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Guide and Walkthrough by CWall

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/08/2005

             __   ___  __ ________   ______ __    __ _  ______
            |  | /  / |  |_       \ |      \\ \  / /| //  ____)
            |  |/  /  |  | |  |)  ) |  |)  ) \ \/ / |/(  (____
            |     (   |  | |      / |     (   \  /     \____  \
            |  |\  \  |  | |  |\  \ |  |)  )  |  |     _____)  )
            |__| \__\_|__| |__| \__\|______/  |__|    (_______/
             _     /....\- _____
            (_)   /...._/ /,,,_,\       Kirby's Fun Pak (PAL)
             \\   \....\_/,,,/ \-       for Super NES
              \\___\/\/\/\/\/____       FAQ/Walkthrough
               \   /        \  _/       by Christian Wall
            __  \   () ()   __/          
            \ \_(    ____   )           Version 1.1 (November 8, 2005)
             \   \   \__/  /\           cwall_85 (at) hotmail.com
              \__/\_______/  \          http://home.swipnet.se/cpg
         _______   __   __\___\   __    ________    __     __   ___
        |_    __| |  | |  | |  \ |  |  |_       \  /  \   |  | /  /
          |  |__  |  | |  | |   \|  |    |  |)  ) / /\ \  |  |/  /
          |   __| |  | |  | |       |    |   ___// /__\ \ |     (
          |  |    |  \_/  | |  |\   |    |  |   /  ____  \|  |\  \
          |__|     \_____/  |__| \__|    |__|  /__/    \__\__| \__\

                                      Also known as Kirby Super Star


                              Table of Contents  


                             1. Introduction (read)
                             2. Spring Breeze
                             3. Dyna Blade
                             4. Gourmet Race
                             5. The Great Cave Offensive
                             6. Revenge of Meta Knight
                             7. Milkyway Wishes
                             8. Megaton Punch
                             9. Samurai Kirby
                             10. The Arena
                             11. Special Abilities
                             12. Secrets
                             13. About the FAQ

To reach a section quickly, bring up the search function with Ctrl F and type
in the section number and name you want. Remember to read the introduction 
before using the FAQ and if you want to reach copyright notices, version 
history, e-mail policies and other guide related information check the very 
last section.


                               1. Introduction


Kirby's Fun Pak is a Super NES title that was released about eight years ago 
and became very popular among the Kirby fans as well as other players. Kirby 
plays the main role in eight different mini games and although most of them 
are about classic 2D platforming, each one has its own characteristic appear-
ance. A new feature to this game is the advanced usage of the classic special 
abilities. There are more than twenty abilities stuffed into to this Fun Pak
and if that wasn't enough, all of these have a unique movesets which enables
the player to use each one in many different ways. Worth knowing is that this
game is called Kirby Super Star in the US and something similar in Japan.

The purpose of this FAQ is for you to be able to use it in two different ways.
Either you print it and follow the FAQ to your goals, or you use it whenever
you are in trouble. I've tried to keep a simple stable format and a clear
organised lay-out so that you can find what you're looking for very quickly.
There are lots of neat tutorials in the game that very clearly explains how
to play the games, so I haven't included any basics section. It would just be
excessive and an obstacle for you when you really need the help of the FAQ. I
was planning for awhile to add an enemy list, but came to the conclusion that
I was just too lazy.

As you can see in the table of contents, every mini game has its own section,
there's one for secrets, one for the special abilities and one for guide 
related information. All mini game sections look roughly the same. First
there's an introduction of what the game is about, then the walkthrough begins
and finally there's a miscellaneous section where I tell you what you have to
do to clear the mini game in question completely, how much percentage of the 
total sum that adds up with it and which abilities that are available. In the
walkthrough I've really made an effort only to include necessary things and 
not talk about every little thing you do. I've also organised it in such a way
so that you can find what you are looking for quickly.

In the special abilities section, you will find all special abilities in the 
game and in my opinion important information about them. Some of the info-
mation is excessive and just there for my pleasure, but I'm only human. The 
secrets section is very thin and only contains information about how you 
unlock some mini games. In the last section, you will find a copyright notice 
(if you want to publish this on your homepage), version history, credits and 
some more.

I just wanted to say some things about the game itself as well. You must 
complete all of the games to get 100% except Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby
which are only there for your good fun. When you've begun playing any game
(except the recently mentioned) you must reset the game to get back to the 
main menu. Do a quick reset by holding down Start, Select, L and R. If you
press X while seeing a mini game's title screen, you will see a short, but 
neat introduction. When you choose new game in some mini games, you will have
the option to do a short or a long tutorial. It's a good idea to look at these
if there's anything that you don't get about the game. I think many forget 
about the guard system in Kirby's Fun Pak. Press the L or R button and Kirby
will defend against most enemy attacks. Use this often against bosses. This 
was a large introduction, but I believe it was necessary. Now go and play the
game and have fun!


                               2. Spring Breeze


So for the first game in Kirby's Fun Pak: Spring Breeze and this is really as
simple as they come. And that is indeed a good thing when it comes to the 
introduction of a game. King Dedede has stolen all the food in Dream Land and
if Kirby doesn't get up to the fat penguins mountain and kick some serious ass
everyone will starve. There is a very low amount of courses and they are 
rather small as well. First you will see a very cute intro to the course and
then it's just to reach the finish to reach the next course. That's what you
have to deal with. 

Stage 1 - Green Greens

Advance until you reach a jumping fellow with a blue cap. This is your first 
minor boss. Just hold L/R when he's either dashing or jumping towards you.
Inhale his bombs and spit them at him to defeat him. Though I recommend Cutter
and a nice helper to actually take him out. You find Cutter in the previous 
screen and you get helpers by pressing A while having a special ability like
for example Cutter. You get the Bomb ability if you swallow the jumping guy
when you've defeated him. Continue along until you face a big tree named 
Whispy. Either use special abilities or just inhale the apples to spit in the
tree's face. If you have a helper he will get the job done in a nano-second,
trust me. Moving on.

Stage 2 - Float Island

Get down into the cave and in the beginning you will find a bunch (six) of 
star blocks piled on each other. They hide a door with an extra life inside.
Carry on until you find a walrus, a minor boss it is. Just keep in the 
opposite part of the screen and jump over his glide attack. Inhale them cold
ice blocks he shoots at you and exhale them towards him as well. Soon the 
battle is over and you should carry on until you meet the real boss. The real
boss happen to be two small guys with green ice blocks. Just inhale the blocks
and exhale them at the bosses, two each. Evade downwards or upwards if the 
bosses try to make you sweat. If you want to use an ability use cutter and not
sword, because the latter will only make you bump into the bosses. Use a kami-
kaze helper as well. That's it for this stage.

Stage 3 - Bubbly Clouds

You're up in the sky, floating on big bubbly clouds. Not much to say before 
you meet the minor boss. This is an electrifying cloud. Just inhale and exhale
the enemies at him and you'll be fine, mate. Carry on and you will find a very
big barrier of star blocks. You will not find any hidden passage if you break
them all, only an ice polly and an extra life. Just thought I'd let you know.
Soon you will run into the real boss and this time the old cloud has grown a 
pair and you're in for a treat. He does many attacks but you can guard them 
all by pressing the L/R button. Keep on the opposite side and don't jump. When
he drops an enemy be careful not to go and get it right away because then you
can be zapped by some lightning. Wait until it's clear, inhale the enemy and 
exhale it at the boss. Soon he will be defeated and you may carry on.

Last Stage - Mt. Dedede

You will only do one thing here and that is battling King Dedede. You can 
choose between Stone, Bomb, Beam and Parasol to use in the battle; all of them
can be found before entering. I recommend having a Bomb helper and using it 
yourself as well. Then it's just to beat the poor penguin's butt and call it a
day. It will take a few seconds. However, it's more fun to fight hand-to-hand.
The King has a few different attacks. Never stand close to him because he will
then inhale and hurt you. Always jump over him when he dashes towards you 
because he will do some dives. If he brings out his mighty hammer, run towards
him, change direction and Kind Dedede will miss and create a star. Inhale this 
star and exhale it at him and you will have found one way to attack him. If he
jumps up into the sky, you should estimate his impact site and stand right 
next to it as you inhale. If you performed it correctly you will inhale two 
stars which you should shoot at the king. These were all his attack and your 
way of using them. Four hits on Dedede and you have finished Spring Breeze.


Fun wasn't it? No? Well, you will get some more      Available abilities:
varying and challenging mini games later. A com-     - Beam       - Ice
pletely finished Spring Breeze is worth 11% on       - Bomb       - Mike
your total Kirby's Fun Pak percentage sum and        - Crash      - Mirror
the only thing you have to do to get these 11% is    - Cutter     - Parasol
to beat King Dedede in the last stage. Time for      - Fighter    - Stone
Dyna Blade now, isn't it?                            - Fire       - Sword


                                3. Dyna Blade


Dyna Blade is the second mini game and I must say that it doesn't differ much
from Spring Breeze. There are more courses and the lay-out is a little differ-
ent. You are on a map, Super Mario Bros. 3-style and from there you travel 
between the courses. There are some hidden places on the map so it's not just
to run through the game as last time. You don't meet any major bosses only
minor in the end of each stage (course). The story isn't too complex: the big 
bad bird Dyna is destroying the crop. Kirby must sort this trouble out and 
discover what's really wrong with Dyna.

First Stage

So the first course of the second game. Havin' fun yet? Make your way through
until you are in the third section and run into an extra life trapped in some
blocks. Use the nearby beam ability to blow up the nearby bomb block and you
will get the extra life. In the following section, you will find a lollipop in
the top-left corner and when you reach an intersection it doesn't matter which
way you go. In the end of the stage, you will meet Cook Kawasaki. Either beat
him with some ability or wait until he throws food at you. Don't stand too 
close or he will cook you with his giant spoon. After the stage, there will be 
a cannon bonus game. You get better items, the more power you charge the 
cannon with. Full or close to it gives you three extra lives making this bonus
game pretty cheap. And you'll to play it after any course in this Dyna Blade.

Second Stage

In the smack middle of the second section in this stage, you will find a door
leading to minor bosses. You don't get anything from beating the bosses, just
so you know. Continue into the third section and you will find a thin wall to
the far right. Right next to it, you'll find a bomb block. Use sword and its
downstab or something similar to break the bomb and thus the wall too. Con-
tinue right and through the door to reach the first ninja and an extra life.
Get back into the third section and walk for awhile. You should find a bomb
block in the centre of another bunch of blocks. Get the mirror ability nearby
and hold the Y button close to the bunch of blocks to blow up the bomb. A door
will show up. Enter it and you will find a huge pink switch inside. If you 
activate this switch an alternative path on the map will open for you. This 
one leads you to a special stage described below. 

Carry on to reach a section where the camera is moving; pick up the cutter 
ability and watch out for the sleeping rascals while passing. Continue walking
until you meet a minor boss with a hammer. Beat him with the nuts he throws at
you and watch out for his hammer attacks. Swallow him after the battle to get 
the hammer ability and exit the castle. Now you'll be outside the castle and 
hopefully you will see a brown wedge in the ground. Smash it with the hammer 
to make the whole castle explode. A door will appear in the ruins and you 
should enter it to get three extra lives. Then you will finish the course. 
Nice isn't it? After the completion of this course the special stage will 
appear if you pressed the big pink switch. Here you can find lots of abilities

Third Stage

There is really not much to say here. Really. There's a secret door in the 
second section with a tomato and an extra life. Carry on and you will find 
slopes in the fourth section. Might be wise to use the stone ability here.
In the same section, just below your first yoyo enemy (a hand and green cap)
you will find another secret door. Continue yer walking til you meet a minor
boss: Buzzy. Watch out when he charges because then he will dash and give you
plenty of damage. Just jump over him when he performs this move. Inhale his 
little ones and use them as weapons. Then it's pretty much over and you have
the really neat suplex ability. Use it a lot. When you've completed this stage
you will see an E moving around on the map. Encounter it for a quick boss
fight. Don't be too close and use the stars that appear when he punches as 
weapons against him.

Fourth Stage

This stage also leads to a special stage. Read on to find out what to do. In 
the second section, you will find a wedge. Head north in the section and keep
to the right to find a hammer. Use this on the wedge and cannons will lead you
to an extra life. In the third section it's good to pick up the wing ability.
In the bottom-left corner you find a lollipop for some invincibilty action and
in the top-right corner you find a cannon and fuse leading to it. Pick up the
fire ability nearby and light the fuse. Quickly go to the cannon, jump into it
and press down on the control pad. Wait for the fuse to run out and you will
fly up into the air to a section with an extra life and the copy ability.

The following section will be in a fire area. From where you begin, head 
slightly to the left to find an entrance. Enter and press the mighty pink 
switch to open up a path leading to the second special stage on the map. Carry
on and you will find an extra life in some blocks. Just break the nearby bomb-
block to be able to free it. Near the end, you will face three minor bosses.
All of them are more aggressive than usual. 

The first one is the walrus. It's good to have an helper and a special ability
here. If not, keep at a distance from the boss and use his ice blocks as 
weapons. When you've defeated the walrus it might be a good idea to steal his 
ice ability to use in the next fight against the Boinker. The boinker will 
also be more difficult. Try guarding (L/R) his dash attacks and if you don't
have a special ability, just use the bosses nuts as weapons (no not those, 
silly). When you've defeated the Boinker you should most definitely pick up 
his hammer power. For the last minor boss, you will meet two bomb throwing 
Poppys. Beat them up real good with the hammer or it may be tough avoiding 
both of their attacks. Keep a good helper too. After that, it is over. 

Last Stage

The last stage, on the mountain is the boss battle against Dyna. If you've
unlocked the two special stages, you may choose almost whichever special 
ability you want. Just before facing the boss you may however only choose 
between Beam, Cutter, Fire and Sword. I recommend having a hammer or cutter 
helper and I don't think you should have any power: Dyna leaves herself open
to attacks all the time. 

To the actual battle. When Dyna stomps in the ground, stars show up. Inhale 
these and use them as weapons against the bird. She does this often and it's
enough with about six hits. Never stay to close to Dyna and try to guard using 
the L/R buttons when she comes flying from the background or when she uses the
gust attack. When she moves a little to the edge of the screen and then flies
along the ground, you must fly above her. You can't guard this attack. Also be
careful when Dyna comes dropping from above the screen. She often tries to 
stomp you so be on your guard. Your helper should beat the crap out of her 
quickly so she will probably not be able to use all her attacks. When she is
defeated, you have finished Dyna Blade. 

In the ending you will see why Dyna was so aggresive: she has cute little baby
birds to care for. Now Kirby feeds them and teaches them to fly. In the end 
they fly away with Dyna and the words "To be Continued" will appear. Yes, the
story line will briefly continue in another mini game.


Just getting through Dyna Blade shouldn't be any       Available abilities:
problems, I think. Finishing it completely will            - Beam
probably not be any problems either, but you must          - Bomb
know what to do. You must beat Dyna and you must           - Cook
unlock both of the special stages. When you've             - Copy
unlocked a special stage, it will show up on the           - Crash
world map. The only things they contain are special        - Cutter 
abilities. The first special stage contains                - Fighter
bomb, cutter, fighter, fire, hammer, mirror,               - Fire
ninja, plasma, sword and tomatoes. The second              - Hammer
special stage contains bomb, copy, crash, ice,             - Ice
jet, parasol, stone, suplex, wheel, wing and yoyo.         - Jet
                                                           - Mike
And how to reach them, well it's thoroughly de-            - Mirror
scribed above. But I'll sum it up. In the second           - Ninja
stage, in the third section, you will find a               - Parasol
mirror enemy. Steal its power and use it on the            - Plasma
bomb just to the right of the enemy. Enter and             - Sleep
activate the switch. That's how you do it for the          - Stone
first special stage. And for the other you go to           - Suplex
the fourth stage, in the section just after the            - Sword
cannon with the fuse, go a little to the left to           - Wheel
find an entrace to the switch. Oh, and the list            - Wing
to the right are all abilities in Dyna Blade and           - Yoyo
all abilities in the entire game except Paint.

When you've beaten the third stage in Dyna Blade, an E will move around on the
map. This is a minor boss which you can beat whenever you feel like it. Once
you've beaten it, the E will disappear. I am not sure whether or not the E
will add up to your percentage. Once you've finished Dyna Blade completely 
(beating Dyna and unlock the two special stages) you will get as much as 15%
to your total Fun Pak percentage sum.


                               4. Gourmet Race 


There's not much that needs to be said about this mini game. This is a racing
game, kind of. You are to have a foot-race against King Dedede as you collect
food along the way. Even though it's a race, you use the exact same control
scheme like usual; the only difference is the higher speed of gameplay. Either
you choose to race against Dedede in three different courses in Grandprix or 
you can play regular time trials. A warp star is representing your best time 
in the time trials.

The time trials have absolutely no impact on your game percentage, the only 
thing you have to do is to play Grandprix and get a higher total than King
Dedede after the tree races. By doing this, you get 6% to your Fun Pak per-
centage sum. The total is calculated after the three races in Grandprix. For
each fruit you've collected you get one point and for every race you've won 
you get thirty points. This means that you can win one out of three and 
collect a lot of fruit and still win. Just as you can win if you ignore the 
fruits and compensate by winning all three races. As long as you at least win
the total sum, you get those 6%. Of course you should aim to win all races and
collect some fruit along the way. Here are some pointers for you.

   - If you can't beat King Dedede, try practising the courses by choosing 
     them as time trials (option below Grandprix)
   - Always follow the arrows.
   - Learn the courses and use shortcuts.
   - In the first course it might be wise to let King Dedede break the blocks.
   - In the second course, try taking the fruits on the upper paths and do 
     climb the ladder.
   - In the third course you get to choose between some different special
     abilities: jet, parasol, ninja, wing and wheel. Parasol, ninja and wheel
     are in my opinon rather useless, jet is totally okay and wing is amazing.
     When you fly sideways with wing, you reach very high speed.
   - In the third course, just after you've fallen on breaking blocks, use the
     upper path.


                         5. The Great Cave Offensive


A very interesting mini game, it really is. Kirby accidentally falls into a
hole in the ground and starts searching for treasure. Although, the control
and ability system is the same as with the other games, you don't travel
between courses here, you simply stay in an enormous one all the time. What
you have to do is to collect the treasures that are spread through out the
caves. Just press the X button to see a map of your treasures and do remember
that all the treasures are listed, both in the FAQ below and in the game, in
the order you collect them. If there's a gap in your collection, thus it's
easy to now where to look.

This is the closest you get to an adventure game with lots of logic problem
solving. I'll just give you some pointers here. Whenever you think you are
stuck or that you have messed up some puzzle, just exit the section you're in
and reenter it again. Everything will be reset and you can do the puzzle
again. Instead of the game autosaving as soon as you've finished a stage, you
will here get to see some minor save points spread throughout the caves. You
will recognise these because the entrance door will be covered in stars. Oh,
and I must say one more thing. This gets much more fun if you're having a
human mate controlling the helper. You and your buddy will have several hours
of good fun, let me tell you that.

1. Gold Medal - 10,000 G
   Continue right into the next section, pass the two enemies and pick up the
   first treasure.

2. Gold Coin - 1,000 G
   Continue right and you will find a strange statue head between two flowers.
   Break it with a special ability and a door will be visible. Enter and get
   the treasure inside.

3. Whip - 6,800 G
   A little to the right you will find three bomb blocks on the ground and a
   chest under ground. You mustn't break the centre bomb block only the ones
   to the right and left. If you break the centre, you must exit and reenter
   the section to reset the block. After that it's basically just to get the

4. Crystal Ball - 200,000 G
   Go right and continue into the following section. Continue going right and
   pick up the wing ability from a bird. Head down the ladder and you will
   see a series of switches and yellow walls. If you get stuck between any of
   this walls, just use a regular door to get out of the maze. A pink switch
   opens a yellow wall, always; that's all you need to know. Begin by
   pressing the first pink switch to get below the first yellow wall, then
   you will have two different switches to choose between. Stand near the
   left and shoot a wing shot at the right, then quickly fly under the next
   yellow wall and continue below the next. You get the deal, so just continue
   like this until you get the treasure.

5. Lucky Cat - 500 G
   From the fourth treasure, just break the bomb block and follow the path,
   first underwater and then up again. Break the two star blocks and open the
   treasure chest above.

6. Seiryu Sword - 142,000 G
   Continue into the next section. Right when you enter, you will see some
   lava and blocks that break if you stand on them just above the lava. One
   of these blocks lies below a treasure chest. Make sure that neither you nor
   your helper jumps on that specific block, because then the treasure chest
   will fall into the lava. Just continue right and get up on the trail above
   the treasure chest. You'll find a statue head you must destroy for the 
   chest to fall down on the breaking block above the lava. Carefully get the
   contents of the chest.

7. Screw Ball - 80,000 G
   Just above the sixth treasure there's a beam ability. Get it and then
   continue to the right. Just some metres away, you'll find a bomb block in
   the ground. Break it and follow the trail underground to a treasure chest.

8. Echigo Candy - 8,000 G
   Keep your beam ability for this treasure. Head right and you will see your
   first saving point. Enter the door with the stars to save or you will not
   keep the treasures when you turn off the game. Just above the entrance to
   the save point lie some grey blocks. Use your beam ability to destroy the
   three grey blocks just above the save point entrance and you will get the
   treasure chest.
9. Zebra Mask - 278,000 G
   Keep your beam ability for this treasure as well. Just below the entrance
   to the save point is a pit. Don't fall down to it yet, instead continue
   right to the next pit and break the statue head down there. Go back to
   the previous pit again and follow the path underground until you see the
   treasure chest. Break the bomb block and then the nearby statue head with
   you bream ability.

10. Star Stone - 82,100 G
    Good thing to pick up a cutter ability and then leave the section for a
    new area. You will almost immediately meet a minor boss. If you want his`
    amazing hammer ability, don't break the blocks below him, if you don't
    care make him fall to his doom. Continue up the ladders and to the left
    to find a cannon. Fire it upwards and collect the treasure.

11. Beast's Fang - 7,300 G
    Now head to the bottom-right corner of the section to find a treasure
    surrounded by two spiky balls. Nothing special really.

12. Bandana - 1,990 G
    Continue up the ladders, get the cutter ability and go into the next
    section. You can cut ropes with the cutter, but it's not important right
    now. Instead carry on until you see a treasure trapped in a structure.
    Fly around on the edges of the structure and break all the bomb blocks
    to get it.

13. Springtime - 250,000 G
    Continue right and you will get on to the path again. Cut off the rope
    with your cutter and then head underground. Follow the path and you'll
    get the springtime... um.

14. Dime - 10 G
    Head into the next section and you will get to pick one out of three
    abilities for the upcoming boss fight. The boss is a whale. If you don't
    want an ability, you should use the stones and fishes as weapons against
    him. I actually recommend that. Of course, use L/R to guard against the
    bosses attacks, all of them. Very easy to guard in time, I must say. Then
    continue and ride some trolley into the next area. Carry on and drop down
    into the water. Swim downwards and get the weak treasure at the bottom.

15. Glass Slippers - 120,000 G
    From where you got treasure fourteen, you'll see that the foundation is
    rather weak. You can break it with regular blows. Just use the Y button
    and press downwards while swimming to find the real bottom where a tad
    more expensive treasure awaits.

16. Goblet - 800 G
    Head into the next section and you will be in a big intersection with one
    of the doors leading to the second save point. It's a good idea to save
    of course. Now go through the left-most door and you will reach a blue
    weird section. Just head a tad to the left and you'll find a switch. Press
    it and some water will break a path to the next treasure chest.

17. Saucepan - 10G
    From the sixteenth treasure, just head to the bottom of the section where
    there will be a pool. When you press the pink switch on the bottom of it,
    a treasure chest will come falling down. You must swim to it and open it
    immediately or else you must exit and renter the section.

18. Brass Knuckle - 20,000 G
    Now continue left to land and pick up the crash ability from the walking
    bomb. Continue heading left and you will find a yellow wall, a pink
    switch and a treasure chest. Just use the crash ability and it will hit
    the switch and thus the yellow wall will open up for you.

19. Amber Rose - 22,100 G
    You're still in the same section as tresure 16, just so you know. Continue
    heading left and you will find yet another pool of water. You don't have
    to press the switch there, but it may help you. Continue upwards from the
    pool to run into the next treasure.

20. Fish Fossil - 8,250 G
    Just above the last treasure, you will find a bomb block. Blow it up with
    a nearby bomb or crash ability and then follow the path that opens up
    for you. Enter the door and you will see two treasures. 

21. Beast Fossil - 24,220 G
    Next to Fish Fossil.

22. Nunchuks - 55,480 G
    Just go back to the same section as treasures 16-19 and work your way to
    the top-left corner. Then follow the path to the right to have a run in
    with a smaller boss. Beat him with an ability or just wait for his bomb
    throwing. Guard those vicious leaps.

23. Bucket - 200 G
    Head left and get back into the section with the big intersection and the
    save point. Now go through the bottom centre door to reach a water filled
    area. Swim upwards because the current is to strong the other way. Just
    follow the path until you reach an intersection. Head for the star block
    you should see, break it and swim upwards until you reach a treasure.

24. Summertime 250,000 G
    Continue swimming right and then upwards. Follow the path until you reach
    some moving platforms. It's a good idea to fly a little here and don't
    care to much about your helper because he will most certainly die. The
    first platform that goes to the right leads you to a tomato. Carry on and
    the next time you must choose a moving platform, choose the left one that
    leads you to number of blocks. Break them and you should reach the
    treasure chest.

25. 100 dollar coin - 10,000
    Now continue right and you will get into the water again. Let the current
    carry you along and you will reach a treasure chest, the one that lies 
    just below the entrance to this section.

26. Ancient Gem - 68,000 G
    Head back to the big intersection near the second save point and choose
    the right-most door. Head right and you'll reach a big area. Get up and
    to the left to find a pink switch. Press it and a treasure chest will
    appear in front of you.

27. Falcon Helmet - 41,000 G
    The next treasure chest lies not far from the previous. Just head down and
    follow the lower path to the right to find some pink blocks. Break the
    pink blocks with cutter and you'll find the treasure chest in one of the
    blocks farthest away.

28. Dud - 30 G
    Now it's just to follow the path to the right. Follow it until you run
    across a bomb block in the ground and a treasure chest below and to the
    right of it. Get the cutter ability nearby, break the block and get the
    treasure chest.

29. Truth Mirror - 500,000 G
    Again, just follow the path to the right and this time you wait until
    you see a tomato in a slot. Then you pick the lower path and follow it
    until you reach a treasure chest. Fly a lot here.

30. Star Tiara - 408,200 G
    Break the bomb block near the previous tresure and fly up the trench. Then
    head left and enter the next section. Time for a boss fight, so choose
    whatever ability you like best. I believe it would be good to have a
    fighter helper. Then continue into the next section to actually fight the
    boss. This fight is built like an old school RPG-fight. Enjoy. Basically,
    when your opponent attacks, you press L/R to guard and when you get to
    attack you attack. If you don't have an ability, just get one when they
    show up in the fight. When the fight is over, just head to the right and
    take the trolley ride to get into a completely new area: a big castle!

    No need to fear, I'll take you through it nicely. While being outside the
    castle, you must know that there's a save point in the bottom-right
    corner. From here on, you will have many treasures in the huge castle and
    many of them require the aid of an helper. Of course you can take all the
    treasures with the computer controlled player, but if you do own an extra
    controller and have another human being nearby, let him/her take the role
    as your helper. Anyway, enter the castle and get up where the cannons are
    shooting. Jump on the springboard just above the entrance, enter the door,
    break some blocks and get the treasure.

31. Turtle Shell - 800 G
    Now you must get the hammer ability and this is how you get it. From the
    last treasure, get back into the huge entrance room of the castle and then
    follow the path to the right until you reach a new section. Climb the
    ladders here and get the parasol ability to guard from above attacks.
    Follow the path into the next section and you will see quite a lot of
    those nuts and you'll also find a treasure, but this treasure is number 34
    and you shouldn't take it just yet. When you reach the next section and
    meet the hammer boss, just be sure to not hit the bomb or he will fall
    down and you must encounter him again. Defeat him with the parasol
    ability and not a CPU-controlled character and get his hammer ability.

    Continue all the way back to the entrance room of the castle and do be
    careful with the falling nuts. Enter the section at the far-left side of
    the entrance room and you will find a wedge. Slam it down with the hammer
    to make a way to the next section. Ride down with the lifts to reach the
    basement of the castle. Carry on until you see two fire enemies. For a
    treasure 32 you need fire, so inhale one of them and give the hammer to
    your helper. Get through the upper door and it's time for a minor boss
    fight. This guy holds suplex which is good fun to use, but just beat him
    quickly with your fire ability. Your helper will be an effective killing
    machine as well. When he's defeated, get his treasure.

32. Sword - 325,000 G
    From the previous treasure, be sure to have the fire ability and then get
    into the section to the right. Here you'll find a big pool and here comes
    the weird thing, there's a fuse at the bottom of it which you must light.
    You can't do it, so give the fire ability to your helper and then swim
    into the pool. Your helper will automatically start firing at the fuse if
    he's computer controlled and then you must quickly get into the cannon.
    You will be fired to the other side of the wall where you get the another

33. Warrior Shield - 50,000 G
    Simply carry on to the left and break the bomb that covers your path with
    a glide attack. Choose the lower door and continue into the next section.
    This can be rather frustrating. The totally illogical water is streaming
    to the left and there are several spiked balls everywhere. Try to keep in
    the lower part of the pool and drop down carefully when you reach the
    treasure chest.

34. Unicorn's Horn - 80,300 G
    Carry on to the left and continue until you reach the castle's entrance
    room. From there get to the right and follow the path until you reach
    that section with some steps and falling nuts. Remember my telling you
    about this treasure chest a while ago? When you reach the top of the steps
    use a mirror ability, parasol or something like that to break the bomb
    block. Follow the path under ground until you reach the treasure and
    remember guarding against the cannon shots.

35. Autumntime - 250,000 G
    So the American translators did it the British way, eh? Anyway, carry on
    to the next section and you will meet that hammer boss again. Just as the
    last time, you mustn't break the bomb block. Beat the boss with a parasol
    ability or something like that and do it quickly. Then continue a little
    to the left and press the pink switch. This way, a treasure chest will
    fall down just on the bomb block. And what happens if you've broken that
    bomb block already?

36. Rice Bowl - 50 G
    Okay there are two ways to reach the room where this treasure lies. If you
    are standing next to the previous treasure, be sure to have the boss's
    hammer ability and continue into the next section. Beat the minor bosses
    in here and then continue right into the section where you will find the
    Rice Bowl treasure. If you, however, are standing outside of the castle,
    fly up to the entrance above the usual entrance. You will find yourself
    in a lava room and from there it's just to head to the section to the
    left to be in the room with the Rice Bowl.

    When you reach the room I'm talking about, a room where you find at least
    two yoyo enemies with green caps, pick up such an ability. Stand at the
    top of the slope and you should see a bomb block below you. Use the yoyo
    ability and press down on the control pad to break the bomb block. Use
    the little lift thing to get you over the spikes and you should get the

37. Tut's Mask - 160,000 G
    From the previous treasure, you should head to the section to the right to
    find this treasure in a lava room. If you're outside the castle, it's just
    to fly up to the above entrance and you'll be in here. The treasure chest
    lies just to the right of this entrance. Break the bomb block and get the
    treasure. By the way, it's extremely hard to have a computer controlled
    helper in here. Try to fly a lot to keep yourself alive.

38. Mr. Saturn - 120,000 G
    From the previous treasure, continue into the section to the left. Now
    you'll be in a room with stone enemies and lifts. Climb up until you find
    an entrance on the right side. In here, there's quite a few sleep icons
    and a strong gust. If you touch any of them, you will be taken back a few
    steps so be careful. My recommendation is to never fly here. Just hold
    right on the control pad and jump when you should. You find the treasure
    chest beyond them.

39. Armor - 212,000 G
    Head back into the previous section, the one with the many stone enemies,
    you know? Then head upwards and keep a look out on the left wall. You
    should soon find a slot there with a treasure.

40. Treasure Box - 100,000 G
    Just to the right of the previous treasure lies an entrance door. Enter it
    and there will be a spacey background. Get to the top and get the 
    treasure chest.

41. Mannequin - 3,000 G
    Get back into the previous section, the huge area with the stone enemies,
    you still know I hope. Head to the top and get through the left door, but
    do pay attention before. This section is moving, so must be fast. Quickly
    dash to the left, jump and get the treasure, get back into the previous
    section if you fail.

42. Gold Crown - 528,000 G
    After that moving section where you got the previous treasure, head back
    into the previous section, the huge area you know. Get down and get a
    stone ability. Then get up to the top-right corner and enter the door
    here. Climb all the ladders and avoid all mirror enemies in the following
    section until you reach a door and three blocks. You will return to the
    door later, but for now break the block to find a pool area. Not many
    abilities can break the blocks in the water, hammer and stone are two. To
    break them with your stone ability, you must turn into stone before you
    go down into the water. Follow the path to the following section. Keep the
    stone ability.

    You will now be positioned between two towers, on a bridge. Run over it
    and get into the next section. You will most likely immediately see a
    treasure chest. Get on top of its pool and break the bomb block. Because
    there's a strong current in the pool, change into a stone and you will
    sink to the bottom.

43. King's Cape - 508,000 G
    This tresure happens to be the most frustrating event in the entire game..
    if you must play with a computer controlled player that is. If you have a
    human who's controlling him, then it's a walk in the park. We'll begin
    with the latter. One of you should have the hammer ability and the other
    should have either a ninja or a cutter ability. How to get the hammer is
    described in tresure 30's description, the cutter can be found before the
    section where you the hammer and ninja in the entrance room or in another
    place. You know, in treasure 42, I told you that there was a door which
    you should get through later on in the game. If you go through that door,
    you should find a ninja ability.

    When you have hammer on one of you and ninja/cutter on the other, head to
    the same section as you found treasure 42. From there, just head up two
    sections (doesn't matter which way) and you will find a platform and a
    wedge below it. The one who has the cutting ability should cut the rope
    of the platform and then the other should use the hammer on the wedge.
    Slamming the wedge will make you get to a door. Enter it and you might be
    a tad confused. Don't be, just jump up and get the treasure chest. If you
    really want to beat that laser shooting thing, just use the nearby mirror
    ability and press L/R to reflect its laser. On the way over there are
    some blocks in a pool, and yes the hammer can break those, in case you

    So you don't have any extra controller, you don't know a soul with a
    Super NES. Tough luck. This is what you must do. Get a cutter helper just
    before you meet the one who gives you the hammer, but it's okay if you
    want another ability. When you've beaten he who has the hammer, you must
    take his ability and then keep it for yourself all the way. You must also
    make sure that the helper is alive. He mustn't die, not under any circum-
    stances, or you must redo the whole process. 

    Now return to the entrance room of the castle and exit. Fly up to the
    second entrance and enter it. You will enter a lava room and here it is
    extremely easy to lose your helper, but it must not happen. To prevent
    this go fast like a lightning to the left and exit to the next section.
    The helper will not have a chance to die. After that it's just to carry
    on, very carefully until you reach the place where you find the ninja
    ability, you know the door which door which I spoke above three para-
    graphs above. If your helper is something else than cutter or ninja, jump
    next to the ninja icon and your helper will be led into it.

    Now you should have the hammer ability and your helper should have the
    ninja or cutter ability. Carry on until you reach the place where the
    treasure lies and your helper will automatically cut the rope of the
    platform. You smash the wedge and carry on to the treasure.

44. Model Ship - 800,000 G
    Now you should head back to room where there were many mirror enemies and
    ladders as well as a big pool with blocks in. Those block could not be
    broken with many abilities but hammer and stone worked well. In this
    section, you find a door where I previously mentioned there being a ninja
    ability. Enter this door and choose an ability for the upcoming boss
    fight. I recommend the plasma. Get into the following to meet the boss.
    Just keep on the opposite side of the screen as he and do try to avoid
    his dash attack. Inhale his paint balls and use them as weapons if you
    don't have an ability. If you swallow a paint ball, you get the unique
    paint ability which only can be found in two places in the entire game.
    When the boss gets invisible, be careful and keep a look-out because he
    can be seen.

    When he's a goner, continue to the right and you will find a fire enemy.
    Get it and then head upwards. You will find three exits. The centre one
    leads you back outside the castle and you will not be able to return
    right back in; you must go all the way back up here. The left leads you
    to one treasure chest and the right one to another. Begin with the left
    one. This is a litten tower.

    You will immediately see a pink switch. You should press this one and
    quickly run up the ladders until you find an entrance behind a yellow
    wall. Be careful when doing this, because the enemies tend to be on a
    look-out, but you must also be very fast. Use either the fire technique
    or hit the switch from a long distance with cutter. The entrance leads
    you to the treasure chest. Both when it comes to this tower and the other
    one, there are two doors. The hidden door leads you to a treasure and the
    top-most one leads you to a huge area where you can't get anything. You
    can only keep in the centre and use that door to get back to the place
    with all the cannons.

45. Sun Ring - 800,000 G
    Get back to the place with the many cannons, where you could choose
    between three different paths. Now choose the right path to get into the
    right tower. It's dark in here. Just pick up a fire ability and light
    candels with it. Light the second top-most candel to see an entrance
    in the light. Enter and get the treasure chest in there.

46. Wintertime - 250,000 G
    Finally, the Kirby is finished with the castle and he can exit it. So do
    just that, head back into the room with the cannons and choose the centre
    path to get out of the castle. Save and then pick the bottom-left entrance
    to go and do some trolley riding. Carry on until you find a new area and a
    pink switch on the ground. Press it and several animals while come out of
    a small hole. Enter the hole to get the treasure.

47. Katana - 990,000 G
    Carry on into the next section and you will get to choose between three
    different abilities. Pick up jet and pay attention. On the floor just
    below, you will find a gap to the right, but the gust is too strong to
    just fly there. This is what you do. Charge your jet, by holding down Y
    and then pressing B while holding Y when you're totally charged. You will
    then flash. Jump down to the floor below and press Y to get into the
    little gap and fall down to this pricey treasure chest.

48. Charm - 8,000 G
    Continue into the next section and you will find a big intersection and
    a save point. Save. Then pick the left path. Follow along the pink
    chequered floor until you reach the green hilltop and a yellow bird.
    Press down on the control pad where water flows from and you will reach
    a treasure chest.

49. Xmas Tree - 40,000 G
    Carry on to the left and you will find three cannons. The right one is a
    dud, but you should get into the centre one. Use jet ability to light the
    fuse to the centre one. You will be cannoned to a place with four bomb
    blocks. Destroy the three top-most blocks and leave the bottom one alone
    to get the treasure chest.

50. Kong's Barrel - 1,500 G
    Get back to the three cannons and get to the left one which is blocked.
    Inhale the blocks or destroy them including the bomb block which is
    blocking the fuse to the cannon. Press the fuse thing and get into the
    cannon to get to the cloudy place. Where you see stars, you can often
    pass through the clouds, think about that. Begin with the door near the
    wing ability. Press the right switch to unleash the treasure chest, press
    the left one to unleash the enemies.

51. Ramia's Scale - 12,800 G
    Get back into the cloud place and get to the entrance in the top-right
    corner. You can pass where you see two stars (green, yellow). Ride the 
    lifts to the treasure chests.

52. Shiny Bamboo - 600,000 G
    Get back into the cloudy section and pass just above the wing ability
    where you see four stars (green, green, pink, yellow). Drop down through
    the single pink star below the plasma ability and enter the door next to
    three stars (pink, yellow, green). Here you need a special control
    technique I haven't mentioned before. Get rid of any ability you may have
    and get a helper. Jump up and then press up and jump again when you are
    on your helpers head to get extra high up. Do that in this room and inhale
    the block covering your way to the treasure. It may take some minutes to

53. Tire - 1,100 G
    Head to the left and then fly upwards. You will, to the left of the
    plasma ability, see four stars (green, green, yellow, pink). Pass through
    these and head through the door. Get the wheel ability and then give it to
    your helper. Jump up onto your helper and you will become wheelie rider.
    Press Y and dash over the switch. Just dash and when you are on a low
    area, do a simple jump to avoid crashing into a wall. You will be taken
    straight to a treasure chest with a fitting treasure if you were fast
    enough. To get off the bike, press A and hold a direction.

54. Spirit Charm - 78,500 G
    Then head out and pass through the left cloud wall where you see two
    stars (green, pink). Head down, watch out for the sleep ability and search
    your way through the stars in the cloud to the entrance. Get to the
    bottom, watch the star blocks and get the treasure chest.

55. Pegasus Wing - 42,800 G
    Get back into the cloudy area and use the warp star nearby to get back
    to the intersection with the save point. There's a door above the warp
    star with some good stuff for you by the way. This time, take the right
    path in the intersection. Let the cannons take you to the bottom-right
    corner where the treasure chest will stand.

56. Raccoon Doll - 8,150 G
    Now get to the bottom-left corner of the section and glide down to a door
    which will take you to the next section. Carry on and you will face a
    minor boss. Beat it with the tiny bugs it releases and then get the
    treasure chest. Be sure to stay in the opposite corner as he does.

57. Shell Whistle - 82,000 G
    Carry on to the left and down the slopes (use wheel) and into the next
    section. Continue until you actually see the treasure chest in a pool.
    Destroy the bomb block and all of the monsters will fall in a drown. You
    are one cold son of a gun! Get the treasure chest.

58. Orihalcon - 512,000 G
    Continue left until you see a yellow wall and a pink switch beyond it.
    Collect the crash ability just above it and while having the switch on
    screen, you blow up to activate it. Swim into the socket and get the
    treasure chest.

59. Platinum Ring - 40,000 G
    Carry on to the left and use the warp star to get back to the intersection
    near the save point. Save and then enter the centre door. Head to the
    right until you find the cutter enemy and get his power. Now, you mustn't
    cut the wrong ropes in here or you must exit and reenter to be able to
    get the treasure. Leave the rope to the left of the cutter and then head
    to the left down the ladder. Don't cut the right one here but the left
    and then continue on the lower path to the treasure chest.

60. Triforce - 800,000 G
    And so for the last treasure. In the section where you found 59, get down
    into the bottom-right corner and enter the door here. Then you must drop
    down and I recommend you to fly so you don't accidentally hit any spring-
    boards. Continue down and fly in the long trench. Blow air at the blocks
    so you more easily can get there. Then simply open the treasure chest and
    get the Triforce.

    This isn't quite the end of it, though. Continue into the next section
    to fight a boss. Use whichever ability you prefer and be ready to fight
    a vicious hand. There are some pointers I have to give you. Use the
    stones he drops as weapons. If you swallow them, you will get stone power,
    it's pretty worthless for you, but this way you will always have a helper
    at hand. Always be on the opposite side of the screen as he is and never
    stand below him because then he will either smash or grab you. If he forms
    a fist, run for your life and if he has dropped all his fingers watch it
    when he tries to get them back, don't stand below him. After the battle,
    carry on to the left and you will find your last trolley ride. Then
    follow the lifts to the surface and thus the game will end. You will see
    all your treasures' values be counted in the epilogue. Congrats.


To achieve full percentage on        Available abilities:
this mini game, you need to          - Beam     - Fire    - Ninja    - Suplex
finish the game and collect all      - Bomb     - Hammer  - Paint    - Sword
sixty treasures. This is worth       - Copy     - Ice     - Parasol  - Wheel
22% on the total game percentage.    - Crash    - Jet     - Plasma   - Wing
All abilities will be available      - Cutter   - Mike    - Sleep    - Yoyo
here except Cook.                    - Fighter  - Mirror  - Stone


                          6. Revenge of Meta Knight 


You must finish three other mini games to unlock Revenge of Meta Knight. So
what's special about this mini game, then? Two things, there are time limits
and much of it is built around a story. The evil Meta Knight wants to rule 
Dream Land once and for all and has now built an extreme battle ship named the 
Halberd. Kirby must now raid this ship and end all this viciousness. There 
will be lots of cut-scenes and dialogue and that's not very Kirby. It's still
a nice change though. The time has no major effect. Just don't let it run out
or you must redo the chapter. I will basically only give you boss strategies
and other important pointers on the way. 

Chapter 1

Thus it begins that Kirby, the little pink ball of fluff, attacks the giant 
Halberd. The crew will immediately send out people to the combat station and
for you it's just to carry on until you face the Heavy Lobster. Against this
fiend, you cannot win. You will instead be blown away to Grape Garden and 
chapter 2.

Chapter 2

When you land in Grape Garden after being blown away by the lobster it's just
to carry on because you must reach the Halberd again, mustn't you? You will
soon meet a Fighter boss and this shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you
don't have an ability, just inhale the stars he punches to you. Don't be too
close. When you face the boss, you will face Whispy Woods. Don't guard the air
because it will only hurt you. Use the apples to beat him if you don't have an
ability. After that you will meet two Whispys. Just concentrate on one at the 
time and if your helper has the bomb ability this will be over in a couple of
nano seconds. Evade the black things and be careful when the tree trees try to
exchange wood parts. After the battle Kirby will make another try to assault
the Halberd but will be shot down. This time the jolly fellow will land in a

Chapter 3

So you were shot down and crashed into the forest? It's just to continue, you
can't give up can you? Run along until you're climbing up through a tree. 
Drop down on the right side to find an entrance with three special abilities 
and an extra life. Soon you will face two Bonker enemies. Try to have a helper
available here and of course a special ability. If you don't, hover above the
enemies and strike when you have the chance. Pick up a hammer ability why 
doncha. If you follow the path after the battle, you will find wedges in the
ground. Slam those and you will gain access to some abilities and other 

When you see a wheel icon, I strongly recommend you to do some wheelie riding
and when you find bomb blocks near lava, don't blow them up. Near the end of
the chapter, you will find two cannons. The left one is a dud, but light the 
right one's fuse with a fire ability to get you to Dyna. Dyna, you know the 
birdie you beat in Dyna Blade, she will now help you and carry you back to the
Halberd. You did raise her kids, so now it's payback.

Chapter 4

After Dyna's transporting you to the Halberd, she will be shot down. They 
have to set examples, right? Anyway, you will this time be heading for the 
deck. After some walking, you will face some minor bosses. Slide (down + A)
and blow air at them if you don't have an ability at hand. Later on you will
face a suplex and a bomb boss. Be careful and try to fly a lot if you don't
have an ability or helper. Avoid the suplex boss most, because he's toughest.

When you finally meet the real boss of the chapter: Twin Cannons, I reco-
mmend your helper to use the bomb ability and it's good for you too. If you 
don't have an ability, use the bombs that the hand drops as weapons. The boss
has two parts, the upper and lower. The lower will shoot laser beams at you.
Either fly above it or stand below it. The upper shoots cannon balls at you 
and those are easy to avoid. Destroy the lower first. A hand will come in now
and then, and it always tries to grab you. Easy to avoid, though. Just fly up
in the air when it comes in. This boss, though complicated, is pretty easy.
The bombs give you bomb ability and that may come in handy. After the battle,
the deck will be destroyed and you will move on to the left wing.

Chapter 5

While you'll be heading for the left wing, you will face some difficulties.
Soon there will be a walrus in your way. You have defeated these kinds of 
critters before, haven't you. After this, there will be no chapter change, 
even though you will get to another part of the ship. You will now reach the
duct and it's basically just to carry on here until you face the Heavy Lobster
boss. Before meeting him, it's a good idea to pick up the wing ability because
in the beginning of the fight you must move fast through a series of star 

When the actual battle begins, there are some things you need to know. Never
stand close in front of him, because he loves to flame you. You can choose
both the mini lobsters he spits out and the fire balls as weapons against him.
If you swallow a fire ball, you will get the hidden paint ability which only
can be gotten from two bosses in the entire game. The boss often dashes, so 
there's another reason for you to never stand too close in front of him. 
Because he's so slow, he's very easy, especially if you have a helper. After
the battle also the right wind will be destroyed and Kirby will try to enter
the ship from the underside.

Chapter 6

Even though you've destroyed both wings the ship is still stable. The main
reactor's got to go. Carry on until you get to a maze with a wing and suplex 
ability. Use the former to move more swiftly. Simply press the switches in 
their natural order to open the doors. If you fail, just drop down to get back
to the initial point. After the maze, you must take the right lift first to 
reach a place with a bomb block which you must blow to open a path for the 
left lift. You will notice there being a stop almost at the bottom of the left
lift's path. Get an extra life and the yoyo ability here. Then use this
ability to blow up a bomb block near a hidden entrance later on. If you enter
this door, you will get to see a hidden sequence about hidden tomatoes. One of
the crew members saved his stash in there. 

Soon you will reach the reactor and then you should get rid of both your 
helper and ability, because they won't do you no good. Always keep a look out
below you, because flame throwers will appear, when the cannon is charging,
fly above it and don't think you can injure the boss in any other way than the
following. Now and then a laser cannon will drop down and aim for you. The 
cannon's laser is the only thing that can injure the boss. Therefore, when the
cannon shows up, fly so that the cannon will aim at the reactor. If you flew 
correctly, the laser will drain damage from the boss. This laser can also 
bounce on walls and in this way hit the reactor. Pretty easy, actually. After 
the battle, the reactor will be destroyed and pretty much everything is 
screwed for Meta Knight and his crew.

Chapter 7

After the destruction of the reactor, Meta Knight will order an evacuation of
the ship, but he and his most loyal followers will stay behind to try and 
defeat Kirby. You will almost immediately get to pick a power to fight with.
Choose whichever and you will soon run into Meta Knight's most loyal followers
If you don't happen to have a special ability, just slide or blow air at them
to defeat them. Just before facing Meta Knight, you'll get to choose between
cutter and ninja for your helper, because you really should have a helper with
you. When you enter the battle, you must pick up a sword ability or the battle
will not begin. Meta Knight wants a fair duel and fighting an unarmed Kirby 
surely isn't that morally right.

I really believe that you can't beat him without an ability (unless your 
helper beats him) so be sure not to lose your sword. Use your helper as bait
and constantly attack the knight with your weapon until he dies. If Meta 
starts attacking you, try guarding with L/R and in other ways avoid his moves.
When he's gone you will land on a wheel and become a wheelie rider. A ghost
like version of Meta Knight will follow you, so just try to ride to the end
of the path. I hope you don't fall down or anything, but this is frankly 
pretty easy. When you've managed to escape the Halberd, a very smooth song
will begin and Kirby will watch the Halberd being destroyed in the sunset.
Afterwards, a presentation of all the regular special abilities in the game
will begin.


To achieve full percentage on        Available abilities:
this mini game, you simply need      - Beam     - Fire    - Ninja    - Suplex
to finish the game, nothing else.    - Bomb     - Hammer  - Paint    - Sword
This is worth 18% on the total       - Copy     - Ice     - Parasol  - Wheel
game percentage. All abilities       - Crash    - Jet     - Plasma   - Wing
will be available here except        - Cutter   - Mike    - Sleep    - Yoyo
Cook. Just like cave offensive.      - Fighter  - Mirror  - Stone


                              7. Milkyway Wishes


To unlock the final "real" mini game, you must finish all of the other mini 
games except Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby. By finish, I mean you must have
beaten the last boss and seen the ending. Milkyway Wishes is indeed a strange
one. You're on a map similar to Dyna Blade, but it's almost as big as Great
Cave Offensive. In addition to that there are some other aspects to it. Let's
begin with the story. The sun and moon are fighting above Kirby's home planet
Pop Star and he must now stop it. A strange fellow named Marx tells Kirby that
he must ask the great Super Nova for help, but to reach him, Kirby must 
receive blessing from all other planets. That is in short what you must do:
travel around the solar system and visit the different planets.

The biggest difference to the other games are that if you swallow an enemy 
here, you won't receive a special ability. Instead you collect these around 
the planets in forms of icons. When you touch an icon with a special ability,
you will get the ability in question forever. Press the X button and toggle
around the abilities or just press Start and choose one. A pretty neat thing
actually. In some places you must have a certain ability to pass, but you may
visit the planets in any order. I will list them in the right order, beginning
with the one in the top-left corner. Sleep, paint, cook and crash are abil-
ities that can't be gotten in any other way than inhaling.

I will not list any strategies about minor bosses in this mini game FAQ, be-
cause I believe you should know how to beat them all by now. When it comes to
the major bosses, I just have to give you an important pointer. Because you 
have unlimited supply of abilities you bring out new helpers all the time. As 
soon as you get a helper out, turn him into an item and then shoot the item at
the boss. Repeat many times and you will beat all bosses very quickly.


This is the grassy planet in the top-left corner of the solar system. Visit
this one first to get some basic abilities. I'm sure you will see where Rare
got the inspiration for Banjo-Kazooie's Click Clock Wood. You will begin in
the Spring season and when you enter a special door (there are five of these
doors) the season will change one step forward. Different things in the 
environment change as you change the season; this way you can only advance 
during certain seasons. Try to explore everything on every season. These are 
the different seasons and this is how you recognise them.

Spring   -   Pink background
Summer   -   Green background
Autumn   -   Brown background
Winter   -   White background

   When you begin you will be in the Spring season. Head to the right until 
   you see a door and enter this one thrice to get some Winter. Then head back
   to the start point to see a door that wasn't there before. Enter to get the
   ice ability.

   Get back to the season changing door and change it to Autumn. Now the tree
   to the right will be chopped down and you can pass over it. Carry on until
   you see another season changing door, this time above a lake. Call out for
   Summer or Winter and an entrance will open up in the lake. Enter to get

   Get back up to the season changing door above the lake and change the 
   season to either Spring or Winter. Continue to the right and you will 
   either see water or ice blocking your path. Get through it and continue 
   to the right until you find another season door near a tree. Get through 
   the door until you get Winter and the tree will be chopped down. Jump over
   the tree and you will find another season door on the other side of it. 
   Make it Summer and there will be an entrance in the tree you just jumped 
   over. Get in there to receive cutter.

   Make sure that it's not Winter and carry on to the right. You will find the
   last season door and that is good. Change the season to either winter or
   autumn and the tree to the right will be chopped down. Jump over it and 
   enter the door to face the bosses: two Whispy Woods. Either shoot apples at
   it or get an ability and get a helper to beat the splinters out of the 
   trees. Even if you can't press Start to choose an ability, you can still 
   use the X button.


This is the water planet and you don't have to do much over here. It's the
round blue planet with only some minor white spots. Lies closest to Floria.

   Carry on until you get to the end of the second section. In the water, 
   close to a wall, you should find a bomb block. Blow it up and a door should
   open up just above you. Here you find the parasol.
   To the right of where you got parasol, I'm sure you can see a cannon. If 
   you've got the jet or fire ability (which you shouldn't have) light the 
   fuse and enter the cannon to reach an extra life and some food. Goodie.
   Then carry on into the following section which is a water section. Swim 
   through to get into the next one where you will find water framing the 
   whole thing. Here, you will find two exits. One in the centre and one in 
   the bottom-right corner, in the water. Get into the centre one and carry on 
   in there until you meet a suplex mini boss. Beat it to get sword.

   Carry on until you find a big water labyrint. There are many doors, but all
   lead you back to the entrance. The only exit leads you to the boss and if
   you get there you must reenter the planet to get the beam. From the 
   entrance you should swim down, right, down, right and up in the inter-
   sections to reach beam.

   As said before you also get to the boss by going through the water laby-
   rinth. Just keep to the right and down to reach it. It isn't hard. The boss
   itself is a big whale you've met before. You can guard close to all his 
   attacks and you should (if you don't want to use abilities or helper) use
   the rocks to attack him.


This is the blue planet with clouds. It's a cloudy planet!

   Pretty early on. In the second section just before you reach the cannon 
   fuse, you will see a star block in the ceiling. Inhale or destroy it and 
   enter the door to get the ability.

   As said, you should find a cannon just there after. You must use the jet to
   light the fuse and then quickly jet to the cannon and blast away with it.
   That's how you get the wheel. If you have problems try to charge the power
   to maximum first and then use then press Y repeatedly until you reach the 
   cannon. To charge press Y until you are fully charged and press B to save
   the stored power. Then get to the fuse and unleash. You will light the fuse
   and get a good boost ahead of the burning fuse.

Wing and Boss
   Carry on and you will reach a strange section which is a labyrinth. All 
   sections have three doors and I just happen to have a complete map of them.
   It's of course made by yours truly. All letters stand for the doors and
   if you see the same letter it means that these sections are connected 
   through that door.

      Two enemies with parasols                 A   B   C
      Two spiked balls                          D   E   A
      Three cutter enemies                      F   E   B
      Three cannons                             C   G   H
      A bomb mini boss                          D   F   I
      Two sleepers and a sleeping bear          J   G   K
      Two yellow hovering enemies               I   L   J
      Two crash enemies, entrance to boss       K   M   H
      Wing                                      L   
      Boss                                      M

   To reach the wing ability, from the start of the first section (the one 
   with two parasol enemies) go for example, through the left door, then the
   left door again, the right door and finally the centre one. To reach the 
   boss from the wing, go through the right door, the right door again and 
   finally the centre door. To reach the boss from the beginning go right,
   right and centre. That it is the same combination doesn't mean anything,
   since you will visit other sections. The boss is Kracko and you have beaten
   him before. Just fly above him or guard his attacks. Use his enemies to
   attack him.


'Tis the red planet. Only two abilities.

   Well of course. It's in the first section but a little hard to spot. Carry 
   on until you see a cannon. Use it to get to the other side of the lava 
   lake. Then fly over the lava lake and you will find a bomb block. Break it
   and then continue to the right until you find one of those lollipops. Just
   below it, you will see a door. That's your target. Backtrack to where you
   blew up the bomb block and enter the lava while being invisible. Enter the
   door you saw some seconds ago and you will soon come across the ability.

   You'll find this ability in the section where there are lots of carts. Just
   carry on until you see a piece of green ground below some blocks. This is
   just after a lot of fruits. Break the blocks with beam for example and 
   enter the door to find this neat ability.

   Only two abilities on this planet, yes. Well, it's basically just to
   carry on until you reach the boss. This is that paint boss fellow. Don't
   stand close or he will grab you and keep a look out when he becomes 
   "invisible". I recommend some projectile ability or something like that.
   Or inhale his paint balls and shoot them towards him.


The green planet and here you find lots of caves, surprise, surprise.

   Carry on to the second section until you meet Cook Kawasaki. When you've
   beaten him you have a major labyrinth in front of you. To reach the bomb 
   ability, just keep in a straight line to the right until you meet a bomb 
   mini boss. Beat him for the ability.

   From the bomb ability, you should follow the path to the right until you
   meet a yoyo enemy with a hole just behind him. Head down the hole and you
   follow the path to meet a hammer mini boss. Beat him to get his ability.

   From the hammer ability, just go right and you should find a wedge in the 
   ground. Whack it to get some food. Then head down the ladder to the right
   and follow the long corridor to the left and you should meet a suplex mini
   boss. Beat him and a door will appear. Get through to get out of the caves.
   In the following section, you will find a yellow wall a little bit to the
   right. This is your goal. Head up to find a bomb block. Hit it and press
   the switch above. This should have opened the yellow wall. Swim over there
   and enter the door behind it. Thus you will get the stone ability.

   Carry on until you face the boss. It's the hand and I recommend a helper to
   divert him. Use the stone if you don't like your bomb ability for example.
   Oh, and do watch out for his smash attack and the massive punch he some-
   times throw. Well, you've done this before, haven't you.


It's the golden mechanic planet. Yup. Only two abilities, but pretty annoying
either way.

   Do try to use the warp stars here. Just a pointer. The yoyo ability is 
   found in the third section. Go through the tight area until you find a 
   door, but a strong gust. Just head to the right of the door, fly and let 
   the gust take you to the door. 

Plasma and Boss
   When you reach the area with a lift taking you to many floors. You begin at
   first floor. Head up to the second and you will face mini bosses at both 
   sides. On the third and on the fourth as well. When you've beaten the boss
   on the fourth floor to the right you will find the entrance to the boss. 
   On the fifth floor to the left you will find the plasma ability after you
   have beaten the mini boss there. Head to the boss to meet Heavy Lobster.
   Powers like plasma and bomb on your helper is very useful. It can't be too
   long ago since you beat him in Meta Knight, so I doubt there will be any
   problems for you.


It's the blue planet with the fog. Only two abilities here as well.

   In the third section, the one with all the carts, follow the path until you
   see the first wedge and a starblock below it. This star block is blocking a
   hole in the ground. Destroy it and fall down to a door. Here's the mirror.

   So for the very last ability. When you reach the section where there's a 
   gust blowing you upwards, it's time to say a-ha. You will soon come across
   a door which is blocked by blocks. There are two bomb blocks which are easy
   to destroy with the yoyo ability. Enter and get the ninja.

   Carry on and you will meet that neat RPG boss. I recommend having the 
   devastating hammer ability and giving your helper bomb. Attack when it's
   your turn and guard when it's your enemy's turn. Just like in real RPGs.


This ability is your last one, but you should really take it early on in the 
game. It's pretty hidden. You find a small green star which is bigger that the
rest of the background between Aqualiss, Skyhigh and Hotbeat. Press A when you
are standing on that green star. Then just follow the path until you reach the
ability. As you know, you cannot swallow enemies to get their abilities, but
now that you have copy, the effect will be the same - it's just to copy the

Super Nova

When you've completed the bosses on all planets the Super Nova will appear in
the top-right corner. Enter it and a cut-scene will begin. You are just about
to wish for the sun and moon to stop fighting when Marx, the strange fellow 
from the prologue, comes and steal your wish. He wishes to get ultimate power
of Pop Star and now he orders Super Nova to attack the sun and moon... I 
think. Anyway, next up you will return to the map and from there you should
choose to enter Super Nova again. 

The whole game will be turned into a shooting game. Just press any button to
fire your stars and don't bump into anything. Be careful about the red thing
because they shoot fire balls at you, although it's hard to see. Soon you will
reach the core and there you should shoot all of the reactor parts. When you
have done that, the Nova will be defeated. Now it's time to fight Marx, the 
only unique boss in this mini game.

So you're up against Marx. I recommend you to give bomb to your helper and to
use plasma on yourself. You can guard all of Marx's attack except the one when
the screen gets dark and he unleashes a terrible attack. Try to fly above this
energy release when he does it. Also try to jump over the ball he drops
because it slows down the game. If you don't want to use any abilities, you 
should inhale one of those four razor things he shoots out at some points.
If you just guard and choose your helper, you should be fine. When the battle
is over, Super Nova will stop the sun and moon from fighting and Kirby will
finally get some sleep.


To achieve full percentage on        Available abilities:
this mini game, you simply need      - Beam     - Fighter - Ninja    - Suplex
to finish the game and get all       - Bomb     - Fire    - Paint    - Sword
19 special abilities. Read the       - Cook     - Hammer  - Parasol  - Wheel
FAQ above to find all these          - Copy     - Ice     - Plasma   - Wing
abilities. Remember copy. All        - Crash    - Jet     - Sleep    - Yoyo
abilities are available here         - Cutter   - Mirror  - Stone
except Mike. When you've completed
Milkyway Wishes completely, it is worth 25% on your total fun pak percentage
sum. So now you think you have those 100% do you? Let me quote Milkyway Wishes
by saying: "There's more".


                               8. Megaton Punch


Megaton Punch is a very minor mini game; it doesn't add up to your completion
percentage at all. It doesn't matter how little you play, you'll still get 
100%. You first get to choose how many players there should be in this game.
2P means that you will compete against a human competitor and then you need to
have two controllers to the system. If you choose 1P you will get to face a 
computer controlled player and then you get to choose the skill level of your
opponent. Then the game begins and it's up to you to perform well. Three 
meters will show up. You should press any button to move on to the next meter.
These are the different meters and when you should press any button to perform 

   Gauge     -    Press any button when it is full.
   Cursors   -    Press any button when the cursors meet.
   Pendulum  -    Press any button when the pendulum meets the circle.

How well you perform is measured from 0 to 200 megaton. 200 means that you've
cleared all three meters perfectly. You get to choose between Level 1, 2 or 3
of your opponent skill level and whichever level you choose you always get to
face the same opponents. The first opponent is Waddle Dee, the second one is a
regular fighter enemy and the third one is a fighter mini boss. How hard your 
opponents punch is always fixed. Here's a table so you'll see what you have to

              First     Second    Third

   Level 1    151mt     160mt     167mt
   Level 2    163mt     168mt     175mt
   Level 3    168mt     175mt     186mt

Some pointers, eh? Not even the hardest one is hard to beat. It's just to 
concentrate and hope to hit accurately and you'll probably win. A pointer is
to sit close to the screen. Another one is to always wait until after your
opponent has made his move, this way you won't be stressed or interrupted. You
have unlimited time, so take your time. Your goal is to crush to concrete 
blocks. However, the effect of what happens with the two blocks differs 
depending on how much megaton you get into a punch. I've made a table for that 

     0 -  99         No effect
   100 - 109         Small crack in the first block
   110 - 119         Big crack in the first block, small crack in the second
   120 - 129         Big crack in both blocks
   130 - 139         Destroyed the first block, big crack in the second
   140 - 149         Destroyed both blocks
   150 - 159         Crack in the ground
   160 - 169         Crack in minor part of the planet
   170 - 179         Crack through one fourth of the planet
   180 - 189         Crack through half of the planet
   190 - 199         Crack through almost the entire planet
         200         Crack through the entire planet

You can also play with a human player and then you get to choose how many 
matches you want to play: 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. My brother and I struggled for a 
long time to get 200mt both of us at the same time. Finally we did it and we 
are sorry to say that nothing happened. We hoped for the planet to be split in 
halves, one part to fall down or something like that, but no. There's not much
more to say about this mini game, but I can say that there are certain celebs
in the audience. Try to spot Mario, Luigi and Toad among all the Kirby enemy 


                               9. Samurai Kirby


Similar to Megaton Punch, Samurai Kirby is also a minor mini game which does
not add up to your percentage no matter how much you play it. I really like 
this game, it's so simple, but nevertheless very atmospheric. This is a 
classic samurai duel. You compete against a computer or humanly controlled 
character. When you get the signal, both of you must press any button and the
one who presses quickest wins. 

If you choose a 2P game you get to meet a human friend. You must choose 
between 1-99 matches and the one who wins the most of these wins the entire 
thing. The second player gets a random character from the 1P game. In 1P game 
you get to play against the computer. You must choose between Beginner, Novice
and Expert. Beginner is easiest and Expert is hardest. No matter what diff-
iculty you choose, you get must beat five characters from the game. If you
lose against any one of them, you must try again from the beginning.

A duel begins with a presentation of the competitors. Then you must wait for 
the signal and this often takes a few seconds. When the signal appears a timer
starts to count. It stops when someone presses whichever button. That someone
wins. The timer measures in hundreds of a second. The computer controlled 
opponents have fixed reaction times. Therefore I've written a table based on

              Waddle     Wheelie    Kawasaki King DeDeDe  Meta Knight

   Beginner       65          40          16          12          10
   Novice         50          30          13          11          09
   Expert         15          11          10          08          07?

Some pointers perhaps? Just as with Megaton Punch, this is basically only 
about skill and in this case, a good reaction speed. Try sitting close to the
screen and don't blink, not at all. I can't say more than that. Total 
concentration. How about me then? I usually get nine on the timer. Eight when
I concentrate. I've received seven very seldom and therefore I cannot get past
King Dedede on Expert. Sorry I can't tell you how fast Meta Knight is on 
Expert, but to me it seems inhumanely fast. I would guess seven and then you
have to strike at six. Tough. You could try to press a button at random and 
hope that you strike just when the timer begins. That way, you could get a 
pretty low time, but hey, it would require EXTREME, APOCALYPTIC luck to 
succeed with it at King Dedede AND Meta Knight on Expert. The odds of this 
happening is probably lower than my getting to have a threesum tomorrow day.

Sometimes there are ties. This can occur in three different ways. Either you
strike at the exact same time, the timer reaches 99 or you strike a button 
before the signal. In the two former cases, the match will restart and 
continue until a winner is chosen. In the single latter case, you will get a
mark and if you repeat yourself the win will be forfeit to the opponent.
Different effects occurs depending on who wins against who. I will describe
them below.

   Kirby vs. Waddle Doo
      Win  -  Kirby will point with a fan and Doo will lay on the ground.
      Lose -  Vice versa.
      Tie  -  They stand close to each other with the fans against each other.
   Kirby vs. Wheelie
      Win  -  Kirby hits Wheelie with a hammer and Wheelie falls down.
      Lose -  Wheelie runs Kirby over and Kirby becomes flattened.
      Tie  -  Kirby hits Wheelie with a hammer, but Wheelie stands tall.
   Kirby vs. Cook Kawasaki
      Win  -  Kirby throws a pie in the cook's face.
      Lose -  The cook hits Kirby in the head with a frying pan.
      Tie  -  The cook guards the pie with something.
   Kirby vs. King De De De
      Win  -  Kirby hits the king with a funnel.
      Lose -  The king flattens Kirby with his hammer.
      Tie  -  Like the Doo duel but with funnel and hammer.
   Kirby vs. Meta Knight
      Win  -  Kirby cuts off the knight's mask with a sword.
      Lose -  Like the Doo duel but with a sword.
      Tie  -  Like the Doo duel but with swords.


                                10. The Arena


This is a special little surprise. It appears when you've either finished all
mini games (except Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby) or when you've completed
97% of the game, I'm not quite sure. This is basically about your beating 19 
bosses from the game after each other and without losing a single life. In the
beginning you'll have the possibility to choose between all special abilities
in the game except cook, crash, mike and paint. Be sure to also get a helper.
After each boss you'll reach another type of room. Here you'll get to choose
between two abilities (except those four mentioned) and there will also hang
five tomatoes from a tree. These five tomatoes are your only chance for regen-
eration during the game. If you want those three percent that you're missing, 
then you must get through all 19 boss battles without losing a life. If you 
lose a life you must do it all from the beginning.

Some pointers then, perhaps. Ninteen bosses, five tomatoes and one you. Try 
not to use any tomatoes until you only have got one fourth left of your energy
or when you see that there's a tough boss coming up. Try to at least clear 
four battles in a row without using tomatoes and you should be fine. Although
the bosses differ in appearance, they don't really need to differ in strat-
egies. First off, try to guard most attacks with the L/R button. You will 
guard most attacks, but when it comes to really powerful ones, air blows or
grabs, you must avoid them by flying, jumping or something like that.

Then we have the helpers and abilities. If you have a humanly controlled 
helper the whole thing won't be even remotely hard. Both of you use the best
abilities and the helper can attack heavily. Kirby should stand a little in 
the background with projectile attacks and as soon as the helper needs to be
revived, just give him Kirby's ability or renew his own. If your helper is 
computer controlled, you must act a little differently. Your helper is dumb 
like a train and against some of the bosses he can hardly do any damage. 
Sometimes he is just good for bate, because he will lead the attacks away from

Universally good abilities for Kirby are especially plasma because it's long
range and easy charge. Hammer is also very efficient but it requires that you
stand close to the boss. Bomb is a good alternative and sometimes better than
plasma. Fire, ice, yoyo, parasol, cutter and beam are also abilities I reco-
mmend. If the human controlled helper is with you he should choose about the
same abilities as Kirby, but it's better with close combat abilities since 
Kirby can revive the helper but not himself. If your helper is computer 
controlled some abilities won't be effective and some won't even work. Bomb 
is the only ability I can think of that works really well. So try to give 
your helper that one. Having a helper, human or computer controlled is always 
very important, because the boss's fire may very well be aimed towards the 
helper. To sum it up: use tomatoes wisely, always have a helper and try to 
guard as often as possible. Off you go!

Combo Cannon
   Use the bombs that the hand drops as weapons. The boss has two parts, the
   upper and lower. The lower will shoot laser beams at you. Either fly above
   it or stand below it. The upper shoots cannon balls at you and those are
   easy to avoid. Destroy the lower first. A hand will come in now and then,
   and it always tries to grab you. Easy to avoid, though. Just fly up in the
   air when it comes in. This boss, though complicated, is pretty easy. The
   bombs give you bomb ability and that is very useful.

Computer Virus
   Very easy. Just guard when the enemy is attacking and attack when it's
   your turn. Witch, Evil Knight and Red Dragon will attack you Dragon Quest
   style. Hammer is an excellent ability for this one.

Dyna Blade
   I'll just copy from Dyna Blade. When Dyna stomps in the ground, stars show
   up. Inhale these and use them as weapons against the bird. She does this
   often and it's enough with about six hits. Never stay to close to Dyna and
   try to guard using the L/R buttons when she comes flying from the back-
   ground or when she uses the gust attack. When she moves a little to the
   edge of the screen and then flies along the ground, you must fly above her.
   You can't guard this attack. Also be careful when Dyna comes dropping from
   above the screen. 

   Good fun. This is just about beating a very strong Waddle Dee. He won't
   attack you or anything, it's that he can take some beating. Use the slide
   attack if you don't have an ability.

   This boss fight is about fighting three mini bosses in the game. It's of
   course smart to use an ability and a helper to quickly defeat them. You
   get to meet a cook, a hammer and a suplex. You should try not to stand too
   close to any of them, especially not suplex who will dash towards you from
   time to time. You've beaten all of them many times and it's not hard at
   all. Just be careful about those grab attacks from the first and the last.

   This boss fight is about fighting four mini bosses in the game. It's of
   course smart to use an ability and a helper to quickly defeat them. You
   get to meet a bomb, an ice, a fighter and a suplex. For the two latter it's
   very important to not stand close to them or they will reach you. The bomb
   likes to jump towards you so be careful there as well. Most of their
   attacks are easy to guard, but be careful with suplex's grabs and ice's
   inhalations. All of them let out pretty obvious things to inhale, so there
   shouldn't be any problems should you not have an ability.

Fatty Whale
   Easy. Just guard all of his attacks and preferably use the stones and
   fishes that fall down from the sky to attack him.

Ghamelo Arm
   This is an annoying critter. Never stand close to him because then he will
   grab you and this you can't defend from. Always stand on the opposite side
   of the screen from him. Use the paint balls as weapons and you will do
   fine. When he's invisible you can still see him, if you look hard enough.
   Think about that. Oh, and he often dashes.

Halberd's Reactor
   Get rid of helper before this fight. Check the floor for flame throwers
   and when the cannon charges, fly in the upper part of the screen. When the
   laser cannon comes, fly near the reactor and the laser cannon will damage

Heart of Nova
   It's just to shoot all of the things on the way. Try to do it as fast as
   possible. If you must go backwards through one of the things, it's import-
   ant that you time your passing through very well or you'll take heavy

Heavy Lobster
   It isn't that hard, but be very careful about his dash attack. Never stand
   too close in front of him or he can easily flame you. Try not to fly over
   him either, because then he might jump up on you. Use the robots or the
   flame balls as weapons if you don't care for abilities.

King Dedede
   I'm cheap, I'll copy my Spring Breeze strategy. The King has a few
   different attacks. Never stand close to him because he will then inhale and
   hurt you. Always jump over him when he dashes towards you because he will
   do some dives. If he brings out his mighty hammer, run towards him, change
   direction and Kind Dedede will miss and create a star. Inhale this star and
   exhale it at him and you will have found one way to attack him. If he jumps
   up into the sky, you should estimate his impact site and stand right next
   to it as you inhale. If you performed it correcly you will inhale two stars
   which you should shoot at the king. Easier if you have abilities.

   This boss is easy, since you can guard all of his attacks. Use his little
   ones to attack if you don't have an ability and do be careful about jump-
   ing because this guy likes to fly around.

Lololo & Lalala
   If you don't have a decent ability, use the ice blocks. Just make sure that
   you can quickly evade if you stand in their way, but otherwise this is
   pretty easy.

   The good thing about Marx is that you can guard all of his attacks except
   the one when the screen gets dark and he unleashes a terrible attack. Try
   to fly above this energy release when he does it. Also try to jump over
   the ball he drops because it slows down the game. If you don't want to use
   any abilities, you should inhale one of those four razor things he shoots
   out at some points. If you just guard and choose your helper, you should
   be fine. If your helper is about to be destroyed try to revive him quickly
   because he's worth plenty.

Meta Knight
   I really hope you have a helper here to take the beating. If you are alone
   against Meta Knight, he can easily drain your energy quickly. Just attack
   frantically and if you see that he tries to attack you, just guard - it
   works well. You need to get it over with quickly.

Twin Woods
   Nothing to worry about. Use abilities and helpers to take them out one at
   the time. Otherwise, try apples. Watch out for air and black things. At
   least the air can't be guarded. Watch your back if you can't take them out

Whispy Woods
   Too easy to write about.

Wham Bam Rock
   You have faced this boss two times before, so this isn't anything new for
   you. If you don't have an ability, you should use the rocks to attack him.
   Some important things to remember is that you should never stand below the
   hand and you should try to keep in the centre of the area. If you stand
   close to an edge, you might get smashed by the fearsome punch attack. Most
   things are possible, but not that one. Be very careful when he tries to
   grab you as well - you can't guard it either.


This mini game is only worth         Available abilities:
3% on your total percentage.         - Beam     - Fire    - Paint    - Sword 
The only thing you have to do        - Bomb     - Hammer  - Parasol  - Wheel
is to beat all the bosses at         - Cook     - Ice     - Plasma   - Wing 
once and become champion.            - Copy     - Jet     - Sleep    - Yoyo 
You mustn't lose a life. All         - Cutter   - Mirror  - Stone
abilities are available here         - Fighter  - Ninja   - Suplex
except Crash and Mike.


                            11. Special Abilities


Indeed a fascinating part of the Kirby series: the special abilities. It's 
always good fun to discover more and more abilities as one progresses through
those magical worlds that Kirby and his compadres inhabit. In Kirby's Fun Pak,
you will find a significant amount of Special Abilities. Most of them have 
seen the light of Dream Land before, but of course we have a new set of enemy
thefts as well. It is just to read below to find out which.

How to find an ability then. The most common way to get them is from enemies.
There's only one or two enemies in the game that have the same ability. Always
an ordinary enemy and sometimes also a minor boss. To get the ability, you 
must use the Y button and then the A button to swallow the enemy in question,
or if it's a boss, you knock him our first. Always swallow any new enemy you
find to see if it has a power. As easy as that. If you would happen to swallow
two enemies with abilities at once, what will happen? A slot machine will 
begin and you will get an ability randomly. The other way to get an ability is
to touch a special icon indicating an ability. These icons are easy to reco-
gnise and can be found in various places around the Fun Pak.

For every description, there's some different information categories. Here's
what you find.

Movelist:          If you press Start while having an ability, a description 
                   and movelist will be found. I will list a more compre-
                   hensive movelist and also add any moves not included in the
                   in-game movelist. Always face to the right when you're
                   dealing with directions and following the description,
                   otherwise you must do it the other way around.
                   Y             Press the Y button
                   B             Press the B button (jump)
                   A             Press the A button
                   L/R           Press the L or R buttons
                   ^             Press up
                   <             Press left
                   >             Press right
                   v             Press down
                   Dash          Press left or right twice to run
                   Hold Y        Hold the Y button until effect occurs
                   (in the air)  Move should be performed while jumping
                   (near enemy)  While standing near an enemy
                   +             Buttons should be pressed simulataneously
                   ,             Buttons should be pressed after each other
                   Y repeatedly  Tap the Y button quickly and many times
                   *             Move will be explained in Special notice.
Special notice:    Here I add any information about a move or the ability in
Get it from:       What the enemy that gives it to you looks like.
Found in:          In which mini game you may find it in.
Kirby gets:        How Kirby looks with the ability on.
My grade:          A very subjectical grade will be given as well as any 
                   comments I may have. And what you may think of my comments 
                   is something I don't give a tiny rat's ass about. I rate 
                   from one to three where one is a rather bad and useless
                   ability, two is a decent and useful one and three is a 
                   really good one. Only my opinions of course.


   Y:                  Beam whip
   Dash,Y:             Cycle beam
   Dash,B,Y:           Beam machine gun*
   >+Y (near enemy):   Capture beam
   Hold Y:             Wave beam**

Special notice:
   *You must first dash and jump and while being in the air you press Y.
   **You must hold until Kirby is charged up.

Get it from:
   A Waddle Doo-like enemy with a big eye in it. It shoots a ray of energy.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A jester cap and becomes orange.

My grade: 2/3
   A decent ability for beginners. It's a tad weak though.


   Y:                Throw a bomb*
   Y (near enemy):   Set a bomb**
   v+Y:              Drop a bomb
   Dash,Y:           Straight throw

Special notice:
   *By pressing Y once, you bring up a bomb. While holding the bomb, hold Y
   to set the throw. The longer you hold the higher and closer the bomb gets.
   But if you just tap, Kirby will throw it hard in a straight line.
   **Looks funny. ^_^

Get it from:
   A nifty fellow in yellow clothes and cap. He throws bombs at you. There's
   also another guy who looks a lot more sneaky. He's got a helmet and tend to
   set bombs and then run away.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A blue cap.

My grade: 2/3
   Excellent boss killer, but pretty lame when it comes to enemy fighting.


   Y: Cooking power

Special notice:
   - All enemies on screen will be thrown into a cauldron and then turned into
     regular food.
   - Can only be used one time.
   - Helper cannot use this ability.

Get it from:
   Cook Kawasaki, you know you fight him in Samurai Kirby. You can find him 
   in Dyna Blade near the end of the first course

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:

My grade: 2/3
   At least it gives you food, not like the other one-time-usage-ablities.


   Y:   Analyse beam (Kirby)
   Y:   Sneaky hand (Helper)

Special notice:
   - Use this ability to copy enemies' ablities. Only works against those who
     have ablilities of course.
   - If the helper is human he/she can dump an ability by pressing A.
   - The only difference between Analyse beam and Sneaky hand are the ways
     of getting the ability.

Get it from:
   Strange thief who runs fast and lurks around.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A flickering appearance.

My grade: 1/3
   You copy, what's more to say?


   Y:   Crash ability

Special notice:
   - Destroys all enemies on screen.
   - Can only be used one time.
   - Helper cannot use this ability.

Get it from:
   A walking bomb with a skull on it.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes

Kirby gets:

My grade: 1/3
   Can only be used once, but a funny idea.


   Y:                           Cutter boomerang
   Dash,Y:                      Cutter dash attack
   Hold Y (in the air):         Cutter drop attack*
   v+Y (in the air):            High speed cutter drop
   Y repeatedly (near enemy):   Nonstop cutter attack

Special notice:
   *The in-game desription says something else, but I only seem to make it 
   work like this.
   - Press Y repeatedly to shoot many boomerangs after each other.

Get it from:
   A stationary knights helmet which shoots boomerangs at you. As well as any
   other enemy with a boomerang.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A yellow duck cap.

My grade: 2/3
   Nothing special, but it is a well balanced long-range ability.


   Y:                             Vulcan jab (weak)*
   Y:                             Smash punch (strong)*
   Dash,Y:                        Leg sweep (weak)*
   Dash,Y:                        Spin kick (strong)*
   Y (in the air):                Down kick (weak)*
   Y (in the air):                Double kick (strong)*
   ^+Y:                           Rising break
   >+Y (near enemy):              Grab enemy
   Y (when enemy is grabbed):     Arm throw
   <+Y (when enemy is grabbed):   Tomoe throw**
Special notice:
   *These attacks differ depending on how long you hold the Y button. A quick
   tap will result in the weak attack, but if you hold it for a second the 
   strong one will kick in.
   **Only Kirby can perform this one, not your helper.

Get it from:
   A pretty big fighting dude. A boss also holds this ability. The boss is
   carrying boxing gloves.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A red bandana.

My grade: 2/3
   Actually takes a little time to master. Many moves and fun to use.
   Effective to use against most enemies.


   Y:                               Fire blow
   Y and Control Pad:               Change fire direction*
   Hold Y+<:                        Fire ball**
   Dash,Y:                          Burning attack 
   B+Y or B,Y:                      Fire ball spin
   Y (before landing after jump):   Fireball roll

Special notice:
   *Only upwards and downwards.
   **Hold for a long while
   - You can light fuses and other things with this ability.

Get it from:
   A burning, very aggresive fellow.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A red turban and becomes red.

My grade: 2/3
   A nice ability giving lots of fun. Not too efficient against bosses.


   Y:                     Hammer nail
   Dash+Y:                Hammer swing
   Y (in the air):        Giant swing
   Dash+Y (in the air):   Ultragiant swing
   ^+Y:                   Hammer flip
   Dash+A:                Hammer throw*

Special notice:
   *Only Kirby, your helper cannot perform this one. You will lose the
   ability after performing this move.
   - Can break big blocks and hammer nails into the ground.

Get it from:
   Mini boss with hammer.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A hammer.

My grade: 3/3
   One of the best. Very strong. Indeed a splendid boss killer.


   Y:                              Freezer breath
   Dash+Y or Y repeatedly:         Freezer blizzard
   Y (in the air):                 Freezer sprinkle
   >+Y (near enemy):               Freezer suction
   Y (enemy in Freezer suction):   Freezer ejection
   Y (enemy is freezed):           Ice kick

Special notice:
   - Enemy will be frozen into an ice block from most ice attack and can
     thereafter be shot at other foes.
   - You will glide instead of dash while using the ability. Be careful when
     you stop.

Get it from:
   A snowman and as a boss a walrus.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A blue turban and become blue.

My grade: 2/3
   Good and funny. Not much to say, pretty average.


   Hold Y:                                   Store power
   Release Y:                                Jet kick
   Release Y (in the air):                   Jet heading
   Max power stored:                         Jet dash
   Y (while performing Jet dash):            Jet cracker
   Release Y (near enemy):                   Jet blow
   Release Y (near enemy with full power):   Diving rocket
   Hold Y,B:                                 Save stored power*
   B (in the air):                           Hover
   Max power+B (in the air):                 Ultra-jet jump
   Max power+Y (in the air):                 Belly to belly suplex 

Special notice:
   *Store power and then press B to save it for later usage. Many moves will
   be easier to perform with full power in store.
   **Discovered it myself, not desribed in the game.

Get it from:
   Enemy with a rocket belt.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   An airplane on his head.
My grade: 2/3
   Effective, but I never really growed to enjoy it.


   Y:   Level 1 Megaphone
   Y:   Level 2 Desk mike
   Y:   Level 3 Stand mike

Special notice:
   - Destroys all enemies on screen.
   - Can only be used three times.
   - For each time it is used, the level is raised, but the only thing that
     differs is the animation.
   - Helper cannot use this ability.

Get it from:
   A walking mike which tends to sing now and then.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight

Kirby gets:

My grade: 1/3
   Good fun to see the differen animations, but I don't really care that much
   for this ability.


   Y:        Mirror cut
   Hold Y:   Reflect force*
   Dash+Y:   Mirror body
   L/R:      Reflect guard*

Special notice:
   *Reflects some enemy attacks.
   - When you dash, you glide.

Get it from:
   A strange, colourful magician with a rod.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A red and green jester's cap.

My grade: 1/3
   Pretty darn boring, but you can reflect.


   Tap Y:                        Knife throw
   Hold Y:                       Quado-shock attack
   Dash+Y:                       Dash attack
   v+Y (in the air):             Ninja kick
   >+Y (near enemy):             Air drop
   Upon damage, push Y:          Hide defence*
   Push a wall in the air:       Stick to wall**
   B (while sticking to wall):   Triangle jump

Special notice:
   *When you actually receive the damage press the button. Useless.
   **You must keep the control pad pressed towards the wall to stick

Get it from:
   A fast masked ninja who throws knives towards you.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A strange pink helmet kind of headgear.

My grade: 2/3
   Neat, but not that effective. Some weird moves, but most of them are just
   there because they look cool.


   Y:   Paint

Special notice:
   - Destroys all enemies on screen, not bosses though.
   - Can only be used one time.
   - Helper cannot use this ability.
   - Changes color of bosses.
Get it from:
   Can only be received if you swallow the paint balls a cerain boss spits

Found in:
   The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway Wishes, 
   The Arena

Kirby gets:

My grade: 1/5
   Works like crash, but you paint instead. Pretty neat, because it's so


   Y:                       Parasol swing
   Hold Y:                  Parasol shield*
   Dash+Y:                  Parasol drill
   Dash+B,Y (in the air):   Parasol dive
   >+Y (near enemy):        Parasol roll
   ^ (in the air):          Parasol chute**

Special notice:
   *Shields you against enemy attacks.
   *Makes you fall more slowly.
   - Automatically guards you from enemies above.

Get it from:
   Some enemies carry parasols. Even if the enemy itself has a special ability
   you will only get the parasol if you inhale them both.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge 
   of Meta Knight, Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A parasol.

My grade: 2/3
   Although it may not be the most useful ability, I'm a big fan of the 
   parasol. It's just so sweet. It can do so many things and hitting enemies
   with a parasol... come on... it's awesome.


   Y (1-2):     Plasma needle
   Y (3-6):     Plasma arrow
   Y (7-14):    Plasma spark
   Y (15-24):   Plasma laser
   Y (25-):     Plasma wave cannon

Special notice:
   - The more you press the control pad, the more you will flash and the
     greater the attack will be. If you have a white force field surrounding
     you, you have reached your maximum power. Release it with the Y button.
     The number within the parantheses indicate how many times you must press
     the control pad. Any direction but you mustn't hold any of them, just
     tap. This is how you do. Hold L/R and then just rotate the control pad
     and you will reach full power in a second. Pathetically strong moves.

Get it from:
   A floating green cloud with hands.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A green turban.

My grade: 3/3
   If you use the trick above, this weapon is the ultimate boss killer. So
   perfectly evil. Ha.



Special notice:
   - If you touch a sleeping enemy or icon, you will fall asleep for a couple
     of seconds (five or six) and you can't do anything about it.

Get it from:
   Small rocks with night caps on. Enough if you touch them.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A night cap.

My grade: 1/3
   Heh, only an obstacle, really.


   Y:                Stone
   Y (in the air):   Stone smash
   Dash+Y:           Turbo stone*

Special notice:
   *Don't seem to differ that much from Stone.
   - Kirby can be turned into many different things. If he's a statue, no one
     can injure him. Then again, no one can injure him if you hold L/R buttons
     pressed, so why bother? He can become a statue of Kirby or a man in the
     nude. He can also become an eight ton weight, a pink stone and a brown
     stone with a star on it.

Get it from:
   Blue stones.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A brown turban and brownish skin.

My grade: 1/3
   Boooooooooring and useless. It was more fun to use it in Kirby 64, for
   God's sake!


   Y:                                            Dash capture Lifting up
   Dash+Y:                                       Turbo dash capture Lifting up
   v+Y (in the air):                             Pin point kick
   Y twice quickly (near enemy):                 Quick stamping
   ^ (after lifting up):                         Back breaker
   v (after lifting up):                         Body slam
   > (after lifting up):                         Pile driver
   < (after lifting up):                         German suplex
   Y (after lifting up):                         Lariat
   B (after lifting up):                         Jumping body slam
   ^ or > or < (after lifting up, in the air):   Air body slam*
   v (after lifting up, in the air):             Air body down slam*

Special notice:
   *Enemies must be caught in the air and the move must be performed at once.

Get it from:
   Big purple bug bosses.

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A blue bandana.

My grade: 3/3
   Not only can it easily beat any normal enemy, the Pin point kick works
   like a charm against many bosses. I'm not a major wrestling fan, I just
   like a little, but this is one neat ability. Kirby as a pro wrestler,
   that's something. 


   Y:                  Chop*
   Y repeatedly:       Multi-sword attacks
   Y (in the air):     Sword spin (not described in the game)
   Dash+Y:             Sword stab
   v+Y (in the air):   Downair stab

Special notice:
   *A beam will be shot if energy meter is full. Zelda style. Wooo!

Get it from:
   Sword-fighting blue guy.

Found in:
   Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A green cap similar to the one belonging to the Hero of the The Legend of
   Zelda games.

My grade: 2/3
   I like this one. Good fun to use and of course effective. Be sure to be 
   careful not to bump into enemies while using the Multi-sword attacks.


   Y:        Dash/Dash Relese
   < or >:   Turn*
   B:        Brake*

Movelist on helper:**
   Y:        Dash/Dash release
   < or >:   Turn
   B:        Jump as usual
   A:        Jump off the bike***
   Y:        Shoot stars****

Special notice:
   *While dashing.
   **Bring out Wheel as an helper and then jump on to him to become a Wheelie
   Rider with a new set of moves. In this state you can also slide, jump and
   climb up ladders.
   ***If you can't get off properly, try pushing to the left or right as you
   jump off.
   ****If your helper is controlled by a human, he/she will control the bike
   and you can shoot stars with the Y button and control pad.

Get it from:

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight,
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A red mechanics cap.

My grade: 3/3
   Fun and effective. If you use Wheelie Rider and have a friend next to you,
   this will become a really handy weapon. If you and your mate can get along
   that is.


   Y: Feather gun
   Dash+Y: Condor heading
   v+Y (in the air): Bomber heading
   >+Y (near enemy): Toss
   Y (after toss): Shuttle loop*
   B (in the air): Fluttering**

Special notice:
   *Must be performed just after the toss.
   **Injures enemies slightly.

Get it from:
   Birds. Right?

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight,
   Milkyway Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A head gear of a Native American chief.

My grade: 2/3
   Fast and efficient. A good replacement for Pitch and Coo. Don't use it
   against bosses, though.


   Y:                  Yo-Yo throw
   Dash+Y:             Break spin
   ^+Y:                Up throw attack
   v+Y:                Down throw attack
   >+Y (near enemy):   Hammer drop
   v,^+Y:              Gazer spiral

Special notice:

Get it from:
   Strange blue fellow with a hand. 

Found in:
   Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, Milkyway 
   Wishes, The Arena

Kirby gets:
   A blue cap.

My grade: 2/3
   A nice, cool and effective way to beat enemies.

| Beam    |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  1SB = SPRING BREEZE
| Bomb    |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  2DB = DYNA BLADE
| Cook    |  X   O   X   X   X   O   X   X   O  |  3GR = GOURMET RACE
| Copy    |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  4CO = GREAT CAVE OFFENSIVE
| Crash   |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   X  |  5RM = REVENGE OF META KNIGT
| Cutter  |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  6MW = MILKYWAY WISHES
| Fighter |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  7MP = MEGATON PUNCH
| Fire    |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  8SK = SAMURAI KIRBY
| Hammer  |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  9TA = THE ARENA
| Ice     |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Jet     |  X   O   O   O   O   O   X   X   O  |   O  = THE SPECIAL ABILITY
| Mike    |  O   O   X   O   O   X   X   X   X  |        IS AVAILABLE IN THE
| Mirror  |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |        MINI GAME
| Ninja   |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Paint   |  X   X   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |   X  = THE SPECIAL ABILITY
| Parasol |  O   O   O   O   O   O   X   X   O  |        IS NOT AVAILABLE IN
| Plasma  |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |        THE MINI GAME
| Sleep   |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Stone   |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Suplex  |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  <(-_-<)  (^-_-^)  (>-_-)>
| Sword   |  O   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Wheel   |  X   O   O   O   O   O   X   X   O  |  <(-_-<)  (v-_-v)  (>-_-)>
| Wing    |  X   O   O   O   O   O   X   X   O  |
| Yoyo    |  X   O   X   O   O   O   X   X   O  | OH YEAH! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT!


                                 12. Secrets


Some secrets and how to unlock them.

Revenge of Meta knight
   Beat three mini games (Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby not included).

Milkyway Wishes
   Beat five mini games (Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby not included).

The Arena
   Beat six mini games (Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby not included). I 
   believe that must complete all of them with a 100%. Your total percentage
   sum should then be showing 97%

Sound test
   Finish all mini games completely. Thus you will get 100% and this feature
   will be unlocked. You get to listen to all background music in the game. I
   listened to them and created an almost complete list.
      01 - Intro
      02 - Game select screen
      03 - Tutorial
      04 - Spring Breeze: Intro
      05 - Spring Breeze: Green Greens
      06 - Spring Breeze: Float Islands, Milkyway Wishes: Aqualiss
      07 - Spring Breeze: Cloudy Park
      08 - Spring Breeze: Mt. Dedede
      09 - Before Kirby dance
      10 - Kirby dance
      11 - Spring Breeze: King Dedede battle
      12 - Spring Breeze: Ending
      13 - Dyna Blade: Intro
      14 - Dyna Blade: Title
      15 - Dyna Blade: Stage select
      16 - Dyna Blade: First stage, Milkyway Wishes: Floria
      17 - Dyna Blade: Second stage
      18 - Dyna Blade: Third stage, Milkyway Wishes: Cavius
      19 - Dyna Blade: Fourth stage, Milkyway Wishes: Skyhigh
      20 - Dyna Blade: Finish
      21 - Boss battle
      22 - Special abilities place
      23 - Dyna Blade: Dyna Blade battle
      24 - Dyna Blade: Ending
      25 - Dyna Blade: Ending continued
      26 - Gourmet Race: Intro
      27 - Gourmet Race: Course 1, 3
      28 - Gourmet Race: Course 2
      29 - Gourmet Race: Determining winner...
      30 - Gourmet Race: Winner determined
      31 - Gourmet Race: Kirby won
      32 - Gourmet Race: Kirby lost
      33 - The Great Cave Offensive: Title and Intro
      34 - The Great Cave Offensive: The beginning, Milkyway Wishes: Hotbeat
      35 - The Great Cave Offensive: Save point area
      36 - The Great Cave Offensive: Cart ride
      37 - The Great Cave Offensive: Later on in the caves
      38 - The Great Cave Offensive: Computer Virus boss
      39 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Intro
      40 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Title
      41 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Chapter 1, Milkyway Wishes: Mecheye
      42 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Chapter 2 Grape Garden
      43 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Chapter 4, Milkyway Wishes: Halfmoon
      44 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Advancing
      45 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Meta Knight battle
      46 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Escaping the Halberd
      47 - Revenge of Meta Knight: Ending
      48 - Milkyway Wishes: Intro
      49 - Milkyway Wishes: Intro continued
      50 - Milkyway Wishes: Stage select
      51 - Milkyway Wishes: Finish
      52 - Milkyway Wishes: Super Nova intro
      53 - Milkyway Wishes: Super Nova battle
      54 - Milkyway Wishes: Marx battle
      55 - Milkyway Wishes: Ending
      56 - ???
      57 - Lollipop
      58 - Losing a life
      59 - ???
      60 - Game Over
      61 - Megaton Punch
      62 - Samurai Kirby
      63 - The Arena: Intro
      64 - The Arena: Boss battle
      65 - Milkyway Wishes: Ending continued


                              13. About the FAQ


This is the final section and here you only find information that is strictly
associated with the FAQ.

Version History

Version 1.1 - November 8, 2005
  Added my new homepage.

Version 1.0 - April 9, 2004
  The initial version.


GameFAQs/CJayC               -    For accepting all of my FAQs
My brother                   -    Because I've used his computer


If you've got anything on your mind concerning this FAQ, feel free to send me 
an e-mail. Corrections and constructive criticism are always welcome, but I 
will probably not accept contributions to the FAQ, unless they're very good. 
Send me e-mails in Swedish, English, Spanish, Norwegian or Danish. You will 
get the reply in the same language as your e-mail, except if you write to me 
in Norwegian or Danish. If that is the case, you will get the reply in English
or Swedish. Whichever e-mail you send me, must be polite and properly written 
or it will be ignored and deleted. I will probably not reply to questions 
already answered in this document, unless the answer isn't clear enough.

cwall_85 (at) hotmail.com

About the Author

Not that anyone cares, but I think it's nice to know something about the 
author that has written the FAQ. My name is Christian Wall and I am born in 
1985. I live in a small town in the centre of Sweden together with my little 
brother and our cat. I am currently (Spring, 2004) in my last year of the 
Swedish gymnasium (high school). I will work as a news paper delivery for a 
year and then continue with law studies at a univeristy. In my spare time, 
I like to play videogames, read books, write FAQs and believe it or not, I 
like studying.

Copyright Notice

This document is protected by international copyright law. You may download 
this document for personal use, print it and/or put it on your homepage/site.
However, this document may not be altered or divided into different parts, and
no parts may be removed. It may not be published in any magazine and/or sold 
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may only be displayed in ASCII text (.txt). All credit must be given to me, 
Christian Wall, the sole owner of this document. If you follow these demands, 
you may publish it on your homepage/site. You do not have to e-mail me about 
it. I will not send my FAQs or updates to any other sites than the ones listed 
below. If you want the most recent versions, go there.


Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Christian Wall

Final Words
                                                     ___  ___________  ___ 
The first English Walkthrough I've written          /   \/           \/   \
in quite some time. Both had its ups and            \   /    _   _    \   /
downs, but I'm pretty satisfired with it.            \_|    (_) (_)    |_/
                                                       | ()  _____  () |
Copyright (c) 200-2005 Christian Wall                  |     \___/     |
                                                        \             /
All trademarks and copyrights contained in             / \___________/ \
this document are owned by their respective           /____/       \____\
trademark and copyright holders.
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