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Reviewed: 10/01/00 | Updated: 10/01/00

It wasn't that great...

Buenos Dios, my name is Gyarados Scotty and would like to persuade you to listen to me ramble on about my opinion of the graphically innovative Super Nintendo game, Killer Instinct. When I first played this game, I was mesmerized by the excellent look of the game. Now, that I'm older, I see that the large amount of hype that it got wasn't quite what it deserved. I think it deserved less.

-What the Game is Basically About-
Well, the genre of this game is fighting, plain old fighting. Now that I think it over, I guess it is more than plain. If you are unfamiliar with the genre of game, the general objective is to drain your opponent's life bar by executing various series of button combinations intended to injure your opponent. Certain button patterns execute special moves that do significantly more damage than other moves, or have special effects. Large patterns of buttons done correctly are considered combos, which also rack up a lot of damage. I know it seems pretty confusing but try five minutes of it and you'll understand. The system of this game is like a regular fighter that includes different characters with different abilities and strengths.

-Visually Related Aspect-
The graphics are what made this game what it was. All of the characters have a 3Dish look and have different suits or colors to choose from. The stages are all just one flat surface, but the looks are significantly different than the others in the background. From a city street to a forest temple, the levels are fantastic. Everything in this game, graphic wise, is quick, crisp and sharp. The gore, isn't too excessive, but parents should be aware of this before letting young children play or watch.

-Audio Related Aspect-
The sound is up among the high ranks of the graphics. The music is hip and catchy, for all you ''cats'' who ''dig'' modern ''tunes''. =P Seriously, they are complex pieces of music and are all fabulously composed. The sound effects are wicked sweet also. And there sure are a lot of them! Theses plentiful effecrs are well placed and appropriate all the time. From the death scream of Chief Thunder, to the impact of being knocked off the top of one of the buildings, the audio is truly impressive.

-Gameplay and Control-
The gameplay is good, nothing more, I prefer the Mortal Kombat fighting system to this one, but that is just one opinion. The controls are easy to learn, but the combos are nearly impossible, if you're trying for a good one.

-Challenge and Difficulty-
This can be a challenging game. I could only beat it on the five star difficulty. I think this is bad because you can only do well by memorizing complex patterns, not by using strategy. This takes away from the fun greatly.

-Replayability and Length-
I wouldn't say that this game is strong in either of these areas. It gets boring quite quickly and too hard as you progress. That's all I ‘m going to say.

-Good Points-
-Great graphics
-Great audio

-Bad Points-
- Lack of fun
- Lack of replayability

In conclusion, I would like to say I didn't really enjoy this game but the visual and audio attributes were excellent so I will give this a seven out of ten. I say this game is merely a rent, nothing more.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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