Review by XtremeGundamX

Reviewed: 04/10/00 | Updated: 08/14/02

Not the Best ever in my OPINION!!!

The usual fighter. This game is nothing special it has bad graphics good sound and music but it’s just not better than Street Fighter. The levels are kinda bare and could use some more obstacles and things to hit. The game suffers a lot it has pretty bad graphics and it could take a while to fix that problem. The levels look good it’s just that they could use some help in that department.

The gameplay is simple and easy to use just like in most Street Fighter games. All the commands for kicks and punches as well as special moves are pretty simple to pull off. The movement of the character is responsive with the controls and it is fast paced. All the controls were programmed onto the SNES pad pretty good and feel great to use it with this game.

The sounds and music in this game are at there best. They sound great although the fighters could have made a little more sound than just the usual sound of normal fighters like punches hitting you or kicks. The music was well chosen but more sound would have been better. The music was well picked and sounds great for this game.

Better graphics could have made this game a star title but it didn’t have good graphics. The game needs more obstacles in the background as well as a better detailed background. The levels were thought up great but also need some work to these to.

The replayability isn’t bad it’s ok with all of the characters you can play as. Plus you can play 2 players game, 1 player game, or the tournament. It could use some more modes also to spicen this game up. With 2 players though it might keep this game from being pawned off.

You better rent this title first or you might be stuck with a game you don’t want or even want to play. If you want to buy it ok then but you should rent it first.

This game deserves it in my opinion.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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