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Reviewed: 10/14/00 | Updated: 10/14/00

Wow! Great graphics! Great sound! BAD gamplay!

Alright, in the year 2001(err, almost 2001) the great SNES is barely played anymore by any youngens, and the only people who do use it use it for nostaliga. Alas, the SNES is THE BEST system of all time, and if dumb@$$ Nintendo was still devolping boards to work with the SNES we could be playing games with Saturn quality(Star Ocean, anyone? Not the one for the psx, thier is one for the SNES and you would be willing to learn Japanese to play it once you see it ^_^). Anyway, I'm getting off subject. The reason I was playing such an old game is because I was about to get KI Gold for N64 and wanted to rehash on what happend. Well I remeber when my friend 3 years ago go KI and I went to his house. When I first looked at it I went ''Ahh'', and when I heard it I went ''Ohhh'', and when I played it I went ''This is a cheap piece of *^%@#$*&!!!!!!''. Well my friend had some time to play the game and mastered a few combos, and knew combo breakers, so when I played against him he beat me down like he did his dad, mom, and sister, oh well life sucks. Well that's enough of my story, because soon after I was able to borrow the game and play it to the high skys, and now my review of those loved memories.

Well, it follows that clay animation look that Donkey Kong had and for the SNES at that time it was down right awsome, so it was nice to see some movement of a clay charecter just standing there as he would rotate his arms in his fighting position. Other nice part includes knocking your enemy down from a building or looking at the detail of the backrounds. Unfortunently, the animation was a bit slow and could be called choppy. So it doesn't score the best although it was close(for it's time, that is).

Hmm, well I would have to say the sounds were created perfectly, and that the music somewhat fits the stage of the charecter. Well the music does fit the stage of the charecter it's just that the music itself is more considered backround music. What I mean is that it's not really music you'll get up and groove too, you would probably prefere playing some music in your CD/tape player(yes, I still love tapes!). And the sound is good, it's just that thier isn't enough varitey. For example, Jago, a ninja like charcter in the game, has a 'uh!' and a 'ah!' sound he makes when he gets hit. Thier isn't anything else, so it gets quite repetitive when you hear that over and over again.


Okay just kidding, but the gameplay really is what pisses me off on what would of been a good game. First off, since the animation can be choppy, it's rather hard to predict, let alone see, the enemy attack or use a special move. For example, you may jump at the opponent(who may be Glacious) and all of the sudden your opponent will suddenly pull a special move which will knock you down(like Glacious, who will do his ice blade thing and whack you). I mean is that one moment, you enemy will be still, and the next, he has a blade out or whatever he's using. Like it skipped a frame or somthing. Another cheap part is blocking. Sure, many games have this problem, but KI suffers immensely from it. Lets take Glacious(again). He has a move(qct+fp) where he will turn into a pile of goo and slide across the stage and home in on you. It takes about a second for this whole process to happen, but when Glacious reaches you, he goes into a uppercut and back into his huminoid form. Now what I'm saying is cheap here is that his uppercut comes in low. Well to block it, you have block high! Totally stupid, makes no sence, and is compleatly cheap. Oh well, that's just one part. Another problem is the specal moves. Even after you know what sequence you have to do on the SNES pad(err, keyboard for some people), it is as hard as hell to do it. Jago's fireball takes a while to master, and in the heat of battle you should be able to pull one off. Well the programers of Rare didn't think so, so they wanted to make it extra hard on you. When I was playing the rom(computer version) of KI I had to hold the forward button an extra amount of time otherwise it would regestier as a punch and not a fireball, grr. Needless to say it really angers me when you can hit someone with a fireball but can't hit them with it because you can't even pull it off! This doesn't just go for the fireball, it goes for every other move the fighters have, oh well. Now for the combo part of the game. KI allows you to pull off a sequence of hits called combos*duh*. With this new feature you can extreamly hurt the other player more then you could with normal kicks and punches. Now the cheap part is that pulling off combos can be VERY hard for you, but is very easy for the Artifical Intellegence! Another factor is Combo Breakers. These allow you to break combo's that your opponent is using. So you may be in your first 6 hit combo against the AI, the AI will decide to use a combo breaker on you. Then the AI will pummel you with an 11 hit combo and your still furiously trying to pull off that daAmn(see, it's not da_n, it's daAmn) combo breaker! Mastering combos is hard, and it rather sucks when the AI keeps combo breaking you and doing rolls/jumpkicks though your normal punches and does a 10 hit combo which for some lame reason it won't let you break.

Overall this game is nice to look at, okay to hear, but sucks to play unless you have a guide and 3-5 years of KI experience. At the price of $3.00 or so, this game is worth the buy, but I feel sorry for you if you bought when it first came out for like $50. Mabye rent the game if you like Rare, but don't buy the game if your board and want a SNES fighting game to play.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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