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Reviewed: 07/18/00 | Updated: 07/18/00

That had to hurt

A lot of fighting games prior to Killer Instinct have been the same. Just go and beat the crap out of your opponent. Killer instinct is.................well......the same. But it offers a new way of completly mutlilating your opponents:through combos. Yep, this is fighting a la combos.

The gameplay is quite similar to any other fighting games. The objective is to depleate the life bar of the other opponent before he/she depleat yours. Best out of three wins. The moves are similar to any other fighting game. Three strengths of each kick and punch. Block is acheived when the back button is pushed. The player can jump, crouch and move side to side. Also, each fighter has special moves. These moves range from a projectile to a running swipe. Just about anything. But what is different about this fighting game is the combo system. And although it is quite hard to learn at first, once you do learn it, it makes the game a whole new experiance. First, the player opens a combo with a ''opener''. An opener can be a reguar attack of a non-projectiles special move. Then an auto double, then a linker, another auto double and a finisher. The linker and second auto double is optional. Sounds complicated. It is. It took me quite a while to learn how to do combos. And to even complicate things further, combo can be broken by a move simply called a ''combo breaker''. Since this is just a simple review, I won't have enough space to describe it here. Just know it's pretty complicated.

The controlls are just like any other fighting game. Three kick buttons, three punch buttons. Just think Street Fighter. But because of the combos, this game requires more button mashing than other fighting games. But overall, the controlls are pretty good. The challenge is quite high, but not impossible. Fighting game rookies may take a while to get used to the combos sytem, fighting game veterans will be able to complete this game on the hardest difficulty level without too much trouble.

The graphics are quite nice, despite some flaws. First of all, the backgrounds look pretty good, but I am not satisfied with the use of colors. Some backgrounds look a bit dull because of the lack of color mixing. But the real problem I find is when a fighter gets knocked off the platform, the short animation after that looks very poor. But what I found that are very good about the graphics are the character models. Most of them look awsome. The audio is slightly below average. The sounds are not done very well, some of the grunts sound very poor. The wrestling tunes arn't that bad, but can get very annoying when playing for long periods of time.

The fun factor is quite high. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun learning combos. And the tournement mode makes it a great hit for up to eight players. This mode makes sure everybody has a equal opportunity to play. The winner of the match stays, while the loser goes to the end of the line. The replay value is above average, which is quite a surprise for fighting games. Since there are so many combos for each fighter, almost the enitre replay value is based on that.

Overall, I think this game is worthy of a rent, but I'm not so sure about a buy.

Fun Factor:8
Replay Value:8

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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