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Reviewed: 07/24/06

A game ahead of its time, AND still is!

Yes it is true, Killer instinct was well ahead of its time and still is today! It’s a shame new fighting games aren’t copying Killer Instincts style as we could see a new revolutionary game that incorporated it. Releasing almost two years after Mortal Kombat, Rare knew what it would have to do in order to step it up and maintain a fighting chance, get it? Well not to many were there to share in the enjoyment that was Killer Instinct. So that’s my mission, this is a game to pick up, it is fun, brilliant, and can really bring you back into the fighting genre!

Unlike any fighting game on the SNES, Killer Instinct stepped it up by including a variety of things to do. You’ve got the standard one player mode where you’ll battle through all the characters on your way to fighting the champ. Classic two player and practice games for you to enjoy and build up your skills. BUT! get this, they included their own version of a tournament that you and a bunch of your friends can all play where you’ll input your initials and trade off to see who is the very best!

But the real fun starts when you actually play (duh). You’ll be spending most of your times playing the arcade mode where Rare has done something no one else has done or even though of. Instead of giving you a small life bar and making you fight best of three. They included a HUGE life bar and once that one runs out you start back up, having the other fighter still in tact with their health and it continues! This actually gives purpose to having a lot of health still left as you gain the advantage down the stretch. If that’s not cool enough for you – get this, you are actually told of your combos with cool names and it’s all done in an awesome voice. And there’s even enough combos for you discover as a lot haven’t even been uncovered and you can spend an eternity just trying to figure them out.

Although the greatest thing that they managed to do was to make a very intelligent CPU that could even learn while you’re fighting it! Yes, they actually will change to fit the way you’re fighting. Say you’re halfway through the match and you’ve been owning them with one simple combo over and over. The CPU is going to recognize this and start blocking and countering whenever they see you start to do it. This opens up the perfect opportunity to switch to a new combo or an assortment of kicks and punches to AND then resort back to your combos. It’s around this time when the CPU turns its leaf and starts pumping out the cheapest combos you’ll ever see. I can recall a few times on easy difficulty fighting Sabrewolf and he’ll bust out a 40+ combo. And unlike every other fighting game, setting it to easy doesn’t make every character a pushover you can have a challenge on all difficulty modes! Other than that, you’ll see that it plays just like every other fighter where you choose a character (even they’re outfits) and then use all the buttons to vary your kicks and punches and perform combos. There are a few levels that have special finishers where you can knock your opponent off, very cool.

Other than that, you’ve got some pretty nice visuals, the characters look quite nice for a SNES game and the game backgrounds are magnificent. I really just love the background music that plays and you can really get sucked into it. Sometimes it gets boring listening to some ancient kung-fu music so when Killer Instinct pulls out some techno fighting music, you really get jazzed up. Some things do get slurred such as the pronunciation of a lot of names and phrases and you can’t make out what they’re saying. But it kinda works out so it’s not to bad. And by that I mean it doesn’t feel like a dull monotone voice that says “Cinder” but a huge manly voice that make it sound like “THUNDER!” of course, it still would be nice to see what they were trying to say.

This is a game you need to play, it’ll will get you back into fighting games and can be played for a while. Unlike other series, this only has one other on the 64, which is quite a bit more expensive. Plus I’d recommend this over the other. You’ll play it more than Mortal Kombat and it has a much bigger replay value that will keep you coming back and back. Remember, it’s fun, cheap, and will give you a bit of nostalgia as you boot it up, now don’t forget, this game is….


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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