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Boss Guide by virgilkx

Updated: 05/15/1999

From: VirgilKX@aol.com
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 14:28:35 EDT

Kirby's Super Star
Boss strategies

Hello, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this enemy 
listing.  In this, I will tell you all of the bosses in the game, plus give 
out tips to beat them.

This is helpful if you have trouble with a certain boss, or maybe you have 
trouble at the Arena.  You could also read this if you are curious of an 
enemy's attacks.  Whatever the reason may be, it is here for your sight.

Besides the bosses, I'll include all of the mini-bosses in the game.  Why 
would I include all of the bosses in the guide?  Personally, I love putting 
down all of this information, and its fun for me, too.  Enough of the 
foreward, on with the listings!


Bomber-man--Not the bomber-man from the 2-D bombing fun games, but the 
two-legged-hopping smiling henchman.  He attacks with bombs, not a big 
suprise, by hurling them at you.  You can take him out easily with most any 
special power, but if you lack that, just inhale the bombs he throws, and 
exhale them back at him.  Doesn't have alot of energy, so he'll go down 
quickly.  You might want to watch his additional charging attack, combined 
with a jumping across the screen attack, but block when he does that, and 
you'll be fine.

Low HP attack(s):  When his energy gets low, he hurls 3 bombs across the 
screen instead of the normal one.  In addition, he moves a bit quicker.

Frost-Bear--He is a keeper of the cold, and likes to hurl ice blocks by 
creating them himself, and kicking them at you.  He hops around the screen, 
waving off any air attack, and by doing so, he can land on top of you.  In 
addition, he walks at a steady speed across the screen, then darts when he 
reaches the end, hoping to hit you.  If you know this is coming, fly up into 
the air.  When he puts his face away from the screen, he's creating an ice 
block.  Get some free shots in with a special attack, or inhale the block he 
attempts to kick at you.  While doing his walk across the screen, he can pick 
you up and eat you.  This doesn't kill you, but it causes a good amount of 
damage.  Not overwhelmingly tough, but don't be too cocky, either.  Know his 
attacks, and you'll do fine.

Low HP attack(s):  He does his attacks more quickly in succesion.

Mini-Kracko--Miniature version of the Kracko you fight as a boss, you only 
see this guy once, and that's in Spring Break adventure, in the third level.  
He has a predictable attack in which he charges across the screen.  Just 
block.  He also drops Waddle Doos, cyclops minions who shoot beams.  Inhale 
them to get the beam attack, which works good on this mini-boss.  There's 
also an attack he drops 3 bombs across the screen.  When he heads to the left 
screen, he's probably going to do that.  Block to avoid.  Use the beam 
ability, or inhale the bombs he drops on you.  Not very tough, but when you 
beat him, he'll be back later in the stage.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

The chef--Not the chef from South Park, but a cook who tries to cook YOU!  He 
only has two attacks, but they can be deadly.  One is where he unleashes his 
frying pan on you, and proceeds to cook you, that is if you catches you.  
This takes off close to half, or more, of you energy, and should be avoided.  
Whenever you seem him reel back with his pan, fly out of the way.  If he 
wields a plate, he's going to chuck them at you.  Normally you should inhale 
that at exhale it back at him, but sometimes he chucks about 10 of them 
repeatly, meaning if you go to inhale one, you'll get hit by the others.  
Basically, have a special power on hand, or inhale the plates cautiously.  
Not too tough, considering he has a small energy meter.  He can also leap 
into the air, so watch flying over him.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Hammer Ape--Wields a hammer, and likes to chuck coconut bombs, to boot.  Has 
a variety of moves.  One is where he charges at you and slams his hammer 
down.  You can prepare for this by watching his movement.  When he steps a 
bit backwards, he is going to charge you.  Get out of the way by flying into 
the air, or wait until he reaches you and step backward to inhale the star 
that produces because of the shock.  He also jumps up and down to wave off 
any aerial attack, so stick to ground assaults.  Whenever he leaps back and 
sticks his hand in his pocket, he's going to chuck coconut bombs at you.  
Sometimes he chucks one, other times he chucks 3.  Inhale one of them, or use 
a special power.  Has a good amount of energy, and if you're not careful, he 
can take you down.  If you are, he's not too tough.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Lady Boxer--She has a bow in her hair, she's short, and comes with blue 
spiked armor.  She's pretty tough.  One attack she does is where she swinges 
her fist at you, and it can reach almost half the screen.  By the way, this 
can hit you in the air, so watch flying in the air.  Also, she can jump into 
the air, so again, watch flying in the air.  She also produces shockwaves on 
the ground by pounding the ground, so inhale the stars that come out of it.  
She may also do this while moving across the screen, so be on the look-out.  
She can move fast across the screen, so be ready to block.  Special powers 
are good, but make sure they are long range ones.  She has a suficient life 
bar, so she isn't a push-over.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Karate man--One tough cookie.  Probably the toughest of all mini-bosses.  He 
attacks with suplex moves, reaching out in the same manner as the Lady Boxer 
does, and if he catches you, he will slam you.  He also moves swiftly across 
the screen, so watch out for it.  Also, he can jump in all directions, and he 
can do it quite fast, making this a tough fight.  He can also shoot up to 
three fireballs, but this is avoidable.  You can also use the mirror to 
reflect them, or you can just inhale them.  Get used to getting hit by this 
guy.  Have a long range weapon on hand, or prepare to get bruised easily.

Low HP attack(s): Speeds up and follows you across the screen, dishes out 
attacks faster.

Bugzy--A large beetle who does suplex moves.  About as tough as the karate 
man, except for the fact you can avoid this guy's attacks more easily.  When 
it starts glowing, fly up out of the way, because it's gonna slam you to the 
ground.  It'll also fly up in the air and try to land on you.  Move away from 
him, and keep moving to avoid getting hit.  Hit him with long range specials, 
but if you lack that, or any other special, for that matter, inhale the two 
bugs he summons up.  He does this after launching two of his attacks, EX: 
flying in the air, followed by charging.  Not especially tough.

Low HP attack(s): Moves a bit faster.


Wispy Woods--This shouldn't be considered a boss, because its so easy to 
beat!  You can beat him easily with any special you possess, but should you 
lack that, inhale the apples that fall from his leaves.  Just stay to the 
right, edging right into him, and hack away.  You may have to watch out for 
the occasional spike ball dropping down, but it can be avoided.  Staying 
close to him is needed for another reason, and that's when he starts shooting 
air blasts at you.  Just bring a special with you, and this fight will be 
over in a matter of seconds.

Low HP attack(s): Yeah right.

LoLoLo and LaLaLa--This fight can be tough if you rush around, but actually, 
they are easy to beat.  Bring a long range weapon, but if you have a weapon 
like a sword, use it only when you are hitting them in the back.  In fact, 
hit them ONLY when their back is facing you.  There are two of them, so take 
your time to hit them, and you'll do fine.  Stay near the middle, and watch 
for what level they are coming on, and from what direction.  Don't be hasty, 
wait for you chance to attack.  Lacking a special power, inhale the jewel 
boxes they carry, but be careful doing it.  Inhale it, shoot it, or get out 
of the way.  Bring a special for maximum safety, though.

Low HP attack(s): Dunno if you could call it a "Low HP attack", but, when the 
life bar is brought to half, (considering you only attacked one and only one) 
then the one you attacked will be removed from battle.

Kracko--Remember the mini-kracko you fought?  Well, its back, and in a meaner 
form.  This can be a tough battle if you have short range specials.  Take a 
long range weapon, but if you don't have that, use short range specials with 
care.  Lacking specials, inhale the cyclop monster he drops, and instead of 
spitting it out, turn it into a special, the beam.  It'll help in this fight. 
 Down to his attacks.  When he shakes, he is probably going to fire two beams 
in a 360 rotation.  Get out of the way, because blocking still causes you 
some damage.  He'll also try to fly to one side of the screen, in which case, 
the screen will turn dark.  Block immediately, and you'll be fine.  Also when 
he starts shaking, block immediately, because he might try to do an acid rain 
attack on you.  Take care of when he starts his attacks, and learn his 
patterns.  With any luck, you'll beat him.

Low HP attack(s): Shakes even faster, and can wave across the screen, instead 
of just moving slowly.  Hard to avoid, so just block.  Does attacks faster.

King DeDeDe--This is the main boss of Spring Break, and the main foe in most 
Kirby games.  Has a high resistance to damage, meaning you'll have to take it 
slow in beating him.  Bring long range weapons, as always, and don't get too 
close to him, because he can take you by suprise.  He has a variety of 
attacks.  He can fly up in the air, using your abiltity to fly, and land on 
top of you.  This isn't too hard to avoid, just move away from him.  He can 
also try to inhale you, which is why you'll want to steer clear of close 
encounters.  Another tactic he does to avoid you pummeling him up close, is 
where he can slide into you abrubtly.  Just stay out of his way, and pummel 
him from afar.  Should you lack specials, watch for his hammer attack, which 
is much like the Hammer monkey's attack.  Watch flying in the air while he 
wields his hammer, because he can jump into the air to hit you.  Inhale the 
star that is produced.  He can also duck, and leap into the air, smashing 
into the ground, aiming at you.  Predict where he's going to land and stay to 
the left or right of him, and inhale the star(s) that come out.  Keep up the 
attacks, and you can beat him.  Rush, and you'll have a tough time for your 
beginning rounds of game play.  Use the bomb.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Chameleo Arm--A color shift-shaper chameleon.  Kind of tough since he moves 
around so quick, but he's beatable.  Most specials will do, and if you're 
good, you can bring the hammer or sword here.  He can stick out his tongue to 
eat you, which is the first attack he'll do, then he'll roll across the 
screen and hang onto the ceiling.  Get some good attacks in there, but watch 
flying in the air.  Stand behind him, so that you don't get hit by his claws. 
 Lacking a special, inhale the paint balls he shoots out, and turn them into 
an one-of-a-kind special, the paint attack.  This takes considerable damage 
off any boss, so use it against him for more damage.  Watch any further 
attempts of his to eat you, and watch what he'll do next.  Stay clear of his 
path, and attack once the coast is clear.  You should beat him if you manage 
to avoid his movements.  Once he's done shooting the paint balls, watch out!  
He's gonna morph into the backround!  Use the paint to reveal him, or watch 
the indentation move.  During this, he may turn completely invisible for a 
couple of seconds, so watch his movements beforehand.  Beat him quickly.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Fatty Whale--Has a pipe in his mouth, and is known as the fiercest of all sea 
monsters.  Yeah right.  You can beat him if you have patience.  He does his 
attacks randomly, so pay attention.  Most of the time he'll swim across the 
screen, hoping to hit you.  Don't fly in the air, because he'll launch water 
into the air, and rain down with rocks, and fish.  Hit him with what you can, 
then block until the coast is clear.  Don't go in the middle, but if you do, 
block, because he can unexpectedly poke his head out and hit you.  You'll 
also want to watch out for when he leaps out of the backround.  Block, or 
move out of his direction, because you can get hit when he makes his impact.  
Afterwards, water will shoot up, shooting you into the sky.  You'll land back 
down, but so will numerous rocks.  Block to immediately after landing to 
avoid damage.  If you plan on standing on either sides of the screen, block, 
because he can do one of three attacks. One, he can start jumping across the 
screen.  He'll do this slowly, so it isn't hard to avoid, and you can get 
some attacks in, if you're lucky.  He can also leap across the screen, and in 
two ways.  One is where he does a simple glide, and slowly.  However, the 
other one is where he'll spin constantly.  Both can be avoided if you block.  
And the third one is where he spins alongside the bridge, and this can hit 
you for sure unless you block.  Don't attempt to hit him while he's doing 
this.  Use long range specials here, but if you have short range specials, 
use them with care.  The stone ability is probably the best for this, because 
while using it, you won't sky-rocket into the air, and you'll avoid any 
attack he does.  It'll take longer with this, but its the safest way.  Inhale 
the rocks with special care, if you don't have a special, because you can get 
hit while doing it.  Its best if you are behind him while he moves across the 
screen, then you can inhale one without much difficulty.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

RPG Battle simulator--Round 1--That's right, battle #2 at the Great Cave 
Offensive pits you against 3 bosses who fight you in an RPG style battle.  
Meaning, there is an HP bar, and each opponent takes turns dishing out the 
damage.  Its quite fun, and when you're as a big as an RPG fan as me, you 
appreciate it.  The first two fights are cake-work, and all you have to do is 
block when they attack.  The only attack they have is throwing a star at you. 
 #3, the wizard, is tough IF you don't block.  He uses ice, fire, and chucks 
stars at you.  Block whenever he attacks.  Simple

Round 2--You'll fight this round after the last planet in the Milky Way 
Wishes game.  Starting the battle off is the wizard, and you know how to deal 
with it.  The next fight is the Dark Knight. He has high HP, and a couple of 
good attacks, but blocking is the key here.  He can store energy, which means 
you get a free turn, he can chuck stars at you, or he can chuck sickles at 
you.  The last attack is which he rains down swords.  Again, all can be 
avoided if you BLOCK.  The last fight is a bit of a doozy.  The Red Dragon.  
He shoots fire, which can be blocked, and swings his sickle axe around 
himself.  This can take a bit of your HP off even if you block, so, stay to 
either side to avoid it.  The last attack launches gale force winds at you, 
and hits you with sharp objects.  Use the Mirror to block it back, use the 
full Plasma shield, or just block and take it like a man.  Block as always, 
and with any luck you'll outlast him.  Should you come in any of the battles 
with no specials, wait for one on either side of the screen.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Ancient Stone Slab--The last boss of the Great Cave Offensive, he attacks 
with a lethal stone hand.  He's ticked that you took all of his treasures, 
and he is going to make sure you don't leave alive!  He has an array of 
attacks, one is where he'll slam down his fist on you.  This is the most 
common attack, and it can be avoided if you're on your toes.  You should 
attack while he does this attack, but carefully.  And, whenever his fist goes 
to either side of the screen, IMMEDIATELY head to the opposite side!  If you 
don't, you'll get whacked!  Whenever you see his hand in the air, and float 
around, block, because he'll drop his finger stones on you.  Also be on the 
lookout for when his hand is in the air, because he'll drop it on you, and 
scoop you up.  This takes good damage off you.  To get out of his grasp, 
press all buttons repeatedly.  After he does that attack, watch out for his 
fist on either side, because he'll do that attack next.  After a couple of 
attacks, he'll drop his fist three times across the screen.  This is a good 
time to attack, but watch you don't get hit.  If you don't have a special, 
wait for him to drop rocks on your head.  Wait for a bit, and inhale one, 
you'll get the stone ability out of it.  Otherwise, block.  The stone ability 
is an excellent special to use in dodging attakcs, but its tricky to attack 
with.  Good luck.

Low HP attack(s):  Once his energy gets near depletion, he'll move more 
quickly, dishing out attacks faster.  Also, instead of droping his fist on 
you to hit you, he'll open his fist, revealing a palm, and it hits much 
faster.  This is hard to avoid, so the best strategy may be to block.  And 
when his stone fingers drop, they come back up, catching you off guard.  
Block to avoid this embarrasment.

Wispy Wood's Revenge.....X2!--That's right!  In the Milky Way Wishes&Revenge 
of the MetaKnight games, you will be forced to fight Wispy Woods again....not 
too hard, right?  Well, true, but right after you beat him, two more appear 
right below you!  This is a bit tougher battle, due to the tight quarters.  
Watch out for falling spikes, which are extremely hard to avoid, but its 
possible.  Fly through the air, if there is no other way, but watch you don't 
get hit.  They still do their air blowing attacks, which can be damaging, 
because you can be unexpectly hit by either of the Wispy Woods.  And whenever 
they spin, bugs will drop from their limbs, causing good damage, should you 
get hit, and they can't be inhaled.  Make sure you avoid these.  By the way, 
once you destroy one side, that one side becomes irrevalent to the rest of 
the fight, so concentrate your attacks on one of them.  Be on the look-out 
for a new attack, also, in the form of a tag-team effort.  They will exchange 
parts of their bark between the battle-field you play on, but if you block, 
this is avoidable.  End this fast, and you'll have no problem in winning.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Dyna Blade--This is the bird that's been causing all the problems with the 
food, after King Dedede has been de-throned.  She is fairly tough, being 
because she's a main boss, but with the right special, and strategy, you'll 
beat her.  Right before fighting here, pick up the beam or yoyo ability, from 
one of the two secret special areas.  She'll first fly around and try to land 
where you are, but this is easy to avoid.  From there, she might swing her 
beak at you, you'll know because she'll retract it, then send it flying.  
Block if this happens.  Or she might launch fireballs at you.  Again, she'll 
move her beak around, then fire them at you.  Block to avoid this. You'll 
still take a little damage, but its considerably less then the full effect.  
Watch for when she flies low in the sky, and swoops across the screen.  When 
this happens, go to one of the edges of the screen, and duck.  Do not stay on 
the ground, or fly in the air, because she'll pick you up and damage you!  
Head to one of the edges IMMEDIATELY.  And when she flies into the sky, watch 
for when she lands.  Block to avoid this.  In fact, keep blocking until she 
lands slowly, because that means you can attack again.  If you attack when 
you can, you'll win the fight against Dyna Blade, but was she the true enemy? 
 No.  You will find a more sinister force after you beat Dyna 

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Heavy Lobster#1--This metal lobster is the first boss you fight on the 
Halberd, but the fight is short.  Give whatever damage you want, and don't 
die in the process.  The Lobster will break into pieces after the engine 
ignites, but don't rejoice yet, because you'll have to fight him later on, 
once you get back on the Halberd.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Super Cannon--You'll be forced to stop the Halberd's cannon from frying you 
to death.  This fight can be hard if you don't have the right special.  Pick 
up the bomb ability, and you'll be fine.  Whenever the bottom cannon opens 
up, duck.  The beam will pass over you.  You can destroy the bottom cannon, 
and if you have a short range special, it'll be necessary.  However, you must 
watch out for the mechanical hand which may appear during the battle.  It'll 
either drop bombs on you, or pick you up and slam you.  Later in the battle, 
it'll come when the cannon starts to fire.  Its hard to avoid, because it 
comes pretty fast.  The top cannon is what you have to destroy, and watch out 
for the cannons that fire out.  Don't linger in the air, because you're bound 
to get hit!  Keep up the attacks, and if you feel the need to, destroy the 
bottom cannon.  Once you've done that, don't linger near the top cannon, 
because the hand may come and swoop you up.  Be on the look-out for that, and 
you'll be ok.

Low HP attack(s): The hand starts moving faster, and it gets harder to react 
to its speed.  Becareful.

Heavy Lobster#2--After you destroy a good amount of the Halberd, the crew 
will launch a plan to get the Heavy Lobster to destroy you by trying to crush 
you.  The first phase is easy.  Just destroy the blocks as you go, and make 
it to the end.  Fly up to the top, and block, so that when the Lobster leaps 
up, it doesn't hit you, too.  Now you must fight it to the death.  He'll 
constantly jump and glide across the screen, so be prepared to block it.  
Basically, the main moves he does are, gliding across the screen, jumping, 
and walking, which is the best time to attack him.  When he stops, and 
shakes, he is going to launch one of three attacks: Droping off a small 
orange slime ball, which you can easily avoid.  The second attack may be 
where he flies a small metallic lobster at you, which can catch you 
unexpectadly, but still can be avoided.  The third attack is where he may 
launch fire at you, which catches you unexpectedly if you don't block.  
Block, and you'll be okay.  Fire away with any weapon you feel comfortable 
with, a long or short range weapon, but watch his movements.  Remember the 
golden rule of blocking, and you'll be fine.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

Main Core of the Halberd--This is actually very easy, but knowing how to 
defeat it is the trick.  You'll have to destroy the Halberd's core, to stop 
the power source, and destroy the Halberd.  There is a small cannon below it 
that shoots flame when it glows and shakes, and it can take off a good amount 
of damage.  Stand above the cannon to avoid this all together.  Then you must 
be careful with the flame shooters that appear below the ground you stand on, 
which track your movement, and fix on it, then shoots flame.  Block to avoid 
this.  Then, once the blue laser cannon from above comes down, stand by the 
core and get out of the way when it shoots.  It'll (hopefully) hit the core, 
causing it to take damage.  Repeat this process until the core is over, and 
you'll destroy it!  Be careful if you have a helper, because it'll mess up 
the laser cannon's sight, and may cause it to miss.

Low HP attack(s): N/A.

MetaKnight--Toughest boss so far, and rightfully so!  He commanded the army 
of the Halberd, and he's ticked you ruined his plans here, and with Dyna 
Blade!  He fights you with a sword, (you may remember him from Kirby's 
Adventure) and beckons you to take the sword to fight him!  If you have the 
wizard power, or plasma power, don't take the sword, and wait for it to 
disseapear.  If you have to use the sword, block when necessary, and try to 
keep him at either edge, to avoid the tornado attack.  Whenever he flies into 
the air, block!!!  In fact, create a helper to help dish out the damage.  He 
is major tough, but with some practice, you'll beat him, and escape the 
Halberd!  Well, you don't escape just yet.  You must ride your way out of the 
place, which is quite fun.  Escape, and you win the game!!

Low HP attack(s): Goes much faster and is harder to avoid his attacks.

Fight through the NovaStar--This is a MUCH different fight.  Different than 
all the others.  Once you have gotten all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy 
game, you'll be transported to a StarMobile (after a cut-scene, of course.)  
You must navigate your star-mobile through the mechanical NovaStar, dodging 
gun turrets and other denizens.  Use any button to shoot your way past.  Its 
a bit tough, at first, but you'll get the hang of it.  Get past this area, an 
you'll move to the boss fight.

NovaStar Core--You have to destroy the different sections of the core, this 
time.  Hit the moving turrets, and do it fast.  You don't want to waste too 
much time on this.  But, once you've gotten past a certain number of turrets, 
and destroyed them, you'll be moving in the opposite direction.  Destroy the 
last two on your way back, but watch out for the last one, which will get in 
your way as you try to manuever around it, then try to destroy it.  Destroy 
them all, and you'll have stopped the NovaStar for the time being.

Final Boss, Marx--In order to bring peace to the Dream Land, you must stop 
Marx.  He has a habit of teleporting around the screen, and taunting you at 
the same time.  To start things off, he'll swing 4 axes at you.  Stay away 
from him, and you can avoid this.  Afterwards, he'll fly out of the area, and 
drop seeds from above.  As soon as you see this block.  After they've all 
been planted, you'll be asaulted by spiked vines.  If you block, you'll take 
no damage, though.  After that, if he's glowing and shaking, then move to one 
edge of the screen.  He'll spit out a huge sphere of ice, which'll split into 
two once it reaches your level.  Use your special power, or inhale it, to 
avoid being turned into a block of ice.  If he moves to one side of the 
screen, he's probably going to unleash a barash of arrows.  Block immediately 
to avoid damage.  Also, if he glows and shakes violently, watch out.  Get 
away from him by flying up, or staying low on the ground, but just stay out 
of his radius.  He'll spew out a large white beam which'll hurt for good 
damage.  This can't be blocked, either.  Get used to all of his attacks, and 
you can prevent considerable damage.  Now, you might not have enough health 
to keep whatever special you've taken during the last battle.  And that's 
okay.  Inhale one of the axes he shoots out, and get the Cutter ability.  Its 
a good ability to use in this fight, too.  Get in your hits whenever pauses, 
but be ready at all times to block, or avoid.  Be patient, though, and 
victory will come.

Low HP attack(s):  Once you've taken alot of damage off him, he'll start 
moving MUCH faster.  This means you will have to try harder to avoid his 
attacks, and get in your attacks, as well.  Not only that, he'll pull a fast 
one on you.  Once he moves slowly, and starts shaking, he'll split into two 
sections, and if you happen to be close to him, you'll get sucked into his 
Dimension of Destruction.  When you reapear, you'll be slamed to the ground.  
This takes ALOT of damage off you, so DON'T GET SUCKED IN!!  If you do, its 
hard to stay alive afterwards.  Just don't stay close to him, that's all.

	That's it!!  I hope this boss strategy guide helped.  If it didn't, 
then I hope at least it was informative.  One thing I ask of you, is that you 
ask me if you want to use this.  I take it as a good thing if you want to use 
it, but I wouldn't like it if you just take it without permission.  Just 
e-mail me, and everything will be peachy.  Otherwise......heh...

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