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The OTHER Lord of the Rings game 05/06/03 Alecto

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I Hope Gandalf Has An Explosion Spell He Could Demonstrate On This Game! 01/01/03 Alain Garamonde
Pointless adventure full of pointless quests and...BOREDOM and FRUSTRATION! 09/24/10 Asakane_Kotoro
A game that doesnt, at all, live up to the Lord Of The Rings name 04/19/03 CaptainMcSpleen
I paid $50.00 for this?!? 11/08/01 chaos knight
Hmmm, what kind of RPG is this??? 11/01/99 CooperTeam
I'd rather watch 'Lord of the Dance' 01/06/02 cst1fe
One Hand to toss them all, and in the trash heap bind them... In the city landfill where games like this lie. 09/10/01 Darrien
I doubt the real middle earth was this big 07/27/04 gamer8r
Nice attempt, but a bit bland. 07/02/00 Geluf
I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings, not Lord of the Rings: Part 1 06/08/03 katana89
A great game worthy of J.R.R Tolkien 02/13/00 Kornbred
With a book and a movie that awesome, you'd expect something better... 09/02/02 Lady Firefly
I dunno...but I don't think this game is all that bad. 12/28/01 OmegaWren
What were they thinking? 05/25/03 OrdinaryTurtle
It reminds me so much of the book... 02/26/02 Paulos
A pathetic excuse for a game, in my opinion. 12/05/02 PowerSorcerer
Don't even bother to get this. 10/21/02 RAMS
This game isn't a-maze-ing 03/08/04 snes o holic
If you have a Game Genie you will be able to enjoy this game. If not dont touch it! 09/15/00 TYNAN2000
Even after reevaluating this game I still lay my most deadly curse on Interplay for failing to continue the saga! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford

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