Review by gold21

Reviewed: 06/07/05

Nice game, but could have been better.

Introduction - This is one great game to play. It is one of the fighting games, but this one are better then some other. The game has many things to do. If you like long games, then here is a game for you. This has many things in this game, that you might like to see. This game has some interesting characters and some things to unlock. The game itself is great for anyone. If you enjoy games, that has unlockable characters in it, you can check out this great game. There are many combos to be discover in this game. There is always the combo breaker to break up your opponents combo.

Gameplay 10/10

The game is two player. The fighting system is just hit each other. There is no taking turn in this game. In one player mode, you can fight all the opponent and try your best to win. The game is not so hard. If you want a easy game, you can set the stars to one in the main menu. If you want a hard game, you can set the star to 5. If you beat the game at max, you will get something, but I will not spoil it for you. There are many things in this game, that you can do. You can try different combos to beat your opponents. There is the last boss in this game, that you might find hard, but he can be easy if you know what you are doing. You can try to go through the game with every characters. There is always something special when you beat the game with one of them.

Sounds/Music 2/10

The sounds, they have in here are not so great. The sounds. just repeats itself, but when you pick a different place, there will be a change in the music. There is not much, that I can say here. Maybe if the programmers would have put in a little more time into this, I know it could have been better. If you don't like the music in this game, you could always mute the sound and turn on your favorite music. Some of you might like this music, but others of you might not.

Graphics 7/10

The graphic in this game are pretty good for a SNES. The characters are very detail and the backgrounds are good too. The things here CAn be better, but the graphics are still good. I can tell, that the programmers must have put some time into this game.

Controls 6/10

The controls in this game are very easy to understand. If you like a game with easy controls, then you might want to check this game out. I don't think you can mess up using the controls here.

Story 6/10

There is a story for every character in this game. If you want to see them all you have to do is beat the game with each one of the characters. The character's stories are very interesting because it gives you a look at the characters past. If you wonder what will happen to the characters play the game and find out! There are many stories to find. There are also places, that goes with the characters. The places you can unlock by using certain codes, but you can try to figure them out. Trying to get all the stories will take a while.

Replayability/ Play Time 7/10

This game can take awhile to get everything, that is needed. If you are trying to find out all of the characters story, that might take around 10 hours depending if you set it on hard mode or not. There are a lot of things, that you can try to unlock. The game itself can be around 15 hours if you do all the sidequests. You can always try to beat this game again if you had already beaten it. You can try to prove, that you are good at Killer Instinct, by beating it in five star. This is very hard to do, but it's possible. You can always try to play with your friends if you had beaten the game already. This is a game worth replaying if you are bored, you can just put it away for a year, then replay it.


This is a game worth having. If you like fighting games, you should have this in your collection. I look forward to seeing a game like this for any other systems. This is one great game. This was a fighting game, that has brought me into liking other fighting games. I know that the programmers has put some time into this game and had do great.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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