4, though it 
    takes quite a huge amount of rocks to do so.
    --Ruby cave - continued--
    -You're back in the second room. Cut the bushes to reveal a switch for the 
    left door. Go through and cut again to find a hidden stairway. Make the bridge 
    complete and walk over it, then go up and take the right stairs. Walk down on 
    the left side, select your arrows, hit the switch, go back take the left 
    stairs, go down the other and fight the skeleton, cut the middle vine and 
    collect the ruby key.
    -Head down the right stairs again, walk down the ladder and pick up a block of 
    ice. Drop it at the lowest right corner while looking down. Pick up another 
    and drop it at the lowest right corner of the melted ice while facing down. Do 
    two more times, you should have made contact with both islands containing 2 
    more blocks of ice, lift one cube, stand at the low left corner and drop it, 
    while facing down. Pick up the last available block of ice and drop it at the 
    low left corner, while facing to the left. You can pick up the Fury-helm and 
    the Water whip. There should be a block of ice as well pick it up and take it 
    to the most left corner, drop it and walk over to the island. Pick up another 
    piece of ice and drop it in the left corner, the chest has some Flame fruit. 
    (Save this item for Zeppy) Pick up another block of ice and go to the most 
    right corner and face right while dropping it.
    -Walk down the stairs, over the wooden bridge, cut some vines to find Healing 
    / Save tiles. Make sure you are equipped with fire weapons as much as 
    possible. (You can also collect fire charms from the "casino" in Alunze 
    because the boss is weak against that element) Go through the door on the 
    left, walk up, open the locked door and walk to the ruby apple that is 
    displayed. A giant spider will fall down... actually it warps in; since when 
    can spiders warp? It will tell you that you fell into his trap. Time for a 
    real fight, so be on something like level 20.
    Boss: Tarantula (He can drop Spido jewel)
     HP:         2000
     Weak:       Fire, Insect
     Strong:     Thunder
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Calling companions (Web spider), Poison shower, Spider web,
                 Stronger, 'Paralyze'(90%)
    He uses Poison showers to poison you, Spider web to slow you down, summons 
    small webspiders. Equip the Insect Crush to one of your allies to cause more 
    damage on the Tarantula. (Insect Crush is effective against insects and 
     The battle itself: First let Tia cast Brave to protect your party against the 
    arachnid's attacks. Use the Fire dagger's IP to cause much damage and have Guy 
    use some of the fire charms, if available. Tia will do best when casting 
    "Spark" or "Strong" every round.
     Using the Spellstruck IP can be handy too, since the arachnid has very high 
    amount of MGR, so you can make it more susceptible to you spells. There's only 
    a small chance that your capsule monster will survive this battle, but that's 
    not your biggest worry. It will usually take several rounds to beat him.
    -After you defeat this fiend, you will find out that the ruby apple was a 
    fake. In the room behind the boss, you'll find Jaffy the glass blower. He 
    tells you a short story about the ruby apple and after that it's time to go 
    back to Rochy to give him the (also fake) ruby apple. 
     Rochy pays you an "awful lot of money" for the fake apple, and with the "Huge 
    amount of money" you will automatically go to Jaffy. After you give him that, 
    Jaffy will give you some jewelry which Maxim then gives to Tia to please her. 
    Since you have gotten Rochy's permission to cross the shrine to the north of 
    Clamento, you are able to go to the kingdom of Parcelyte.
    8. The King's treasure sword
    Sometimes the game spells Parcelyte as Percelyte, but I will call it 
     When you come in Parcelyte the first time you will meet Lemmy and some 
    bullies, then Selan comes and she comforts Lemmy after sending those bullies 
    away. Buy some items, but think carefully; the Camu armor is not the best at 
    defensive power, but it increases ATP and STR plus it has great IP abilities. 
    Better buy a Franshiska, and a Rod for Selan who will join you soon. She can 
    use this to fight the Golem and Nuborg with ease, because the Rod is effective 
    to 'Hard' enemies and those enemies are weak against 'Hard' type which means 
    double damage.
    --Parcelyte Castle--
    Chests: 1 (45) Holy wings
     When you enter the throne room and speak to the king he will ask you to go on 
    a mission for him. He wants you to go to the Treasure sword shrine to find the 
    Treasure sword. After some more talking it turns out to be that she only came 
    along because the king ordered her to do so and finally Selan joins your 
    party. Head up on the world map towards the shrine to the north of Parcelyte. 
    If you want to level up fast walk on the map along the sides of the castle. 
    Sometimes a bunch of red cores pop up. With an AGL of 200 it is unlikely you 
    will get the first turn and they usually run away, but if lucky one or 2 will 
    stay. Use magic on them and they will be defeated easily. They leave 2222 EXP. 
    each which is quite a lot.
    --Treasure sword Shrine--
    Chests: 8 (53)
     Anger brace, Bat rock, Cold-rapier, Mind ring, Round shield, Sword key,
     Treasure sword, Undead ring
     Armor goblin, Ghoul, Nuborg, Ork, Regal goblin, Skeleton, Wood gorem
     Pierre & Danielle
    -Go through the left door first, through the next room as well and walk on the 
    right side through the wall. Pick up the vase and place it on the switch, the 
    spikes will lower so you can investigate the wall. Just place a bomb and it 
    will blow up, you can enter an empty room. Step on the weakened part of the 
    floor to go down one floor, go through the door and collect the round shield. 
    Push the first block to either right or left and push the other one down. You 
    might as well take the stairs as the other door leads to a dead end.
    -Return to the entrance and take the right door. Take the stairs in the room 
    north of here. You will be in a puzzle room, the best way to collect all the 
    items is: Stand on the moving platform that is closest to the stairway, 
    collect the Undead ring, go back on the moving platform. Cherish this ring 
    very much since it has many useful abilities:
     1. Shadow type weapons like the Gades Blade will work on undead creatures
     2. Makes you invulnerable to Instant attacks
     3. Makes all physical attacks Light elemental
     4. Increases MGR which is nice
    -Walk off and on the platform again, walk to the left to the next platform, 
    and walk up to another. Walk down and take the last one that is available, 
    collect the Cold rapier, and walk back on the platform. Go up again and take 
    the one that should be next to the stairs, switch to the next one, walk around 
    to the lower right corner and take that platform. Walk back to the one that is 
    the on the lower part, switch platforms again, step up and you should find 
    yourself on the platform with the red and green chest. Take the anger brace 
    and the Treasure key from the only Green Chest in the game, next to the chest 
    with the treasure sword that is of course.
    -At the start again open the middle door. Go to the corridor up from here, but 
    be careful there are some monsters hiding behind the pillars. Go up, take the 
    stairs, and go down 2 rooms. Here you'll find another easy puzzle, just push 
    and pull the switches in order to get on the platform in the lower left 
    corner. Here you will find a door leading to a dead end, but there is a chest 
    with a Bat rock. Continue to the next room on the right side. Proceed on and 
    the room above here has a secret: If you walk to the right against the most 
    upper segment of the right wall a new area and a chest containing a Mind ring 
    will become visible, go up with the stairs here.
    -Move up to find another small puzzle. Here you must place a bomb above the 
    left crate and then above the right crate, then walk to the edge in the middle 
    and keep walking up so you can walk over to the other side while the bombs 
    explode. Go up two rooms and some stairs and then head down 2 rooms to come to 
    another puzzle room.
    -The colored blocks Puzzle or the Teleporter Puzzle.
    If you are playing the Japanese version of the game you will have to solve a 
    teleporter puzzle, which was replaced by 3 block puzzles in the American / 
    European releases of the game. Since I think you will probably have the latter 
    version of the game I will give the solution of the three block puzzles first.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    US /Australian / European Version
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Y= yellow block
    R = red block and
    m = Maxim
    - - - - -
    Puzzle 1:
    - - - - -
           Start         Picture 1         End
           m                   m               m
           Y Y R R       Y R R Y         Y Y Y Y
    Easy as pie, isn't it. The next 2 puzzle rooms are just as easy as long as you 
    think diagonally, but I might as well give the solutions.
    - - - - -
    Puzzle 2:
    - - - - -
             Start         Picture 2         Picture 3          End
                Y                Y                  Y               Y
              R                R                  R               Y
         Y R    Y R Y    Y R   R R R Y      Y R Y R R Y     Y Y Y Y Y Y
              Y R              Y                m               m
                m              m
    (Note for the second puzzle: Don't forget to use the SHOULDERBUTTON(!) to 
    turn, when trying to put the red block in its place.)
    - - - - -
    Puzzle 3:
    - - - - -
         Start       Picture 1     Picture 2       Picture 3       End
             m                        m            Ym              Ym
         R   Y       R m            R R            R R             Y Y
         R R R       R R R          R   R          R   R           Y   Y
         Y R R       Y Y Y Y        Y Y Y Y        Y Y   Y         Y Y   Y
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Japanese Version
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     In the Japanese version, you don't have to do the block puzzles, but you have 
    to complete a teleporter puzzle, which is super simple if you know the 
    solution (True, all puzzles are simple if you know their solutions). There are 
    6 arrow tiles at the bottom and one at the top; all you have to do is step on 
    a triangle and walk up following the path towards the upper triangle using all 
    branches to the Left & Right. 
     To solve this one, start on the 2nd arrow tile from the left, walk up taking 
    all branches to the right, after that one branch to the left and head up to 
    the upper arrow tile. After you walk over it the door will automatically open.
    ^ = Triangle pointing Up
    T = Teleporter
    L = Locked Door
    E = Entrance
    + = Path to follow
            _    _    _     _   _L_   _
           |T|  |T|  |T|   |T| |   | |T|
           | |  | |  | |   | |  \^/  | |
           | |__| |  | |   | |  |+|__| |
           |  __  |__| |   | |__|++++++|
           | |  |  __  |   |  __  |¯¯|+|
           | |__| |  | |___| |  | |  |+|
           |  __  |  |  ___  |  | |__|+|
           | |  | |__| |   | |  |++++++|
           | |  |  __  |   | |  |+|¯¯| |
           | |__| |  | |   | |  |+|  | |
           |  __  |  | |   | |  |+|  | |
           | |  | |  | |   | |__|+|  | |
           | |  | |__| |   |++++++|  | |
           | |  |  __  |   |+|¯¯| |  | |
           | |__| |  | |___|+|  | |__| |
           |  __  |  |+++++++|  |  __  |
           | |  | |  |+|¯¯¯| |  | |  | |
           | |  | |__|+|   | |  | |__| |
           | |  |++++++|   | |  |  __  |
           | |  |+|¯¯| |   | |  | |  | |
           | |__|+|__| |___| |__| |__| |
           |^    ^    ^     ^    ^    ^|
           |                           |
           |____________   ____________|
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Anyway, that was the last puzzle of this shrine. Proceed on to the Healing / 
    Save tiles. After another room, some stairs go north to the last door. Two 
    clowns will appear. Time for a double boss battle, talk to either one of the 
    clowns. The red clown is Danielle and the blue one is Pierre.
    Boss: Pierre & Danielle
     Pierre (blue clown)            Danielle (red clown)
      HP:         1200               HP:         1200
      Weak:       Water, Ice         Weak:       Fire, Thunder
      Strong:     Thunder            Strong:     Ice
      Protection: All Ailments       Protection: All Ailments
      Specials:   Fireball, Bolt     Specials:   Blizzard, Vortex
    Round 1
    ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Be on level 22 and you can easily defeat them the first time. Use the opposite 
    type of magic they throw at you against them, those clowns are also very fast 
    so most of the time you will have to wait, while they attack first. I suggest 
    you spare your IP for the 2 battles later on when you have to beat them both 
    at the same time with only two characters to battle each. After defeating the 
    first clown, it will regenerate and throw you one room back. (save and heal if 
    you like with the tiles) Go back and challenge the other clown. When he/she is 
    also defeated and regenerated, you'll be thrown back again, but this time 
    Selan figures out that you have to beat them both at the same time, Heal/save 
    for the last time.
    Round 2
    ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I still know that Maxim & Tia fight Pierre and Guy & Selan fight Danielle. 
    It's time to play rough; Equip Maxim who will fight Pierre with the cold-
    rapier and use its IP, and have the Tia cast droplet or let her use the IP of 
    the Catfish jewel. Equip Guy who will fight Danielle with the Fire dagger and 
    use its IP, and have Selan cast Spark / Flash or use the Camu rock's IP: 
    'Buster attack' to cause nice amounts of damage.
    -After you finished both clowns at the same time. They will be defeated once 
    and for all, opening the door to the next room. Head up to collect the 
    treasure sword from the chest. No, don't try to equip it because you can't, it 
    a sword for show not fighting.
    --Parcelyte Castle--
     Once you arrive here, go to the throne room and talk to the king. Give him 
    the treasure sword and a messenger will come telling that a single man 
    destroyed an entire town by the name of Gordovan!
    9. Gordovan destroyed by whom?
    --Parcelyte Castle--
     After Maxim and the others volunteer to go out and check if these rumors are 
    true. The king allows you to collect the treasure in the basement of the 
    castle, so don't forget to collect the Holy wings on your way out.
    Once Maxim and co. arrive at Gordovan, they see that the entire village is 
    destroyed by something and that something went to the west tower of Gordovan. 
    There's nothing to be bought here, since everything is destroyed. There's an 
    inn but it's not really comfortable. You'll have to check on west side and 
    find the evil power that is responsible for this.
    --Gordovan west Tower--
    Chests: 8 (61)
     Block shield, Eagle rock, Hook, Miracle, Muscle ring, Scimitar, Speed potion,
     Wind key
     Antares, Doben, Big mushr'm, Evil shell, Fighter Ork, Ghoul, Goblin mage,
     Ork, Ork mage, Red lobster, Regal goblin, Zombie
    Boss: Sinistral; Gades - Master of Destruction
    -Go through the left door and take the left door as soon as the monster 
    presses the button. Go up the stairs, walk two chambers down, here you will 
    find another small puzzle. Hit the switch causing the red pillars to drop, 
    walk over them. On the left there is a single block against the wall, push it 
    one space to the right, below you will see four blocks forming a 'L' on its 
    side. Move the middle block one space down and walk back to the other block 
    you just moved. You should be standing against it, move 3 spaces down and the 
    switch will move to the lowest of the four squares. Move the block to your 
    left one square to the left. Walk over the wall you lowered and stop if you're 
    standing between the square of the wall and the switch (which makes the big 
    switch move). Turn with the shoulder button and use an arrow to hit the switch 
    again. You can just walk down, triggering the other switch in the lower right 
    corner to lower the platform outside.
    -Once outside take the other entrance, go up one room and take the stairs. Now 
    you come in a room with a pot and two switches. (If you want to heal go down 
    one room) Put the pot on the right switch and follow the path of dark tiles to 
    the right door and go up the stairs. At the bottom you will see another door, 
    go down and pick up the hook that's lying in the chest there. (The first 
    dragon egg and the water jewel can be obtained)
    -Go back one room and push the pillar above you to the right. Use the hook to 
    cross the gap. Walk a bit up use the hook to the left to get to the next door, 
    where you will find some stairs. Go through the left door from here and use a 
    bomb to blow up the crate while getting past the spikes. (if you get trapped 
    use the 'Reset' spell) Walk down here and you will find a save pad, go outside 
    and lower the ladder. Go back again, use the switch in the corner to lower the 
    spikes, go through the door on your right.
    -Here you will find the elevator of this tower. First go to the first floor 
    and then walk up and seek a section in the wall that can be destroyed with a 
    bomb. Go through to find an eagle rock and back to the elevator. Take the 
    right route and you will see a stairway leading up. Go up and through the door 
    to find a muscle ring. Go to the second floor with the elevator. Head down and 
    pick up a speed potion, ascend to the third floor, go left here and you'll 
    come in a room with two pillars. Move the left pillar two places and walk to 
    the opposite side of it. Use the hook to get across, push the pillar below you 
    one square down and move the other to the right against the wall. Walk down to 
    the lower middle part and use the hook again to get across. Push the pillar up 
    onto the button and the door will open.
    -Go through it and walk down, go outside, climb the ladder, walk into the 
    entrance. Here you will find a zombie who can regenerate it self every time 
    you defeat it. So you need to do something else to get rid of him. In the 
    original Japanese version you have to move five blocks so that they form a 
     In the American and European version of the game you have to hit whack the 
    switches in the right order. The order is:
                               1 5 6 2 7 3 4
    After you did that the zombie will disappear, allowing you to collect the wind 
    key. Go back to the elevator by using the shortcut with the stairs. Go up 
    another floor and walk down to find a miracle. Now go up to the highest floor 
    and take the right path. You can open the door with the wind key now. Go 
    outside, up the ladder and prepare to be defeated! At least that is what will 
    happen anyway even if you defeat him (However if you defeat him in combat you 
    will receive the Gades blade). Read the Strategy if you want to "beat" Gades I 
    wrote completely down at Appendix C.
    9.1 Gades... The Invincible?
    --Gordovan west Tower--
    Boss: Sinistral; Gades - Master of destruction
     HP:         7500
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Destructo-wave
    He uses the Destructo-wave attack to defeat you, after a couple of hits you 
    probably lose, unless your levels are 40+ (I've did find out you can take him 
    down on level 28 and higher, with a little luck).
     Read the strategy in appendix C for some tips and walkthrough to destroy this 
    fiend. If you do manage to defeat him, you will automatically "receive Gades' 
    sword". He will say something like "How irritating, now witness my true 
    power", and the game goes on as if you were defeated in the first place. Oh 
    well, you can't win 'em all.
    -After this Iris will appear and heal your entire alliance and leaves again. 
    You can nab the Scimitar and Block Shield from behind the door, after this go 
    back to Parcelyte Castle and report to the king.
    --Parcelyte Castle--
     When you get back in the throne room, you will hear a messenger approaching. 
    He asks if there is someone called "Guy". Maxim and the others then learn that 
    Hilda's situation is getting worse, so Guy leaves Maxim for now. After this, 
    the pillars leading to the exit of the tower will be lowered, so you can 
    travel on to Merix.
    10. The bridge to Bound Castle
     People in this small village are talking about a great carpenter. He recently 
    left the village to repair the bridge to Bound Kingdom, which was probably 
    destroyed by monsters. Here you can buy new spells like a stronger version of 
    spark; Fireball. There aren't many weapons you can buy here, but a Gladius 
    could be handy for it IP attack is: Holy Energy and will do three times 
    regular damage on any enemy, plus this amount get doubled to a whopping 6(!) 
    times damage if you attack an enemy weak to light.
    --Cave to Bound Kingdom--
    Chests: 2 (63)
     Hi-magic, Regain
     Doben, Fighter Ork, Goblin mage, Lizard man, Ork, Ork mage 
    Boss: -
    -This is the smallest cave I've seen. First talk to the carpenter who will 
    tell you that you have to take care of the monsters, before he can start 
    repairing the bridge. Go down the stairs and through two doors to collect 
    regain, a little bit to the right in the previous room you saw a weakened 
    wall. Bomb it and whack the switch with your sword, now use the hook to pull 
    yourself to the other side in the room with the water. Go down the stairs and 
    take the right door first to collect a Hi-magic, then continue through the 
    left door.
    -Here you get into a conversation and you will automatically fall down twice, 
    walk up through the door and you come into a room with a crystal ball on a 
    pillar in the upper middle. The enemies here keep on regenerating until you 
    destroy their crystal ball with your sword. You have to get past quickly so 
    watch your enemy's movements closely. After that you can walk to the right and 
    walk several stairs, until you reach the other side of the bridge. Here you 
    will meet up with the carpenter, who will repair the bridge and will leave for 
    home. Before you go to Bound go back to Merix first.
    'Chest': 1 (64) Dragon egg
    The little daughter of the carpenter will give you a dragon egg, in return for 
    bringing her father back home. That should make three with the ones from 
    Alunze basement and Cave to Sundletan.
    11. The prince's ego
    --Bound Kingdom--
     Upon entering Bound Castle you will meet Dekar, and then another henchman of 
    the Sinistrals appears: Idura. He attacks Dekar with some monsters, but they 
    are no match for him. After Idura leaves (humiliated) the prince will come out 
    and fight the Red jelly that Dekar forgot to dispose of. This shows that the 
    prince is very conceited, because he thinks that the small jelly is "invading" 
    his kingdom. You will also find out that every time the prince goes on an 
    adventure the king will have Dekar follow him, to make sure nothing happens. 
    This is the reason why the prince is too overconfident about himself. He 
    thinks he's a great warrior, but in fact he's has a difficult time destroying 
    1 puny red jelly! Because of his overconfidence, he decides to go to the 
    northern labyrinth to defeat Idura on his own. (The fool) The king of course 
    will have Dekar follow him again.
     There's a shop in the castle where you can buy Bronze-swords. Feed them to 
    your capsule monster if it hasn't reached level 4 by now, and equip some 
    bronze-swords as well. And if you still have the secret fruit feed it also to 
    Jelze once he is on level four, he will now be able transform into his M 
    (master) level. After talking to the king go to the Northern Labyrinth.
    --North Labyrinth--
    Chests: 5 (69)
     Deadly sword* (cursed), Dragon egg, Life potion, Thunder ax, Thunder ring
     Deadly sword*, Green clay, Lizard man, Sand gorem, Shadow fly, Skeleton,
     Torrent, Winger, Zombie
     4x Mummy, 3x Troll
    * = Deadly Sword is called "Lethal Sword" in the English PAL version
    -From the start take the right door, then cut some bushes and walk through the 
    top left part of the wall to find a chest containing Thunder ring. Continue on 
    down the stairs. Cut the top left bush here to find the opening switch for the 
    door. In the next room use your hook to get to the other side of the gap and 
    walk through the door here. Don't walk over the spikes, instead use your hook 
    to bring the spikes up and another set of spikes down.
    -Back at the start and take the middle door, go down some stairs and head 
    through the door. Go to the left to the next room (over the spikes you just 
    lowered) use the switch to form a bridge. Go up two rooms to find a deadly 
    sword, don't equip it because it's cursed. (If you want to use it go back to 
    the "priest" in Bound, then equip it and undo the curse, giving you a strong 
    and uncursed sword) You can take the right route again to lower the lower set 
    of pins and walk on over the bridge you created. A little farther beyond that 
    you will find a room with a lone zombie, bomb the top wall to receive thunder 
    ax from the chest.
    -All that's left is the left door at the start. Walk through the next two 
    rooms until you come to a puzzle, if you want to go down the moving stairs 
    step on it from the left side the stair will move one place down. Walk a space 
    to the left then down and then to the right on the stairs. Repeat this process 
    until stairway is trapped in the lower middle. Walk on it from above to 
    descend to the next floor. Go down a room and move the pillar to the right, 
    use the hook to get to the upper part with the pot. Pick it up and place it on 
    the button. Move the pillar back and proceed to the stairs and the next floor. 
    -Use the only door that's available from here, and you will be in a room with 
    moveable platforms. Walk first to the most upper platform and move it to the 
    right. Go through the door and place four pillars on the dark square of tiles 
    to make a platform rise up. This will allow you to reach the dragon egg. Go 
    back to the last room and move the lowest platform 1 space to the right, then 
    move the middle-right platform down.
    Capsule monster: Flash
    --North labyrinth--
     From the puzzle with the moveable platforms you can take the lower right door 
    to reach a mini (one-way) labyrinth with capsule monster Flash at the end. 
    He's not a fighter until he reaches the M class. So in the beginning he will 
    be quite useless, but in the end he might be one of the most valuable 
    monsters, because he can heal your entire party on the higher classes.
    --North labyrinth - continued--
    -Move the middle platform to the right, and use the middle platform of the 
    lowest row to reach the top left door. Here you will find another puzzle room 
    can be quite tricky, but if you place the bombs like this in the right order, 
    all will go swell:
     Place bomb here in this order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
          _ _ _
    -WARNING, This puzzle is bugged. By igniting bombs 2, 3, 4 and 5 in this order 
    at the same time my game always seems to crash; the platform keeps rising 
    through the ceiling and you won't be able to move (unfortunately there is only 
    one way to undo the freeze. Yes, it's reset time) The best way to prevent this 
    is to wait for each bomb to explode and then placing the next.
    -Go over the bridge and collect the life potion and then descend the stairs. 
    Go to save point and move the pillar in the next room onto the right button so 
    the door will open. Now enter the final room of this dungeon and meet up with 
    Idura. You are not going to fight him, but instead he will send four mummies 
    at you and then three trolls. One more thing, if you didn't speak to the king 
    in Bound Kingdom Idura won't be there.
    Bosses: Mummy (4x) & Troll (3x)
    Mummy                                  Troll
     HP:         150 each                   HP:         200 each
     Weak:       Fire, Water, Light, Heal   Weak:       Fire
     Strong:     Shadow                     Strong:     -
     Protection: All Ailments               Protection: Paralysis
     Specials:   'poison'(10%)              Specials:   'paralyze'(20%)
    -------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     You can deal most damage against these creatures with fire, so use your 
    Fireball magic on all of them twice (Tia and Selan) then Maxim will do best 
    with an attack of the sword. They were so weak that after two or three 
    Fireballs all four are destroyed.
    ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     It's just the exact same idea here (note that they are statistically even 
    weaker than the regular trolls from later on :) ). Use Fireball a few times 
    and it's exit Trolls. Nuff' said.
    -After you disposed of all these amateurs, Dekar will appear and Idura 
    cowardly flees. That's all, Dekar the prince and his advisor then go back to 
    Bound Castle.
    --Bound Kingdom--
    Head back to Bound Castle you might want to unequip Tia, because this was her 
    last fight of the game. But even if you don't unequip her, you can still buy 
    her items when you reach the forfeit isle. Talk to the king and a moment later 
    Guy will make his return.
    12. Evil threats
    --Bound kingdom - continued--
     You will hear from the king that Gades has left a message. It was more like a 
    threat actually, he said that he would sink Seim island; the island on which 
    Parcelyte is located. After that Dekar and Guy will join you in your quest, 
    Tia and Selan stay behind to comfort the civilians/villagers of Parcelyte. 
    Make sure you equip Dekar with some AGL increasing stuff like speedy ring and 
    jewels, because with him being so slow you have quite a disadvantage at some 
    points. Then again, his supreme strength makes him well suited for the battle 
    against Gades.
    --Ancient tower--
    Chests: 7 (76)
     Cloud key, Fayza shield, Magic bikini, Miracle, Muscle ring, Protect ring,
     Pumkin jewel
     Bruse, Dark fly, Deadly armor, Earth viper, Evil shell, King frog,
     Pumpkin head, Shadow fly, Snell, Spinner 
     Sinistral; Gades - Master of destruction
    -At the start push the pillar to the right, when it's standing on the middle 
    part of the carpet push it up, then to the left to reveal a hidden door in the 
    wall. Go through the next two rooms and you will notice that the door won't 
    budge here, defeat the enemies in this room to open it. After that you will 
    find 4 pillars and a pumpkin head. You must trap the pumpkin head between the 
    four pillars and get it stuck so he has to stand on the switch, meaning that 
    he will open the door for you. Since he always moves in the opposite 
    direction, it shouldn't be too hard to get him trapped. In the next room you 
    must move a pillar down against the wall then four squares to the right and 
    then 7 spaces down. Stand on the other side of the square with spikes and keep 
    an empty square between you and the spikes. You can use your hook to get in 
    the square and making it easy to reach the stairway.
    -On the next floor walk down until you reach outside and enter the other 
    entrance. You don't have to lower the spikes and bomb the wall because they 
    lead to a dead end, instead blow up the weakened part of the wall between the 
    two background pillars. Now don't be fooled by the fake door, but keep on 
    walking up against the wall to find the real one. Go up the stairs, up another 
    room, walk to the right and look at the teleporters. Keep in mind that you 
    will be teleported to the teleporter in the direction in which you're looking 
    at. Step on the teleporter from the right side to go to the left. Proceed on, 
    you can collect three chests with protect ring, Pumkin jewel and muscle ring.
    -Head to the exit and enter the doorway directly above you. Walk up two rooms 
    to find four blocks. Move them all one space towards the block with a green 
    dot in the middle. This block will become a switch, so hit it with the hook to 
    open the door. Go through, press the switch there, go to the entrance and go 
    back to the teleporters. Step on the middle teleporter from the left
    side to go to the right, go up the stairs and go through the right door to 
    find a Fayza shield. Then head through the left door in the room with the 
    stairs and hit the other switch. This will lower the red pillars allowing you 
    to exit on this floor. Go through the left door first to lower the ladder 
    -Go on to the outside of this floor level and take the other entrance. Go 
    through the left door after you disposed of all enemies in here. Proceed on 
    one room to collect the cloud key, bomb the weakened part of the wall and pick 
    up a miracle. Go outside enter the entrance down the left ladder. Here you 
    must move the three right pillars one space up and the left pillar down one 
    space to open the door.
    -Continue up to 5F and hit the statue on the red carpet three times and the 
    statue on the blue 5 times. Now step on the circle in the middle, this will 
    two healing pads will appear and the door will be opened. Go down here to find 
    a save tile and go outside to the other entrance to your right. Go upstairs, 
    walk up a room to come to the monster races, the details are explained in the 
    previous room on the hint table on the wall. It can be a little confusing but 
    the races are not so hard as they look. It's best to use the skeleton (the 
    monster on the right), he's normally the first one to be on the circular final 
    tile. If you win you will be teleported to a door. Go through and hit the 
    switch to lower a platform outside.
    12.1 Defeat the Sinistral!
    --Ancient tower - continued--
     Once outside go over the lowered platform. Open the door with the key and go 
    up the stairs. Prepare for a battle. Although Gades is an awful lot easier 
    this time you MUST defeat him this time. So if you're not sure you can take 
    him on don't hesitate to go back to the save tile.
    Boss: Sinistral; Gades - Master of Destruction
     HP:         3000
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Destructo-wave, devastation
    He uses his Destructo-wave again, but since Dekar and Guy have high DFP it 
    won't do as much damage as last time. I used Blaze on level four and he didn't 
    even run before the battle ended! His attacks take away some nice amounts of 
    HP. As for Dekar, Guy and Maxim; have Maxim cast trick and brave once, and use 
    your strongest IPs to deal with Gades. The thunder Ax's IP is very effective 
    on him. Use "strong" to heal your party and all will go well.
     It's possible to outrun him as well; use the Spido jewel's IP to slow him 
    down (dramatically), and cast fake with Maxim on all three characters. Even 
    Dekar can become faster than Gades at this point!
    12.2 Last revenge
    --Ancient tower - again--
     After losing the battle Gades is unwilling to admit his defeat and as he 
    flees from the tower he triggers some sort of mechanism, which will cause 
    destruction to Seim Island (The island on which Parcelyte is located). It is 
    up to Maxim to save Parcelyte. After meeting up and talking to Selan and Tia 
    who have followed the trio to this place, they will be transported back to 
    -Maxim is on his own at this point. Here you will see three stairs, go down 
    the lower right one to find another statue. Place a bomb at his feet to blow 
    it up. There's not much more to do here except for save tile. So head back and 
    take the upper middle stairs. Here you will find one healing tile and in the 
    room below a stairway, it leads to a statue on a blue carpet. Hit it with an 
    arrow to destroy it, go through the door to collect the magic bikini. (Nooo, 
    Maxim can't wear that)
    -Head back to the room with the three stairs and the take the lower left 
    stairs. In order to make the stairs appear here just walk over all the tiles 
    in both rooms to make them all grey, a stairway will automatically appear like 
    magic. After some more rooms, ladders and stairs you will come in the last 
    room with lots of lowered pillars. Step on the gray tile and sit back, relax 
    and read the dialogues if you want. You have saved Parcelyte from Gades, but 
    you also sealed your own fate. Luckily Iris just drops by and warps you back 
    to Parcelyte. Selan admits she has feelings for Maxim, and Tia will leave the 
    scene for good after small conversation with Dekar.
    12.3 All's well that ends well?
     There is not much to be done here since Gades is defeated it seems to be 
    over. Just watch the marriage. Guy does seem to have some problems with his 
    girlfriend, and when monsters are spotted in the basement of Alunze they all 4 
    decide to go there instead of having a party. After seeing the four seasons 
    and the birth of their son who is named Jeros the game continues.
    13. Idura is back
     After a year, Idura will manage to kidnap Jeros and challenges them to come 
    to the Northern lighthouse. Maxim and Selan go after him and set out to the 
    lighthouse. (Don't forget to equip Selan)
    --North Lighthouse-- (why would they call it lighthouse? There's no light)
    Chests: 7 (83)
     Bee rock, Big shield, Cancer rock, Dragon egg, Fire ring, Light key,
     Mystery ring
     Armor horse, Cancer, Drill shell, Goblin mage, Ork mage, Red lobster,
    Boss: Idura
    -Move up one room from the start and place the blocks so they will form an 
    arrow pointing to the right. Since I got some e-mails about people who are 
    unable to form a good arrow here are the examples for left and right:
                    x                         x
                      x         __          x
                x x x x x      |OR|       x x x x x
                      x         ¯¯          x
                    x                         x
    The door will open and you will come across a puzzle which can be a jinx, but 
    once you know the secret it's very easy. (It took me quite a lot of hours to 
    figure it out the first time, because you have to do something that you 
    wouldn't expect to do) Hint: Box the door........ Still don't know the answer? 
    Ok, here goes: The trick is to make the door visible by using both boxes. Then 
    use the third box to block the walls from closing, while you move two boxes to 
    lower the spikes and place a box on the switch at the same time. The door will 
    now open and behind it you will find a mystery ring, a dragon egg and big 
    -Go through the left door in the room with those three boxes. Go up the stairs 
    and go down one room to find a memory game, which is an easy puzzle:
    1 = Musical note               5 = tile with lowered spikes
    2 = white tile with brown mark 6 = gray tile with white edge
    3 = pole                       7 = brown tile with white mark
    4 = brown tile                 8 = gray tile with white edge and brown cross
           1 2 3 4
           5 4 6 7
           8 6 1 5
           8 7 3 2
    If you completed this puzzle the monsters in this room disappear, and you can 
    go up the stairs to the left. Walk down here to press the button to raise two 
    pillars for later on. Go back and take the door that is located below the 
    memory game. Go outside to the other doorway and go up the stairs again. Get 
    outside, climb the ladder, go through the entrance and open the chest with a 
    Fire ring. Go back to the room where you pressed the button, now use the hook 
    to get to the other side, go through the door you see here to your right and 
    bomb the weakened wall between the two "background" pillars. Hit the switch to 
    complete the ladder outside.
    -When you're outside again use the ladder and enter the tower again. Press the 
    switch and watch carefully where the two dark tiles are hiding. They are 
    hiding beneath: The most left white tile and the other is two squares to the 
    right of the first. Place on these squares a vase to lower the pins. The blue 
    chest can now be opened which is containing the light key, step on the 
    teleporter to your left. Head back to the room where you made the arrow with 
    the aid of blocks on the floor.
    -At the start form an arrow that points to the left, proceed to the next 
    rooms, and ascend four stairways up. Here are two doors in the first room of 
    floor 4F. One leads to the next stairs, the other leads to a room with HP, MP 
    and Save tiles. Move one room down and you will see a pillar to your right. 
    Push it to the left, bomb the floor on the place where the pillar stood (this 
    will create a hole), push the pillar through the gap and fall down as well. 
    Put the pillar on the top button and walk on the lower one to lower the spikes 
    and to raise the two pillars. You can collect the Bee rock. Push the pillar 
    against the edge and use the hook to get to the other side and use it again on 
    the pillar to fall down into a secret room. Here you will find the cancer 
    -Use the teleporter to get back up one floor, use the same stairs as you did 
    before you got to the pillar part and walk down two rooms this time. You will 
    find two healing tiles and a save tile in here. Go outside and enter the left 
    entrance, go up two rooms and place only three blocks on the switches. Move 
    the fourth one away and stand on the last switch yourself so you can walk the 
    -You will come to the Idura's room. Idura thinks he's safe as long as he holds 
    Jeros hostage. And he is right; as long as he has Jeros they can't fight him, 
    but then Iris appears again picks up the baby and brings it to safety meaning 
    you can fight Idura now.
    Boss: Idura
     HP:         1500
     Weak:       Ice
     Strong:     Thunder
     Protection: Silence, Instant Death, Paralysis and Confusion
     Specials:   Calls companions (Groupie), Idura thunder, Plasma blaster
    Selan can use the Water jewel since its IP will be more effective on Idura. 
    Have Maxim do some sword attacks or IPs to defeat him. He only has 1500 HP so 
    it shouldn't take too long. The groupies he summons are very weak so don't 
    bother fighting them; first after Idura is gone you can take care of them as a 
    small bonus. Also observe that this boss doesn't have protection against the 
    sleep status, so cast Drowsy if you like.
     Note 1: Idura looses a turn when he tries to cast Idura Thunder, when all his
             MP is depleted or drained. Check Appendix F for more information.
     Note 2: Groupie can drop Magic Fruit this can be handy for raising capsule
    --Northern Lighthouse--
     After the battle, go back to Bound and enter the small shrine right of the 
    Ancient tower. Use the teleporter here to get across the water to get to the 
    harbor town Aleyn
    13.1 Reunion with Guy and Dekar
    --Shrine to Aleyn--
     Here you will meet up with Guy and Dekar. After catching up on some things 
    they will both join your party. After this is done continue on to the harbor 
    of Aleyn.
    14. Jyad the ship builder
    --Harbor town Aleyn--
     Talk to various people here to find out some valuable information about Jyad. 
    The people are talking about him going to the Phantom Mountain, and without 
    Jyad they can't continue their quest (Because they needed a boat to get to the 
    next continent). Better check the mountain to see what happened to him. I 
    usually buy all the Magic spells and some new equipment here.
    --Phantom mountain--
    Chests: 3 (86)
     Fire arrow, Tree key, Water ring
     Armor bee, Dark fly, La Fleshia, Lizard man, Mad gorem, Skull lizard, Stinger 
    Boss: Lion (2x)
    -First thing you need to do is walk up and cut the grass patch. Walk over it, 
    and use an Bomb. The three patches will be destroyed at the same time, opening 
    the door for you. Go through, climb the stairs, hit the switch, go back and 
    take the right door, climb up the stairs and a ladder. Walk into the next room 
    and go outside, enter the next entrance and climb the stairs. First blow up 
    the darker looking wall, go through and then outside.
    -To your left you will see a blue chest with the tree key. You will come to a 
    puzzle involving walking on a small bush to make it grow. So go back to the 
    room where you had to blow up the wall. When all the bushes are big the door 
    will open. This is a little hard to explain, but start in the lower left 
    corner; with a small bush above and to the right of you. Follow this path: U = 
    Up, D = Down, L = Left, R = Right; the path itself is: UUURDRURDDLDL. There 
    will be two more patches to walk on, but that can't go wrong unless you do 
    something incredibly stupid. The door will be opened and you can collect the 
    fire arrow.
    -Continue on to the left, go outside and go down two "ladders", enter the 
    mountain again, then climb some stairs. To your right you will see a stairway 
    leading down, if you use it you will come in a room full of monsters and a 
    chest with in the top left corner with a water ring. Cut the vines to find a 
    secret route leading towards a stairway. Now you come to another puzzle room, 
    walk up the right ladder, and use your fire arrows to get rid of most of 
    the grass patches. Move the lowest block to the left, burn some more bushes, 
    move the most left block on the platform against the wall. Move the one that 
    was next to it to the right. Move the top right block on the switch. A ladder 
    will appear, climb it and move the two blocks both up by two squares.
    -Walk to the left to find a puzzle; you can only walk on each ground tile 
    once. If you walk two times on the same square you will fall down and must 
    start all over again. At the start go one space up and walk to the right until 
    you can't get further.
    From here on:
    U = Up     D = Down
    L = Left   R = Right
    (R)(L)(D)(U) = turn in this direction using the two top shoulder buttons
     URRRRR, Pick up the pot
     UULLDLLLLDLLUUUURU(R), Put down the pot
     (L), Pick up other pot
     U, Put the first pot on switch
     R(D), Pick up pot
     (U), Put second pot on second button
     If done correctly you can now walk safely towards the door. Bomb the dark 
    wall in the next room, walk down the ladder behind it, climb the other ladder 
    and use the hook to get through the next section from island to island. Walk 
    through the door, go upstairs and up one room.
    -Here you must keep on walking up against the edge until the lizard man stands 
    on the switch allowing you to get across the pit with the hook. Go outside, 
    walk over the bridge, bomb the door and walk inside. Get the mad gorem to 
    follow you onto the square in the middle so you will fall down. Walk down the 
    stairs, talk to Jyad who will ask you to get rid of the 2 monsters up ahead 
    then go south and save your game if you like to. Get ready for another boss 
    battle against two identical Lions.
    Boss: Lion (2x)
     HP:         1000 each
     Weak:       Ice
     Strong:     Water
     Protection: -
     Specials:   Bite, Scratch
    The best way to deal with them is by casting trick and brave so they won't be 
    able to cause too much damage, use IP that are either multi-attacks (Octo-
    strike) or, Strong single attacks preferable 'Ice' based that can cause a lot 
    of damage. Concentrate your attacks on one lion until he's defeated and take 
    care of the other. You may have to heal yourself (don't be stingy on your MP, 
    so cast Stronger instead of Strong) to survive. Also you can try Instant 
    Attacks, since the lions don't have any protection against it.
    --Phantom Tree Mountain--
     Walk outside and use the hook to get to the Phantom tree. Jyad will tell you 
    that the wood of this tree is great for shipbuilding. You'll be warped back to 
    the harbor, now talk to Jyad again. After two nights in the local inn, the 
    ship will be ready down at the pier. You can visit two places; I suggest you 
    visit them at least once so you can warp to that place. It's a lot easier than 
    having to wait 10 minutes for the boat to arrive at the right place. The two 
    places you can choose between are Gruberik and Narcysus.
    Sub-quest: The Ancient Cave
     Here you will hear people talking about a dungeon that consists of 99 floors! 
    At the local pub you can go down two floors, and you will find an empty 
    display. The woman here is talking about the 10 legendary Iris treasures; 
    these can be found in the ancient cave. Every time you exit the cave with one 
    of those Iris treasures you can give them to her, if you collect all ten she 
    will say that you are an excellent treasure seeker. (I haven't noted anything 
    --Ancient Cave--
    Chests: 3 on the main floor (89)
     Brill Helm, Dragon ring, Light jewel
    Monsters: - On the main floor
    Boss: Master (Ancient Jelly)
     Dekar is still in your party in story mode, but he will leave very soon so 
    make up your mind if you want to get in the cave with Dekar in your party. All 
    the possible combinations are:
     Maxim, Selan, Guy, Dekar
     Maxim, Selan, Guy
     Maxim, Selan, Guy, Lexis
     Maxim, Selan, Guy, Arty
    Under Appendix D, you can find more specific details about the biggest dungeon 
    in this game.
    The current party with Dekar has a good set up to beat the Ancient Cave or 
    else go for the final combination with Artea in it. So think carefully, if 
    you're not willing to spend at least 50 hours in the cave, don't bother. Look 
    at the end of the walkthrough to find the details of the cave, and how to 
    defeat the Ancient jelly.
    15. A mysterious Melody
     Once you arrive here you can try to walk up the stairway on the right side, 
    but suddenly you will hear a mysterious melody. For some reason all young and 
    unmarried women will leave the village, they seem to be in a trance and are 
    heading to the tower of sacrifice up to the north. Guy and Dekar want to go 
    first, but finally they agree to go together. There's not much to buy here so 
    let's go to the tower.
    --Tower of Sacrifice--
    Chests: 2 (91)
     Ice ring, Narcysus key
     Cancer, Dragonian, Drill shell, Evil fish, Ochi warrior, Pug, Specter 
    Boss: Idura
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Note 1: With the aid of charm fruit that the evil fish randomly drops you
               can evolve Blaze from level 3 to the M level.
      Note 2: The specters in this tower are the first enemies you will encounter
               that have instant death spells. However you already have collected
               three items that can block instant death spells:
                1. Holy Wings  - Parcelyte Castle
                2. Jute Helmet - Tanbel East Tower; Clock puzzle
                3. Undead Ring - Treasure Sword Shrine 
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    -Head up to the second room and look at the black thing with eyes. It seems to 
    blow some sort of wind that you cannot pass. So walk around it and go up the 
    stairs to the next room. Walk down, hit the switch, and use the hook to get 
    over the pit. Active the two switches in the next room, notice the weakened 
    wall to your right. You will have to walk back because of those blowers. Go 
    over the pit again and walk down through the lower wall, place a bomb one 
    space to the right of the right pillar 'inside' the wall. You can walk through 
    it and reach the door in the next room.
    -Exit and enter the tower again, go up the stairs and bomb the wall above you. 
    Go down two stairs and collect the Narcysus key. You will also see three 
    pillars here, break those using bombs and go back up the stairs. Take the 
    lower placed stairway to find the ice ring, go back down the stairs and up the 
    stairs you came from. Walk outside and enter at the left. Use the Narcysus key 
    to get to the next room. Move the block to the left and use it to get past the 
    lower of the two blowers, hit the lever and step on the other button. Push the 
    other block to the right past the button and then up. Now you can walk past 
    the other blower towards the door.
    -Go upstairs in the next room; here you will see two arrow-like shapes. Bomb 
    them like this to open the door. Bomb in this logical order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 
    6. For the people who have a difficult time doing this in mirror mode; I 
    mirrored the drawing already.
                 _               _
               _|_|_ _       _ _|_|_
             _|_|4|_|1|     |1|_|4|_|_
            |6|_|_|3|_|     |_|3|_|_|6|
              |_|5|_|2|     |2|_|5|_|
                |_|             |_|
    Capsule monster: Gusto
    --Tower of sacrifice--
     Walk down the door in the middle of this room to find Gusto. His element is 
    wind, which explains why he is so incredibly fast. Use the earth fruit on him 
    when he is on level 4 to reach the M level. One of his specialties is that 
    Gusto is sometimes able to completely cancel an attack out no matter how 
    strong it is.
    --Tower of sacrifice - continued--
     After you bombed both arrows it's time to go down the right path and outside 
    to reach another switch which completes the ladder on the other side. Go back 
    to the "arrows" and take the left path and up the ladder to finally come to a 
    save tile. In the next room you must walk a strange path to place all four 
    blocks on the buttons. Here goes: Go completely to the right, walk up (One 
    block on the switch), walk to the left until you reach the middle path 
    (Between column 2 and 3), walk down. Head to the left and head up again then 
    walk down on the left side of the columns. If done correctly all the switches 
    are pressed.
    -Continue on via the left wall towards the exit. Ascend the final stairs to 
    meet the women of Narcysus. They are imprisoned by Idura, and a few moments 
    later you will be imprisoned too. But after some more talking, Dekar will be 
    able to break through Idura's prison. (by using his head, literally of course)
    Time for round 2: Maxim and Co. versus Idura
    Boss: Idura
     HP:         2500
     Weak:       Ice
     Strong:     Thunder
     Protection: Silence, Instant Death, Paralysis and Confusion
     Specials:   Calling Companions(Follower*), Idura thunder, Plasma blaster
    * = Follower is called "Henohman" (with typo) in the English PAL version
     If you have collected two Gades blades and equipped both on Guy and Dekar, it 
    will be over in the first round. (For Idura that is) Just have Selan cast 
    trick, and Maxim will do with a normal attack. Then it's time for 2x Octo-
    strike = 16 hits. After casting trick it will be very VERY unlikely he will be 
    a challenge to you, which is if he isn't defeated already. If you don't have 
    those blades use any physical attack with the swords, or use IP (Ice) attacks 
    and Ice spells to defeat him also take note that this boss doesn't have 
    protection against the sleep status, so cast Drowsy if you like.
     Note: Idura looses a turn when he tries to cast Idura Thunder, when all his 
           MP is depleted or drained. Check Appendix F for more information.
    -The defeated Idura will flee again, and the women are freed. They will go 
    back to Narcysus and you can go back as well.
    16. Idura finally defeated
     After this, it's time to head back to Narcysus. Here you will hear from 
    people that Idura escaped to the shrine in Caron / Karlloon.
     Since you are here you might as well buy some new spells and equipment if you 
    haven't gotten enough blue chest items from the AC. The unique 2-attack-in-1-
    turn Multi Sword can be handy even though it is weaker than the usual weapons. 
    In any case don't buy a weapon for Dekar since he'll get his own Dekar Blade 
    from the next dungeon. then go to the shrine that's located to the north.
    --Karlloon north shrine--
    Chests: 3 (94)
     Dekar blade, Fury ring, Lion fang
     Ammonite, Dark skull, Dragonian, Drill shell, Hound, Jurahan, Lion, Medusa,
    Boss: Idura
    -From the start go up one room, and destroy the pillar that is lying on the 
    ground with a bomb in order to make a secret switch appear. Move the pillar on 
    the switch, and the door will be opened. You can proceed to the next floor, 
    and when you come to the room with the lever on the other side of a gap you 
    could take the upper route first. Here you must hit the red and blue switches 
    to raise a pole on the other side. Use the hook on it to collect the Dekar 
    Blade on the other side.
    -Go back to the previous room and hit the lever, get across the pit using the 
    hook again. A couple of rooms further on you will find a room with two 
    candlesticks. Hit the one that burns to extinguish the flame, the other 
    candlestick will start burning, and the other door will opened. Maxim can 
    continue on up the stairs and then up one room. Push the moveable block one 
    space up and collect the Lion fang. Head one room up to the teleporter and use 
    it, then go up again. Here you will come to another block moving puzzle.
    -The objective is simple: reach the teleporter. It goes a bit like this: Walk 
    up, to the left, move the block to you left, go up one square and move the 
    block to your left. Go up, push the block above you one space up, walk two to 
    right, up, right, push the block to your right to the right, then move the 
    block below you, and finally move the block to your left. You can get to the 
    teleporter, use it and look at the upper wall which has two cracks. Blast them 
    both to find a path to a lever, lower the spikes behind the left crack with 
    it. You can get to the usual healing and save tiles. Teleport again and go up 
    one room to find the boss of this temple.
    Boss: Idura
    HP:         3500
    Weak:       Ice
    Strong:     Thunder
    Protection: Silence, Instant Death, Paralysis and Confusion
    Specials:   "confusion", Calls for Companions (Groupie), Idura thunder,
                Plasma blaster
     He's almost the same as the previous round; the only difference is that he 
    can use a nameless attack that can confuse you. In combat use Trick and then 
    2x octo-strike and he's easily defeated. If you don't have 2 Gades blades, use 
    some weapon/item IP's that cause more than normal damage (like Dive). He's not 
    that tough, because you've already beaten him twice. I think you should be 
    able to take him out without healing. And as the usual don't mind the 
    assistance he summons (If the battle takes that long).
     Note: Idura looses a turn when he tries to cast Idura Thunder, when all his 
           MP is depleted or drained. Check Appendix F for more information.
    16.1 The demise of the almighty Dekar
    --Karlloon north shrine - continued--
     After his final defeat Maxim will find that he held Iris imprisoned. They 
    then try to use the escape spell, but it seems to be blocked by some force 
    field. They have got find the source and destroy the barrier.
    -Go three rooms down. Here you must place the two pillars on the buttons to 
    heighten a third one. You can use your hook on to go down one room. The way to 
    go from here is down the stairs twice. Go to the lower part of this room to 
    collect the Fury ring. The wall to the north has three pillars showing cracks, 
    use bombs on each one to lower the wall section, go up with the stairs, up one 
    room and down the stairs.
    -Unequip Dekar here, because in the next room he will leave your party. Beware 
    that the Dekar Blade is worth 7500 Gold so unequip that too!!! Head up and you 
    will come to the room where the barrier is. Dekar will volunteer to crush the 
    barrier. Iris walks with him and sees how he destroys it, and Idura's ghost 
    form will appear. The shrine is going to self-destruct so Iris decides to use 
    the Escape spell, while Dekar takes on Idura's ghost and his monsters. "Till 
    the end of the world" Dekar would follow him. Maxim and the others are back in 
    Karlloon again, but Dekar won't be around anymore. Iris will go to pray for 
    Dekar, and leaves you again. Though you are disappointed, you can't let this 
    obstruct you from continuing your quest, so go to the small shrine to the east 
    to find a harbor town called Treadool.
    17. Boat for sale
     Talk to one of the guys with blue hair and follow him to the boat that is for 
    sale. That boat turns out to be owned by the genius called Dr. Lexis Shaia. 
    You have to find him to buy that boat, but he doesn't live in Treadool. He 
    lives in a small lab to the north east of Treadool.
    --Shaia lab--
     Go through the door, right door, left door, and then cut the vines to find 
    the real entrance to his lab. Talk to him to get a demonstration of his latest 
    invention: The engine. It's not perfected yet, but when he hears that Jyad is 
    building ships made of the phantom tree he wants to use his engine in that 
    boat, because the wood of the tree is the only wood that's strong enough to 
    hold the engine. So get out of his lab and 'warp' to Aleyn to ask Jyad to make 
    a boat for you.
     Talk to Jyad in his house and he will start building the boat, he also asks 
    you to go to Treadool and wait for him a couple of days.
    18. The Priphea flower
     When Maxim enters Treadool again he will see a girl at the entrance of town 
    who sells flowers. Talk to her and she will faint. Upon recovering, Leefa 
    talks about a flower that is located on the Flower Mountain. After Maxim and 
    the others hear about it they decide to get the flower for her.
    --Flower mountain--
    Chests: 8 (102)
     Burn sword, Dragon egg, Flower key, Flying ax, Hammer, Life potion,
     Power ring, Snake rock 
     Crow kelp, Earth viper, Gnome, Lunar bear, Necromancer, Tengu 
     Rogue flower
    -Bomb the first entrance so you can get inside the mountain. In the second 
    room you will receive the hammer. (Still remember the two items in the North 
    West cave of Alunze kingdom by the way...) Use it in the next rooms to 
    pulverize the small rocks. Go outside, climb the ladder, and enter the next 
    entrance. Use the hammer to move the pillar onto the switch, which would 
    normally be out of reach. Continue on by going up the stairs and outside, fall 
    down the first edge then walk to the left and fall down again.
    -Go to the entrance and walk up one room, cut the vine covering the secret 
    entrance to the maze puzzle. Walk to the left from here to get to a chest with 
    a life potion. You can't reach the stairs from here, but you can destroy the 
    dark wall with the hammer by standing on the square with no pinholes below the 
    wall section itself. Since you are stuck here, walk back and go to the left 
    and use the door. Once you get to the maze again using the other entrance it 
    will be different allowing you to collect the Snake rock behind the entrance 
    you opened with the hammer. Head back and find the way to the upper left 
    corner and go up two stairways. Go down one room and use the healing pad then 
    go down using one of the weakened sections of the floor (Cut the bushes to 
    reveal them). To your right you will see a chest containing the Burn sword, 
    then go down towards the entrance and find the flower key outside to your 
    -Fall down the first edge again, walk to the right and fall down again and go 
    inside the first entrance. Repeat the things you did in here before to reach 
    the stairs. Go up again, only this time destroy the rock with the hammer. Move 
    the right block to the right and go up through the normal door, here you will 
    find another puzzle maze. Here's how you can solve this one: Step on the left 
    button and go ULLUUUURRRRRR to get to the teleporter. Step on the middle 
    button and go; ULULLUURRRRRRUULLL. Now step on the right teleporter and walk 
    UUULLLL. The spikes to your left should be gone now making it able for you to 
    destroy the dark wall so you can collect a flying ax, dragon egg and power 
    Capsule monster: Sully
    --Flower mountain--
     Go through the door between the 2nd and 3rd row of spikes to eventually come 
    to the next capsule monster. His default name is Sully. He's the strongest and 
    the slowest of the capsule monsters and will never run away. His special 
    (stone) attacks have an effect on any enemy, but normally he doesn't get the 
    chance to use them because of his low AGL.
    --Flower mountain - continued--
    -Go back to the room with the big door and go through it using the key. Go 
    through the next entrance and walk 5 or so rooms until you come to the HP 
    Healing and Save pads, go outside to meet the boss of this dungeon.
    Boss: Rogue flower
     HP:         3000
     Weak:       Fire
     Strong:     Water
     Protection: Instant Death
     Specials:   Energy Shock, Sneeze spreader, Thorn
    When you equip weapons like the Spark staff, Sizzle sword (both from blue 
    chest of the Ancient cave) or Burn sword and he will be defeated before you 
    know it. Just attack using fire spells and the IP of any fire weapons/items. 
    -After its defeat, you will find the flower the girl in Treadool was talking 
    about. Pick the pretty flower up and Escape / Warp / Walk back to Treadool.
     Go to the home of the girl and talk to her, you will automatically give her 
    the flower for nothing and name it Priphea. Walk outside to the harbor on the 
    down right end of Treadool to find Lexis. He tells and shows Excerion (your 
    ship). After talking, Lexis will join you and you are now able to use the boat 
    on the map. You can now go to four places; Dankirk, Auralio, Forfeit Island 
    and Dankirk north cave. You can go to the casino on Forfeit Island, but if you 
    want to continue your quest go to Dankirk.
    Bonus - The 'Markao' Casino on Forfeit Island
    --Forfeit Island--
     There is nothing special to do other than buying special items at the casino 
    and the small shop where they sell EVERY single item you had in your 
    inventory. The best expenses in the casino are the dragon sword for 500,000 
    coins that is 5 million gold pieces! You can also buy sonar for 20,000 coins 
    or 200,000 gold pieces. One big mistake is to save up all your money for the 
    "bunny" items, their IP attacks are not that bad, but they are too very weak 
    for the huge effort needed to get the money. Once you get the VIP-card from 
    the prince of Auralio (Talk to the prince more than once) you can get into the 
    VIP-room of the casino. Here you will find a slot machine that eats 100 coins 
    a turn, and a game called stud poker.
    Flower slot machine
    Cost: 10, 20, 30 coins for 1, 3, 5 lines respectively
    Biggest win: ?
     I don't really know what to say about this game, for I can't find any logic 
    in it. I once got triple 7, I heard the same tune as the one for solving the 
    world's most difficult trick, the BGM changed, the flower with "BIG" on it 
    highlighted, and I got thirty on the "JAC" counter. (quite a carnival, but no 
    coins won) I continued on and the tune changed again, what's going on here.... 
    Is this a jukebox or something.
    -A description from Rubyheart:
    "About the Flower Slot, when you have the "special music", you enter a bonus 
    mode where you can get coin more easily (but there is only one line though...) 
    You access it when you get three bar or three seven."
    -A description by DragonKnight Zero:
    "The Flower Slot machine stocks a maximum of 50 credits. Any extras after a 
    win go straight to your coin total.
     Three in a row of anything other than 7, BAR, or cherries give 8 credits. One 
    cherry in the left slot is worth 2 credits; two in left and middle in a row 
    are worth 4. Triple 7s or BARs give 15 credits and activate bonus modes. There 
    are two different bonus modes; I'll explain as best I can.
      Bonus mode 1 is activated by triple 7s. Winning combinations occur very 
    frequently while this mode is active. The JAC counter starts at 30 and 
    decrease by one for each winning spin. When it hits zero, this bonus mode 
    ends. Bonus mode 1 also ends after three occurrences of bonus mode 2 
    (described below)
      Bonus mode 2 is activated by triple BARs or by certain combinations in bonus 
    mode 1. The JAC counter starts at 6 and goes down one for each winning spin. 
    Only the middle line is active in this mode. Winning makes no sense here. Just 
    hit R a few times and you'll usually hit a winning combo after one or two 
    tries though it can take more. Each win here is worth 15 credits as far as I 
    know. Six wins will end this bonus mode."
    Adventure 7 slot machine I
    Cost: 1 coin per line
    Biggest win: 1000 coins; triple 7
    This slot machine is the same as in Alunze, you can choose 1 to 5 lines and, 
    just wait and see if you have won. You can win with three of the same, one or 
    two cherries on one line.
    Adventure 7 slot machine II
    Cost: 10 coins per line
    Biggest win: 10000 coins; triple 7
    Same as the other adventure 7's. Only this bandit chews up ten times more 
    coins, but then again it gives you 10x more coins if you win.
    Adventure 7 slot machine III
    Cost: 100 coins per line
    Biggest win: 100000 coins; triple 7
    Only accessible with VIP-card obtained from the prince of Auralio. Same as the 
    other machines, however this machine takes a whopping 100 coins per line. 
    Feeling lucky today?
    Action bingo
    Cost: 1 to 99 coins per round
    Biggest win: 99 x 128 = 12672; 99 coins as a bet and 3 rows with 4 golden 
    The idea here is to get five numbers on one row either horizontal, vertical or 
    diagonal. First you must stop the 25 given numbers on the board from changing, 
    then a ball will be selected and the group of 6 ball surrounding that ball can 
    be moved for as long as the drawn ball is still rolling. In total there will 
    be thirteen balls, if by luck one(or two) of the two golden balls is drawn and 
    you form a row with the number of that golden ball you will win will be 
    doubled again. If you have gotten four on a row you can get a chance ball, if 
    you choose this you will get one more ball. However you must form a row with 
    this ball or else you will have nothing. This game also requires keen sight.
    0 rows                      =   0x bet
    1 row                       =   2x bet
    2 rows                      =   4x bet
    1 row with a gold balls     =   4x bet
    2 rows with a gold balls    =   8x bet
    1 row with two gold balls   =   8x bet
    2 rows with two gold balls  =  16x bet
    3 rows with four gold balls = 128x bet;
     I've made an ASCII of this (theoretical) possibility:
    B = a drawn ball
    E = empty place
    G = a golden ball
             B e B e B
             e G B B e
             e e G e e
             e B B B e
             B e B e B
    Here you have formed 3 rows (13 balls in total) with the use four golden 
    balls. (used the two golden balls 4 times in the 3 rows)
    Which means: 2x * 2x * 2x * 2x * 2x * 2x * 2x= 2^7 = 128x
    Cost: 1 to 99 coins
    Biggest win: 12672 coins; 99 as bet and win with "black ace" black jack.
    Here you must get 21 points with the available cards, if you get more than 21 
    you lose automatically. Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points, Ace is worth 
    1 or 11 points. You have to get as close as possible to 21 without going over 
    it. If the dealer (bank) has the same total as you the bank wins. Meaning that 
    if he has five cards you always lose, if you can have up to a maximum of 5 
    cards; this will increase you win with eight times.
     - A 'Jack of Spades' and 'Ace of Spades' the dealer hits at 16, and stands on 
    17 you will get 128x your bet. Thanks to Card_Shark for this.
    Relnqshd has the following 3 valuable tips to add:
     - When you have to pick one of the 3 cards at the start, always take the Ace 
    if there's one (unless you can have the Jack of Spades). Since there are many 
    10-valued cards, the chances of getting a Toppin are quite high (Aces can also 
    help you winning with Five Cards).
     - Getting a 'Black Jack' doesn't seem to be as rare as it should be. It 
    'think' that the Ace and Jack of Spades come out more often than they would in 
    real life. Therefore, I tend to play until I get a 'Black Jack' (=> I win 
    12672 coins), unless I'm very unlucky (in that case, I reset the game). Of 
    course, I save after get one.
     - Blackjack is a good game to play when you don't have many coins. But if you 
    already have several thousands of coins, you should play Poker instead.
    Win                                        = 2x bet
    Win with 'Toppin' (only Ace and a 10 Card) = 4x bet 
    Win with 5 cards                           = 8x bet
    Win with 'Storm' (3 cards of same rank)    = 16x bet
    Win with street (three increasing numbers) = 16x bet
    Win with blackjack (black ace)             = 128x bet
    Five card stud poker
    Cost: 1 coin at start, (298 at the end = maximum)
    Biggest win: 298 x 4 x 10 = 11920
    One pair     = 10x total pot of all four contestants
    Two pairs    = ?
    3 of a kind  = ?
    Full house   = ?
    4 of a kind  = ?
    Strait flush = ?
    Royal flush  = ?
    Here are the possible hands you can get:
    -1 pair          A pair of Jacks or higher.
    -2 pair          4 cards of two sets of two of the same value.
                     (Like two 6's and two 10's.)
    -3 of a kind     Three cards of the same number.
    -Straight        5 consecutive cards, suit doesn't apply.
                      (Like a 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8)
    -Flush           Any 5 cards of the same suit.
    -Full house      3 of a kind and a pair in the same hand.
                      (Like three J's and two 6's.)
    -4 of a kind     4 cards of the same value.
                      (Like four 8's.)
    -Straight flush  5 consecutive cards of the same suit.
    -Royal Flush     A hand of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit.
                      (Also known as a Royal Straight Flush.)
     (Note: The same suit means all spades, clubs, diamonds, or hearts.)
    Full House
    Example: Say you have a full house of 3 8's and 2 6's. Your opponent has 3 7's 
    and 2 6's. You will win because your 8's have more power than your opponents 
    7's, (because of 8 being a higher number) even though both of you have the 
    same for a pair (6's).
    Dilemma of the Straight Flush
    Example: say both you and your opponent have the same hand, but different 
    suits. (Like 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5.) You have hearts and opponent has diamonds. I 
    don't know which suit has more power, got to experiment on it.
     Phoenix 1911 points out that this is called a 'Draw'. Thnx again.
     --Okay back to the main story again.--
    19. The Ruby Icon
    --Dankirk Castle--
     Inside the castle you can buy some equipment and some new and powerful 
    spells. Go up the stairs and check both of the upper chambers. In the throne 
    room, you'll find a greedy queen and a king who is easy influenced. The queen 
    wants to have the ruby icon and if she doesn't get it she will force the king 
    to declare war to Auralio.
     In the other room, you will find the prince of Auralio and the ruby icon. 
    Talk to all three people, and when you try to exit the castle you will see two 
    people coming down the stairs talking about something. Go back to the prince 
    Leon's room and he will tell you that he is hiding the icon for safekeeping.
     Maxim then figures out that it's stolen, so head back to Clamento to meet 
    Jaffy again. He will make a new glass icon for you. Give this one to the 
    prince and he will notice that it is a fake, but since the icon will make the 
    difference between war and peace he agrees to give this fake icon to the 
     However the queen immediately sees that the icon is a fake and a war between 
    kingdoms is eminent. You will hear the king asking for the servant/butler 
    James, but he seems to be missing. It's turns out that he went to the cave 
    north of Dankirk. Well time to find James. Perhaps he knows where it is. Well 
    then I guess you have to go to the Dankirk north cave.
    --Dankirk north dungeon--
    Chests: 7 (109)
     Dankirk key, Dragon egg, Earth fruit, Figgoru, Flame jewel, Fury ribbon,
     Armour dait, Asashin, Bat, Big bat, Desert rose, Garbost, Medusa, Mummy,
     Ramia, Red bat, Shadow, Vampire 
    -You might want to talk to the soldier, but anyway continue on to the next 
    room. Open the door by putting the vase on the switch that is hidden under the 
    middle top grass patch. In the next room take the upper right door, descend 
    the stairs and press the button in the next room, go back to the room with the 
    switch and the pillars. Put the switch in a position so that the pillar above 
    you is down, walk over the edge at the point of the arrow and let yourself 
    fall down. Use the hook to get over to the next platform and go down the 
    stairs behind the next door.
    -Walk further through the next rooms, over the bridge and fall over the edge 
    again. Look at the skeleton in the lower right corner. Place a bomb next to it 
    to reveal another button. Walk over it to create a new route leading up. Whack 
    the red switch to your left, then go up the ladder and cut all the vines. 
    Place a bomb three times against the wall and explode them each individually 
    to open a secret passageway. Walk over the switch in the next room and collect 
    some earth fruit and Hi-magic.
    -Take the stairs and use the door, now open the only door you haven't opened 
    in this room. Walk on, descend stairs again and place the pillar so you can 
    walk behind (under) it when you come across the eye in the wall. In the next 
    room, go down the ladder and up the other one. Whack the red switch here as 
    well and continue over the second glass bridge. Go down the stairs and use the 
    hook on the three levers on the other side of the gap in the next room to 
    create a bridge. Continue on till you get to the chest with the fury ribbon. 
    Use the hammer or bomb to open the wall to the next room. Cut the 4 vines to 
    reveal 2 eyes, and shoot at them with the hook. Some pillars will be lowered 
    making it able for you to cut some more vines. This will reveal yet another 
    eye, shoot it too. Go back a little to hit the switch, then down the stairs at 
    the upper part of the room to come to another small puzzle.
    -First use the teleporter, and you will be in a room that is quite similar to 
    the previous one. Push the block onto the switch to the left, use teleport, 
    walk over the tile that rose up, teleport again, place the block on the right 
    switch and repeat the previous steps. Now you should be able to find the key. 
    Finally push the block to the middle square and two more bridges will appear, 
    so you can hit the last of the four switches, better go back to the room with 
    the glass bridges.
    -Here you can get to a new stairway. Walk over the single ascended tile to 
    open the door. You can also find a hidden path in the wall if you cut the lone 
    grass patch and walk down and then left. It will lead to a Dragon egg, Figgoru 
    and a Flame jewel. From here on you will meet asashins; they are super fast 
    (AGL = 170) and they can use attacks that can cause instant death, so beware. 
    Don't go down the stairs here, but pick up the grate and fall down the hole.
    -Hit the switch and go up the stairs, use the pillar to get across the gap, 
    walk down the stairs this time, over the bridge you created, and use the hook 
    to bring the switch back into its original position. Don't forget about the 
    Healing & Save Tiles you encounter here, they can be very handy now that you 
    have to face the Asashins. This will make the other bridge appear allowing you 
    to go further on. You must form an arrow pointing down, with the aid of some 
    o = tile with switch
    b = block
    x = not movable block
      Picture 1           Picture 2              Picture 3
          o                   b                      b
          x                   x                      x
          x                   x                      x
        b x b                 x b b                  x
      b   x   b           o   x   o              b   x   b
        b x b             b b x o                  b x b
          o                   b                      b
    You can proceed down the stairs, open the door with the key. Get to the second 
    save tile and just walk through the next room to find the one and only missing 
    traitor James and the prince of the Gratze kingdom. He has offered a fine job 
    to James in exchange for the ruby icon, when they see you the prince will send 
    4 soldiers at you. A "boss" battle, if you would call it that....
    Boss: Soldier (4x)
     HP:         400 each
     Weak:       -
     Strong:     -
     Protection: -
     Specials:   Dash
    These four are just plain amateurs compared with the other monsters of this 
    dungeon; with an HP of 400 they will probably be gone if you use dragon 
    sword's IP; dragon fire once, or something like it. And for the survivors (if 
    there are any left, of course :) ) use a normal attack to take them out.
     The prince will flee immediately leaving James and the ruby icon behind and 
    you will be automatically transported back to Dankirk.
    --Dankirk Castle--
     The king will deal with James, and after the prince hands over the ruby icon 
    officially the two kingdoms will be at peace again. Go to Auralio to talk to 
    the prince, he will open the doors for you so you can explore almost the 
    entire world of Lufia. Talk to him again to receive the VIP-card it gives a 
    person access to the VIP-room in the casino.
    You can go and check out the following villages, cities and kingdoms: 
    (visiting will add them to your warp list) Ferim, Pico, Treble, Portravia, 
    Barnan and Durale can be visited by boat. In some of the villages you are 
    unable to buy items for the very simple reason that they would be too strong 
    to use right now. Just for now go to Ferim for the next quest. But you can buy 
    thunder, firebird and some other powerful spells in one of the villages.
    Capsule monster: Darbi
    --Capsule monster shrine--
     You can get to him by sailing to the moon shaped isle to the west of Shrine 
    of Vengeance that is to the north of Chaed. Here you will find him on top of a 
    small shrine. Darbi uses special attacks, similar to the instant and destroy 
    spells. Meaning that he can instantly destroy a monster, but the spells are 
    not 100% guaranteed to work.
    20. The stone of princess Jerit
     Jerit, the princess of Ferim is married to a prince of some unknown kingdom, 
    but Jerit is in love with another person. Namely a normal soldier called Hans. 
    The king has told Prince Eric to get a stone from the northeast tower, but the 
    coward doesn't want to go so he orders the same Hans to get the stone from the 
    tower. Maxim and the others decide to go after Hans and lend him a hand.
    --North-East Tower--
    Chests: 4 (113)
     Mysto-jewel, Samu-jewel, Stun-gun, Trial key
     Bone gorem, Dark Spirit, Hades skull, Hidora, Mad head, Ninja, Pumpkin head,
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       NOTE: If you want to train against a lot of monsters, take the left door in
             the first room, go up the stairs, and go up one room. There are
             plenty of monsters in here.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    -At the start bomb the upper right wall to reveal a passageway, go up the 
    stairs and move on two rooms. You will now be in a room with a movable pillar. 
    Move it to the right using the hammer and then get across using the hook. Go 
    outside, climb the ladder, and go in the left entrance. Whack the two arrow-
    switches and pull the lever. The bridge will now move to the other side. Go 
    outside and now take the right entrance. Go up two rooms and collect the stun 
    gun on the left side of this room. Ascend the stairs, go outside, down the 
    ladder, and into the entrance.
    -The next puzzle is one of the easiest in the entire game. Just walk all over 
    the tiles one time. But if you can't figure it out, (which is hard to believe) 
    follow this route from the start: ULUURULURRRDDLDDRRUUUU. The door will open 
    leading to some stairs and at the end of them you will find the trial key. Go 
    back to the room with the moveable bridge and put it back into its original 
    position. Ascend the stairs to come to the next puzzle. Leave the arrow-
    switches in their original positions. Use the moving platform, and then take 
    the upper platform to get to the Samu jewel. Head back to the start. Change 
    the switch's direction and take the platform again. This time you will move to 
    the right. Change the arrow switch (if that is necessary) so it points down 
    and change the other one below you so it points to the right. Take the lower 
    platform to reach the Mysto jewel. Go back to the start again. Move the switch 
    so it points down. Take the platform and then move the switch so it points 
    down as well. Take the lower platform to reach the end.
    -You can get through the door and get outside and climb the final ladder. 
    Continue on inside and push both switches to get the Samurai* monsters to walk 
    on the buttons so they will open the final door. Here you will find Hans, he 
    seems to be paralyzed, but by what?
      * = There is a peculiar (and also useless) fact known about these monsters,
          which is listed in 'Appendix F: Extra' under the 'Stuff' Section.
    20.1 Meet Amon - Master of chaos
    --North-east tower - continued--
     Maxim and his friends feel an aura as well suddenly a man in golden armor 
    appears. His powerful aura is the reason for Hans being paralyzed, he tells 
    Maxim his name. It's Amon and he will make some threats. Guy tries to attack 
    him, but is defeated in one hit. Amon will disappear and you can go into the 
    last room. Hans will pick up a regular looking stone that appears to be the 
    jewel. Once he obtains it Hans will leave and go back to Ferim, you might as 
    well do the same.
     When Hans brings the stone back to prince Eric, he is furious because he 
    thinks that he couldn't find the jewel and brought back just a worthless 
    stone. Eric's servant then gives him a sapphire to give to the princess. When 
    Eric shows the sapphire, Jerit isn't interested, and says that this isn't the 
    jewel. Hans then appears and gives her the real stone and the two come 
    together. After this the king disposes of the prince. All's well that ends 
    well, but that's not the end of your quest.
    21. Amon destroys Agurio
    --Ferim - continued--
     After these events, a messenger comes into the throne room. He tells about 
    how a single man in golden armor is destroying the village of Agurio. Talk to 
    the king and head for the place to the north. Go through the portal to get to 
    a small town called Agurio.
     Here dead people are lying on the ground and you will find Iris in the 
    destroyed church. She will first tell you to put away your sword and forget 
    everything that happened because on the next encounter with Amon they would be 
    killed by the supreme power. After some more talking, Iris explains that there 
    is a way to defeat Sinistrals. There is a legend about the Dual blade. It's a 
    legendary sword capable of increasing someone's power. This way you can become 
    strong enough to defeat the Sinistrals. So now you know what to do; search for 
    the legendary dual blade, but first you will have to complete some other 
    tasks. Go to Treble to ask people for more information.
    22. Transforming Excerion into a submarine
     The people here are talking about a light ball hitting the water somewhere to 
    the south. They also talk about the developments in Kirmo's lab, a boat that 
    goes under water in particular. So go to Portravia to talk to a friend of 
    Lexis; Dr. Kirmo.
     Enter Kirmo's lab and talk to the scientist with green hair. He agrees to 
    bring in Excerion to change it so it is capable of going underwater. When 
    Kirmo orders a servant to get the plans, a small elf comes out of her hiding 
    place and steals the plans. Without those blueprints Kirmo and Co. can't make 
    the submarine. When you talk to the people outside, you will hear that the elf 
    went to the Mountain of no return. Gotta go after her...  Mountain of no 
    return, here we come.
    --Mountain of no return--
    Chests: 1 (114)
     Aqua sword
     Desert Rose, Mad ent, Wheel eel
     Gargoyle (4x)
    -In the first room you must push the blowing horse statue one place up in 
    order to get past it from behind. In the next room you must move the 2 horse 
    statues and the pillar (the others can't be moved). I shortened the names like 
     L = horse statue blowing left
     R = horse statue blowing right   
     D = Horse statue blowing down
     P = Pillar
    -Move P four to the left, move R up one place, and move L three squares to the 
    left. Push P up as far as possible, then move L up three squares, place P up 
    against the horse statue, and finally move R two to the right and three up. 
    -Proceed through the next rooms (there's only one way) until you come to a 
    room full of horse statues. Walk to the right until you are blocked then walk 
    down and push the statue one place down and the other to the right two or 
    three squares. Walk up again and between the second and the third '+' shaped 
    wall down. Move the statue below you down as far as possible and move the left 
    pillar that blocks you from pushing it down 1 tile. You can now collect the 
    aqua sword. Push the upper L to the left up 2 or 3 spaces. Walk to the left 
    and go down from here, then to the right and move the horse statue here a bit 
    upwards. Go to the right, head up, move the statue that blows down one to the 
    right. Walk back down and move the lowest statue to the far right until you 
    can reach the exit. You come outside, and you will see the thieving female elf 
    here. Maxim will chase it, and then four gargoyles trap her and it's up to you 
    to free her.
    Boss: Gargoyle (4x)
     HP:         1000 each
     Weak:       Flying, Hard
     Strong:     Earth, Neutral
     Protection: All Ailments, not Instant
     Specials:   Bite
    This is one battle that isn't really the easiest. Use trick and Courage to 
    minimize damage and to increase battle power. Equip the flying ax, launcher 
    and eagle rocks; their IPs do extra damage on flying creatures. The Pumkin 
    Jewel's IP: Head Attack is 'Hard' Elemental too, so you can use that too. 
    Moreover the Gargoyles aren't protected against Instant attacks so the Mysto 
    Jewel's IP: Ninja (60% instant) or CM Darbi on Level 4 will do very well here 
     Concentrate on one enemy; you should be able to take care of one gargoyle in 
    one or maybe two rounds. Just have one person heal, and it won't be so hard 
    since the Gargoyles don't seem to have other special attack than bite. Your 
    capsule monsters (Darbi if he is trained enough) can cause some damage if they 
    are at a reasonable level.
     Once they are annihilated, you will meet up with another elf named Artea or 
    just Arty. He will tell Milka to give the plans Back to Lexis. At first she 
    refuses but then she listens to Arty. Lexis then hears about the lab that is 
    polluting the entire area. After returning the plans, Dr. Lexis promises to 
    fix up the lab so it won't leak oil anymore. Then he leaves the scene (his 
    items, if needed can be found at Forfeit Island). Two other elves come to 
    report some bad news to Arty. They tell about a light ball that landed near 
    Eserikto; their village.
    23. Milka's mother is gone
     Maxim suspects it has something to do with the Sinistrals, so he joins Arty. 
    When they warp to their village, you will hear that Amon, who wants to unseal 
    and obtain the stored energy in the divine shrine, took Milka's mom to the 
    temple. Artea will join you and you'd better buy some very strong spells and 
    some good weapons as well. After that, go to the divine shrine which is found 
    to the south of Eserikto.
    --Divine Shrine--
    Chests: 5 (119)
     Dragon egg, Heart key, Holy whip, Revive armor, Rocket ring 
     Brinz lizard, Cokatoris, Coridras, Gargoyle, Iron gorem, Red plant,
     Rogue shape, Tartona
    Boss: -
    -Go up one room and down the stairs to come to quite a huge puzzle room. 
    Select the hook and use it on the pillar to your left, then use it on the 
    pillar above you, then on the left one. Go up to the moveable pillar, move it 
    until you can't get any further, and take the lower left pillar. Take the 
    pillar below you and walk all the way to the second moveable pillar, and push 
    it to the right. Walk the path down, and use the hook again, and then use the 
    hook on the first pillar you moved into position, then go up again to reach 
    the stairs. On the next floor you will reach the revive armor. Go back to the 
    stairs you used into this room the first time. Here you will see two pillars 
    above you. Use your hook on the right one and use hook to the right and up. 
    -Move on this platform to the upper right corner and use you hook while 
    looking up. Go to the right again and move the third moveable pillar as far as 
    you can up. Go one platform to the left, then down and go up at the upper left 
    corner this time. Go left again, then walk towards the stairs, and don't go up 
    or you will reset the pillar. But don't forget it as well, because you need 
    these stairs to collect the key (so I call this point A). Head towards the 
    spikes and use the hook to raise a platform. Hookshot yourself towards the 
    platform and use the hook again to the pillar you just moved. Walk up and go a 
    platform to the right, then go down and walk up the stairs (call this point 
    -Remove the six vases from the top left corner to find a pressed button. 
    Remove the pot from it to lower the spikes and go down the stairs here to 
    collect the rocket ring. Fall down and go back to point A. Go up the stairs 
    and walk up to find a room with the heart key. Go back to point B and move the 
    six vases in the lower right corner to find a weakened section, fall down, use 
    your hook to go to the left platform, then walk down and use your hook on the 
    lower of the two pillars to your left. Walk down again, go a platform to the 
    left, down, 2x right and up to reach the stairs.
    -Walk through the next three rooms (you will ignite the candles when you walk 
    past them). Use the hook on the switch in the wall to get the platform to move 
    to the other side. Walk up two rooms, walk past the candles again and the wall 
    will open up, allowing you to go up the stairs. Break the upper wall with the 
    cracks to reveal a secret route to a small puzzle, step on the note blocks in 
    the following order:
                                3 2 4 1 5
    All the spikes will lower and you can collect the 8th and final Dragon egg! A 
    secret that is hard to figure out here is that the upper wall here can be 
    breached leading to a chest with the holy whip. Go back to the room with the 
    stairs and go down one room. Go to the right and use the key on the big door. 
    Push the pillars on the switches using the hammer and go up.
    -You will find Karyn and Amon. In an effort to destroy Amon she uses all her 
    powers and goes all out. A huge sacrifice, but she had to protect the sealed 
    energy in the next room from the Sinistrals at all costs. After seeing Karyn 
    die, Artea will join your fight against the Sinistrals to the bitter end. 
    Note: because of his anger, Arty's IP will become 100%. Go up one room so you 
    can absorb the sealed energy making you stronger against the Sinistrals. The 
    capsule monsters however don't get a power-up. Go back Eserikto first since 
    Milka is still waiting for her mother to return... Then go to Portravia to 
    check on Excerion, it will be finished. So go outside and use submarine mode 
    by pressing A.
    Capsule monster: Zeppy
    --Underwater cave, near Parcelyte--
    Chests: 2 (121)
     Secret fruit (2x)
    If you go underwater you can move around and get to a cave where you will find 
    two chests and a red fish called (default) Zeppy. He is the seventh and final 
    capsule monster.
    Sub-quest 2: The Egg dragon's eggs
    --Dragon shrine--
     Located on an island to the left of Pico (you can get here by use the 
    submarine mode) you will find the Egg dragon on top of his shrine. When you 
    collected all, you can summon Shenron, and wish for eternal lif.... Ehm... oh, 
    wait that's something different. I mean dragon eggs. Yes, the Egg dragon will 
    grant one of four selectable wishes. Here are the dragon eggs locations again:
      1. In the cave to Sundletan
      2. In the basement of Alunze castle
      3. the small girl in Merix has it
      4. In the northern labyrinth of Bound
      5. In the northern lighthouse
      6. Inside the flower mountain
      7. On the third floor down in the Dankirk dungeon
      8. In the divine shrine
    The four wishes are: 
    Wish                  Stars  Description
    --------------------  -----  ---------------------------------------------
    10 potions            *****  10x All 6 Statistic increasing potions 
    20 pieces of fruit       **  20x All types of food for capsule monsters
    an old shield          ****  Shield with extreme DFP
    a set of super rings      *  Can be found in other parts of the game
     After making the wish, he will place the eggs in random chests around the 
    world. Get the Sonar from the Casino at Forfeit Island and use it upon 
    entering every dungeon. If you have followed my walkthrough, all the chests 
    will be opened. The number of tones will be the number of Dragon eggs in the 
    dungeon. (Don't forget to check Zeppy's cave, Alunze castle (and the ancient 
    cave, if you collected the ancient key)). In total, the dragon will grant you 
    four wishes. I usually choose 1 Old shield, and 3x 10 potions.
     When you made your fourth wish the dragon will challenge you to a fight. Read 
    Appendix: C to learn how to defeat the toughest enemy in the game (he's harder 
    and stronger than all four Sinistrals combined) in my opinion, unless you 
    choose to use the cheap strategy listed there.
    You can also get to Chaed now, here they sell some very strong and expensive 
    weapons, but they are worth it. Especially the rune rapier, but they are very 
    24. Investigating the Shrine of Vengeance
     People here are talking about a light ball going to the southern shrine, so I 
    guess you have to check that out as well. If you walk towards the temple you 
    will find out that the normal entrance is a dead end. Better go to the 
    Excerion and dive underwater, and you should be able to find an entrance due 
    south of the temple. After you get in the temple use the small dock and the 
    stairs to go up one room.
    --Shrine of Vengeance--
    Chests: 8 (129)
     Boom sword, Bright armor, Cursed bow, Evil jewel, Freeze sword, Ghost key,
     Heal armor, Power Robe 
     Bat, Big bat, Dark warrior, Demise, Fiend, Hades chariot, Hades skull,
     Jurahan, Nosferato, Red bat, Samurai, T-rex, Vampire, Waiban, Wizard
     Venge ghost
    -You will start in a room with three switches. Pull the lever, hit the red and 
    green switches once, and pull the lever again. The wall will move, opening a 
    secret route. Then hit the left switch again to open the door. Go through the 
    next rooms and use the hammer to move the pillar from the edge so you can get 
    across using the hook. Continue on down the stairs, walk to the next room and 
    get the Demise on the other side to get stuck between the spikes. This will 
    cause him to stand on the button, opening the door for you.
    -Go down the stairs again, walk in this room through the right wall, and you 
    will find a lever. Use it and go up one room, fall down the edge, go up the 
    small stairs, go left and use your fire arrows (regular arrows work to 
    actually) to burn the ropes holding the bridge a float. Walk to the left and 
    up and over the gap with the hook to get to the power robe. Head down, go up 
    the ladder, through the door and move the pillars into the water. This will 
    heighten the water and extinguish the candles causing the spikes to lower. 
    Don't go to the teleporter yet. Look at the upper wall, the part with the 
    candle in the wall. Blast it and it will reveal a secret room. Continue up to 
    collect the freeze sword and the boom sword. Teleport back to the room with 
    the three switches and put them in their original state to proceed on (Just 
    reverse the operations I listed at the start of this dungeon.
    -Walk up two rooms and here you will see some stairs. Go down and solve the 
    easy puzzle. It's something like this: Push both blue blocks on the squares 
    between the spikes. Hit the switch and do it again with red to collect the 
    ghost key. Back up the stairs and walk through a couple of rooms to come to a 
    room with cracks in the upper wall of this corridor. Hit the extreme right one 
    to find the heal armor and the extreme left one to get to the big door. Use 
    the key on it and continue down the stairs again.
    -Stand on the 1 x 1 square platform to get a free ride to the other side. 
    Ascend the stairs again and go down one room. Bomb the fallen pillar just as 
    in Karlloon to open the way to a skeleton lying on the ground. Use the bombs 
    again to find a weakened section where you can fall down. Walk to the left and 
    whatever you do DON'T use the teleporter at the top of the screen since it is 
    only a waste of time, because you are send back to the upper level meaning 
    that you have to go through all of it once again to reach this point. Use 
    bombs or the Hammer to destroy the two crackled pillars, then a ladder will 
    fall down allowing you to get to the next two stairways. Ascend them both, 
    walk down, left, and break the upper wall section to the left. From here head 
    up two stairs and destroy the upper wall here as well to collect the bright 
    -Ascend the stairs again to find the (cursed) evil jewel. Go down all stairs 
    then go to the right. Use the hammer to bring down the small bridge and walk 
    up to the door to the right. Here you must do some ironing; the only way to 
    open the door is to get all the wrinkles out of the red 4 x 4 carpet. Further 
    on you best heal & save here, because the next boss is quite a toughie. Better 
    make sure your experience level of the four allies is over 40.
    Boss: Venge ghost 
     HP:         7500
     Weak:       Light, Heal
     Strong:     Ice, Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Confuse, Doomcry, Energy shock, Hatred = "Checks Situation"
    Some of his attacks consist of instant types; this means that ghost is 
    dangerous and very lethal. It happened more than once that he kills three of 
    my party members in one turn! So beware, but luckily he will sometimes skip a 
    round. (Checking on the situation) In order to overcome this problem equip 
    armors that have status protection against "Confusion" and "Instant Death", 
    here are some examples:
      Holy Robe     -> Protects from Instant Death, Paralysis & Poison
      Ruse Armor    -> Protects from Instant Death
      Undead Ring   -> Protects from Instant Death & All attacks are 'Light' elem.
       (For a complete list; see Appendix B: Chart Tables)
    Make sure you equip some light/'holy' weapons if possible. The rune rapier is 
    perfect for him, if you bought one like I suggested earlier on. You can also 
    use weapons like Blaze sword, Fry sword or Divine whip. The IP of the Light 
    jewel does over 2500 damage to him! Items that work well on undead have a good 
    effect as well like undead ring. Some shadow protecting type armor might be 
    handy as well.
     NEW STRATEGY by Phoenix 1911:
    "The Venge Ghost can also be healed to death. Have Maxim or Guy with the Heal 
    Armor, and have his IP percentage filled to about 90%. Equip Selan with the 
    Power Robe, and have her IP percentage filled to about 25%. Start the battle, 
    and let Maxim use Rebirth on the Venge Ghost for 3660 damage, let Selan use 
    Sacred Song for 2745 damage, let Artea use Valor for 925 damage, then let Guy 
    (or Maxim) finish it off with any attack that does at least 170 damage. Wham! 
    The ghost is gone..."
    -After he's defeated, you can go up a room to collect the cursed bow. Uncurse 
    this weapon and Arty will be able to use the bow to attack all enemies. Now 
    it's time to go back to Barnan.
    25. The test of Iris
     In Barnan you will meet Iris again who is talking about a test to prove if 
    the love between Selan and Maxim is true. So it's decided to go to the tower 
    of truth.
     If you talk to people in Durale you will hear that there is a mirror in the 
    tower that shows only the one you care about most. Buy Arty the Zap spell for 
    65000 Gold. This might seem a lot and the cost of the spell is 30 MP! But it's 
    worth it, because this is the strongest Light magic available.
    --Tower of truth--
    Chests: 5 (134)
     Ghost clothes, Ghost ring, Song rock, Super sword, Truth key 
     Basilisk, Cyclops, Gorgon, Grianos, Hidora, Lunar bear, Mimic, Nail armor,
     Sea hidora, Serein, Serfaco, Sly fox, Tartona, Thunderbeast
     White dragon (3x)
    -Go up one room, then to the right door, press the right button, and copy the 
    music ladder by pressing the notes like: 3 2 1 4. Go up two rooms and hit the 
    lever, now go back to the first room with enemies, and blow the weakened 
    section of the upper wall. Then use the hook on the pole on the other side of 
    the gap. Go up the stairs, and down one room, and stun the siren here because 
    if you kill her, four hidoras will come falling into the room. You don't want 
    that to happen unless you are training.
    -Down the next room, then through the right door to come to a puzzle with head 
    blowers. Hit the red switch using the hook and walk to the right wall. Walk 
    down until you reach the pole with the blue mark in the middle. Use shoulder R 
    button to turn and hit the switch again. Head down two or so squares and walk 
    to the left. Hit the switch again and walk towards the exit. You will come 
    outside and you will find out that you can walk all the way up to the top. But 
    since you don't have the key it would be wise to check the other floors as 
    well. Head up one ladder to find a super sword. After two rooms and falling 
    down in a weakened section of the floor, you will find the chest behind a 
    weakened wall section. Go back outside and walk into the entrance of 4F.
    -At F4 walk up a room and press the right of the two buttons. If you number 
    the notes from left to right you must hit the notes in this order: 3 2 4 1, 
    and use the hook to reach note 5. The spikes will lower, so you can descend 
    the stairway. Proceed on two rooms and you will come to a puzzle involving a 
    crate, two vases and two buttons. If you place two vases on the switches you 
    can go back a room again. Place a crate on the right switch and a vase on the 
    left one to open the door to a mimic. Place a vase on the right and a crate on 
    the left to open the door to another stairway. Further to the right you will 
    come to a room filled with enemies. Open the three chests in the lower right 
    corner to get Song rock, ghost ring, and ghost clothes. Go up one room, 
    another stairway, down a room.
    -Here you will find the last puzzle room in this tower: First place the vase 
    and crate on the buttons to your left, walk over the bridge you created. On 
    the other side you will see a block, move it on the button just below it, and 
    go back to the entrance of this room. Pick up the vase, walk down to the next 
    button, go back, pick up the crate, and place it on the button past the three 
    bridges. Walk to the extreme left, push the block to the upper button, go back 
    to the crate, lift it, and place it on the next button. Finally place a bomb 
    next to the crate and walk over the bridge and let the bomb explode when you 
    are on the small island in mid air. You can get to the truth key from here.
    -Afterwards, go outside again and go to the uppermost floor. Go through the 
    door, ascend the stairs, go up a room to find save tile, down to get outside 
    again, and go through the right door. Go up a room to meet up with Iris. Maxim 
    and Selan will go for the test, but before they look into the mirror they 
    promise each other to keep on believing in each other even if the others' 
    image doesn't appear. Then Iris and the others come into the room. They came 
    to warn Maxim about the three white dragons. Maxim and Selan take a step back 
    and Iris notes that their images are visible in the mirror after that they do 
    battle with the dragons.
    Boss: White dragon (3x, regular enemy)
     HP:         550 each
     Weak:       Fire, Flying, Dragon
     Strong:     Ice, Earth
     Protection: Ailment not Instant
     Specials:   Cold stream, Stronger, Ice Valk
    Use fire and dragon attacks if you have those equipped. They will be gone very 
    soon, but you do have to be careful because they are fast. Other than that 
    they aren't very special at all.
    -After their defeat, the mirror will be broken and they will leave the tower. 
    Iris comes back and heals the broken mirror again. As you look in the mirror 
    you will look at a person that isn't Iris and she is thinking about something. 
    Oh well, better continue on, it's time to head for Chaed.
    26. The elder of Chaed
     The people in this village are talking about the elder leaving to the dragon 
    mountain volcano to find out why it's very close to erupting. Maxim and the 
    others also go to the mountain to find the elder, for he seems to have some 
    information regarding the dual blade. (This is the biggest dungeon in the 
    game, after the ancient cave of course!)
    --Dragon Mountain--
    Chests: 20 (154)
     Anger ring, Gorgon rock, Hidora rock, Hi-power ring, Holy robe, Kraken stone,
     Legend helm, Lizard hit, Magma key, Magic scale, Mega shield, Miracle(3x),
     S-mind ring, S-myst. Ring, Sonic ring, S-power ring, S-pro. Ring,
     S-witch ring
     Behemoth, Brokion, Crow, Green dragon, Salamander, Hidora, High hidora,
     Magma gorem, Red dragon, Sea hidora
    Boss: Fire dragon
    -Head to the right and up one stairway to an entrance. Go inside, up one room, 
    and here you will find a small puzzle in which you have to blast all the 
    bushes in one go. It's easy once you know the trick. It goes like this:
    B = bush
    b = bomb
    C = cleared / burned bush
    m = Maxim
        picture 1      picture 2     picture 3      picture 4
          B B B          B B B          B B B          C C C
            C m            m b        b b b b        m   C C
          B   B          B   B      m b B   B          C   C
        B              B              B              C
    -The door will be opened so you can get the sonic ring. Use the hook to get 
    across and climb the stairs. In this room there's not much to do so go up the 
    other stairs. Use the hook to your right to get to the next platform. Lure the 
    behemoth to get him to stand on the four weakened sections in the middle of 
    the floor so he will fall down the hole. When this happens you will see that 
    the hole next to you will be filled up, allowing you to walk over it. You 
    don't have to go up the stairs since they lead to a dead end. Better walk 
    down, outside, use the hook on the pole to your left, and get to the next 
    -Go down the stairs again, walk up one room and go down again. You will come 
    to a room with two brokions and a behemoth guarding the weakened floor 
    section. Don't fall down here yet, but go outside to collect the magma key. 
    Then go back and attack them. Fall down the weakened section and go outside 
    again. Walk up the ladder and go to the right to walk to another ladder. 
    Continue on inside and use the key. You will have to solve a puzzle where you 
    need to switch between hammer and hook quite a lot.
    -First use the hammer on the right of the two pillars to move it up one place. 
    Make use of the hook to get across the lava pit, then push it up again and use 
    the hammer on the pillars on the platforms to your left and above you. Use the 
    hook on the pillar on the left platform to get across the lava. Then use the 
    hammer and hook to get to the platform above you. Use the hook a second time 
    to get across the lava pit above you to reach three chests containing the 
    magic scale, S-pro ring, and miracle. The hammer / hook combination on the 
    pillar below you, and again on the pillar to your right. The combo can be used 
    again on the pillar that is now below you. Finally you need to use the hook on 
    the pole to your right to reach the stairs.
    -Go down a room here and equip the fire arrow for the next puzzle room. Here 
    you must burn 13 bushes before you can continue on. Walk the following path 
    (you're starting point is the tile on which you can stand with your back 
    against the door opening):
    R= right      L= left
    U= up         D= down 
    (R)(L)(D)(U) = turn in this direction with the use of the shoulder buttons
    F= use a fire arrow
    The path itself is:
    DL(U)F, (D)F, RR(U)F
    -Head outside and up the stairway. Go inside. Here you will find a wall that 
    is hiding a secret entrance. But first go down the stairs to find a save tile. 
    Go down again by taking the left stairs to get to a room with an anger ring, 
    kraken rock, S-mind ring. Go back up again and take the right stairs down and 
    again down, and again, then down the first ladder and down the right of the 
    two ladders. Use the hook to get to a platform with an S-witch ring and Hi-
    power ring. Go back to those two ladders where you just were. If you want to 
    meet the boss immediately, use the ice blocks to get to the big bridge and 
    read at continue.
    26.1 The world's most difficult trick
    --Dragon mountain--
     If you want to collect some very powerful weapons, go back up the stairs to 
    the save point and up another room. Here you find the wall with the secret 
    entrance I spoke of earlier. To open it you must do the following:
    W       = wall
    1,2,3,4 = weakened wall and how much it's weakened
    O       = the weakened wall is breached / opened
    B       = bomb
    E       = explosion radius of the bomb
    H       = hammer Maxim is using
    m       = Maxim
       picture 1       picture 2       picture 3        picture 4     picture 5
      W W W 1 W W     W W W 3 W W     W W W 2 W W      W W W 4 W W   W W W O W W
            B             E E m             B B            E E E E         H 
          m                 E B             m B              m E E         m
     You can go down a hole and some stairs to get to "the world's most difficult 
    trick". I have solved this fiendish trick but, it's almost impossible to write 
    a walkthrough for it. The best hint I can give you is that the whole puzzle is 
    about getting the big square past the single horizontal segment. Once you've 
    done that, you have solved this puzzle.
      Here's the complete solution in 18 steps by Simpleton:
     0       = Big square block with the four treasure chests
     1,2,3,4 = vertical rectangular blocks
     5,6,7,8 = small square blocks
     9       = horizontal rectangular block
     R       = move one space right
     L       = move one space left
     U       = move one space up
     D       = move one space down
    Start position:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
            3 9 9 4
            3 5 6 4
            7     8
    Step 1 - move 7R, 8L, 3D, 4D, 9R:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
                9 9
            3 5 6 4
            3 7 8 4
    Step 2 - move 5UL, 7UU, 3R, 5DD, 7LD, 9LL:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
            9 9
            7 3 6 4
            5 3 8 4
    Step 3 - move 6UR, 8UU, 3R, 7RD, 9D:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
                8 6
            9 9 3 4
            5 7 3 4
    Step 4 - move 8LL, 6LL, 3U, 4U, 7RR, 5RR, 9D:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
            8 6 3 4
                3 4
            9 9 5 7
    Step 5 - move 6DL, 3L 4L, 7UU, 5R:
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
            8 3 4 7
            6 3 4
            9 9   5
    Step 6 - move 4D, 7L, 2DD, 0R, 1R, 8UU, 6UU:
            8 1 0 0
            6 1 0 0
              3 7 2
              3 4 2
            9 9 4 5
    Step 7 - move 3L, 1DD, 0L, 2UU, 7R, 5U, 4U, 9RR:
            8 0 0 2
            6 0 0 2
            3 1 4 7
            3 1 4 5
                9 9
    Step 8 - move 3D, 1D, 6DR, 8DD, 0L, 2L, 7UU, 5UU:
            0 0 2 7
            0 0 2 5
            8 6 4
            3 1 4
            3 1 9 9
    Step 9 - move 4R, 2DD, 7L, 5L, 4UU, 2R:
            0 0 7 4
            0 0 5 4
            8 6   2
            3 1   2
            3 1 9 9
    Step 10 - move 6RD, 8RR, 0D, 7LL, 5UL, 8UU:
            7 5 8 4
            0 0   4
            0 0   2
            3 1 6 2
            3 1 9 9
    Step 11 - move 0R, 3UU, 1L, 6LD:
            7 5 8 4
            3 0 0 4
            3 0 0 2
            1     2
            1 6 9 9
    Step 12 - move 0D, 8DL, 4L, 2UU:
            7 5 4 2
            3 8 4 2
            3 0 0
            1 0 0
            1 6 9 9
    Step 13 - move 0R, 8DD, 5D, 7R, 3U, 1U:
            3 7 4 2
            3 5 4 2
            1   0 0
            1 8 0 0
              6 9 9
    Step 14 - move 6L, 8D, 0L, 2DD, 4R:
            3 7   4
            3 5   4
            1 0 0 2
            1 0 0 2
            6 8 9 9
    Step 15 - move 7R, 5R, 3R, 1UU, 0L:
            1 3 7 4
            1 3 5 4
            0 0   2
            0 0   2
            6 8 9 9
    Step 16 - move 5DD, 7DD, 4L, 2UU, 5RU:
            1 3 4 2
            1 3 4 2
            0 0 7 5
            0 0
            6 8 9 9
    Step 17 - move 9U 8RR, 6RR, 0D, 7LL, 5LL:
            1 3 4 2
            1 3 4 2
            7 5
            0 0 9 9
            0 0 6 8
    The Final step - move 9U, 6UR, 0R:
            1 3 4 2
            1 3 4 2
            7 5 9 9
              0 0 6
              0 0 8
    After a small tune of victory the other segments will disappear, and you can 
    get those four chests. They contain: Lizard blow, Mega shield, Legend helm and 
    the Holy robe. You just 'might' find these useful. :)
    -Once you have finally finished this puzzle, go down the stairs to your right. 
    Don't walk to the left but go up, down the ladder, to the right, up the 
    ladder, and collect the three chests. Inside are: S-myst ring, S-power ring 
    and miracle. Cut the bush to your left to find the spot so you can fall down 
    onto the button below you. From here on you can collect the hidora rock. Fall 
    down a couple of times and use the hook to get to the other side. Then go up 
    the stairs and walk to the upper left wall. Behind it is the gorgon rock. Go 
    back to the long bridge in the room you just were.
    -Walk to the middle of the bridge and it will collapse. The only way to move 
    on is down the stairs. Use the hook to get to the platform below you, then to 
    the right, (twice) and walk up the ladders several times leading to the elder 
    of Chaed. Now it's time to fight the fire dragon.
    Boss: Fire dragon
     HP:         7500
     Weak:       Dragon, Ice, Flying
     Strong:     Fire, Earth
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Bite, Drowsy*, Energy Shock, Incendiary
     * = this is not the regular Drowsy spell, but a more effective one!
    His attacks will cause either fire or thunder powered. The dragon can also use 
    a different and more powerful version of Drowsy. Use your best IPs to hit the 
    dragon hard and have Selan cast healing or stat increasing spells. Equip flame 
    helmets and flame shields from the ancient cave. This will reduce damage that 
    you have to sustain a lot.
    -Eliminating him frees the elder whom will invite you to come to his place in 
    Chaed. Since you don't have to do much at this particular moment you might as 
    well do so. Don't forget to pick up the miracle just behind the teleporter on 
    your way out.
     Go to his house and listen to his story. He has heard of the legend of the 
    Dual blade as well. According to him the queen of the underwater city of 
    Preamarl should know where to find the sword. He then gives you the key to the 
    underwater city; the mermaids key. Go to the small moon shaped island where 
    you found Darbi. Dive here to find the entrance to underwater city of 
    27. The mermaid queen and her daughter Piara
     Upon entering the throne room of Preamarl you can talk to Queen Marla. You 
    are talking about the dual blade, and at that moment, a servant comes in to 
    tell you that the princess is missing. He says that she was last spotted near 
    a cave to the north. He also warns that the currents have changed into a 
    dangerous way. After talking, the queen is going away to do "something", and 
    you probably know what that is. So use Excerion to find the entrance to the 
    north (near the triangle shaped islands). Here it's boss time, you will have 
    to fight the ghost ship.
    Boss: Ghost ship
     HP:         10000
     Weak:       Fire, Light, Heal
     Strong:     Ice, Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Doomcry, Calling Companions (Deadly Sword, Dark/Hades Skull)
    This enemy is easy when you use firebird on him, and you don't need to heal 
    because he never attacks; he usually summons a weak creature like a deadly 
    sword. You can also try to heal him to death. It will take you several rounds 
    to finish him, so make sure you eliminate the skulls and swords he summons. If 
    you don't do that, the screen will fill up and he will start using Doomcry; 
    and that can't be good.
     After his defeat you will have saved the queen and the princess and all seems 
    to be well, but when the other soldiers arrive new currents develop. Follow 
    the mermaids and you will find a huge temple.
    27.1 The Dual blade
    --Dual blade Shrine--
     After Daos exterminates the four mermen guards, it's up to you to enter the 
    shrine. Go down the stairs and up to the teleporter to come to an area that 
    looks completely normal on my European Cartridge, but I've heard that the US 
    cartridge and the US ROM will glitch this part for some reason. Just follow 
    these simple instructions to reach the top if you are playing the glitched 
    version of the game:
     -Walk up until you hit a wall (the screen doesn't move)
     -Take 3 steps left or right
     -Go up until you hit another wall
     -Take again three steps to the right or left (other side as before)
     Here you will find the legendary "Dual Blade" floating in the air and it's 
    ringing for Maxim but not for the others. Then they will feel a force stronger 
    than anything else they have ever encountered. It belongs to the leader of the 
    four Sinistrals.
    27.2 Daos - Master of Terror; Leader of the Sinistrals
    --Dual blade shrine - continued--
     This Sinistral calls himself Daos and he is unwilling to believe that any 
    other person than him can hold the Dual blade. After the dual blade disappears 
    you are transported back to Chaed and it will seem as if it became night. But 
    it turns out to be the shadow of a large island hanging in the sky. It appears 
    to be the home of the Sinistrals then Daos will talk to Maxim telling him that 
    he will destroy Chaed as demonstration of his power and he does so.
     Miraculously Maxim and the others are unharmed. They are now furious at Daos 
    and they try to figure a way to get up to his shrine in the sky (Note: their 
    IP will go up to 100% after the destruction of Chaed). Go back to Portravia to 
    talk to doctor Lexis.
    28. Engine needed
     Lexis will explain that he and the others can convert the Excerion for air 
    traveling. But in order to do so they need a stronger motor. Lexis has heard 
    of a kingdom called Gratze. Their technology has far more advanced technology, 
    so you have to go there and "lend" a suitable engine from them (you can go to 
    the Dankirk dungeon to check out the bridge, but since it broken you might as 
    well take the sub right away towards Gratze kingdom). Once you found the way 
    to the entrance to the Gratze kingdom, (using the door you saw where the 
    prince escaped in the Ruby Icon) go up a couple of rooms to get to the 
    --Dankirk North Dungeon (optional)--
     If you go through the hassle of getting your party to the end of this dungeon 
    (where you found the Soldiers last time round), your party members will notice 
    that the bridge to the door leading to Gratze is broken. So you need to get 
    back to your submarine in order to find the whirlpool to the north of Gratze 
    Kingdom. This dialogue is NOT required however to get through this door, so 
    you can take a big shortcut if you go strait to Gratze without visiting this 
    dungeon once again.
    --Gratze kingdom--
     The name sometimes glitches to '3y kingdom and also into Grassei kingdom (if 
    you press X when selecting the basement key once you have it in your 
    inventory). Now you will be taken prisoner and here you will meet up with Bart 
    & Bertie (from Alunze). They will open the door for you allowing you to 
    escape. Continue on to the right to find some healing tiles and a save tile. 
    Continue on and here you have to fight four soldiers. I don't call this a 
    battle, just attack normal and they won't even have the chance to hit you a 
    single time. Go up the stairs to come to the last basement dungeon of the 
    game: Gratze dungeon.
    --Gratze dungeon--
    Chests: 2 (156)
     Basement key, Miracle
     Basilisk, Gold gorem, Snow gas, Soldier, Squid, Warm eye, White dragon
    -Go up one room then lift the pot to the right and walk over the switch with 
    the pot lifted to open the door. Walk up one room, place the pillar on the 
    button and get across the gap using the hook on the pole that just came out of 
    the ground. Walk towards the lever and switch it. Go back using the hook on 
    the pillar and breach the dark wall to your right to come to a room with 
    another switch. Trigger this one as well. Head back towards the start and look 
    to the right here. You will see some vines, cut them and breach the wall. Walk 
    up in the next room and move the second pillar of the left column to find the 
    stairway leading to the basement key.
    -Head back to the room with the pot and switch, but this time use the lower 
    door. Hit the eye in the wall to open the door and go up two rooms, up the 
    stairs, and use the door below you. Go down the right door to come to a switch 
    two rooms further on. Go back and take the lower left door to eventually come 
    to the miracle. Return again and take the last door to find three more rooms. 
    Go up the stairs and walk down one room. This puzzle is quit easy, just move 
    the tiles a bit until you can reach the exit. Go up the final stairs to meet 
    up with Bart & Bertie. Here you will have to fight the normal soldiers again. 
    After the team dispose of them it's time for a real battle against the tank.
    Boss: Tank
     HP:         10000
     Weak:       Hard
     Strong:     Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Incendiary Bomb, Machine Gun Attack, Magic Gale Bullet,
                 Missile Blast = (Checks Situation), Piercer
    This tank has extreme magic resistance so only use weapons on him. Beware that 
    his Magic Gale Bullet can silence your character. Try to cast spells like 
    trick and brave to increase ATP and DFP, heal when needed with champion. After 
    a couple of rounds he is finally defeated.
    -You will automatically receive the motor for beating the tank. The prince 
    will be quite upset and he even blows up the entire kingdom. Party is over, 
    time to leave.
     Bring the motor to Lexis and he will fix the ship for flight. This allows you 
    to explore every nook of the world in Lufia. So go to the final village of the 
    game: Narvick. It is located near the underwater shrine where you met Daos.
    29. The sealed towers
     The people in this village have dedicated their lives to worshipping super 
    creatures. The shop here sells the strongest weapons and armors that can be 
    bought, for the right price that is. Talk to the elder and take the first of 
    the three maidens to the tower of Shuman.
    --Shuman, sealed tower-- (Tower South of Narvick)
    Chests: 3 (159)
     S-ice ring, S-thunder ring, S-water ring
     Basilisk, Black dragon, Blue dragon, Gorgon, Leech, Mega Cyclops, Red dragon,
     Sphinx, Thunder beast
     Sinistral; Gades - Master of destruction
     Walk up the big stairs, go to the right, up the stairs, and follow this path 
    until you come to the first door. Go inside the tower and use the stairs to 
    exit again. Walk up the stairway and to the right to find a small chamber with 
    the S-ice ring.
    -Go back to the first door and continue to follow this path. Now you will see 
    two doors. Take the left door, ascend the stairs, and take the left door again 
    to find a chest with the S-water ring. Take the right door and ascend twice. 
    Go up and defeat the leech to make the stairs appear. Go up some stairs and 
    stairways, go down some stairs, head outside and to the far right.
    -Go down to eventually come to the S-thunder ring. Head back to the most upper 
    part and enter the door. Defeat the black dragon(s), continue up the stairs to 
    come to a save point. Go up again to meet Gades the third time.
    Boss: Sinistral; Gades - Master of Destruction
     HP:         7500
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Destructo-wave
    Like I said this is the third round and he shouldn't be too much of a 
    challenge. He's not very strong. Best thing to do is use the Fry sword, Blaze 
    sword, or Rune rapier on him.
    -After this battle, you can collect the pearl (divine) armor. At this point 
    the first maiden will leave you. Go back to Narvick to the elder and take the 
    second maiden with you.
    --Stradha, sealed tower (tower North-East)--
    Chests: 0 (159)
     Basilisk, Black dragon, Blue dragon, Gorgon, Leech, Mega Cyclops, Red dragon,
     Sphinx, Thunder beast
     Sinistral; Amon - Master of Chaos
    -Walk to the right and follow the path outside as far as possible by going up 
    all the time, then enter a door and follow the only possible route leading up 
    to a leech. Destroy the leech and the next stairway will appear.
    -Go outside and follow the path outside as far as possible before entering the 
    most upper door. Ascend the stairs, defeat the black dragon, continue up the 
    stairs and you will come to a save tile. Go up the stairs and you will battle 
    Boss: Sinistral; Amon - Master of Chaos
     HP:         10000
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Chaos wave, Galactic Lancer, Thunder, Ice Valk
    The same things count for Amon as in the battle against Gades; however Amon is 
    a bit stronger and has more HP. He can prove to be difficult because his Chaos 
    wave will usually confuse at least one character. So use shriek to nullify 
    confusion and use some IPs that are Light elemental powered.
    -Once defeated, you can collect the pearl (divine) helmet and this maiden will 
    stay at the top of this tower. Go back to the elder of Narvick for the last 
    time to get the third and last maiden.
    --Kamirno, sealed tower (tower North-West)--
    Chests: 1 (160)
     S-fire ring
     Basilisk, Black dragon, Blue dragon, Gorgon, Leech, Mega Cyclops, Red dragon,
     Sphinx, Thunder beast
    -The last tower in the game, here goes: Walk up and go inside the door you see 
    at the upper part of your screen. Ascend and take the lone door up to your 
    right to find the final super ring: The S-fire ring. From here take the lower 
    left path and go up as far as possible before entering the room with a Cyclops 
    and a gorgon. Go up the stairs and go to the left and follow the only possible 
    path. Defeat the gorgon and head up the stairs that will be created after the 
    gorgon's defeat.
    -From here you can take multiple routes, but they eventually come to the same 
    spot with the leech that stands on one place. After it's defeated go up the 
    stairs to come to the final save tile! Save here, because this is your last 
    chance of doing so. Ascend the stairs to claim the Pearl (divine) shield.
    -Daos and the Dual blade will appear again, but this time however the Dual 
    blade chooses Maxim as his rightful owner. Daos will be furious when he sees 
    that the legendary sword chooses someone over him, he then leaves the scene.
    30. Repairing Excerion
    --Kamirno sealed tower - continued--
     A conversation with the last maiden starts and you will find out that the 
    isle of doom has hit the Excerion, so you have to go back to Portravia to see 
    Lexis to repair the ship.
     After some more talking you regain control. Equip the dual blade on Maxim and 
    go inside again to talk to Lexis again. It's time to head for the doom-island 
    for the final confrontation and the ultimate battle between good and evil.
    Final. Daos' shrine
     After a small cut-scene you will arrive at the shrine and you check if you 
    are all right. Selan will cast the "light" spell. Now you will hear Daos 
    speaking. This is it, confront the Sinistrals and take care of them for good. 
    It's not that hard to defeat them because they are far from invincible.
    --Daos' shrine--
    Chests: 12 (172)
    Bosses: Sinistrals;
     Gades - Master of Destruction
     Amon  - Master of Chaos
     Erim  - Mistress of Death
     Daos  - Master of Terror
     This is it, the last shrine and the direct confrontation with all four 
    Sinistrals. Don't forget to equip the dual blade. If you have any statistic 
    boosting potions left you might as well want to use them now. Collect the 
    miracles in the shrine if you please. Also at the start of each battle against 
    a Sinistral your IP will boost up to the maximum limit; 100%
    Here's a nice set of equipment for all 4. I heard a new Strategy from Relnqshd 
    so I adapted the equipment for the Sinistrals. Yes, that's right use the 
    Silver Sword instead of the Dual Blade, you'll see later on why.
      Maxim          Selan          Guy            Artea
      -------------- -------------- -------------- ----------------
      Silver Sword   Blaze Sword    Fry Sword      Crystal Wand
      Pearl Armor    Ruse Armor     Old Armor      Magic Scale
      Apron Shield   Dark Mirror(U) Zirco Shield   Rune Gloves
      Pearl Helmet   Brill Helm     Old Helm       Boom Turban
      Egg Ring       Dia Ring       S-Power Ring   Dragon Ring
      Evil Jewel(C)  Light Jewel    Gold Eye       Evil Jewel(C)
     (C) = Cursed
     (U) = Uncursed
    You can go to the left to get a chest containing a miracle and go down to 
    reach three more miracles. Go up the stairs to find another. Take the middle 
    path, and talk to Gades.
    Gades - Master of Destruction
     HP:         7500
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Destructo-wave
    Here's how I defeated this goon easily, since you know the weapons / armors / 
    items I equipped, Maxim's Holy Energy combined with the Egg Ring's power 
    should get you a single round kill. Yep, Holy Energy is THAT strong! Even the 
    mighty Dual Blade can't match up with that power. So the battle will be like:
    Round 1: Maxim: IP; Holy Energy
             Selan: IP; Flash (Light Jewel)
             Guy:   IP; regular Attack (or Sizzle)
             Artea: IP; Holy Energy, or Zap spell
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Walk up the stairs and walk to the right to find another chest with a miracle. 
    Go up a room, then down in the next room, there's a Miracle in the 
    neighborhood as well. Go up again and walk towards the most upper part of the 
    lowest floor to find 2 more miracles. Walk up the two small stairways to reach 
    Amon - Master of Chaos
     HP:         10000
     Weak:       Light
     Strong:     Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Chaos wave, Galactic lancer, Thunder, Ice valk
    He fights a little different than Gades, but he's still not much of a fight. 
    (His Chaos wave can cause people to get confounded though)
    Round 1: Maxim: Regular Attack
             Selan: IP; Flash (Light Jewel)
             Guy:   IP; Beserker
             Artea: IP; Holy Energy, or Zap spell
    Round 2: Maxim: IP; Holy Energy (Should get you the kill already)
             Selan: regular attack
             Guy:   regular attack
             Artea: Zap spell, or regular attack
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Go up the stairs and collect the three miracles in this room and now on to the 
    confrontation with the only Sinistral that you haven't met, yet.
    Erim - Mistress of Death
     HP:         15000
     Weak:       Light, Hard
     Strong:     Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Devastation wave, (Eerie light, Thunder & Zap Dummied out)
    I think she's the hardest of the Sinistrals. It's a little harder to write a 
    walkthrough for her, because she uses an instant kill type attack; the 
    Devastation wave. To make it even worse, you lose all your IP if a person gets 
    killed. Fortunately there is protection from that, like the undead ring, Ruse 
    Armor, Dark mirror (uncursed) and Ghost Ring. Check the Item Charts for more. 
     She has somewhat more HP than Amon, but the fight should be similar to 
    previous two. So there is no need for another description; Holy Energy should 
    get you through this very fast.
     On a side note: You should feel lucky that her strongest attack: "Eerie 
    Light" is dummied out. This attack is similar to Dark Fry, but it also cancels 
    out ALL upgrades including, but not limited to: Beserker, Force Field, Trick 
    and even Wave Motion.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Go up the stairs (I'm glad to say that this is the final time I have to use 
    this word!) to meet Daos. After some talking you will hear him say: "No one 
    can challenge me", and the final battle commences.
    Daos - Master of Terror
     HP:         20000
     Weak:       Light, Hard
     Strong:     Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Shadow
     Protection: All Ailments
     Specials:   Terror wave, Dark reflector, Dark fry, Dragon, Thunder,
                 Firebird, Ice valk
     He's a cookie (or Hoochie if you prefer) compared to Erim, however if he 
    manages to stun two party members you have to give up a round to cure them. 
    Use the same tactics as on Erim to deal with him. If he casts Dark reflector, 
    have the one whom attacks first use "Absorb" to nullify the dark reflector 
    without getting damaged yourself (For me that is Maxim since he's the one with 
    the highest AGL, because of the Egg Ring).
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     After his defeat, Daos still doesn't know when to quit. After a failed 
    attempt to kill you, he then succeeds in triggering a mechanism that causes 
    the island to fall on top of Parcelyte. Iris will appear and help you out in 
    this very last part of the game. Go up to the teleporter she created and walk 
    around a bit to find the three stones that need to be destroyed. When you 
    destroy the last one, the game will go over into the end sequence.
     My walkthrough is ends here, but after you see "The end", wait a couple of 
    minutes and you will get a status report. On the first page, how many times 
    each member got defeated. On the second some statistics of your adventure are 
    visible. On the third there are some statistics of the ancient cave.
                                    GAME FINISHED!
    Appendix A: Capsule monsters
    1. The 7 elements
     There are seven of these monsters that fight on your side. They fight on 
    their own and are not as strong as other party members, but their special 
    attacks can be quite devastating to your enemies. Most of them run away when 
    they are hit, but I have noticed that when they reach the M(master) level, 
    none of them will run away anymore. Although some of them still use the defend 
    command very often.
     Also some of the attacks have to be learned first, so it might be possible if 
    not all attacks are immediately available when you evolve the capsule monster.
    The moment a capsule monster learns a new attack is random, so you just need 
    to be patient and clear as many battles as you can with that monster. Since 
    capsule monsters don't have MP they are all immune to the 'Absorb' spell.
     Note that all 7 monsters have full protection against Poison, Silence, 
    Paralysis and Sleep. Only the Shadow CM; Darbi has Instant Death protection as 
    on top of that. The last remark is that the regular attacks of all the 
    monsters are "Neutral".
    Neutral - Jelze
      Location:   Foomy Woods, to the south of Alunze
      Strong:     -
      Weakness:   -
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant)
    This monster is neutral and uses more physical attacks than magic attacks. He 
    likes using head-butts and punches. Jelze is one of the better capsule 
    monsters on the lower levels/evolutions, compared to the others on the same 
    evolution. But in the end he is gained by the others, and it is best to switch 
    to another capsule monster if possible. His bubble blow attack seems to lower 
    DFP, that's why it may look so weak. Also Jelze will defend somewhat often, 
    even on the Master level.
    All Statistics on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  243  98  86  88  60  68 185  90
        2  331 147 122 124  84  89 199 126
        3  420 205 160 159 102 109 199 158
        4  512 276 211 178 116 127 199 184
        M  520 291 239 191 127 144 199 205
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Foomy S      | Foomy punch    -             -
    Foomy M      | Foomy punch    Head butt     -
    Foomy L      | Foomy punch    Head butt     Tackle
    Foomy H      | Foomy punch(1) Head butt     Tackle
    Goldfox      | Fang attack    Bubble blow   Tail smash
    (1) Foomy punch -> Mega punch
    Bubble blow
     Reduces DFP of all enemies by 40 %
    Fang attack
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 3 (Neutral)
    Foomy punch
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Neutral)
    Head butt
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Neutral)
    Mega punch
     Two Foomy Punches in a row
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Neutral)
    Tail smash
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 9 (Neutral)
    Fire - Blaze
      Location:   Ruby Cavern, to the north of Clamento
      Strong:     Fire
      Weakness:   Water
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant)
    This is my favorite monster. His abilities may be average, but his flame 
    attacks are unmatched. He tends to leave a battle if he takes to much damage 
    in the first evolutions, but on level 4 and M it gets a lot better. Actually I 
    have never seen any Master Capsule Monster run away. His flame attacks are 
    strong especially his Inferno, Base Damage = 6 * INT and Blaze has a very high 
    INT so most enemies can't survive it.
    All on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  215 120 107 112  75 113  85 129
        2  294 179 151 156 107 154 117 179
        3  376 249 203 194 133 194 147 225
        4  459 336 263 226 153 232 176 264
        M  462 346 271 246 160 383 199 282
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Armor dog    | Tail           -              -
    Winged lion  | Tail           Burning fang   -
    Wing lizard  | Fang attack    Iron claw      Flame breath
    Blaze dragon | Flame punch    Burning fang   Flame breath(1)
    Firebird     | Burning rain   Tailspin       Inferno
    (1) Flame breath -> Terminate
    Burning fang
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Fire)
    Burning rain
     Same as Flame breath
    Fang attack
     Same as Tail
    Flame breath
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 2 (Fire)
    Flame punch
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 1.5 (Fire)
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 6 (Fire)
    Iron claw
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Fire)
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Fire)
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3.5 (Fire)
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Fire)
    Light - Flash
      Location:   Northern Labyrinth, to the north of Bound Kingdom
      Strong:     Light
      Weakness:   Shadow
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant)
    Flash uses the element of light and is the weakest in the beginning. He's not 
    really a fighter but his healing abilities can be very useful, especially in 
    the Ancient Cave, but then again most of the time he is too slow on the lower 
    levels to get a turn before the battle is over. Furthermore as visible in the 
    charts Flash will is very weak on the all Classes except the Master Class, 
    once he gets to that class he will be just as strong as the others.
    All Statistics on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  189  46  68  36  77 155 187 131
        2  256  65  94  47 109 210 199 181
        3  325  80 118  54 135 264 199 227
        4  397  87 139  60 156 350 199 266
        M  418 428 300 364 173 383 199 282
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Shaggy       | Spear revive   -              -
    Twinkle      | Healing kiss   Wink           -
    Cupid        | Sacred song    Restoration    Thunderbolt
    Twinkle      | Sacred song(1) Restoration(2) Thunderbolt(3)
    Unicorn      | Dash           Antler stab(4) Healing aura
    (1) Sacred song -> Holy Energy
    (2) Restoration -> Purification
    (3) Thunderbolt -> Bolt attack
    (4) Antler stab -> Holy thunder
    Antler stab
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Light)
    Bolt attack
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Light)
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Light)
    Healing aura
     Restores HP of all party members (between 180 and 208 HP)
    Healing kiss
     Restores HP of one party member (between 60 and 100 HP)
    Holy energy
     Restores HP of all party members (between 140 and 180 HP)
    Holy thunder
     Magical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Light)
     Cures one party member of Poisoning, Silence, Paralysis, Confusion and Sleep
     Cures all party members of Poisoning, Silence, Paralysis, Confusion and Sleep
    Sacred song
     Restores HP of one party member (between 140 and 180 HP)
    Spear revive
     Restores HP of one party member (between 20 and 40 HP)
     Magical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = INT * 2 (Light)
     Increases ATP of one party member by 40 %
    Wind - Gusto
      Location:   Tower of Sacrifice, to the north of Narcysus
      Strong:     -
      Weakness:   Thunder
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant), 'Cancel Out'
    Gusto is somehow capable of completely canceling an attack out. I've seen it 
    happen multiple times. It's very strange but the damage counter sometimes says 
    MISS, even if you fight very strong enemies. This can be a good advantage and 
    note that this evasion ability depends the difference between the AGL of Gusto 
    and the AGL of the enemy who attacks him. E.g. If Gusto's AGL is much higher 
    than enemy's AGL then chances of evading the attack rises significantly. It 
    works like this:
     If AGL Gusto > AGL Attacker Then ->
        Evasion Chance% = (AGL Gusto - AGL Attacker) / AGL Gusto
     For example, when Gusto has 300 AGL and its attacker has 200 AGL then (300 - 
    200) / 300 = 0.33 (approximately). This means that he has 33% chance of 
    evading the attack, thus canceling it out.
     His agility is the best of all the 7 monsters, which means he can evade many 
    attacks. Actually Artea is the only one who can keep up with Gusto, but 
    eventually not even he can keep up with Gusto. There is not much to note about 
    his special attacks other than the Sonic Blast; its power is about 7 * INT 
    which can be quite devastating in some occasions. One other remark I could 
    make is that because he is Wind Elemental, and since no enemy in the game is 
    actually strong to that (except for the gorems) his special attacks will 
    always deal some nice amounts of damage.
    All Statistics on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  210  84 111  70 141 111  84  85
        2  287 125 153  98 193 152 116 121
        3  367 175 191 120 239 192 144 153
        4  448 238 227 136 279 230 167 179
        M  484 336 286 236 320 299 179 198
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Hard hat     | Fang attack    -              -
    Bluebird     | Beakbash       Ironclaw       Spiral wave
    Winged horse | Electro bolt   Finale         Air attack
    Green giant  | Iron fist      Twister        Sonic blast
    Wind dragon  | Tornado blow(1)Dragon fang    Electro bolt
    (1) Tornado Blow -> Cyclonewave
    Air attack
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Wind)
    Beak bash
     Same as Fang attack
    Cyclone wave
     Same as Spiral wave
    Dragon fang
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3.5 (Wind)
    Electro bolt
     Same as Tornado blow
    Fang attack
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Wind)
     Same as Fang attack
    Iron claw
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Wind)
    Iron fist
     Same as Iron claw
    Sonic blast
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 8 (Wind)
    Spiral wave
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Wind)
    Tornado blow
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 2 (Wind)
     Same as Air attack
    Earth - Sully
      Location:   Flower Mountain, to the south of Treadool
      Strong:     Hard
      Weakness:   Thunder
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant)
    Sully is physically the strongest and the slowest of all 7 monsters. Not much 
    MGR as well; as a raddisher on level 99 his MGR is 2. Not to mention his 
    pathetic AGL. If he evolves, it gets a little better but not too much. He can 
    however take a lot of damage and he will practically never run, but instead he 
    will start defending which means he does nothing at all (I guess he's just too 
    stupid to run away). His special attacks are very strong and his Tackle can 
    even paralyze an enemy. Did you know that Sully's Perish Punch has a 60% 
    chance of instantly killing an enemy? Sully is Soil elemental which is NOT 
    Earth elemental. This means that just like Gusto his attacks will always do 
    damage, because there are no enemies strong to Soil.
    All on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  299 201 116 171  12  46 155   2
        2  406 282 166 235  17  61 199   4
        3  516 376 228 293  24  75 199   6
        4  627 491 316 345  28  87 199   9
        M  524 581 312 381  43  98 199  13
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Raddisher    | Radish kick    -              -
    Red Cap      | Perish punch   Glow knuckle   -
    Giant        | Fist           Heel drop      Shakedown(1)
    Stonehead    | Battle anger   Head butt      Stone crush
    Centaur      | Battle bow     Hammer punch   Tackle
    (1) Shakedown -> Battle anger
    Battle anger
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = (ATP + INT) * 4 (Soil)
    Battle bow
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Soil)
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Soil)
     36 % chances of inducing Sleep
    Glow knuckle
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Soil)
    Hammer punch
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Soil)
     60 % chances of inducing Paralysis
    Head Butt
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3.5 (Soil)
    Heel drop
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2.5 (Soil)
    Perish punch
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 1.5 (Soil)
     60 % chances of causing Instant Death
    Radish kick
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Soil)
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = (ATP + INT) * 2 (Soil) 
    Stone crush
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Soil)
     Same as Stone crush + 60 % chances of inducing Paralysis
    Shadow - Darbi
      Location:   On top of small shrine on the Crescent shaped island
      Strong:     Shadow
      Weakness:   Light
      Protection: All Ailments, 'Cancel Out'
    Darbi is strong, but lack of defense and guts means that he's only useful in 
    one-round battles. His special attacks are a little more subtle; they can also 
    cause confusion and poison. But if you are lucky he will perform one of his 
    "instant destruction" type spells: Destruction & Eliminator.
    These usually get you at least one kill. His attacks are also effective on 
    copper/silver/gold dragon, for those are sacred metal creatures. Also Darbi 
    has the same 'canceling out' abilities as Gusto. This evasion ability depends 
    on the difference between the AGL of Darbi and the AGL of the enemy who 
    attacks him. 
      If AGL Darbi > AGL Attacker Then ->
          Evasion Chance% = (AGL Darbi - AGL Attacker) / AGL Darbi
     For example, when Gusto has 100 AGL and its attacker has 50 AGL then (100 - 
    50) / 100 = 0.5. This means that he has 50% chance of evading the attack, thus 
    canceling it out.  Simply put if Darbi's AGL is much higher than enemy's AGL 
    then chances of evading the attack rises significantly. Unfortunately Darbi is 
    much slower than Gusto so it will be less effective. Finally because Darbi is 
    shadow elemental this CM is also fully protected against Instant Death 
    All on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  169 131  96 113  55 159  34   3
        2  232 192 148 157  79 214  49   8
        3  298 266 200 195  97 268  59  13
        4  365 361 237 227 111 320  67  18
        M  436 404 252 244 125 347  69  21
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Myconido     | Trancemaker    Shriek         -
    Wolfman      | Wolf fang      Wolf punch(1)  -
    Mini imp     | Destruction    Mega trident   Dark flame(2)
    Big imp      | Sizzle smash   Terminate      Dark thunder(3)
    Red dragon   | Dash           Dragon blast   Eliminator
    (1) Wolf Punch   -> Sizzle Smash
    (2) Dark Flame   -> Terminate
    (3) Dark Thunder -> Evil Aura
    Dark flame
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 2 (Shadow)
    Dark thunder
     Same as Dark flame (yes, Dark thunder is only Shadow elemental >_>)
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Shadow)
     90 % chances of Instant Death for one random enemy
    Dragon blast
     Same as Terminate
    Evil aura
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 6 (Shadow)
     90 % chances of Instant Death for all enemies
    Mega trident
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Shadow)
     Cures all party members of Confusion
    Sizzle smash
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Shadow)
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Shadow)
     100 % chances of confusing all enemies
    Wolf fang
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Shadow) 
     36 % chances of inducing Sleep
    Wolf punch
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Shadow)
    Water - Zeppy
      Location:   Underwater Capsule Monster Cavern
      Strong:     Water, Thunder*
      Weakness:   Fire
      Protection: All Ailments (not Instant)
      * = Thunder protection ONLY for Level 4: Blue Titan
    His magic resistance is very high, but he is a bit slow. Well, I guess that's 
    about it. His final special attack is called magic freeze and can stop enemies 
    from using magic spells. He's the last of the seven capsule monsters you can 
    find in the game.
    All on Level 99:
    -----  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
        1  239 109  84  93  40 109 119 164
        2  327 158 120 129  56 150 161 222
        3  416 216 161 159  68 190 199 275
        4  508 287 218 183  78 228 199 325
        M  568 348 278 238 143 271 199 365
    All Special Attacks:
    Tribe        | Special 1      Special 2     Special 3
    ------------ | -------------- ------------- ----------------
    Red fish     | Fish kick      Bubble blast   -
    Toadie       | Frog song      Frog kick      Iron trident(1)
    Sea giant    | Energy wave    Hail attack    Iron trident
    Blue titan   | Thunderblast   Thunder fist(2)-
    Fish head    | Fish kick(3)   Dive attack(4) Magic Freeze
    (1) Iron Trident -> Mega Trident
    (2) Thunder Fist -> Power Fist
    (3) Fish Kick    -> Hyper Kick
    (4) Dive Attack  -> Diving Claw
    Bubble blast
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 2 (Water)
    Dive attack
     Same as Mega trident
    Diving claw
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Water)
    Energy wave
     Increases ATP of all party members by 40 %
    Fish kick
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 3 (Water)
    Frog kick
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 2 (Water)
    Frog song
     Reduces DFP of all enemies by 40 %
    Hail attack
     Magical attack on all enemies
     Base DMG = INT * 4 (Water)
    Hyper kick
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Base DMG = ATP * 5 (Water)
    Iron trident
     Physical attack on one random enemy
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 3 (Water)
    Magic freeze
     100 % chances of silencing one random enemy
    Mega trident
     Physical attack on all enemies
     Critical Hit, critical base DMG = ATP * 2 (Water)
    Power fist
     Two Thunder fists in a row
    Thunder fist
     Same as Iron trident     (yes, Thunder fist is Water elemental >_>)
     Same as Hail attack      (yes, Thunderblast is Water elemental >_>)
    2. Statistics Comparison
     These are the statistics of the Capsule monsters on (M)Master; Level 99. The 
    level-ups may be at random, but the capsule monsters will always end up with 
    the same statistics. So I was able to make a reliable chart. For the other 
    classes check the individual description of each Monster in the previous 
    sections. Also note that Statistics on themselves do not mean that a Capsule 
    Monster has greater power over another, each Monster has his/her/its own 
    unique abilities.
    Name  |  HP   ATP   DFP   STR   AGL   INT   GUT   MGR
    ----- | ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    Jelze | 520   291   239   191   127   144   199   205
    Flash | 418   428   300   364   173   383   199   282
    Gusto | 484   336   286   236   320   299   179   198
    Zeppy | 568   348   278   238   143   271   199   365
    Darbi | 436   404   252   244   125   347    69    21
    Sully | 524   581   312   381    43    98   199    13
    Blaze | 462   346   271   246   160   383   199   282
    3. Feeding Capsule monsters
    During Regular Story Mode
    This is the fastest (earliest moment in the game) way;
    If you have any Magic Fruit it is most effective to feed it to them when they 
    are on level 3 since that is the hardest level to feed a Capsule Monster.
    -Level 2:  Feed them daggers.
    -Level 3:  Apple cider from Sundletan.
    -Level 4:  Bee Rocks; dropped item from Big Bee found in the Ruby Cave.
               Bronze Swords from Bound kingdom's shop will also work.
    -Level M:  Feed them the following type of fruit on this level, when they say
               that they are full; "Not hungry" to reach (M) master level. You can
               Also change them back into the previous level with the food in the
               last column. Look just BELOW here for the table.
    Alternative Feeding method (with thanks to Laura Strange):
    Start up a game take a look at the item the CM wants to have and feed it to 
    him, then use a reset and load the game again. If done correctly the CM will 
    want that exact same item again. So keep on Feeding / Resetting to make your 
    Capsule Monster grow a lot faster, because required food always has twice as 
    much effect.
    Inside the Ancient Cave
    Here it's a bit harder to tell you what to feed them, because the items you 
    get are at random. I can give you the following tips:
    1. If you have more than one of the same item he likes, give them both/all.
       For as long as you keep giving that one item he will always keep on eating
    2. Check the options menu sometimes, if there is an item he likes to eat it
       will flash when it is in your possession. (Use select in the main menu)
    3. If you fed him something really strong he only wants to eat expensive
       stuff, so give him the cheapest items like rapiers and chopboards to bring
       his appetite to a less expensive menu. (Also see 6.)
    4. Sometimes a chest will contain Magic fruit, feed this to the capsule
       monster to increase the EAT bar with 8 blocks regardless of his level.
       Better stock up to make the evolution from level 3 to 4 a lot easier.
    5. To get the monsters to the M level you will need some luck. Some monsters
       drop the fruit, so you will have to fight those monsters to receive the
       necessary fruit. Look just BELOW here for the table.
    6. Lately I noticed that when you feed a Capsule Monster something incredibly
       strong you can also bring down the expensiveness of his appetite by feeding
       him his regular Fruit. E.g. Give Flash Holy fruit and Zeppy Charm fruit.
    Monster  Fruit         lvl.  To transform back, or normal food
    -------  ------------  ----  ---------------------------------
    Jelze    Secret fruit  4     Secret fruit
    Flash    Dark fruit    2     Holy fruit
    Gusto    Earth fruit   4     Wind fruit
    Zeppy    Flame fruit   3     Charm fruit
    Darbi    Holy fruit    2     Dark fruit
    Sully    Wind fruit    4     Earth fruit
    Blaze    Charm fruit   3     Flame fruit
    Here is a chart for the monster fruit drops:
    Dropped fruit Enemies
    ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    Secret fruit  Wood Gorem
    Holy fruit    White dragon
    Wind fruit    Green Clay, Serfaco
    Charm fruit   Evil fish, Merman
    Dark fruit    Black dragon
    Earth fruit   Sand Gorem, Behemoth
    Flame fruit   Pug
    Appendix B: chart tables
    1. I. Items - Potions
    Name         Value  What it does
    ------------ -----  ----------------------------------------------------------
    Charred newt     8  restores 5 HP/MP
    Potion           8  restores about  30 HP
    Hi-potion      100  restores about  80 HP
    Ex-potion      500  restores about 320 HP
    Magic jar       10  restores about   8 MP
    Hi-Magic       500  restores about  45 MP
    Ex-magic      2000  restores about  97 MP
    Regain         500  brings an ally back to life, restores DFP and 100 HP
    Miracle       2000  brings an ally back to life, restores DFP and 999 HP & MP
    Antidote         6  cures one poisoned ally
    Awake           10  awakens one sleeping ally
    Shriek           5  brings an ally back to his senses when he's confused
    Myst. Pin       30  cures one stunned ally
    Power gourd    100  increases STR for one ally in one battle with 15%
    Mind gourd     100  increases INT for one ally in one battle with 15%
    Magic guard     50  increases DFP for one ally in one battle with 15%
    Life potion      2  increases HP with +2 to +7 points permanently
    Magic potion     2  increases MP with +2 to +7 points permanently
    Power potion     2  increases ATP,STR +3, DFP +1 or +2 points permanently 
    Speed potion     2  increases AGL with +3 points permanently
    Mind potion      2  increases INT with +3 points permanently
    Brave            2  increases GUT with +3 points permanently
    Pear cider      10  restores in battle, or recover   8 HP in sub screen
    Soar cider      20  restores in battle, or recover  10 HP in sub screen
    Lime cider      40  restores in battle, or recover  15 HP in sub screen
    Plum cider      80  restores in battle, or recover  20 HP in sub screen
    Apple cider   1000  restores in battle, or recover 185 HP in sub screen
    Statue           1  heals one or all allies in combat with 200 HP each
    -Ancient Cave-
    Curselifter    N/A  Used to uncurse equipment
    Providence     N/A  Used to escape from Ancient cave
    1. II. Items - Attack-items
    Name         Value  What it does, when used in combat
    ------------ -----  ----------------------------------------------------------
    Sleep ball     100  1 enemy falls into sleep (100% chance)
    Confuse ball   100  1 enemy gets confused    (100% chance)
    Freeze ball    100  1 enemy gets stunned     (100% chance)
    Smoke ball     100  escape battle at once. It won't work in Boss battles
    Ice ball       200  hit an enemy with Ice power
    Fire ball      200  hit an enemy with Fire power
    Terror ball   1000  instantly kill one enemy (50% chance) 
    Boomerang       20  hit all enemies light (Flying)
    Big boomer     500  hit all enemies       (Flying)
    Ex-boomer     2000  hit all enemies heavy (Neutral)
    Dragon teeth   500  hit all enemies       (Dragon)
    Flame charm      2  attack 1 enemy with Fire magic
    Zap charm        2  attack 1 enemy with Thunder magic
    Magic lamp      75  attack all enemies with Fire magic
    1. III. Items - Miscellaneous
    Name         Value  What it is / does
    ------------ -----  ----------------------------------------------------------
    Green tea       10  No use
    Escape         100  the same as Escape spell
    Warp           120  the same as Warp spell
    Dragon egg       -  collect 8 and give them to the Egg dragon 
    Arrow            -  use to stun enemy, to trigger switches out of reach
    Bomb             -  blow up things
    Hook             -  to pull yourself across a pit
    Fire arrow       -  the same as arrow, but burns vegetation
    Hammer           -  used to break rocks, move pillars out of normal reach
    Sonar            -  use in dungeon to check how many chests you missed
    Secret fruit    10  used to evolve Jelze into his Master level
    Holy fruit      10  used to evolve Darby into his Master level
    Wind fruit      10  used to evolve Sully into his Master level
    Charm fruit     10  used to evolve Blaze into his Master level
    Dark fruit      10  used to evolve Flash into his Master level
    Earth fruit     10  used to evolve Gusto into his Master level
    Flame fruit     10  used to evolve Zeppy into his Master level
    Magic fruit     10  give to any CM; fills 8 parts of the GROW-bar on any level
    Iris ring        -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris armor       -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris helmet      -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris shield      -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris sword       -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris tiara       -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris pot         -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris staff       -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Iris jewel       -  one of the ten Iris treasures
    Power Jelly      -  one of the ten Iris treasures
                        (The Jelly doesn't seem to appear in inventory actually)
    1. IV. Items - Scenario objects and keys
    Name              Description
    ----------------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    Door key          Key of the cave to Sundletan
    Lake key          Key of the lake cave
    Shrine key        Key for the shrine to Tanbel
    Sky key           Key of Tanbel east tower
    Ruby key          Key of the ruby cave
    Sword key         Key of treasure sword shrine
    Wind key          Key of Gordovan west tower
    Cloud key         Key of the ancient tower
    Light key         Key of the northern lighthouse
    Tree key          Key of Phantom mountain
    Old key           Key of the Ancient Cave
    Narcysus key      Key of the tower of sacrifice
    Flower key        Key of flower mountain
    Dankirk key       Key of Dankirk north dungeon 
    Trial key         Key of Ferim northeast tower
    Heart key         Key of the divine shrine
    Ghost key         Key of the shrine of vengeance
    Truth key         Key of the tower of truth
    Magma key         Key of dragon mountain
    Mermaid jade      Key to entrance of mermaid city Preamarl
    Basement key      Key of Gratze dungeon
    Crown             King of Alunze's crown
    Ruby apple        Fake ruby apple, made by Jaffy
    Pretty flower     Priphea flower of flower mountain
    Glass angel       Fake ruby angel, made by Jaffy 
    Engine            Gratze's tank engine
    VIP-card          Receive from prince of Auralio; used to enter VIP room
    2. I. Weapons - Swords
    For information about all the contents of each column see at the bottom.
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP            Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  ------------- ------- ----------------------
    Rage Knife    All      40      6  Bomb attack   -
    Frypan        ST        4     10  -             Hard
    Knife         ST        5     13  -             -
    Small knife   All       8     20  -             -
    Rapier        MSA      10    100  -             -
    Battle knife  All      14    200  Thunder blast -
    Bunny sword   SA      500    300  Battle fury   -       6
    Dagger        MGADL    22    400  -             -
    Insect crush  MGD      21    650  Bomb attack   Insect  GUT+2
    Long knife    All      38    800  -             -
    Short sword   MSGADL   42    900  Ice attack    -
    Light knife   All      32   1000  Light attack  Light   MGR+10
    Kukri         MGD      52   1500  Thunder blast -
    Gladius       MGADL    68   2400  Holy energy   Light
    Dragon blade  MGD     450   2500  Dragon fire   -       C(25%)*3
    Cold-rapier   MSA      76   4200  Glacial blast Ice     DFP+5 AGL+10 GUT+2
    Scimitar      MSA      90   4400  Ice attack    -
    Bronze sword  MGD      98   5000  Water attack  -
    Fire dagger   MGADL    56   6000  Blaze attack  Fire    DFP+3 STR+6
    War rapier    MSA     114   7600  Thunder blast -
    Long sword    MGD     120   8000  -             -
    Multi sword   MGD      86   9450  Bomb attack   -       2
    Rockbreaker   M       164   9850  Thunder blast -
    Broadsword    MGD     188  11000  -             -
    Estok         MSA     192  11500  Flame attack  -
    Silvo rapier  MSA     218  13200  Holy energy   Light
    Burn sword    MSGD    180  15000  Firestorm     Fire    C( 5%)*2
    Dekar blade   D       188  15000  Fatal blow    -       C(10%)*2
    Crazy blade   MSATL   263  19700  Dive bomber   -
    Deadly sword  MGD       0  20000  -             -       c,£, C(50%)*3
    Deadly sword  MGD     100    100  Bomb attack   -       u,£, C( 8%)*3, GUT+10 
    Aqua sword    SAT     260  20000  Torrent       Water   C( 5%)*2, MGR+10
    Red saber     M       282  21400  Blaze attack  Fire
    Mist rapier   MSA     283  25100  Aqua attack   Water
    Boom sword    MGD     300  28000  Thundershriek Thunder C( 5%)*2
    Freeze sword  MSA     306  28000  Arctic freeze Ice     C( 5%)*2, DFP+3 STR+6
    Silver sword  M       314  29000  Holy energy   Light
    Super sword   S       320  30000  Holy energy   Light   C( 5%)*2, GUT,MGR+10
    Buster sword  M       355  45500  Bomb attack   -
    Rune rapier   A       362  49300  Bomb attack   Light
    Lizard blow   All     360  50000  Dragon rush   Dragon  C(10%)*2, MGR+20
    Old sword     MGD     400  50000  Battle cry    -
    Zirco sword   M       386  51000  Firestorm     -
    !Sizzle sword!MS      400  55000  Firestorm     Fire    C(10%)*2, GUT+20
    !Blaze sword! S       400  55000  Celestial     Light   C(10%)*2, INT,MGR+20
    !Gades blade! GD      200  60000  Octo-strike   Shadow  C(10%)*1
    !Snow sword!  ST      380  65000  Deep freeze   Ice     C(10%)*2, DFP,MGR+50
    !Fry Sword!   GD      410  65000  Sizzle        Light   C(10%)*2, All+10
    !Sky sword!   MGD     450  65000  Skysplitter   Thunder C(10%)*2,DFP+25 STR+50
    Egg Sword     All       0  65000  Hard boiled   -
    Dual blade    M       400      -  Wave motion   Light   C(10%)*2
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    SuhrCustom11  All      50    N/A  -             -
    Deadly sword  M        20    N/A  -             Shadow  c,¥, I(80%)
    Deadly sword  M       120    N/A  Battle cry    Shadow  u,¥, I(10%)
    Beserk blade  GDL     250    N/A  -             Shadow  c
    Beserk blade  GDL     200    N/A  Bomb attack   Shadow  u, C( 50%)*1
    Luck rapier   MSAL      0    N/A  -             -       c, C(100%)*1
    Luck rapier   MSAL    290    N/A  -             -       u, C( 40%)*1
    Lucky blade   MGDL      0    N/A  -             -       c, C(100%)*1.25
    Lucky blade   MGDTL   300    N/A  -             -       u, C( 40%)*1
    Flying blow   All     240    N/A  Swoop         Flying  C(10%)*2
    Myth blade    MGD     450    N/A  Battle fury   -
    2. II. Weapons - Axes
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Franshiska    GD       70   2600  -               -
    Hand ax       GD      104   6000  Bomb attack     -
    Thunder ax    GD      108   6000  Thunderball     Thunder DFP+4, STR+8
    Bronze ax     GD      162   9700  Bomb attack     -
    Flying ax     GD      170   9900  Deadly smash    Flying  C( 5%)*2
    Rainy ax      GD      260  18500  Bomb attack     -
    Great ax      GD      365  47500  -               -
    Zirco ax      GD      394  52500  Torrent         -
    !Mega ax!     GD      400  55000  Thundershriek   Thunder C(10%)*2, DFP+20
    2. III. Weapons - Rods and Staffs
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Mace          SAT      30    600  -               Hard
    Rod           SAT      58   1800  -               Hard
    Staff         SAT      78   3600  -
    Long staff    SAT     102   6200  -               Hard
    Morning star  SA      172  10000  -               Hard
    Pounder rod   SAT     240  15500  -               Hard
    Crystal wand  SAT     280  24000  Holy energy     Light
    Silver rod    SAT     320  35000  Celestial       Light
    Zirco rod     SAT     360  48000  -               Hard
    Zirco flail   GD      390  52000  Arctic freeze   -
    !Sparkstaff!  SAT     350  65000  Phoenix blow    Fire    C(10%)*2, INT,MGR+50
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Deadly rod    SAT       0    N/A  -               Shadow  c, I(80%)
    Deadly rod    SAT     110    N/A  Devastation     Shadow  u, I(10%)
    Sleep rod     SAT     100    N/A  Sleep stinger   -       Sl(20%)
    Holy staff    SAT     180    N/A  Holy energy     Light   1
    2. IV. Weapons - Whips
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Whip          ST       20    300  Flame attack    -
    Wire          ST       40   1200  Water attack    -
    Chain         ST       66   2200  Dive bomber     -
    Aqua whip     ST       72   3800  Aqua attack     -       DFP+5, MGR+10
    Fortune whip  ST      260   2500  -               -       C(50%)/8 DFP+4,AGL+8
    Cutter whip   ST      132   9100  Dive bomber     -       
    Royal whip    ST      220  13000  Ice attack      -
    Holy whip     ST      300  30000  Celestial       Light   C(10%)*2
    Zirco whip    ST      384  52000  Thunder shriek  -
    !Airwhip!     ST      400  55000  Arctic freeze   Ice     C(10%)*2, MGR+20
    2. V. Weapons - Spears and Javelins
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Spear         GD      222  13500  Dive bomber     -
    Trident       GD      268  20900  Water attack    -
    Halberd       GD      285  23500  Thunder attack  -
    Heavy lance   GD      330  31800  Bomb attack     -
    !Water spear! AL      400  55000  Torrent         Water   C(10%)*2, INT+20
    !Dragon spear!SA      380  65000  Flood           Water   C(10%)*2, AGL+50,
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Fatal pick    SAT       0    N/A  -               Shadow  c, I(80%)
    Fatal pick    SAT     150    N/A  -               Shadow  u, I(25%)
    2. VI. Weapons - Tools and Wrenches
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Vice pliers   L       140   6000  -               -
    Coma hit      L       180   8000  Sleep stinger   -       Sl(10%), 4a
    Figgoru       L       195   9500  Confusion       -       Co(10%), 4a
    Superdriver   L       190  12000  Bomb attack     -
    Stun gun      L       240  14500  Stun shocker    -       St(10%)
    Battledriver  L       253  18200  -               -
    2. VII. Weapons - Bows
    Name          Used by ATP  Value  IP              Element Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Launcher      AL      150  13000  Swoop           Flying  4a
    Freeze bow    A       180  37600  Glacial blast   Ice     4b
    Curse bow     A         0  50000  -               -       c, 3
    Arty's bow    A       300  30000  Mirror block    -       u, 4a
    3. I. Armor - Body
    -See list at the end of the tables for abbreviations of the protection column.
    Name          Used by DFP  Value  IP              Protection  Increases
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ----------- ----------------
    Seethru cape  ST        1     50  Miracle         Pa,Co,Sl,Po,Si
    Seethru silk  S         9     50  Regeneration    Pa,Co,Sl,Po,Si
    Apron         ST        4     60  -               -
    Dress         ST        5     90  -               -
    Cloth         All       6    140  -               -
    Lab-coat      L         7    180  Power healing   Po
    Hide armor    All       9    250  -               -
    Bunny suit    SA       20    300  Magic rebirth   Pa,Po
    Frock         ST       11    400  Healing         -
    Robe          SAT      13    450  -               -
    Cloth armor   MGAD     17    600  Antidote        -
    Coat          ST       15    700  Re-energize     -
    Though hide   MGD      19    800  Re-energize     -
    Light dress   ST       20   1000  Re-energize     -
    Light armor   MGD      25   1200  Free magic      -
    Camu armor    GD       32   1500  Divine cure     Po          ATP,STR +5
    Baggy         ST       26   1600  -               -
    Tight dress   ST       33   2850  Reawaken        -
    Chainmail     MGADL    35   3000  -               -
    Holy wings    ST       36   3200  Holy healing    In,Po       ATP,STR +5
    Iron mail     GD       39   3500  Paralysis cure  -
    Toga          ST       40   3600  -               -
    Chain armor   MGD      47   4500  -               -
    Thick cloth   GD       48   4700  Paralysis cure  -
    Stone plate   D        49   4850  Revive          -
    Long robe     ST       50   5000  Power healing   Si(1)
    Plated cloth  MGADL    54   5800  -               -
    Iron plate    GD       59   5925  Reviver         -
    Metal mail    D        68   6250  Sacred song     -
    Silk toga     ST       64   6300  Power healing   Po,Si
    Silver armor  MGD      66   7200  Magic cure      Po
    Light jacket  G        68   7600  -               -
    Metalcoat     ST       75   7750  Magic cure      -
    Silver mail   MGADL    76   8700  Magic cure      Po
    Power jacket  GD       78   9000  -               -
    Quilted silk  ST       82   9200  Reviver         Po
    Metal armor   GD       80   9300  Paralysis cure  -
    Magic bikini  ST       60  10000  Magic cure      Pa
    Power-cape    ST       82  10000  -               -
    Silver robe   SA       84  11000  Revival sleep   Po
    Evening gown  S        87  11100  Sacred song     -
    Plate armor   MGD      88  11300  -               -
    Plati plate   MGD      92  12000  Divine Cure     -
    Silk robe     SA       91  12700  -               Po
    Revive armor  MGAL     90  14000  Revival sleep   -           MGR +5
    Crystal mail  MGD     100  14500  Sudden cure     Po
    Crystal robe  SAT      98  15000  Rejuvenation    Po
    Heal armor    MGD     100  18000  Rebirth         -
    Deadly armor  MGD      80  20000  Iron kick       -           c
    Deadly armor  MGD      42    100  Recovery        -           u, ATP,STR+5
    Metal jacket  GD      106  20000  -               -
    Eron dress    ST      110  22000  Recovery        -
    Bright armor  All     120  24000  Sudden cure     Pa,Po       MGR +20
    Power robe    SAT     110  30000  Sacred song     -
    Magic scale   MSATL   110  30000  Magic healing   -         ATP,STR,AGL,MGR+10
    Holy robe     SAT     114  32000  Crisis cure     In,Pa,Po    MGR +40
    Ghostclothes  All     100  35000  Rejuvenation    Co
    Royal dress   ST      122  38000  Rejuvenation    Po,Si
    Full mail     GD      130  40000  -               -
    Old armor     GD      130  50000  Regeneration    Pa,Po       ATP,STR +20
    Zircon plate  SAL     142  51200  Sudden cure     -
    Zircon armor  MGD     150  54000  Magic cure      -
    !Mirak plate! MGD     120  55000  Magic rebirth   Pa
    !Ruse armor!  ST      140  58000  Regeneration    In
    Pearl armor   M       140  60000  Phoenix         In,Pa,Po
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Bright cloth  L        86    N/A  Recovery        In,Po
    3. II. Armor - Shields
    Name          Used by DFP  Value  IP             Protect  Increases + Other
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  -------------  -------  --------------------
    Chop board    ST        1     30  -              -
    Small shield  All       2    100  -              -
    Bunnylady     SA       10    200  Beserker       Si
    Hide shield   MGADL     5    400  -              -
    Buckler       MGD       8    600  -              -
    Mini shield   SATL     10    800  Battle lust    -
    Wood shield   MGADL    15   1200  -              -
    Bracelet      ST       14   1400  Iron clad      -
    Power brace   MSATL    10   2000  Spell repel    Co        INT +5
    Kite shield   MGD      20   2200  Fleet          -
    Tough gloves  All      18   2600  -              -
    Brone shield  MGD      28   3600  Spell repel    -
    Anger brace   All      31   4000  Battle lust    Sl        ATP,STR +5, GUT +10
    Block shield  ST       22   4200  Iron clad      -
    Tecto gloves  SAL      30   4300  Lightbulb      -
    Round shield  MGD      34   4600  -              -
    Pearl brace   ST       16   5000  Lightbulb      Po,Pa     INT +10
    Fayza shield  All      41   5000  Fleet          -         AGL +5
    Big shield    MGD      37   5900  -              -
    Tall shield   D        39   6000  Beserker       -
    Silvo shield  M        24   6900  Aura protect   -         MGR +5
    Spike shield  MGD      44   7500  -              -         ATP +15
    Slash shield  SATL     45   7500  Battle lust    -         ATP +10
    Mage shield   MSATL    50   8000  Lightbulb      Si        INT +10
    Tuff buckler  MGD      48   8200  -              -
    Tect buckler  MSGDL    55   8500  Quicksilver    -
    Gold gloves   SATL     57   8600  Flame guard    -
    Gold shield   MG       58   8800  Flame guard    -
    Plati gloves  SATL     61  10600  Thunder guard  -
    Plati shield  MGD      63  11400  Ice guard      -
    Gauntlet      All      68  13200  Power guard    -
    Rune gloves   A        72  18800  Shadow guard   Si        MGR +23
    Holy shield   MGD      76  26300  Light guard    -         MGR +15
    Zirco gloves  SATL     80  32300  Force field    -         MGR +14
    Zirco shield  MGD      84  34400  Beserker       -         MGR +8
    !Water gaunt! SATL     75  35000  Waterscreen    -,  w     AGL,MGR +10
    !Flame shield!MGD      80  35000  Flame block    -,  f     GUT +10
    Old shield    GAD      85  35000  Ancient power  Si        AGL +10
    !Cryst shield!ST       80  37000  Holy shield    -,  i     MGR +10
    !Bolt shield! GD       85  37000  Thunder block  -,  t     ATP,STR +10
    Mega shield   GD       90  38000  Iron barrier   -
    !Dark mirror! All     150  38000  -              -         c, 5
    Dark mirror   All      75  40000  Dark mist      In, s     u, ATP,STR,INT +10
    !Apron shield!MGD      85  40000  Holy wall      -,  l     ATP,DFP,MGR +10
    Pearl shield  M        90  50000  Miracle care   Si
    3. III. Armor - Hats and Helmets
    Name          Used by DFP  Value  IP              Protect Add. Increasements
    ------------- ------- ---  -----  --------------  ------- --------------------
    Pot           ST        1     30  -               -
    Beret         SATL      2    150  Sluggish        -
    Bunny ears    SA       10    200  Sword splitter  Co,Sl
    Cap           All       2    240  -               -
    Cloth helmet  MGADL     4    400  -               -
    Hairband      ST        6    400  -               -       MGR +2
    Headband      ST        9    600  Forgetful       -       MGR +2
    Jet helm      MGAD      9    800  Sluggish        -       AGL +4
    Hide helmet   MGADL    13    800  -               -
    Red beret     SATL     15   1000  Spell struck    -
    Glass cap     SATL     16   1300  -               -
    Wood helmet   MGD      18   1400  -               -
    Blue beret    SATL     20   2300  -               -
    Brone helmet  MGD      22   2500  Menace          -
    Stone helmet  GD       23   2900  Weak point      -
    Fury helmet   MGD      22   3000  Menace          Sl      ATP +8, GUT +10
    Cloche        SATL     25   3000  -               -
    Iron helmet   MG       28   3600  Slow            -
    Tight helmet  D        32   3800  -               -
    Turban        SATL     31   4100  Dimwit          -
    Plate cap     MGD      33   4500  -               -
    Roomy helmet  GD       34   4800  -               -
    Tight turban  SATL     36   5000  Vulnerable      -
    Glass cloche  SATL     42   5200  -               -
    Plate helmet  MGD      38   5500  -               -
    Rock helmet   D        38   5700  Weapon weak     -
    Jute helmet   MGD      18   6000  Spell struck    I,Co    MGR +8
    Shade hat     SATL     46   6200  -               -
    Metal cloche  AL       40   6300  -               -
    SilverHelmet  MGD      43   6800  Slow            -       MGR +4
    Fury ribbon   SA       50   8000  Weak point      Sl      GUT +10
    Silver hat    M        47   8500  Dimwit          -       MGR +10
    Eron hat      GD       49   8800  Meltdown        -
    Circlet       SATL     50   9000  -               -       MGR +18
    Golden helm   MGD      52   9200  Slow            -
    Gold band     SATL     54   9400  Dimwit          -
    Plati band    SATL     58  10400  Weaponweak      -
    Plati helm    MGD      58  10800  Vulnerable      -
    Crysto beret  SATL     63  14600  -               -       MGR +29
    Crysto helm   MGD      46  15200  Weapon weak     -       MGR +29
    Holy cap      SAT      68  18600  Vulnerable      -       MGR +23
    Zirco band    SAL      74  33200  Dimwit          -
    Zirco helmet  MGD      76  34000  Slow            -
    !Agony helm!  MGD      80  35000  Flame return    Sl      GUT +10
    Old helmet    GD       85  35000  Anger mirror    Co      ATP,STR +10
    !Boom turban! SATL     85  35000  Thunder turn    Sl      ATP,STR +10
    !Ice hairband!ST       80  37000  Ice mirror      Sl      MGR +10
    !Hairpin!     ST       80  37000  Dark mirror     Si      MGR +10
    !Aqua helm!   SAT      85  37000  Aqua mirror     -       AGL +10
    Legend helm   MGD      90  37000  Boomerang       Co
    Brill helm    All      90  40000  Holy mirror     Co, s   ATP,STR,AGL,GUT+10
    Pearl helmet  M        90  40000  Brilliance      Co
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Safety hat    L        70    N/A  Sword splitter  Co      MGR +5
    4. Rings
                                                      Additional Increasements
    Name           Used by Value  IP         Special   ATP DFP STR AGL INT GUT MGR
    -------------  ------- -----  ---------  --------  --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Bunny ring     SA        100  Thunder    In          -   5   -   -   -   -   -
    Ear jewel      ST        500  -          -           -   -   -   -   -   2   -
    Glass brace    ST        800  -          -           -   1   -   2   2   2   -
    Glass ring     ST       1000  Confuse    -           -   -   -   -   2   2   -
    !Earring!      ST       1000  Thunder    -           -   5   -   -   -   -   5
    Speedy ring    All      2000  Fake       -           -   5   -  10   -   -   -
    Power ring     All      3000  Trick      -          20  10  20   -   -   -   -
    Muscle ring    All      3000  Bravery    -          20   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Protect ring   All      3000  Courage    -           -  20   -   -   -   -   -
    Mind ring      All      3000  Stronger   -           -   -   -   -  20   -   -
    Witch ring     ST       3000  Deflect    -           -   -   -   -  10   -  20
    Fire ring      All      3000  Fireball   Fire+      10   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Water ring     All      3000  Vortex     Water+      -  10   -   -   -   -   -
    Ice ring       All      3000  Blizzard   Ice+        -   5   -  10   -   -   -
    Thunder ring   All      3000  Bolt       Thunder+   10   5  10   -   -   -   -
    Fury ring      ST       4000  Dread      -           -   -   -   -   -  20   -
    Mystery ring   All      5000  Mirror     Sl         10  10   -   -   -   -   -
    Sonic ring     All      6000  Fake       -           -  10   -  20   -   -   -
    Hipower ring   All      8000  Trick      -          40  20  40   -   -   -   -
    S-Fire ring    All      8000  Firebird   Fire+      20   -   -   -   -   -   -
    S-Water ring   All      8000  Dragon     Water+      -  20   -   -   -   -   -
    S-Ice ring     All      8000  Ice.....   Ice+        -  10   -  20   -   -   -
    S-Thun ring    All      8000  Thunder    Thunder+   20  10  20   -   -   -   -
    S-Power ring   All      9000  Bravery    -          40   -   -   -   -   -   -
    S-Mind ring    All     11000  Champion   -           -   -   -   -  40   -   -
    S-Pro ring     All     12000  Courage    -           -  40   -   -   -   -   -
    S-Witch ring   ST      13000  Deflect    -           -   -   -   -  20   -  40
    Undead ring    All     13000  Perish     Light,In    -   -   -   -   -   -  25
    Rocket ring    All     14000  Fake       -           -  20   -  40   -   -   -
    Ghost ring     All     20000  Destroy    In          -   -   -   -   -   -  50
    Angry ring     All     25000  Dread      -           -   -   -   -   -  40   -
    S-Myst ring    All     26000  Mirror     Si,Sl      20  20   -   -   -   -   -
    !Dia ring!     ST      30000  Zap        -          30  30   -   -   -   -  20
    !Sea ring!     All     32000  Vortex     Sea         -  25   -  10  10   -  20
    Dragon ring    All     42000  Dragon     Dragon     30  40   -  20  20   -  20
    !Engage ring!  ST      50000  Courage    7           -   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Egg ring       All     65000  -          -         999 999 999 999 999 199 999
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Trick ring     All       N/A  Trick      Trick+     10   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Fake ring      All       N/A  Fake       Fake+      10   -   -   -   -   -   -
    5. Rocks and Jewels
                                                      Additional Increasements
    Name           Used by Value  IP              Oth. ATP DFP STR AGL INT GUT MGR
    -------------  ------- -----  --------------  ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Horse rock     All      5000  Frenzy          -     10   5  10   -   -   -   -
    Eagle rock     All      5000  Dive            -      5   8   -  15   -   -   -
    Lion fang      All      8000  Bite            -     15   5  15  10   -   -   -
    Bee rock       All      8000  Immobilize      -      -  10   -  20   -   -   -
    Snake rock     All      8000  Tail attack     -     10   5  10   -   -  10   -
    Cancer rock    All      8000  Scissor slash   -      -  20   -   -   -   -   -
    Pumkin jewel   All     10000  Head attack     -      -   -   -   -  10   -  20
    Uni jewel      All     10000  Dash            -     50   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Mysto jewel    All     15000  Ninja           -     20  10   -  20   -   -   -
    Samu jewel     All     15000  Samurai         -     20  20   -   -   -   -   -
    Bat rock       All     18000  Vampire         -     10   3   -   5   -   -   -
    Hidora rock    All     18000  Triple attack   -     20  10   -  20   -   -  10
    Flame jewel    All     20000  Incendiary      -     10   -   -   -  10   -   5
    !Water jewel!  All     20000  Frost           -      -  10   -   -  20  10   -
    !Thundojewel!  All     20000  Voltage bolt    -     30   5  10   -  10   -   -
    !Earth jewel!  All     20000  Ground shock    -      -  20   -   -   -   -  20
    !Twist jewel!  All     20000  Twister         -      -  35   -  30   -   -   -
    !Gloom jewel!  All     20000  Dark force      -      -   -   -   -   -   -  50
    !Tidal jewel!  ST      20000  Tidal wave      -      -   -   -   -   -  20   -
    Magma rock     All     20000  Magma blast     -     20  30  20   -   -  10   -
    Evil jewel     All     50000  Perish          c    120   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Evil jewel     All     25000  Gloomy          u     80   -   -   -   -   -   -
    Gorgon rock    All     28000  Ax attack       -     25  25   -   -   -   -   -
    Song rock      S       28000  Do-re-mi        -      -  10   -   -   -  10   -
    Kraken rock    All     28000  Ten-legger      -     30  20   -   -   -   -  10
    !Catfish jwl.! All     40000  Mega quake      -      -   -   -   -   -  20  20
    !Camu jewel!   All     40000  Buster attack   -     20   -   -   -  20   -  20
    !Spido jewel!  All     40000  Spider web      -     10   -   -   -   -  20   -
    !Gorgan rock!  All     42000  Combo attack    -     20  50  20   -   -   -  20
    Light jewel    All     47000  Flash           -     20  10  20   -  20   -  20
    !Black eye!    All     50000  Gloomsplash     -     20  20  20  20   -  20  20
    !Silver eye!   All     60000  Diamond dust    -      -  10   -  20  20  20  20
    !Gold eye!     All     65000  Stardust blow   -     40  30  20   -   -   -  20
    Item column
    !name here! = This item is a Blue Chest item of the Ancient Cave
    Used by column
    M = Maxim     S = Selan
    G = Guy       A = Arty
    D = Dekar     T = Tia
    L = Lexis     All = All seven allies
    Element column (Weapons)
    -      = Neutral weapon
    Hard   = Effective against "Hard" or "Strong" enemies (see Enemy Charts)
    Flying = Effective against Flying enemies
    Dragon = Effective against Dragons
    Insect = Effective against Insects
    Protect column (Armors, Shields, Helmets)
    Pa    = protects against Paralysis
    Co    = protects against Confusion
    Sl    = protects against Sleep
    Po    = protects against Poison
    Si    = protects against Silence
    Si(1) = divides chances of being Silenced by half only
    In    = protects against Instant Death
    f = Fire damage is halved
    i = Ice damage is halved
    l = Light damage is halved
    s = Shadow damage is halved
    t = Thunder damage is halved
    w = Water damage is halved
    Special column (Rings)
    Sl       = protects against Sleep
    Si       = protects against Silence
    In       = protects against Instant Death
    Fire+    = power of Fire magic increased
    Water+   = power of Water magic increased
    Thunder+ = power of Thunder magic increased
    Ice+     = power of Ice magic increased
    Light    = all physical attacks have Light elemental Properties
    Dragon   = all physical attacks are effective against Dragon Type
    Sea      = all physical attacks are effective against Sea Type
    Trick+   = powers up Trick spell
    Fake+    = powers up Fake spell
    Increasements / Other column (For All Items)
    c        = cursed
    u        = uncursed
    C(xx%)*y = weapon has greater Critical Hit Chance 'xx' and damage it deals
                is (regular damage * y) (Critical hits ignore target's DFP!).
    St(xx%)  = weapon can cause enemy to get Stunned.
    Co(xx%)  = weapon can cause enemy to get Confused.
    Sl(xx%)  = weapon can cause enemy to fall into Sleep.
    I(xx%)   = weapon can cause enemy to die in an Instant.
    1 = Weapon has 100% chance of CURING Paralysis (on enemy) when used to attack
        (Identical to using Mystery Pin).
    2 = Weapon allows you to attack twice in one round.
    3 = Attacks allies
    4a= Attacks all target at the same time
    4b= Attack one or several targets at the same time
    5 = Uncurse the Dark mirror and you can't take it into the Ancient Cave
        anymore, but only an uncursed mirror gives shadow protection.
    6 = Bunny Sword says to have an ATP of 500, but the BASE damage it deals is
        always 120. Therefore the sword itself does no damage against stronger
        enemies. ATP however is counted for IP attacks resulting in real killer
        attacks (When used with 'Triple Strike' and 'Head attack' for example).
    7 = Engage ring will cut prices that shopkeepers count in two when worn.
    ¥ = this is the first set of deadly swords. (Found in the Ancient cave)
    £ = this is the second set of deadly swords. (Dropped by deadly sword), 
         these are called 'Lethal Swords' in the PAL version.
    -Note 1: Some PAR codes where used to complete the chart tables for Tia, Dekar
             & Lexis. For they are usually unable to use weapons like the egg
    -Note 2: I've placed the items of that type which can only be found in the
             Ancient Cave in a small extra table at the end of each chart.
    6. Spells
    About the Damage Formulas; the Damage done by Magic Formulas is like:
     Damage = Base DMG / 2 - MGR / 4 + fluctuation
    Base DMG is different for each attacking spell that is listed in the table 
    Name       Used by  Cost  MP  Effect
    ---------- ------- -----  --  ------------------------------------------------
    Reset      M           0   0  Resets puzzles and enemies in dungeons
    Light      S           0   0  Use to lit up Daos' shrine
    Escape     SAT      1000   8  Escape from dungeon (if possible)
    Warp       SAT      2000   8  Warp to a place on the world map
    Antidote   MSATL     300   2  chance of curing poison
    Release    MSATL     800   2  chance of curing paralysis
    Waken      MSATL    5000   4  chance of awakening a sleeping ally
    Strong     MSATL     200   3  restore HP (INT +  20 ) / number targets
    Stronger   MSATL    5000   8  restore HP (INT + 120 ) / number targets
    Champion   MSATL   20000  16  restore HP (INT + 999 ) / number targets
    Rally      MSATL   15000  10  revive character after defeat (max of 100 HP)
    Valor      MSATL   30000  30  restores total 2000 HP and can cure death
    Confuse    MSATL    1000   3  small chance of confusing an enemy
    Drowsy     MSATL    1000   3  small chance of making enemy fall asleep
    Coma       MSATL   10000   4  chance of making enemy fall asleep
    Trick      MSATL    2000   5  raises ATP with 20%
    Bravery    MSATL    1000   3  raises DFP with 20%
    Courage    MSATL    5000   5  raises DFP with 30%
    Fake       MSATL    2000   4  raises AGL with 20%
    Shield     MSATL    5000   4  raises MGR with 20%
    Mirror     MSATL   30000   3  chance of creating magic repellent mirror
    Droplet    MSATL     400   4  Water Magic:   Base DMG = INT +  50
    Vortex     MSATL    8000   7  Water Magic:   Base DMG = INT + 130
    Dragon     MSATL   25000  22  Water Magic:   Base DMG = INT + 390
    Gale       MSATL     500   4  Ice Magic:     Base DMG = INT +  40
    Blizzard   MSATL    9000   8  Ice Magic:     Base DMG = INT + 120
    Ice valk.  MSATL   25000  22  Ice Magic:     Base DMG = INT + 420
    Flash      MSATL     600   5  Thunder Magic: Base DMG = INT +  65
    Bolt       MSATL   10000  10  Thunder Magic: Base DMG = INT + 160
    Thunder    MSATL   30000  24  Thunder Magic: Base DMG = INT + 480
    Spark      SATL      300   3  Fire Magic:    Base DMG = INT +  40
    Fireball   SATL     6000   6  Fire Magic:    Base DMG = INT + 120
    Fire bird  SATL    20000  20  Fire Magic:    Base DMG = INT + 360
    Fry        A       40000  20  Light Magic:   Base DMG = INT + 300
    Zap        A       65000  30  Light Magic:   Base DMG = INT + 600
    Perish     MSTL    15000   4  Instantly destroy enemy (25% chance)
    Destroy    MSTL    30000   8  Instantly destroy enemy (50% chance)
    Absorb     MSATL   20000   1  Absorbs MP
     --Ancient Cave Only--
    Deflect    MAT       N/A   5  Rarely stops enemy magic (silence enemy)
    Dread      MSATL     N/A   5  Lower enemy DFP with 10%
    7. IP attacks
    Name          Tar   %  abs T Elem. Extras / Notes (See bottom)
    ------------- --- ---  --- - ----- ------------------------------------------
    Ancient power   S  51  128 M -     (All)
    Anger mirror    S  84  214 M -     [All]
    Antidote       aA   7   16 M -     Cures poison
    Aqua attack    1E  65  164 P W     3x damage
    Aqua mirror     S  65  164 M -     [Water]
    Arctic freeze  aE  88  224 P I     -
    Aura protect   aA  26   64 M -     Inc. MGR by 40%
    Ax attack      1E  65  164 P -     Dec. HP by 1/8
    Battle fury    1E  76  192 P -     Dec. HP by 1/4
    Battle lust    1A  13   32 M -     Inc. ATP by 40%
    Battlecry      1E  51  128 P -     Dec. HP by 1/6 
    Beserker       aA  26   64 M -     Inc. ATP by 40%
    Bite           1E  51  128 P -     1.5x damage
    Blaze attack   1E  65  164 P F     3x damage
    Blizzard       *E  26   64 M I     'Blizzard'
    Bolt           *E  26   64 M T     'Bolt'
    Bomb attack    aE  26   64 P N     -
    Boomerang       S  65  164 M -     [All] with 50% power 
    Bravery        *A  13   32 M -     'Bravery'
    Brilliance      S 100  255 M -     [All] with 200% power
    Buster attack  aE  51  128 P F     x1.5 Damage
    Celestial      aE  88  224 P L     -
    Champion       *A  51  128 M -     'Champion'
    Combo attack   aE  77  196 M FWIT  -
    Confuse        *E  13   32 M -     'Confuse'
    Confusion      1E  38   96 P -     Chance of Confusion
    Courage        *A  26   64 M -     'Courage' Spell
    Crisis cure    aA  65  164 M H     heals with 100% Max HP of user
    Dark force     aE  51  128 M S     Instant Death (40%)
    Dark mirror     S  65  164 M -     [Shadow]
    Dark mist       S 100  255 M -     {Shadow}
    Dash           1E  38   96 P -     Critical Hit
    Deadly smash   1E  65  164 P F!    3x Damage
    Deep freeze    aE 100  255 P I     regular & cast 'Ice Valkery'
    Deflect        *E  13   32 M -     'Deflect'
    Destroy        *E  51  128 M -     'Destroy'
    Devastation    1E  26   64 P -     Dec. HP by 1/8
    Diamond dust   aE  77  196 M WI    -
    Dimwit         aE  77  196 P -     Dec. INT
    Dive           1E  50  128 P -     2x Damage
    Dive bomber    1E  38   96 P F!    -
    Divine cure    aA  38   96 M H     Heal with 25 % Max HP of user
    Do-re-mi       aE  38   96 P -     Confuse (25%)
    Double slash   #E  51  128 P -     Attack 2x in a row (D)
    Dragon         *E  51  128 M W     'Dragon'
    Dragon fury    1E  38   96 P D     1.5x damage (D)
    Dragon rush    1E  65  164 P D     3x damage
    Dragonfire     aE  88  224 P D     -
    Dread          *E  13   32 M -     'Dread'
    Fake           *A  13   32 M -     'Fake'
    Fatal blow     1E 100  255 P -     Dec. HP by 1/2
    Fireball       *E  26   64 M F     'Fireball'
    Firebird       *E  51  128 M F     'Firebird'
    Firestorm      aE  88  224 P F     -
    Flame attack   1E  26   64 P F     -
    Flame guard     S  51  128 M -     (Fire)
    Flame return    S  65  164 M -     [Fire]
    Flameblock      S 100  255 M -     {Fire}
    Flash          aE  38   96 M L     -
    Fleet          1A  13   32 M -     Inc. AGL by 40%
    Flood          aE 100  255 P W     regular & cast 'Dragon'
    Forcefield     aA  26   64 M -     Inc. DFP by 40%
    Forgetful      1E  51  128 P -     Dec. INT
    Free magic     aA   7   16 M -     Regain from Silence
    Frenzy         1E  38   96 P -     150% damage
    Frost          aE  65  164 M I     -
    Fury force      S  77  196 M -     (Physical) (D)
    Glacial blast  1E  65  164 P I     3x Damage
    Gloomsplash    aE  77  196 M SF    -
    Gloomy         aE  65  164 M S     -
    Groundshock    aE  65  164 M E     -
    Hardboiled     aE   3    8 P -     Induce all ailments
    Head attack    1E  65  164 P H     2x Damage
    Healing        *A  26   64 M -     Heals some HP
    Holy energy    1E  65  164 P L     3x Damage
    Holy healing   aA  51  128 M -     Heal with 75 % Max HP of user
    Holy mirror     S  65  164 M -     [Light]
    Holy shield     S 100  255 M -     {Light}
    Holy wall       S 100  255 M -     {Light}
    Ice attack     1E  38   96 P I     1.5x Damage
    Ice guard       S  51  128 M -     (Ice)
    Ice mirror      S  65  164 M -     {Ice}
    Ice.....       *E  51  128 M I     'Ice Valkery'
    Illumination   aA  26   64 M -     Inc. INT by 40% (D)
    Immobilize     aE  51  128 P -     Chance of inducing Paralysis
    Incendiary     aE  65  164 M F     -
    Iron barrier    S 100  255 M -     {Physical}
    Iron kick      1E  19   48 P H     -
    Ironclad       1A  13   32 M -     Inc. DFP by 40%
    Light attack   1E  38   96 P L     1.5x damage
    Light guard     S  51  128 M -     (Light)
    Lightbulb      1A  13   32 M -     Inc. INT by 40%
    Magic cure     1A  51  128 M -     Heals 25% of max MP target
    Magic healing  1A  76  192 M -     Heals 50% of max MP target
    Magic rebirth  1A 100  255 M -     Heals 100% of max MP target
    Magic remover  1E  26   64 P -     regular & chance of inducing Silence (D)
    Magma blast    aE  65  164 M F     -
    Mega quake     aE   8   20 M E     -
    Meltdown       1E  76  192 P -     Dec. ATP by 1/6
    Menace         1E  51  128 P -     Dec. ATP by 1/8
    Miracle        1A  77  196 M -     same as Miracle Item
    Miracle care   aA  51  128 M -     {All} for 4 turns
    Mirror         *A  13   32 M -     'Mirror'
    Mirror block   aE  13   32 P -     Cancel target's Mirror spell out
    Ninja          1E  51  128 P -     Regular attack; Instant Death (60%)
    Octo-strike    #E 100  255 P N     Attack 8x in a row
    Paralysis cure aA   7   16 M -     Cures paralysis
    Perish         *E  26   64 M -     'Perish'
    Phoenix        aA 100  255 M -     Recover, heal 100% HP & MP
    Phoenix blow   aE 100  255 P F     regular & cast 'Firebird'
    Power guard     S  51  128 M -     (Physical)
    Power healing  *A  51  128 M -     heals some HP
    Quicksilver    aA  26   64 M -     Increase AGL by 40%
    Re-energize    1A  13   32 M -     heal 50% of Max HP
    Reawaken       aA   7   16 M -     Cures Sleep
    Rebirth        1A  88  224 M -     Recover & heal 100% of Max HP
    Recovery       1A  51  128 M -     Heals all damage
    Regeneration   aA 100  255 M -     Recover & heal 2000 HP in total
    Rejuvenation   aA  76  192 M -     Recover & heal 50% Max HP
    Repeat attack  #E  19   48 P N     Attack 4x in a row (Dummied out)
    Revival sleep  aA  26   64 M -     heals all damage
    Reviver        1A  65  164 M -     Recover & heal 50% Max HP
    Sacred song    1A  26   64 M -     heals 100% Max HP
    Samurai        1E  51  128 P -     Critical Hit
    Scissor slash  #E  38   96 P -     Attack 2x in a row
    Shadow guard    S  51  128 M -     (Shadow)
    Sizzle         aE 100  255 P L     regular & cast 'Zap'
    Skysplitter    aE 100  255 P T     regular & cast 'Thunder'
    Sleep stinger  1E  38   96 P -     Sleep (100%)
    Slow           aE  77  196 P -     Dec. AGL by ??%
    Sluggish       1E  51  128 P -     Dec. AGL by ??%
    Spell repel    1A  13   32 M -     Inc. MGR by ??%
    Spellstruck    1E  51  128 P -     Dec. MGR by ??%
    Spiderweb      aE  26   64 M -     Dec. AGL by 40%
    Stardust blow  aE  88  224 M LT    -
    Stronger       *A  26   64 M -     'Stronger'
    Stun shocker   1E  38   96 P -     Paralysis (100%)
    Sudden cure    aA  38   96 M -     Heal with 50% Max HP of user
    Swoop          aE  88  224 P F!    -
    Swordsplitter  1E 100  255 P -     Dec. ATP by 1/4
    Tail attack    aE  51  128 P H     -
    Ten-legger     aE  65  164 P W     -
    Test           *E   0    0 M ?     ...Vortex spell animation (D)
    Thunder        *E  51  128 M T     'Thunder'
    Thunder blast  1E  38   96 P T     1.5x Damage
    Thunder guard   S  51  128 M -     (Thunder)
    Thunderball    1E  65  164 P T     3x Damage
    Thunderblock    S 100  255 M -     {Thunder}
    Thundershriek  aE  88  224 P T     -
    Thunderturn     S  65  164 M -     [Thunder]
    Tidal wave     aE  51  128 M W     -
    Torrent        aE  88  224 P W     -
    Trick          *A  13   32 M -     'Trick'
    Triple attack  1E  77  196 P -     Attack 3x in a row
    Twister        aE  51  128 M ?     -
    Vampire        1E  13   32 P -     Absorb MP
    Voltage bolt   aE  65  164 M T     -
    Vortex         *E  26   64 M W     'Vortex'
    Vulnerable     aE  77  196 P -     Dec. MGR
    Wakening       aA   7   16 M -     Cures Sleep
    Water attack   1E  38   96 P W     1.5x Damage
    Water guard     S  51  128 M -     (Water)
    Water screen    S 100  255 M -     {Water}
    Wave motion     S 100  255 P -     Inc. all statistics by 50% &
                                        Heals 100% HP and MP
    Weakener       1E 100  255 P -     Dec. ATP by 1/4 (D)
    Weakpoint      1E  51  128 P -     Dec. DFP by 1/8
    Weaponweak     1E  76  192 P -     Dec. ATP by 1/6
    Zap            *E  51  128 M L     'Zap'
    * = IP cost in % can differ by 1% sometimes. The cause of this is that the 
    game uses an internal value between 0 and 255 to measure the amount of IP 
    available. Therefore there may be a difference of 1% due to setting a number 
    between 0 and 255 on a scale of 0 to 100.
    Tar(target) Column
      S = Self
     1A = Target 1 Ally
     *A = Target 1 to all Allies
     aA = Auto Target all Allies (including CM)
     1E = Target 1 Enemy
     #E = Target first attack; others are random (for multi attacks)
     *E = Target 1 to all Enemies
     aE = Auto Target all Enemies
    T(Type) Column
     M = Magic Attack
     P = Physical Attack
    Elem.(Elemental) Column
     D = Dragon
     E = Earth
     F = Fire
     F!= Flying
     H = Hard
     I = Ice
     L = Light
     N = Neutral
     S = Shadow
     T = Thunder
     W = Water
     - = non Elemental (e.g. damage/healing is calculated differently)
    Extras / Notes Column
    (D) = IP is dummied out; E.G. there is no Item that has this as IP
    'Spell' = IP is the same as the spell between ''
    ( type ) = Damage of this type is halved
    [ type ] = Damage of this type is reflected
    { type } = Damage of this type is cancelled out
    8. Shop list
    Since I've listed the prices in the tables above (all prices are the same in 
    every town) I won't do that again except for the casinos, because they count 
    different values. The price of a stay in the hotel in each village is also 
    Stay:  0 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Potion         Frypan         Apron          Strong
     Antidote       Knife          Dress          Spark
     Warp           Small Knife    Cloth          Poison
     Escape         Rapier         Pot
     Boomerang                     Chop board
                                   Small shield
    Stay: 10 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells         Tea
    -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Potion         Rapier         Dress          Strong         Green tea
     Antidote       Battle Knife   Cloth          Spark          Pear cider
     Awake          Dagger         Hide Armor     Droplet        Soar cider
     Shriek         Whip           Frock          Poison         Lime cider
     Warp                          Beret          Drowsy         Plum cider
     Escape                        Cap                           Apple cider
     Boomerang                     Headband
                                   Small shield
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Casino
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Potion         Mace           Frock          Fire charm
     Antidote       Long knife     Robe           Statue
     Hi-potion      Short Sword    Cloth Armor    Zap charm
     Awake                         Head band      Rage knife
     Shriek                        Cloth Helm     Seethru cape
     Mystery pin                   Hide Shield
     Warp                          Buckler
     Escape                        Mini shield
    Stay:  0 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Long knife     Though hide    Spark
     Awake          Wire           Light dress    Droplet
     Shriek         Short Sword    Light armor    Storm
     Mystery pin    Kukri          Hide helmet    Flash
     Warp                          Wood shield    Strong
     Escape                        Bracelet       Poison
     Magic guard                                  Drowsy
     Big boomer                                   Confuse
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells         Rings
    -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Kukri          Light armor    Spark          Ear jewel
     Awake          Rod            Baggy          Flash          Glass brace
     Shriek                        Red beret      Droplet        Glass ring
     Mystery pin                   Wood helmet    Storm
     Warp                          Wood shield    Strong
     Escape                        Bracelet       Bravery
     Power gourd                                  Free
     Big boomer                                   Escape
    Stay: 50 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Chain          Chainmail
     Regain         Franshiska     Tight dress
     Awake                         Iron mail
     Shriek                        Glass cap
     Mystery pin                   Blue beret
     Warp                          Brone helmet
     Escape                        Stone helm
     Mind gourd                    Kite shield
     Big boomer                    Though gloves
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Gladius        Toga           Fireball
     Warp                          Cloche         Fake
     Escape                                       Trick
     Big boomer                                   Escape
    Bound kingdom
    Stay: 30 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Scimitar       Chain armor
     Regain         Bronze sword   Thick cloth
     Warp           Staff          Stone plate
     Escape                        Iron Helmet
     Ice ball                      Tight Helmet
     Fire ball                     Round Shield
     Big boomer
    Harbor town Aleyn
    Stay: 10 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Hand ax        Thick cloth    Vortex
     Regain         Long staff     Stone plate    Snow
     Warp                          Long robe      Stronger
     Escape                        Turban         Warp
     Ice ball                      Plate cap      Regain
     Fire ball                     Round shield
     Big boomer                    Tecto gloves
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      War rapier     Long robe
     Regain         Long sword     Plated cloth
     Warp                          Turban
     Escape                        Plate cap
     Confuse ball                  Roomy helmet
     Sleep ball                    Round shield
     Big boomer                    Tecto gloves
                                   Big shield
    Stay:  0 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      War rapier     Long robe
     Regain         Long sword     Plated Cloth
     Warp                          Turban
     Escape                        Plate cap
     Ice ball                      Round shield
     Fire ball                     Tecto gloves
     Big boomer                    Big shield
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Cutter whip    Iron plate     Bolt
     Regain         Multi sword    Metal mail     Fireball
     Warp                          Tight turban   Vortex
     Escape                        Rock helmet    Gale
     Magic guard                   Plate helm     Stronger
     Power gourd                   Tall shield    Instant
     Mind gourd                    Silvo shield   Absorb
     Big boomer                                   Awaken
    Stay: 50 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Rockbreaker    Silver armor
     Regain         Bronze ax      Silk toga
     Warp           Morningstar    Light jacket
     Escape         Vice pliers    Plated cloth
     Magic guard                   Iron plate
     Power gourd                   Glass cloche
     Mind gourd                    SilverHelmet
     Big boomer                    Spike shield
                                   Slash shield
    Forfeit Island
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Casino         Tea
    -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Potion         Bronze ax      Silver armor   Statue         Pear cider
     Hi-potion      Rockbreaker    Silk toga      Magic lamp     Soar cider
     Ex-potion      Morningstar    Light jacket   Sonar          Lime cider
     Antidote       Vice pliers    Plated cloth   Bunny ring     Plum cider
     Warp           Coma hit       Iron plate     Fortune whip   Apple cider
     Escape                        Glass cloche   Dragon blade
     Regain                        Metal cloche   Bunny sword
     Awake                         SilverHelmet   Seethru silk
     Shriek                        Spike shield   Bunny suit
     Mystery pin                   Slash shield   Bunny ears
     Magic guard                                  Bunny
     Power gourd
     Mind gourd
     Big boomer
     Ice ball
     Fire ball
     Confuse ball
     Sleep ball
    Stay: 40 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor         Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Broadsword     Metalcoat      Shield
     Regain         Estok          Silver mail    Courage
     Magic guard    Superdriver    Power jacket   Mirror
     Power gourd                   Shade hat      Coma
     Mind gourd                    Silver hat
     Big boomer                    Tuff buckler
    Stay: 30 Gold pieces
           0 Gold Pieces after returning the Ruby Icon
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Hi-potion      Broadsword     Metalcoat
     Regain         Estok          Silver mail
     Magic guard    Superdriver    Power jacket
     Power gourd                   Shade hat
     Mind gourd                    Silver hat
     Big boomer                    Tuff buckler
    Stay: 40 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Royal whip     Quilted silk   Champion
     Magic guard    Spear          Eron hat       Firebird
     Power gourd    Silvo rapier   Tuff buckler   Ice Valk
     Mind gourd
     Big boomer
    Stay: 0 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Royal whip     Quilted silk   
     Confuse ball   Spear          Eron hat
     Ice ball       Silvo rapier   Circlet
     Fire ball      Battle rod     Tuff buckler
     Sleep ball
     Terror ball 
     Smoke ball
     Freeze ball
     Big boomer
    Stay:  5 Gold pieces
    Stay: 30 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Potion         Launcher       Metal armor    Thunder
     Hi-potion      Battle rod     Power cape     Dragon
     Ex-potion      Battledriver   Circlet        Valor
     Antidote       Rainy ax       Golden Helm
     Warp                          Tecto buckler
     Mystery pin
     Magic guard
     Power gourd
     Mind gourd
     Big boomer
     Ice ball
     Fire ball
     Confuse ball
     Freeze ball 
    Stay:  0 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells
    -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Crazy blade    Plate armor    Thunder
     Confuse ball   Trident        Evening gown   Firebird
     Ice ball                      Silver robe    Dragon
     Fire ball                     Gold band      Ice valk
     Sleep ball                    Gold shield    Fry
     Freeze ball                   Gold gloves
     Terror ball
     Smoke ball
    Stay: 50 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Red saber      Plati plate
     Magic guard    Halberd        Silk robe
     Mind gourd     Crystal wand   Plati helm
     Power gourd    Mist rapier    Plati band
     Ex-boomer                     Plati shield
                                   Plati gloves
    Stay: 40 gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor          Spells         Tea
    -------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Silver sword   Crystal mail   Destroy        Pear cider
     Confuse ball   Heavy lance    Crystal robe   Zap            Soar cider
     Ice ball       Silver rod     Crysto beret                  Lime cider
     Fire ball      Freeze bow     Crysto helm                   Plum cider
     Freeze ball                   Gauntlet                      Apple cider
     Terror ball
     Smoke ball
     Sleep ball
    Stay: 20 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Buster sword   Eron dress
     Magic guard    Great ax       Metal jacket
     Power gourd    Zirco rod      Holy cap
     Mind gourd     Rune rapier    Rune gloves
    Mermaid city Preamarl
    Stay: 20 gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Zirco flail    Royal dress
     Confuse ball   Zirco rod      full mail
     Ice ball                      Holy cap
     Fire ball                     Holy shield
     Sleep ball
     Terror ball
     Smoke ball
     Freeze ball
    Stay: 10 Gold pieces
    Items          Weapons        Armor
    -------------- -------------- --------------
     Ex-potion      Zirco ax       Zirco plate
     Magic guard    Zirco flail    Zirco armor
     Power gourd    Zirco whip     Zirco band
     Mind gourd     Zirco sword    Zirco shield
     Confuse ball   Zirco rod      Zirco gloves
     Sleep ball                    Zirco helmet
     Ice ball
     Fire ball
     Freeze ball
     Smoke ball
     Terror ball
     Dragon teeth
    9. Experience Chart Table
    This works very simple; I wrote down the experience points you have when 
    reached a new level. This is not the EXP required to reach a new level, but 
    the total amount. The numbers are the same for all allies and all capsule 
    monsters respectively.
    For now the experience chart is incomplete, I will try to update this part as 
    soon as possible with the missing incomplete levels.
    Level  Allies    Capsule Monsters
    -----  --------  --------
        1         0         0
        2        10        10
        3        44        44
        4       105       104
        5       212       210
        6       398       395
        7       722       719
        8      1289      1285
        9      2000      1995
       10      2891      2886
       11      4008      4003
       12      5409      5404
       13      7166      7160
       14      9369      9362
       15     12132     12124
       16     15595     15587
       17     19745     19737
       18     24684     24675
       19     30599     30590
       20     37670     37660
       21     46121     46111
       22     56224     56213
       23     68294     68288
       24     82733     82721
       25     98971     98959
       26    117238    117226
       27    137790    137777
       28    160910    160897
       29    186920    186907
       30    216181    216168
       31    249100    249087
       32    286134    286120
       33    325772    325757
       34    368197    368181
       35    413605    413588
       36    462206    462188
       37    514224    514205
       38    569899    569880
       39    629490    629470
       40    693270    693250
       41    760538    760518
       42    831484    831464
       43    906311    906280
       44    985230    985208
       45   1068464   1068442
       46   11562??   1156228
       47   1248838   1248815
       48   1346489   1346465
       49   14464??   1446404
       50   15486??   1548685
       51   16533??   1653363
       52   17605??   1760495
       53   18701??   1870138
       54   19823??   1982351
       55   20972??   2097193
       56   22147??   2214727
       57   23336??   2333638
       58   2453973   2453943
       59   2575688   2574658
       60   2698829   2698799
       61   2823414   2823383
       62   2949459   2949427
       63   3076981   3076948
       64   3205997   3205964
       65   3336525   3336492
       66   3468583   3468549
       67   3602188   3602154
       68   3737359   3737324
       69   3874114   3874078
       70   4012471   4012435
       71   4152450   4152413
       72   4294070   4294032
       73   4436795   4436757
       74   4580636   4580597
       75   4725601   4725561
       76   4871698   4871658
       77   5018936   5018896
       78   5167325   5167284
       79   5316873   5316832
       80   5467589   5467548
       81   5619483   5619441
       82   5772563   5772521
       83   5926840   5926796
       84   6082322   6082278
       85   6239018   6238974
       86   6396939   6396894
       87   6556093   6556048
       88   6716491   6716445
       89   6878141   6878095
       90   7041055   7041008
       91   7205242   7205194
       92   7370711   7370663
       93   7537473   7537424
       94   7705538   7705488
       95   7874915   7874865
       96   8045616   8045566
       97   8217651   8217600
       98   8391030   8390978
       99   9999999   9999999
    Appendix C: Defeat the three most difficult bosses
    1. Gades - First confrontation, Gordovan west tower
    HP:    7500  MP:     320
    ATP:    420  DFP:    290
    AGL:    184  INT:    192
    GUT:    184  MGR:    194
    EXP.: 50000  Gold: 50000
    Weak:            Light
    Strong:          Shadow
    Protection:      All Ailments
    Special attacks: Destructo-wave
     At the top of Gordovan West tower you will find the one responsible for 
    Gordovan's destruction. After a brief introduction; he just asks your name, 
    that he tells you that he is Gades and the battle commences...
     1. It's easier to defeat Gades in RETRY mode, because you can level up
     2. The minimum level required to make a winning chance is LV~25. You have 
        to get up that high, or else Tia and Selan HPs will be depleted after
        the first Destructo-wave. Also if you have any life potions give them
        to Tia.
     3. Make sure your IP for each character is 100%, this will allow you to
        perform the most important IP attacks right at the start.
     4. The next items and their IPs, are very valuable in the battle itself:
       -Holy wings  
          Found in the chest at Parcelyte castle
          IP; restores 50% of maximum HP of all allies
       -Camu armor  
          Found in one of the chests behind Camu
          IP; restores 25% of maximum HP of all allies
       -Jute helm   
          Found in the tower west of Tanbel
          IP; lowers MGR of Gades
       -Eagle rock
          Found in Gordovan west tower, dropped by Eagle
          IP; double damage
       -Fury helmet
          Found in the Ruby Cave
          IP; lowers DFP of Gades
          Bought at Clamento's spell shop
          Spell; use to increase DFP 20%
       -Spido jewel 
          Rarely dropped by the Tarantula
          IP; use to slow down Gades dramatically
       -Undead Ring
          Found in a chest in Treasure Sword Shrine
          All attacks will be Light elemental!
    This gives approximately the following setup of equipment and the resulting IP 
    Maxim          Guy            Tia           Selan
    -------------  -------------  ------------  ------------
    Fire dagger    Franshiska     Aqua Whip     Cold rapier
    Chainmail      Camu armor     Holy Wings    Tight dress
    Anger brace    Kite shield    Bracelet      Bracelet
    Brone helmet   Fury helmet    Red beret     Red beret 
    Speedy ring    Undead ring    Witch ring    Mind ring
    Camu jewel     Spido jewel    Bee rock      Water jewel
    -------------  -------------  ------------  ------------
    Blaze attack   ---            Aqua attack   Glacial blast
    ---            Divine cure    Holy healing  Reawaken
    Battle lust    Fleet          Ironclad      Ironclad
    Menace         Menace         Spellstruck   Spellstruck
    Fake           Perish         Deflect       Stronger
    Buster attack  Spider web     Immobilize    Frost
    -------------  -------------  ------------  ------------
    The Battle
    In the battle use the Spido jewels IP: Spiderweb and cast fake on your team to 
    end up faster than Gades. Now make sure Tia and Selan HPs stay above 200. If 
    they drop below you should heal immediately! Use the fire dagger's IP to 
    inflict some real damage on Gades. This is quite a long battle, but it can be 
    won. When you defeat him in combat you'll automatically receive 'the sword of 
    Gades'. With the aid of this sword you can perform the octo-strike IP; attack 
    8x(!) in a row. And best of all: You can take the Gades' blade into the 
    ancient cave! But be warned: Without the undead ring the blade will be useless 
    against undead creatures.
    Alternative Tactic
    This new tactic by Bahamut makes it easier to defeat Gades and best of all you 
    don't need to spend hours to level up:
    "Before I started the fight, I equipped Selan with the mind ring. Then in-
    battle, have Maxim and Tia cast the courage spell on Selan and Guy to raise 
    their defense points. When Maxim or Tia die, don't revive them. Only revive 
    Selan or Guy. Keep casting stronger (The IP of the mind ring) with Selan (only 
    on Guy and Selan, don't heal Tia or Maxim), or if you don't have enough IP 
    strong. It is important that you keep Selan alive. If guy can raise his attack 
    points with IP (I could, but I can't remember the name of the item) do it the 
    first few turns. Then, When Tia and Maxim are dead, attack him. Keep on 
    casting stronger with Selan and attack with Guy. It will take 'bout half hour 
    to finish him off."
    2. The Master Jelly, Ancient Cave B99
    HP:  9980   MP:     0
    ATP:   10   DFP:    1
    AGL:  510   INT:    2
    GUT:    2   MGR:    2
    EXP.:   1   Gold:   1
    Weak:            -
    Strong:          -
    Protection:      All Ailments 
    Special attacks: -, He doesn't "attack" you at all.
     The Master is located at the bottom of the ancient cave that is, B99. If you 
    walk up to his platform you will see a normal red jelly appear. If you choose 
    to fight him, you will find out that his is a lot bigger (and his pixels are 
    very huge), than you first imagined. He doesn't attack you, but you have to 
    defeat him in three rounds (his AGL is over 500; you won't get an hit in round 
    4). This makes him quite a jinx especially the first time, when you're not 
    aware of this. So don't cast any stat increasing spells except Trick and use 
    it only once in the first round. For the rest keep attacking him with your 
    strongest attacks, alternatively you can use the strategy listed under A. 
    which will give you a Victory a whole lot easier.
    A. Cheap Strategy
    This Tactic by ArchmageMagus, has made him the easiest boss in the entire 
    game; Simply annihilate your own party, while battling him!! This may sound 
    weird, but when you are defeated the jelly the game thinks you actually beat 
    him. So, the Jelly will give you the key to the ancient cave. Take note that 
    you should strip all your armor of all your characters off, this will make it 
    easier to kill your own party members.
    B. Realistic Strategy
    Which Party?
     In STORY mode you can best use the combination of: Maxim, Selan, Guy and 
    Dekar. For Dekar's massive physical power is very handy to defeat the slime in 
    three rounds, unfortunately his low AGL does make it harder to have him fight 
    through the cave itself. Also with well equipped people and a powerful Capsule 
    Monster (my preference Blaze on Master Class), Maxim, Selan, Guy and Artea 
    will give very good results as well. So I recommend to clear the cave before 
    you reach the shrine in Karlloon.
     In GIFT mode a team consisting of Maxim, Arty, Guy and Dekar is the best in 
    my opinion. Although the standard party of Maxim, Selan, Guy and Artea works 
    well, since you will then have an all round party, with fighters of all mixed 
    party with all different types.
    1. First you need to be completely equipped with blue chest items for every 
    character in order to survive the cave itself.
    2. It's advised to "harvest" creatures. I will explain harvesting later on (in 
    description of Appendix D: the ancient cave). This way it's possible for you 
    to level up to the 90's, making you stronger for the battle.
    3. There is luck involved getting to the Master, since the cave is randomly 
    made up. I once got to B94 and got stuck in a very small corridor with 2 gold 
    dragons guarding the stairs. It was impossible to continue on. So I had to 
    restart after playing over 6 hours to get that far. AAAAAAARRRGH!!!!!!!!!
    4. Use Flash on level 2; there is a huge chance he will use "Wink" increasing 
    the ATP of one person with 40%, giving you some extra strength. That is twice 
    more effective than casting "trick". On the other hand you could stay with 
    your current monster. If lucky he/she will do one of their most devastating 
    5. Here are some items you can find in the cave that cause a lot of damage on 
    the master:
     -Dekar blade 
       Found in red chest
       IP(100%) -  Fatal blow, divides current HP of the master in two.
     -Myth blade
       Found in red chest
       IP(76%) - Battle fury, decreases current HP of the master with 1/4.
     -Old sword 
       Found in red chest or dropped by Leech
       IP(51%) - Battle cry, decreases current HP of the master with 1/6.
     -Deadly sword + Curselifter (Need the Uncursed version)
       Both found in red chests
       IP(51%) - Battlecry, decreases current HP of the master with 1/6.
       (NOT the deadly sword dropped by deadly sword, the other one)
     -Deadly rod + Curselifter (Need the Uncursed version)
       Both found in red chests
       IP (26%) - Devastation, decreases current HP of the master with 1/8.
     -Gorgon rock 
       Dropped Item of the Gorgon
       IP(65%) - Ax attack, decreases current HP of the master with 1/6.
     -Gades' blade
       Found in blue chest / Receive for beating Gades in Gordovan Tower
       IP (100%) - Octo-strike, attack 8x in a row.
     -Trick (with or without Trick Ring)
       Found in a red chest
       Spell; Increases ATP
     -Hidora rock 
       Dropped by a High hidora or Sea hidora
       IP (77%) - Triple attack, attack 3x in a row.
     -Cancer Rock
       Dropped by a Cancer or Garbost
       IP (38%) - Scissor Slash, attack 2x in a row.
       (Combine with Battlecry / Devastation; it uses only 34%)
     -Any powerful weapon that has a '3x damage' IP attack; does over 1000 damage.
       IP (65%) - Ex: Dragon Rush, Holy Energy, Glacial Blast, Deadly Smash
    The Battle
     It's best to use the attacks in this order (if available): 
       1. Cast trick
       2. Fatal blow
       3. Battle fury
       4. Ax attack / Battle cry
       5. Devastation
       6. Octo-strike / Triple attack / Scissor Slash / '3x Damage' attack
     If you use the attacks in this order you can cause maximum damage against the 
    Jelly. Mathematically it shouldn't make any difference in which order you use 
    the 'dividers', but strangely enough a higher ATP does make those attacks more 
    effective. So I am staying with the current order.
     After his defeat, you will receive the ancient key and ancient Jelly (You 
    can't find the jelly in your inventory, but when you talk to the lady near the 
    display of the iris treasures, she will give the jelly a place as well). With 
    the Ancient Key, you can open the locked door to the right of the exit. You 
    can collect:  Brill helm, Dragon ring, Light jewel. These are all very 
    powerful items and worth all the hard effort, on the other hand now that you 
    have (nearly) all blue chest items these items may seem somewhat weak.
    3. Egg Dragon, Dragon shrine next to Pico
    HP:   65535    MP:    2000
    ATP:   1500    DFP:    500
    AGL:    510    INT:    400
    GUT:    100    MGR:    510
    EXP.: 60000    Gold: 60000
    Weak:            Shadow, Flying, Dragon (and Healing; see Cheap strategy)
    Strong:          Fire, Water, Light, Ice, Thunder, Earth
    Protection:      All Ailments
    Special attacks: Sunny-side up, Over-easy, Scrambled eggs, Zap
     Some major preparation is needed to take on the strongest enemy of the game, 
    unless you use the cheap strategy described under A. However first you have to 
    collect 4x 8 eggs to challenge him. I suggest you take 1x the old shield and 
    3x the 10 potions, but that is just my opinion.
    A. Cheap Strategy
     Due to a glitch the Egg Dragon is actually the easiest enemy to beat in the 
    game. Because he has the maximum amount of HP that is possible due to the 
    games' programming limitations (2^16), you can force the game into a glitch 
    resetting his HP at 0 again. This happens if his HP is full and you try to 
    heal him with something incredibly weak like a Charret Newt. Doing this will 
    create an overflow on the HP counter of the Dragon causing him to have 4 HP! 
    This way you can beat the dragon with one hit. Take note that this only works 
    if Eggy's HP is completely filled! Easy Experience and Gold indeed.
    B. Realistic Strategy
    1.Everybody needs high levels ( Recommended if you want to survive his
       'Scrambled Eggs' attack. )
    2.Your Capsule Monster doesn't need training since it will only take a few
       strikes before he is gone, so don't bother about them for this battle.
    3.Buy some important items like; shriek, awake and mystery pin, you'll need
    4.Since it is very hard to get your speed up past the AGL level of the
       dragon, (his AGL = 512) you might as well concentrate your statistics on
       increasing ATP, DFP and MGR.
    5.The Egg dragon is almost immune to magic attacks so use swords all the time.
    6.Be careful; the egg dragon has an HP over 60000 meaning this will be a very
       long battle.
    7.Use Champion, Valor or an other healing spell every round.
    8.These items are very valuable in a fight against the egg dragon:
     -Dragon blade 
         Bought in casino for a "mere" 500000 coins
         IP(88%) - Dragon Fire is effective on Dragons
     -Lizard blow
         One of four rewards for solving "world's most difficult trick"
         IP(65%) - Dragon Rush; Attack with 'Dragon' 3x Damage
         The blade regular attack is effective to 'dragon' type enemies
     -Dragon ring
         Found in the treasure room in the main room of the Ancient Cave
         Makes all Neutral attacks "effective to Dragons".
     -Flame shield
         Find in blue chest in the Ancient Cave
         Protection against the flame attacks of the Egg Dragon. 
     -Old sword
         Dropped item of Leech
         IP(51%) - Battlecry, decreases HP of the dragon with a 1/6.
     -Evil jewel (cursed)
         Found in Shrine of Vengeance / Dropped by Fiend
         Fills you with strength; ATP +120.
      -Some armor with restoring powers: Zircon Plate, Ruse armor and Old Armor.
      -Bunny sword
         Bought at Casino
         IP(76%) - 'Battle fury', decreases HP of the dragon by a 1/4.
           However note that the sword itself is useless, since it can't do any
           damage against strong enemies.
     -Flying Ax
         Found in a chest at Flower Mountain
         IP(64%) - Deadly Smash; does 3x damage and is effective against
           flying enemies. Since Egg Dragon is a flying enemy the damage is
           multiplied by two. This gives a total of damage x 6!!! Provided that
           your character DOESN'T wear a Dragon/Sea/Light ring.
         The Ax itself is effective against flying too!
     -Gold Gloves / Gold Shield
         IP - flame guard; helps protect against Eggy's attacks if you don't
         happen to have the any flame shields.
    The battle
     In the first round use Trick, Courage, and a Healing spell, then Guy must 
    Be the first one to land a hit on the dragon with the use Old sword's IP: 
    Battle cry. WHAM!!! 10,922 HP gone (The game only displays up to 9,999 Damage 
    though) in one blow; about 55,000 to go.
     Or have Guy use the Flying Ax's: Deadly Smash, which will do some real 
    serious damage on the Egg dragon and it is also better on the long run when 
    the dragon's HP get lower, because this attack remain strong unlike Battle Cry 
    which gets weaker as soon as the HP of the Dragon drops.
     For the rest of the battle use Dragonfire, Dragon rush, Deadly Smash and 
    Battle cry IP's to reduce his health real fast. Cure any diseases, 
    abnormalities and use "Champion / Valor" healing spells to survive this fierce 
    battle. You can also use the IP attacks of the fire shields / helmets; it will 
    increase you protection against his attacks dramatically. Or use a helmet that 
    has an ATP decreasing IP attack, like the Crysto Helm or Crysto ribbon. The 
    dragon has a very high number of Attack Power so the last two will be very 
     If you defeat him you will receive the Egg blade and the Egg ring. The Egg 
    blade has an ATP of 0, but its IP is "Hard boiled" and can do anything to an 
    enemy; make him slow down, stun, fall a sleep or even instantly kill him. Best 
    of all it costs a mere 3% IP! It is advised to use the blade in combination 
    with the ring, because of the ATP of 0. The ring increases all stats with 999, 
    GUT however only increases to 199. The ring doesn't have an IP on itself, but 
    it's good enough on its own.
    Appendix D: The Ancient Cave
    This is the biggest dungeon I've ever encountered; it took me almost 70 hours 
    to finish the first time with all possible blue chest items. It's located just 
    above Gruberik and it has 99 (randomly made up) levels, filled with great 
    treasures and terrible monsters. You will start on level 1 and you receive 10 
    potions. Now work your way to the bottom and collect as many blue chests as 
    possible. For they contain some very strong weapons and armor. Here are some 
    Overworld Items
    You can find the following blue chest items on the upper world as well: 
    Item             How to get
    --------------   -------------------------------------
    Catfish jwl.     Item dropped by Big Catfish
    Camu Rock        Item dropped by Camu
    Spido Jewel      Item dropped by Tarantula
    Gades Blade      Beat Gades - The first Confrontation (Gordovan West Tower)
    Water Jewel      Find in chest Alunze Basement
    Earth Jewel      Item dropped by Tartona
    Twist Jewel      Item dropped by Brinz Lizard
    Gloom Jewel      Item dropped by Shadow
    Thundojewel      Item dropped by Thunderbeast
    Preserve some slots
    Before you decide to go into the Ancient Cave, make sure to SELL every 
    useless/crappy item you've got. Leave only the items that you normally can't 
    buy (e.g. Undead ring). Because when you come back from the AC all the Blue 
    Chest items you've got will be added to your inventory. However, if your 
    inventory is full a menu will appear allowing you to discard some existing 
    item in order to get the new ones from the AC. The worst that can happen to 
    you is if you accidentally press the B button and cancel this process. You 
    lose all the new items you gathered in the cave!
    Important word on combining elemental attacks
    Some combinations of the elemental weaknesses do not always work, especially 
    if you are wearing a Sea / Undead / Dragon Ring. If you have been wondering 
    why the Lizard Blow or the Flying Blow do so little damage on enemies that are 
    weak to it may well be because you are wearing the ring on that particular 
    Character. The above mentioned rings turn all physical attack into the 
    corresponding element and the following elements/types can NOT be combined for 
    combo attacks:
    This means that these attacks will only be effective if used on its own. So if 
    you combine for instance:
        Weapon     Ring   Damage        Reason
       -------   ------   -------       ----------------------------------------
         Water +      - = Water         Seems logical
          Hard +      - = Hard          Seems logical
       Neutral + Dragon = Dragon        Neutral is the only combinable type
       Neutral +    Sea = Sea           Neutral is the only combinable type
          Fire +  Light = Fire & Light  These Elements can be combined
       Thunder + Dragon = Thunder       Dragon won't have effect
        Flying +    Sea = Neutral       Flying & Sea cancel each other out
         Light +  Light = Light         No effect can be doubled
        Shadow +  Light = Shd. & Light  Yes, opposite elements can be combined*
        Dragon + Dragon = Dragon        No effect can be doubled
        Insect +  Light = Light         Insect is cancelled out by Light
    * = Most monsters however are strong to the opposite element that they are 
    weak to so the effects are 'usually' cancelled out.
     Therefore I recommend that you unequip the Sea Ring if you are going to fight 
    to use Weapons / Attacks with the Elemental properties from the list above, 
    unless the element corresponds with the kind of attack you need.
     A final note that I would like to add is that IP attacks are also affected by 
    the Rings too. The Gades Blade IP: 'Octostrike' is Light Elemental if you use 
    the Undead Ring as well.
    The Pros and Cons of the Sea Ring
     As mentioned above the Sea ring blocks the use of some attack types which can 
    be bad, but something that is even more frustrating is that the Sea Elemental 
    property is NOT used by any enemy at all. Therefore there is no enemy weak to 
    this ring. On the other hand there is however a small advantage this ring may 
    provide; if you have a Neutral weapon and this ring equipped and use it 
    against an enemy that is strong against Neutral the Sea Ring will actually 
    make you do more damage against that enemy. Simply put, your attack will be 
    Sea elemental instead of Neutral. Some examples of enemies who are strong 
    against Neutral:
       Archfiend        Fiend
       Black Dragon     Gargoyle
       Deadly Armor     Ninja
       Deadly Sword     Ramia
       Demise           Shadow
    Patience is a good virtue
    The first couple of times you play, you will be unable to get to B99, so 
    collect as many blue chests as possible and use providence. Repeat this 
    process until you are fully equipped.
    Try to keep your level as close as possible to the dungeon level. This can be 
    done until your reach B20's by simply killing all enemies. After that you need 
    to "harvest" to get enough EXP to keep up with the dungeon level. Take note 
    that after a short while you require more and more EXP to level up, which 
    means that harvesting is only useful if you wish to gain up with the Dungeon 
    Conserve magic
    Only use magic if you really need to, because Magic-restoring items are not so 
    common in the cave. Unless you're lucky enough to find the "Absorb" spell, if 
    a Red Bat or a Vampire drops a Bat Rock that may also help you out.
    Sometimes you will come to a room filled with monsters, if this is so it will 
    also mean that the room is filled with chests too. Beat all the monsters and 
    collect all the items from the chests.
    Party choices
    The best way to reach B99 and beat the Master jelly in STORY mode is using a 
    party consisting of: Maxim, Selan, Guy and Dekar. In the rest of this 
    walkthrough I will use this party. You may want to switch Selan/Guy for Arty, 
    but you can only do that in GIFT mode. On the other hand a party consisting of 
    Maxim, Selan, Guy and Artea is the best balanced party for taking on the Cave 
     After doing some experimenting lately I came to the conclusion a party 
    consisting of Maxim, Selan, Artea and EITHER Guy/Dekar is the best. For having 
    both the muscle men in the party only slows you down more than it helps. Yes, 
    they have huge amounts of ATP, but the weak Agility makes you an easy prey to 
    enemy attacks. Then there is also their inability to use magic. Lastly having 
    the party I mentioned just ago allows you to use all different elemental type 
    blue chest weapons. 
    Keep your eyes peeled
    Cut all strange looking grass patches to reveal a red colored HP healing pad. 
    They are quite useful if you need to recharge energy. There also seems to 
    appear a blue MP healing tile. I've never encountered one myself, but it might 
    be possible that it exists.
    No secrets
    There are no hidden passageways, so it's not necessary to cut the vines on the 
    walls. Though I have heard that you can walk through some of the walls into 
    the black void, but I was never able to confirm this.
    Keep your eyes peeled II
    Watch the patterns enemies walk, so you can avoid them, or attack them in the 
    back which will give you an extra round; "got in first". Be aware that you can 
    be attacked in the back as well.
    Decoy Mimics Chests
    Watch out for the mimic chests that can be found in the dungeon, the red ones 
    are mobile and will attack you if you come too close. Blue ones can be found 
    in the lower 20's, they aren't mobile but they are quite tough to defeat. You 
    can recognize mimics by their looks, if you watch carefully you will note that 
    the colors of a mimic box are a little lighter than that of a regular chest.
    Disposing of weak equipment
    Feed the weak equipment to your Capsule Monsters, this is better than just 
    throwing it away. (Check the Capsule Monster section for more feeding info)
    The Only Exit
    From level 21 to 30 you will find Providence, so be sure to check all the 
    chests on all of these levels.
    Special Monsters
    Here is a list of monsters that exist only in the Ancient cave. Most of these 
    are super strong and can be very lethal if you don't take these guys 
      Archfiend     Copper dragon  Silver dragon  Gold dragon   
      Earth genie   Well genie     Wind genie     Flame genie   
      Ice rogue     Orky           Hades          Dark sum'ner  
      Great coca    Blue mimic     Ghost ship
    Special items
    There are items in some of the red chests that can only be found in the 
    ancient cave, these items are listed in the chart tables in Appendix B. Some 
    of them like the "Myth blade" (a very strong Sword) and the "Flying Blow" 
    (regular attack is effective on Flying Creatures) are great to use.
    The Instant Killing Weapons
    Like mentioned above there are several red chest items in the Ancient Cave 
    that cannot be found elsewhere in Lufia. A few of these weapons are cursed, 
    have 0 ATP, but they can kill almost any NON undead monster in an instant with 
    a success rate of 80%, if you uncurse these however they will be hardly worth 
    the effort since their killing abilities are much less. Using the Instant 
    weapons makes it very easy for you to navigate through the cave; Taking on 
    Silver/Gold dragons and Archfiends will become much, MUCH easier.
     I do recommend to only use the Fatal Pick or the Deadly Rod since Tia, Selan 
    and Artea are good at using Magic as an alternative if you are dealing with an 
    undead. If you get the others guys hooked up with an Instant-like weapon such 
    as the Deadly Sword those characters will be completely useless when you fight 
    against an undead Creature. On the other hand the Deadly sword does get the 
    "Battle Cry" IP after it is uncursed, which makes it useful against the Master 
    Jelly. You can see in Appendix D which monsters are immune (and which not) to 
    Instant attacks.
    Blue chest items
    Sizzle sword     Fry sword     Snow sword     Gades blade      Sky sword
    Spark staff      Air whip      Water spear    Dragon spear     Mega ax
    Body armor
    Mirak. Plate     Ruse armor
    Flame shield     Bolt shield   Apron shield   Black mirror     Water gaunt
    Cryst shield 
    Agony helmet     Boom turban   Aqua helm      Ice hairband     Hairpin
    Sea ring         Dia ring      Ear ring       Engage ring
    Catfish jwl      Camu jewel    Spido jewel    Earth rock       Thundojewel
    Tidal jewel      Black eye     Silver eye     Gold eye         Twist jewel
    Gloom jewel      Water jewel   Gorgan Rock
    Initial Blue Chest Equipment for B1:
              Maxim             Selan             Guy               Dekar  
    -------------------------   ---------------   ---------------   --------------
    Sword     Sizzle Sword      Dragon Spear      Fry Sword         Fry Sword
    Armor     Mirak. Plate      Ruse Armor        Mirak. Plate      Mirak. Plate
    Shield    Apron Shield      Cryst Shield      Bolt Shield       Apron Shield
    Helmet    Agony Helm        Boom Turban       Agony Helm        Agony Helm
    Ring      Sea Ring          Dia Ring          Sea Ring          Sea Ring
    Jewel     Black Eye         Gold Eye          Twist jewel       Twist Jewel
              Artea             Lexis             Tia
    -------------------------   ---------------   ---------------
    Sword     Spark Staff       Aqua Spear        Snow Sword
    Armor     -*                -*                Ruse Armor
    Shield    Dark Mirror       Dark Mirror       Dark Mirror
    Helmet    Boom Turban       Boom Turban       Boom Turban
    Ring      Sea Ring          Sea Ring          Dia Ring
    Jewel     Gold Eye          Black Eye         Gold Eye     
    * = There is no Blue chest armor Artea/Lexis can wear.
    Changing weapons
     Don't be too lazy to switch weapons when meeting enemies of a different 
    element. You should know that almost all blue chest items have a connection to 
    one of the elements. For example: Use flame shields and water spears if you 
    fight against pugs, if you equip Selan with cryst shield and Boom turban she 
    will be practically immune to any attack of the Silver dragon! (Hint!)
     Watch out for Asashins and Ninjas; You will meet them in the lower 30's and 
    50's. These killers move very fast in the dungeon towards you. They have a 
    high number of AGL (170), plus they have an attack that has an instant kill 
    success rate of 80%: Terminal blow. Ninja's are slower, but can still be 
    dangerous. They have an Instant Attack too: Guillotine. Its success rate is 
    60%, which can be quite lethal.
    Info by Rubyheart on Ninjas and Asashins:
       "Sometime, Ninjas get stuck against a door if they move horizontally. I 
    talk about the bottom side of any rooms. Swing your sword inside of the door 
    and make them come." (When you attack them like this you can get "got in 
    first" occasionally.)
    Healing power can be an offensive spell
     Ghostships can be easily defeated by using either fire power, or a healing 
    spell. This also works on many other undead creatures check Appendix F; under 
    "Heal enemies to death" for details.
    The many attacks of Orky
     Orkys are weak against the thunder element. They have an HP over 2700, and 
    will attack 8(!) times in a row. This may seem very devastating but their ATP 
    is low meaning that you can cancel their attacks out, when you are well 
    equipped or after you cast Courage / Bravery on your entire party.
    The Devil himself
     Archfiends are also very tuff. They look like the fiend from earlier on in 
    the dungeon, but these guys are even harder. Their AGL is 165 and to make it 
    even worse; you can't attack them in the back meaning that you usually have to 
    wait for the Archfiend's attacks. Their HP is no joke either: over 1500.
    The Holy and Sacred Dragons
     Bronze and Silver dragons, can be defeated when you are equipped right. The 
    best weapons to use are Neutral/Shadow weapons like the Gades' Blade. Put Guy 
    and Dekar up in front with Gades' blades and they should do near 600 damage 
    for each attack against those dragons. Copper dragons seem to be less affected 
    by Shadow, that is probably because Copper isn't as holy as Silver and Gold.
     Actually, after looking inside the ROM Relnqshd and I found out that there is 
    a glitch in the script of the Copper Dragon, which means it doesn't have ANY 
    protection at all (See the Glitches section for more details). When the Gades 
    blade is not available use any Neutral, Dragon or Flying types. You can also 
    try the Perish and Destroy spells, especially 'Destroy' has a reasonable 
    success rate on these guys. Protect your characters by equipping Crysto 
    Shields, Crysto helms, Water Gaunts, Boom Turbans and Apron Shields.
     If your AGL is below 150 try to avoid the Gold dragons, these guys are almost 
    impossible to defeat if they throw 'Stardust blow' on you when your party is 
    weak. You will gain over 25000 EXP for each defeated Gold dragon however. You 
    can try to take these guys on if you want, but mind you that Light and Thunder 
    doesn't affect them at all. Also equip Apron shield on everyone to protect all 
    characters against most of their attacks.
                --- This info was contributed by  9inchNEL. ---
    "I've found a very easy way to do them in: simply equip one of your party 
    members with the Fatal Pick. It's amazing how often it works (It works 80% of 
    the time) and it kills practically every monster in the Ancient Cave in a 
    single blow, including the extra tough dragons! It only fails to work against 
    the undead monsters (Skeleton, Hades, the Ghost Ship, Leech and many others)."
    Harvesting Techniques
     Start a battle against enemies who can call companions. Now the idea is to 
    kill all but one or two of those enemies, wait for them to call companions and 
    kill those. Wait again from them to call companions and repeat the process to 
    gain levels very fast. Using this method is making it possible for you to get 
    your EXP. level closer to the dungeon floor you currently are.
     You can try to harvest the following enemies (and some others too), however 
    take note that after a certain level it is no longer worth it to fight against 
    those enemies, because the required amount Experience will be too big to get a 
    level up. So I included a maximum level for each strategy to make clear that 
    it is not useful to keep on training after you surpass that level.
    Necromancers on level B25
     Necromancer;EXP: 982, HP: 272, AGL: 54 MP: 103
    Calls 2x: 
     Skeleton;   EXP: 150, HP: 112, AGL: 20
     Ghoul;      EXP: 168, HP:  93, AGL: 20
     Zombie;     EXP: 290, HP: 148, AGL: 48
     Specter;    EXP: 595, HP: 162, AGL: 100
    Estimation: Less Than 100,000 EXP per hour. (Which sucks)
    Maximum level: 15 (it's hardly worth the trouble)
    -Best way to harvest them: Equip Blaze, Sizzle, and Fry swords. Most of 
    creatures here are very slow you will have the first attack all the time. If 
    possible use Absorb to bring his MP to 0 this way he can't cast perish. Start 
    by attacking them in the back and killing all but 1 necromancer. Now wait for 
    him to call 2 companions. Now try to attack with Guy and Dekar, if can't do 
    that use Selan and Maxim. Cast trick to make life a little easier.(if you 
    found it) They are easy to harvest, but you don't get much EXP from them.
    Pugs on level 30
     Pug;        EXP: 592, HP: 182, AGL: 64
    Calls: pug
    Estimation: 200,000 EXP per hour. (Still not much)
    Maximum level: 25
    -Best way to harvest them: Equip Dragon / Water spears or Snow Swords on Selan 
    and Arty. Use Flame shields to get better protection against the attacks of 
    the Pugs. In combat cast Brave/courage to get an even better protection. 
    (Incendiary is counted as a physical attack) Let two Pugs live since there is 
    enough room for four Pugs in total, meaning that both pugs can summon 
    companions. This will enable you to kill two pugs in one round.
    Wizards on level 50
     Wizard;     EXP: 2420, HP: 415, AGL: 78, MP: 365
    Calls 2x: 
     Nosferato;  EXP: 2455, HP: 614, AGL: 84
     Demise;     EXP: 2458, HP: 402, AGL: 82
     Hades skull;EXP: 2389, HP: 362, AGL: 70
     Jurahan;    EXP:  780, HP: 205, AGL: 42
    Estimation: 1,000,000 EXP per hour.
    Maximum level: 50
    -Best way to harvest them: Equip Blaze sword on Selan and Fry swords on Guy 
    and Dekar (If you don't have those weapons don't bother, because light weapons 
    are the only type that can do enough damage).
     Start with an attack in the rear so you can take out all but one wizard. If 
    you have the "Absorb" spell use it on the lone wizard, so he can't cast perish 
    anymore; you must drain 365 magic points in total (Alternatively use the Bat 
    Rock's IP if you have it, or have everybody equipped with Instant protection 
    armors if that is possible). Make sure you're AGL is above 80 at all time, so 
    equip Twist Jewels / Black Eyes if needed and cast Fake & Trick on Selan, Guy 
    and Dekar.
     Use Selan only if Dekar or a second fry sword isn't available, or if you are 
    sure that she has enough ATP to do at least 800 - 900 damage on a regular 
    basis. I say this because fluctuations in damage may leave an open spot for a 
    Nosferato to survive the attack. In my opinion Wizards are the best way of 
    gaining EXP fast, for all the enemies can be taken down in one single hit. 
    Boosting your level easily past level 50, after this you may as well stop the 
    battle since it will no longer be worth the long and tedious effort.
    Dark sum'ner on level 80
     Dark sum'ner;  EXP: 4897, HP:  540, AGL: 300! MP: 320
     Hade Chariot;  EXP: 4401, HP:  710, AGL:  84
     Hades;         EXP: 9254, HP: 1790, AGL: 156
     Leech;         EXP: 6388, HP:  542, AGL: 220
    Estimation: If you can kill them all in one hit; LV 98 in less than 2 hours, 
     but don't count on surviving a battle against a Dark sum'ner that long.
    Maximum level: ?? (I guess 98, since it takes 1000000+ EXP to reach 99)
    -"Stay away of the summoner...", because they are very fast and their attacks 
    are hazardous to your health. The best way to harvest them: Almost the same as 
    with the wizard. But be careful, Dark sum'ners are most of the time too fast 
    to keep up with, meaning that they will attack first. This makes it very hard 
    to harvest, especially if he summons Hades. You will need to attack with at 
    least two people, if the sum'ner chooses him. As you can see at the small 
    chart above; they drop loads of EXP, but surviving against them is very hard. 
    I have heard that it's possible to harvest them safely, but you need to get 
    ATP/DFP/AGL boosting spells going for at least the first four rounds to reach 
    decent statistics.
    Appendix E: Monster list
    -The monsters are sorted alphabetically by name in this type of chart. Bosses
     have a separate list at the bottom.
    -I don't list items, which you don't get inside the battle like the Gades
     blade, the ancient key...
    -PRO% -> Probability means a chance to get the item along with EXP and Gold.
     This is expressed in percentages as off this latest version.
    -I don't know the meaning of the levels and Lv.90 for Silver Dragon is not my
     mistake. The game says so.
    -Weakness simply means that when you use a spell or weapon with that kind of
     power it will do about double damage. Unfortunately some enemies don't have a
     weakness. An enemy can also be strong against certain elementals too. In some
     cases like the "Gold Dragon" completely immune to several types of attacks,
     meaning that you will always cause a MISS with that kind of attack. So be
     aware when you are fighting a strong enemy. The format is like this example
       Fire       = Weak against 'Fire' Attacks      (Damage is multiplied by 2)
       (Shadow)   = Strong against 'Shadow' Attacks  (Damage is divided by 2)
       {Light}    = Immune to 'Light' Attacks        (Damage is 0 = "MISS")
    -By using some PAR codes I was able to fight the King Hidora, it is identical
     to a High Hidora only he has a golden color and some different attacks.
    -Some enemies have what is called the 'Protection Pack', this means they are
     completely immune to all possible ailments. If an enemy has this pack, it
     will say 'Ailment Protected' at the bottom line. Here's the list with the 
         Instant Death
    -Some enemies have protection against all ailments except for Instant Death.
     This is noted by 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    -If only one or more ailments are included it will say for example if an enemy
     is protected against silence: 'Silence Protected'
    -DMG / 10 means that physical damage is divided by 10. This property is only
     used for the Cores. This gives them a very strong protection against regular
     attacks. However due to bad implementation of the code, the monsters with
     this protection are incredibly weak against magic.
    -Some enemies can cause ailments with their regular attacks. This is noted by
     'ailment here'(xx%) in the physical row. xx% is the chance the ailment has of
     affecting your characters.
    -Enemies can use elements in their regular attacks too, for example: Dragonian
     uses a fire based standard attack. So this is noted by: 'Fire' in the
     Physical Attacks row.
    -The following elements/types can NOT be combined for combo attacks:
     This means that these attacks will only be effective if used on its own. So
     if you combine for instance 'Light' with 'Hard' only Light will have effect.
     Take note that combining (for example) 'Flying' with 'Hard' gives you nothing
     since they cancel each other out. That's why some weaknesses do not always
     work, especially in the Ancient Cave if you are wearing a Sea Ring.
    -'Heal' means that an enemy can be healed to death, if this is the case the
     enemy automatically will have full protection against Instant Death.
    -Wind, Soil, Earth and Sea aren't used at all. That is why the Sea Ring has no
     additional effect on Sea Monsters. Also Wind and Soil are the elements of the
     corresponding Capsule Monsters Gusto and Sully. Take note that a Flying enemy
     is automatically immune to Earth.
    -(AC) behind location means that this particular monster appears in the
     Ancient Cave.
    Nr. Name          Lvl   HP   MP  ATP  DFP  AGL  INT  GUT  MGR    EXP   Gold
                       Item          PRO%                              Location
                       Weakness, (Strength), {Immune}
                       P: Physical Attacks
                       M: Magic Attacks
                       O: Other
    094 Ammonite      29   198   52  183  188   90   50   50   52    725    840
                       Sleep ball     25%             Karlloon North Shrine (AC)
                       Fire, Hard, (Water)
                       P: Tentacle
                       M: -
                       O: -
    089 Angler fish   38   329  287  247  180   78   66  126   88   2080   2495
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Lantern / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Moray" / "Squid" / "Evil Fish"
    064 Antares       20    80   30  115   65   20   12   14   22    252    252
                       Antidote       25%              Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       Water, (Fire)
                       P: Poison pin / Scissors
                       M: -
                       O: -
    021 Aqualoi       50   479  426  326  281  100   92   10  128   3397   4496
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Torrent / Sleep javelin
                       M: -
                       O: -
    024 Archfiend     58  1735 1450  420  320  166  262  176  250   8980   8700
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Light, (Neutral), (Shadow)
                       P: Gloomy / 'shadow' / 'paralyze'(20%)
                       M: Destroy / Stronger / Thunder / Mirror
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    082 Armor Bee     26   150    0  193   78  120   50   50   40    552    480
                       Bee rock      7.5%                 Phantom Mountain (AC)
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: Immobilize
                       M: -
                       O: -
    002 Armor Goblin  16    92   30   88   76   20   12   14   22    155    200
                       Tough hide     10%                        Ruby Cave (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    044 Armor Horse   24   158   78  142   99   52   48   48   38    481    383
                       Horse rock      5%                   Northern Lighthouse
                       P: Frenzy
                       M: -
                       O: -
    011 Armor Dait    36   302    0  248  268   96   50   50   68   1452   1422
                       Metal coat    7.5%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Dive / 'attacks 2x'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Paralysis & Sleep Protected'
    076 Armor Nail    48   452    0  315  252  104  120  120  122   3438   2752
                       Power potion   10%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Nail splash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    180 Asashin       36   220    0  262  142  168  102  102  100   1455   1421
                       Mysto jewel  1.25%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Light, (Neutral)
                       P: Terminal blow (80% Instant)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    053 Baby Frog      6    30    8   30   30   16   12   12   24     20     25
                       Rapier       12.5%                        Lake Cave (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Ribbit, ribbit (Checks Situation)
    061 Basilisk      52   502    0  335  305   82  140  140  100   3902   4630
                       -               -                     Sealed Towers (AC)
                       P: Tail attack / Hold gaze
                       M: -
                       O: -
    047 Bat            3    22    0   22   18   14    8    8    8     10     15
                       -               -                     Alunze Castle (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Bat" / Escape
    070 Beetle         6    24    8   28   40   12   12   12   60     22     25
                       Potion         25%                        Lake Cave (AC)
                       Fire, Hard, Insect, (Ice)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    101 Behemoth      49  1272  280  358  322  100  150  160  170   6325   6994
                       Earth fruit  12.5%                  Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Water, (Fire)
                       P: Earthquake / Ground shock
                       M: -
                       O: -
    048 Big Bat       13    48   13   48   40   20   12    8   14     35     40
                       Bat rock     0.25%                    Alunze Castle (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Bat"
    079 Big Bee       15   72    30   88   42   60   12   14   22    131    218
                       Bee rock        5%                             Ruby Cave
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Big Bee"/Escapes
    066 Big Crab      14    75   35   60  130   18   14   14   10    106    174
                       Power potion    5%                     Tanbel East Tower
                       Fire, Hard
                       P: Scissors
                       M: -
                       O: -
    176 Big Mushr'm   19   108   30   90   82   20   12   14   22    210    221
                       Hi-Potion      25%              Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       P: Energy shock/Spore
                       M: -
                       O: -
    167 Bili Jelly    12    62    0   60   46   16   16   16   30     62     53
                       -               -              Upper World - Tanbel (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    161 Black Dragon  54  1200  400  398  300  126  198  146  200   9386   9263
                       Dark fruit   12.5%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       Light, Flying, Dragon, (Neutral), (Shadow), {Earth}
                       P: Gloom splash / 'shadow'
                       M: Destroy
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    169 Blue Core     32    20  200  140  700  400   20   20  100  11111      1
                       -               -            Upper World - Treadool (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Bolt
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / 'DMG/10' / Escapes
    159 Blue Dragon   54   882  451  392  294  124  192  184  194   9397   8220
                       -               -                     Sealed Towers (AC)
                       Water, Flying, Dragon, (Ice), {Earth}
                       P: 'Thunder'
                       M: Deflect / Raio beam
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    166 Blue Jelly     5    26    0   28   24   14   12   12   12     16     20
                       -               -                         Lake Cave (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    173 Blue Mimic    40   365    0  240  222  132   70   70   68   2050   2415
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       P: Frenzy
                       M: -
                       O: -
    086 Bolt Fish     36   306  265  236  160   76   60  116   80   1816   2179
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Thunder)
                       P: Blitzer / 'thunder'
                       M: Confuse
                       O: -
    142 Bone Gorem    38   330    0  190  261   50   68   68   42   1738   2050
                       Spell potion   10%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       Thunder, Hard, (All not Neutral)
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / Intensity punch
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    031 Brinz Lizard  40   554  196  345  241  108   86  120   90   4042   4259
                       Twist jewel   7.5%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, (Ice), {Earth}
                       P: Frost / Gale / 'ice'
                       M: Blizzard
                       O: -
    135 Brokion       50  1290  420  388  283   72  144  144  104   6686   6100
                       Miracle         3%                  Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Water, Dragon, (Fire)
                       P: Bite
                       M: Ice Valk
                       O: -
    046 Bruse         23   152    0  175  102   84   40   40   40    368    330
                       Hi-Potion    12.5%                         Ancient Tower
                       P: Dash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    045 Buffalo        9    52   12   38   30   20    8    8    6     30     38
                       Cloth helmet   10%                    Alunze Castle (AC)
                       P: Dash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    084 Cancer        24   165   42  142  152   40   34   34   56    502    379
                       Cancer rock     5%              Northern Lighthouse (AC)
                       P: Flame defender / Scissor slash
                       M: -
                       O: Defends
    019 Cobalt        11    62   15   50   45   38   10  158   14     47     52
                       Long knife     10%                    Alunze castle (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Escapes
    062 Cokatoris     41   365    0  266  222  132   70   70   68   2050   2415
                       Life potion    10%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Water, Ice
                       P: Picking
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Cokatoris"
    162 Copper Dragon 59  2400  900  429  328  140  256  252  222  18980  18000
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       P: Cinder blast / 'Thunder'
                       M: Mirror / Stronger
                       O: -
    073 Coridras      40   351    0  262  212   52   70   70   86   1950   2330
                       Antidote       25%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
    052 Crow          49   867  414  352  329  160  110  106  126   6608   4000
                       -               -                   Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       P: Double kick
                       M: -
                       O: -
    110 Crow Kelp     50   405    0  208  138   50   50   50   50   1825   1418
                       -               -                   Flower Mountain (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'Attacks 2x'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    103 Current       50   779  426  366  210   42   56   56   54   1742   2079
                       -               -                               Sea (AC)
                       Fire, Dragon, (Water)
                       P: Tidal wave / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    013 Cyclops       47  1252  167  340  225   70  106  104   96   5292   5500
                       Ex-Potion    12.5%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Scolding
                       M: -
                       O: 'Paralysis Protected'
    080 Dark Fly      25   160   50  182  160   94   44   44   44    400    331
                       -               -                     Ancient Tower (AC)
                      Light, Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                      P: -
                      M: Dread
                      O: -
    126 Dark Skull    31   205  100  197  124   64   50   50   60    800    955
                       Miracle         1%            Karlloon North Shrine (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}, {Thunder}
                       P: Bite
                       M: Perish
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    118 Dark Spirit   37   315  134  242  187   58   72   70   80   1729   2020
                       Shriek         25%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       Thunder, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Black thunder / 'shadow' / 'sleep'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    188 Dark Sum'ner  60   540  320  300  304  300  252  184  194   4897   5720
                      -                -                                 - (AC)
                      P: 'attacks 2x' / Dark aura 
                      M: Bolt / Perish
                      O: Calls "Hade chariot" / "Hades" / "leech"
                         'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    182 Dark Warrior  44   400    0  318  195   82   84   84   66   2393   2860
                       Hi-Magic     12.5%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Water, (Light)
                       P: Samurai
                       M: -
                       O: -
    133 Deadly Armor  24   142   52  142  200   52   40   40   62    422    383
                       Deadly armor    5%                    Ancient Tower (AC)
                       Ice, (Neutral)
                       P: Iron kick
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Deadly sword" / 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    132 Deadly Sword  22   108   97  152   82   60   36   56   42    358    200
     Lethal Sword(Aus) Deadly sword    5%               Northern Labyrinth (AC)
                       Ice, (Neutral)
                       P: Repeat attack
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    121 Demise        44   402  196  285  227   82  140  124  102   2458   2900
                       Brave          10%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Light, Heal, (Hard), (Neutral), {Shadow}
                       P: Dark force (80% Instant) / 'shadow'
                       M: Mirror
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    105 Desert Rose   34   281    0  221  152   60   84   84   84   1255   1330
                       -               -                  Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    026 Doben         19   102   30   88   90   20   12   14   22    220    201
                       Blue beret    7.5%              Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Doben"
    012 Dragonian     27   188  126  182  143   46   84   52   46    594    690
                       Long sword    7.5%               Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Incendiary / 'Poison'(30%) / 'Fire'
                       O: 'Paralysis & Sleep Protected'
    092 Drill Shell   28   175   65  172  180   40   36   36   42    642    695
                       Confuse ball   25%               Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Fire, Hard, (Water)
                       P: Whirlpool / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: Defends
    050 Eagle          7    28   12   40   28   18   12   12   16     30     30
                       Eagle rock      1%                        Lake Cave (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Dive
                       M: -
                       O: -
    018 Earth Genie   56  1262  502  395  342  106  200  100  150   4550   5550
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Thunder, (Ice)
                       P: Ground shock / Defends
                       M: Absorb
                       O: 'Silence Protected' / Defends
    034 Earth Viper   23   150   84  152  140   40   40   40   40    358    320
                       -               -                     Ancient Tower (AC)
                       P: Sand storm / 'hard'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Earth Viper"
    095 Evil Fish     28   208   76  178  112   58   54   56   54    664    700
                       Charm fruit   7.5%               Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Octo ink / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    091 Evil Shell    20   122   30   92  165   20   12   14   22    245    251
                       -               -                    Northern Lighthouse
                       Fire, Hard
                       P: Whirlpool
                       M: -
                       O: Defends
    023 Fiend         45   818  356  352  282   60  164   74  162   5052   5080
                       Evil jewel      1%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Light, Flying, (Neutral), (Shadow), {Earth}
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / 'Paralyze'(20%) / 'shadow'
                       M: Fireball / Perish / Bolt / Stronger
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    007 Fighter Ork   20   122   62  110   88   30   30   30   20    253    235
                       Power gourd  12.5%              Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    015 Flame Genie   56  1261  483  422  302  122  200  162  200   4550   5550
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Ice, (Fire)
                       P: Incendiary
                       M: Absorb
                       O: 'Silence Protected'
    085 Garbost       34   282   32  212  215   56   62   62   66   1282   1219
                       Cancer rock    10%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Fire, Hard
                       P: Flame defender
                       M: Vortex
                       O: Defends
    140 Gargoyle      50   218   76  202  175   58   54   56   54   1523    960
                       -               -                     Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Hard, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Bite
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    131 Ghost Ship    56   780    0  395  202  102  164  164  154   4570   5500
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: - 
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Dark skull" / "Hades skull" / "Deadly sword"
                          'Ailment Protected' / Defends
    115 Ghoul         18    93   30   82   42   20   12   14   22    168    188
                       Antidote       25%            Treasure Sword Shrine (AC)
                       Light, Fire, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: 'shadow' / 'paralyze'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    035 Gnome         32   262  141  202  132   54   54   58   66    920   1066
                       Silver armor  7.5%                  Flower Mountain (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Stronger
                       O: Calls "Earth Viper"/"Gnome"
    001 Goblin        13   102   30   70   64   20   12   14   22    105    227
                       Short sword    10%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    004 Goblin Mage   20   122   30   65  120   80   12   14   22    272    277
                       Hi-Magic      7.5%                   Northern Lighthouse
                       P: -
                       M: Flash / Strong
                       O: -
    164 Gold Dragon   60  2780 1350  476  370  142  280  300  280  26980  26700
                       Gold eye        1%                                - (AC)
                       Shadow, Flying, Dragon, (Fire), (Water), (Ice), {Earth},
                       {Light}, {Thunder}
                       P: Stardust blow / 'light' / 'attacks 3x'
                       M: Trick / Zap / Stronger
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    150 Gold Gorem    53   521  270  442  342   82  146  146  138   4000   5000
                       -               -      Upper World - Chaed / Gratze (AC)
                       Hard, (All but Neutral)
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / 'Light' / Golden Mist
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    178 Gorgon        54   833    0  486  317   64  170  170  104   8354   8240
                       Gorgon rock   7.5%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       Light, (Fire)
                       P: Total Destruction
                       M: -
                       O: -
    139 Great Coca    58  2090  664  412  315  122  182  182  186   9900   9700
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Beak bash / Bite
                       M: Firebird
                       O: -
    146 Green Clay    21   137   92  120  112   48   34   54   40    308    278
                       Breeze fruit  2.5%               Northern Labyrinth (AC)
                       Thunder, Fire, (All but Neutral)  
                       P: Fatal puch
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Torrent" / "Green Clay" / 
                          'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    170 Green Core    39    30  200  200 1300  400   20   20  160  33333      1
                       -               -           Upper World - Portravia (AC)
                       P: Vortex
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / 'DMG/10' / Escapes
    160 Green Dragon  49   680  230  324  282  126  188  146  152   6630   6050
                       Life potion   7.5%                  Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, Dragon, (Water), {Earth}
                       P: 'water'
                       M: Mirror / Stronger / Raging wave
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    100 Grianos       46   928  183  326  280   80  110  110   86   5230   5404
                       -               -                    Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Dash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    124 Hade Chariot  44   710    0  306  217   84  154  154  114   4401   4891
                       Power potion   10%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Evil lance (2%Instant) / Dash
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    125 Hades         58  1790  887  436   20  156  182  182  208   9254   9750
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Energy shock / 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / Defends
    127 Hades Skull   43   362  178  305  205   70  124  114  128   2389   2900
                       Miracle         3%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Confubite
                       M: Final shadow ( = Perish Spell )
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    051 Hawk          13    55   21   72   30   26   12   12   10     70     52
                       Eagle rock     10%                  Upper World - Tanbel
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Dive
                       M: -
                       O: -
    151 Hidora        38   529    0  277  200   66   50   50   80   3212   3090
                       Ex-Potion      10%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       P: 'attack all' / Triple attack
                       M: -
                       O: -
    153 High Hidora   50   700  199  362  282   90  146  140  134   6690   6080
                       Hidora rock   7.5%                  Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Ice, Flying, (Thunder), {Earth}
                       P: 'attack 5x' / Triple blast / Triple attack
                       M: -
                       O: -
    025 Hound         29   195  103  182  112   80   44   44   32    728    887
                       Flame jewel   2.5%            Karlloon North Shrine (AC)
                       P: 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Hound"
    174 Ice Roge      57   565 1390  402  302   80  254  250  254   8750  14450
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Light, Flying, (Water), (Ice), {Earth}  
                       P: Cruel storm / 'ice'
                       M: Destroy
                       O: Calls "Ice roge" / 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    022 Imp           12    65   30   64   50   24   14   74   24     63     72
                       Magic jar    6.25%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       Thunder, Light
                       P: 'thunder'
                       M: -
                       O: Bestial present / Cold shoulder (Checks Situation)
    149 Iron Gorem    42   377    0  276  271   68   80   80   86   2123   2400
                       Hi-Magic      7.5%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Hard, (All but Neutral)
                       P: Iron kick
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    120 Jurahan       30   205    0  182  142   42   54   54   84    780    897
                       Hi-Magic      7.5%            Karlloon north Shrine (AC)
                       Light, Heal, {Shadow}
                       P: Ninja (60% Instant) / 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    098 Killer Whale  44   401  354  288  227   90   78  150  108   5693   5591
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    054 King Frog     24   160   78  142   92   80   42   40   40    402    350
                       Regain       12.5%                   Northern Lighthouse
                       P: Chorus
                       M: -
                       O: -
    154 King Hidora   48  2000  836  359  304  104  188  188  206  14650   9200
                       -               -                                      -
                       Water, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Destructor beam / Triple attack / 'Attack all'/'thunder'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    097 Kraken        55   550    0  385  297   60  158  158  156   4450   5390
                       -               -                                    Sea?
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Ten Legger, Torrent
                       M: -
                       O: -
    112 La Fleshia    25   164    0  161  101   54   34   34   54    532    442
                       Mystery pin  12.5%                 Phantom mountain (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'Sleep'(30%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    122 Leech         54   542  476  372  286  220  220  108  200   6388   6250
                       Old sword       1%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       Light, Heal, (Neutral), (Ice), (Hard), {Shadow}
                       P: 'sleep'(30%) / 'poison'(30%) / 'confuse'(30%) /
                          'shadow' / 'attacks 2x'
                       M: Black thunder / Destroy / Ice Valk / Mirror
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    041 Lion          29   204    0  225  116  104   80   80   70   1433   1475
                       Lion fang     7.5%            Karlloon North Shrine (AC)
                       P: Bite / Scratch
                       M: -
                       O: -
    055 Lizard         1     8    0   14    6    6    6    6    6      3      5
                       Charr. newt  12.5%                    Alunze castle (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    009 Lizardman     22   140   12  141   90   60   40   40   40    320    281
                       Big boomer   12.5%               Northern Labyrinth (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: 'Poison Protected'
    038 Lunar bear    32   408   82  205  180   50   54   54   44   2031   2083
                       Power potion    5%                  Flower Mountain (AC)
                       P: Bearhug / 'poison'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    109 Mad Ent       39   341  135  248  219   54   68   54   66   1725   1824
                       -               -             Mountain of no Return (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    145 Mad Gorem     26   182   82  164  162   32   22   22   38    572    450
                       Hi-Magic      7.5%                 Phantom Mountain (AC)
                       Fire, Thunder, (All but Neutral)
                       P: Fatal punch
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    137 Mad Head      37   315  151  242  168   66   74   70   84   1669   2070
                       Pumkin jewel   10%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       P: Head attack
                       M: Confuse
                       O: -
    043 Mad Horse      9    40   14   36   28   24   16  172   12     28     40
                       Horse rock   0.25%                    Alunze castle (AC)
                       P: Frenzy
                       M: -
                       O: -
    148 Magma Gorem   51   480  120  334  332   50   30   30   70   3470   4100
                       Magma rock    7.5%                  Dragon mountain (AC)
                       Water, Ice, (All but Neutral)
                       P: Magma fist / Magma blast
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    059 Medusa        30   195  120  191  120   42   90   56   86    760    882
                       Brave          10%                 Dankirk basement (AC)
                       P: 'paralyze'(10%)
                       M: Bolt / Absorb
                       O: 'Silence & Confusion Protected'
    014 Mega Cyclops  54  1533  440  677  343  112  188  170  162   8391   8250
                       Old armor       1%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Fake
                       O: 'Silence Protected'
    078 Mega Moth     10   50    18   60   30   44   10   10   12     54     52
                       -               -                         Ruby Cave (AC)
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: Flap flap dance
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Mega Moth"
    020 Merman        46   426  377  303  248   92   84  172  116   3329   3394
                       Charm fruit   7.5%                                   Sea
                       Fire, Water
                       P: Raging wave / Sleep javelin
                       M: -
                       O: -
    172 Mimic         10    60   60   64   40   40   28   20   60    130    250
                       -               -                    Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Bite
                       M: -
                       O: -
    177 Minataurus    34   621    0  302  192   94   68   68   58   3280   4000
                       Miracle         2%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       P: Ax attack
                       M: -
                       O: -
    087 Moray         50   261  224  205  139   68   52  100   66   1316   1579
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Bite
                       M: -
                       O: -
    107 Moray Vine    52   505   50  338  283   78  122  150  100   3880   4620
                       -               -                    Tower of truth (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: -
                       M: Coma/Confuse
                       O: -
    072 Mosquito       5    20    5   26   24   14   10    4   14     15     18
                       Chop board   12.5%                        Lake Cave (AC)
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: Vampire
                       M: -
                       O: -
    077 Moth           2   14     0   16   16   12    4    4    6      5      8
                       -               -                 Cave to Sundletan (AC)
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    128 Mummy         35   293    0  228  157   36   50   50   68   1399   1418
                       Antidote       25%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Fire, Light, Water, Heal, {Shadow}
                       P: 'Poison'(100%) / 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    175 Mushroom       2    16    0   18   16   10    4    4   10      7     10
                       Potion         25%                Cave to Sundletan (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    123 Necromancer   33   272  103  188  132   54   44   44   32    982   1121
                       Mind potion   7.5%                  Flower Mountain (AC)
                       P: Dark aura
                       M: Bolt / Perish 
                       O: Calls "Skeleton" / "Zombie" / "Ghoul" / "Specter"
    057 Needle Lizard 10    52   13   56   32   16   12   12   16     38     52
                       Charr. newt    25%                    Alunze Castle (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Immobilize
                       M: -
                       O: -
    056 Newt          10    67   19   65   52   14   12   12    4     72    120
                       Charr. newt    25%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    179 Ninja         39   340   75  286  202  132   56   56   54   1784   2250
                       Mysto jewel     1%                 Ferim East Tower (AC)
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / Ninja / Guillotine (60% Instant) / 
                          Knife thrower
                       M: -
                       O: -
    130 Nosferato     45   614  210  300  225   84  158  134  102   2455   2950
                       Gloom jewel     2%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Contact / Black thunder / Vampire / Calls "Vampire"
                       M: Mirror / Dread
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    171 No Core       50    50  200  280 2000  400   70   70  240  55555      1
                       -               -               Upper world - Chaed (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Fry
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / 'DMG/10' / Escapes
    143 Nuborg        18   122   30   78  152   20   12   14   22    175    202
                       Sour cider   12.5%            Treasure Sword Shrine (AC)
                       P: Frenzy
                       M: Drowsy
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    183 Ochi Warrior  28   190    0  178  109   54   24   24   22    643    720
                       Samu jewel   0.25%               Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Shockwave
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    006 Ork           19   122   30  100   82   20   12   14   22    225    231
                       Jet helm      2.5%              Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Oink / Squealer (Checks Situation)
    008 Ork Mage      22   145   78   82  107   40   60   34   20    353    280
                       Hi-Magic      7.5%                   Northern Lighthouse
                       P: -
                       M: Fireball / Strong
                       O: -
    155 Orky          50  2800    0  350  150  128  188  188  372  18870  15700
                       Gorgan rock     1%                                - (AC)
                       Thunder, Dragon
                       P: Octo-head blast / Triple attack / 'Attack 8x'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    102 Perch         36   483  244  263  204   72   56  108   74   1585   1901
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'water'
                       M: Vortex
                       O: -
    071 Poison Beetle 15    68   30   74  132   20   12   14   22    114    196
                       Antidote       25%                        Ruby Cave (AC)
                       Fire, Hard, Insect, (Ice)
                       P: 'poison'(20%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    058 Poison Lizard 16    62   20   70   54   18   12   12   16     87    160
                       Charr. newt    25%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Poison spit / 'poison'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    029 Pug           27   182   48  172  102   64   50   48   48    592    682
                       Flame fruit   7.5%               Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Ice, Water, (Fire) 
                       P: Incendiary / 'fire'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Pug"
    136 Pumpkin Head  23   158   93  142  100   40   62   60   44    364    380
                       Pumkin jewel  7.5%                    Ancient Tower (AC)
                       P: Head attack
                       M: -
                       O: Defends
    060 Ramia         34   285  108  221  152   50   52   50   52   1325   1300
                       Hi-Magic     12.5%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       P: Miracle voice / Poison spear / Tail
                       M: Confuse
                       O: 'Silence & Confusion Protected' / Calls "Medusa"
    049 Red Bat       16    88   30   80   78   20   12   14   22    140    120
                       Potion         25%                        Ruby Cave (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Vampire
                       M: -
                       O: -
    168 Red Core      18    10  100   80  300  200   20   20   20   2222      1
                       -               -           Upper World - Parcelyte (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Spark
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / 'DMG/10' / Escapes
    158 Red Dragon    51   700  468  352  280  106  206  170  210   6831   6130
                       Power potion  7.5%                  Dragon mountain (AC)
                       Ice, Flying, Dragon, (Fire), {Earth}  
                       P: 'fire'
                       M: Confuse / Phoenix blast
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    165 Red Jelly      1     6    0   12   14    6    4    4    6      2      2
                       -               -                Secret Skills Cave (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    067 Red Lobster   20   122   30   92  155   20   12   14   22    242    250
                       Hi-Potion    12.5%               Northern Lighhouse (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Scissor slash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    111 Red Plant     40   452    0  285  281   64  114  114   84   4080   4360
                       Ex-Potion    12.5%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'Attacks 3x' / 'Sleep'(20%) / 'Poison'(20%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    003 Regal Goblin  18   102   30   74   82   20   12   14   22    182    220
                       Franshiska     10%            Treasure Sword Shrine (AC)
                       P: 'Attacks 2x'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    141 Rogue Shape   41   362  500  252  282   52   70   70   68   2052   2330
                       Battle driver  25%                    Divine Shrine (AC)
                       Light, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Lantern
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Hound" / 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    030 Salamander    51   692  220  384  323  188  166  152  166   6441   6109
                       Flame jewel    10%                  Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Ice, Water, Flying, (Fire), (Thunder), {Earth}
                       P: Sizzle breath
                       M: Firebird
                       O: -
    181 Samurai       38   329    0  268  179  138   74   74   76   1751   2060
                       Samu jewel      1%                 Ferim east Tower (AC)
                       P: Samurai
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Dark Warrior"
    147 Sand Gorem    22   151   97  135  125   50   36   56   42    336    285
                       Earth fruit     5%               Northern Labyrinth (AC)
                       Water, Ice, (All but Neutral)
                       P: Sand storm
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    063 Scorpion      14    69   29   74   33   16   14   14    4     90    108
                       Antidote     1.25%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       Water, Hard, (Fire)
                       P: Poison pin / Scissors
                       M: -
                       O: -
    152 Sea Hidora    46   631  100  345  245   78  124  124  106   5964   5490
                       Hidora rock   7.5%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       Ice, (Water)
                       P: 'attack all' / Ice stream / Triple attack / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    032 Seahorse      30   239  204  191  119   64   48   90   62   1090   1247
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Whirlpool / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    033 Seirein       46   430  192  301  240   64   70  114  170   2828   3400
                       Song rock     7.5%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Do-re-mi / Tra-la-la / Doop-do-wah / Da-da dah /
                          'water' / 'confusion'(20%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Silence Protected' / Voice training (Checks Situation)
    083 Sentopez       8    48    8   32   44   20    6    6   10     25     30
                       Antidote       15%                    Alunze Castle (AC)
                       Hard, Insect
                       P: 'poison'(5%)
                       M: -
                       O: -                  
    028 Serfaco       47   440  167  307  249  154  124  124  134   5280   5410
                       Breeze fruit  7.5%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: 'attacks 3x' / Twister
                       M: -
                       O: -
    040 Shadow        36   468   76  262  175   58   54   56   54   1451   1482
                       Gloom jewel     1%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Light, (Shadow), (Neutral)
                       P: Vile laughter / Sunder / 'shadow'
                       M: Perish
                       O: Calls "Shadow" / 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    039 Shadowfly     21   142   92  132   92   48   34   54   40    282    388
                       -               -                     Northern labyrinth
                       Light, Flying, {Earth}
                       P: 'poison'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Shadowfly"
    088 She Viper     42   377  331  276  221   86   74  142  102   2690   2715
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    163 Silver Dragon 90  2800 1000  439  332  140  266  204  288  20280  20200
                       Silver eye      1%                                - (AC)
                       Shadow, Flying, Dragon, (Fire), (Water), (Thunder),
                       {Ice}, {Light}, {Earth}
                       P: Diamond dust / 'ice' / 'attacks 2x'
                       M: Bravery / Dread / Stronger
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    114 Skeleton      15   112    0   84   28   20   10   10    2    150     50
                       Wood shield  6.25%                Tanbel East Tower (AC)
                       Light, Fire, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}  
                       P: 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    010 Skull Lizard  26   180  180  142   93   48   54   48   60    552    463
                       Mage shield   2.5%                 Phantom Mountain (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Deflect / Vortex / Dread
                       O: 'Poison Protected'
    184 Sly Fox       48   654  203  342  225  180  152  152  102   6075   5555
                       Ex-Magic       20%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       Thunder, Flying, (Light), {Earth}  
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / 'thunder'
                       M: Thunder / Mirror
                       O: -
    065 Small Crab    10    50   10   45  100   10    8    8   20     52     43
                       Hi-Potion      25%                     Tanbel East Tower
                       Fire, Hard
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    119 Snatcher      24   172    0  152  102   42   48   48   54    521    390
                       -               -                    Northern Lighthouse
                       Water, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    093 Snell         23   150   78  149  182   52   42   38   10    358    332
                       Hi-Potion    12.5%                         Ancient Tower
                       Fire, Hard, (Ice)
                       P: 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Ammonite" / Defends
    138 Snow Gas      50  1200  180  342  220   98  152  140  180   8508   7650
                       -               -                   Gratze Basement (AC)
                       Fire, (Ice)
                       P: Ice beak
                       M: Ice Valk
                       O: -
    117 Specter       27   161   48  175  102  100   50   50   50    595    685
                       -               -                Tower of Sacrifice (AC)
                       Light, Ice, Heal, (Thunder), {Shadow}
                       P: 'Confuse'(10%) / 'shadow' / Final Shadow (20% Instant)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    042 Sphinx        53  1224  250  356  262  102  168  152  134   8058   8720
                       Old helmet      1%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: Riddler(Confuse) / Coma / Stronger / Mirror
                       O: 'Confusion & Sleep Protected'
    068 Spider         3    23    0   24   20    8    4    4   12     12     12
                       Antidote     12.5%                Cave to Sundletan (AC)
                       Fire, Insect
                       P: 'poison'(5%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    074 Spinner       24   165   78  180   80   50   44   40   44    408    340
                       Life potion    10%                    Ancient Tower (AC)
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    096 Squid         53   520  211  280  282   96  142  152  122   3985   4700
                       -               -                   Gratze Basement (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Squid ink / Ten-legger
                       M: -
                       O: -
    081 Stinger       25   168   61  182   65  100   48   44   46    527    430
                       Speed potion  2.5%                 Phantom Mountain (AC)
                       Flying, Insect, {Earth}
                       P: Immobilize
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Big Bee"
    134 T-Rex         43   888    0  343  269   84   94   94  106   4697   4820
                       -               -               Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       P: Bite
                       M: -
                       O: -
    075 Tartona       42   376    0  276  222   52   70   70   68   2092   2411
                       Earth jewel    10%                   Tower of Truth (AC)
                       P: Raio shock / 'thunder'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    185 Tengu         33   475  121  212  163  120   52   52   70   1687   1411
                       Hi-Magic       10%                  Flower Mountain (AC)
                       Ice, Hard, Flying, (Thunder), {Earth}
                       P: Kamikaze / 'thunder'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    037 Thunderbeast  47   726   50  388  320   82  130  130  108   5002   5420
                       Thundo jewel  7.5%                    Sealed Towers (AC)
                       P: Thunderstorm / 'thunder'
                       M: Bolt
                       O: 'Confusion Protected'
    108 Torrent       25   175  100  160  100   38   44   50   50    531    453
                       Awake          25%                 Phantom Mountain (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'attacks 2x'
                       M: Drowsy
                       O: -
    005 Troll         31   252    0  192  120   48   54   54   60    798    900
                       Multi sword   7.5%                  Flower Mountain (AC)
                       P: 'Paralyze'(20%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Paralysis Protected'
    090 Unicorn       40   352  308  265  221   82   70  134   94   2383   2859
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Dash / 'water'
                       M: -
                       O: -
    129 Vampire       35   292  185  252  156  138   86   86   82   1420   1477
                       Bat rock     12.5%                 Dankirk Basement (AC)
                       Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Vampire / 'shadow'
                       M: Mirror
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    104 Vampire Rose  39   340    0  252  301  100   92  172  128   8097   6796
                       -               -                Upper World - Pico (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'poison'(30%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    106 Venus Fly     50   479  426  326  281   88  120  120  120   2886   4062
                       -               -                   Dragon Mountain (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Energy shock / 'attack all' / 'paralyze'(30%)
                       M: Confuse
                       O: -
    156 Waiban        43   389  152  282  225  148  106  106  106   2415   2880
                       -               -               Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Poison tail
                       M: -
                       O: -
    186 Warm Eye      52   510  368  335  282   82  194  172  178   3905   4700
                       Ex-Magic       20%                  Gratze Basement (AC)
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / Hold gaze 
                       M: Absorb
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected' / Defends
    069 Web Spider    15    82   30   75   70   20   12   14   22    120    182
                       -               -                              Ruby Cave
                       Fire, Insect
                       P: 'Sleep'(15%) / 'poison'(15%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    016 Well Genie    55  1246  480  385  297  102  200  152  152   4450   5350
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Frost
                       M: Absorb
                       O: Defends
    113 Wheel Eel     39   345   50  255  180   54   66   66   96   1720   2090
                       Hi-Potion      25%            Mountain of no Return (AC)
                       P: - 
                       M: Mirror / Deflect / Drowsy
                       O: -
    157 White Dragon  50   550  350  352  300  190  160  180  186   4000   4820
                       Holy fruit   12.5%              Upper world - Chaed (AC)
                       Fire, Flying, Dragon, (Ice), {Earth}
                       P: Cold stream / 'ice'
                       M: Stronger/Ice Valk
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    099 White Whale   48   452  401  311  257   96   88  166  122   7703   7443
                       -               -                                    Sea
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: 'water'
                       M: Stronger/ Ice Valk
                       O: -
    017 Wind Genie    57  1274  515  402  309  182  200  156  200   4750   5650
                       -               -                                 - (AC)
                       Water, (Thunder)
                       P: Voltage bolt
                       M: Absorb
                       O: -
    027 Winger        21   110   92  152   85  160   46   38   10    395    380
                       Magic jar     7.5%               Northern Labyrinth (AC)
                       Flying, {Earth}
                       P: Twister
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Winger"
    036 Wispy         19    82   30   82  180  160   60   14   22    216    301
                       Magic jar    12.5%           Upper world - Gordovan (AC)
                       P: 'light'
                       M: Flash (= Light Elemental)
                       O: Calls "Wispy"
    187 Wizard        45   415  365  282  184   78  100   68  164   2420   2840
                       Hi-Magic       10%              Shrine of Vengeance (AC)
                       P: 'attacks 2x' / Dark aura
                       M: Bolt / Perish
                       O: Calls "Hades skull" / "Nosferato" / "Jurahan" / "Demise" 
                          'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    144 Wood Gorem    18   112   30   78  152   20   12   14   22    185    208
                       Secret fruit    5%            Treasure Sword Shrine (AC)
                       Fire, Hard, (All but Neutral)  
                       P: Mokujinken
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    116 Zombie        21   146   92  128   62   48   34   54   40    291    288
                       -               -               Gordovan West Tower (AC)
                       Light, Fire, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: 'poison'(20%) / 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    Nr. Name          Lv    HP   MP  ATP  DFP  AGL  INT  GUT  MGR    EXP   Gold
                       Item          PRO%                              Location
                       P: Physical Attacks
                       M: Magic Attacks
                       O: Other
    * = full list of abbreviations see begin of table.
    200 Amon          50 10000 5000  800  200  184  300  184  400  50000  50000
                       -               -           Daos' Shrine & Stradha Tower
                       Light, (Shadow)
                       P: Chaos wave / Galactic lancer
                       M: Thunder / Ice Valk
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    189 Big Catfish    8   200   50   45   10   20   16   16   30    500    500
                       Catfish jwl. 12.5%                             Lake Cave
                       P: Mega quake / 'water'
                       M: Flash
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    198 Camu          15  1500  320  140   70   36   36   80  100   3000   5000
                       Camu jewel      3%                     Tanbel East Tower
                       Thunder, (Fire)
                       P: Buster attack / Sleep stinger / 'fire'
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Slave" / 'Ailment Protected'
    193 Daniele       10  1200  320  140  100  100   60   40   40    300   1000
                       -               -                  Treasure Sword Shrine
                       Fire, Thunder, (Ice)
                       P: 'ice'
                       M: Blizzard / Vortex
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' /
                          Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (Checks Situation)
    202 Daos          50 20000  500  400   50  120  400  200  500  50000  50000
                       -               -                           Daos' Shrine
                       Light, Hard, (Fire), (Water), (Shadow), (Ice), (Thunder)  
                       P: Terror wave / Dark reflector / Dark fry
                       M: Thunder / Ice Valk / Fire bird / Dragon
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    212 Egg Dragon    50 65535 2000 1500  500  510  400  100  510  60000  60000
                       -               -                          Dragon Shrine
                       Shadow, Flying, Dragon, (Fire), (Water), (Light), (Ice),
                       (Thunder), {Earth}  
                       P: Sunny-side up / Over-easy / Scrambled egg
                       M: Zap
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    201 Erim          50 15000 5000  300  250  100  200  184  500  50000  50000
                       -               -                           Daos' Shrine
                       Light, Hard, (Fire), (Water), (Shadow), (Ice), (Thunder)
                       P: Devastation wave (15% Instant) / Dark fry / Eerie light 
                       M: Zap / Thunder (Erim has these, but never uses them)
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    195 Fire Dragon   50  7500 2000  800  250  180  300  100  400  30000  40000
                       -               -                        Dragon Mountain
                       Ice, Flying, Dragon, (Fire), {Earth}
                       P: Incendiary / Energy shock / Drowsy / Bite
                       M: Firebird
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    190 Follower(USA) 10   150  120   80   60   22   10   10   40    100    250
        Minion(Other)  -               -                                 Tanbel
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    210 Follower(USA) 10   300   40  250  200   22   10   10   40    100    250
        Henohman(Aus)  -               - North. Lighth. / Karlloon North Shrine
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    199 Gades         50  7500  320  420  290  184  192  184  194  50000  50000
                       -               -                    Gordovan West Tower 
                       Light, (Shadow)
                       P: Destructo-wave
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    215 Gades         50  3000  320  240  180  400  192  184  194  10000  20000
                       -               -                          Ancient Tower
                       Light, (Shadow)
                       P: Destructo-wave / Devastation
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    223 Gades         50 10000    0  600  200  184  192  184  400  50000  50000
                       -               -            Daos' Shrine & Shuman Tower
                       Light, (Shadow), (Ice), (Thunder)
                       P: Destructo-wave / Devastation
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    219 Gargoyle      34  1000  297  280  214   80   68  130  200   3000   3000
                       -               -                  Mountain of no Return
                       Hard, Flying, (Neutral), {Earth}
                       P: Bite
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    220 Ghost Ship    50 10000 5000  500  300  102  164  164  154  30000  50000
                       -               -                      Dual Blade Shrine
                       Fire, Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Doom cry (40% Instant)
                       M: Confuse
                       O: Calls "Dark Skull" / "Hades Skull" / "Deadly Sword"
                          'Ailment Protected' / Defends
    204 Goblin         7    30    8   36   42   26   12   12   24     30     50
                       -               -                              Lake Cave
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    207 Goblin         9    75   15   60   50   12   10   10   14      1      1
                       -               -                        North-West Cave
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    208 Goblin Mage    9    60   82   42   35   36   40   32   40      1      1
                       -               -                        North-West Cave
                       P: -
                       M: Spark
                       O: -
    211 Groupie       10   300   40  240  200   22   10   10   40    100    250
                       Magic fruit    25%                    Tower of Sacrifice
                       P: 'Sleep'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: -
    197 Idura         10  1500  320  200  160   32   72  184   30   5000   1000
                       -               -                    Northern Lighthouse 
                       Ice, Hard, (Thunder)
                       P: Plasma Blaster / 'thunder'
                       M: Idura Thunder(bolt)
                       O: Calls "Groupie"
                         'Silence, Inst. Death, Paralysis & Confusion Protected'
    216 Idura         29  2500  300  280  200  100  100  100  100  10000  10000
                       -               -                     Tower of Sacrifice
                       Ice, Hard, (Thunder)
                       P: Plasma Blaster / Idura Thunder
                       M: Bolt
                       O: Calls "Follower (#210)"
                         'Silence, Inst. Death, Paralysis & Confusion Protected'
    221 Idura         29  3500  300  360  200  100  140  100  100  10000  10000
                       -               -                  Karlloon North Shrine
                       Ice, Hard, (Thunder)
                       P: Plasma Blaster / Idura Thunder
                       M: Bolt
                       O: Calls "Groupie"
                         'Silence, Inst. Death, Paralysis & Confusion Protected'
    217 Lion          29  1000    0  200  120  116  122  150  100   5000   8000
                       -               -                       Phantom Mountain 
                       Ice, (Water)
                       P: Bite / Scratch
                       M: -
                       O: -
    203 Lizardman      4    80    0   32   28   10   16   16   20    100    125
                       -               -                      Cave to Sundletan
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: -
    224 Master        50  9980    0   10    1  510    2    2    2      1      1
                       -               -        Ancient Cave - Last Field (B99)
                       P: Let's regain our strength. / Right, Let's go!
                          I'm out of here!
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / Are we ready? (Checks Situation)
    213 Mummy         22   150    0  120  102  100   32   32   32    100    500
                       -               -                     Northern Labyrinth
                       Fire, Light, Water, Heal, {Shadow}
                       P: 'poison'(10%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected'
    192 Pierre        10  1200  320  140  100  100   60   40   40    300   1000
                       -               -                  Treasure Sword Shrine
                       Water, Ice, (Thunder)
                       P: 'thunder'
                       M: Fireball / Bolt
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' /
                          Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!(Checks Situation)
    206 Regal Goblin  13   500  120   80   60   22   10   10   80   1800    500
                       -               -                        North-West Cave
                       P: -
                       M: -
                       O: Calls "Goblin"(#206)/"Goblin Mage"(#207) + Attack
    218 Rogue Flower  35  3000    0  380  209   42   60   56  100  12000  20000
                       -               -                        Flower Mountain
                       Fire, (Water)
                       P: Sneezespreader / Energy shock / Thorn
                       M: -
                       O: 'Instant Death Protected'
    205 Skeleton       5    30    8   46   32   36   12   12   24     30     50
                       -               -                              Lake Cave
                       P: 'shadow'
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment (not Instant) Protected'
    209 Slave         10   150   40   80   60   22   10   10   40    100    250
                       -               -                      Tanbel East Tower
                       P: -
                       M: Strong
                       O: -
    222 Soldier       36   400  265  236  160   76   60  116   80  2500    1000
                       -               -         Dankirk North Dungeon / Gratze
                       P: Dash
                       M: -
                       O: -
    196 Tank          50 10000    0 1100  300   80    0    0  200  40000      1
                       -               -                                 Gratze
                       Hard, (Fire), (Water), (Ice), (Thunder)
                       P: Piercer / Magic gale bullet / Incendiary bomb
                          Machine-gun attack
                       M: -
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / Missile blast (Checks Situation)
    191 Tarantula     17  2000  320  150  120   36   60   40  200   4000   5000
                       Spido jewel     3%                             Ruby Cave
                       Fire, Insect, (Thunder)
                       P: 'Paralyze'(90%) / Poison shower / Spider web
                       M: Stronger
                       O: calls "webspider" / 'Ailment Protected'
    214 Troll         34   200    0  130  100  100   32   32   32    100    500
                       -               -                     Northern Labyrinth
                       P: 'paralyze'(20%)
                       M: -
                       O: 'Paralysis Protected'
    194 Venge Ghost   50  7500 2000  250  360  200  200  100  300  20000  50000
                       -               -                    Shrine of Vengeance
                       Light, Heal, (Ice), {Shadow}
                       P: Doom cry (30% Instant) / Energy shock
                       M: Confuse / Thunder / Firebird
                       O: 'Ailment Protected' / Hatred (Checks Situation)
    Appendix F: Extra
     In this section are some secrets or errors explained that are hidden in the 
    game. Most of the things listed here are small glitches or Easter eggs that 
    are in this game.
    Northern labyrinth "Bomb puzzle" bug
    The bomb puzzle in this dungeon is bugged, because when you ignite bombs 2, 3, 
    4 and 5 (look at the picture up in the walkthrough) in this order at the same 
    time my game always seems to crash. The platform to the left keeps rising 
    through the ceiling, and you won't be able to move. Unfortunately there is 
    only one way to undo the freeze. Yes, it's reset time. Best way to prevent 
    this is to wait for each bomb to explode, and then placing the next.
    Using Statue in Sub-menu freezes game
    Sometimes when you use a statue in the sub-screen (bought at the mini-casino 
    in Alunze) your game may freeze for some unexplained reason. It also seems to 
    be that the music will speed up, for the rest there is not much known about 
    this bug. Relnqshd has made a patch to fix this problem (see the site link at 
    the bottom of the FAQ), alternatively don't use a statue in the sub-screen 
    The green stone, not blue!
    When you get the stone of the Princess Jerit there is a textual inconsistency, 
    right after you meet Amon the first time. They talk about the 'Blue stone' but 
    the stone in fact is green not blue. The sapphire that the prince later gives 
    to the princess is blue.
    100 Hours of playtime is nothing
    If you manage to get your save file over 100 hours of playing time (which is 
    easily possible if you're an AC spelunker). The counter will reset after 
    passing the 99:59 mark back to 00:00.
    Where did that dropped item came from?
    When you're fighting enemies who can drop jewels and you already have some of 
    the jewels, the game sometimes doesn't show the dropped item. For instance:
    Say you have 4 Bee rocks, and you're fighting lots of Big Bees. Keep fighting 
    them and sometimes the game engine will not show the "Got  Bee rock"  message. 
    You'll notice this when you check your items. You may have more Bee rocks than 
    The game just sometimes tends to 'forget' to tell you the item was dropped. So 
    far this has only been seen with items that are already present in the 
    inventory rather than new drops.
    Even at maximum HP Maxim dies after saving
    If you save the game when the HP of _all_ your party members is greater than 
    999, then the saved game gets corrupted. And when you Load the saved game, the 
    first party member (usually Maxim) will be dead and sometimes he will have 
    more MP than his MAX MP. This has been reported on the German version. I 
    haven't tested it on the others, though...
    Level 0 - Near invincibility, but ultra slow
     Many people have heard and/or somehow have been acquainted with this glitch. 
    What it does is simple. Due to some very strange programming bug, where you 
    least expect it the game screws up and turns your level 0.
     What happens internally is that all the stats get boosted to real exorbitant 
    values, which grant any of the characters in your party a permanent boost. 
    However, the downside is that each time you try to load a game with level 0 
    glitched characters the time the game needs to start is incredibly long.
     The glitch is caused by moving the cursor around in the 'Sound' under 
    'Config' in the main menu. For some reason changing the option several time 
    causes this glitch. Notice that it only works on the US version of the game.
    Ancient Cave "Stairway Restart"
    This happened to me when I was playing in the Ancient cave one time. I walked 
    towards a stairway on B94 and a dragon made contact with me the moment I 
    touched the stairs so I had to fight 2 gold dragons!!! I didn't expect the 
    attack so I lost the battle. Normally you will be transported back to the 
    entrance when you party dies, but because I was standing on the stairway the 
    computer has reset my entire configuration (items were all gone, level back to 
    1, etc.) and let me pass to the next basement level (B95)!! I had to use 
    reset-button at this point for the simple reason that without any equipment 
    and on being on level 1 versus those pesky Copper/Silver/Gold dragons doesn't 
    work out very well, don't you think?
    Textual Glitches
    The translators have probably made some mistakes while converting this game to 
    English, like some of the names are glitched sometimes:
      Also known as Grassei and '3y kingdom
      Also known as Percelyte
      Also known as Caron
    -Zeppy's Underwater Cave
      Also known as: 'Ue MoV T Cave' (Weird huh)
      This is simply "Minotaurus" spelled a little differently.
      The translators misspelled Assassin for some reason.
    -Henohman (AUS only)
      In the PAL version of the game the translators managed to fix some of 
      the glitches in the game, so to prevent an ambiguity with the two different 
      Follower enemies they decided to call one of the a "Henchman". Alas due to a
      silly typing error the Australians and people in Great Brittain are stuck 
      with Henohman instead.
    -Description of the "Iron Kick" IP
      The description isn't there, it's just an empty space. I guess the
      translators have forgotten about it.
    -After defeating the Egg Dragon:
      "Gets the Egg Sword and Egg Rings."
      Rings? You only get 1 Egg Ring and nothing more.
    For some other mistranslations check the "Japanese vs. US/AUS/EUR" section 
    "Walking on thin air"
    In the shrine of Daos it is possible to walk on thin air. Walk up to the room 
    where you meet Erim, and walk around the sides. (With the three chests) In the 
    top right corner of this room you can walk over the edge to the middle filled 
    with air. You can do this on two sections of the edge in this room. This trick 
    also works on some of the edges in the part where you have to destroy the 3 
    mystical stones.
    The black void of the Ancient Cave
    This has been noticed by several people and AC expert Squeeealer also made a 
    video about this on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylto-VwLAoM). 
    Usually, when this happens there's a room where you can walk through the wall. 
    But if you find it don't do it, because you can get stuck in the void, meaning 
    that you must reset or use 'Providence' to get out.
    Staying in Inn for free
    If you don't have enough money to stay at an inn the innkeeper will let you 
    stay for free.
    Strange level up
    At the end of a battle you usually see a list of what you gained. By pressing 
    'A' you usually see the next line, but if you press a lot of buttons 
    simultaneously while pressing 'A' to scroll down the list you will note that 
    it will look very strange. The letters get mixed up, some letters turn into 
    strange characters and colors will change and so on. Very odd indeed...
    More than 164 chests
    At the end of the game after 'The End' you will see you statistics screen; 
    Here it says that the maximum amount of chests you can open is 164, but if you 
    followed my walkthrough you have opened 171 chests. This is caused because the 
    game doesn't count the 8 Dragon Eggs as chests. It turns out to be that I 
    forgot to count the 1 Dragon egg you get from the girl in Merix. So that the 
    total does sum up to 164 after all!
    99 eggs brought
    At the chart table at the end of the game you will see the amount of Dragon 
    eggs you collected. Up to collecting 32 Dragon eggs the table looks normal, 
    but the Egg Dragon spreads the eggs once more after your 4th wish. So you can 
    still collect 8 more eggs, but you don't get another wish for it. Sometimes it 
    says that you found 99 eggs instead of 40!
    Artea a girl?
    This only applies to the German version of Lufia 2. The German translators 
    made a small (but funny) adjustment; they 'translated' the male archer elf 
    Artea into a female! Though she/he is still named Artea, apparently they 
    thought that 2 female characters weren't enough in the game.
    Prince of Auralio
    In the game you will come across the prince of Auralio; his name is Leon, but 
    later on when the ceremony of the ruby icon begins his name suddenly changes 
    into Alex. After finding the ruby icon again his name is turned back into 
    The Lost Dragon Egg Glitch
    The following is not advised to do since there will be absolutely NO way to 
    get the egg back after you make this glitch work.
     Just as with taking the three items for the AC into the cave itself; (See 
    Stuff section) It is also possible to make an "Dragon egg" disappear this way, 
    because after you collect the three items from the chests these chests are 
    available for the Egg Dragon to hide his eggs. Just open the door talk to the 
    knight to enter the cave and collect the dragon egg before stepping on the 
    teleporter. After you return to the upper world the egg will disappear from 
    your inventory leaving you with 7 eggs.
    Confusion Semi-Immunity
    If a character is equipped with any weapon that auto targets all enemies, that 
    character will become immune to the effect of 'Confusion'. You may lose 
    control of him / her, but the confused member remains attacking all enemies. 
    Here are the weapons which have these abilities:
     -Coma Hit    -Stun Gun
     -Launcher    -Arty's Bow
    Shrine of Vengeance's Basement Battle Background
    If you go down into the basement of this Shrine and attack any monster you 
    will see the Shrine Battle Background instead of the Basement Battle 
    Background you usually see, when you are in a basement type environment. This 
    is not a real big issue however. 
    Egg Sword Item Sprite Image Glitch
    Upon beating the Egg dragon you receive the Egg Sword. If you look carefully 
    at the item that pops up, when Maxim holds the sword above his head to show it 
    you can see the image displays a heap of coins. Most people hardly notice this 
    since the sprite is quickly covered by a message you get after getting the 
    Make Erim appear in Alunze Basement
     Pick up one of the pots in the big room of Alunze Basement (Where you can 
    find the Aqua Jewel. Walk around and stand still one square in front of an 
    enemy. Now drop the pot on the tile on which the enemy will step on the next 
    move you make, this will cause the enemy to slip under the pot and also starts 
    a battle. Escape from the battle right away and immediately pick up that pot 
    again. The sprite image of the enemy should turn into Erim, although other 
    images seem to appear in some occasions as well!
     Note that the game still treads the Erim sprite as if it is the original 
    enemy, so if you touch it again you will do battle just like usual. This trick 
    works best on the frog that wander around here.
    Holy Staff cures Paralysis on attack
    Yes, you read that correctly! If you use the Holy Staff to attack someone, the 
    target has 100% chance of being cured from Paralysis Status. This makes no 
    sense to anyone, but the only guess we can make is that the Holy Staff was 
    meant to induce Paralysis by a certain percentage with a regular attack.
    Enemy Script Glitches
    Most of the glitches described here were initially found by Relnqshd. Many 
    thanks for your help. Most of the info was found after looking inside the ROM 
    trying to find out how the battle system in Lufia works.
     1. Copper Dragon / Ninja Reaction Scripts
     The Copper Dragon and Ninja don't have any protection against ailments, and 
    neither do they have any elemental Alignments. The script for this is there, 
    but because the programmers made a small error that part of the script is not 
    read by the SNES. This is the main reason why the Copper Dragon is so easy to 
     2. Erim's Eerie Light, Thunder & Zap attacks
     Due to a scripting error Erim can never use these attacks. Eerie Light was 
    meant to be an attack like Dark Fry, but it also takes away any Allies' Mirror 
    Status and removes ALL statistic bonuses; Including but not limited to Trick, 
    Beserker, Bravery and even Wave Motion! If Erim were still able to use this 
    attack she would be a lot tougher to fight. Relnqshd has a fixxxer patch for 
    this which you can download from his site.
     3. Bolt Fish locks game up
     This would actually fall into the 'Bugs' category since this glitch can ruin 
    your game. After Bolt Fish tries to use "Confuse" after you absorb all of his 
    MP, the game will get stuck in an infinite loop. This is caused by a 
    programming error that doesn't solve the error that occurs when this enemy 
    runs out of MP. Usually an enemy will go to another part of the script, but 
    this enemy gets stuck in a loop and will keep on trying to cast "Confuse" for 
    eternity locking the game up.
     4. Mirror, Mirror, it will never work
     A lot of enemies seem to have a glitch that doesn't allow them to use the 
    mirror spell. Sly Fox is an example of this. The script was programmed so that 
    only if the Sly Fox has the Mirror Status he will try to cast Mirror. So when 
    he doesn't have it he won't cast it, which means that he can never use it. You 
    can test this yourself; cast Mirror on a Sly Fox and he will start using 
    Mirror every round as well. Unfortunately this doesn't cost him any turn at 
    all. Other enemies like Demise and Archfiend have a similar problem that 
    disallows them to use Mirror. But who cares, this glitch is in the user's 
     5. Dark Warrior's true colors
     The Dark Warrior looks exactly the same as the Samurai; however this wasn't 
    supposed to be like this. After looking in the data of the cart, it turns out 
    to be that the Dark Warrior had a different color scheme similar (but not the 
    same) as the Ochi Warrior. For some reason the wrong color scheme was 
    implemented for the Dark Warrior although the real palette is still inside 
    ROM. Use the following PAR code (US version): 96BF1D01 to fix this.
     6. Frue Gades
     The Gades you fight on top of Shuman's Sealed Tower and Doom Island isn't the 
    most powerful version of Gades in the game. It turns out to be there is a 
    dummied out version of him, that is a lot stronger; perhaps equal or stronger 
    than Amon. To fight him Relnqshd has created a fixxxer patch for this which 
    you can download from his site.
     7. Nosferato fails to make Contact
    Nosferato tries to use Contact every now and then, however since he is an 
    undead he cannot regain HP that easily. This wasn't taken into account when he 
    was 'programmed' and therefore Contact will almost always miss, so he can't 
    regain any energy. To fix this problem if you like Relnqshd has created a 
    fixxxer patch for this which you can download from his site.
     8. Regular Attacks renamed
     This is not really a glitch, but it is nice to add here too. For some reason 
    the programmer found it necessary to create special names for regular attacks. 
    The attacks are just as powerful (read: Identical) as the normal version used 
    by the game, only it has another name attached to it. Take a look at this 
       Enemy        Special       Real Attack
       ------------ ------------  ----------------------------------------
       Sphinx       Riddler       "Confuse" spell
       Nuborg       Frenzy        is a regular attack
       Wood Gorem   Mokujinken    is a regular attack
       Idura(1,2,3) Idura Thunder "Bolt" Spell
       Ramia        Tail Attack   is a regular attack
       Hade Chariot Dash          is a regular attack
       Hades Skull  Final Shadow  "Perish" spell
       Shadow       Vile Laughter "Perish" spell
       Green Clay   Fatal Punch   is a regular attack
       Fire Dragon  Bite          is a regular (fire) attack
       Egg Dragon   Scrambled Egg is a regular (fire) attack
     9. Cheap Egg Dragon Strategy
     Due to a glitch the Egg Dragon is actually the easiest enemy to beat in the 
    game. Because he has the maximum amount of HP that is possible due to the 
    games' programming limitations (HP = 65535 = 2^16 - 1), you can force the game 
    into a glitch, thus resetting his HP at 0 again. This happens if his HP is 
    full and you try to heal him with something incredibly weak like a Charret 
    Newt. Doing this will create an overflow on the HP counter (E.G. resets the HP 
    counter back to 0) of the Dragon causing him to have 4 HP! Normally the game 
    checks what the Maximum Amount of HP is to prevent 'overhealing', but since 
    the Egg Dragon's Max HP is 65535 this check is always valid. This way you can 
    beat the dragon with one hit after healing him a little. Take note that this 
    only works if Eggy's HP is (almost) completely filled! 
     10. Cheap Master Jelly Strategy
     Simply annihilate your own party, while battling him!! This may sound weird, 
    but when you are defeated the jelly will give you the key to the ancient cave. 
    The reason this trick works is that the Script of this battle was written so 
    that only when you exit the battle without having the Master Self-Destruct you 
    get the Ancient Key. So you can kill him in three rounds or alternatively you 
    can kill your own party to prevent the Master from Self-Destructing all the 
    same. I guess the programmer didn't take into account that you would kill your 
    own team after getting healed by the Master.
     11. 'DMG / 10' Protection slaughters the Cores
     All the Cores have been given special protection against physical attacks, 
    which divides all physical damage by 10. The implementation of this feature 
    however was not so good, because the mathematical formula to calculate Damage 
    screwed up for Magic attacks. I will not discuss the thing in full detail, but 
    the thing is the way the 'DMG / 10' feature causes Magic spells to become 
    super effective and thus slaughtering all the Cores.
     12. Idura doesn't check his MP
     After absorbing his MP or when he depletes it by himself he will continue to 
    use the "Idura Thunder" magic attack (Bolt Spell), but fails every time since 
    he has no MP left. This means that he will loose a turn each time this occurs. 
    It is caused by the absence of an MP check to make sure that he has enough MP 
    to cast the spell, since this is not there the game engine will prevent him 
    from casting the spell thus the game continues on without letting him attack 
    in that turn. 
     13. The silly Imp tries to Silence himself
     There is a very odd quirk about the reaction script of the enemy called Imp. 
    This creature is programmed to have a 10% chance of silencing himself every 
    time you attack him. This little glitch doesn't influence him at all since he 
    can cast any spells, but still it remains a question why the programmer want 
    him to induce the 'Silence' status on himself. A possible explanation is that 
    the programmer intended to give the Imp a 10% chance of canceling Instant 
    attacks out, but this was very poorly (and incompletely) implemented.
    The Ten Iris Treasures
    Get the ten Iris treasures to open a door with the encryption above it, near 
    the third mystic stone at the very end of the game.
     As far as I know this is a fake rumor. I have all ten Iris treasures in story 
    mode, but this "Door" doesn't seem to open.
       ||||  NEW PROOF  ||||
    This is a response from Natsume to Dang Nguyen concerning the Iris treasures:
       "The Iris Treasures were for collecting only.  They are not very easy to
        find, thus creating a game within a game.  An extra challenge if you will.
       Thank you,
      Customer Service
      Natsume Inc."
    This proves once and for all that the rumor is not true.
    Daos - Master of ???
     I don't know how this odd thing happened or where the scenario went wrong, 
    but in Lufia (1) Daos is "Master of Chaos" and Amon is "Master of Terror", but 
    for some reason this was changed in Lufia 2. Either the scenario writers made 
    a mistake or the English translators goofed up (once again; see the changes 
    section below) which ended up in having "Daos - Master of Terror" & "Amon - 
    Master of Chaos".
     Even more in the Dutch version of the game Daos is called "Master of 
    Infernos", since Terror didn't translate to well. Which gives us the following 
    table (are there any other versions?):
       Name                        Game
       --------------------------  ----------------------------------------
       Daos - Master of Chaos      Lufia   - Fortress of Doom
       Daos - Master of Terror     Lufia 2 - Rise of the Sinistrals
       Daos - Master of Infernos   Lufia 2 - Rise of the Sinistrals (Dutch)
    The Secret of the SuhrCustom11
     Have you ever been wondering, why this weapon has a very weird name? It may 
    be because the SuhrCustom11 is supposedly a Guitar. When I first played the 
    English game I was surprised to see that this weapon was named SuhrCustom, 
    while in the Dutch version of this game this weapon was translated into 
    'Gitaar' which means Guitar. Not shortly after I told Relnqshd about this 
    little quirk, he found out on Google that SuhrCustom is actually a real brand 
    of Guitars! Check www.google.com for more information about this instrument. I 
    dunno however what the '11' means.
     This would also explain why the description says that the neck will bend if 
    exposed to water (Not that the weapon is weak against water enemies).
    Witch Ring; does it really increase MP growth?
     The clear answer to this is: "No". Although the description of the ring 
    states that wearing it will influence the increase of MP growth, but it is NOT 
    true. It turns out to be that this is a case of bad translation. The original 
    Japanese version stated that: "Magic Power will increase" this confused the 
    English translators. They thought that Magic Power is equivalent to MP, but 
    this is however not what the Japanese description meant. Magic Power means the 
    power of all magic spells, for the ring increases INT thus making magic spells 
    more effective. 
    Samurai or Ninja?
     Relnqshd has found an interesting thing about the Samurais that you encounter 
    at the top of 'Ferim East Tower', the ones you need to open up the door to the 
    final room. Usually you can't fight these creatures, but using a special PAR 
    code he managed to get into battle with these enemies. It turns out to be that 
    the enemies are composed of Ninjas only. This is a useless fact since you 
    can't battle them in a regular game, but how cares.
    Very Easy and Cheap Experience & Gold Strategy
     If you want to gain levels fast you could fight the "No cores" on the upper 
    world close to Chaed, but there is an even easier strategy that allows you to 
    level up all your characters (and perhaps all you Capsule Monsters too). Just 
    fight the Egg Dragon using the Cheap Strategy listed in appendix C or F, every 
    time you beat him you will get 60,000 Exp & Gold, or 240,000 Exp & Gold if you 
    are in RETRY mode for each fight! This allows you to get 9,999,999 Exp & Gold 
    very fast.
     If you do feel the need to train the Capsule Monsters as well use the Egg 
    Ring to outrun and kill the dragon before he gets a turn; one of Eggy's 
    attacks would surely kill any weak Capsule Monster.
    Take the Dragon Ring, Brill Helm and Light Jewel into the Ancient Cave
     This is a nice little quirk that allows you to take the three special AC 
    items into the cave itself. This will work only one time so be careful! Also 
    you can't take the items outside of the AC once you get this trick to work; 
    you will lose the items for good! So this is basically only fun to do when 
    playing in GIFT mode.
    Here's what you have to do:
       Before you enter the cave open the door with the Ancient Key, then talk to
       the knight so you can enter the teleporter behind him. Walk back to the
       chests and collect the three items! Now you can enter the cave with the
       Dragon Ring, Brill Helm and Light Jewel!
    Instant game reset trick
    When you press the top Left & Right shoulder buttons, Start and Select at the 
    same time your game will reset. This can be handy if you want to change the 
    file you are playing, or when your completely stuck.
    How to get 9999 (max visible) damage
    9999 is the maximum visible amount of damage possible. It can be achieved by 
    equipping Guy with an old sword, then go to the dragon temple and challenge 
    the egg dragon. Now have another party member cast trick / beserker, but don't 
    let them attack the Egg dragon. Now have Guy use the IP of the old sword as 
    the FIRST attack. If your ATP is high enough you should see 9999 appear on the 
    screen. The game counter can actually go even further up to 32767 Damage at 
    most, although you can never reach that far without cheating.
    Fruit on small islands in Lufia
    There are 5 of these islands to be found in Lufia, where you can find enemies 
    that only drop fruit for an item. Here are some locations:
       Next to Elcid
       West of Northern labyrinth
       West of Alunze north-west cave
       North of Gordovan
       West of Gratze kingdom
     On these islands you can find the following enemies: Black dragon, White 
    dragon, Evil fish, Wood gorem, Sand gorem, Green clay and Pug. All of these 
    monsters drop their corresponding fruit, which can be used to feed your 
    capsule monsters. I also marked these islands with 'Fruit' Icons on the world 
    map, which can be downloaded from www.gamefaqs.com as well.
    Lufia or Lufia 2?
     A small thing that not many people seem to notice is that Lufia has been 
    released with three different names:
       Country                   | Game name
       Japan                     | Estpolis Denki 2
       America / Most of Europe  | Lufia 2: The Rise of the Sinistrals
       Netherlands / Australia   | Lufia
    The reason why this game was named Lufia in the two last countries is, because 
    Lufia(1) was never released there.
    Heal enemies to death
    I've found enemies in the game that can be healed to death. It's very strange 
    but when you cast strong, stronger, champion, valor or rally on them they will 
    lose HP instead of gaining it. IP attack that regain HP work too.
     Creatures that can be healed to death are:
      Dark Skull         Hades              Mummy (Boss)       
      Dark Spirit        Hades Skull        Skeleton
      Demise             Jurahan            Snatcher
      Ghostship          Leech              Spectre
      Ghostship (Boss)   Nosferato          Vampire
      Ghoul              Ochi Warrior       Venge Ghost
      Hade Chariot       Mummy              Zombie
    Lucky Blade for Tia?
    The cursed Lucky blade can only be used by Maxim, Guy, Dekar and Lexis. Once 
    uncursed, it can be used by Tia too.
    Brill Helm, Dragon Ring and Light Jewel inside the Ancient Cave
    Did you know it is possible to take the Brill Helm, Dragon Ring and Light 
    Jewel into the Ancient Cave! Before you enter the cave open the door with the 
    Ancient Key, then talk to the knight so you can enter the teleporter behind 
    him. Walk back to the chests and collect the three items! This is very nice 
    feature for GIFT mode!
    999 is not the limit in this game
    Other people have noticed this besides me, but I never posted this little 
    quirk before. For example: if you keep on using Life Potions on one character 
    he/she will reach the 999 barrier where the amount of HP doesn't seem to go up 
    any further. This is not the case, for you can actually raise HP and MP much 
    further than this, although this is normally not visible because the game only 
    has three digits to display the value.
    These are a set of challenges I've come up with. They're quite hard to 
    complete, but there all possible with some practice.
    1. Reach B99 of the Ancient cave in 1:54. 
        This time was set by Richy, and is a very fast time. I am not going to
        update this anymore, so this will remain the final time.
    2. Get all at least 1 of every single item in the game.
        For a complete list look at the chart tables to see all the items that are
        available. Exceptions are made for:
            -Dual blade
            -Pearl shield
            -Uni-jewel (It is impossible to get it without a PAR-code)
            -All the "Ancient Cave Only" items (item only found in RED chests of
                                                the ancient cave.)
        You can see your entire list by selling all your items, then go to Forfeit
        isle. Here you can go to the small shop in one of the houses, you will
        find a complete list of every item you have owned/sold. Can you succeed to 
        find all the items, swords, armors, rings and jewels?
    3. Get 9,999,999 gold & 9,999,999 coins.
        To complete this you must fight a lot of enemies for a loooong while,
        and/or do a lot of gambling in the casino. Or fight the Egg Dragon using
        the cheap strategy over and over again to gain MANY levels & gold in a
        very short time.
    4. Beat Gades (Gordovan West tower) on level 28 or below.
        A challenge that can prove to be very hard, it was completed by Rubyheart.
        So I chose his level as the maximum limit. Thanks to Bahamut's new tactic
        this challenge has become a lot easier. I am not going to update this
        anymore, so this will remain the final limit.
    5. Beat the Eggdragon with the following conditions:
        - Level of party members at most 50
        - Don't use Blue Chest items (no 'Flame Shields', etc)
        - Don't use Casino items (no 'Dragon Blade', 'Bunny Sword', etc)
        - Don't use the Dragon ring (IF you have it)
        - Do it before going to Chaed. This also means that you will not have
           the Lizard blow, Old sword and the Old armor
        - And without cheating/cheaping obviously
    6. Do another run at the game and complete it with the following:
        - 0 resets used
        - 0 escapes used (battle escapes)
        - 0 defeats (deads) for every party member
        - Without going into the Ancient Cave
        - Without beating the Egg Dragon (so you won't have/use the Egg ring)
        - And obviously without cheating
    Japanese vs. US/AUS/EUR Differences
     Here are the differences between the Japanese vs. US/AUS/EUR games. After 
    playing all different variations of the game I came to the conclusion that the 
    translation from the Japanese version is a lot different. The US/AUS/EUR are 
    nearly identical, although the latter two were released later and have a few 
    glitches fixed (like the Ancient Caves' last field.) I'm not going to discuss 
    the Japanese spelling and Grammar rules too much, so if you want to find out 
    more about Japanese just search with 'www.google.com'. Also I'd like to thank 
    Relnqshd once again for the help and contributions he provided with this 
    NOTE: The following selection is only a small part of the translations that 
    were altered from the original. Also they are ordered in a quite random way, 
    although most of the items at the start are all Blue Chest Items.
    English(US) Name
     Japanese Name (in Romanji)
     Japanese Name Literary translated into plain English
     Description; Comments
    1. Weapons, armors and items
    Fry Sword
     Gaia no soodo
     Gaia's Sword 
     In Mythology Gaia is goddess of the Earth, also called mother earth
    Gades Blade
     Gades no Tsurugi
     Gades' Sword (or Katana)
    Blaze Sword
     Kourin tsurugi
     Halo Sword (or Katana)
     A Halo is a ring you often see floating over angels. Make sense for a sacred 
    Light Elemental sword 
    Mega Ax
     Kongou no Ono
     Adamant Axe
    Dragon Spear
     Suiryuu no Yari
     Water- Stream/Current Spear
    Spark Staff
     Fusityou no Tsue
     Phoenix Staff/Cane
    Sky Sword
     Raijuu no Rin
     Raijuu's Blade (Although I am not sure about Rin)
     In Mythology Raijuu is a huge thunder beast.
    Snow Sword
     Yuki Onna no Rin
     Yuki Onna's blade
     In Japanese Mythology "Yuki Onna" is an Ice Queen. That's why the description 
    of both languages speak about her.
    Sizzle Sword
     Rekka no Tsurugi
     Blazing Fire/Furious Flame Sword
     Rekka definitely means something like a great fire.
    Apron Shield
     Aporun no Shirudo
     Apollo's Shield
     In Greek Mythology Apollo is the God of Light. Just as with the Agony helm, 
    the translation from 'Aporun' to 'Apollon' (Greek name for Apollo) to 'Apollo' 
    went wrong hence leaving us with an Apron Shield. Lame...
    Crystal Shield
     Suishyou no Tate
     Crystalyzed Quartz Shield/Buckler
    Flame Shield
     Honoo no Tate
     Flame/Blaze Shield/Buckler
    Aqua Gaunt
     Mizu no Kagami
     (Cold)Water Mirror
    Dark Mirror
     Yami no Kagami
     Darkness Mirror
    Agony Helm
     Aguni Herumu
     Agni Helm
     In Vedic Mythology Agni is a Fire God. This is just a silly translation 
    error, which results in 'Agony Helm'.
    Boom Turban
     Indora Taaban
     Indora Turban
     In Vedic Mythology Indora is God of Thunder and Storms
     Yashya no Kanzashi
     She-Devil's Ornamental Hairpin 
     Yashya = Female Demon or a She-Devil
    Gorgan Rock
     Orochi no Hiseki
     Orochi Jewel
     Why was this changed into a Gorgan? Orochi makes sense, since Orochi (changed 
    into Orky in the American version) is the creature that drops this jewel
    Twist Jewel
     Kaze no Hiseki
     Wind/Storm/Gust/Gale/Breeze Jewel
     Windy indeed
    Black Eye
     Kinriyuu no Me
     Iguanodon / Black Dragon's Eye
    Silver Eye
     Kokuri no Me
     Hard/Cruel Eye
     Apparently the Japanese version doesn't make any difference between the 
    Silver and Gold Eye.
    Gold Eye
     Kokuri no Me
     Hard/Cruel Eye
     Apparently the Japanese version doesn't make any difference between the 
    Silver and Gold Eye.
    Earth Jewel
     Tsuchi no Hiseki
     Earth/Soil/Ground Jewel
     Tsuchi can also be Mother Earth.
    Gloom Jewel
     Yami no Hiseki
     Darkness Jewel
    Super sword
     Megami no Tsurugi
     Megami's Sword (or Katana)
     In Mythology Megami is goddess of Liberty.
    Old Sword
     Taiko no Tsurugi
     Ancient/Old Sword
    Myth Blade
     Kodai no Soodo
     Ancient/Antique Sword
    Insect Crush
     Insekuto Kiraa
     Insect Kill
     What would you prefer killing or crushing?
    Crazy Blade
     Maddo Ejji
     Mad Edge
     Why was this changed? Mad Edge isn't offensive or is it?
    Deadly Sword (Lethal Sword (PAL version))
     Kiraa soodo
     Kill Sword
    Royal Whip
     Kuiin Uippu
     Queen Whip
    Fatal Pick
     Desu Pikku
     Death Pick
    Super Driver
     Purasu Doraibaa
     Plus Driver
     I like "Plus Driver" better over "Super Driver"
     Aroo ranchyaa
     Arrow Launcher
    Pearl Armor
     Shinjyuu no Yoroi
     Divine Suit/Piece of Armor
     So the translation when you get the armor is correct, but the name in the 
    inventory is wrong.
    Holy Robe
     Hagonomo Tenshi
     Angelic Celestial Robe
    Terror Ball
     Des Baru
     Death Ball
     The Japanese name is more appropriate since that is what it does.
    Freeze Ball
     Pararizu Baru
     Paralyze Ball
    2. Enemies
    Deadly Armor
     Kiraa Aamaa
     Killer armor
    Deadly Sword (Lethal Sword (PAL version))
     Kiraa soodo
     Killer Sword
     The Sprite resembles the Grim Reaper quite a lot so that makes sense.
     I am getting the feeling that Demon, Death & Kill are bad words...
     In Mythology the Creature Dullahan is a headless Knight, which suits the 
    image that is used for this creature.
    'x' Gorem
     'x' Goremu
     'x' Golem
     For some reason the Translators literary translated the Gorem from Japanese 
    instead of making it into Gollem. This may have happened because the Japanese 
    don't make any difference between an 'L' and an 'R'.
     For some reason this was literary translated into English, instead of making 
    it Hydra. In Mythology a Hydra is a 'multi'-headed serpent, which fits the 
    picture of the Hidora well.
    Ice Roge
     Aisu Debiru
     Ice Devil
     For some reason 'Devil' seems to be a bad word.
     Heru Houndo
     Once more the word 'hell' had to be removed.
     In Japanese Mythology an Orochi is an 8 headed dragon, this fits the Orky's 
    sprite plus that it is also weak against 'Dragon' attacks making him a dragon 
    3. Capsule Monsters
    Terminate - (Darbi's Special attack)
     Jenosaido buresu
     Genocide Blast
     The Japanese one sounds a lot more aggressive IMO.
    Dragon Blast - (Darbi's Special attack)
     Doragon Buresu
     Dragon Blast
    Wolf Punch - (Darbi's Special attack)
     Daaku Nakku
     Dark Knuckle
     Wonder why this was changed into Wolf Punch.
    Mini Imp - (Darbi's Level 3 Tribe)
     Mini Debiru
     Mini Devil
     Imp sounds much less dangerous though, that's all.
    Big Imp - (Darbi's Level 4 Tribe)
     Resseru Demun
     Lesser Demon
     Same as with the previous.
    Electrobolt - (Gusto's Special Attack)
     Raitoningu Boruto
     Lightning Bolt
    Iron Trident - (Zeppy's Special attack)
     Paawaa Toraidento
     Power Trident
    Thunderfist - (Zeppy's Special Attack)
     Sando Aamu
     Thunder Arm (Yes, 'Sando' is Thunder and not Sand)
     Small difference, but still why Thunder for the Water Elemental Zeppy?
    4. Visual Changes
    Bunny Ladies
     In the Japanese version of the game inside the 'Markao' Casino most women are 
    dressed up like bunnies. From some reason they were changed into ordinary 
    women in the other versions. My best guess that women in Bunny outfits might 
    be offensive to certain people. Also this explains why there is a huge set of 
    bunny Equipment Items for sale in the Casino.
     In every church there is a priest to be found, however in the original 
    Japanese version the priest had a cross instead of a vertical line on his 
    Miter. Also inside every church there was a big cross behind the priest, 
    instead of an obelisk.
    Treasure Sword Shrine's Alternative Puzzle
     The Block Puzzle rooms inside Treasure Sword Shrine aren't there in the 
    original version. In the Japanese version this was one big room with a simple 
    teleporter puzzle. Why this room was changed is beyond me, but the Block 
    puzzles are quite a lot harder to figure out on your own.
    Ancient Tower's 'X' & 'O' Puzzle
     On the Second Floor of the Ancient Tower there is a small puzzle which was 
    removed from the game in the US/AUS/EUR versions. All that remains is an empty 
    room with one enemy in it. To solve this puzzle all you had to do was walk on 
    the tiles so that the 'X' changes into a 'O'. A little too easy if you ask me.
    Gordovan's Holy Cross Puzzle
     In the Japanese version of the game you had to form a cross on the ground 
    using 6 blocks to get past the undead Zombie for the Sky Key. The other 
    versions all have a puzzle where you had to hit 7 blocks in the right order. 
    It seems to be that anything that 'might' be associated with any religion has 
    to be removed from a computer game.
    Harbor Guy's Hair
     In the US version of the game all guys in the Harbor town have brown hair, 
    but in the Japanese version they have light blue hair. This small change 
    doesn't seem to make any sense at all.
    PAR Codes
    Some new codes may be added in later updates of the FAQ (If any).
    Battle Background Music Test
     Use the following code to test all the music in the game, enter the code with 
    one of the values (take note that they are all decimal) and start a regular 
    battle (not a Boss Battle) and the BGM will change to the selected tune.
    Following numbers can be replaced for 'xx' (All in Hexadecimal):
    00 => Overworld
    01 => Kingdom
    02 => Town
    03 => Small Village
    04 => Inn (Stay Overnight)
    05 => Tower
    06 => Title Screen
    07 => Bart & Bertie
    08 => Labyrinth
    09 => Sealed Tower
    0A => Daos' Shrine
    0B => Lufia (1)
    0C => -nothing
    0D => Introduction (Arek)
    0E => -nothing
    0F => Wedding Intro
    10 => The Wedding
    11 => Sadness
    12 => Sea
    13 => Mountain
    14 => Foomy Woods
    15 => Harbor Town
    16 => Doom Island Approaches
    17 => Cavern
    18 => Battle
    19 => Boss Battle
    1A => Sinistral Approach
    1B => Sinistral Battle
    1C => Daos
    1D => Battle Won
    1E => Teleporter Shrines
    1F => Shaia / Kirmo Labs
    20 => Excerion Submarine
    21 => Mermaid City Preamarl
    22 => Markao Casino
    23 => Flower Slot's Special Mode
    24 => Flower Slot's Special Special Mode
    25 => Flower Slot's Special Intro / Solved World's Most Difficult Trick
    26 => Trapped (Narcysus Tower)
    27 => In Spring
    28 => In Summer
    29 => In Autumn / World's Most Difficult Trick BGM
    2A => In Winter
    2B => File Select Screen
    2C => Egg Dragon's / Capsule Monster's Shrine 
    2D => Credits (2nd part; Music starts at Tia's Scene)
    2E => Credits (1st part; Music starts as soon as Maxim joins Selan)
    2F => Shrine
    30 => -nothing
    31 => -nothing
    32 => Dekar Returns
    33 => Found Dragon egg / Iris Item / Key
    34 => Capsule Monster Joins
    35 => Found Spell (AC)
    36 => Found Item
    37 => Iris
    38 => Final Quest for the Three Stones
    39 => Excerion Blimp
    3A => Boss Approach (Camu / Idura)
    3B => Narcysus' Flute
    3C => Capsule Monster Evolves
    3D => Narvick
    3E => Capsule Monster Goes Master (or back)
    Battle Background Test
     This is a nice PAR code which allows you to change the battle background of 
    the upcoming battles. Using this you can change the background layer into any 
    of the following:
     PAR code:
    The following numbers can be replaced for 'xx' (All in Hexadecimal):
      00 => Upper World - Desert
      01 => Mountain Inner
      02 => Atop Sealed Tower         (Only used twice in the game)
      03 => Ship
      04 => Upper World - Field
      05 => Shrine
      06 => Grey Mountain             (Dummied out; Never used)
      07 => Mountain - Outer          (Used in battle Rogue Flower / Gargoyle)
      08 => Daos' Shrine
      09 => Basement
      0A => Tower
      0B => Cave - Red
      0C => Cave - Brown
      0D => Cave - Water
      0E => Cave - Dark Brown
      0F => Cave - Waterfall
      10 => Cave - Light Brown
      11 => Cave - Foliage
      12 => Cave - Lava Lake
      13 => Cave - Lava Lake 2
      14 => Cave - Foliage 2
      15 => Sealed Tower - Inner 
      16 => Castle                    (Used for battles in Gratze Kingdom)
      17 => Tower - without window    (Used for Ancient Cave)
      18 => Void
      18+=> 'game screws up'
    Garanteed 100% Chance of Item Drop
     Using this GG/PAR code (created by Relnqshd) Item drops will always occur. Be 
    careful though since you can have only 1(ONE) item per battle and the item you 
    receive will always be the item dropped by the first enemy you kill. So always 
    kill the monster of the desired item first.
     GG (US):
     PAR code (US):
    Dark Warrior's True Colors
     As explained in the Glitches section of Appendix F the Dark Warrior has the 
    wrong palette, which makes him look identical to the Samurai. Here's a PAR 
    code that will restore his original colors.
     PAR code (US):
    Walk through walls
     If you are really curious about what lies on the other side of the wall you 
    can use this GG/PAR code to walk through the walls. Beware that this code may 
    seriously screw up your game so use with care!!!
     GG code (US):
     PAR code (US):
    Select a Bxx Ancient Cave level
     Use the following PAR code to select a level you wish to go to next, while 
    traveling in the Ancient Cave. After activating the cheat step down some 
    stairs and you'll be on the level you wanted to be.
     PAR code (US): 
      7FE696xx - where 'xx' is the level in hex
    Use '62' hexadecimal to go down to 98 in one go. Then deactivate the cheat to 
    meet up with the Master right away.
    Infinite Money & Coins
     The following cheat gives you 9,999,999 Gold and Coins. It works for all 
    versions of the game:
     PAR code - maximum Gold (All):
    PAR code - maximum Coins (All):
    Easy Experience
     With these codes you can control how many EXP you get in a battle. The codes 
    must be entered during a battle and before it ends (before you kill all the 
    enemies). The format of the codes is:
    PAR code - (Japanese):
    PAR code - (Others):
    Where zzyyxx is a 6 digit hexadecimal value. Here are some examples for the 
    others category:
           Code         |     Amount of EXP you'll get
           7E1605E8     |
           7E160603     |             1,000  EXP (zzyyxx = 0003E8)
           7E160700     |
           7E160510     |
           7E160627     |            10,000  EXP (zzyyxx = 002710)
           7E160700     |
           7E1605A0     |
           7E160686     |           100,000  EXP (zzyyxx = 0186A0)
           7E160701     |
           7E160540     |
           7E160642     |         1,000,000  EXP (zzyyxx = 0F4240)
           7E16070F     |
           7E16057F     |
           7E160696     |         9,999,999  EXP (zzyyxx = 98967F)
           7E160798     |
    The credits go to:
    Neverland Company / Natsume / Taito:
      For making a great RPG game, and publishing it in all the regions.
      For reading this Walkthrough/FAQ.
      As I enjoyed making my very first walkthrough.
      For putting this on their website.
    Joel Holcombe:
      For telling me that I've messed up the two clown bosses in the treasure
      sword shrine.
    Miguel Aboytes:
      He told me the rumor about using the 10 Iris treasures to open the door
      near the third mystic stone. He also gave the tip to use Flash on level 2, 
      when you battle the Master. (Ancient jelly)
    Kevin Fanning:
      For telling me what the word "IP" stands for.
    Mew Seeker / Rubyheart: 
     He gave me a lot of info on the following things:
      -Catfish's second special attack; Flash.
      -Tarantula is weak against the Insect crush.
      -Groupie can drop Magic fruit.
      -Idura's attack in the last battle that can confuse your characters.
      -Using the Gades blade on copper/silver/gold dragons.
      -Monsters on five islands drop all types of fruit.
      -Using the bunny sword against the Egg dragon.
      -Using a statue can freeze you game; added to bugs.
      -Giving a better description on the flower slot machine in Forfeit's casino.
      -Reminding me of the different version of Drowsy performed by Fire dragon
      -Info on a good way to attack Ninjas and Asashins in the Ancient Cave.
      -Using Flying ax, launcher and Eagle rock on Gargoyles; the bosses of 
       Mountain of no return. For they have more effect on these flying fiends.
      -Darbi's canceling out abilities.
      -Also gave corrections on several of the Japanese translations.
    Thomas Vickrey:
      For finding the location of the Unicorn on the world map.
    Celes Destiny:
      Corrected a HUGE lot of errors in the chart tables. Told me about the gold
      eye as a dropped item, for translation error about Artea being a girl
      in the German version of the game, also on effectiveness of healing
      spells & life potions and, use of Green Tea as well. Some more corrections
      on 'The end' tables. Also for making a complete chart table for every
      monster. 'Special Thank You' to you.
      Giving me Info / Corrections on the Blackjack casino game.
      He found a new battle tactic which allows you to defeat Gades on any level.
    DragonKnight Zero:
      For some good descriptions of the casino games.
      Providing a solution for the 'World's most difficult trick'.
    Basil Brush:
      For the help with the Monster list.
      Providing a new tactic for beating the Ancient Jelly.
    Raika Shira: 
      Told me about the name switching 'Glitch' of the Prince of Auralio.
      He was the first to find the third pot in the first puzzle room of north
      west cave, near Alunze.
      Adding a correction to the Growing Bush Puzzle of Dragon Mountain.
    Adam Ker:
      For finding the name glitch of Zeppy's Cave.
    Jerry Pogorelec:
      Describing all possible hands in the stud poker game.
    Neal Parrett:
      Gave my walkthrough an improved spelling and grammar check.
    Mohd Ezril Akma Samsudin:
      Correction about HP of white dragons in the tower of truth.
      He told me the game was released in Australia as 'just' Lufia.
    Cyanid Mage:
     Cleared to me that healing enemies is more common in RPGs. So I shifted
     'heal enemies to death' to the 'Stuff' section.
    Jasper Krom:
      For adding the spectre to 'Heal enemies to death' in stuff section.
    Serpent Snake:
     He corrected the location of the Heal Armor in the Shrine of Vengeance.
     He submitted a correction about Flash 1st special move; it should turn into 
    Holy Energy and also he is the one who mentioned that I missed Arek in the 
    Walkthrough. -_-"
     Check his FAQ of Lufia 2 too. He put a lot of work in his great Lay-out. 
      Info regarding Dilemma of the Royal Flush, also new strategy to beat the
      Venge Ghost. And he was the first person to tell me about the 172th chest.
      (it was the Dragon egg held by the girl in Merix)
     Contributed info about the special use of the Fatal Pick. See Ancient Cave
      Appendix for more details.
     He found a gigantic amount of information from the actual ROM. Many thanks 
    for all your help! Here's a list of the thing he has done so far. Including, 
    but not limited to:
     -All of the 'Hard' type enemies
     -some enemies that are weak to 'Light' element that I missed.
     -All of the other Elemental / Ailment Properties of all enemies.
     -All reactions (Defends, etc.) of certain enemies that I missed.
     -DMG / 10 property for the Cores.
     -Success rate percentage of the Instant Attacks and Spells.
     -All magic attacks that enemies can use.
     -All weapons that are effective against 'Hard'.
     -All equipment that can protect your status against ailments.
        (I didn't even know about these abilities)
     -Corrections about the elemental types of some of the weapons.
     -Finding out that there are no Monsters weak to 'Sea' in this game, leaving
        the Sea Ring rather useless. The ring works, but the enemies don't!
     -Finding the "Enemy Scripting Glitch" that explains why some enemies never
        use the 'Mirror' spell.
     -Lucky Blade can be used by Tia only when it is uncursed.
     -Many Enemy Script Errors.
     -New Strategy to beat the Sinistrals even faster.
      (See last chapter in Walkthrough)
     -Several useful comments on improving the chart tables
     -Pointing out the glitch that lead to the alternative Egg Dragon Strategy.
     -Finding out why 'DMG / 10' protection makes the Cores weak against magic.
     -Clear descriptions of all Capsule Monster Attacks.
     -Cleared up the description of the Witch ring.
     -Pointing out some sentences in the walkthrough that needed to be rephrased.
     -Additional information on the Casino's: Blackjack game.
     -Found out that SuhrCustom11 is an actual guitar.
     -Holy Staff cures paralysis on attack.
     -Imps try to Silence himself.
     -Some translation errors like the 'Received Egg Rings' and so on.
     -And LOADS more useful information.
    Laura Strange:
     Corrected my on a part that was missing in Appendix A. I forgot to add all 
    monsters that drop fruit. Also contributed a trick that allows you to feed CMs 
    more effectively.
     For finding the Bolt Fish Glitch, this glitch can cause the game to crash if 
    you absorb all his MP. Check the Glitches section for more info.
    Matt Yanak:
     He told me about the glitch in Alunze Basement that screws up the sprites of 
    the enemies turning some of them into Erim.
     Found out that the Henonman and Lethal Sword also appear in the English 
    European ROM, so these changes apply to the Australian and Brittan cartridges 
    (both are PAL opposed to the US NTSC system).
     Mentioned that the worth of adding the trick that it is possible to raise
     HP & MP above 999.
     A PAR code for selecting a basement level in the Ancient Cave.
    Drachen Kiraa:
     Supplied some additional PAR codes that can be used for this game, and also
     for several fixes in the chart tables and extra comments on Gades / Eggdragon
     boss battles.
    Iron Knuckle (2000,) 2001 - 2010 (c)
     Nothing out of this walkthrough may be copied for use on own websites, or own 
    profit. The following links are the only websites on which my FAQ/walkthrough 
    are available, if you wish to upload the FAQ to your own website please notify 
    me before doing so. Then I will send you my latest version.
    Website locations
      The people of this website have used some of my chart tables for their
      Relnqshd's Site with many fixxxer patches and lots of info obtained directly
      from the ROM. Has some articles on the actual programming of the Lufia
      battle script and also has some funny stuff on Lufia too! 
      Defeat the Master Jelly in two rounds without the suicide method nor Dekar
    Total GameFAQ productions
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     Donkey Kong Country: 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Speed Guide
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    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    If you want to ask / contribute / correct anything about the "Lufia II: Rise 
    of the Sinistrals" FAQ, mail to knuckle_iron(at)hotmail(dot)com . Only send 
    mail that has to do with this game. ALL OTHER MAIL WILL BE IGNORED. I don't 
    mean to be rude, but this is only about Lufia 2. Of course, don't submit 
    anything that has been done already in this walkthrough. In the section below 
    this you can see a list with examples of things that are incomplete.
    Unfinished business
      Things to add: 
       -Any corrections or mistakes that need to be fixed.
       -Does anybody have any knowledge about guitars, since I don't know what the
        '11' stands for in the 'SuhrCustom11' Guitar weapon.
    Spelling, grammar and typing errors
    I am trying to fix all these mistakes, and I will correct as many as I can. 
    However most (if not all) errors left are not corrected by Word, thus making 
    it harder for me to detect them. On top of that this walkthrough is nearly 200 
    pages 'A4' format long.
                                   - --=====-- -
                              - ---== | END | ==--- -
                                   - --=====-- -

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