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Jago by SPansuria

Version: 1.2 |


Jago Player's Guide
Version 1.2
Written by Sachin Pansuria


 First off, an introduction, meet Jago:

 "A Tibetan warrior monk, who calls on the power of the Tiger to discover
  his destiny.  Overseen by the Tiger Spirit, Jago must enter the
  contest and destroy the evil within."   


                                               Jab Med Frc
                     UB U UF      High Attack:  1   2   3
        Joystick:     B   F
                     DB D DF      Low  Attack:  4   5   6

 H:     hold button
 R:     release button
 C:     charge
 /:     or, as in 1/2/3 (weak, medium, or fierce high attack)
 +:     and, as in QCDB+6 (DF,D,DB, press 6 while holding DB)
 QCT:   quarter circle towards          (D,DF,F)
 HCT:   half circle towards             (B,DB,D,DF,F)
 HCB:   half circle back                (F,DF,D,DB,B)
 F,QCT: forward, quarter circle towards (F,D,F)
 QCDB:  quarter circle down-back        (DF,D,DB)
 QCDF:  quarter circle down-forward     (DB,D,DF)


 Roundhouse:      F+6           (fast roundhouse)
 Overhead Sword:  B+6           (hits crouching opponents)
 Fireball:        QCT+1/2/3     (projectile)
 Magic Fireball:  H1,HCT+R1     (hits anti-projectile moves ie: Spin Kick)
 Laser Sword:     QCDB+3        (Fast glowing sword)
 Uppercut:        F, QCT+1/2/3  (anti-air)
 Quick Heel Kick: QCDF+4        (anti-projectile)
 Heel Kick:       QCDB+4/5/6    (anti-projectile)
 Fast Heel Kick:  H6, QCDB+R6   (anti-projectile)


 Air Combo: (Info from X Ben) 
  Jump+6/3, QCDB+5   ;   Jump+5/2, QCDB+4   ;   Jump+4/1, QCDB+3 
  Jump attack, heel kick  Your opponent must be jumping.

 Air Juggle:  H2,QCT+2   (Can only be done after ending a combo  
                          with F, QCT+1 or F, QCT+2)


 No Mercy 1:  B,F,F+1   (About 1 person away)
  Jago takes out his sword and slices his opponent a few times.  The
  last strike hits him in his crotch area.

 No Mercy 2:  B,B,F,F+2 (any distance)
  Jago sits Indian style and meditates while his eyes are glowing.  
  Then, a car falls from the sky, smashing his opponent.

 Ultra:       QCDB+4    (during a combo)
  Your opponent must be on his last energy bar, and it must be 
  flashing.  Done in a combo, it will add 18 hits to your total.
 Ultimate:    HCT+3     (during a combo)
  Your opponent must be on his last energy bar, and it must be 
  flashing.  Jago will perform his No Mercy #1 in a combo.

 Humiliation: HCB+5     (any distance)
  If you have not lost your first energy bar, you can make your 
  opponent dance when they have lost all of their energy.  


 F, QCT+1/2/3

 The button you should use depends on which button your opponent is 
 currently using on the combo.
    Opponent using:         You use:
          1/4                   3
	  2/5			1
          3/6			2

 Once you perform a combo breaker, you are powered up.  You can tell if
 you're powered up if the end of your energy bar has a flashing white line.
 Now, you can do shadow moves unless you do too many of them, then you
 will no longer be powered up.


 Red FB:           H3,QCT+R3    (a fast red fireball)                              
 Shadow Heel Kick: H6,QCDB+R6   (A faster Fierce Heel Kick)


 Start with:   Follow With:   Hits:
   QCDB+6          4/5         3/2	
   QCDB+5      4/(DF+3,DF+3)   2/2
   QCDB+3      4/(DF+3,DF+3)   2/2
   QCDB+4       Any button     1        (just to keep the combo going)
  Jumping 1/4      4/1         2/2
  Jumping 2/5      5/2         2/2
  Jumping 3/6      6/3         2/2

 After following the above chart, you can either end the combo, or 
 extend it.  The extender is QCDB+3.  Now, after the extender, you 
 can either follow up with 4/5 and an ending, or just an ending.

  Ending Motion:                     Hits:
    QCDB+5                             3
    F, QCT+1                           2
    QCT+1                              2
    F, QCT+2, <wait>, H2, QCT+R2       4
    F, QCT+3                           4

  Shadow Enders:                     Hits:
    H5, QCDB+R5                        3      
    H2, F, QCT+R2, <wait>, H2, QCF+R2  4      
    H3, F, QCT+R3                      4

    Dizzy: QCDB+4, QCDB+4, QCDB+4

    Dizzy: QCDB+4, 3, QCF+3
    Dizzy: QCDB+4, 3, QCDB+3
    7-Hit(Master): QCDB+5, DF+3, DF+3, H3, F, QCT+R3

    8-hit(Awesome): QCDB+6, 5, H5, QCDB+R5
    12-hit(Killer): QCT+1, QCDB+5, FD+3, FD+3, D, BD+3, 5, H5, QCDB+R5  
    15-hit(Killer): QCT+1, QCDB+6, 5, QCDB+3, 5, 5, F, QCT+3

    16-hit(Killer): QCT+1, QCDB+6, CB, F+6, 5, QCDB+3, 5, 1 F, QCT+3

    30-hit(Ultra): QCT+1, QCDB+6, CB, F+6, 5, QCDB+3, 5, 1, QCDB+4

TRANSITION MOVES:  (Info from Solo)

 Heel kick to Uppercut:    QCDB+5, F,QCT+1
 Heel kick to Heel kick:   QCDB+5, QCDB+4/5
 Heel kick to Swordslash:  QCDB+5, QCDB+3


 Ground Recovery:
  F, QCT+1/2/3  When you are knocked down and somebody jumps at you,
  you can come up with an uppercut before they can hit you.

 Heel Kick Stop: (Info from X Ben)
  If you heel kick with 6, hold back immediately after you do the motion.
  At any time during flight, you can stop the heel kick by pressing F+6.
  Now, after you have stopped it, go B, F, 6.  Easy heel kicks!  Repeat
  as often as you like, but don't get hit or jump, it'll go away.

 Double Hit Heel Kick: (Info from X Ben)
  If you heel kick with 6, hold back immediately after you do the motion.
  Now, after the kick connects, go F+6 and you've just done a double hit
  heel kick!  This is essential for a 30-hit ultra.

 Fireball Recovery Time: (Info from Frank M. LIn)
  If you throw a fireball, you can do a heel kick immediately after the 
  fireball has left Jago's arms.  You don't have to wait for Jago to 

 Uppercut Range:
  If you hold forward for about 1-2 seconds before doing an uppercut, the
  uppercut will have approximately 3 times the horizontal range!


 If you draw enemies early, you can be offensive and combo them to death.
 If you draw them late, here are some strategies:

vs. Anybody:   Use one of the computer Jago's combos:
                DF+5, DB+5, 4, H5, QCDB+R5
               This works because the CPU usually falls for that first
               crouching medium.  Also, after you knock them down, throw
               a jab fireball and time it so it hits them as they are 
               getting up.  Immediately after the fireball leaves your 
               hands, you can execute a heel kick.  The fireball will hit
               them, and the heel kick right after!  There, you can start 
               another combo.  Repeat as often as you like.  CPU players 
               who usually don't fall for that fireball are Cinder, Combo,
               Sabrewulf, and Spinal.

vs. Jago:      Rely on the crouching medium kick -> medium heel kick combo
               and the fireball trap.  Or, try throwing a magic fireball at
               the full distance of the screen.  He will also throw one. 
               But, he will usually throw another!  It usually isn't a magic
               fireball and you can fierce heel kick combo him.

vs. Glacius:   An uppercut or a quick heel kick close to him, but one that 
               does NOT hit him will make him do his ice pick, which you
               can counter with a medium heel kick.  A fireball at the FULL
               distance of the screen will make him do a regular teleport
               uppercut, which can be blocked and countered with any heel 
               kick or the sword.

vs. Combo:     Counter all of his attacks with the medium heel kick.  You
               can use the sword or a dizzy if he is close.  Medium heel
               kick into him to make him do his flying knee.  Make sure 
               you are not too close to him when you do it, or you will 
               get a glove in the face.  Quick heel kicks also are a good
               taunt.  Fireballs don't work too well.
vs. Cinder:    Quick heel kicks will make him back away from you.  Throw
               a fireball and execute a heel kick so that it hits him when
               he is disappearing.  The fireball should be timed so that it
               hits AFTER your heel kick hits.  You can then end the combo
               or extend it with the laser sword.  Also, if he jumps at you,
               you can uppercut, laser sword him, quick heel kick him, or 
               block and jump kick backwards.  A laser sword at close range
               will make him to his Inferno, which you can counter with
               the medium heel kick.

vs. Orchid:    Multiple jab heel kicks will back her away from you.  A 
               fireball at a sufficient distance will make her jump over
               it when it gets close to her.  Time your heel kick to hit
               her when she is in the air or when she is about to hit the
               ground.  Also, a laser sword at close range, that does not
               hit her may make her do a tiger, which you can counter with
               anything.  Use the fireball trap stated above.

vs. Thunder:   Do a medium heel kick.  He will block and footsweep you.  
               Block the footsweep <he does it too late> and quickly medium
               heel kick combo him.  This works ALL THE TIME if you are 
               fast enough.  Also, a uppercut at close range that does not
               him will make him do his charging move.

vs. Sabrewulf: He jumps a lot.  Counter with whatever you like.  If he
               howls, do a fierce heel kick combo.  You have to rely on
               countering his dumb mistakes with combos and the crouching
               medium -> medium heel kick combo stated above to beat him.

vs. Riptor:    Again, you have to rely on countering his dumb mistakes with
               combos.  Throw a fireball at full screen distance, he will
               probably also throw one to stop yours.  However, he usually
               throws another for good measure!  Fierce heel kick combo him.
               Jump kick - heel kick combos work two times in a row if he
               is standing there doing nothing.  But, the third time, he 
               doesn't seem to fall for it.

vs. Spinal:    Counter his jumping with whatever you like.  You can also
               jump kick over him, and he will do a slide after you have 
               hit the ground.  Counter with a medium heel kick combo.
               Quick heel kicks will back him up.  Throw a fireball, and 
               time your fierce heel kick to hit him as soon as the fireball
               hits.  He'll put down his shield in time for the fireball to
               hit!  If he teleports, practice just blocking in the correct
               direction.  If he teleports into a charge, counter with 
               a dizzy.

vs. Fulgore:   Fulgore likes to teleport a lot.  You can guess which side 
               he comes up on and do a heel kick that way.  He also likes
               to throw fireballs.  Try to jump kick him, or heel kick 
               before they reach you, or block and heel kick if you're 
               close enough.  Also, counter all of his charges with a medium
               heel kicks.

vs. Eyedol:    DON'T throw fireballs.  Medium heel kick into him.  He will 
               almost always block.  About 30% of the time, he will throw 
               fireballs afterwards.  You can block the fireballs and
               counter with a medium heel kick combo.  Careful!  He 
               doesn't throw the same amount every time!


 Jago returns victorious to his shrine to commune with the Tiger
 Spirit.  By defeating the evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago
 moves one step closer to total enlightenment.


 Information taken from Dr Daytona(the best FAQ around), X Ben, 
  Solo, Frank M. Lin, Miyamoto Musashi, and the internet newsgroup 
  rec.games.video.arcade.  Sorry if I left out anybody.

 Where to find this FAQ in the future:
  HTML: http://www.cen.uiuc.edu/~pansuria/jago.html
  Text: rec.games.video.arcade
 Comments and suggestions are welcome!  E-mail at pansuria@uiuc.edu


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