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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Impressive graphics, big combos...... not as good as Street Fighter

Killer Instinct was revolutionary at the time for the SNES becauseof the graphics implemented in it. They looked something likeDonkey Kong Country, and they did look pretty good. Killer Instinctis a one-on-one fighting game, a la Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.You square off against a human or computer opponent, and the firstone to score two knockdowns wins. Something similar to fatalitiesare in the game, which is a devastating move (usually) you executeon your opponent when their energy has depleted. Selectable charactersinclude Jago, B. Orchid, Glacius, Fulgore, Spinal, Sabrewulf,T. J. Combo, Chief Thunder, Cinder and Riptor. Combos play a muchbigger part in this game than any other fighter before it. Combosof 100 hits can be executed. A couple of terms should be explained:a combo linker is a button that can be pressed to keep a combogoing; basically linking the parts of the combo together. A combobreaker is a move that can be performed by the recipient of thecombo to break it up.

Graphics: 8/10

Very nice, especially for the time period. Each character is unique,and some of the moves look impressive.

Sound: 8/10

Also pretty good. There is some voice in this game from thecharacters. Sound effects are decent.

Gameplay: 7/10

Another thing you will notice about this game if you have playedStreet Fighter before is that it is very fast. If you're a beginneryou should definitely play on an easy level, or against an equallyinexperienced friend, because you'll get slaughtered if you playsomeone who knows a lot about combos and you don't. To reallycompete in the game it helps to have a knowledge of the basicsbeforehand. On the other hand, sometimes you can work wonders bysimply jumping in with a kick and tapping a few buttons. The gamegets difficult, especially on the harder settings. The arsenal ofmoves available to you is pretty good, and mixed up into projectileattacks, special attacks and combos.

Replay: 7/10

You can always play a friend, but many people seem to like playingagain to see how big a combo they can put together. As stated above,100 hitters are not out of the question.

Overall: 7/10

A nice fighting game that offers a change of pace from Street Fighter.Personally, I think Street Fighter is a better game overall, butsome people may prefer this given its faster speed and highervisual appeal, as in people will be more impressed watching youpull off a 100 hit combo as opposed to throwing some fireballs andexecuting a Dragon Punch. That being the case, give this game a tryand see if you like it. A purchase is recommended if you preferthe fighting style, but if not, stick to Street Fighter or MortalKombat 2.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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