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Reviewed: 12/21/00 | Updated: 12/21/00

Awesome gameplay = Great game

-Visuals 8/10-

With Killer Instinct, you’re greeted with some pretty fast moving frame rates, even for an older system like the SNES. Each character has a set of combinations that flow nicely without much in terms of image break up. Each stages is well detailed, and while it does give you something to look at, the characters and what they do will keep you riveted to the screen. Looking further into that, the special effects come complete with flying sparks when blocked, and super fast Ultra Combos. You’ll see that a lot of effort was put into just the visual side of this game.

-Audio 8/10-

To break it down completely, you have a variety of music to listen to, spanning from dance music, to rap, to a form of heavy metal that can really be a treat for the ears. To top this off, in most of the packaging, they included {and still do if you can find one} a Killer Cuts CD that has all of the game music in it’s original form. Talk about your bonus. The sound effects range from grunts, thuds, yells and various special move effects that sound relatively good on a stereo system.

-Control 8/10-

For what it’s worth, the game control is somewhat difficult to get used to with a standard SNES controller button layout. Through the game, you’ll find that most of the special moves require a lot of timing, and a lot of button presses at just the right moments. The SNES controller delivers this with enough practice, and you’ll find that pulling off the massive combo’s are pretty easy to do and you won’t break a sweat.

-Gameplay 8/10-

The cream of the game is the combo system. Dropping you in the middle of a battle, it takes different button presses at different times to pull off good looking combo’s that can either damage your opponent, or severely boost your own ego. When playing, you’ll see that pulling off the combo’s takes a little practice, but the only way to break them off is with Combo Breakers that are done with another movement of the directional pad. Most of the game centers around this combo system, and to find every combo, takes days, if not weeks to master with just a single character. This boosts the replay value severely in terms of just trying to learn who does what and in what fashion they do it.

Gaming modes run along the lines of the Arcade Version, in which you fight against the computer in a tournament to the end and to meet your destiny. A Versus Option in which you and a friend can kick the crap out of each other using any of the characters in the game. A Tournament Option which allows you, and 7 other people to play a round robin tournament. This mode is particularly fun for groups of people looking to play a fighting game, and is great at a party. The Practice Option is where you will probably spend most of your time, just trying out the various button combinations to see what kind of combo’s you can come up with and how fast you can pull them off.

The computer AI can be pretty cheap at some points, forcing you to switch up your strategies if you’re having your combo’s broken all the time. The Combo Breaker system itself runs on a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” type of play, in which each combo that starts, can be broken with the Combo Breaker movement and a button that is one high than the combo started with. This seems confusing, but it’s all a part of the replay, in learning what moves with what buttons do what things and how each one of them looks.

-Overall 8/10-

Killer Instinct is a great fighting game for the SNES any way that you look at it. With each character mastered, you are almost forced to move onto another character just to learn what they do, and how to counter out their combo’s. It seems like a daunting task, but in the end, with the great visuals, the awesome soundtrack, the control system, and then the intricate command system, you’re faced with a game that isn’t just a fighting game, but an impressive learning game.

Worth a purchase, the game is absolutely worth a rental if not more. With most of the Killer instinct packages out there still, you can pick up the limited addition Killer Cuts CD which is worth the 20 bucks that the game sells for. Either way, Killer Instinct is a game that you’ll treasure and enjoy for months on end.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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