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FAQ/Walkthrough by Skysurfer87

Updated: 12/08/03

                         .   /  \
                        / \ /    \
                      _/   \\     \   __
   /\        ./'--.  / ./\ / |  |\ | /  \
  /  \      /  -.  \| /  | | |  || | |   \      .
  \  .\     \  | \ /| |  | | |  |\/  |    \    / \   ._
  |  |      |  |/\' | |  / \ |  |    |  .  \   \  \ /  \____
 _|  |   .  |  |\/. | |  \ / |  |_/\ |  |\  \   | | \    _  \
 \   |  / \ |  | / \| |   '  |   _ | |  | \  \  | |  |  | |  |
  \   \_| /_|  | | || |   _. |  | \/ |  |  \  \ | |  |  |_|  |
   \_____/ \   \ //_| |  /  \|  |    |  |   \  \| |  |  ____/
            \___'/ \  |  \  /|  | /\ |  |   /    ./ /  /
                    \ \_ | | |  | | |/   \  \   /   \ /
                     \_ \| | |  |_/ /\   /   \ /     '
                       \  / .|     /  \ /     '
                        \/  \     /    '
                             \   /    THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE
                              \ /

      - Legend FAQs for the SNES             -
      - v. 2.01, October 26, 2003            -
      - By Skysurfer87                       -
      -   ryan@gamerzplace.cjb.net           -
      -   http://www.gamerzplace.cjb.net     -

             Author's Note

I was playing this game and it was very fun. It has that RPG feel, but its
really a Beat em' up game. I went to GameFAQs to get a FAQs for the game. To my
surprise, there wasn't anything (FAQs, codes, reviews) there for it. I wondered
why nobody had done anything with this great game. So now I'm making a FAQs for
it. Keep in mind that I too am new to this game. I will put everything I know
and everything I find out in the future in here. If you have anything to
contribute, please e-mail me. If you get past where I stopped on the walkthrough, 
please tell me. I probably won't be playing this game any longer, so having another 
person continue it would be good.Now, on to the what you are looking at this for...

 Table of Contents

1.  Game Information and Ratings
2.  Story
3.  Controls
4.  Gameplay
    - The Screen
    - Magic
    - Fighting
    - Special Attack
5.  Items
6.  Boss Strategies
7.  Enemies
8.  Version History
9.  Legal Information
10. Special Thanks

 1. Game Information and Ratings

-- Game Information --

Name: Legend
Genre: Beat Em' Up
Number of Players: 1 or 2
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Number of Levels (stages): 7 (including the jail)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Seika
Time to Complete: 2-3 hours

-- Ratings --

Based on a scale of one to ten. Ten is the highest.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 7
Story: 7
Replay Value: 8
Amusement: 9
Overall: 8.12

 2. Story

-- This is the games story (from the beginning of the game).

Beldor the Maleficent reigned as a despot over the kingdom of Sellech for one
thousand years.

All was chaos and destruction. Many knights went on a final crusade to destroy
Beldor but none returned.

The people united, built energized heros and imprisoned Beldor's soul. Now,
Clovis, corrupt son of the King of Sellech, wants to harness Beldor's power and
conquer the kingdom.

 3. Controls

-- Default Controls --

When in two player mode, both players have the same moves. The only differences
between the two heros is the color of their clothing (customizable in the
Options menu) and the fact that player two uses an axe. Both characters have
the same stats and weapon range.

Up: Move Up
Down: Move Down
Left: Move Left
Right: Move Right

A: Magic
B: Jump
X: Special Move
Y: Attack
L: Block
R: Block
Start: Push to continue on some parts of the game
Select: Pause

-- Special Techniques --

These are the most useful techiques I have figured out. You will use them
constantly. If you don't, you will die.

Jump Slash: Press B, then Y
Dive Kick Right: Press B, then Right + Y
Dive Kick Left: Press B, then Left + Y
360 Sword Swing: Back + Y (back being the opposite the way you are

 4. Gameplay

Just like any other Beat em' up game, you basically walk through and beat the
living s*** out of everyone in sight.

-- The Screen --

In the top left corner of the screen is your stats and info (top right for
player 2). The "L:" is your lives. I don't know what the "S:" is. All I know
about it is that it will go up if you pick up na lightning orb. Below that is
your life bar. And below that is the amout of magic bags you have and how much
gold you have. You can get more gold by picking up money bags. You also get 20
gold every time you hit an ememy.

-- Magic --

To use magic you have to pick up magic bags. I highly suggest saving your magic
for bosses. Other enemies can be killed using the dive kick, jump slash, and
other fighting techniques.

One shot of magic uses 2 magic bags. So if you only have one magic bag, you
can't use magic. You can only hold 9 magic bags a a time. So if you have 9,
picking up more is pointless.

As far as I can tell, all the magic does the same amount of damage, even
thought there are different animations.

-- Fighting --

Like I said before, the dive kick and jump slash are eccential in this game.
The dive kick, jump slash, 360 sword swing, and and a regular hit all do the
same amount of damage. This means that using regular hits is faster and more
effective, but you will get hit less often using the special techniques. When
you hit enemies with a regular hit another enemy behind you will usually hit
you (unless you are in a two player game).

-- Special Attack --

You also have a special attack. This is good for bosses and strong enemies. You
will usually throw something at them. It kills most enemies in one hit. You
will lose 10% of you health bar every time you use your special attack. So use
it sparingly.

 5. Items

This is a list of all the items that enemies drop after you kill them. To pick
up an item, just stand over it and you will automatically pick it up. Items
disappear after 5 seconds.

LEATHER BAG: Gives you 1 Bag of Magic

BREAD: Restores 25% of your health

MEAT: Restores 15% of your health

MONEY BAG: Gives 50 gold

NECKLACE: Gives 100 gold

KEY: Get all of these that you can. At the end of a section you can get
     extra lives and items with them. They also give you points.

1 UP: Looks like a red triangle that says 1 UP. Gives you 1 life.

BARREL: Hit the barrel to get the item inside

LIGHTNING ORB: Clear cicle with a lightning bolt in the middle. Gives 1

 6. Boss Strategies

STAGE 1 - The Beginning of the Quest

Mid-Boss - Guy with the Stick

You fight this guy on the fallen tree trunk in leval 1. He isn't too hard. Just
use magic and the Dive Kick on him.

Boss - Evil Tree

This guy...er...thing can be annoying. Start off using magic. Then run up to
it, and stand right in front of it. Keep attacking it with the regular attack.
Do a dive kick every once in a while to help avoid the hands. Try not to let
the hands grab you. He should be dead in no time.

STAGE 2 - The City

Boss - Barrel Guy

This guy has two attacks. The first one is to throw a barrel at you. Just jump
over it. But watch out. It will slide across the floor and if you touch it you
will get hurt. The second one is when he holds the barrel in front of himself
and runs at you. He is very hard to hit when he does this. Just jump over him
and try to use the dive kick. Use magic if you have some. Your special attack is
also helpful.

[Strategy 2 by SleepyJay]
Once you have him knocked down (by magic, dive kick, or whatever),
notice that he drops his barrel. When he gets up to get his barrel,
quicky stand near his barrel and jump slash him. This,
of course, knocks him down again. Do this process for as long
as you can see him on screen. Repeat.

STAGE 3 - The Black Temple

Boss - Evil Wizard

This guy is tough. He will fly around and shoot at you with lightning bolts.
Try to hit him on his upper body, so you don't get hit by his shots. When he
lands on the ground, hit him with your special attack.
Getting him over to the side of the screen and repeatedly hitting him seems to
work well also. Magic doesn't seem to do anything to him.

When you get his health down low enough, he will summon a gargoyle. When the
gargoyle is there, you can't hit the wizard. Unlike the wizard, the gargoyle is
vulnerable to magic. Three shots and he is dead.

STAGE 4 - The Old Mill

NOTE: After you kill the jailer you will be taken to the second part
      of stage 4. If you are caught by the jailer you will have to
      beat the jail and then go to the second part of stage 4.

Mini-Boss - Jailer

This battle is very important. You must kill him without getting hit by the net
that he shoots. If you get hit you will go to jail, which means two more bosses
and tons more enemies. So just use magic and the dive kick. It takes 3 shots (6
bags) of magic to kill him.

Boss - Red Dragon

This guy is tough. It will fly around and spit fire. It will also jump down and
land on you. After a minute or so, it will hover above you and enemies will
come out. While you are fighting the enemies, you can't hurt the dragon, and it
won't hurt you. Once you kill the enemies, you fight the dragon again for
another minute. Then the process starts over. I suggest using magic. If you
don't have any, you will hopefully be able to get some from the enemies. The
dive kick also works.


Mid-Boss - Strong Fighter Guy

Just use what you used for all the others. Don't give him time to move.

Boss - Big Executioner

This guy is faster than he looks, so don't give him room to move. The special
attack is useful here. The ever popular dive kick and magic are also good to

STAGE 5 - The Cavern

Boss - Cave Monster

Use magic and the dive kick. After you hurt him a little, the floor will fall.
This is purely an effect. Just ignore it and keep fighting.

STAGE 6 - The Sanctuary

Mid-Boss - Guy with Stick

Use the same strategy as before.

Boss - Clovis

NOTE: I only got a little past the guy with the stick. I will add info on the
rest of the level when I get that far.

 7. Enemies

Here is a list of all the enemies I've found, and a little description.

GREEN SPEAR GUYS - The easiest enemy in the game. Any attack works.
                   Four hits to kill.

JUMPING SWORD GUYS - They jump around a lot. They also block quite a
                     bit. They are one of the harder enemies in the
                     game. The dive kick works best on them. Four hits
                     to kill.

BLACK JAGGED SWORD GUY - They walk back and forth. Just use the dive

ARCHERS - They stand on the sides and shoot at you. One hit to kill.

PURPLE EXECUTIONER - Has a big axe. Use dive kick. Four hits to kill.

GREEN EXECUTIONER - Same as Purple Executioner, but five hits to kill.

PURPLE MAGE - Purple cloaked mage. Throws purple balls. Five hits to

MAROON MAGE - Maroon cloaked mage. Throws maroon balls. Four hits to

GOLD SKELETON - Use dive kick. Five hits to kill.

PURPLE SKELETON - Use dive kick. Four hits to kill.

BAT - One hit to kill. Always gives you meat.

DOG - One hit to kill.

SWAMP CREATURES - Found in second part of stage 1. Four hits to kill.

CAVEMAN - A tough enemy. Six hits to kill.

GREY AXEMAN - Very tough. Eight hits to kill.

GREEN AXEMAN - Hardest enemy in the game. Ten hits to kill.

 8. Version History

September 12, 2002 - Original release

September 21, 2002 - Changed and added boss strategies. Changed a bunch
                     of things in the Gameplay section. Added to the
                     Items and Enemies sections. Changed the ratings
                     and legal sections

November 19, 2003 - Version 2.5 - Added another strategy to the Barrel Guy.
                    Added the Special Thanks section, and added to the 
                    author's note.  Fixed spelling mistakes.

 9. Legal Information

This document is copyrighted (c) 2001 Skysurfer87

This FAQ cannot be distributed in any book, magazine, ect. This FAQ cannot be
given as a prize, bonus, or extra of any sort. It cannot be used for
promotional or profitable reasons. No part of this document, in part or in
whole, may be rewritten or copied in any way without written consent from me,
the author.

This FAQ and its author are in no way affiliated with any company involved with
this game. All other names mentioned in this document are the copyright of
their respective owners.

If you want to post this FAQs on your site. E-mail me and ask first. The
following sites are allowed to contain this FAQs.

http://www.gamenotover.com (ironic isn't it :P)

 10. Special Thanks

Thans to SleepyJay for his strategy on the Barrel Guy.


Send all questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions to
ryan@gamerzplace.cjb.net. You can talk to me on AIM at the
ScreenName Ryan8720 .

Thanks for Reading!! :)

---=== The End ===---

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