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Reviewed: 07/05/00 | Updated: 07/05/00 just makes me want to cry...

First off, i'm going to say I am a big fan a fighting games, and I hope I don't create any hard feelings. But, with that said, I will say this is with out a doubt one of, if not the, worst game for SNES I have ever seen. I will explain bellow.

GRAPHICS: (5/10)
Probably the game's only real feature, but I mean, come on, this game was one a SNES's last release's. The graphics, I suppose you could say were 3-D, but don't flow like we are used to in the Street Fighter series. The movements are choppy, and game speed is unbelievable slow.

GAMEPLAY: (.5/10)
Ouch! You would not believe how many times I have thrown down my controller and asked, ''why?'' after I swung right throw my opponent with out registering any damage at all. The collision detection on this game is a down right disgrace to the fighting genre. Another thing, all you have to do is pick Cinder as your fighter and you are the automatic champion. All you have to do is maddly smash the same button over and over again and you will beat your opponent perfectly. On the other hand, if you pick Riptor, let's just say put on a pot of coffee because you'll be at it awhile.

SOUND: (.5/10)
It's OK if your into that gothic dreary sound. (Remember Street Fighter 2? That music made you get up and dance, which is what a fighting game should do.)

CONTROL: (.5/10)
AHHHHH!!! I think I just broke my controller from slamming into the wall!

REPLAY: (.5/10)
Like I said if you have Cinder you can beat it over and over again with no thrill. If you have Riptor you'll probably never get to the replay stage.

If you are interested in this game I will say stop right there and buy a Street Fighter game. This game is not worth anything more than a dime. Trust me, it's not worth the frustration.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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