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Guide and Walkthrough by The Pink Kirby / Snow Dragon

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 08/26/2002

                         ______. _F"4L                 
                       _QQUA"AAUQ#H)   4.               
                     _HAAA)   AUAUQQ    )               
                    NAAAAAA).(AAUM     J)_#Q#_.         
                  .HA)(AAAUAAAAAA#NHH#"        "_       
`.             .N HA_  JQQ4)`AAAAH"`            4L      
 `             M NQAAJLN` `N AA`   .#M           `L     
  )           ()  `NA#F    `NF  .H"  H)           ()    
  JL          J     N`       LJQ`    `)      __JH  /    
 (AA          4     "        #"       4. . _Q"  H  (.   
  _A.         ()                       M#"      N) (FL  
  L `A.        M    ____                       (`4HF  ` 
    . `_J""""4_JF"""    """"/__.               M       )  
     `.F      `H`    .".   _. `"QL..          J"_    _` 
      (              F )  H #      "##_      J`  `A""   
      (.            JMM   N.H           `""NMH""   4N.  
       N            NNM  (MM)                       `M  
       4L           4H`  (#N                         M  
        `M.               `                         JF  
          (M        LUUUAU.                        (F   
           M        UAUUUU#)                      JF    
           M)       4Q`  .F                     _N`     
      NQUUQNML        4Q"                    _JH        
     NQUAAAAAUHH)                            M)         
     MAQAAAAAAAAHL.                         .F          
     MQQUAAAAAAAAUM)                        M           
     `MQQQAAAAAAAAAN.                     (M)           
       `#QQQAAAAAAAAAN                    JHHM           
         4#QQQUUAAAAAAM.                ._N#AAN  Version 0.9 | August 27, 2002
          `N#QQQQQQQUUMML             _NHUAAAAH  ...by the pink kirby   
            `#NQUQQU#N   "QHHHUU#HHHNHQUAAAAAAH       and snow dragon   
               """"""              4NUQUAAAAUAM           
                 K I R B Y  S U P E R  S T A R
                 F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H          

                         Table of Contents
                       1  Intro
                           1.1 FAQ/Walkthrough Info
                           1.2 Game Info
                           1.3 Kirby's Powers
                       2  FAQ
                       3  Walkthrough
                           3.1 Spring Breeze
                           3.2 Gourmet Race
                           3.3 DynaBlade
                           3.4 The Great Cave Offensive
                           3.5 The Revenge of Meta Knight
                           3.6 Milky Way Wishes
                       4  Mini-Games
                           4.1 Megaton Punch
                           4.2 Samurai Kirby
                           4.3 The Arena
                       5  Enemy Powers
                       6  Items
                       8  Version History
                       9  Miscellaneous Stuff
                           9.1 Read Before Emailing Me
                       10 The Rules
                       11 Well, I'm Done/Credits
1 Introduction...........         

\   1.1 FAQ/Walkthrough Information   \
Game __________________ Kirby Super Star
Console________________ Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Last Updated___________ August , 2002
Written By_____________ The Pink Kirby and Snow Dragon
Author's Email_________ ThePinkKirby@yahoo.com
Notes _________________ +Use Control + F to search for whatever you need
                         quickly. Input the command, than type either    
                         the phrase you would like to find, or the number 
                         next to each section of the guide, in the table 
                         of contents.
                        +If at any time you have a question about an abiity or
                         anything of the sort, refer to the Enemy Powers 
                        +The most recent version of this document can always
                         be found at www.gamefaqs.com
\   1.2 Game Information   \
The last Kirby game on the SNES just so happens to be the best Kirby game
ever. HAL Labs proved that when it came to odd pink balls they are the 
undisputed masters. I'm doing justice to my name and to HAL with this 
hopefully thorough FAQ. Read on for help, but if you're not stuck, go and have
fun with it! Only refer to this if you've come down to two options: throwing 
this gem of a game aside or checking the FAQ. 

\   1.3 Kirby's Powers   \
Kirby himself has a big trick under his sleeve; he can copy any enemy and gain 
there powers and attacks. He can also create a helper out of the power he has. 
The helpers look like enemies, but vary in color and won't hurt Kirby. The
helper can be controler by a second player as well.     

Y:                                          Underwater Water Gun
Hold Y:                                     Inhale
Inhale+Down:                                Gain Power/Swallow
X:                                          Great Cave Offensive Treasure List/
                                            Change Power in Milky Way Wishes
Up:                                         Enter Doors
A While Having Power:                       Make Helper/Destroy Helper
Tap Right or Left Twice:                    Dash
Down+B                                      Slide Kick
B In Air:                                   Fly
R:                                          Block

2 FAQ...................................
Full FAQ will be available upon the last release of this FAQ/Walkthrough. As
for now, send all questions to ThePinkKirby@hotmail.com. 

3 Walkthrough...........
This section walks you through everyone of the main six games in Kirby Super
Star. There maybe spoilers here, so don't read if you want to beat the game by

\   4.1 Spring Breeze   \
King Dedede has stolen and horded all the food in Dreamland in his castle and
it is up to Kirby to get it all back.

Spring Breeze is a near carbon-copy of Kirby's Dreamland for the Gameboy. It
is the easiest of all the games in Kirby Superstar, and basically an
introduction to the enemies and gameplay of Kirby games. Beating it will open
up Dynablade and the Great Cave Offensive. 

** Level walkthroughs are presented in step-by-step fashion, with each
   new step indicated by a plus sign (+). This is easier to follow than
   writing one or two paragraphs on a level that run together and must
   be carefully analyzed in order to comprehend.
** For more boss help, look at "The Evildoers" section under "The Arena."

Level 1 - Green Greens
+ Swallow the Beam monster and transform him into a handy ally.
+ Go in the hut to the right.
+ Collect the Tomato and take Cutter for yourself.
+ Take a ride on the star all the way to the right.
+ Fight the Bomb boss and keep cutting away at him. Your Beam ally will
  help you immensely - he's one of the smartest allies there is.
+ When you kill the mini-boss, take his power. It doesn't matter if you
  turn Beam into Cutter.
+ Advance to the door at right.
+ Blow up the wall to the left to get a 1-up.
+ Go up and bomb the wall to the right. The item there resembles the
  completely healing Tomato, but it has no M and it and only minorly
  increases your health.
+ When you've found everything there is to find in here, go in the door
  at the top.
+ Drop down and you'll fight Wispy the tree. Keep chunking bombs at him
  and make sure to float above the apples he drops. If you have no
  special powers at your disposal, you can swallow the apples and blow
  them at his nose to injure him. Bombs and blades work well when you
  combo up with them. After you defeat him, a tear will fall from his
  eye and the star will appear. Kirby will do a little jig when you
  collect it, and you will advance to the next level.

Level 2 - Float Islands
+ Turn your ally into whatever you have equipped on you and take the
  ability of the Fighter.
+ Float over the pond and to the right. Go in the door.
+ Destroy the star block to the left to uncover a pile of healing
+ Go up the ladder and caper over the narrow pit.
+ The bottom block hides a door with a 1-up. Swim low so that the
  coconuts don't hurt you or your helper.
+ Fall down the hole when you're done in here.
+ Kill the Ice guy at the bottom - his power is really stupid.
+ Maneuver under the urchin and enter the door to the right.
+ Grab the lollipop and run like crazy.
+ If you still have it when you enter the door, touch the walrus while
  invincible to eradicate him in one hit. ONE HIT!
+ Board the star.
+ Make your ally the Fighter and obtain Sword's power.
+ Enter the door to the right.
+ You will fight Lalala and Lololo, the guardians of this area. Use the
  Sword or let the Fighter eliminate the blocks they push. Swallow the
  blocks and spit them out at them if you are alone and powerless.
    A team effort with Sword and Fighter will do these two in in no
  time flat. Fighter's jump kick will hurt especially.

Level 3 - Bubbly Clouds
+ Go in the door all the way to the right. If your helper dies (and he
  might because some are just that incompetent), make sure he runs into
  a living enemy so he can stay in the battle.
+ In the next room, kill Beam and Mirror and make your way to the upper
+ To avoid trouble, stay at the top of the screen in the starry area
  and move to the door.
+ You should have Sword for this area. Dash, jump, and press Y to do an
  awesome twirling attack. If you do not have a power yet, you can
  swallow the monster who gives you Beam and use it against the mini-
  boss. When you beat him (he's easy), ride the star to the next area.
+ Kill the Microphone. He's completely useless.
+ Bust through the block wall and snag the 1-up and the swirly ice
  cream cone for health.
+ Don't get the Bomb guy at the top - not worth it.
+ Go all the way to the top in here, avoiding the Cutters and any other
  foes you encounter. You have a choice at the top:
   1) Go in the door for the most direct boss encounter.
   2) Float up more and press Up on the D-Pad when you are in front of
      the moon.
+ If you go in the moon area, puff your cheeks up and float down to get
  all the goodies. Make sure you restore your life to full and get the
  1-up on the right edge of the screen.
+ Skip the hammer boss at the bottom and go in the door. You will now
  proceed to fight Kracko, the cloud boss.
+ Hit him while he's in the air - don't wait until he charges the
  ground, as it's very hard to make it over him. If you have the Sword,
  wait until he floats across the screen, then jump and score normal
  hits. Since you get knocked back by the recoil, you can hit him
  multiple times in one simple movement. Use Beam to beat him if you
  don't have anything else, even though it is slow and unwieldy. Once
  he's dead, watch the last little jig and prepare for the last level.

Level 4 - Mt. Dedede
+ This level is so incredibly easy. It requires almost no strategy
  whatsoever. First of all, when you skid into the level, get rid of
  whatever power you have and absorb the power of Bomb.
+ Now for this next part, I swear I am not kidding. Enter the door to
  find yourself in King Dedede's wrestling ring.
+ Tap Y until your fingers go raw. Chunk explosives at him quickly
  enough and he'll never even get a chance to touch you. He will look
  shocked (or constipated, I can't tell which one) and fly out of the
  castle. Kirby will do his final shuffle, and you can then watch the
  credits or skip to the title screen. 

\   4.2 Gourmet Race   \
For some reason, Gourmet Race isn't considered a mini-game in Kirby Super
Star, even though the level number is a ?. Anyhow, Gourmet Race is a fairly
simple game. You, as Kirby, and King Dedede are racing to the end of a level.
On the way to the finish, you are supposed to get as much food as possible.
Then, at the end of three runs, the food and number of race wins is averaged
and a winer is announced. Now King Dedede is really stupid. He's slower than
you, and flies too often. Also, he usually takes care of blocks for you by
bashing them with his hammer. The only pro he has is that he's bigger than
Kirby, and doesn't have to jump as high to get some of the food. As long as
you get more food than him, chances are you'll win the overall competition
even if you lose one race. And vice versa; if you win all the races and lose
by food, you'll still probably win, as long as the gap between food collected
isn't too large. 

Running is key, as flying makes you have to regain your speed; also, climbing
ladders in general is much faster than flying, as Dedede has to. 


\   3.3 DynaBlade   \
A giant bird has come out of nowhere, for the purpose of destroying
Dreamland's Crops. He must be stopped, and who better to do so then The Pink
Wonder himself?

** Level walkthroughs are presented in step-by-step fashion, with each
   new step indicated by a plus sign (+). This is easier to follow than
   writing one or two paragraphs on a level that run together and must
   be carefully analyzed in order to comprehend.
** For more boss help, look at "The Evildoers" section under "The Arena."

Level 1
+ Swallow the Cutter and gain his ability.
+ Go through the door to the lower right.
+ Since there is nothing excessively noteworthy in this area, kill all
  the Beam, Cutter, and Parasol monsters you come across. The brown
  bricks will break when you step on them. Go in the door to the far
  right; you should have no trouble finding it.
+ Use whatever power you possess to bust the bomb blocks. To get the
  1-up that is up the ladder and to the right, you will need the Beam
  ability. Only get the 1-up if you feel as though you must.
+ Once you have the 1-up, get rid of Beam and press A to turn your
  Cutter ally back into a swallowable item.
+ When you go up the next ladder, break the bomb block to obtain the
  food items.
+ Go in the first door you find to earn a Tomato and the Sword ability.
  For this level, I recommend Sword over Cutter.
+ Take out the blocks at the top and go in the next door.
+ Get Crash in here if you want it, although you can only use it once.
+ At the top you will see a bomb block wedged firmly between the two
  plateaus. With the Sword, jump in the air, hold Down, and press Y to
  trigger the explosion. While there are few useful items here, this
  place serves well as a shortcut around harder enemies.
+ When you fall down the large hole at the very top, a Tomato will land
  on the ground to your left. Get it if you need it, then go to the
  right and fight the Cook.
+ Sword is highly effective against the Cook. Dash and jump, then press
  Y to pull off a twirling technique with great finesse. The main thing
  to watch out for is his magical stretching frying pan. He will flip
  you around in it while irritatingly draining your energy, and it is
  very hard to wiggle free by mashing buttons. This is easily avoided
  though, as you can tell when he is about to deploy it. Don't bother
  getting his power when he dies; you're at the end of the level.
+ Float upward against the wall to the right to avoid all the enemies
  and go in the door. 
+ Whenever you beat a level (secret ones not included), you can blast
  yourself out of a cannon for extra lives. Obviously, you want to
  shoot yourself out when the meter in the upper left corner is at its
  peak. Doing this will net you three 1-ups, and is sure to give you
  enough chances to pass through harder areas if you can score the
  extra lives consistently.

Level 2
+ Go in the castle to the right.
+ If you go in the small door to the right, you can fight some mini-
  bosses. I don't really see the point in this, but it might help you
  attain 100% on your file.
+ If you got rid of it or just don't have it anymore, swallow Sword and
  gain his ability.
+ Go all the way to the right and use the downward stab to go through
  the star blocks. One is a bomb block and will open up a wall to the
+ Inside the door is a Ninja. Kill him and drop into the water below,
  where you will find a 1-up. (BTW, Sword is one of the few abilities
  that works in water.)
+ Destroy the bomb block and go back in the door. The Ninja will have
  respawned, so kill him again.
+ Clear out the wall so you can move on.
+ Go up the ladder and to the left. Make Sword your ally and steal
  Mirror's power so you can hit the hard-to-reach bomb block.
+ There is a very large pink switch in this door that will reveal the
  path to a new level. You will be able to access that level once you
  beat this one.
+ Get the orange and the Popsicle to the left of the ladder if you need
  them, then go up.
+ Kill the Bomb and Cutter monsters and hang on to your Mirror power
  the next room.
+ This room scrolls to the side automatically, and you will lose a life
  if you are crushed between the walls. Keep moving to the right and
  slashing/mirroring through destructible walls. DO NOT TAKE THE SLEEP
  ENEMIES' ABILITY! You will leave yourself very vulnerable to death if
  you do. Use whatever means necessary to reach the star at the end.
  You will end up in a new area. Kill the Mirror monster in front of
+ Go in the door to the right.
+ Get two Wheels - one for your ally and one for you.
+ Hop on the CPU-controlled Wheel and cruise to the right. Hold Y to
  run over any enemies in your path.
+ When you drop off the wall with the Wheel icon, go to the left to get
  a 1-up and a Tomato.
+ After a while you will find the Hammer boss. To beat him with Wheel,
  press Y and then turn around as soon as you make contact with him. If
  Wheel dies, there is a possibility that he could turn into the Hammer
  ally. Whether he does or doesn't, take the Hammer power for yourself
  and go in the door to the right.
+ When you fall off of the castle, pound the stake into the ground to
  reveal a door.
+ Along with three 1-ups, the level's exit is also here. With the
  cannon game, you could conceivably score three MORE 1-ups! Good deal!
+ If you do not have the hammer or cannot pound the stake into the
  ground, leave the level through the normal exit to the right.

Interlude: That Weird "E" Symbol on the Map
About this time an "E" inside an octagon should appear on the map. You 
should really go to it, as all it is is a boss level. You will fight a 
small Munchkin who will give you the power of Fighter if you beat him 
and swallow him. If you don't find this symbol, it will find you. The 
hammer is a useful weapon against this foe. When you beat him, you can 
do as you please.

Secret Level 1
+ All the secret levels are is a room where you can pick from several
  powers and be on your merry way. The powers available in this nifty
  area are:
+ I recommend Sword for yourself and then taking Bomb as an ally. The
  door in the middle will lead you back to the world map. If you want,
  you can drop down to the lower level and get two Tomatoes.

Level 3
+ Unless you want the Fighter's ability, kill him.
+ Once inside, advance all the way to the right. Break the bomb block
  nearest the door you find and go in. You should find a 1-up and a
+ The wind speed is high in the next room. You can get Stone in here,
  but I don't recommend it. Stone takes several hits to kill with just
  about any item you have, and its variety is severely impaired (how
  many things can you do with a ROCK?!?).
+ Avoid the two Stone enemies in the next room. They will not attack
  you unless you provoke them.
+ At the bottom of the first hill is the enemy with the power of Yo-yo.
  Take this power and destroy the bomb block he was standing on. Fall
  down the pit and go in the door.
+ You can get a 1-up and several healing agents in this room. When you
  leave, you will end up outside the door you came in through.
+ Destroy the block to the right and go down the remaining hills.
+ Float cautiously across the lava blocks. They hurt intensely when you
  touch them.
+ Kill the Ice monsters in the next room - their power is not worth
  your time.
+ When you climb down the ladder, you can move across some fun carts.
  They will get you where you need to go in good time.
+ Evade the cannon fire when you go up the ladder.
+ Ride the star out of the room. You will be offered the powers of Beam
  and Fighter before you fight the Suplex boss.
+ Beware of Suplex when he approaches you. The last thing you want is
  for him to grab you and slam you against the ground. That hurts a
  whole, whole lot. He can also send ladybugs after you (OOOOH, REAL
  THREATENING!). The thing to avoid most is when he flashes. He's
  getting ready to charge at you when he does this. Float to avoid it.
  Keep him at bay with the Yo-yo and all will be fine.
+ Kill the weaklings to the right and go in the door for another cannon

Level 4
+ When you see the waterfall with five hot dogs in a "V" formation,
  swim down.
+ Avoid the urchins and cannon and go to the right.
+ Destroy the block to reveal a ladder. Kill the Sleep monster.
+ In the new room are several cannons that you can use to propel
  yourself upward. The first three will fire you automatically, but you
  will have to aim the fourth one by yourself.
+ Fire Kirby up to destroy the bomb block.
+ Rocket him into the sky again to reach the ledge.
+ At the top is a Fire enemy. If you want three extra men, take his
  power and destroy the star blocks in front of him.
+ Tap forward twice and press Y to charge forward in a brilliant blaze
  that will send you through the urchins without damaging you at all.
+ At the bottom left are the three 1-ups.
+ Backtrack through the urchins using the fireball technique.
+ When you go in the door to the right, kill the Wing bird.
+ Go up and to the left, then trek down the falls into the purple pool.
+ The pie will refill your life, but the lollipop will make you
  invincible to attack for a limited period.
+ After you get the lollipop, haul butt up.
+ Eradicate the bomb cube at the top to reveal the door to the next
+ In here you have two choices. You can:
   1) absorb the Fire monster's power and transport yourself to an area
      loaded with several handy power-ups, or
   2) you can go in the door to the right.
  Either way, you will go to the same area: a place with several
  fragile blocks. Do not hit any of the bomb blocks or they will reveal
  harrowing mazes of lava that you do not want to deal with.
+ When you get to this chamber of hidden lava, go in a door to the
  left. (Pretty well-hidden, ain't it? Not really, that was sarcasm :p)
+ The pink switch in here discloses another secret level. Do not bother
  getting the Copy icon to the left.
+ Watch out for all the Copy enemies running around. If possible, use
  attacks that can hit enemies above and below you.
+ Hit the bomb block at the top to get the encased extra life to the
+ The door to the next room is all the way to the right.
+ Watch out for the monsters that can follow you. Your weapon (whatever
  it is) ought to be able to take them out in one hit.
+ When you enter the next door, you'll hear boss music and you'll get a
  Tomato. Time for a big battle. Ignore the Stone in front of you.
+ The first boss is a walrus that will give you Ice if you defeat it.
  Do not take Ice when you kill it. Hit it repeatedly and watch out
  for the occasions when he tries to encase you in ice. You will have
  to mash buttons to escape your freezing-cold trap. Run forward when
  you defeat him. You'll get a bunch of bananas that does not heal for
  very much at all and you'll fight the Hammer boss.
+ Float up in the air when the Hammer boss appears ready to charge at
  you. When you're on the ground, go at him over and over. Hopefully
  you have a weapon that can keep him at bay *cough* *cough* FIRE!!! Or
  ICE!!! Non-elemental weapons do good against him.
+ Against the bomb brothers, basically any handheld weapon (Hammer and
  Yo-yo are excellent). The two objects in parentheses are especially
  effective when you use their dashing attacks. Once both of them are
  deceased, you can advance to the exit to the right and play another
  cannon game.

Secret Level 2
+ The new abilities available here are:
+ Most of the powers here are actually pretty sorry except for Wheel,
  Yo-yo, and Suplex. Wheel and Yo-yo are not very powerful for fighting
  Dynablade, and Suplex doesn't work against any boss at all, but it is
  fun to experiment with in each level.

Dynablade's Nest
+ Run up the hill to the doorway.
+ Here you can choose from Cutter, Beam, Fire, and Sword. Take Sword
  for yourself and, if possible, don't take an ally. It will be
  practically useless against him.
+ Touch the star to reach Dynablade.
+ Normal blows to Dynablade's face with the Sword will hurt him deeply.
  Don't let the white puffs he shoots hit you, and when he dives in
  from the background, float or move to the side depending on his angle
  when he's incoming. The Sword is the most effective weapon against
+ Once you destroy him, Kirby will walk over to the baby birds' nest.
  In a small, mildly humorous sequence, Kirby winces as though he wants
  the babies to shut up and he then pushes their nest away. From here
  you can watch the credits or press Start to skip them.
+ Once you have beaten Dynablade, Revenge of the Metaknight is unlocked
  for play.

\   3.4 The Great Cave Offensive   \
Kirby falls into a big pit, and, after finding some rare items, to try to find
all the treasures in the cave on his way back to the surface.
The basic idea of The Great Cave Offensive is finding treasure. This is 
all a big treasure hunt, nothing more, nothing less. There are bosses 
who will occasionally attempt to stop you, and you will have to beat 
them to continue.

** For more boss help, look at "The Evildoers" section under "The Arena."

Locations of Treasures/Walkthrough
For this section I will list the treasures in number order (they are 
numbered on the treasure chart), the value of the treasure in gold, and 
then how to receive that treasure. Some are harder to get than others 
and will require longer explanations. Pay close attention so that you 
don't get overly confused. Since you get the treasures in the order listed,
it works the same way as a borken-down walkthrough.

1) Gold Medal
VALUE: 10000G
Swallow the Fighter at the beginning of the second room and gain his power.
The Gold Medal is just over the cliff in front of you.

2) Gold Coin
VALUE: 1000G
Kill one of the two flower monsters in front of the pillar ahead of the Gold
Medal. The top block will break away to reveal a door. Go in the door and swim
to the bottom. When you open the chest, the Gold Coin will go in your

3) Whip
VALUE: 6800G
Leave the room where you got the Gold Coin and move forward. You will
see three bomb blocks. Only destroy the first and third blocks - the second
will create a wall of lava and you will have to go in a door and then return
to this area to get rid of it. If you successfully cleared a path to the Whip,
go in the hole and break the blocks. The Fighter's power will help you achieve
this faster.

4) Crystal Ball
VALUE: 200000G
Don't attempt to collect this without the aid of a human ally. If you 
have the Fighter power, get rid of it so you can have a friend's assistance.
Swallow a bird and get the Wing power. Climb down the ladder and open the
first door. In this chamber with the two buttons, have your friend stand on
the one to the right while you open the door to the left and go through it.
Summon him back once you are through both doors, then have your ally stand on
the button below the next ladder. Go through the open door and then the next
one. The Crystal Ball is in the chest. If you get stuck anywhere along the
way, go in one of the doors available to restart.

5) Lucky Cat
Go in the water where the current drags you to the right. When you get 
out onto the first plateau, break the star blocks with your head and get the
Lucky Cat in the treasure chest above.

6) Seiryu Sword
VALUE: 142000G
In the next room are some gray blocks that break when you walk on them. Do
not break the middle one - you will need it to get the treasure. Go up and to
the left and use either the Beam or Fighter power to break those bricks that
are holding the sword. Backtrack and collect the treasure before the brick
breaks and it falls in the lava.

7) Screw Ball
VALUE: 80000G
You need Beam to get this one. To the right of the Seiryu Sword, duck down to
where the bomb block is and shoot it with the normal Beam attack. This will
lead you to the Screw Ball.

8) Echigo Candy
VALUE: 8000G
To the right of where you got the Seiryu Sword, go up and break the ugly-
faced block that blows up six more. Use either the Beam or Fighter ability to
break more of them and find the Echigo Candy all the way to the right. You can
save your progress in the room below where you obtain the Echigo Candy.

9) Zebra Mask
VALUE: 278000G
Near the door to the next room, break the blocks below to reveal the chest
containing the Zebra Mask. Then go back to where you found the off-white bear
enemy. Break the star blocks to the right of him with Beam and then eliminate
the wall by using it on the ugly-face gray stone. Backtrack and go past where
the wall once was. Get the Cutter power from the Poppy Brother with the
boomerang and go to the right and up. The Zebra Mask should be there. Hit the
bomb block to clear a path to the next room.

10) Star Stone
VALUE: 82100G
Beat the Hammer boss (he's really easy if you have Beam) and go to the right
and up the ladder. Up the ladder to the left you'll see a cannon. Shoot
straight up to make it into a small cell with the Star Stone, some meat, and a
soda pop.

11) Beast's Fang
VALUE: 7300G
Go to the right from where you found the Star Stone and go all the way down
the ladder. Kill the Cutter and Mirror enemies and find the spiky guys
guarding the treasure chest. Eradicate the star block from a distance and
obtain the Beast's Fang when it's safe.

12) Bandanna
VALUE: 1990G
Find the wall with bomb blocks on all sides of it (two on the left side and
one on the right). Blow them up to get the Bandanna. If you have an ability,
make sure the Copy monsters don't steal it. This is hard, considering they're
everywhere in this area.

13) Springtime
VALUE: 250000G
Near the exit is a platform hanging from a rope. Use either Cutter or Sword
(which you can get in the next room) to cut the rope. You will find the chest
holding Springtime, which is just a simple pink heart, in here along with a
valuable 1-up.

Before you come in here, have Mirror as your ability and Sword for your
computer ally's ability. There is a room that allows you to configure yourself
in this way.

Use Mirror when he slowly approaches you and spouts water out of his
blowhole, but use discretion and run away when you are about to get hit. Don't
try to use the Mirror trick where you duplicate yourself and hit the enemy -
too risky. Float away whenever he does anything except move forward and spout
water, and try not to let stones fall on you. Your ally can do a good job of
protecting you from plummeting boulders, and if he is dying and one falls on
him, he will turn into the Stone monster! (Which is practically useless, but
oh well!) It will take loads of perserverance to beat the whale -
unfortunately, you do not have many lives with which to do so.

In the next room, ride the mining cart along the track and drop down to the
room below.

14) Dime
In the crystal room, go to the right and fall in the water. Swim down
past the door in the middle and open the chest to get the Dime.

15) Glass Slippers
VALUE: 120000G
Break the bricks below the chest with the Dime and you will find the Glass
Slippers and a 1-up.

16) Goblet
Go in the door in the middle of the pool (above the Dime) and locate the save
point and the tomato that heals you fully.

Then, from the save point, go in the room to the lower left and hit the pink
button. This will create a waterfall with a pond below. Swim down and to the
left to get the goblet.

17) Saucepan
Even though this treasure is one of the El Cheapos, you still need to get it
to get 100% on this mini-game. Swim all the way down after you get the Goblet
and you'll notice a pink switch. Very carefully, hit the switch and swim like
the wind to get the Saucepan before it falls in the pit. It isn't a far swim,
and it's actually rather easy to catch - you just need to have quick thumbs.

18) Brass Knuckle
VALUE: 20000G
Go up and left after you obtain the Saucepan. Get rid of whatever ability you
have and swallow the Crash monster. Use Crash in front of the door to open it.
You will then be able to obtain the Brass Knuckle.
19) Amber Rose
VALUE: 22100G
Go to the left and up after getting the Brass Knuckle. Avoid the Crash and
Bomb monsters.

20) Fish Fossil
VALUE: 8250G
To the right of the Amber Rose, hit the bomb block and go in the room to the
right. Struggle against the current in this area and go in the door. The Fish
Fossil is the one to the left.

21) Beast Fossil
VALUE: 24220G
The Beast Fossil lies to the right of the Fish Fossil.

22) Nunchuks
VALUE: 55480G
After you get the Fish and Beast Fossils, hit the bomb block and go up. You
can't go through that narrow tunnel above your head, so go to the right and
prepare to fight the Poppy Brother. Use whatever power you have to eliminate
him. Once he's dead, the Nunchuks chest will fall from the ceiling.

23) Bucket
After getting the Nunchuks, bomb the wall to the right. You will now have
made a full circle through this area. Go in the door. This would be a good
time to save and refill your health with a tomato.

Drop to the low level after the save point and go in the middle door. Swim up
and get the Yo-yo ability - it will prove invaluable to you here. Kill the
Cutter enemy so that he's not harassing you, then swim to the left and to the
right. Paddle upward in the narrow space ahead until you reach the box with
the Bucket.

24) Summertime
VALUE: 250000G
Hit the bomb block to eliminate the row of blocks below you. This will make a
current that sends you up. Kill the Yo-yo monster and watch out for the Jet
foe - if he charges into you at full speed, you'll lose your ability and have
to chase it down. Below, you will have to hitch a ride on some moving
platforms. Get the Tomato to the right of the first set, then board the left
one in the third set and destroy the blocks with Yo-yo quickly. This will lead
to Summertime, which looks exactly like Springtime except that it is green
instead of pink.

25) 100 dollar coin
VALUE: 10000G
If you came in the room and swam down, you noticed a treasure chest and
couldn't beat the waves in order to get it. Well, to get it, swim down after
you get Summertime and let yourself flow with the current. Stay low, except to
maneuver over the urchins. When you float in front of the chest, press Up to
open it.

26) Ancient Gem
VALUE: 68000G
Exit the second door, get a Tomato, and save your progress. Go in the third
door and kill the Cutter. Float up as fast as you can to avoid having your
power stolen by the Copy monster. Hit the pink switch and carefully guide
Kirby to the left to get the Ancient Gem.

27) Falcon Helmet
VALUE: 41000G
Go down after you get the Ancient Gem and climb down the ladder cautiously
(beware the Copies). Blast through the wall however you can to obtain the
Falcon Helmet. I wonder if it belongs to anyone... :)

28) Dud
Find the Popsicle that will refill your health minorly. From there, go down
the ladder and kill the Copy (man, they're everywhere here!). Head immediately
to the right and destroy the bomb block with Cutter, or Yo-yo if you still
have it. This will let you get the Dud, an aptly named nuclear bomb. To the
left are some helpful healing agents.

29) Truth Mirror
VALUE: 500000G
Once you have the Dud, go up the ladder and to the right. Go down and start
moving against the current. Although it seems kind of futile at first, this
will get you along. Tapping forward twice to run will help you attain it. Be
careful not to hit the spikes or the urchins. At the end of the current you
will earn the Truth Mirror - fortunately you don't have to travel along the
current again.

Grab the Tomato and hit the bomb. Float with your puffy cheeks up and go to
the left. Go in the door. You can give yourself Fighter, Wing, or Jet, or you
can keep what you have and go forward. Yo-yo is a nice weapon to have for this

Several windows will open, none of which can hurt you, but the enemy in the
lower left one can. The first one to appear is a Slime. The Slime does not
have much in the way of attacks. Just beat him relentlessly with whatever
weapon you have (I used Yo-yo - took off 16 HP a pop).

A Dancing Doll will appear next. His attacks are minimal like the Slime's,
but he can shoot a star that will knock your ability out of you. Use the same
strategy that you used against the Slime.

The final enemy inside the window is a Witch. She can cast spells on you,
such as an ice spell where she freezes you in a tiny block. Not much strategy
is needed to overcome her either. It's useless to even keep track of the
amount of hit points each enemy has, as they all die very quickly. When you
beat yhem, some crazy crap that doesn't have anything to do with the game will
appear in the top window, and you can go on to the door to the right.

In the next room, ride the trolley and all will be well.

After that, you will endure a long fall. Go all the way to the right and go
in the super-sparkly door. This is a save point, so take advantage of the
opportunity. Then, go in the door at left.

30) Star Tiara
VALUE: 408200G
Once you enter this room, don't hit the star blocks with cannons on them. Go
all the way to the left to locate a safer way to the upper level. Kill the
Ninja or steal his ability if you like it - I don't. Use the springs to find
several items such as a Popsicle and a 1-up, among other things. Eventually
you will find a door. Release the urchins to the right so they don't bother
you when you try to collect the Star Tiara.

31) Turtle Shell
You'd better listen up, because this is going to take a while.

After you get the Star Tiara, leave the room. Go down to the lower level and
head right from the entrance to this area. When you go in the door, climb up
all the ladders and kill all the enemies, then head up the stairs in the next
room while letting as few coconuts as possible jar your head. When you enter
the next room, you will see the Hammer boss. Kill him without hitting the bomb
block in the middle and then steal his power (it's best not to have an ally
here - they're usually highly incompetent about not hitting delicate objects).

Now backtrack all the way to the first room. Keep the Hammer.

When you get to the original entrance, go left. Hit the stake in the next
room and you will gain access to the next one.

Go down the elevator shafts in this newly opened room.

When you reach the next one, steal one of the Fire monsters' abilities and go
in the door to the upper right. Fight the Ninja boss by rapidly blowing fire
at him. This should do him in quickly, revealing a chest and some healing
items. Get the healing items first or they will disappear. After you've
healed, get the Turtle Shell. Yes! Finally! Move forward into the next room.

32) Sword
VALUE: 325000G
When you go in the next room after defeating the Ninja boss, make sure you
have a Fire ally with you. Bust through the wall adjacent to the ceiling and
get the Fire copy to burn the fuse, because all Kirby can use in the water is
Water Gun. Quickly move up to the cannon. If you secure yourself inside in
time, you will blast to the area just to the right of the cannon. While the
Sword is the most valuable item in here, there are also several life-regaining
objects, including a Tomato. When you have the Sword, go left and get the wall
out of your way. Go to the left for a 1-up.

When you see the two doors in the upper left corner, go in the bottom one.

33) Warrior Shield
VALUE: 50000G
When you go in the door there are tons of enemies lining the ceiling and some
water with an extremely fast current. To get to the small block with the
Warrior Shield, just step right in to the water and keep holding Right on the
D-pad to swim against the rapids. You should land primly in front of the
Warrior Shield. Once you have obtained it, make sure to jump back in the water
since the current can still push you into the pit.

34) Unicorn's Horn
VALUE: 80300G
Backtrack to the room just before the Hammer boss (with the falling
coconuts). Blow fire at the bomb block just before the entrance to the Hammer
boss and avoid the cannons. Move all the way to the right and you'll find the
Unicorn's Horn.

35) Autumntime
VALUE: 250000G
To get this treasure, you must be careful not to destroy the bomb block when
you fight the Hammer boss. If the fight is successful and you did not destroy
the block, go to the right and hit the pink switch. Backtrack to the bridge.
The Autumntime chest will fall gently on top of the bomb block. Autumntime,
unlike its predecessors Springtime and Summertime, is orange.

If the bridge is destroyed, exit the room and then re-enter to 
"rebuild" it.

Well, I can't think of anything else to call them!

If you still have the Fire weapon, use it. They can all be warded off 
easily as long as you're blowing a steady stream of flames. If you have 
the Hammer or a different weapon, however, avoid all their attacks. 
There are four of them in all, and they appear in different places when 
they spawn, usually where you are standing. Once you have overtaken 
them all, you can move on.

36) Rice Bowl
Sounds like an annual college football game to me. But in this game it's
actually a bowl containing rice. Take the Yo-yo power and move all the way to
the top of the hill. Hold down and press Y to hit the bomb block, then ride
the vehicle at the bottom (the spikes won't hurt you, I promise). You will be
carted directly to the treasure chest that holds the Rice Bowl. Go back up to
the door at the top when you have it.

37) Tut's Mask
VALUE: 160000G
Run across the blocks that disappear in this room. Some will land you on
dangerous fire, some will not. Yo-yo everyone in your way. When you get to the
top, find the treasure chest in the cramped chamber with the spikes and
destructible blocks. Tut's Mask is in there. A bomb block will allow you to
exit the other side, but you will have to backtrack some.

When you do, find the door that takes up two blocks. It will take you
outside. Go to the save point. Save and heal, then return to this area.

38) Mr. Saturn
VALUE: 120000G
Another familiar Nintendo cameo here. After you get the Tut's Mask, go all
the way to the left to find a door (avoid the fire). Kill the Microphone on
the first level and ride the platforms up. Kill the Stone monsters also - you
don't really want their power, do you? To the right is a door. Several Sleep
icons are in here, and you will have to avoid touching them in order to get
the treasure. The best thing to do is to run against the wind and try to jump
over them. This will work in most cases. When you get the Mr. Saturn item,
evade the Sleep icons as you move back to left. It's significantly easier when
you're moving with the flow of the wind.

39) Armor
VALUE: 212000G
From the Mr. Saturn room with all the Sleep items, keep on going up until you
find a door. Go to the left of that door to find the Armor.

40) Treasure Box
VALUE: 100000G
Some people just love stupid ironies like this one. I'm one of them.

After you get the Armor, go in the aforementioned door to the right. The
place is decorated with stars and celestial objects that, although dim, can
still hurt your eyes if you squint at them. Jump on the springboard and hang
to the left. Hop on the one to the left and it will take you to the treasure
box containing the Treasure Box. See? Irony! I love it!

The other springboard will land you a Tomato.

41) Mannequin
VALUE: 3000G
You will have to act quickly to snag this one or you will either have to die
(if you missed the door) or retry (if you didn't). Tap Left on the D-pad madly
once you enter the door, which is at the top of the big room and to the left
against the wall. If you run and jump like the quick-witted little bugger you
are, you can seize the Mannequin easily. Now get back in the door and you've
got it in the bag.

When you get to the room with the Mirrors, either grab their power or keep
your current one and go in the room at the top, where you can choose from
Ninja, Wing, or Plasma, none of which are all that great. I recommend keeping
Mirror or anything besides these three.

42) Gold Crown
VALUE: 528000G
You need Mirror and Stone to get this item. Get Stone as a CPU-controlled
ally from the same room where you got the Armor. Go to the room with the
Mirror enemies and let go of your Stone power to obtain Mirror. When you see
the door on the top level, break the blocks that are past it. If you float
over to where the hovering cat-like monsters are, the Stone ally will attack
them. He will plunge into the water when he kills the one on the right,
allowing you to go down. Find the door to the right and go in it.

Now in this room, you should see a treasure chest in the water. The current
that flows up will not allow you to get it. Carefully, get rid of your Mirror
ability, but DO NOT TURN STONE INTO MIRROR! To do this the easiest, go to the
right and make sure your Stone copy is behind you, then let go of it. Press A
to turn Stone into the Stone item, then get it yourself. Now use Stone on the
bomb block. When you turn into a rock, statue, or what have you, you can sink
quickly through the water while completely ignoring the force that sends you
back up. Press Y to un-stone yourself and get the Gold Crown.

43) King's Cape
VALUE: 508000G
To get this treasure you need to have the Cutter ability. (Go to the section
on the Model Ship - treasure #44 - for tips on how to find a Cutter. If you
have not yet fought the fish boss you will have to in order to get the Cutter.)

Keep your Stone ally for this as well. His skills will be needed here. Once
you have Cutter equipped on Kirby and you have a Stone copy, go back to the
room where you got the Gold Crown and go in the door in either of the upper
corners. The rooms are virtually identical.

Once you enter the door at the top of either room, go up to the top of the
hill and cut the rope holding the ledge away. The Stone copy should hit the
wooden stump automatically. When he does, you can go in the room with the
King's Cape. There is a monster in here that fires beams that can be deflected
if you use the Mirror ability provided. If you have Cutter, use the triple-Y
attack on one of the urchins to kill the guy shooting lasers at you. The
King's Cape is just above you.

A fast-firing projectile is best for fighting this boss. Let it eat your
ally, and use that time to beat the tar out of it with whatever ability you
have (Mirror is good). It will blend in with the wall after a short time, and
you will have to follow the ripples in the pattern on the wall so you know
where he is at all times. If you don't have any idea where he is he will beat
the stuffing out of you. Once his energy is fully depleted, go to the right
and get the Tomato, then go in the door.

44) Model Ship
VALUE: 800000G
In the room with the Fire monster and the multiple cannons, make your way to
the door in the upper left corner. Swallow the Fire guy and gain his ability,
then find the door. You will see a pink switch. Like the Crystal Ball, this is
one object you can't get without an ally's help.

Have a second player play as Fire and swallow the Cutter that you find. While
he/she stays firmly planted on the switch, you make your way upward. Haul butt
when the ally is summoned back to you, as you won't have much time to make it
to the door. If you enter the door before the stone wall closes over it, you
will be situated on the top of the castle in a heavy windstorm. The treasure
box in front of you contains the Model Ship.

45) Sun Ring
VALUE: 800000G
In the room with the multiple cannons, fire away until you find a door in the
upper right corner. The room inside is very dark - use Fire to blow on the
candles and give yourself ample light to see by. There is a door in here that
you will not be able to see without light. Once you find it, enter to obtain
the Sun Ring. There is a Tomato under the ledge in case you need your life

Once you have this and all the other treasures in this area, exit the castle,
save and heal, and go through the door all the way to the left. Ride the
mining cart to the left and go through the door to make it to the new area. 

46) Wintertime
VALUE: 250000G
Wintertime differs from its predecessors once again in color alone; this time
it is gray.

Hit the pink switch in this new area to release a barrage of bird enemies.
Enter the hole they come out of to face another onslaught. Kill them all
before getting the treasure, then exit the hole and go all the way to the left
in the door.

47) Katana
VALUE: 990000G
This one is REALLY hard to get. You need Jet to obtain it, and everything has
to fall perfectly into place, because the wind here is mighty strong. Out of
your three choices, take Jet and stay against the right-hand wall. When you
drop down, tap Right on the D-pad really fast, press Y, and hold Down. If you
do this correctly, you will drop to the treasure box with the most valuable
item in the game, and a Tomato to boot! When you get it, go in the door
opposite the wall and save in the room, then go in the door to the left. It's
really hard to get this item, and usually whether or not you get it is a
totally random occurrence.

48) Charm
VALUE: 8000G
Before you get to the three cannons, you should see a waterfall flowing down
from a block that is lighter than the others. Drop down below this block and
get the Charm from the box in the lake.

To get the next treasure, equip Jet and light the middle fuse with the Jet's
fire. Jump in the cannon and take off to the next area.

49) Xmas Tree
VALUE: 40000G
Destroy all the bomb blocks except the bottom one and collect the tree when
it falls. Go back through the door to get back to the cannons.

To get the next treasures, you'll need to go back to the room where you got
the Katana and equip the Ninja ability. When you do that, go back to the
cannons. Destroy the top star block, then destroy the others by executing a
downward kick on the next one in line (jump, hold Down, press Y). Hit the
dynamite switch on the far right. Run to the leftmost cannon and get ready to
blast off.

50) Kong's Barrel
VALUE: 1500G
You should now be in a cloudy area. Float up and to the left to find the
first door. You can walk/float through the areas with stars in a line, but it
won't be very effective if you still have the Ninja power as you will
undesirably stick to the wall. Get the Wing power just above you instead.

When you enter the room, hit the switch on the right to drop the treasure.
The one on the left releases the urchins and you will have to re-enter the
room if you want the treasure. Kong's Barrel is another example of one of
those cameos that makes you want to groan.

51) Ramia's Scale
VALUE: 12800G
From the Kong's Barrel room, go to the upper right to find the room with
Ramia's Scale in it. Ride the circling ledges and jump to the ledge with the
treasure box when you see it.

52) Shiny Bamboo
VALUE: 600000G
Before you get this item, you should get the Tire (see item #53). Once you've
gotten the Tire, go to the room with the Shiny Bamboo. To get to that room,
find the Plasma item (don't get it) and drop down. It is the door above your
head that holds the Shiny Bamboo. When you get the Wheel ally, float up with
him and destroy the star block with your head to get it. Once again, get the
Tire before you get the Shiny Bamboo.

53) Tire
VALUE: 1100G
To find the Tire room, find the column of stars opposite the Plasma item and
move up. The door is right there.

Get Wheel and turn it into an ally, then get Wheel for yourself so you can
have a good power. Once you hit the pink switch, hold Y and speed to the
right. Jump over the small pit and hold Down so you don't hit your head when
you move up the ramp. You should barely make it to the Tire, another one of
the "ironic treasures." Go down the ladder and hit the bomb block all the way
to the left to reveal a way out of that room.

54) Spirit Charm
VALUE: 78500G
Go up and left from the Shiny Bamboo room and through the wall. When you drop
down, make sure not to get the Sleep item. If you're riding the Wheel (as you
ought to be), you won't be able to get the Parasol. Go into the door on the
other side of the wall. Immediately hop off Wheel (press A) and go down before
any star blocks fall. Get the Spirit Charm, mount Wheel, and then leave. Since
there is nothing else of value in this whole entire area, board the star to
return to the save point. Save and heal, then go in the bottom right door.

55) Pegasus Wing
VALUE: 42800G
The cannons in this room are your only method for breaking the gray bricks.
Go in the cannon directly to the right of the door and blast through the wall
immediately to the right. Blast downward through the column and hit any wall
except the one to the left once you see the chest. The Pegasus Wing is inside.

56) Raccoon Doll
VALUE: 8150G
From the Pegasus Wing's location, keep blasting to the left and then go down
and to the right when you can. Enter the door and take the Wheel as an ally.
When you fight the Suplex monster, hold Y and then turn around as soon as you
hit him so you don't damage the Wheel. If he happens to get killed though,
deal with him with whatever you have. When the Suplex insect is exterminated,
the block barricading the Raccoon Doll will disappear. It would be wise to
take the mini-boss's power right now, as it is EXTREMELY powerful. The only
drawback is that it doesn't work on a lot of bosses :(

Once you have the Raccoon Doll, head left.

57) Shell Whistle
VALUE: 82000G
If you're using Suplex, you'll have to get rid of it. It still helps out as a
powerful ally, though.

Find a bomb block to the left with a whole bunch of enemies in it. With your
Cutter ability (oh yeah, get that while you're here) and the Suplex's massive
physical strength, you can take out all the enemies except the urchin, who
bounces rampantly inside the water. Avoid him and get the Shell Whistle when
there's an opening.

58) Orihalcon
VALUE: 512000G
When you see Crash, get rid of Cutter and take his power. Use it to open the
door so you can get the treasure. A bomb block will open up a path to the
star. Let it take you back to the save point. Save and heal, then get Ninja
from the Katana room and go in the middle door. Two treasures left........

59) Platinum Ring
VALUE: 40000G
When you have Ninja, go in the middle door and drop down to the platforms
hanging from strings. Cut down the one to the left and follow the path to find
the Platinum Ring. One treasure left!

60) Triforce
VALUE: 800000G
This one's in the next room. Get Yo-yo's power and avoid all the
springboards. When you get to the bottom of them and see the door, drop down
even further and float down. Destroy the star blocks when you get to the
bottom and descend to the lowest part to get the Triforce (the last treasure!
YES!). DO NOT TOUCH THE SLEEP ENEMY AT ALL! You want to keep Yo-yo. Go back in
the door above the lowest springboard, which is the one just above the

I would recommend having Bomb for this final boss and your ally being
whatever - you can bestow Yo-yo upon him or give him one of the other two
abilities in the room (Ice or Parasol). Either way, take a deep breath and
proceed with caution........

In all reality, your ally will basically be useless here unless controlled by
a friend. The object is to hit the rock hand that materializes out of thin
air. If you've played Super Smash Brothers and gotten to the end of the 1-
player game, you ought to be familiar with a lot of these attacks, like
slapping you and flicking you and beating you with his fist. In fact I think a
lot of Master Hand's tactics are derived from this final boss.

You will probably only be able to hit the hand once with your weapon of
choice, twice if you have the ally. You may even get in more salvos if you
have quick thumbs. When the hand moves along the ground, float up in the air
for safety. The face cannot hurt you.

After he dies, go in the door to the left. You will probably need the Tomato.
Get in the trolley and take another ride, then ride the elevators in the next
room. Enter the door you see at the top.

You may recognize this last room: it's the one you started the game in. Blow
on the bomb block and then proceed to the left. When you board the star,
you've beaten the game!

\   3.5 The Revenge of Meta-Knight   \
Meta-Knight, a short little character whose size and looks belie his inner
power, plans to take over Dream Land with his humongous warship, the Halberd.
It's up to Kirby to stop this enormous war machine and save Dream Land from
imminent destruction.

Revenge of the Meta-Knight is a timed game. In certain areas the time will
differ from some others. I will separate distinct levels by a row of asterisks
(*). Also, some of the dialogue in a particular section might help you figure
out if you're looking in the right place.

** Level walkthroughs are presented in step-by-step fashion, with each
   new step indicated by a plus sign (+). This is easier to follow than
   writing one or two paragraphs on a level that run together and must
   be carefully analyzed in order to comprehend.
** For more boss help, look at "The Evildoers" section under "The Arena."

If you watch the opening sequence, you will see the dialogue sequence that
lays out the basic plot and sets up the basic idea of the game. Here's the
dialogue for that portion of the game, in case you might care at all.

"Reactor 1, output normal."
"Adjust the balancer to ...0003!"
(Kirby flies in on his star.)

"Let's raise the anchor."
"Check anti-gravity plant. 1, 2, 3 OK!"
(Kirby gets closer to the warship.)

"Release the sails, solar level 288!"
(Kirby gets even closer as the sails go up. The Meta-Knight is shown in 
his quarters.)

"The time has come. The time to show our power. Dream Land's lazy lifestyle
will end! I will rule!"

On the Halberd
"K...Kirby's here! He's heading towards us!"
"Oh my gosh! What are we gonna do?"
"He'll get in the way. Get rid of him!"
"Sir Meta-Knight, what shall we do?"
"Soldiers near the deck, assume combat mode!"

+ The time for this level starts at 3000. You'll come careening to a
  long halt at about the middle of the ship. There's nothing useful
  behind you, so journey forward.
+ Swallow the Yo-yo enemy in front of you.
+ Hit the switch and then run to get through the wall before it closes.

"Kirby's in the rocket valve!"
"Release Heavy Lobster! Quickly! Quickly!"

+ Kill all the enemies as you advance down the ladder.
+ Move down the elevator shaft and go through the door at left.

"Kirby's behind the nozzle! Fix him!"
"Prepare to take off! Blow Kirby away!"
"Okay! Main engine ignition! Take off!"

+ Stay high up on the screen so that Heavy Lobster doesn't totally blow
  you away with his mega-artillery. If at all possible, you want to
  stall through the dialogue at the bottom of the screen so you can go
  to the next level with minimal conflict. When you blow away, Kirby
  will land in the ocean.

Blown Into the Ocean
"Kirby's been blown to the ocean!"
"That was sure close."
"I'll conquer Dream Land with the Halberd!"
"Our first target ... Grape Garden!"

+ It is very easy to lose your Yo-yo here if you're not paying close
  attention to your surroundings. First of all, advance slowly and
  kill the Wing and Bomb guys. You don't want either of their powers
  just yet.
+ Take out the guys that look like Jell-O molds. They can get annoying.
+ When you take a dip in the red pond, swim to the right. Wait for the
  bird to drown before getting out.
+ Once in the niche at the top, make your Yo-yo into a computerized
+ Leap across the watery chasm and swallow the Bomb kid. It's easier
  to take on the boss with a friend than alone.
+ Just chunk bombs at this guy while your partner handles him with some
  tricky yo-yo skills. Stay well away and he'll be dead in no time. If
  you have no special copied abilities available, he will punch the
  ground and release stars that you can fire at him. When you kill him,
  you can give up your current ability for the Fighter skill if you
+ Enter the door to the right.
+ When you take a dip in the water, your current weapon will be
  disabled and replaced with a water-like fireball. Be careful when you
  get to the other side that you don't run into the Crash foe.
+ At the bottom of the narrow water hole is a tomato. Get it and blow
  up the bomb block.
+ The places ahead that are not occupied by water have a strange upward
  current. To avoid getting in a jam, swim around them.
+ Enter the door at the end with caution.
+ When swimming through the scrolling area, be careful not to get ahead
  of yourself if you don't know what's ahead, especially going up the
  ladder. It's a bit easier when you're jumping to avoid the cannons,
  however, stay in the safe area if you are unfamiliar with these parts
  or you want to play it cool.
+ Once at the top, start running, but don't just go all out. You don't
  want to swallow the Stone monster - he won't help you get past the
  bombable walls. Do not puff your cheeks up and float while up here.
  You're having a hard enough time as it is. Once you make it to the
  door, kill the little turd flopping around in front so you can make
  sure you make it through the door.
+ In the next room, you have the option of taking the abilities of
  Bomb, Parasol, or Wing. Take Bomb for the both of you.
+ Eat the tomato, then go through the door on the right.

If you don't have an ability, which there's no reason why you shouldn't, then
use the apples from above to hit him in the nose. It will take a while to
whittle him down this way. This is what bombs are useful for. You can reload
quickly and keep chunking them at his nose. When Wispy's worn down and dead,
that's not quite the end. You've still got two more to fight!

The two at the bottom are on both sides of you - a surrounding attack. Dang,
they're clever! This isn't much different if you have your bombs equipped
still. Watch out for the thorny donut things that drop from the treetops.
You'll have to wait for apples if you've lost your power-ups, and it's hard
with two aggressive trees on both sides of you. When you defeat them though,
that's all. You'll advance to the next area.

"Main cannon's ready. Shall we blast him?"
"All right. Shoot him!"

+ As your star flies off, the Halberd will hit you with an intense
  salvo and you will carom into the mountain. You will land in a forest.

The Forest
"We got him! He fell into the forest."
"Good. He will never catch up."
"Are you sure?"

+ If you still have the ability of Bomb, make it into a CPU-controlled 
  ally and copy the Fighter to the left.
+ Enter the door to the left.
+ Run to the right and kill the ability-stealing Copy monster before he
  steals your Fighter.
+ Destroy the rows of concrete blocks using the bomb blocks.
+ In the first door there is a pink switch. Touching it will drop both
  a tomato and a cannon from the sky. Quickly grab the tomato and fly
  over the cannon to safety.
+ Once you're back in the other area, get to the top where the guy
  riding the apple is. Go to the right and duck down through the
  several platforms until you see a lone block. Obliterate it and go
  through the door.
+ Go to the far right and collect the 1-up and the Sword ability.
+ Backtrack to the previous room and keep on moving up until you get to
  the door in the upper right corner. Be sure not to let any Copy foes
  steal your Sword ability.
+ Kill the Microphone that comes near you. Don't get the Snow or Cutter
  abilities presented to you. To the left are two Hammer mini-bosses.
+ Using your sword, hack at them with the jumping spin technique (run,
  jump, and press Y). If you have the Bomb enemy for an ally still,
  they make a great team.
+ Once they're dead, go to the left and destroy the bomb blocks. Ignore
  the Wheel and keep moving until you're at the door.
+ For a quick shortcut in this area, float up directly from where you
  land. It prevents having to cross all the other enemies.
+ Once at the top, you need only go all the way to the right. Avoid the
  Copy monster if possible.
+ Enter the doorway at right.
+ Make your ally into the Sword enemy and swallow Fire's ability, then
  spring up to the top.
  injure yourself if you do this. Light the fuse to the one on the
  right and hop in.
+ Dynablade will now help you out in the way of transportation.

Back on the Halberd
"We shot down Dyna Blade!"
"Look! Kirby's reached the deck."
"Remain calm. Let's come up with a plan."
"All soldiers! Get Kirby. Now!"

+ Run to the right. Kill every enemy in your wake and try to lose as
  little energy as possible.
+ Do not catch a ride on the speedy cart that points left. Move past

"Kirby! Got ya!"
"Now you get a taste of our power."

+ When you get to the mini-bosses, you'll be surrounded by some enemies
  that are relatively harmless if you keep up a constant barrage of
  fire. Discretion is the better part of valor, so save yourself some
  face and blow a steady stream of fire at those who oppress you.
  Use this process for all the mini-bosses you face in this area.
+ Proceed through the door to the right.

"Kirby's gonna reach the deck!"
"Direct him to the front of the twin cannon."

+ Go up the elevator shafts. You will have to press Up on the first one
  twice. The third one can do some wacky things as well.
+ At the top, you can prevent the cannon fire from damaging you by
  hitting the bomb block above them to the left.
+ Hop across the columns and enter the door to the right.
+ Destroy the blocks below you if possible and get the Sword item in
  the lower area.
+ Go up and try not to get hit by the ninja.
+ Hopefully you and your ally can handle the bomb and ninja mini-bosses
  ahead. Stay well away and using the spinning sword (you know, the one
  you use when you run, jump, and press Y) technique to take them out.
  Don't worry if you have a minimal amount of energy left; there's a
  joint just up ahead where you can replenish it.
+ Kill the ninja and destroy the blocks below you up ahead. Be careful
  not to fall in the pit when you go down to the bottom.
+ Hit the bomb block to uncover a secret door.

"Oh no! He found it."
"What is this place?"

+ Get all the energy refillers before obtaining the lollipop. The
  lollipop will give you some really hepped-up invincibility for a
  short while. Once you have it, backtrack and go to the door that
  leads near the twin cannon.

"Kirby is getting close to the twin cannon."
"Kirby will be torched! Wahahahahahaha!"
"Wahahahahahaha! Gahahahahahahaha! Hum."

+ Ignore all the abilities presented to you and keep the Sword when
  going to fight the twin cannon.

The twin cannon is a very difficult boss to fight. It has a plethora of moves
that it can use to its own advantage. Your ally will undoubtedly die a quick
death thanks to its apparent lack of cognizant skills, so this will mostly be
a one-on-one sparring match. Initially you will want to concentrate on the
lowest cannon. Occasionally it will open up and charge up a laser. Duck until
it is finished firing and hack away at it. Do not focus on the top cannon
until you've eliminated the bottom one.

The top cannon fires enormous cannonballs that can injure you and leave you
immobilized so that the hand can grab you. The hand serves two purposes; one
is to drop tiny bombs on you, and the second is to grab you and place you
directly in the line of fire. The hand has extended reach, so you may have to
puff your cheeks and fly or do some fancy running to escape it. Only attack
the top cannon when the hand is not after you and it is closed up. If you
follow that strategy, you should not have too hard a time demolishing the twin
cannon. Once you take it, Kirby will fly on a star to the main deck.

Approaching the Left Wing
"The main cannon has been destroyed!"
"Holy cow! What happened?"
"Kirby is heading toward the left wing."

+ To save time, move right while the dialogue takes place.
+ It is a bad idea to use the Jet here. Just sprint onward until you
  reach a star. Beware the laser firing enemies that can reflect their
  ammo off of other surfaces.
+ When you find the star, board it.
+ Kill the laser shooter and the Cutter enemy, but give up your sword
  to obtain the Yo-yo.
+ Point the Yo-yo down to get at the bomb blocks. They will reveal
  triads of ladders that you can climb down.
+ Once at the bottom, make use of the wind to get by. The ice walrus
  mini-boss is located at the end. You can make quick work of him by
  using almost any yo-yo attack. Don't take his useless ability;
  instead, go right and board the star.


The Duct
"Serious damage to the left wing! Approx. 74%!"
"We're gonna lose balance!"
"Lower the sail! Increase right wing power!"

+ After the dialogue is complete, enter the huge crack in the middle of
  the arena.

"Kirby is moving into the duct."
"What is he trying to do?"
"Is he lost?"
"Wait ... I have an idea. Hee hee hee."

+ Don't touch the glowing floor tile with the lightning bolt icon under
  it. It will electrocute you and deal heavy damage.
+ At the other end, move up and float over the sparks in the ground.
+ Move up in the elevator shaft and when you hit the switch, break into
  a dash. You have very little time to get through it.
+ At the top, kill the Fighter and go through the door behind him.
+ Ignore both abilities and get the tomato, then go through the door.

"Is this OK, Sir?"
"Are you positive about this?"
"Be quiet! This is our only chance!"
"Don't fail again! Release Heavy Lobster!"

"Hee hee hee hee! Get Kirby!"
"Oh no, our battleship is being destroyed..."
"That's not important now! Go ahead!"

If at all possible, you want to have a weapon that can make quick work of the
blocks in your way, such as the sword or the yo-yo. Press up against the right
side of the screen whenever possible and hit the attack button if an obstacle
ever gets in your way. The yo-yo is basically the best weapon for the job.
Allies will only get in the way. Float over Heavy Lobster when he shoots
flames from one of his claws or if he charges at you. The only times you
should attack are when he jumps up and down or if he is standing still and you
are absolutely sure you can get away if he tries to pull something. Cheap
shots are the way to go with Heavy Lobster. Only a few volleys are required to 
destroy him.

If you want to have a little fun, swallow a tiny red droplet that he
occasionally shoots from his claw. This will give you the Paint ability. It
doesn't do much, and it's a one-shot capability, but it provides some
entertainment. Just have fun with it if you care to.

Under the Ship
"Major damage to the right wing!"
"Don't worry! We've regained our balance."
"Kirby's outside! He's going under the ship!"

+ Jump into the first cannon at left and fire yourself straight down.
  Be sure to tilt to the left some so you don't fall into the pit.
+ The bottom one will launch you right to the door.

"Kirby's entered from underneath the ship!"
"The bottom's weak ... the wind is too strong."
"It's too cold."
"I'm afraid of heights!"
"No way! I ain't goin'."
"You chickens!"

+ Use the wind and move swiftly to the left. If you stay out of
  everyone's way, you'll make it to the first door in your path sooner
  than you think.
+ When you reach it, enter it.
+ Don't do anything in this room but make mad dashes. If you keep
  running, hitting switches, and persevering, you should easily get
  through all the switches. Don't let up on your running, just keep
  going. Make sure not to be fooled by the platform where you drop and
  a wind current carries you to the beginning of of the room. Once you
  are at the first elevator shaft, go to the right.
+ Drop down and hit the switch. It gets rid of the steel cubes blocking
  the first elevator shaft.
+ Go right at the first stop once the first elevator is fully
  accessible. This little detour yields a yo-yo and a 1-up.
+ Head all the way down and use your yo-yo to find a hidden treasure

"Oh no! Those are my hidden tomatoes!"
"You idiot! You hid those?"
"They look delicious."

+ The collection of items in this room should be enough to fill your
  energy back up if you needed such a nourishing. Once done in there,
  leave and go all the way to the right.

"Kirby is heading toward the reactor!"
"If we lose power, we're doomed!!"
"Relax. The reactor can't be defeated!"
"I hope no reflect lasers hit the reactor!"
"SHHH! That's a SECRET!"

+ I hope you caught the subtle hint given to you in that conversation.
  If your energy is low, get the tomato and then go through the door
  for another boss battle.

Physical weapons are totally useless against the reactor. You need to let the
blue laser that descends from the ceiling do all the work for you. Get in its
path when it lowers and then guide it to the shiny diamond in the middle (the
reactor). About three laser hits will do it in. Keep one eye on the floor.
Secret gunnery can move around under it and fire up from the floor. Move
whenever you see it coming.

As mentioned before, three good hits on the reactor will damage it

"Bad news! The reactor's been damaged!"
"The Wheelies are abandoning ship!"

Executive Decisions
"We are losing power! Engine No. 3! Engine No. 5!"
"Ain't any power left! We can't fly!"
"(We've failed ... it's over.)"
"Attention all crew! Evacuate ship!"
"Waaah! The ship's going down!"

"I'm not staying. I'm evacuating!"
"Now, it's your turn to evacuate."
"No, I want to stay with you, Sir!"
"Let's try one more time to get Kirby!"
".....It's dangerous, but it's worth a try."
"Thank you, guys."

+ Like most scrolling levels, this one starts out slow. You have
  several choices of items to take with you. Take the yo-yo if you
  don't already have it.
+ The screen will undoubtedly start to scroll faster at about the
  point where you find the Sleep enemy. Do not get the tomato yet,
  there is a better opportunity up ahead. When the door comes up,
  enter quickly or be crushed.
+ Get the tomato here that is lying in front of you and then go up.
+ The ride up the elevator shaft is long. Take a few precautions when
  you make it to the top.

"Wait, Kirby!"
"You can't go any further!"

+ Several mini-bosses from the past few levels are coming back to haunt
  you, and they wish to totally eviscerate Kirby with their axes and
  lasers and stuff! Not really. But they do want to stop him. Though
  your oppressors may come at you in droves, they are extremely easy to
  take out. Just handle them one at a time; they don't have very much
  energy per person. When they're dead, you can move on.

"Sir Meta-Knight, you're on your own!"
"We're evacuating!"

+ Take the lift at right up to the top.
+ Enter the door in front of you.
+ Don't worry about getting anything in here except the tomato. You'll
  find something far more useful in the confrontation ahead.

Right when you enter, you'll see an arrow and in big letters a message saying
GET IT! It's the Sword ability, and it is highly useful in this arena. Watch
out, because the Meta-Knight is a tough cookie. He has several specialized
moves, such as the capacity to spin around and form a tornado that can home in
on you. He can also charge you quite hard. Whatever you do, don't get the
Sword beaten out of you. Hit him with hard attacks when there's an open spot
(right now, there should be several). You'll advance to the final level once
you've defeated him.

Race to the Finish
The only keys to this level are moving quickly (because you don't get much
time at all) and having complete mastery of the Wheel ability. You'll get it
as soon as you enter the stage, but the intro wastes eight precious seconds of
your time, so you'll have to move quickly. The Meta-Knight, in a last-resort
maneuver, is going to try to take you out while you're running away. Hold Y
constantly and jump early to get to higher ground. When you press Y, you'll
break into a dash that you won't be able to beat this level without. It's okay
if Meta-Knight hits you once or twice, just don't let him hamper you onstantly
or you'll go down for the count. I made it out with one second left :)

Once you're done, the Halberd will go down in flames and Kirby will ride away
victorious. All in all, this should have been a pretty easy mini-game, but
sometimes it can get tricky. Now sit back and watch the credits or skip to the
mini-game selection screen. Milky Way Wishes is now an accessible game. I
suggest playing it.

\   3.6 Milky Way Wishes   \
4 Mini-Games............................
Kirby Super Star has a total of three full-fledged mini-games, two that are
available from the start and one you gain after completing all the main games.
In this section, I'll explain all the mini-games and srategies for winning in

\   4.1 Megaton Punch   \
In this mini-game, you have to see who can do the most damage to Pop Star 
through three press-the-button-at-the-right-time challenges: filling a 
moving bar, stationing crosshairs over each other, and stopping a
pedulem in the designated spot. Whoever gets the most precise result does
more damage and is thus the victor.

There a few pointers I could give out for this game. First of all, whenever
the perfect time to press the button comes around, the moving thing will turn
white. If that sounds confusing let me explain it like this. When the power
meter is at the top, the power meter and its "container" together flash white.
When the cross-hairs are stationed over each other, a thicker, white cross-
hair shows up. I suck at describing it, don't I? Anyway, here's pointer number
two: wait for your opponent to go first. You pressing A while the screen
changes to your opponent's attack really destroys your concentration and your
timing. Thirdly, keep your finger on the button. Don't move it. You don't have
to hit the button the first time the things move; you can wait for them to go
back and forth till the pattern is embedded in your head, then go for it!

Note: Watch for Mario, Luigi, and Birdo on the left and right bleachers.

\   4.2 Samurai Kirby   \
This mini-game is more difficult and nerve-racking than Megaton Punch by a
long-shot. Basically, someone's Kirby and someone is the other person (or the
computer if there's no player 2). You're in the middle of nowhere. You wait
until ! appears. As soon as it does, you hit the button and whoever hit it
earliest after the ! wins. If you go before the ! twice, you lose the round.
The music in the background really helps build the suspense in the game but
also makes you jump the gun since the music seems to go on and on and on.

Pointers for Samurai Kirby are as follows: Don't let anything ruin your
concentration. That's the key to this game. Also, keep your finger on the
button, be ready to press it at any time. Focus on the screen. Try not even
looking at the screen and only using your ears for the distinct noise the !
makes when it appears.

Good luck. 

\   4.3 The Arena   \
Ah. The Arena. The pinnacle of this game and by far the truest test of
strength. The premise is simple. Take every (there are 20 in total) boss, and
some drop-outs, and fight them, with limited healing items. Think All-Star
mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Anyway, I recommend starting with Kirby
with the bomb power and a Poppy Bros. Jr. helper. Bomb is very useful because
it provides for long-range power, which almose always useful. Now, the only
real way to play this is with two human players, rather then you and the
computer, however, I will guide you through both ways of doing it. 

_You and the Computer_
With a AI controlled second player I would have to say it's harder than with
a human companion, but it can be done. First of all, you should as I said
before start off with Bomb, and get a Poppy Bros. Jr. Helper. The helpers get
pretty crazy and _will_ go suicidal. They'll jump into action and start
attacking. This is a good and bad thing. For someone like King Dedede, it's
great. But against the Halberd Combo Cannon, your helper (Poppy Bros. Jr.)
will die before it can get a few attacks through. So when you're going up
against a boss like the Combo Cannon, be ready to revive your hepler by
getting rid of your current power. Since after that Kirby is powerless, you'll
want to get him out of the action and only guarding and going for the stars
and items enemies drop so he can spit them back at the boss. Keep at least two
Maxim-Tomatoes till that last 3-4 bosses; one for somewhere between battles 4-
2, and one before Marx, who is always the last boss and is not random. If
Kirby is powerless after fight, and has a helper (hopefully still Poppy Bros.
Jr.) and the power-boxes both have worthless powers, keep Kirby powerless, and
just let him guard and spit things at the enemy. This goes especially well
before Chamelo Arm and Wham Bam Rock. With Chamelo Arm, you will and to suck
in those little colorful balls he spits out to get the Paint One-Shot Ability
and defeat him easily, letting you helper take care of whatever health he has
beofre or after the paint ability. With Wham Bam Rock, you want to get the
Stone ability, and not attack much. You're better off during this fight to
drop into a stone and stay put, only coming out if your helper needs reviving.
You can occassionally attack if you see fit. You can get stone from when he
hits the ground and all the rocks fall from the ceiling. Don't forget! If your
helper is flashing white and red and running back and forth the next power
that touches him, he gains. That means that if he's about to die and a rock
falls on him, he'll turn into Rocky. Oh yeah, and make sure to look at the 
picture of the next enemy to see what you should do before the battle 
(heal, change abilities, etc.). The picture is at the top right of the screen.
That's all I can say about Arena with 1 Human and 1 CPU. 

_You and a Friend_
This is so much easier. Again, start off with your friend as a Poppy Bros.
Jr. Helper and Kirby with the bomb ability. Now when you have a friend playing
as a helper, Kirby _should_ be a coward whenever possible in order to stay
away from damage. Only let Kirby participate in long-range damage and reviving
the helper, except vs. Chamelo Arm, Waddle Dee, the two groups of semi-bosses,
and a few others. Refer to the boss list for tips and reasons. Anyway, as I
said, you'll want to make sure that your friend stays as Poppy Bros. Jr.
Sacrifice whatever power you have if you need to revive him. Some of the tips
I said in the last paragraph apply here to; you should make sure your helper 
doesn't hit any objects while flashing. That's all.

And, when you beat the Arena the first time, you'll open up the sound test.

The Evil-Doers __________________________

Here are all the bosses and baddies that fill the arena. Included are what 
abilities you can gain from them if any, andother attributes. In alphibetical 

These walkthroughs are tailored for beating the arena, and are sometimes
totally different than the strategies given in the actual level walkthroughs.
Reffering to both is sometimes the best way to go.

 The Layout
/enemy name    the name of the enemy
 description   a conscise description of the power
 tactics       how you should fight them; tactics agains the enemy

 power(s)      the power Kirby can gain from the enemy, if any
/enemy name    Chamelo Arm
 description   A color-changing reptile, the Chamelo Arm has a variety of 
               quick attacks. He could dash at you, suck you in and spit you
               out, he can hit you with his tail, and he can spit balls of 
               paint at you.
 tactics       With the right tactics, this is easy. First, let your helper go
               all out on him, getting his life to about half full, while you 
               as Kirby avoid all Chamelo Arm's attacks. Then, when Chamelo 
               Arm jumps up in the air and hooks is tail to the ceiling to 
               spit out his balls of paint, position Kirby as to suck one of
               them in. Swallow it to gain the paint ability. Use the pain 
               ability (a single-shot ability) to finish Chamelo Arm off, as 
               it should take away the half of the life meter that was left.
               Beware that he can also camouflouge himself into the background
               as to make it harder for you to see him.

 powers(s)     Paint Ability from the balls of paint Chamelo Arm spits out.
/enemy name    Computer Virus
 description   A three-enemy in one battle, RPG-Style, complete with HP, where
               Kirby and Co. take turns attacking the enemy. The dialog box at
               the top contains information about the battle.
 tactics       An RPG-Style Battle, the Computer Virus is actually three
               enemies in one. There is first a witch, then a knight, then
               a dragon. Kirby and Co. always start first, and then the enemy.
               Every time your turn comes there will be two power-boxes, one 
               on the left and one on the right. Only change your power if 
               a. it's bomb; b. it's hammer; c. it's mirror; or d. it's stone.
               Anyway, the witch is weak and can't do much. Just guard against
               her attacks and pound her when your turn comes. Bombs'll do 
               fine. Next, the knight. He's a bit tougher because of his sword
               attack that brings swords down all around the screen, though 
               he'll leave himself open to attack more often then the other 
               two in order to "store power" and "retreat." You can still 
               guard against it. When your turn comes, either throw bombs at 
               him, do the spinning air attack with the hammer, fly above him
               and drop on him as stone, or do the dash mirror attack. 
               However, still keep your helper as Poppy Bros. Jr. if at all 
               possible. Then the dragon. The dragon has the most HP and takes 
               the longest to kill but is really no harder than the knight.
               Just watch outwhen he blows the scythes. 

 powers(s)     A variety of powers appear on the left and right of the screen
               between turns.
/enemy name    Dual Whispy Woods
 description   Two Whispy Woods. With a helper, this is easier than easy. 
 tactics       There's not much in the way of tactics here. With a helper, 
               this is easier than easy. Just send your helper 
               (prefferably Poppy Bros. Jr.) on one and yourself on the other.
               Cutter, mirror, and sword all work fine too, but the bomb is
               the best. Just run up to the tree and hold down down and keep
               pressing B till the tree's finished.

 powers(s)     N/A
/enemy name    Halberd Combo Cannon
 description   A dual-power cannon. It has a moving cannon which fires large 
               cannon balls, and a laser cannon which fires thick beams. It
               also has a a hand the comes down from the top of the screen
               that can drop bombs on Kirby and his helper, and grab either
               one of them to bash against the ground than throw. The hand 
               can be destroyed with a single bomb or hit, but will come back.
 tactics       This is a toughie mainly due to the fact that touching the main
               part of the cannon, the part that shoots cannon balls and
               accounts for most of the combo cannon's health, is damaging to
               you, if you touch it. The best thing to do is to first nail the
               laser cannon until it blows up. Beware that even if you do
               duck, the combo cannon may push up one of the platforms you
               stand on to still get you in the way of the blast. After the 
               laser cannon's gone, send your helper on a suicide mission to
               jump on the little strip of semi-safe land in front of the big
               cannon and go all out, while you, hopefully with the bomb 
               ability jump and throw bombs from the ground. All through the
               battle, watch for the mechanical hand that comes and goes. It
               drops bombs that Kirby can eat to get the Bomb power, and it
               can also grab Kirby and helper for a painful amount of damage.

 powers(s)     Bomb Ability from the bombs the Mechanical Hand drops. 
/enemy name    Halberd Reactor
 description   The reactor of the Halberd Ship. You have to destroy it in
               order to destroy the Halberd. It has a cannon which fires a
               large blast, and three other cannons that shoot streams of fire
               from under you. There is also a moving device that follows 
               Kirby or his helper and shoots lasers at him.
 tactics       This isn't that hard, as long as you know what to do. First of
               all, avoid all the cannons. If the ones that come from under
               get to start shooting you, simply stand in between two of them
               and you'll be fine. OK, when that little thing that looks like
               the end of of electrical cord comes, it'll move it's head 
               around depending on where Kirby and his helper are. If you are
               playing with a computer, sometimes this will go for your helper
               who you have no control over and so he won't be able to do what
               you're supposed to do. If you're playing with a human as your 
               helper, and the thing goes for him, let him do what you are 
               supposed to do. WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO: When the plug is 
               following you, jump and hover _directly_ in front of the 
               Reactor itself (the shiny sparkly diamond-looking thing). As
               soon as the plug starts vibrating, get out of the way and let
               the laser hit the reactor. Three doses of this and the reactor
               will blow up.

 powers(s)     N/A
/enemy name    Heart of Nova
 description   A side-scrolling shooter where Kirby has to pilot horizontally
               and vertically to destroy all the pillars of the Heart of Nova.
 tactics       This is a pretty easy boss fight, especially with a helper. 
               Powers are regardless here. First make sure you destroy all of
               the ones on the first time the pass you. Then after about five 
               or six pillars, the whole thing will reverse direction, and you
               have to dodge the coming pillars that you had already destoyed. 
               Then, there will be two more; the first one is easy and all you
               have to do is fly through without touching the little part that
               you actually have to shoot. The second one is where you're most
               likely to get hurt due to lack of space for Kirby to go through
               without touching the actual thing, but once you destroy that
               last one, the whole thing will blow up and you'll fly away.

 powers(s)     N/A
/enemy name    Heavy Lobster

 description   A big mechanical lobster that can shoot out flames, litte Heavy
               Lobster-shaped ground missiles, and ram himself at Kirby and 
 tactics       This fight is similar to the Chamelo Arm fight, but a bit 
               easier since the Heavy Lobster is such a big foe. Just hit him
               with all you got and jump over him when he speeds in your 
               direction. When he stops and splits his claws into a 
               ninety-degree angle, it means he's a. going to shoot flames a 
               you; b. going to shoot a small ground missile at you; or c. 
               going to spit out a blob ao paint. Now, the ground missile can
               be sucked up and spat out back at him and the paint can be 
               sucked up for the insanely useful Paint Ability, but when he 
               spits flames, you should becareful as it does tough damage. As
               usual, a helper makes this battle easier. Make sure that, 
               whenever he gives you the opportunity, you get the Paint 
               Ability, regardless of what power you have, as Paint will make
               the battle finish in less then half the time.

 powers(s)     Paint Ability from the balls of paint Heavy Lobster spits out.
/enemy name    Fatty Whale 

 description   A huge tobacco-smoking whale. Why the whale does not like 
               Kirby, I do not know. He can divebomb towards the screen,
               barrel roll left to right, and belly flop into the water, in
               addition to blowing water out of his back to bring down stones.

 tactics       For some reason, I have trouble with this boss; but as far as I
               can say, there isn't much in the way of tactics when fighting 
               the Fatty Whale. Just hit him and avoid his attacks...use the 
               general good powers (Bomb, Sword, etc.), and this should be 
               pretty easy. Also, if your health is bombing, go for the stones
               that fall when dives towards the screen; they'll give you the 
               stone ability.

 powers(s)     Stone Ability from the rocks that fall.
/enemy name    Kracko

 description   A big cloud with spikes covering it and a large, rather
               menacing, eye in the center. One of the most annoying bosses. 
               He has a variety of quick attacks: flying from the left to
               right, or right to left of the screen, shooting down beams,
               shooting single bolts of lighting, swooping around the screen,
               and spitting out Waddle Doos.

 tactics       This guy puts up a fight. Since Kracko spends most of his time
               in the air, there aren't many abilities that give you multiple
               attacks in the air. So, your best bet is to swallow and spit
               out the Waddle Doos for some considerable damage, and, if you 
               have hammer or sword, do the air spin attacks with those two. 
               A helper isn't very useful here, unless they are a Bonkers
               (hammer) or  Blade Knight (sword).

 powers(s)     Beam Ability from the Waddle Doos that Kracko spits out.
/enemy name    Marx

 description   The last boss of the game and the boss of Milky Way Wishes.
               Marx can be an insane fight, if you don't know his moves, but
               with the proper knowledge, you should be able to take him down.
               He has the following abilities: shooting four boomerangs;
               shooting a stream of yellow arrow-like things; dropping a blue
               bomb that explodes into a blue beam which turns anything that
               touches the beam into ice; dropping multiple bombs that explode
               into vertical columns of a cactus-looking thing; and, when he
               gets low on health, a black hole that sucks in whatever gets
               near it and drops it from the top of the screen. That last one
               is particularly damaging, and has destroyed my chances of
               beating the Arena on quite a few occasions.

 tactics       Ah, the final fight in the arena. Now that you know his
               attacks, Marx should be an easy opponent; just a rather tedious
               one due to the amount of damage he can take. No matter the
               power you have, you should beat him silly with it. To avoid his
               ice bomb, jump over the beam. To avoid his arrow beam, float
               over it. To avoid the black hole and the cactus bombs, go
               to either corner of the screen and guard. To avoid the
               boomerangs...well, just avoid them! Now, if you are powerless,
               avoid everything and when the oppurtunity comes, suck in the
               boomerangs and spit them back at him. With him dead, you have
               successfully completed the arena!

 powers(s)     Ice Ability from the Ice Bomb he drops.
/enemy name    Meta-Knight

 description   A small ball-shaped opponent with a sword and a cape. Sounds
               menacing, huh? He can do all the normal sword attacks Kirby can
               do as well as a few others, the most damaging being when he
               spins himself into a tornado and speeds really fast all around
               the screen. The attack is nearly unavoidable. 

 tactics       You have to battle this guy with the sword power. This can be a
               good or bad thing depending on your tastes, but to me, the
               sword is to weak and slow (other than the sword beam attack) to
               make this battle easy. Anyhow, since your stuck with the sword,
               you should mainly just try to avoid his tornado attack and do
               sword beam constantly against him, and let your helper go
               suicidal on him. That's the quickest way to make him fold into
               his cape and go away. I like the idea of a one-on-one (excusing
               the helper) sword fight, though. Real epic sounding for a Kirby

 power(s)      You are forced to get the Sword Ability at the beginning of  
               this battle.
/enemy name    Semi-Boss Group #1

                     NEXT UPDATE

/enemy name    Semi-Boss Group #2
                     NEXT UPDATE
/enemy name    Waddle Dee 

 description   A helpless, harmless Waddle Dee. Why is he in the arena? I have
               no idea. He can't hurt unless you touch him.
 tactics       Just position Kirby in front of him and swallow him. He's gone.

 powers(s)     N/A
/enemy name    Wham Bam Rock

 description   A giant stone face, with a giant stone hand, that does giant
               stone damage. Wham Bam Rock has one hand that does a variety of
               attacks; think Master Hand from either Smash Bros. game and you
               have a good idea about what to expect attack-wise.

 tactics       Ok, this is one of the tougher battles. This battle is probably
               best done with some ranged ability, so that after every attack,
               when he pauses for an instant, you can damage him without
               putting yourself in danger. Some thing like bomb or Fighter
               would be good; just thowing bombs or, in the case of fighter,
               doing a constant Vulcan Jab (Y Repeadedly). As the battle
               progresses and he loses life he will start doing quicker and
               more powerful attacks so beware that as well.

 powers(s)     Stone Ability from the rocks that fall.
/enemy name    Whispy Woods
 description   A big tree that doesn't like Kirby. All it does is drop apples
               that, upon hitting Kirby, hurt him. This is possibly, aside 
               from Waddle Dee, the easiest boss basttle.

 tactics       With or without power or helper this is easy. Simply suck in
               the apples he drop and spit them out at him. A few should due
               the trick. And for the impatiant, run up to him with whatever
               ability you have and hammer away at him (with bomb, just hold
               down and press B).

 powers(s)     N/A

5 Enemy Powers..........................
A list of all the powers Kirby can obtain from sucking up enemies. In
alphabetical order.

 The Layout:
/enemy name    the name of the enemy
 kirby term    the word it shows under kirby when he obtains the power
 weapon        the weapon kirby gains 
 description   a conscise description of the power
 attacks       the attacks kirby can do with the power

normal powers  __________________________
/enemy name    Biospark              
 kirby term    Ninja                  
 weapon        Knives
 description   Kirby becomes a stealthy ninja who can cling on to walls and
               throw knives. Not a very powerful power...maybe I just 
               haven't used it enough, but I believe there are much better.
 attacks       Tap Y:                      Knife Throw
               Hold Y:                     Quado-Shock Attack
               Dash+Y:                     Dash Attack
               Down+Y In Air:              Ninja Kick
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Air Drop
               Upon Damage, Push Y:        Hide Defense
               Push Against a wall In Air: Stick to Wall
               Stick to Wall+B:            Triangle Jump
/enemy name    Birdon
 kirby term    Wing
 weapon        Feathers
 description   Kirby becomes a colorful bird who can fly and shoot feathers. 
               A fun, albeit not very powerful, ability.
 attacks       Y:                          Feather Gun
               Dash+Y:                     Condor Heading
               Down+Y In Air:              Bomber Heading
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Toss
               Y After Toss:               Shuttle Loop
               B In Air:                   Fluttering
/enemy name    Blade Knight
 kirby term    Sword
 weapon        Sword
 description   Kirby dons a Link-Inspired cap and gains a golden sword. A very
               nice ability with short- to mid-range attacks and good power. 
               Can be used underwater.
 attacks       Y:                          Chop          (also in air)
               Y:                          Chop and Beam (when energy is full)
               Y Repeadedly:               Multi-Sword Attack
               Dash+Y:                     Sword Stab
               Down+Y In Air:              Down Air Stab
/enemy name    Bonkers
 kirby term    Hammer
 weapon        Hammer
 description   Kirby takes hold of a hammer as big as himself which he
               can flatten enemies with. A very strong ability, with very
               little range. However, Kirby can throw the hammer at an enemy 
               at will, though it will make him powerless. Can be used
 attacks       Y:                          Hammer Nail
               Dash+Y:                     Hammer Swing
               Y In Air:                   Giant Swing
               Dash+Y In Air:              Ultragiant Swing
               Up+Y:                       Hammer Flip
               Dash+A:                     Hammer Throw (kirby only)
/enemy name    Bugzzy
 kirby term    Suplex
 weapon        Wrestling-Based Attacks
 description   Kirby becomes a pro wrestler as he dashes to grab enemies
               and do various attacks depending on which way you push the 
               Control Pad. A very fun and powerful attack however the 
               biggest flaw is that it doesn't work on bosses. 
               Note: Does Not Work on Bosses
 attacks       Y:                          Dash Capture
               Y Repeadedly:               Quick Stamping
               Down+Y In Air:              Pinpoint Kick
               Dash Capture+Up:            Back Breaker
               Dash Capture+Down:          Body Slam
               Dash Capture+Right:         Pile Driver
               Dash Capture+Left:          German suplex
               Dash Capture+Y:             Lariat
               Dash Capture+B:             Jumping Body Slam
               Dash Capture+Up/Right Air:  Air Body Slam
               Dash Capture+Down In Air:   Air Body Down Slam

/enemy name    Burnin' Leo
 kirby term    Fire
 weapon        Fire-Based Attacks
 description   Kirby becomes a living fireball who can breath fire and 
               shoot forward in fireball form. Very powerful with a good 
               dash attack. No real negatives.
 attacks       Y:                          Fire Blow
               Y+Control Pad:              Change Fire Direction
               Hold Y+Left:                Fireball
               Dash+Y:                     Burning Attack 
               B+Y:                        Fireball Spin
               Y Before Landing:           Fireball Roll
/enemy name    Capsule-J
 kirby term    Jet
 weapon        Jetpack
 description   Kirby adds a jetpack to his arsenal, and it enables him
               to hover and shoot forward at enemies with lots of momentum.
               Not very useful unless you have a "runway" full of enemies. 
 attacks       Hold Y:                     Store Power
               Release Y:                  Jet Kick
               Release Y In Air:           Jet Heading
               Max Power Stored:           Jet Dash
               Jet Dash+Y:                 Jet Cracker
               Release Y Near Enemy:       Jet Blow
               Jet Blow Max Power:         Diving Rocket
               Power Stored+B:             Save Stored Power
               B In Air:                   Hover
               Max Power+B In Air:         Ultra-Jet Jump
/enemy name    Chilly
 kirby term    Ice
 weapon        Ice-Based Attacks
 description   Another fun ability which enables Kirby to attack enemies with
               ice. The greatest part of this otherwise weak ability is the
               fact that you can suck enemies in and spit them out as ice 
               cubes. Afterwards you can kick the ice cubes into other enemies 
               for damage.
 attacks       Y:                          Freezer Breath
               Dash+Y:                     Freezer Blizzard
               Y Repeadedly:               Freezer Blizzard
               Y In the Air:               Freezer Sprinkle
               L/R+Y Near Enemy:           Freezer Suction
               Freezer Suction+Y:          Freezer Ejection
               Touching Ice:               Ice Kick
/enemy name    Gim
 kirby term    Yo-Yo
 weapon        Yo-Yo
 description   A great ability with many pluses. Kirby takes a Yo-Yo into 
               possesion an unleashes a flurry of attacks. The Yo-Yo can go
               through walls and does a decent bit of damage. Kirby can even 
               Yo-Yo himself into a spin attack.
 attacks       Y:                          Yo-Yo Throw
               Dash+Y:                     Break Spin
               Up+Y:                       Up Throw Attack
               Down+Y:                     Down Throw Attack
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Hammer Drop
               Down+Up+Y:                  Gazer Spiral
/enemy name    Knuckle Joe 
 kirby term    Fighter
 weapon        Fists
 description   One of the most powerful abilities. It is quite like the sword,
               but with a bit more range. Kirby can throw an endless beating
               at the nearest enemy, and do a dashing uppercut to the first 
               enemy he touches. Fighter Kirby can also throw enemies. 
               Note: Strength of Attack Depends on How Long You Press Y.
 attacks       Y:                          Vulcan Jab  (weak)
               Y:                          Smash Punch (strong)
               Dash+Y:                     Leg Sweep   (weak) 
               Dash+Y:                     Spin Kick   (strong)
               Y In Air:                   Down Kick   (weak)
               Y In Air:                   Double Kick (strong)
               Up+Y:                       Rising Break
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Grab Enemy
               Grab+Y:                     Arm Throw
               Grab+Left+Y:                Tomoe Throw (kirby only)
/enemy name    Parasol W. Dee
 kirby term    Parasol
 weapon        Parasol
 description   Another modestly powerful ability. Kirby opens up his red and
               white umbrella to wack enemies with and, when opened in the air
               float slowly to the ground. When used in conjunction with
               Kirby's normal hovering ability, it can provide some very 
               long-distance flights. It can also protect you from enemies that
               fall from above. Can be used underwater.
 attacks       Y:                          Parasol Swing
               Hold Y:                     Parasol Shield
               Dash+Y:                     Parasol Drill
               Down+Y In Air:              Parasol Dive
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Parasol Roll
               Up In Air:                  Parasol Chute
/enemy name    Plasma Wisp 
 kirby term    Plasma
 weapon        Plasma-Based Attacks
 description   Kirby can shoot plasma-based objects at enemies. This ability
               can be really powerful, but tedious is definately the word 
               when it comes do constantly rubbing the control pad. Useful 
               against tougher enemies.
               Note: Attack Power Depends on How Long You Move the Control 
                     Pad Before Pressing Y.
 attacks       No Power:                   Plasma Needle
               Slight Power:               Plasma Arrow
               Medium Power:               Plasma Spark
               High Power:                 Plasma Laser
               Full Power:                 Plasma Weave Cannon
/enemy name    Poppy Bros. Jr
 kirby term    Bomb
 weapon        Bomb
 description   My favorite power. Why? It's powerful, ranged, and has no
               set-backs. Throw, set, toss an unlimited number of bombs at
               breakneck speeds. Useful anywhere, anytime. 
               Note: Bomb Angle Depends How Long You Press Y.
 attacks       Y: Hold a Bomb
               Y: Throw a Bomb (when holding a bomb)
               Y Near Enemy: Set a Bomb (when holding a bomb)
               Down+Y: Drop a Bomb
               Dash+Y: Straight Throw
/enemy name    Rocky
 kirby term    Stone 
 weapon        Kirby Becoms a Variety of Stones
 description   A great ability in some cases and a terrible one at others. 
               When in stone form, Kirby is invincible. If Kirby falls on 
               enemies in stone, the damage done is immense, but it's rather
               hard to find an enemy waiting for you to "drop-in" on them.
 attacks       Y:                          Stone
               Y In Air:                   Stone Smash
               Dash+Y:                     Turbo Stone
/enemy name    Simirror
 kirby term    Mirror
 weapon        Mirror Shards
 description   A fun and powerful ability. Kirby becomes quite a magician 
               and can create mirror shards to hurl at the enemy. He can also
               use his guard stance to reflect attacks.
 attacks       Y:                          Mirror Cut
               Hold+Y:                     Reflect Force
               Dash+Y:                     Mirror Body
               L or R:                     Reflect Guard
/enemy name    Sir Kibble
 kirby term    Cutter
 weapon        Boomerang-Knives
 description   The Cutter Ability lets Kirby throw boomerang-knives at enemies.
               This is a decent ability, but the only real reason you would use
               it is that it gives kirby a weak ranged attack and a powerful  
               close-up combo attack.
               Note: Can be Used to Cut Ropes
 attacks       Y:                          Cutter Boomerang
               Dash+Y:                     Cutter Dash Attack
               Y Repeatedly In Air:        Cutter Drop Attack 
               Down+Y In Air:              High Speed Cutter Drop
               Y Repeatedly Near Enemy:    Nonstop Cutter Attack
/enemy name    TAC
 kirby term    Copy
 weapon        Power-Stealing Device
 description   Copy is an odd ability that allows you to copy the powersw of 
               enemies by standing next to them and pressing Y. However, if you
               use it on weaker enemies that don't have powers, they die.
               Note: Helper Can Get Rid of Copied Ability by Pressing A.
 attacks       Y:                          Analyze Beam (Kirby)
               Y:                          Sneaky Hand  (Helper)
/enemy name    Waddle Doo
 kirby term    Beam
 weapon        Electric-Based Attacks
 description   Kirby gains access to some really weak electric-based attacks. 
               There are only two good attacks that come with this power; the
               very cool Capture Beam, and the takes-to-long-to-charge Wave
               Beam. Don't use this very often.

 attacks       Y:                          Beam Whip
               Dash+Y:                     Cycle Beam
               Dash+Y In Air:              Beam Machine Gun
               Right+Y Near Enemy:         Beam Capture
               Hold Y:                     Wave Beam (must be charged) 

/enemy name    Wheelie
 kirby term    Wheel
 weapon        Wheel

 description   Kirby can become a free-standing wheel at will with this power.
               Like the Jet this is pretty useless unless you have constant 
               straight-aways, but it is possibly the most entertaining power
               of all.
               Note: Can Ride on Water.
 attacks       Y:                          Dash/Dash Release
               B:                          Brake
               Left or Right               Turn

one-shot powers _________________________

/enemy name    Chef Kawasaki
 kirby term    Cook
 weapon        Kirby Can Cook Enemies
 descrption    Kirby grabs a pot and roll calls all the enemies on screen
               into it. He cooks them and out come healing items, one per
               enemy. Very useful.
 attacks       Y:                          Cook 
/enemy name    Crash
 kirby term    Crash
 weapon        Everything Dies
 description   Basically Mike, but only once and more powerful. 
               Note: Does Not Work on Bosses
 attacks       Y:                          Crash Attack
/enemy name    Mike
 kirby term    Mike
 weapon        Noise-Based Attacks
 description   While technically not a one-shot power, it is not very common 
               nevertheless. Kirby gets three noise based attacks that kill 
               all the enemies on the screen. 
               Note: Does Not Work on Bosses.
 attacks       Y:                          Mike Attack
/enemy name    N/A
 kirby term    Paint
 weapon        Paint/Paintbrush
 description   Kirby grabs a paint brush and splatters paint on everything on
               the screen. Possibly the most useful one-shot power as it works
               on bosses and well. And the reason enemy name is N/A is because
               you get paint from either eating the Chamelo Arm's paint balls
               or the Heavy Lobster's paint blobs, not by eating an enemy. For
               more on those two bosses, refer to "The Evildoers" under the
               Subsection "The Arena."
 attacks       Y:                          Paint Attack
/enemy name    Sleeping Kirby Clone
 kirby term    Sleep
 weapon        N/A
 description   Just a really big annoyance; all Kirby has to do is touch one
               of these guys and he goes to sleep; no eating necessary. Kirby
               stays a sleep for a few seconds, and is subject to attack while

 attacks       N/A
6 Items.................................
A list of all the items from Kirby Super Star and their uses. In alphabetical

Note: All healing items can be shared with helpers; after Kirby gets a
healing item if he just moves near his helper he will, um, kiss the helper and
somehow regurgitate the food. Basically, if you get a Maxim Tomato and touch
your helper, you both get filled life. But beware that if you wait more than a
few seconds after you get the healing item, sharing doesn't work.

 The Layout:
/item name     the name of the item
 type          what type of item it is
 description   a conscise description of the item

/item name     1-Up
 type          N/A
 description   Gives you another life; ironically, as useful as these are, 
               they're pretty easy to come by. You'll notices sometimes, 
               especially in the Great Cave Offensive, that you have twelve or
               thirteen lives!
/item name     Block
 type          Road Conditions
 description   A block with a star on it. Can be swallowed (but it's no good
               for an ability) and destroyed using just about any ability.
/item name     Bomb Block
 type          Road Conditions

 description   Like a normal block, but with a bomb icon on it. Destroying it
               will cause a small explosion that can damage Kirby.
/item name     Cannon
 type          Um. Bad thing?

 description   A black cannon that shoots small black cannon balls. Cannot be
               destroyed or eaten, nor can the cannon balls. A really big
               annoyance throughout the game.
/item name     Food
 type          Healing
 description   The standard source of health in all Kirby Games. Food comes in
               various types which each heal a different amount of damage.
               Look for this throughout Dreamland.
/item name     Lollipop
 type          Invincibility
 description   A lollipop which grants Kirby a short stint of invincibility.
               Very rare, but insanely useful. You can kill enemies by just 
               touching them while invincible, and the power can be transfered
               to a helper, like food.
/item name     Maxim Tomato
 type          Healing

 description   A ripe-looking red tomato with a block M on it. Totally fills
               Kirby's health bar, though it is much more rare than other food

7 Version History.......................
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+Dynablade Complete
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+Revenge of Meta-Knight Complete
+Everything After the Walkthrough Complete
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 Work Started: July 30, 2002
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 program has made my job zillions of times easier!
+Nintendo and Halken for creatin this game.
+The sites who have permission to post this walkthrough.
+Anyone who developed my writing talent.

      .M                             MMMM$                          
     $MM                            MMMMM%                          
    YMMM                            MMMMM+                          
    MMMM.                           MMMMM.                          
   +MMMM+                          .MMMMM                           
   2MMMM+                          %MMMMM            .%$2Y%         
   MMMMM.                          $MMMMM       %YMMMMMMMM          
   MMMMM                           YMMMMM    .MMMMMMMMMMM           
   MMMMMMMM0Y2%           .$2+     0MMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMMY            
  MMMMMMMMMMMMM$ 0MM  +MMMMMMMMMM$ 0MMMMMMMMM0.                     
 MMMMMMM0      +MMMMMMMY +MMMMMMMM$0MMMMMMMMMM+                     
MY$MMMMM0      %MMMMMMM    %MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY                    
   YMMMM0      %MMMMMMM     YMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM$                  
   MMMMM0      $MMMMMMM      MMMMM0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM%                
     .         0MMMMMMMMMM2.      2MMM+          %0MMMMMMMY$+       
               0MMMMM             0MM                               
               0MMMMM      a the pink kirby production                       

       Disclaimer: Kirby, Kirby Super Star and everything else which is
          copyrighted by Nintendo or HAL Labs is copyright Nintendo    
                               and HAL Labs.
                      Kirby Super Star FAQ/Walkthrough
                      Copyright 2002    The Pink Kirby
                      - E             O             F-

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