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Guide and Walkthrough by PokeMastr5

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/11/2000

This document is best displayed in Courier New font, size 8.

Kirby Super Star Help File v1.5 - 8/11/00
By PokeMastr5@aol.com

I. Updates
II. Introduction
III. Kirby
IV. Kirby's Powers
        i. Use-Forever Powers
        ii. One-Shot Powers
        iii. Powers Guide
        iv. Items
V. The Enemies
        i. Power Enemies
        ii. Non-Power Enemies
        iii. Mini-Bosses
        iv. Bosses
VI. The Original Levels
        i. Atmospheric Conditions
        ii. Spring Breeze
                A. Green Greens
                B. Float Islands
                C. Bubbly Clouds
                D. Mt. Dedede
        iii. Dyna Blade
        iv. Gourmet Race
        v. The Great Cave Offensive
VII. The Harder Levels
        i. Revenge of Meta Knight
        ii. Milky Way Wishes
                A. Walkthru
                        a. Floria
                        b. Aqualiss
                        c. Skyhigh
                        d. Hotbeat
                        e. Cavios
                        f. Mecheye
                        g. Halfmoon
                        h. TACStar
                        i. Nova
                B. Locations of All Powers
        iii. The Arena
VIII. The Minigames
        i. Megaton Punch
        ii. Samurai Kirby
IX. Credits
        i. Thanks
        ii. Copyright Legal Stuff

I. Updates

v2.0 - 12/31/00 - Name Changes

	I messed up on a bunch of the names, apparently.  Not surprising...I made them up 
myself ^_^;;  Anyway, that's now fixed.  The people responsible for setting the record 
straight can be found in the Credits section.
	Oh, one other thing.  People, I am NOT Nintendo, I am NOT some sort of video game 
god, and I CANNOT be held responsible for incorporating everyone's opinions into my 
ability reviews.  I'm getting quite a few e-mails saying "[ability] IS THE BEST!!! WHY 
DID YOU RATE IT LOW???"  My reviews contain my OPINION.  Everyone has their own favorite 
ability.  I'm just recommending my favorites.  Please do not e-mail me about such 
	Whoops...something else.  I've made name corrections in the "Enemies" section, but 
not in the guide itself, because I am incredibly lazy.  So people don't get confused, 
I'll list my own name for the enemy in parentheses next to its real name.

v1.5 - 8/11/00 - Various Small Corrections

	I've gotten a TON of mail from people correcting a few things in my guide.  These 
people are thanked in the "Credits" section, so if you want to know who they are, head 
over there.  This isn't a big update; I'm just sick of people E-Mailing me about the 
fact a perfect Megaton Punch is 201 mt.  Also, it appeared I made an error in the Roman 
numerals for the sections of the guide -_-;;

V1.0 - 6/22/00 - The Beginning!

	The first version of the guide.

II. Introduction

	Kirby has been a loved character since his debut on the NES.  Kirby Super Star 
revives him in 16-bit glory.  The main story is Spring Breeze, but many others unfold, 
each harder than the other.  The final game, Milky Way Wishes, makes it seem that 
nothing could be harder, until you beat it---The Arena opens up!  This game is full of 
surprises, and gamers young and old will keep discovering long after completing The 

III. Kirby
	Kirby is a pink, round creature named after the vacuum cleaner because of what he 
does---he inhales enemies and swallows them to gain their abilities!  He can inhale air 
and puff up his cheeks to fly.  Kirby's enemies are still his enemies even on the SNES, 
but Kirby has some new powers to make up for his stronger, 16-bit enemies.  

IV. Kirby's Powers
	Kirby's powers consist of abilities gained from enemies by inhaling and swallowing 
Kirby's natural powers are:

Inhale: hold Y
Slide: Down + B
Jump: B
Swallow/Sit/Duck: Down
Swallow/Create Helper/Destroy Helper: A
Run: Right or Left twice quickly
Fly: B twice
Block: L-pad or R-pad (on top of controller)

i. Use-Forever Powers

These powers can be used until Kirby changes powers or an enemy knocks it out of him.  
Kirby can also create something that looks like an enemy but owes allegiance to Kirby---
a helper!  Helpers look exactly like enemies except for colors and will follow Kirby 
around, helping him wreak havoc on the evildoers of Dream Land.  If you are fighting a 
boss, helpers are a must, unless it is supposed to look heroic (Marx, Meta Knight).  
Also, if you ever come upon a transform symbol (explained later) you should create a 
helper.  They do just as their name implies. 

Kirby's powers are:
|        Name of Power      |        Enemy That Uses Power     |      Strength        | 
|  Beam                     |  Waddle Doo                      |  *                   |
|  Bomb                     |  Poppy Bros. Jr., Donut Bomber   |  *****               |
|  Copy                     |  TAC                             |  Varies              |
|  Cutter                   |  Sir Kibble, Poppy Bros. Cutter  |  ***                 |
|  Fighter                  |  Knuckles Joe                    |  ****                |
|  Fire                     |  Burnin' Leo                     |  ***                 |
|  Hammer                   |  Bonkers                         |  ****                |
|  Ice                      |  Chilly                          |  ***                 |
|  Jet                      |  Capsule J                       |  **                  |
|  Mirror                   |  Simirror                        |  ***                 |
|  Ninja                    |  Bio Spark                       |  ***1/2              |
|  Parasol                  |  Parasol Waddle Dee              |  ***                 |
|  Plasma                   |  Plasma Wisp                     |  ****                |
|  Stone                    |  Rocky                           |  ***                 |
|  Suplex                   |  Bugzzy                          |  ****                |
|  Sword                    |  Blade Knight                    |  *****               |
|  Wheel                    |  Wheelie                         |  ***                 |
|  Wing                     |  Birdon                          |  ***                 |
|  Yoyo                     |  Gim                             |  *****               |

ii. One-Shot Powers

These powers can only be used once, but are far more powerful than use-forever powers.

|     Power          |        Enemy That Uses Power       |        Strength           |
|  Cook              |  Cook Kawasaki                     |  ******                   |
|  Crash             |  Bomb, Scarfy                      |  *****                    |
|  Mike              |  Mike                              |  ****                     |
|  Paint             |  Chameleo Ball, Lobster Blob       |  *****                    |
|  Sleep             |  Sleepy                            |  None                     |
|  Trolley           |  ---                               |  Invincible               |

iii. Powers Guide

This is a handy guide to all the powers to see which ability is best for you.

Power     Enemy/Helper Name        Strength    G/B
Beam      Waddle Doo               *           B 75% G 25%

The BEAM is just about the weakest power in the game.  With one star and a pathetic G/B 
rating, BEAM is the 2nd worst power in the game.  The sad part of this is that Waddle 
Doo is one of the smartest helpers, but he gets stuck with a body that can't take two 
hits and a weapon that couldn't melt butter.
Bomb      Poppy Bros. Jr.          *****       G 95% B 5%

This weapon is one of the most powerful in the game.  I would definitely suggest getting 
rid of your other weapon if you get a chance to take this gem of an ability.
Cook      Cook Kawasaki            ******      G 100% B 0%

This is the most powerful ability in the game.  Unfortunately, it is only a one-shot, 
but can still work quite well.  The COOK ability puts all enemies on-screen into a big 
pot, and Kirby cooks them to make food.  The amount of food depends on how many enemies 
are put in.  1 enemy = 1 food item.
Copy      TAC                      Varies      G 90% B 10%

This ability has a variable strength level because the COPY ability copies the ability 
of the enemy you use it on.  If you press Y while facing a Wheelie, you will get the 
WHEEL power.  Strangely enough, if you try to copy a non-power enemy, the enemy will be 
destroyed.  Hmm.
Crash     Bomb, Scarfy             *****       G 99% B 1%

This ability will cause a major explosion that will kill all enemies on-screen.  It is 
very fun to watch.
Cutter    Sir Kibble,Poppy Bros.Ctr***         G 75% B 25%

The CUTTER ability is an average power that lets you throw boomerang-like knives.  There 
is nothing special about this ability, except the combo move.  The combo move is 
arguably the best reason to use CUTTER.
Fighter   Knuckles Joe             ****        G 80% B 20%

This ability is one of the best.  Toss your enemies to infinity with the Tomoe Throw and 
overwhelm them with a Vulcan Jab.  The only downside is that you have to use the power a 
few times to gain the experience necessary to do the good moves.  I definitely recommend 
getting this power unless you have a higher-rated power or the power you have is one you 
like more.
Fire      Burnin' Leo              ***         G 70% B 30%

This ability lets Kirby breathe fire, burning all enemies in range.  Personally, I don't 
think this ability is such hot stuff, but that may be just me.
Hammer    Bonkers                  ****        G 85% B 15%

This power is one of my favorites.  Wield the mighty HAMMER, smashing enemies into 
oblivion!  If you don't want to use the HAMMER anymore, dash and press A while facing an 
enemy.  He'll go down with a SMASH!!
Ice       Chilly                   ***         G 60% B 40%

This power is not so cool as some people make it out to be.  In my opinion, anyone who 
thinks this power is his favorite is a bag of wind.  My favorite power for this ability 
is dash + Y.
Jet       Capsule J                **          G 50% B 50%

I put this ability in the same league as BEAM.  Your only attack is staying vulnerable 
while waiting for the stupid thing to charge.  There is a special spot in Skyhigh that 
you use it in, however.  Basically, don't get this ability.
Mike      Mike                     ****        G 95% B 5%

This ability causes Kirby's rather screechy voice to be amplified, destroying all 
enemies on-screen.  Don't hock a good power just because of this one, though.
Mirror    Simirror                 ***         G 80% B 20%

This ability lets Kirby practice the ancient art of double sorcery.  If you have a lousy 
ability like JET and you come upon a Simirror, I think it would be an acceptable enemy 
to swallow.  Otherwise, though, leave this one for the great Alakazamo.
Ninja     Bio Spark                ***1/2      G 70% B 30%

This ability is good, but it is very lacking in strong attacks.  All you can do to 
attack is throw little knives that do very little damage, or do a _very_ short-range 
knife slash which makes you vulnerable while barely scratching your enemy.  This power 
is acceptable to take if you have something lousy like WHEEL or JET, but otherwise pass 
this up.
Paint     ChameleoBall,LobsterBlob *****       G 100% B 0%

This ability will cause Kirby to hold up a large paintbrush, spraying all enemies on-
screen with a dose of paint, and the clashes of Kirby's less-than-tasteful decor will 
surely cause the enemies to scream and disappear.  Use this ability whenever possible---
it's a splash (of paint, that is!)!
Parasol   Parasol W. Dee           ***         G 75% B 25%

This ability is gained by eating a Waddle Dee holding a PARASOL.  I think this is a very 
good ability, but it's nothing to rave about.
Plasma    Plasma Wisp              ****        G 80% B 20%

I like this ability because of its awesome power, but it can be tedious to have to run 
back and forth long enough to get a powerful shot.  Unless you're in Spring Breeze or 
somesuch, it would probably be a better idea to make a helper out of this ability and 
take something like SWORD.
Sleep     Sleepy                   None        B 100% G 0%

This power doesn't even deserve to be called a power.  It puts Kirby to sleep for about 
5 seconds, making him very vulnerable and stealing his power as well.  There is no 
reason whatsoever why you would want this power.  Avoid at all costs.
Stone     Rocky                    ***         G 65% B 35%

This power is so-so.  It's powerful, except the enemies usually aren't polite enough to 
wait around while you position yourself over them.  STONE can be useful for 
invulnerability, but otherwise is pretty useless.  Use it in RPG battles.
Suplex    Buggzy, Butterfingers    ****        G 80% B 20%

I like this power.  It's cool and powerful.  However, it takes some practice to learn 
the moves, and it's rare: the only ways to get it are defeating Buggzy or Butterfingers-
both mini-bosses--or possibly from an item square.  Good if you have experience.
Sword     Blade Knight             *****       G 90% B 10%

This is my favorite power.  It's very powerful, and is useful for many of the bosses and 
mini-bosses.  Dyna Blade, Meta Knight, and Fatty Whale are all beaten easiest with 
SWORD.  The only downside is that there is no long-range attack.
Trolley   ---                      Invincible  G 90% B 10%

What can I say?  The TROLLEY is not really a power.  Whenever you jump into a mine cart, 
your power switches to TROLLEY.  When you jump out, it reverts to its previous state.  
The TROLLEY is invincible.  A downside is that you cannot move while inside the TROLLEY; 
you have to wait until your wild ride is over.  The TROLLEY can pound down posts, as can 
Wheel     Wheelie                  ***         G 60% B 40%

This really isn't a very good power.  It doesn't have a very good attack--all it can do 
is zoom into an enemy and hope for the best.  Unless you have a power with a lower G/B 
rating, you better avoid this.
Wing      Birdon                   ***         G 75% B 25%

Though it isn't very powerful, I like WING.  The attacks are fair, and it even improves 
your flying skills.  I especially like how you can knock an enemy up into the air and 
then destroy it.  I suggest using WING in a lava area, or if you're going through an 
area with lots of minor monsters, like Spring Breeze.
Yoyo      Gim                      *****       G 85% B 15%

I really like this power.  It's powerful and can go through walls.  Also, it has very 
good range: while not being too long-range, you're just out of range of enemy attacks 
while whipping them to death with your custom-made red yoyo.  This power isn't perfect, 
however.  First, there is a lack of good combos.  Second, the special moves are weak.  I 
mean, what kind of demented person designed the Gazer Spiral?  This power is good for 
going through monster-infested areas (especially if Crocodiles are involved), but for 
the bosses, I'd stick with something like CUTTER.

iv. Items
	Kirby's items are very important.  If not for the various items of food scattered 
around Dream Land, Kirby would surely succumb to enemies' constant attacks.
The items are:
|     Item       |         Where Found           |    Effect(stars are healing)       |
|  Tomato        |  Enemies, Rooms               |  ***                               |
|  Sponge Cake   |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Sunflower     |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Chicken       |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Bananas       |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Cherries      |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Hot Dog       |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Food Item*1   |  ""                           |  ***                               |
|  Maxim Tomato  |  Rooms                        |  *Full                             |
|  Lollipop      |  Rooms                        |  Invincibility                     |
|  1UP           |  Rooms                        |  Extra Life                        |

V. The Enemies

i. Power Enemies

	These enemies give a power when inhaled.  They consist of use-forever power 
enemies and one-shot enemies.  CAPITAL letters indicate a power.

Waddle Doo

Waddle Doo is Waddle Dee's brother.  He is equipped with the BEAM and knows what he's 
doing, so don't get careless.
Poppy Bros. Jr.

Poppy Bros. Jr. hops around.  He possesses the BOMB and can do serious damage, so don't 
leave him hopping around.
Crazed Donut Hole Bomber

This enemy's middle resembles a donut when he tosses bombs.  He is a major annoyance 
because he has the nasty habit of laying bombs by ladders, hurting Kirby when you get to 
the top.  Also, he can fire a 5-bomb spread that will severely impair Kirby's efforts to 
save Dream Land (and himself).  Try to sneak up on him and kill him in one hit.

Major threat!!!  This guy runs around quite quickly, jumping up in the air to extend his 
grabber and steal your power.  If you destroy him afterwards, you will regain your 
power, but this is usually hard due to the fact you no longer have your power.  Inhaling 
him will give you the COPY power.
Sir Kibble

Very annoying.  KILL IMMEDIATELY!!!  Sir Kibble will throw cutters at you both 
horizontally and diagonally.  The sharp cutters slice into Kirby's soft skin, causing 
major damage.  He possesses the CUTTER ability. (NOTE: If you have the FIGHTER or SUPLEX 
ability, you can pick up and throw the cutters just as if they were an enemy.)
Poppy Bros. Cutter

This enemy looks like a Poppy Brother with a boomerang under one arm.  Inhale it for the 
Knuckle Joe

I usually don't leave him around long enough to assess, but he is very powerful when 
using a "Vulcan Jab".  He has the FIGHTER ability.
Burnin' Leo

Kill immediately.  No mercy.  The fireballs he spits out can kill you with three shots, 
and prepare to stay awhile if you get caught in the flames he's blowing.  He has the 
FIRE ability.

Not particularly harmful, but getting caught in his ice storm is not fun if you are 
trying to shave time.  Has the ICE power.
Capsule J

This guy is a major nuisance and danger so don't leave him flying around.  I have had my 
helper decimated more than once during REVENGE of META NIGHT due to this flying pasta 
machine.  He possesses the JET ability.

This wizard waves a little wand and reflects EVERY attack Kirby uses, so the point is to 
hit him with his guard down.  Also, after you hit him, he may try to fade out and 
reappear behind you.  Be aware of this trick and never believe an enemy is dead until 
you see the small explosion of stars.  He has the MIRROR ability.
Bio Spark

This guy is both weak and strong.  His 3-knife attack is weak, but don't stand near him 
when he goes into his slashing frenzy.  That killed me when I had half life.  Low-energy 
players should use FIGHTER or somesuch to escape his jump-and-smash-on-the-floor attack.  
He uses the NINJA ability.
Parasol W. Dee

This guy is as carefree as Waddle Dee himself!  Just inhale and swallow or attack with 
whatever weapon you have and he will be long gone.  He has the PARASOL ability.
Plasma Wisp

Try not to let him build up his plasma ball attack and he will die like a TV going off.  
He has the PLASMA ability.

Takes multiple hits, but you will eventually get him.  His power is STONE.

Blade Knight

In my opinion, the smartest of the enemies.  He also deals high damage.  He has my 
favorite ability---SWORD!

Very weak.  Just kill it.  Has WHEEL power.

Same as Wheelie.  Has WING power.

This guy can be annoying if you get caught in the path of his yoyo.  His ability is 
Kaboomba (Bomb)

This guy will explode if left alone.  However, if you want to experience the most 
destructive power in the game, swallow him and try his CRASH power.
Scarfy (Flying Bunny)

These enemies have long ears and fly.  When you turn your back they become teeth-
gnashing monsters.  Destroy or they can knock you around quite a bit.  They also have 
Mikey (Mike)

He looks like a little microphone and spits out screechy musical notes.  Try his MIKE 
power to give all enemies on-screen a taste of Kirby's lacking singing voice.
Chameleo Ball

Chameleo Arm spits this out.  Swallow it and use the PAINT ability, my favorite of all 
the one-shots.
Lobster Blob

Heavy Lobster's claw will produce this orange blob only once.  Use the PAINT ability it 
gives you to turn him red!

Sits around and sleeps.  If you swallow him you sleep for about 5 seconds.  The ability 
is called (big surprise) SLEEP.

ii. Non-Power Enemies

These enemies will not give a power when inhaled; they are just there to hurt Kirby.

Grizzo (Stampedin' Fatty Deer)

This guy takes multiple hits to destroy and stampedes when hit.  No big threat.
Waddle Dee

This guy looks just like Waddle Doo except for color, and is completely helpless.
Shooting Color Wheel

This round enemy either shoots one big ball of color, 3 medium-sized ones, or about 20 
small balls machine-gun style.
Bronto Burt (Winged Boppy)

This little guy flies in a wavy pattern and looks like a ball with eyes and wings.
Shotzo (Cannon)

This enemy is invincible and fires nasty cannonballs.  Just avoid it.
Gordo (Spike)

This enemy is also invincible and will cause major damage.
Chickie & Hennie

These two look like a chick and a hen.  They hide quietly until approached, at which 
point they will fly into the face of their attacker, mostly Kirby.
Cappy (Mushroom)

This strange creature dances around and throws its cap in the air.  SEE Wood Spirit.
Cappy (Wood Spirit)

This is the creature that hides under the mushroom.  If destroyed while its cap is still 
in the air, the mushroom cap will land harmlessly on the ground.
Poppy Cousin

Like the Poppy Bros., but he doesn't carry a weapon.
Broom Hatter (Broom Sweeper)

This enemy aimlessly sweeps the floors.  It only damages you if it bumps into you.
Kabu (Spinning Head)

This enemy is simply a spinning yellow head.  Some of them disappear and reappear.

These flowers look all happy and friendly---until they roll into a cone and try to get 
Kirby!  These flowers can easily take away 1/4 energy with their shaking attack, so kill 
them or run away before they have a chance to try to kill Kirby.

Yes, it is possible to inhale a cutter!  Look to the description of Sir Kibble to find 
out how to deal with them.
Blipper (Fish)

There are only 3 enemies that can go underwater and live, and this is one of them!  The 
fish is no threat due to Kirby's water gun.
Squishy (Octopus)

This is another of the underwater enemies.  Also no big threat.
Glunk (Anemone)

This amphibian plant spits out nasty stars that can hurt Kirby.  Just shoot it with the 
water gun.
Climber Guy (Mini Star Thrower)

This guy can climb anywhere and tosses stars at you.  Just kill him quickly and he'll be 
no trouble.
Lazar Ball (Laser Sentry)

Found only on the Halberd, these annoying sentries fire lasers that home in on your 
position, so even if you cannot be hit directly, the laser will get you.

This enemy likes to catch Kirby with its razor-sharp teeth then chomp him to bits.  Try 
to take defensive measures before you get bitten.  If you have 1/3 life or less, you 
MUST avoid this enemy.  His attack will kill you if you have 1/3 life or less.

iii.  Mini-Bosses

These bosses have an energy meter just like Kirby.  They are stronger than normal 

Poppy Bros.

These are the big Poppies.  They toss bombs at you.  It is actually easier to defeat 
them unarmed but I do not recommend it.  They have the BOMB power as well.

This big boss throws a mean punch.  He has the FIGHTER ability.  Smasher is easy to beat 
as long as you avoid the arms.
Co-Kracko (Kracko Jr.)

This guy is not grown enough to have a spiky cloud, but can pummel you with his low 
sweeps just the same.  Jump over his body slams and strike when he is in the upper-right 
corner of the screen.

This Mini-Boss has the HAMMER power and knows how to use it.  His hammer swipes are 
dangerous, but all his bombs are meant to do is to stun you.  HINT: Some of the Bonkers 
chambers have weak floors.  Unless you want to collect the HAMMER ability, destroy these 
floors to dig Bonkers an early grave.

This oversized walrus wants to freeze you solid.  His attacks consist of kicking an ice 
cube at you and inhaling you to spit you out.  Dodge his nasty intentions and hit him 
with a barrage of weapons fire.  Inhale him for the ICE ability.

This mantis possesses the SUPLEX power and intends to slam you against the ground until 
the cows come home.  He will also hover above you and drop on you and fire ladybugs.  Go 
at him hammer-and-tongs and get his power.

This enemy is anything but his name.  With the SUPLEX ability, he will reach out and 
slam you into the ground if he can get his clutches close enough.  Just hit and run.
Halberd Crew

These guys just rush at you, hover above you, or toss electrocuting prongs at you.  
They're not very tough and are about medium threat.

iv. The Bosses

These fiends are the biggest and baddest in the game.  There are 13, and you'll 
definitely need this guide to get through them all.  A star by the name of the boss 
indicates he is the big boss of one of the games.

Whispy Woods

This boss is the first in the game.  Just hack away at him to beat him while dodging the 
apples.  If you prefer, you can spit apples at him, because they do more damage.
Lololo & Lalala

These two rulers push boxes at you like a moving crew.  Linger near a jump point (the 
place that lets you switch levels) and jump and hit them from behind as they go.  If you 
have a helper (and you really should) just stand on the unused floor and let it fight 
the battle.  Watch out!  Occasionally they will push Spikes at you instead of boxes.

This spiky cloud has a three-pronged attack.  1. He will move across the screen in one 
of three fashions.  2. He will spit out a Waddle Doo and fire a beam.  3. (optional) He 
will fly to you and hit you with a rain attack OR will go to the edge of the screen and 
move slowly to the other side while firing a lightning bolt.  Simply dodge the attacks 
and hit him with your weapon.  (NOTE: Do not use the BEAM ability against him!  Since he 
uses it himself, it will not do a speck of damage.  I've actually had best luck throwing 
away a power and spitting Waddle Doos at him.)
King Dedede*

The ringleader of the food theft, King Dedede is the toughest boss in Spring Breeze.  If 
you do not have a power when you confront him you will die (NOTE: King Dedede CAN be 
killed without a power.  But why bother?).  Your best bet is to keep him in a "pain" 
state.  This is the face he puts on when you hit him.  If you keep him this way he will 
be unable to counterattack.
Dyna Blade*

This bird is no trouble if you go armed with the SWORD ability and a Blade Knight 
helper.  Just block and let the Blade Knight attack until Dyna kills him.  At this point 
it should take about 1 or 2 hits to knock some sense into the giant bird.
Fatty Whale

Really, this guy is a sorry excuse for a boss.  To beat him use SWORD and a Blade Knight 
helper.  After the Blade Knight is gone, bounce on him with the point of your sword 
down.  Just block to avoid the rock attack.  You should have the blubber stripped off 
this whale in no time.
Chameleo Arm 

This boss has a very predictable pattern.  First he tries to catch you with his tongue.  
Then he rolls at you.  Next he latches onto the ceiling to throw balls at you that will 
give you the PAINT ability (try it with him, it turns Chameleo a different color every 
time.).  Finally he will extend his claws at you.  He may turn invisible at any time 
during the process---don't worry, he is easy to spot, he makes ripples on the screen 
where he is.  If you know his attacks, it is easy to dodge them, and retaliate without a 
Computer Virus (RPG Battles)

These battles have enemies appearing RPG-style with an HP meter as well as energy bar.  
Just grab the powers that appear on the side of the screen.  When it is your turn, whack 
the enemy as many times as you can.  When it's the enemy's turn, block.  The only 
exception to this rule is when fighting the Red Dragon and it is "flapping its wings".  
Then try to dodge the sharp cutters, or hit them with whatever power you've got (FIRE 
and ICE work well).
Wham Bam Rock*

This guy has a weirdo face and a single, sturdy, stone hand.  This hand is what you're 
attacking.  It will try to smash you flat, and also, periodically, unleash a falling 
stone attack.  Surprisingly, the STONE ability works well if you can get a hit in.  
Otherwise use PARASOL.
Twin Cannon

This cannon is the Halberd's main form of attack, so destroy it!  Attacking the laser 
cannon will not diminish the enemy energy bar, but will take a major load off your 
shoulders, so if you have a helper I recommend it.  Use the YOYO power with a Gim helper 
and he will usually stay alive long enough to destroy the laser cannon.  Then stand as 
far right as you can (where the laser cannon used to be) and fire the yoyo while holding 
up.  If the cannon is in firing position, the yoyo will hit it and will also protect you 
from that nasty grabber hand.  The only thing to watch out for is the bombs the hand 
Heavy Lobster

This lobster can be cooked quite easily if you know the strategy.  First, go into the 
room with a power you like but no helper.  Wait for the lobster to spit out the Lobster 
Blob that gives you the PAINT ability.  Quickly create a helper and inhale the Blob.  
After PAINTing the lobster, let your helper do the work until its energy is low.  Use 
the Suppin Beam to recall the helper and create it again.  Repeat as many times as 
necessary (except for the PAINT part---the lobster spits out the Lobster Blob only 
Halberd's Reactor

You don't need a power to defeat the Halberd's reactor.  Just float in front of the 
colored diamond and wait for the thing that looks like a power plug to aim at you and 
fire.  Then move out of the way and let the laser hit the reactor.  Occasionally the 
cannon the reactor is equipped with will fire.  Never fear, though!  Just move to the 
top of the screen.  Also watch out for the fire blasters in the floor.  After 3 hits, 
the reactor will go critical.
Meta Knight*

The boss of REVENGE OF META KNIGHT, this guy is one of the hardest bosses in the game.  
To kill him, the most health-efficient way is to create a helper and let it do the dirty 
work.  After that it should be child's play.  NOTE: Usually you must use SWORD to beat 
Meta Knight.  However, there is a trick to get around this.  Simply create a helper out 
of the power you want to use.  Enter Meta Knight's chamber and take the SWORD.  Throw it 
away, careful not to let it touch your helper.  Use the Suppin Beam to make your helper 
transform into its item symbol.  Grab it and you should now have the power of your 
Heart of Nova

This battle is kind of hard.  The point is to shoot like mad at each of the targets 
until they're all dead.  My tips are that you can go through the tracks the targets are 
on without taking damage, and it's best to get as close as you can and then blast away 
while moving backward.  This way the diagonal star shots will hit too.

Wow!  The boss of Milky Way Wishes!  To beat him, I recommend using YOYO.  First, he 
will fire cutters.  To dodge this, stand directly below him.  Then he will swoop up and 
drop seeds that will create spike walls.  Stand between them, or cower in the corners.  
Next he will appear as a flashing circle below you.  Run away from this as fast as 
possible for Marx will spring from it (a good way to dodge is to fly to the top of the 
screen and fly back-and-forth frantically.  Remember that touching his wings won't hurt 
you).  Now he will drop an energy circle that will create a beam on the floor that will 
freeze you.  Jump it.  Occasionally he will split apart and create a black hole you 
definitely don't want to get caught in.  Simply block where you are and you'll be fine.  
When Marx goes to the bottom-right or -left edge of the screen, he is about to fire a 
laser(go to the top to dodge).  If he goes to the edge of the screen at any height other 
than ground level, he is about to let loose a barrage of arrows.  The only thing you can 
do is dodge these attacks and wait for an opening to use your yoyo.

VI. The Original Levels

These levels are the levels you can select from the beginning.  They range from easy to 

i. Atmospheric Conditions

This section contains info on the different things you will encounter on your way.

Bomb Block

This block will destroy nearby blocks to create many different effects.  Hit them unless 
it says otherwise in the walkthru.
Star Block

This block can be inhaled and spat out.  It is meant to slow you down.  Sometimes they 
hide doors.
Warp Star

These large stars warp Kirby to a previously inaccessible area.
Mine Cart 

The mine cart is invincible and can also pound down posts.

Try swimming!  Use the water gun as a weapon or:

|  Hammer       |
|  Parasol      |
|  Sword        |

Red alert!  Lava will seriously damage Kirby if you don't have tip-top flying skills.
Cracked Blocks

Problems underwater if you don't have an underwater weapon.  Otherwise look in the 
walkthru for information.
Indestructible Blocks

These blocks must be fired through.  Use BEAM or YOYO; they seem to work well.

Same as indestructible walls, but usually you can't jump over them.
Weak Blocks

These blocks break as soon as you stand on them.

Doors lead someplace else (duh).  Break blocks to find some hidden ones.  To enter, 
press up.

Thin platforms can be dropped through by pressing Down.  Otherwise, they're classified 
as floors.
Boss Doors

These doors flash more than normal doors.  Enter to end the level or meet the boss.

Don't touch!  Spikes are almost as unfriendly as lava.

Pound this in with a mine cart, a STONE power, or a HAMMER power to make something 
special happen.

Use a CUTTER or SWORD ability to slice through these.

Get in one of these and press up or down to tell the elevator where to go.

These footholds jet you in whatever direction they happen to be facing.

ii. Spring Breeze

	That awful King Dedede is at it again.  He's stolen all the food in Dream Land!  
The inhabitants don't like being hungry and have asked Kirby to help.  (AUTHOR'S NOTE: 
For anyone who has played Kirby games previously, the plot is the same as Kirby's Dream 
Land for Game Boy.)

A. Green Greens

	The first level In Spring Breeze!  When you land, there should be a hill up ahead 
with a Waddle Doo.  Swallow him for the BEAM ability.  Now climb over the hill.  There 
should be a Mushroom below you.  Take him out and go in the door.  Once inside, press A 
for a Waddle Doo helper, then quickly swallow the Sir Kibble.  Don't forget to take the 
Maxim Tomato on your way out.  Go to the right farther and jump on the warp star.  It 
will take you to an area with a Poppy Bros. Sr.  Defeat him and move on.  After killing 
a Stampedin' Fatty Deer you will come to a door.  Enter it and proceed to avoid enemies.  
Don't forget there's a 1UP on the left.  After entering another door new music will 
begin to play.  You have entered the arena of Whispy Woods!  Beat him to move on to 
Float Islands.

B. Float Islands

	When you land, there should be a Knuckles Joe on the right.  If you would prefer 
to hock your CUTTER power to your helper and swallow the Knuckles Joe, feel free.  There 
will be a body of water on the right.  Fly over it and kill the Octopus.  Then enter the 
door.  When you enter there will be a big pit on the right.  Be sure to collect the food 
on the left and watch out for the Spinning Heads on the right.  Climb up the ladder to 
the right and kill the Spinning Head.  Fall down the next pit and destroy the Spinning 
Head and the Chilly.  When the Spike behind the Star Blocks is at the top, destroy one 
and run to the door on the right.  Collect the Lollipop (don't forget to share it with 
the helper) and run as fast as you can to the right.  If you're quick, you can destroy 
the Frosty Mini-Boss and hop in the Warp Star.  This will land you on a castle.  Destroy 
the Bomb before it explodes and give your ability to your helper.  Now swallow the Blade 
Knight.  Voila!  You have the SWORD ability!  Now enter the final door and beat Lololo & 

C. Bubbly Clouds

	When you start you will see a cannon below you and to the right and a Blade Knight 
on the ledge to the right.  Give your helper the SWORD power and swallow the Blade 
Knight to get it back.  Go to the right, careful not to press down for this will drop 
you into a bottomless pit.  There is a door to the right along with a Blade Knight, a 
cannon, and some Flying Bunnies, but don't be overzealous!  Go farther right to collect 
some food.  Then enter the door.  Here's an enemy we haven't seen before!  Simirror is 
just a pushover, and his power's nothing special, so just wait for a space in his magic 
guard and destroy him (don't let him pull that disappearing trick, either.).  Just jump 
up to the highest platform and destroy the Sir Kibble for passage through the door.  
Meet Kracko Jr.!  Beat him and use the Warp Star.  It will land you in a seemingly 
exitless area with a Mike enemy---until you notice the wall to the right is made out of 
Star Blocks!  There is both a 1UP and a food item in the block wall.  After breaking 
through, you will see 2 Flowers.  Kill them and jump to the top to meet a Poppy Bros. 
Jr. guarding the door.  Once he's gone, go down the pit to the right for a Maxim Tomato.  
Then enter the door.  After killing the chamber guards and jumping to the top, enter the 
Boss Door.  Beat Kracko for the 3rd star.

D. Mount Dedede

	The Warp Star you travel in will put you right in front of the door to the arena.  
If you like the power you have, enter.  Otherwise go to the right for a better 
selection.  I strongly recommend a helper, but again, if you like the power you have, 
just go it alone.  Destroy him to end Spring Breeze and get treated to a mini ending 

iii. Dyna Blade

	A strange bird, named Dyna Blade, has come from the mountain and ruined the crops!  
Unless Kirby can stop him, Dream Land will be devastated!

Level One

	Drop down to the bottom and enter the door, avoiding the Sir Kibble on your left.  
Move to the right and swallow the Parasol W. Dee.  Watching out for Sir Kibbles and 
Waddle Doos, move right until you come to a row of Weak Blocks above water.  Run across 
these quickly and watch out for the Parasol W. Dee at the end.  Farther right, there are 
some Weak Blocks stacked on top of each other.  Wait to get to the bottom.  Grab the 
food on the left and head right.  There is a door before your destination that has a 
SWORD transform symbol and a Maxim Tomato.  I strongly recommend stopping here for a 
respite.  Jump up some platforms and destroy the Spinning Head and Bomb Block.  Enter 
the door this creates.  Move right.  Jump up to the top of the hill and destroy the Bomb 
Block.  Go right to two Flowers.  Destroy them and go father right.  Jump up to the top, 
collecting food along the way, until you get to a Bomb Block.  Destroy it and climb up 
the ladder.  Climb up another ladder and fall down the pit to the right.  Go left for 
the Maxim Tomato then right to meet Cook Kawasaki.  Defeat him and move into the room on 
the right to end the level.

Level Two

	Go right, defeating Parasol-wielding enemies until you come to a door.  This door 
will dump you out in a castle.  Watch out for the Blade Knight on the right.  WARNING:  
Do not go in the door just past the Blade Knight!  This will result in an unnecessary 
battle.  Go right and climb the ladders.  Then enter the next door past a Simirror.  
This will take you to a scrolling area where dwindling results in death.  After some 
walking through the scrolling area, you will come to some Cracked Blocks.  Bash a path 
through to the Warp Star.  You will land in another part of the castle.  Go right and 
enter the door.  Move right, being cautious of Wheelies, until you get to Bonkers.  Kill 
him and enter the door.  When you come through, get the food on the parapets and enter 
the Boss Door.

Level Three

	There will be a Knuckles Joe to the right of where you start.  Kill him and go in 
the door.  Move right, watching out for Spikes, and generally causing havoc.  Destroy 
the Bomb Blocks keeping you from where you want to go and enter the door at the far 
right.  This room is very windy.  Go right and be careful not to go too fast for there 
are pits and spikes making anyone ground-bound in danger.  After a long trek you will 
see a door at right.  Go in; grab the STONE power from one of the resident Rockys, and 
coast down the hill in invincible form.  When you can go no further, change back to 
Kirby and fly through the lava room below.  Then enter the door.  This area is icy.  
Move right past the Chillys and go down the ladder.  Ride the Coasters until you come to 
a ladder.  Climb it and hop in the Warp Star.  When you land, you will be in an outdoors 
area.  Move right until you come to a Bugzzy.  Defeat it and go through the Boss Door to 
end the level.

Level Four

	Go right, being careful to avoid the Star Fire attack of the Burnin' Leos 
scattered about.  When you come to a Platform, press down to collect some goodies.  Jump 
back up, swim through the waterfall, jump over the hill, and enter the door.  Fly up as 
far as you can and enter the door.  As soon as you appear in the room you'll be attacked 
by a Birdon.  Destroy it quickly and move right.  Keep jumping up the platforms and 
destroying the Bomb Blocks until one Bomb Block uncovers a door.  Go through and 
continue right to the next door.  Go right, being careful not to touch the Bomb Blocks, 
until you have to jump up and go left.  Up right, up left, and so on.  Do this until you 
finally come to a door.  Enter it to find yourself in another left, right room full of 
Flying Bunnies.  Just avoid them if you don't want to deal with them.  Eventually you 
will come to a door.  Enter it to find a Maxim Tomato and a Rocky just in case you have 
no power.  Now you'll have to fight (with food in between) Frosty, Bonkers, and two 
Poppy Bros., in that order.  After the Bros. is the Boss Door.

Level Five

	There are no enemies.  Go to the top of the hill you're on and enter the door.  
Choose the SWORD power with a Blade Knight helper and use the Warp Star.  Beat Dyna 
Blade at the top for another mini-ending sequence.

iv. Gourmet Race

	In Gourmet Race, you race with King Dedede to win the races and the most food.  
So, all you have to do is to get at least one more food item and win two races.


* Run and try not to fly.  This way you can usually stay a step ahead of Dedede.  
* If you see a ladder, climb it.  Dedede must float himself up, so Kirby can win easily.
* In Level 3, get the WING or JET power to be master of the skies or the WHEEL power to 
go fastest on the ground.  Either way, you *SHOULD* take a power.
* Take shortcuts.  They work.
* In Level 1, let Dedede bash the blocks.  While he's still regaining his speed, you can 
be to the goal and back.
Well, that's all I know for Gourmet Race!  Have fun!

v. The Great Cave Offensive
NOTE: I will not tell you how to get all the treasures.  This walkthru is simply so you 

	While on a picnic, Kirby fell into a huge cave.  Rumor has it that this cave is 
full of treasures.  Can Kirby find all the treasures and make it out of the cave alive?  
We shall see.

Doing a spot of spelunking, eh, Kirby?  Anyway, I'm just giving you the way out, not how 
to get every treasure (in fact, I'm giving you the locations of ZERO treasures!  YAY!) .

	Okay, welcome to the Great Cave Offensive!  If you find any treasures along the 
way, press up to get them while you're standing in front of the treasure.  Now, here's 
the walkthru. . .When you first land, go right.  Enter the door.  As you come through a 
Knuckle Joe walks toward you.  Inhale him for FIGHTER.  Climb up on the platform and 
destroy the enemies.  When you come to a ladder, climb down and go right.  Destroy all 
but the middle Bomb Block if you want the Whip.  Go right, drop down the hole, and enter 
the door.  A Birdon flaps over.  Punch it into oblivion and continue right.  You'll see 
another Birdon, along with some Flying Bunnies.  Climb down the ladder and head right, 
destroying the Birdon as it comes.  Drop down into the water and swim to the right.  
Enter the door to go into a lava area.  Run across the weak blocks, careful not to 
destroy the middle one if you want the treasure.  Head upwards, kill the Winged Boppy, 
and keep pressing right.  When you see a ladder, climb it.  You'll see a "starry" door.  
Enter it for a Maxim Tomato and a save point.  Exit the room and keep going right.  
Climb the next ladder, jump to the next platform, and enter the door.  Through it is a 
fight with Bonkers.  Beat him and keep going.  Climb up the ladder, and the next one.  
Walk right a bit and climb down halfway.  Jump off, create a helper, and inhale the 
Plasma Wisp.  Go right, climb up, then go left again and climb up.  Head right into the 
door.  Go right across the platform, watching out for Spinning Color Wheels.  Eventually 
you'll come to a door.  Enter.  This room contains a Maxim Tomato and 3 transform 
symbols.  If you like what you have, keep it, but otherwise transform.  Through this 
door is Fatty Whale.  Beat him and ride the trolley to the end.  Go through the door.  
Drop down through the platform, into the water.  Enter the door.  Drop down through the 
platform for a save point, and again for a 3-way split.  Go into the far-right door.  At 
the top of the hill is a Poppy Bro. Cutter.  Kill him and keep going right.  Climb up 
the second ladder (it's right before a flower candy) and keep going right.  Climb up 
another ladder and just go right.  Eventually there will be a U-shaped pit.  Right below 
the first drop-down is a Maxim Tomato.  If you need it, grab it.  Otherwise fly up the 
other side of the U.  Go into the door on your right.  This is another boss room.  Grab 
the tomato and a power if you want.  Through the next door is an RPG battle.  Fight it 
and continue to the right.  Through this door is a trolley room.  Ride it to the end.  
Enter the door and you'll materialize high above a castle.  When you hit the ground, 
going to the far right will bring you to a save point.  Then go through the door to the 
far left.  Another trolley ride will take you to a door you should enter.  Go left, but 
don't hit the switch unless you want a treasure (and a bushel of enemies down your 
throat).  Continue to the far left and enter the door.  Drop down through the platforms.  
As far as I know, there's no way to get that treasure, so just skip it.  Drop down to 
the bottom and enter the door.  Here is another save point, but where you want to go is 
the middle door.  Go all the way right, until you drop down.  Enter this door.  This 
area is tricky.  You have to drop down the platforms, avoiding the springs.  Enter the 
door at the bottom for a rest spot.  You're about to fight Wham Bam Rock.  When you beat 
him, head left.  Through the door is a trolley path.  Ride it.  Go through the door at 
the end and ride the elevators up.  Fly up this shaft and jump into the Warp Star on 
your left.  Congratulations!  You've completed the Great Cave Offensive!

VI. The Harder Levels

i. Revenge of Meta Knight

Level One

	Move the beginning text along by pressing B.  When you get control of Kirby, go to 
the right.  Swallow a Gim for the YOYO power, then open the gate by pressing the switch 
and enter the door.  Move down the ladders, beating up the Halberd's crew as you go.  Go 
down the elevator, but beware of the Halberd guard at the bottom.  Enter the door, and 
concentrate on dodging Heavy Lobster while the Halberd prepares to take off.  When it 
does, you'll be blown away, and land in another area.

Level Two

	Go right, avoiding the Birdons and other enemies.  Watch out for jumping fish.  
When you reach the three Anemones on platforms, dive into the water and go below the 
wall.  Pause a moment to let the Birdon drop into the water, then fly up and resume your 
eastward movement.  When you see the Poppy Bro. Jr., get ready for a battle.  When you 
move to confront it, Smasher appears.  Quickly dispatch Jr., then move a safe distance 
away from Smasher and berate him with your YOYO.  Inhale him for FIGHTER if you want, 
but it might be a better idea to keep your YOYO.  Continue moving right and enter the 
door.  Run up the hill, killing Flying Bunnies as you go, until you come to the water.  
Swim through it until you see the point where you should get out.  Wait a moment and a 
Bomb will drop into the water and harmlessly disappear.  Get out of the water and drop 
down the little pit for a Maxim Tomato.  Destroy the Bomb Block below you and continue 
swimming, careful not to hit the Spikes.  A little to the right is a point where you can 
get a Hot Dog.  Take it and go right.  Enter the door.  This area is probably the 
second-hardest place in Revenge of Meta Knight.  Move quickly right, Water Gunning 
enemies, until you come to a ladder.  Climb up it, staying just in sight on the leading 
edge of the screen.  Careful not to be hit, jump out and destroy the enemies, then the 
Bomb Blocks.  Watch out for the tough Rockys.  If you've managed to stay ahead of the 
rapidly scrolling screen, you'll see a door.  Enter it.  Here you have a choice of 
powers.  If you've managed to keep YOYO, stick with it.  Otherwise use PARASOL.  Once 
you're ready (drop below the platform for a Maxim Tomato), enter the door to fight 
Whispy Woods and then Twin Woods.  They should be easy for you at this point, and once 
they're gone, watch the little animated sequence.

Level Three

	Go left, killing the Chickies and Hennies before they see you with the long-range 
YOYO.  If you happened to die while fighting the Woods triplets, there is a Knuckle Joe 
here as well as Mike.  Enter the door on your left, and immediately after the scene 
changes move right and kill the TAC.  There are lots of these in this area.  Move up the 
tree, destroying Bomb Blocks and Mushrooms, until you come to a door.  Go in.  When you 
step on the switch, a cannon falls to your right and a Maxim Tomato to your left.  
Quickly grab the tomato and scram.  Continue moving upwards and enter the door at the 
top.  Above you are the powers ICE and CUTTER.  Choose one if you like, because you're 
about to fight two Bonkers mini-bosses.  Concentrate on one at a time to kill them 
faster.  When they're gone, continue left.  Destroy the bombs until you have a choice of 
two paths.  Take the left one for a WHEEL transform symbol and some food.  Enter the 
door and move through this area.  At this point you may want to create a Gim helper and 
inhale the Blade Knight ahead.  Anyway, keep going until you see a Bomb Block.  DO NOT 
DESTROY IT.  It will fill the area with lava squares, which is not healthy for you or 
(especially) your helper.  Move up the ramps, cautious of Flying Bunnies.  On the third 
floor, about halfway across is a TAC.  Keep going upwards until you come to a door.  Go 
in and jump immediately, for directly ahead for you is a Burnin' Leo which would like to 
shoot a fireball that will knock your power out.  When you're appraised of the danger, 
create a Gim helper and inhale Leo.  Go up the ladder, light the end of the right 
cannon's fuse, and hop in.

Level Four

	Here you may want to throw away FIRE and regain YOYO.  I recommend it.  Go right, 
conscious of the Sir Kibbles and Spikes.  Run quickly across the Weak Blocks.  Ride the 
first coaster, but be careful to avoid the second.  Continue right and enter the door.  
Here two Halberd Crew members will materialize.  They're pushovers with the YOYO---just 
hold up and hit Y.  Careful of their attacks, though.  After beating move a little more 
to the right for two more Crew members.  After you beat them, go right and enter the 
door.  If you died while fighting the Halberd Crew, there is a Poppy Bro. Cutter here.  
Hold Up while on the elevator to avoid the cannon to your right and confront the Plasma 
Wisp next to you.  You can either create a Sir Kibble helper and get PLASMA, or stick 
with CUTTER.  I recommend the former course of action.  As you exit the second elevator, 
a Plasma Wisp will materialize.  Kill it and the Poppy Cousin to its left.  Go left and 
enter Elevator No. 3.  When it gets to the top, quickly destroy the Bomb Block to 
disable the cannons.  Enter the door and beware of the Bio Spark to your right.  Kill it 
with a Wave Cannon shot and continue right to meet a Butterfingers and Poppy Bro. Sr. - 
together!  Show them some static strikes and they'll realize it isn't nice to pick on 
things smaller than you.  Keep going right and you'll see another Bio Spark, a Star 
Thrower, and a Gim.  Kill them all and enter the door.  Grab YOYO and have your helper 
follow.  Grab the Maxim Tomato below you and then enter the door to your right to fight 
the Halberd's Twin Cannon.  Beat it and continue to Level Five.

Level Five

	Move right, watching out for Capsule J's and Laser Sentries.  Jump into the Warp 
Star on your right.  Go down, destroying Bomb Blocks and climbing down ladders, until 
you come to the bottom.  When you do, move right until you come to a row of blocks with 
a Bomb Block in the center.  Destroy it to make the wall vanish, collect the Maxim 
Tomato, then continue right to fight Frosty the walrus.  Kill him and continue walking.  
You'll see a Warp Star.  Jump in.

Level Six

	When the explosions stop, press Up in front of the hole they have created.  Crawl 
through the duct until you come to an elevator.  Ride it up.  Kill the Sir Kibble, move 
to the gate, and press the switch using your power.  Go through and ride the elevator 
up.  Move left and enter the door.  Here is a rest point.  Coming up is a chase by Heavy 
Lobster.  I can't walk you through it, but I can suggest you keep YOYO if you have it.  
Otherwise use SWORD.  When the chase is over, Heavy Lobster will jump up to the left 
side of the platform.  Be somewhere else.  Cook the Lobster to complete Level Six.

Level Seven

	Jump and free-fall.  When you see a door, fly over to the platform and enter it.  
After reading the crew's complaints, begin to destroy Bomb Blocks and keep going left 
until you see a door.  Go in.  This is a mazelike area where you must open gates with 
switches.  If you still have YOYO, use that.  Otherwise I guess WING is okay.  After 
you're through the maze, walk to the elevator and go down.  You'll stop, but hopefully 
you managed to avoid the Mobile Cannon's shots.  Now that you know where it is, go up 
and kill it.  Go right, enter the other elevator, and go down.  If you like you can go 
left and get food at the first stop.  Otherwise keep going down and flick the switch, 
first killing the M. Cannon.  Go to the 2nd to last stop for a YOYO transform symbol and 
a 1-up.  Grab them and continue down and right.  Kill the 4 Mobile Cannons, and use your 
YOYO to destroy the walls and come upon a crew member's stash of hidden tomatoes.  Eat 
up and exit the way you came.  Enter the door on your right, grab the Maxim Tomato, and 
enter the next door to fight the Halberd's Reactor.  Beat it to end Level Seven.

Level Eight

	Move right, staying ahead of the scrolling screen.  Grab YOYO if you don't have it 
already.  Enter the door at the end of the scrolling section, grab the Maxim Tomato, and 
ride up the elevator.  At the top, move right to fight about 8 of the Halberd's Crew 
(don't worry, they only appear 3 at a time).  Beat them and continue.  Go right and 
enter the door.  Don't bother taking a power unless you want a helper, because you must 
fight Meta Knight with SWORD.  Beat him and wait until you have control of Kirby and his 
Wheelie.  Zoom through the level, ignoring Meta Knight.  Ride off the final rise and 
watch the Mega Man X-esque ending.

ii. Milky Way Wishes

A. Walkthru

a. Floria

When you start, go up the ladder continuously until it's wintertime.  Then go to the far 
left and enter the door.  ICE will be waiting for you.  When you have it, exit and 
change the season to autumn.  Then jump over the cut tree and continue right.  When you 
come to a lake, enter the door to make it winter.  Break the ice to uncover the door.  
When you enter, you'll find FIGHTER.  Exit and keep going right.  Go over the snow-
covered tree and change the season to summer.  Enter the door in the tree for CUTTER.  
Exit and go as far right as you can.  Then make it autumn.  Go over the cut tree and 
enter the door to fight the boss, Twin Woods.

b. Aqualiss

Enter the door when you start.  Go right until you come to some Bomb Blocks.  Break them 
and drop into the drink.  Go right and break the Bomb Block.  Keep going right until you 
can go no farther.  Then fly up and walk.  Drop back down into the water and destroy the 
Bomb Block you couldn't get before.  It will create a door above it, which contains 
PARASOL.  Grab it, exit, and continue to the right.  Eventually you come to a cannon.  
Don't worry about it now; there's no way for you to light the fuse.  Just keep going.  
Enter the door on the right to go into a strange water-with-air-bubbles area.  Swim 
through it, eventually coming to the upper-right corner.  Kill the Broom Sweeper and 
Knuckle Joe.  Then continue right and drop back into the water.  Get out and continue 
right on land.  Then step back into the water and go to the door at the top of the room.  
When you reappear, swim down until you can see a door to the right of a Halberd Crew 
member.  Avoid the Crew and enter the door.  Go through this room until you come to the 
end.  Beat Butterfingers for SWORD.  Then exit the way you came, drop off the platform 
on the right side, and go into the lower-right corner of the Halberd Crew room to find 
the door.  Through it is a water maze.  Go down, right, down, right, and up for the BEAM 
power.  Go down, right, down, right, down, right, right, right, down, right, and up to 
find a purple platform.  Go to the end to find the boss door.  The boss of Aqualiss is 
Fatty Whale.

c. Skyhigh

Go through the door next to which you start.  Go right until you see a lone Star Block 
above you, walled in by solid blocks.  Break it and fly up the shaft for JET.  Continue 
right to a cannon fuse.  Light it with JET and hop in.  At the top you'll find WHEEL.  
Exit and continue right.  You'll now be in a room with three exits.  Go around and 
around the maze until you find WING, and then the boss door.  Equip yourself with 
FIGHTER, grab the lollipop, and go in.  The invincibility will last just long enough for 
you to kill Kracko, the boss.

d. Hotbeat

This place is a lava-filled mess.  Go right from the entrance, then left.  Blow up the 
Bomb Block and go up to where the lollipop is.  Grab it and fly THROUGH the lava and 
enter the door.  Jump up to find FIRE.  Go to the right of where the lollipop was and 
enter the door.  Jump in the mine cart and keep jumping in mine carts until you notice 
weak blocks above you.  Break them and enter the door.  Beat Buggzy for SUPLEX.  Exit, 
hop in a mine cart, and go right.  When your cart stops, you've reached the door.  Enter 
and work your way to the right.  You'll come to a cannon maze.  You want to go to the 
right, so when you can control the direction, choose right.  You'll come to the boss 
door, where you'll fight Chameleo Arm.

e. Cavios

Enter the door you in front of which you start.  Watch out for Bio Sparks and Gims as 
you try to beat all the mini-bosses here.  Eventually, you should find BOMB and HAMMER.  
After getting HAMMER, head right and climb down the ladder.  Go left and beat Buggzy to 
create a door.  Go through and hit the Bomb Block at the top of the room.  Then flick 
the switch and make your way through the gate it opens.  Go through the door and grab 
STONE.  Exit and go right and down.  Go into the boss door and fight Wham Bam Rock.

f. Mecheye

Enter the door next to you and head right.  Enter the cannon and blast to your right.  
Catch yourself so you don't fall down the pit and continue right.  Break the Bomb Block, 
get the stuff, and enter the door.  Go right and crawl through this area.  Enter the 
door and go all the way down for YOYO.  Use the wind chute on your left to go back up.  
Exit and continue right.  In the next mazelike area, use YOYO to flick the switches and 
make it through.  Enter the door at the end and continue right.  Use the elevator and go 
to each floor successively, beating mini-bosses.  When the boss door appears, go up one 
more flight and go left.  Beat the mini-boss for PLASMA.  Go to the right side, kill the 
Plasma Wisps, and press right so you can see the Bomb Block.  Use a Plasma Laser to hit 
it and allow entry.  After looting this room, enter the boss door.  Heavy Lobster is the 
boss here.

g. Halfmoon

When you start, head into the door.  Go with the wind to the right until you see a Warp 
Star.  Break it loose and ride it to the next door.  Enter this trolley room and ride 
until you see a lone Star Block below you.  Break it and enter the door below it for 
MIRROR.  Exit and keep going right.  Enter the door here.  Jump on the Warp Star and 
ride through this area.  Beat Cook Kawasaki and Smasher to make a door appear.  Enter 
the door.  You'll be in a wind room.  Puff yourself up and fly up until you see a Bomb 
Block.  Break it and enter the door for NINJA.  Exit and continue to fly to the top.  
Enter the door there.  To beat Halfmoon, you'll need to fight an RPG Battle.

h. TACStar

No pun on StarTac intended.  This small planet is located between Cavios and Skyhigh.  
It looks like a small green star.  This is a linear area at the end of which you'll find 
COPY.  Good luck!

i. Nova

In this level, you'll fly a star chariot.  Use any button to fire a quick burst of 
stars.  Move right, avoiding floors, ceilings, and walls.  To check if something is a 
wall, shoot it.

B. Locations of All Powers

|   Power Name   |   Planet   |
|  Beam          |  Aqualiss  |
|  Bomb          |  Cavios    |
|  Copy          |  TACStar   |
|  Cutter        |  Floria    |
|  Fighter       |  Floria    |
|  Fire          |  Hotbeat   |
|  Hammer        |  Cavios    |
|  Ice           |  Floria    |
|  Jet           |  Skyhigh   |
|  Mirror        |  Halfmoon  |
|  Ninja         |  Halfmoon  |
|  Parasol       |  Aqualiss  |
|  Plasma        |  Mecheye   |
|  Stone         |  Cavios    |
|  Suplex        |  Hotbeat   |
|  Sword         |  Aqualiss  |
|  Wheel         |  Skyhigh   |
|  Wing          |  Skyhigh   |
|  Yoyo          |  Mecheye   |

Beam - In water current maze on Aqualiss
Bomb - Beat Poppy Bro. Sr. in Cavios
Copy - At end of TACStar
Cutter - In summertime tree on Floria
Fighter - At winter bottom of lake on Floria
Fire - Use lollipop to go through lava on Hotbeat
Hammer - Beat Bonkers on Cavios
Ice - Far left on Floria during wintertime
Jet - Break Star Block and enter door on Skyhigh
Mirror - Break Star Block and enter door on Halfmoon
Ninja - Enter door in wind room on Halfmoon
Parasol - Blow up Bomb Block on Aqualiss
Plasma - Go to top of elevator shaft on Mecheye
Stone - Enter door behind gate on Cavios
Suplex - Break weak blocks on Hotbeat
Sword - Enter door on Aqualiss
Wheel - Blast out of cannon on Skyhigh
Wing - In door maze on Skyhigh
Yoyo - Through door on Mecheye

iii. The Arena

	This place is really tough.  You must fight 20 battles in succession, with only 5 
Maxim Tomatoes to heal you in between.  My only tips are:

* Pick a power you LIKE.  You work best with your own favorites.
* Look at the "Next" square to see if you need to heal or not.  Generally, even if your 
next enemy is only the Halberd Reactor, you should heal if you have 1/4 life or less.
* Don't use a weapon that you know you will probably have to change.  It's better to 
stick with one, because you gain experience with it.
* Don't use BEAM!
* Don't bother with helpers.  They're pretty much useless.  I guarantee you they die in 
the first battle, if it isn't against Waddle Dee.
* FIGHTER works quite well.

That's all I have to say.  Good luck!

VIII. The Minigames

i. Megaton Punch

The Megaton Punch is a pretty simple concept.  You must try to make a crack in Dream 
Land that is deeper than your opponent's.  Your opponents are Waddle Dee, Knuckle Joe, 
and Smasher, in that order.  Your "Mt. Count," that is, "Megaton Count," must be higher 
than theirs is.  A perfect score is 201 Mt.  I suppose that would split Dream Land in 
half.  I don't know, because I can't do it.  But I digress.  To make a crack, you must 
time 3 presses of the A button.  The first one is power.  You must try to stop the power 
bar at the top.  The second is accuracy.  Two crosshairs circle each other.  You have to 
try to stop them when they overlap perfectly.  The third is timing.  A small pendulum 
swings back and forth, going through a circle at the middle of its arc.  You need to 
stop it in the center of that circle.  This isn't easy, so I have a few tips.

* Wait until your opponent is done before you start.  It can severely impair your effort 
to crack Dream Land in half if your opponent distracts you.
* Don't try to upstage your opponent.  Just do your best.
* Press the A button GENTLY.  It will only make your timing worse if you jam your finger 
into it.

ii. Samurai Kirby

In this unique minigame, you must try to be faster than your opponent in a test of speed 
and skill.  You and your opponent face off.  When you see one, two, or three exclamation 
points, you must press A as fast as you can (not repeatedly, just once).  If you're fast 
enough, you'll win.  If you jump the gun, it won't count.  Two misfires will cause you 
to lose.  Look at the road sign to see the winner's speed (in hundredths of seconds).  
This is harder than Megaton Punch (at least for me), so I have some pointers.

* As in Megaton Punch, your A button really doesn't like getting body slammed into the 
* Do this somewhere quiet.
* It may help you to close your eyes and listen for the sound the signal makes.
* Rest your finger on the A button so that it is being slightly depressed.  This will 
help you to press it faster, because milliseconds count.

IX. Credits

i. Thanks

I'd like to say thanks to a bunch of people.

My mom - She rented me the game.

Myself - I spent hours writing this thing!

Carson Lee - I got the table design from his Chrono Trigger guide.

My Computer - I couldn't have done it without you!

Nintendo - Thanks for licensing a great game!

Halken - Thanks for making a great game!

Nintendo Power - They got me out of the Great Cave Offensive.

Kirby - He's the star!

Kewlio (kewlio-origin@yahoo.com) - He told me about the 201 mt.-perfect-score thing, 
along with other info.

Meowith311 (meowith311@aol.com) - Name corrections.

Kabutops50 (kabutops50@aol.com) - Name corrections.

ii. Copyright Legal Stuff

This guide is (C) Copyright 1998-2000 PokeMastr5.  You may not, under any circumstances, 
distribute this guide in any other form than the original, and may not, under any 
circumstances, acquire money from its distribution.  If you distribute this guide, you 
must notify and give credit to the author, or risk prosecution.

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