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Reviewed: 11/19/07


Killer Instinct, a (now) legendary game, has been popularized by many, played by thousands (if not millions) of people and deemed a classic fighting game by countless fans, both hardcore and binge alike. In this game, your basic goal is to beat the snot out of every single competitor until no one stands in your way of achieving the tournament champion. There's several difficulties the game offers to best reflect your style of competing in the main KI tournament. You can choose to play on Easy, which has hardly any award (or even the infamous main boss at the end), or you can choose to play on Hard, and have a tough battle to reach the top, only to be confronted by the main boss, the so called master of the tournament. In this game I believe people truly like to play it again and again, since after all it is a great fighting game. One that you should at least try, either by rent or borrowing.

Very well endowed with a very unique fighting system, which includes combos (combinations of attacks that net more points for consecutive punches, kicks, etc rather than single ones), "ULTRA"s (fatalities of sorts) and other fatalities that let you not only defeat your opponent in the match, but also kill them with a grotesque display of dismemberment or other means of death. Quite the blood-lust, in my humble opinion.

Great graphics, for a fighting game that is. Most games don't need to have super graphics to be considered fun or good. Like this one, it has basic graphics, but everything else is advanced. The fighting system is a thing of beauty, and it doesn't require gorgeous rendered graphics to be considered a classic. This game even has a fad on GameFAQs (aka my tag line) that people often use in rebuttle to a topic with the same posts over and over. The combo breaker, which is what happens (in game) when you're performing a combo, and your opponent counters with a special combination of controls to break the combo, sending you flying into the air and your combo left in tatters. You don't even earn points or even have it acknowledged if your combo has been broken, so, try to avoid that.

Great sound, especially the parts where you hear telltale punching, kicking, etc sounds. Sounds of flesh being battered and impaled, etc. There's also cool music that always ends in a more intense atmosphere when one of the combatant's life gauge grows weaker, till they're near death. Nice touch.

_Buy or rent?_
Buy buy buy. Nowadays this game is probably free. Just find one and play it; it's awesome.

That about sums up my quick-review. But don't get me wrong: this game deserves a much larger review, but for now, this will have to do. Happy gaming!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Killer Instinct (US, 08/31/95)

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