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T.J. Combo by DylanG

Version: 1.0 |

                             TTTTTTT   JJJJJJJ
                               TTT       JJJ
                               TTT       JJJ
                               TTT    JJJJJJ
             CCCCCCC   OOOOOOO   MM      MM   BBBBBB   OOOOOOO
             CC        OO   OO   MMM    MMM   BB    B  OO   OO
             CC        OO   OO   MM MMMM MM   BBBBBB   OO   OO
             CC        OO   OO   MM  MM  MM   BB    B  OO   OO

                       TJ.Combo Minifaq Version 1.0
                      Compiled and written by Dylan.G
                           Copyright (C) 1995 

                           *TABLE OF CONTENTS*  

3)Key To Moves
4)Special Moves
5)Transition Moves
6)Shadow Moves
8)Other Moves
9)Finishing Moves

                           *  INTRODUCTION   *
Height :6'1
Weight :220
Age :25

He is an American boxer ,who wears black boxers shorts and a tank top
he's moves are similar to balrog from Street Fighter.In his animated 
sequence his graphics look much like a Virtua Fighter Character.
He is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for five years,
stripped of his title when found using cybernetically enhanced arms,
now broke he enters the Ultratech Tournament for the love of money.

Welcome to the T.j.Combo minifaq ,this faq should help players of all 
standards to improve their games. 
This is my first faq so there is no new stuff "yet" ,I have done several
other moves with Tj combo that are not on this faq ,but will be confirmed
in time for the next faq.Such as his double knee.

Please send any corrections,additions or anything else you may have for
Tj.combo to n1389491@student.fed.qut.edu.au any other moves or combo's
or no mercy's will be greatly appreciated.

                           *   KEY TO MOVES  *


1 = Jab Punch Attack    2 = Medium Punch Attack    3 = Fierce Punch Attack

4 = Short Kick Attack   5 = Medium Kick Attack     6 = Fierce Kick Attack


B = Back  F = Forward  D = Down  U = Up
DF = Down forward  DB = Down Back

HCT = Half Circle Toward The Opponent  (B,DB,D,DF,F)
HCB = Half Circle Back ,Away From Opponent  (F,DF,D,DB,B)

                           *  SPECIAL MOVES  *

Charging Punch      :Hold B,F,3
Spinning Backfist   :Hold B,F,1
Double Backfist     :Hold F,B,1
Double Rolling Punch:Hold B,F,2  (hold for 2 seconds goes under projectiles)
Triple Rolling Punch:Hold B,F,2  (hold for 3 seconds goes under projectiles)
Forward Knee        :Hold B,F,4  
Power Forward Knee  :Hold B,F,6
Vertical Knee       :Hold B,F,5  
                    (knocks opponents out of the air)
Punching Bag        :1,1,1,1,repeat (when close)  
                    (I've tried it many times and this can not be 
                    used in combo's)
Winding Uppercut    :Hold 3 for 3seconds then release,press 3 to punch

                           *TRANSITION MOVES *

Moves that start with one move, then change to fool opponent.

Rolling Punch to Vertical Knee      :Hold B,F,2,B,5
Charging Punch to Spinning Backfist :Hold B,F,3,B,1
Charging Punch to Sudden Stop       :Hold B,F,3,B,3
Charging Punch to Rolling Punch     :Hold B,F,3,B,2
(this works well if your charging and the other player projectiles)
Gharging Punch to Forward Knee      :Hold B,F,3,B,6

                           *   SHADOW MOVES  *

Moves that can be done only when the white line on your energy bar is
flashing ,after combo breaker.

Shadow Charging Punch   :Hold 3+B,F,release 3
The next three can only be done during a combo.
Shadow 3 Hit + Air      :Hold 6+B,F,release 6
Shadow 4 Hit + End      :Hold 2+B,F,release 2
Shadow 4 Hit + End      :Hold 3+B,F,release 3

                           *     COMBO'S     *

8 hit combo:            B,F,2,B,6,6,B,F,1,B,F,3
8 hit combo:            Jump,6,DB,2,2,F,2,6,6
8 hit combo:            B,F,6,B1,F,1,wait,B,F,3
8 hit combo:            B,F,2,B,F,1 (ultra at end match)
8 hit combo:            B,F,2,B,1,1,F,2,wait,B,F,3
9 hit combo:            B,F,2,B,6,6,3,F,3
13 hit combo:           B,F,2,B,6,F,4,B,5,F,1,wait,B,F,3
14 hit combo:           B,F,6,5,5,5,B,1,5,5,5,F,1,2,2,wait,B,F,3
? hit ultra combo:      B,F,4,F,5,5,B,3
18 hit ultra combo:     B,F,2,2,B,3
26 hit ultra combo:     B,F,2,B,6,F,4,5,B,3,wait,B,F,3
36 hit ultra combo:     B,F,2,B,1,F,5,B,1,F,5,B,1,F,5,B,1,F,4,F,5,F,5,B,3
cont'd                  wait,B,F,3
8 hit ultimate screen smash combo:B,F,2,B,1,6,HCB,5


B,1   = 3 hits
B,2   = 2 hits
B,3   = 2 hits
B,4   = 2 hits
B,5   = 2 hits
B,6   = 3 hits
F,1   = 2 hits
F,B,1 = 3 hits
B,F,1 = 4 + air
B,F,2 = 4 + air
B,F,3 = 4 + end
B,F,6 = 4 + air

                            *   OTHER MOVES  *

Air Juggle              :Hold B,F,3
                        (air juggles can only be done after a combo
                        not after a special move ie.Akuma)
Triple Air Juggle       :Hold B,F,3 (only with flashing bar)
Air Combo 1.            :Jump,5,F,B,4
Air Combo 2.            :Jump,6,F,B,5
Combo Breaker           :Hold B,F,kick
Knockdown Attack        :Hold B,F,kick
                        (knockdown move can only be done when you are
                        getting up.)

                            *FINISHING MOVES *

Ultra Combo             :Hold F,B,3 (only during combo)

Ultimate Combo          :HCB,5 (only during combo)

Humiliation             :D,D,D,1 (makes opponent dance,when done on another
                        Tj.Combo he is one of the best dancers.Can only
                        be done when still on first bar of life)

No Mercy 1.             :B,B,F,F,2 (close)
                        (A bell rings then he punches his opponent in the 
                        stomach,then does a little dance,turns his back to
                        the screen and breaks the opponents neck.)

No Mercy 2.             :HCF,6 (close)
                        (He gives his opponent a spinning backfist then
                        punches them into the screen,they hit the glass
                        and then slide down.)

                            *    GLITCH'S    *

Rainbow Blood:
When playing another Tj.Combo, use this combo on your opponent 
Hold B,F,2,B,1,F,B,1 . Make sure that the roll hits three times 
Tj.Combo will lean and spit out some rainbow coloured blood.

Midair Ultra Combo:
You must be playing on any of the 3D or rooftop stages,back your opponent 
into the corner when their second energy bar is flashing red.Do the double 
backfist move then immediately do the ultra combo (hold F,B,3).The first
2 hits will connect and knock the opponent off the roof but then Tj.Combo
will do his ultra combo into midair hitting nothing ,the opponents body
will start rising ,their body will also be jolting and spewing blood as
if the combo were hitting normaly.

                            * MISCELLANEOUS  *

Easy Strategy To Beat Eyedol:

When playing against Eyedol at the start of the match jump back then 
just keep doing the straight knee (hold B,F,4) continually until he 
is dead,he will block most of them and take about every sixth one.
On the bridge background finish with a special move to knock him into the 

Finishing Moves Theory:

I'm sure most of you have heard the different button for each of the six 
finishing moves theory,but for those of you who hav'nt here it is.
There are six buttons and six finishing moves ie.

Button 1.  = Humiliation 
Button 2.  = Neck Break No Mercy                              
Button 3.  = Ultra Combo
Button 4.  = 
Button 5.  = Ultimate Combo
Button 6.  = Screen Smash No Mercy

Therefore button 4. must be for No Mercy 3. This theory checks out okay
on all the characters who's six finishing moves are known so why not on TJ.

Tj.Combo's Ending:

When he wins the Ultratech Tournament ,Combo finally achieves his ambition
to regain his lost fortune and popular status.Once a nobody from the ghetto
Tj.Combo celebrates his wins and newfound wealth by parading through those
same streets. With money and fame at his side ,Combo believes he can achieve

                            *    CREDITS     *


Dylan G ..(me)................................n1389491@student.fit.qut.edu.au
Brian Smolik..................................................floyd@ripco.com
Mark Reginald Coates..........................n1389491@student.fit.qut.edu.au

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