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Boss Guide by CBlevens

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/05/2001

THE LOST VIKINGS    MAIN BOSS-FAQ v0.1       1-5-2001
for the Super Nintendo version
This document Copyright 2001 Chris Blevens
The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
GameFAQs                                 www.gamefaqs.com 

Why did I write this FAQ?
Because the main boss stage has had me puzzled for years, and I just figured 
it out.  The walkthrough curently available for this game doesnt describe the 
main stage at all...
So to get on with it...

Password to get here : MSTR

There are four sections of this stage.  You must keep each of the vikings 
alive all the way to the end!!

Section 1.
Characters needed -- Olaf the Stout

Start by removing two of Olaf's items.  Raise Olaf's sheild over his head by 
pressing "Y".  Leave the shield in this position for the remainder of this 
section.  There is a laser beam just below the ledge to your right.  Jump off 
of the ledge.  The sheild allows Olaf to float slowly down.  Move left around 
the laser, then immedialtely right again.  Enter the Anti-gravity cells and 
float to the top.  Below to the right you'll see a bomb.  Fall onto the bomb.  
After getting the bomb, immedialtely go left, you'll get another bomb and land 
on a bounce pad.  Below, you can see a laser grid, don't fall...To the right, 
their is a ladder hanging in the air.  Time your bounce from the pad, and grab 
onto the ladder by pressing "UP".  Stay at the VERY bottom of the ladder.  To 
the right you can observe the First Sighting of Tomator.  

First Sighting of Tomator -- There are three cement platforms below Tomator.  
Each must be blown up with a bomb before he will fall into the next section.  
He fires 3 laser shots, and two grenades.  After he fires the two grenades, 
quickly climb to the top of the ladder.  Wait for the next burst of two 
grenades, and move quicly to the ladder directly above Tomator.  Drop one of 
the bombs you picked up, by pressing "X".  There is one more bomb below to the 
right.  Quicly grab it and climb the ladder along the right wall.  Destroy the 
remaining platforms from the middle ladder.  You will see Tomator fall into 
the depths below...

Getting out of this area -- Move to the ladder along the right wall and climb 
to the bottom of it.  Below, you will see a golden lock, a bomb, and a golden 
key over to the left.  Fall directly over the Lock, below is a bounce pad.  
Time your jump and bounce all the way to the left.  You should be able to grab 
both the key and the bomb in one jump, then make your landing on the bounce 
pad below to the left.  Then bounce back to the right pad.  Set your item to 
the Key, and press "X" while you are over the Golden Lock.  The laser field to 
the right becomes disabled, and you can warp into the next section. (use the 
warp tube by hitting "A")

Section 2.
Characters needed -- Baleog the Fierce

Take Baleog and jump off of the left ledge.  Grab the shield and the radish on 
the way down.  Move to the right and grab the ladder while falling.  Climb to 
the bottom of the ladder and fall off to the right.  You'll land in an anti-
gravity area.  There is a small platform rotating clockwise over a laser beam.  
When the platform is directly below you, fall onto it, ride it to the right 
and climb the ladder to the top.  Here you will get some flame arrows.  DO NOT 
USE THESE YET!!!  To the right is a red button in the middle of an anti-
gravity area.  The anti-gravity area will lift Baleog into the laser beam 
above if you arent careful.  Shoot the red button with a normal arrow "Y".  
The anti-gravity area becomes temporarily disabled.  Move quickly to the right 
and jump off the ledge.  Fall along the left wall, and you'll land on a bounce 
pad below.  There is a low ceiling to the right.  You must time your jump to 
get under the ceiling and land on the bounce pad to the right.  To the right 
is another bounce pad and a large ladder.  Get onto the ladder and climb it 
until the blue platform to the right is out of view.  Then fall to the blue 
platform.Move to the elevator pad to the right.  Above you observe the Second 
sighting of Tomator.

Second Sighting of Tomator -- There are two levers above to the left.  They 
control the Automated lift that Tomator is standing on.  You must shoot the 
levers with normal arrows.  The tricky part is that the levers have a shield 
that moves up and down in front of them.  So you must time your shot, all 
while avoiiding the blasts from Tomator.  Tomator has a fairly predictable 
attack pattern.  He fires four laser shots, a grenade, four laser shots, a 
grenade, then he pauses for about 5 seconds.  Now is your time to shoot the 
levers.  Shoot one lever on each pause.  While Tomator is firing you can avoid 
being hit by moving to the far left of the elevator pad, while it is at the 
top of the screen.  After hitting both levers, the automated lift opens and 
Tomator falls down to section 3.  He leaves behind a Blue key.  The only 
problem is its hovering above the laser beam...

Getting the Blue Key -- Shoot one of the levers again.  The automated left 
closes again.  Now you can grab the Key.  

Getting back through the anti-gravity area -- There are two ways to do this, 
the easiest way is to hit the bounce pad and hold LEFT all the way through the 
anti-gravity area.  You'll barely make it through.  Or you can shoot a normal 
arrow through the peephole and hit the button to disable the area.  Then 
quickly try to make your way through it.

Getting out of this area -- Cross the rotating platform again, and you will be 
in the first anti-gravity area.  To the left you will see a blue lock.  Make 
sure you have the blue key selected, then fall over the lock and hit "X".  
This will disable the laser field below, now fall along the left wall to the 
bounce pad below.  To your right you will see a red button and a laser field 
behind it.  Jump towards the button and hit "A" as you pass over it.  The 
laser field drops and you can safely land on the ledge behind it.  Take the 
warp here and you will meet up with Olaf.  Now switch to Erik the Swift and 
bring him to this same warp.

Section 3.
Characters needed -- Erik the Swift

Grab the radish and the ham first.  Heal anyone that needs it.  Move Olaf over 
to the left and put his shield over his head.  Erik can jump onto the sheild, 
then jump from there onto the ledge above.  Take the warp.  Move to the right, 
and below you can see the Third Sighting of Tomator.

Third Sighting of Tomator -- There is a laser field to the left and right of 
Tomator.  Tomator fires two grenades then two laser shots.  He then lowers his 
shield for a few seconds.  This is when you strike.  Move towards him and hit 
"Y".  Erik lowers his head and nails Tomator into the laser field.  This must 
be done a total of four times.  Tomator then phases out into Section 4.  The 
exact way to get around Tomators attack is: Stand below the ladder during the 
grenades, then jump onto the ladder during the lasers.  

Getting out of this area -- Drop down and hit him.  Tomator leaves behind a 
red key.  Use this on the lock nearby.  The yellow gate to the left opens.  
Move Erik to the right laser field.  Behind it is a red button.  Now switch to 
Baleog.  Move him to the left laser field.  Fire and arrow, and while mid-air, 
switch to Erik.  The arrow will hit the red button and drop the laser fields.  
Move to the right and hit the warp gate.

Section 4.
Characters needed -- All of them as a team

To the left is an anti-gravity area.  Cross it and grab the bomb.  You must 
FALL into the anti-gravity area with enough momentum to get to the bottom.  Do 
this with each character.  To the right you can see an anti-gravity area.  And 
above is Tomator standing on a cement platform.  

Fourth encounter with Tomator -- The object is to knock Tomator into the anti-
gravity area.  First start by putting all of your characters just to the right 
of the anti-grav area you came from.  With Baleog use the Flame arrows (but 
don't shoot any yet).  Now give Olaf the bomb.  Put the shield over his head 
and move to the anti-grav area to the right.  As you float up you will notice 
a laser beam even higher in the grav field.  You must float over Tomator, drop 
a bomb, and clear his energy shield.  Then be prepared to FIGHT Tomator.

Defending against Tomator -- Tomator has an energy shield in front of him.  He 
fires two laser shots, one grenade, quickly followed by two more laser shots, 
and one more grenade.  He then pauses a few seconds.  Olaf's shield can block 
the laser shots while it is held in front of him.  It can also block grenades 
when its held over him.  Use Olaf to defend all of Tomators attacks.  Now its 
time to attack back...

Attacking against Tomator -- During his short pause you must be very quick.  
Switch to Baleog, fire an arrow into his energy shield, it will go down.  Then 
shoot him again and he will become stunned.  Now switch to Erik and bash 
Tomator.  Tomator will move slightly back.  Get Erik behind Olaf's shield, 
switch to Olaf and prepare to block the lasers and grenades again.  Attack him 
one more time, and he floats up top.  

Attacking against Tomator (part 2) -- Send Olaf up after him, with the shield 
in the forward position.  Move Olaf as close to Tomator as you can without 
being fried by his shield.  Then send up Erik and Baleog.  You don't have to 
worry about being shot ever, as long as you are behind Olaf's sheild.  Repeat 
the same attack steps as before, pushing Tomator under the Escape Hatch.  
There is a switch below the Hatch, have Erik jump up and flip the switch.  
Tomator floats off into space, AND THE VIKINGS PREVAIL!!!

Hope this helped some...It took me a long time to figure out this puzzle.

Chris Blevens

Kao Megura    (for the FAQ format)

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