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Reviewed: 02/24/01 | Updated: 02/24/01

I'd rather go play Street Fighter.

Killer Instinct is a… um, weird fighting game for the SNES. While I found it very fun at first, it just got more and more boring and even more frustrating. That’s a surprise, because shouldn’t a game get less frustrating when you get used to it? While it’s still not terrible, I would still much rather still play Street Fighter, or any other good fighting games.

The graphics were very impressive, since a special processor was used in their making. They might remind you of Donkey Kong Country a bit, and you’ll probably remember that game had fantastic graphics. The character sprites looked big and very detailed, and the backgrounds were awesome. Anything else was great as well, and that includes the character shots, which had a nice dimming effect. Very impressive graphics, overall.

The audio was great. The different themes for all the stages were pretty damn good in my opinion. Some really stuck out, like Glacius’s stage theme. There weren’t too many disappointments, just a few very annoying songs, which I really hated. The sounds were pretty good too, although could’ve really been a whole lot better. So overall, Killer Instinct had some really good audio.

The gameplay was not really like any other fighter. Combos played an enormous part of this game. You can actually do 100 hit combos! While that may be heaven to some people, I really didn’t like it too much. It was very frustrating trying to pull off combos while your opponent on an easy level is nailing you with 20 hit combos over and over. And yet it still seems to get more and more FRUSTRATING!!! So this obviously makes the gameplay much worse, because it’s not fun to play.

The character selection was quite good, actually. You can play as Jago, Orchid, Sabrewulf, Fulgore, Thunder, Combo, Riptor, Glacius, Spinal, Cinder, and a secret character, Eyedol. It’s a nice, wide selection, so I’m really not disappointed by it. Cinder made the game a little more easy, so there’s another good thing to point out.

BZ’s Final Word
This game is not terrible, but not a good fighter for the SNES, or the arcade for that matter. Its combos make the game just way too frustrating for me, and I just couldn’t enjoy it. It’s strictly average. It’s not really worth a purchase, especially considering its age. If you use ROMs and want to try this game, then go ahead; no one is really stopping you. But otherwise, it’s not really worth playing.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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