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Reviewed: 05/04/05

The only official home version of the KI Arcade game. Cool! Danger!..Danger..Danger...

Killer Instinct was an Arcade game from Nintendo, Rare, and Midway that was released in Arcades in 1994. Nintendo and Rare were about to begin a home version of the game for the Nintendo Ultra 64 (Original name for Nintendo 64), but due to the 64 being delayed a year, the project was moved to the Super Nintendo, and the 16-Bit translation began...Now, onto the review!:

Play Control: 8/10

The controls are good, but like alot of fighting games, you need to press a bunch of different buttons in order to do some moves. If you use the Advantage controller for the Super Nintendo, however, the will control just like in the Arcade!

Plot: 7/10

Well, you choose a fighter, and then you fight 11 other fighters, including yourself. You do basically the same stuff with every fighter you choose, but each fighter has a different reason why they're fighting, and there are a bunch of different endings.

Graphics: 9/10

The Arcade version of Killer Instinct was a 64-Bit game, giving everyone who played it a preview of what the graphics of the Nintendo 64 would be. The Super Nintendo, of course, being a 16-Bit console, could not handle these graphics, however everything is recognizable, everything is here, and the graphics do a pretty good job of being almost like the Arcade. To do this, Rare had to use their famous ACM (Advanced Computer Modeling) graphics, which is used in the Donkey Kong Country games, and even some movies. I still think this game should've come to the N64, because the N64 CAN handle the graphics of the Arcade version, but the Super Nintendo version is still good.

Music: 8/10

This could be considered one of the games strongest points. The Arcade version had a CD quality soundtrack, so of course it's not going to sound the same. The Super Nintendo doesn't have CD quality sound, but it almost does, so the music sounds a bit fuzzy or like it's being corrupted a bit, but it's all in Stereo. The fuzziness is normal because the bit of downgrade was needed. Now, this is something I don't really care about because it comes close, but what I do care about, and something that bothers me a bit, is that compression was used, meaning reducing the soundtrack...another reason why I think it should've come to the N64 instead, because the N64 cartridges have more space, and the N64 has CD-Quality sound. Of course, since the fighter select music was rather short in the Arcade version, it's all there in the SNES version. Eyedol's music, known as "The Extreme" is full uncut music as well. While this may sound good, Fulgor's music was really butchered, I'm not kidding: About the first minute was completely cut. A free CD is included with the game, featuring the music from the Arcade version and remixed music, but still, that might make you crave more for the Arcade version.

GamePlay: 10/10

Fortunately, the GamePlay is the same as the Arcade version, and this is the biggest reason why Killer Instinct for SNES was actually an impressive port of the Arcade version. All 10 fighters, like Cinder, Jago, Spinal, Combo, Thunder and more are here. Even Eyedol is here. All the codes from the Arcade version that unlocked new features are here in the SNES version, which means you can also play as Eyedol! Not telling you what the code is, though. The fighters still have ALL of their moves as well. Some voices never made it in, but the good news is that you'll still be able to hear every Combo you make, and the Danger warning. Even the sky stages are here, so you can knock your opponents of ledges, and they fall a good 200 or 300 feet. Changing the colors of the fighters is preserved from the Arcade version as well. But, what could Nintendo and Rare do to make KI fans even happier to make up for the compressed soundtrack and the toned down graphics? Include two new modes! A Practice Mode is here, letting you use any fighter, and you'll be able to play in all the stages in the game, and you'll fight an opponent that will NEVER do anything, and won't take damage. Practice all you like! The other new mode is a Tournament Mode for 8-Players. You select a name (So it can be added to the records), and then the computer sets up a series of matches, and you can battle a friend or brother or whoever. There's more, but you might want to check out the game, 'cause I'm not gonna spoil it all.

Overall: 9/10

The game is pretty good, and it's a pretty decent translation of the Arcade version. If you want the Arcade version more, good luck finding it. It is so rare! You might as well get the Super Nintendo version. It's the only home version of the game, alot less expensive, ALOT easier to find and has two modes not in the Arcade version. The game is good, so if you like fighting games and are pretty interested in this after looking at this review, or are already a KI fan, then yeah, definitely buy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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