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Revenge of the Meta-Knight FAQ by Snow Dragon

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/07/2002

Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.

I. Updates
II. Introduction and Notes
III. Basic Concept
IV. Walkthrough
V. Credits and Copyrights

4-7-02: Well, I finally reach the last point in my many updates of my old
        walkthroughs - the Kirby mini-games. Submitted for your approval are
        changes in layout and corrections of old erroneous information. None
        of these touches are too noticeable to one who gives only casual
        perusals to FAQs, but I just like some uniformity among all my
        documents, old and new.
          Also, I don't know who thought this FAQ was in French when it got
        posted back in October '01, but I hope it doesn't say that this time. 

Well, now that the Secret of Mana guide has finally been finished (up for a 
little more than two months now as a matter of fact) and nothing has been 
done to any of my Kirby walkthroughs - the final stops in my update crusade - 
it's about time I went back through and reformatted these puppies. You'll 
notice an easier-to-read design all throughout, and I hope you like the 

Since I've done these Kirby Superstar guides separately, there are 
usually a few things I do that make these things a bit unique, but 
occasionally confusing. I'll give you the luxury of knowing what these 
different things are so you don't get confused.

** Revenge of the Meta-Knight is a timed game. In certain areas the
   time will differ from some others. I will separate distinct levels
   by a row of asterisks (*). If you need to find something in
   particular, use the Find option in the Edit menu to locate it. Also,
   some of the dialogue in a particular section might help you figure
   out if you're looking in the right place.

** Even though time is of the essence in this particular mini-game, I
   will write down steps in an easy-to-follow ordered list. There will
   be a plus sign (+) at the beginning of a line to indicate a new

** Boss strategies are written down in paragraph form as opposed to
   step-by-step form.

** The Basic Concept section of this mini-guide covers the plot of this
   mini-game and a few general strategies that might be good to know. 

** Other than that, have fun playing Revenge of the Meta-Knight and the
   rest of Kirby Superstar!

The Meta-Knight, a short little character whose size and looks belie 
his inner power, plans to take over Dream Land with his humongous 
warship, the Halberd. It's up to Kirby to stop this enormous war 
machine and save Dream Land from imminent destruction. Some things to 

Don't swallow anything that isn't useful. Usually in the walkthrough 
I'll indicate when you should swallow an enemy.

Revenge of the Meta-Knight has a difficulty of four stars (****) out of 
five. It definitely earns it.

The game explains this for you if you don't know it already, but to 
gain an enemy's ability, swallow it by holding Y, then press Down to 
gain the ability. This is called copy, just in case you get confused if 
I happen to use that sort of terminology anywhere throughout this document. 
You can only gain a new ability if the enemy you swallow has one to offer.


1. Prologue
If you watch the opening sequence, you will see the dialogue sequence 
that lays out the basic plot and sets up the basic idea of the game. 
Here's the dialogue for that portion of the game, in case you might 
care at all.

"Reactor 1, output normal."
"Adjust the balancer to ...0003!"
(Kirby flies in on his star.)

"Let's raise the anchor."
"Check anti-gravity plant. 1, 2, 3 OK!"
(Kirby gets closer to the warship.)

"Release the sails, solar level 288!"
(Kirby gets even closer as the sails go up. The Meta-Knight is shown in 
his quarters.)

"The time has come. The time to show our power. Dream Land's lazy 
lifestyle will end! I will rule!"

2. On the Halberd
"K...Kirby's here! He's heading towards us!"
"Oh my gosh! What are we gonna do?"
"He'll get in the way. Get rid of him!"
"Sir Meta-Knight, what shall we do?"
"Soldiers near the deck, assume combat mode!"

+ The time for this level starts at 3000. You'll come careening to a
  long halt at about the middle of the ship. There's nothing useful
  behind you, so journey forward.
+ Swallow the Yo-yo enemy in front of you.
+ Hit the switch and then run to get through the wall before it closes.

"Kirby's in the rocket valve!"
"Release Heavy Lobster! Quickly! Quickly!"

+ Kill all the enemies as you advance down the ladder.
+ Move down the elevator shaft and go through the door at left.

"Kirby's behind the nozzle! Fix him!"
"Prepare to take off! Blow Kirby away!"
"Okay! Main engine ignition! Take off!"

+ Stay high up on the screen so that Heavy Lobster doesn't totally blow
  you away with his mega-artillery. If at all possible, you want to
  stall through the dialogue at the bottom of the screen so you can go
  to the next level with minimal conflict. When you blow away, Kirby
  will land in the ocean.

3. Blown Into the Ocean
"Kirby's been blown to the ocean!"
"That was sure close."
"I'll conquer Dream Land with the Halberd!"
"Our first target ... Grape Garden!"

+ It is very easy to lose your Yo-yo here if you're not paying close
  attention to your surroundings. First of all, advance slowly and
  kill the Wing and Bomb guys. You don't want either of their powers
  just yet.
+ Take out the guys that look like Jell-O molds. They can get annoying.
+ When you take a dip in the red pond, swim to the right. Wait for the
  bird to drown before getting out.
+ Once in the niche at the top, make your Yo-yo into a computerized
+ Leap across the watery chasm and swallow the Bomb kid. It's easier
  to take on the boss with a friend than alone.
+ Just chunk bombs at this guy while your partner handles him with some
  tricky yo-yo skills. Stay well away and he'll be dead in no time. If
  you have no special copied abilities available, he will punch the
  ground and release stars that you can fire at him. When you kill him,
  you can give up your current ability for the Fighter skill if you
+ Enter the door to the right.
+ When you take a dip in the water, your current weapon will be
  disabled and replaced with a water-like fireball. Be careful when you
  get to the other side that you don't run into the Crash foe.
+ At the bottom of the narrow water hole is a tomato. Get it and blow
  up the bomb block.
+ The places ahead that are not occupied by water have a strange upward
  current. To avoid getting in a jam, swim around them.
+ Enter the door at the end with caution.
+ When swimming through the scrolling area, be careful not to get ahead
  of yourself if you don't know what's ahead, especially going up the
  ladder. It's a bit easier when you're jumping to avoid the cannons,
  however, stay in the safe area if you are unfamiliar with these parts
  or you want to play it cool.
+ Once at the top, start running, but don't just go all out. You don't
  want to swallow the Stone monster - he won't help you get past the
  bombable walls. Do not puff your cheeks up and float while up here.
  You're having a hard enough time as it is. Once you make it to the
  door, kill the little turd flopping around in front so you can make
  sure you make it through the door.
+ In the next room, you have the option of taking the abilities of
  Bomb, Parasol, or Wing. Take Bomb for the both of you.
+ Eat the tomato, then go through the door on the right.

If you don't have an ability, which there's no reason why you 
shouldn't, then use the apples from above to hit him in the nose. It 
will take a while to whittle him down this way. This is what bombs are 
useful for. You can reload quickly and keep chunking them at his nose. 
When Wispy's worn down and dead, that's not quite the end. You've still 
got two more to fight!

The two at the bottom are on both sides of you - a surrounding attack. 
Dang, they're clever! This isn't much different if you have your bombs 
equipped still. Watch out for the thorny donut things that drop from 
the treetops. You'll have to wait for apples if you've lost your power-
ups, and it's hard with two aggressive trees on both sides of you. When 
you defeat them though, that's all. You'll advance to the next area.

"Main cannon's ready. Shall we blast him?"
"All right. Shoot him!"

+ As your star flies off, the Halberd will hit you with an intense
  salvo and you will carom into the mountain. You will land in a forest.

4. The Forest
"We got him! He fell into the forest."
"Good. He will never catch up."
"Are you sure?"

+ If you still have the ability of Bomb, make it into a CPU-controlled 
  ally and copy the Fighter to the left.
+ Enter the door to the left.
+ Run to the right and kill the ability-stealing Copy monster before he
  steals your Fighter.
+ Destroy the rows of concrete blocks using the bomb blocks.
+ In the first door there is a pink switch. Touching it will drop both
  a tomato and a cannon from the sky. Quickly grab the tomato and fly
  over the cannon to safety.
+ Once you're back in the other area, get to the top where the guy
  riding the apple is. Go to the right and duck down through the
  several platforms until you see a lone block. Obliterate it and go
  through the door.
+ Go to the far right and collect the 1-up and the Sword ability.
+ Backtrack to the previous room and keep on moving up until you get to
  the door in the upper right corner. Be sure not to let any Copy foes
  steal your Sword ability.
+ Kill the Microphone that comes near you. Don't get the Snow or Cutter
  abilities presented to you. To the left are two Hammer mini-bosses.
+ Using your sword, hack at them with the jumping spin technique (run,
  jump, and press Y). If you have the Bomb enemy for an ally still,
  they make a great team.
+ Once they're dead, go to the left and destroy the bomb blocks. Ignore
  the Wheel and keep moving until you're at the door.
+ For a quick shortcut in this area, float up directly from where you
  land. It prevents having to cross all the other enemies.
+ Once at the top, you need only go all the way to the right. Avoid the
  Copy monster if possible.
+ Enter the doorway at right.
+ Make your ally into the Sword enemy and swallow Fire's ability, then
  spring up to the top.
  injure yourself if you do this. Light the fuse to the one on the
  right and hop in.
+ Dynablade will now help you out in the way of transportation.

5. Back on the Halberd
"We shot down Dyna Blade!"
"Look! Kirby's reached the deck."
"Remain calm. Let's come up with a plan."
"All soldiers! Get Kirby. Now!"

+ Run to the right. Kill every enemy in your wake and try to lose as
  little energy as possible.
+ Do not catch a ride on the speedy cart that points left. Move past

"Kirby! Got ya!"
"Now you get a taste of our power."

+ When you get to the mini-bosses, you'll be surrounded by some enemies
  that are relatively harmless if you keep up a constant barrage of
  fire. Discretion is the better part of valor, so save yourself some
  face and blow a steady stream of fire at those who oppress you.
  Use this process for all the mini-bosses you face in this area.
+ Proceed through the door to the right.

"Kirby's gonna reach the deck!"
"Direct him to the front of the twin cannon."

+ Go up the elevator shafts. You will have to press Up on the first one
  twice. The third one can do some wacky things as well.
+ At the top, you can prevent the cannon fire from damaging you by
  hitting the bomb block above them to the left.
+ Hop across the columns and enter the door to the right.
+ Destroy the blocks below you if possible and get the Sword item in
  the lower area.
+ Go up and try not to get hit by the ninja.
+ Hopefully you and your ally can handle the bomb and ninja mini-bosses
  ahead. Stay well away and using the spinning sword (you know, the one
  you use when you run, jump, and press Y) technique to take them out.
  Don't worry if you have a minimal amount of energy left; there's a
  joint just up ahead where you can replenish it.
+ Kill the ninja and destroy the blocks below you up ahead. Be careful
  not to fall in the pit when you go down to the bottom.
+ Hit the bomb block to uncover a secret door.

"Oh no! He found it."
"What is this place?"

+ Get all the energy refillers before obtaining the lollipop. The
  lollipop will give you some really hepped-up invincibility for a
  short while. Once you have it, backtrack and go to the door that
  leads near the twin cannon.

"Kirby is getting close to the twin cannon."
"Kirby will be torched! Wahahahahahaha!"
"Wahahahahahaha! Gahahahahahahaha! Hum."

+ Ignore all the abilities presented to you and keep the Sword when
  going to fight the twin cannon.

The twin cannon is a very difficult boss to fight. It has a plethora of 
moves that it can use to its own advantage. Your ally will undoubtedly 
die a quick death thanks to its apparent lack of cognizant skills, so 
this will mostly be a one-on-one sparring match. Initially you will 
want to concentrate on the lowest cannon. Occasionally it will open up 
and charge up a laser. Duck until it is finished firing and hack away 
at it. Do not focus on the top cannon until you've eliminated the 
bottom one.

The top cannon fires enormous cannonballs that can injure you and leave 
you immobilized so that the hand can grab you. The hand serves two 
purposes; one is to drop tiny bombs on you, and the second is to grab 
you and place you directly in the line of fire. The hand has extended 
reach, so you may have to puff your cheeks and fly or do some fancy 
running to escape it. Only attack the top cannon when the hand is not 
after you and it is closed up. If you follow that strategy, you should 
not have too hard a time demolishing the twin cannon. Once you take it, 
Kirby will fly on a star to the main deck.

6. Approaching the Left Wing
"The main cannon has been destroyed!"
"Holy cow! What happened?"
"Kirby is heading toward the left wing."

+ To save time, move right while the dialogue takes place.
+ It is a bad idea to use the Jet here. Just sprint onward until you
  reach a star. Beware the laser firing enemies that can reflect their
  ammo off of other surfaces.
+ When you find the star, board it.
+ Kill the laser shooter and the Cutter enemy, but give up your sword
  to obtain the Yo-yo.
+ Point the Yo-yo down to get at the bomb blocks. They will reveal
  triads of ladders that you can climb down.
+ Once at the bottom, make use of the wind to get by. The ice walrus
  mini-boss is located at the end. You can make quick work of him by
  using almost any yo-yo attack. Don't take his useless ability;
  instead, go right and board the star.

7. The Duct
"Serious damage to the left wing! Approx. 74%!"
"We're gonna lose balance!"
"Lower the sail! Increase right wing power!"

+ After the dialogue is complete, enter the huge crack in the middle of
  the arena.

"Kirby is moving into the duct."
"What is he trying to do?"
"Is he lost?"
"Wait ... I have an idea. Hee hee hee."

+ Don't touch the glowing floor tile with the lightning bolt icon under
  it. It will electrocute you and deal heavy damage.
+ At the other end, move up and float over the sparks in the ground.
+ Move up in the elevator shaft and when you hit the switch, break into
  a dash. You have very little time to get through it.
+ At the top, kill the Fighter and go through the door behind him.
+ Ignore both abilities and get the tomato, then go through the door.

"Is this OK, Sir?"
"Are you positive about this?"
"Be quiet! This is our only chance!"
"Don't fail again! Release Heavy Lobster!"

"Hee hee hee hee! Get Kirby!"
"Oh no, our battleship is being destroyed..."
"That's not important now! Go ahead!"

If at all possible, you want to have a weapon that can make quick work 
of the blocks in your way, such as the sword or the yo-yo. Press up 
against the right side of the screen whenever possible and hit the 
attack button if an obstacle ever gets in your way. The yo-yo is 
basically the best weapon for the job. Allies will only get in the way. 
Float over Heavy Lobster when he shoots flames from one of his claws or 
if he charges at you. The only times you should attack are when he 
jumps up and down or if he is standing still and you are absolutely 
sure you can get away if he tries to pull something. Cheap shots are 
the way to go with Heavy Lobster. Only a few volleys are required to 
destroy him.

If you want to have a little fun, swallow a tiny red droplet that he 
occasionally shoots from his claw. This will give you the Paint 
ability. It doesn't do much, and it's a one-shot capability, but it 
provides some entertainment. Just have fun with it if you care to.

8. Under the Ship
"Major damage to the right wing!"
"Don't worry! We've regained our balance."
"Kirby's outside! He's going under the ship!"

+ Jump into the first cannon at left and fire yourself straight down.
  Be sure to tilt to the left some so you don't fall into the pit.
+ The bottom one will launch you right to the door.

"Kirby's entered from underneath the ship!"
"The bottom's weak ... the wind is too strong."
"It's too cold."
"I'm afraid of heights!"
"No way! I ain't goin'."
"You chickens!"

+ Use the wind and move swiftly to the left. If you stay out of
  everyone's way, you'll make it to the first door in your path sooner
  than you think.
+ When you reach it, enter it.
+ Don't do anything in this room but make mad dashes. If you keep
  running, hitting switches, and persevering, you should easily get
  through all the switches. Don't let up on your running, just keep
  going. Make sure not to be fooled by the platform where you drop and
  a wind current carries you to the beginning of of the room. Once you
  are at the first elevator shaft, go to the right.
+ Drop down and hit the switch. It gets rid of the steel cubes blocking
  the first elevator shaft.
+ Go right at the first stop once the first elevator is fully
  accessible. This little detour yields a yo-yo and a 1-up.
+ Head all the way down and use your yo-yo to find a hidden treasure

"Oh no! Those are my hidden tomatoes!"
"You idiot! You hid those?"
"They look delicious."

+ The collection of items in this room should be enough to fill your
  energy back up if you needed such a nourishing. Once done in there,
  leave and go all the way to the right.

"Kirby is heading toward the reactor!"
"If we lose power, we're doomed!!"
"Relax. The reactor can't be defeated!"
"I hope no reflect lasers hit the reactor!"
"SHHH! That's a SECRET!"

+ I hope you caught the subtle hint given to you in that conversation.
  If your energy is low, get the tomato and then go through the door
  for another boss battle.

Physical weapons are totally useless against the reactor. You need to 
let the blue laser that descends from the ceiling do all the work for 
you. Get in its path when it lowers and then guide it to the shiny 
diamond in the middle (the reactor). About three laser hits will do it 
in. Keep one eye on the floor. Secret gunnery can move around under it 
and fire up from the floor. Move whenever you see it coming.

As mentioned before, three good hits on the reactor will damage it 

"Bad news! The reactor's been damaged!"
"The Wheelies are abandoning ship!"

9. Executive Decisions
"We are losing power! Engine No. 3! Engine No. 5!"
"Ain't any power left! We can't fly!"
"(We've failed ... it's over.)"
"Attention all crew! Evacuate ship!"
"Waaah! The ship's going down!"

"I'm not staying. I'm evacuating!"
"Now, it's your turn to evacuate."
"No, I want to stay with you, Sir!"
"Let's try one more time to get Kirby!"
".....It's dangerous, but it's worth a try."
"Thank you, guys."

+ Like most scrolling levels, this one starts out slow. You have
  several choices of items to take with you. Take the yo-yo if you
  don't already have it.
+ The screen will undoubtedly start to scroll faster at about the
  point where you find the Sleep enemy. Do not get the tomato yet,
  there is a better opportunity up ahead. When the door comes up,
  enter quickly or be crushed.
+ Get the tomato here that is lying in front of you and then go up.
+ The ride up the elevator shaft is long. Take a few precautions when
  you make it to the top.

"Wait, Kirby!"
"You can't go any further!"

+ Several mini-bosses from the past few levels are coming back to haunt
  you, and they wish to totally eviscerate Kirby with their axes and
  lasers and stuff! Not really. But they do want to stop him. Though
  your oppressors may come at you in droves, they are extremely easy to
  take out. Just handle them one at a time; they don't have very much
  energy per person. When they're dead, you can move on.

"Sir Meta-Knight, you're on your own!"
"We're evacuating!"

+ Take the lift at right up to the top.
+ Enter the door in front of you.
+ Don't worry about getting anything in here except the tomato. You'll
  find something far more useful in the confrontation ahead.

Right when you enter, you'll see an arrow and in big letters a message 
saying GET IT! It's the Sword ability, and it is highly useful in this 
arena. Watch out, because the Meta-Knight is a tough cookie. He has 
several specialized moves, such as the capacity to spin around and form 
a tornado that can home in on you. He can also charge you quite hard. 
Whatever you do, don't get the Sword beaten out of you. Hit him with 
hard attacks when there's an open spot (right now, there should be 
several). You'll advance to the final level once you've defeated him.

10. Race to the Finish
The only keys to this level are moving quickly (because you don't get 
much time at all) and having complete mastery of the Wheel ability. 
You'll get it as soon as you enter the stage, but the intro wastes 
eight precious seconds of your time, so you'll have to move quickly. 
The Meta-Knight, in a last-resort maneuver, is going to try to take you 
out while you're running away. Hold Y constantly and jump early to get 
to higher ground. When you press Y, you'll break into a dash that you 
won't be able to beat this level without. It's okay if Meta-Knight hits 
you once or twice, just don't let him hamper you constantly or you'll 
go down for the count. I made it out with one second left :)

Once you're done, the Halberd will go down in flames and Kirby will 
ride away victorious. All in all, this should have been a pretty easy 
mini-game, but sometimes it can get tricky. Now sit back and watch the 
credits or skip to the mini-game selection screen. Milky Way Wishes is 
now an accessible game. I suggest playing it.

Well, it's been forever since I've submitted an all-new FAQ to the 
gaming market, but I still know what I don't like done to my 
walkthroughs. First of all, if you're going to put this on my website, 
you will ask me first, and if and when I give you permission, you will 
only post it in its original, unmodified form. Don't sell this for 
money, but recommend it to or give it to a friend for free if they need 
it. Don't plagiarize this, either. It won't look good if you get found 
out. If you do get permission to put this on your website, link NOT
directly to the text, but to the page containing the link to the text.

If you need anything related to this or any of my guides, e-mail me at 

This version of this walkthrough (2.0) is (C) April 7, 2002 by Snow 
Dragon. The latest version of this guide can ALWAYS be found at GameFAQs 
in case I happen to update it.

And now, on with the obligatory thank-you's:

** To my parents for letting me use the big computer (i.e. the one in
   their room).

** To Nintendo and Halken for making this great game.

** To the creators of Snes9x for making such a cool emulator (although
   I do wish I had ZSNES).

** To whoever posts this guide.

** And whoever recognizes any writing talents I may have.

That should be it for me, so I am out of here! Have a great day and have 
fun playing the rest of Kirby Superstar!

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