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Flowchart FAQ (ANSI) by DBarrack

Version: 3 |

         _______          ______
        |       |        |    /||
        |       |        |__/  ||
        |       |_____..-'     /|
        |                   /   |
        |                 /     |       <---- real quick ASCII art
        |             .:'|      /
        |       |\.    \,|     /
        |       |  \.    \----/__
        |       |    \          /
        |_______|     '-._____''

KI_Flow3.TXT (Killer Instinct Flowchart FAQ. Version 3 - Ansi Version)
               David Barrack   (iw57@jove.acs.unt.edu)

    Version 3: What's new...

    1)  Made the whole thing a bit neater.
    2)  The first version was written for the expert player, but a lot of you
              are playing KI for the first time since it's SNES release, so I've
              tried to take that into acount and include the basics.
    3)  Turbo and slo-mo codes
    4)  Some neat arcade only glitch moves...
    5)  MORE COMBOS!!!!
    6)  Added list of quickest and longest combos.  Quickest defined as 
whatever gets them into the air fastest, so they can't combo break you.  
Longest is just that.  Keep in mind that any bounce move will hit 3 times 
instead of just once if you're powered up, and I included this number on
everybody's ultras.

    This moves list is a little different than most other KI FAQs in that the 
combos are written in flowchart form.  The reason I did this is so I can fit
every single combo I know of in a very small space.  I tried writing them out, 
but listing each individual combo would make the FAQ 90 pages long... Just look 
at Jago, I only got about 2/3 of his written down in a compressed format and 
they still take up over a page...
     Hopefully they'll be easy enough to follow... just remember, follow the
 branches without going backwards, (there are a few places I ran out of room,
 so whole path travels backwards, notated like ÄÄ<ÄÄ<ÄÄ<ÄÄ but other wise, don't
do it) and you should be okay.  This FAQ is by far the most copmlete list of 
combos I'm aware of on the net...  Granted, a lot of combos can be ended with a 
regular hit instead of a power move, and I've tried to include many of the good 
quick combo enders, but I'm sure there's still some goodies I've missed.
     This particular FAQ covers the SNES version. (Cause that's the one I had
the money to practice on)  The arcade and the SNES version are
practically identical (as far as the moves go) except the 80 hit combo's
have been taken out, all the "glitchy" moves like air Ultras and the extra 
bounces at the end of ultras are gone, and although the instruction book insists 
that shadow combos are in there, I've never managed to do one.  Whenever there 
is some move that didn't make the final cut to the home version, I'll still 
methion it, cause they're still fun to do in the arcade.

     As far as the flowcharts go, I wrote them like this:

This is a sample of Jago's chart.

Move you start with
        |    .----number of hits you get from the beginning move
        V    V
Sword Swipe(1)ÄÂÄ1(+2)Ä¿ Sword Swipe (+2)ÄÂÄ5(+3)ÄÂÄ¿   ÚÄÄUppercut2(+3)
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄÄÄÙ ^ ^   ³ ³                ÀÄ6(+3)ÄÙ À¿  ÃÄÄUppercut1(+2)
Button you chain-' |     ^                           ^             ^
      to.          |     `follow either path         |             |
Number of hits gained                 Remember not to go backwards |
from the chain.                             End the combo with these moves.

Just follow the path for each combo, and you'll know all the moves and
buttons required for it, and how many hits it'll produce.  If you have a
great deal of trouble with the flowcharts, I left a comprehensive list
of Jago's combos in the FAQ spelled out move for move, so just pick a
combo and read it, following the moves through the flowchart.  You'll
get the hang of it.
    There are some other variations not listed, like when you're powered
up, most bounces will hit an extra 2 times.  I believe that's universal for all 
the characters, so I didn't bother putting it in the FAQ, but you ought to be 
aware of it.
    Some of the charts got a little complex (as I'm sure you can imagine)
so I had to break some of the lines... but if you do see a line that
ends in ÄÄÄÄ*  Don't freak out, just find another line that starts with
a *, and just pretend the asterisk is a flow chart wormhole.

One more note:  Because this FAQ is in flowchart form, and the exact
placement of the lines in the flowchart is very important, so you need to
make sure you view it in the same format in which it was written.  I did
it in standard ANSI, so when you upload it and view it on your word
processor, you need to use a font in which the "i" and "." and space take up
exactly as much room as a "W" or "O"  Basically, don't use a true type or
kerned font... as soon as you see the flowcharts, you'll know wheter or
not your font jives.

The buttons:  There's six buttons, quick, medium, and fierce punch,
quick, medium and fierce kick.  For brevity's sake, they're labeled 1-6

The Moves:  HCF= Half Circle Forward   HCB=Half Circle Back  OHS=Overhead
Strike=pull back and hit 3 when your opponent is ducking.  Unless
otherwise noted, B, F, means charge back for about 1 second, then push
the joystick forward and hit whatever button is listed.  Same thing for
F, B, requires you to charge forward for 1 sec first.

Transition moves:  A transition move is a move that can be performed
while another move (usually a charge) is going on.  T. J. Combo, for
instance, while he's running across the screen at you, he can either
drop and roll, stop running, go into a backhand, or leap into a
kneebutt.  This is what I've labeled as a transition move.

Reverse Moves:  Reverse moves are moves which are not transition moves,
but are normal moves simply performed backwards.  If the move is listed
alongside the character's regular moves, then it can be done at any
time, like Riptor's Reverse Claw Leap.  Just walk towards your opponent,
then push back and 5.  He'll jump in the air just like always.  If the
Reverse move is only listed inside a combo, then that's the only place
it can be performed, like Orchid's Reverse Helicopter Kick.  When you
see these in a combo, just charge forward before you get to it, then
pull back and hit the listed button.  Glacius has a combo that would be
listed like this on most other FAQ's:  B, F3, 2, B2, etc...  On my FAQ,
it looks like this:
Charge 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄ2 (+3)ÄÄÄRv. Charge 2 (+2)ÄÄÄetc...  Get it?

C- c- c- combo Breakers!:  Each character has a certain move that
will break them out of a combo.  I've listed each character's Combo
Breaker in with the rest of their moves.  But knowing the move isn't
enough.  There is a definite technique to applying it to your opponent's
head.  The manual outlines the exact method pretty well, but for those of
you who didn't buy the game, or don't even have a SNES, or who lost the
book straight out of the box (or whatever), here's basically what it
says. (I'm paraphrasing here: )  "Think of it as a game of rock, sissors,
paper... While they're pulling a power move on you, your quick Combo
Breaker will beat their Medium Power Move, your med, CBreaker will beat
their Feirce PMove, and your Feirce will beat their Quick."  Now, that's
only while they're throwing the move itself... during the 2-4 hit chain,
any button will work, but there's still the matter of timing your breaker
so it lands in between their hits....

Shadow Moves:  I left these out of the FAQ, cause as far as I can tell,
Nintendo left them out of the game, but basically, almost any move can
be done by holding the button, doing the motion, and releasing the
button.  If you're not powered up, it'll usually make you pull the move
a little faster, which if you plan correctly, can make for some
blindingly fast combos.  If you are, you'll usually do a shadow move.
The big advantage here is that not only are they fast, but I've been
told they do more damage and are harder to break if done inside a combo,
but I can't confirm that, cause they're pretty tough to do, so it's
difficult to practice making and breaking them.

Finishing Moves:  There are 6 ways to finish your opponent in KI.
    1)  Let them just fall over.
    2)  Hit 'em.
    3)  Ultra combo: Your charater goes to town on your opponent, hitting them 
16 or more additional times at the end of a regular combo.  Do the ultra combo 
move during a combo when your opponent's life bar is flashing red, or after 
it's totally gone, but they're still in the combo that finished them off.
    4)  Ultimate: timing is the same as above, only do the ultimate move.
    5)  No Mercy: While they're staggering about, pull this off at the right 
distance and finish 'em for good.
    6)  Humiliation:  You have to still be on your first healthbar to do 
these... the distance isn't important.  Your opponent will perform a funky 
dance to some odd music.  Carefull if you do this in the arcade though... I've 
actually seen some people get angry at this... Believe it.... or not...

STAGES:  During two player or tournament mode, if the first person to
chose a character puts in one of these codes, you'll fight on the stage
listed.  The second player can chose the stages music with the same codes.

Glacius's Snow Temple (U1)
Thunder's Canyon (D1)
Dungeon (U2)  Unfortunately, there are corners in this version.  The
    arcade scrolled forever.  Personally, since the only reason for the
    level is to have an endless level (besides it looks pretty neat), I
    would have left it out to make a little more room for better fighting
Riptor's Arena (D2)
Snow Shrine (U3)
Eyedol's Bridge (D3)
Spinal's Castle (U4)
Street Below Orchid's Stage (D4)
Orchid's Rooftop (U5)
Saberwulf's Pad (D5)
Floating Platform (D5 - both players have to do it)
Cinder's Desert Rooftop (U6)
Fulgore's Factory  (D6)
Combo's Boxing Gym (???)
Eyedol's Lair ( ??? )
Jago's Tiger Shrine (???)

And since we're on codes input during character select...

Random Character Select (U + Start)

Torbo and Slo-Mo codes:  These are done on the vs. screen, after you pick your 
fighter.  The codes have to be put in before each fight.  These are comfirmed 
for the SNES, but I'm not sure about the Arcade.

Turbo 1:  Right + All Punches
Turbo 2:  Right + All Kicks
Turbo 3:  Left + All Punches
Slo-Mo 1: Left + All Kick


And now, on to the good stuff...

************************************* Jago *********************************


Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 190
Age: 21

A Tibetan Warrior monk, who calls on the power of the Tiger to discover
his destiny. Overseen by the Tiger Spirit, Jago must enter the contest
and destroy the evil within.


Heel Kick        :F, D, D&B, Kick  (Anti Projectile)
Uppercut         :F, D, F, Punch
Sword Swipe      :F, D, D&B, 3
Fireball         :HCT + Punch
Red Fireball     :(H)3, HCT, (R)3  (When Powered up)
Fast Fireball    :(H)2, HCT, (R)2  (Only good for air juggle)
Yellow Fireball  :(H)1, HCT, (R)1  (Hits most anti projectile moves)
Get up move      :Uppercut 1
C-c-c-combo Breaker!:F, D, F + Punch

Air Juggle       :Red Fireball
Air Combo        :Jump 6, Heel Kick 5

Humiliation           :HCB, 5
Groin Stab No Mercy   :B, F, F, 1 (About 1 person away)
Car Crash No Mercy    :B, B, F, F, 2 (1 non scrolling screen length away)
Ultimate              :HCF, 3
Ultra (+18)           :Heel Kick 4


Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄÄ¿
H.Kick 6 (1)ÄÁÄ4(+2)Ä´                                  ÖÄÄHCF,3(Ultimate)
               ³     ³                                  ÇÄÄH.Kick4(Ultra+18)
H.Kick 5 (1)ÄÄÄÙ     ³                ÚÄ2(+1)ÄÄÂÄÄ2(+1) ÃÄÄH.Kick 4(+1)
                     ³                ÃÄ4(+2)ÄÄ´        ÃÄUppercut 3(+4)
S.Swipe (1)ÄÄÂÄ1(+2)Ä´  S.Swipe (+2)ÄÄÅÄ5(+3)ÄÄÅÄÄ¿     ÃÄUppercut 2(+3)Ä¿
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³   ³            ÀÄ6(+3)ÄÄÙ  À¿    ÃÄUppercut 1(+2)ÄÁ¿
Jump(any)(1)-2,2(+2)Ä´                                  ÀÄÄFireball 1(+3) ³
                     ³                                                    ³
2,2 (2)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´                           Red Fireball (+1)ÄÄ<ÄÄÄ<ÄÙ
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÄÄ2 (+2)Ä´
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄ5 (+3)Ä´

- or -

3 hit:(dizzy)Jump 6, Sword Swipe 3, Heel Kick 4
3 hit:(dizzy)Heel Kick 4 done 3 times quickly
4 hit:  Sword Swipe, 1, Fireball 3
5 hit:  Sword Swipe, ( 2, 5, or 6), (Heel Kick 5) or (UCut 3) or
    (HCT 1) or (UCut 1, Red FB)
6 hit:  Sword Swipe, (2, 5, or 6), Uppercut 2, Red Fireball
6 hit:  Sword Swipe,  1, (Heel Kick 5) or (HCT 1) or (Uppercut 1,
    Red Fireball)
6 hit:  Jump 6, 2, (HCT 1) or  (Heel Kick 5) or (Uppercut 1, Red Fireball)
6 hit:  Heel Kick 5, 4, (Heel Kick 5) or (HCT 1) or (Uppercut 1, Red Fireball)
7 hit:  Sword Swipe, 1, Uppercut 3
7 hit:  Sword Swipe, 1, Uppercut 2, Red Fireball
7 hit:  Heel Kick 5, 4, (Uppercut 2, Red Fireball) or (Uppercut 3)
7 hit:  Jump6, 2, (Uppercut 2, Red Fireball) or (Uppercut 3)
7 hit:  Heel Kick 6, 5, (HCT 1) or (Uppercut 1, Red Fireball)
8 hit:  Heel Kick 6, 5, Uppercut 2, Red Fireball
8 hit:  Heel Kick 6, 5, Sword Swipe, 2, 2
10 hit: Heel Kick 6, 5, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6), Fireball 3
11 hit: Sword Swipe, 1, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6), (Heel Kick 5) or (HCT 1)
    or (Uppercut 1, Red FB)
11 hit: Heel Kick 5, 4, S Swipe, (5 or 6), (UCut 3) or (HK 5) or
    (UCut 1, Red FB) or (HCT 1)
12 hit: Heel Kick 5, 4, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6), Uppercut 2, Red Fireball
12 hit: Heel kick 6, 5, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6), (HCT 1) or
    (Uppercut 1, Red FB) or (Heel Kick 5)
12 hit: Sword Swipe, 1, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6), (Uppercut 3) or
    (Uppercut 2, Red Fireball)
13 hit: Heel Kick 5, 4, Sword Swipe, (5 or 6),  Uppercut 3

Words from the Master:
Jago is a pretty tough character to use, mostly
because both of his combo starting power moves are slow to pull off.
Except for the fact that hitting 2, 2 will start most of his combos, the
best thing to do is just Uppercut or leg sweep.  Another disadvantage is
that his range is a little limited, what being one of the shortest
characters in the game, (which personally, I think is kinda cool)  His
big plus is that if someone is a little fireball happy at you, his Heel
Kick will usually get you to them before they recover from throwing it.
Beware though, the clever player who will goad you into doing a Heel
Kick by filling the screen with fireballs, knowing that, if you're far
enough away, the only Heel Kick that will work is a 6, so they will know
how to break it once you get there...  Jago is one of my personal
favorites, even though I usually lose with him.  I like the fact that
he's short, and IMHO, I think he's got the coolest looking combos.

********************************* T.J. Combo ******************************


Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 220
Age: 25

Undisputed heavyweight champion for Five years, stripped of his title when
found using cybernetically enhanced arms. Now broke, he enters the Ultratech
contest for the love of money.


Charge and Punch       :B for 2 seconds or more, F3
Charge and Knockdown   :B for 1 second, F3   (no good for starting combos)
    Transition moves    (done after either Charge)
         Stop          :B3
         Tumble Punch  :B2
         Dbl Backhand  :B1
         Kneebutt      :B6
Backhand               :B, F1
Double Backhand        :F, B1
Tumble Punch (2 hits)  :B for 1 second, F2  (Anti Projectile)
Tumble Punch (3 hits)  :B for 2 or more seconds, F2  (Anti Projectile)
Kneebutt               :B, F4 or 6
Vertical  Knee         :B, F5
Punching Bag           :1, 1, 1, 1, etc (Must be close)
Winding Uppercut       :Hold 3 for about 3 seconds, then release.  He'll
            spin his arm till you hit 3 again, then he'll
            uppercut.  It looks neat, but it's not very useful.
Getup move             :B, F + Kick
C- c- c- combo Breaker!:B, F + Kick

Air Juggle             :Charge 3
Air Combo              :Jump, F6, B5, Charge 3

Ultimate               :HCB, 5
Humiliation            :D, D, D, 1
Neckbreak No Mercy     :B, B, F, F, 2 (Close)
Screen Splat No Mercy  :HCT, 6  (Close)
Ultra (+18 +1 hits)    :F, B3

Charge (1)ÄÁÂÄ5(+3)Ä´                                  * Down,3ÄÄÄÄ¿
Jump 3 (1)ÄÂÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´                                              ³
           ³        ³  ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄÄVertical KneeÄÄ¿  ³
Dbl.BHand(2)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´  ³                      ³                 ³  ³
           ³        ³  ³                      ³ ÚÄBackhand(+4)ÄÄ´  ³
Jump 1 (1)ÄÁÄÄ4(+2)Ä´  ³                      ³ ÃÄKneebutt1(+1)Ä´  ³
Jump 6 (1)ÄÁÄÄ2(+2)Ä´  ³                ÚÄ*  ÚÙ ÃÄKneebutt6(+3)ÄÙ  ³
                    ³  ÀÄDbl.BHand(+2)ÄÄÁÄÄÄÄ´  ÇÄÄF,B1(+18ultra)ÄÄÙ
K.Butt6(1)ÄÄ¿       ³     ÀÄÄ5(+3)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´  ÓÄÄÄHCB,3(Ultimate)
Backhand(1)ÄÅÄ1(+3)Ä´        ÀÄDbl.BHand(+2)Ä´
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÙ       ³       ÚÄ> º      ÀÄ*   ³
        *Ä<Ä¿ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄ´       ³   ÓÄ5(+3)ÄÄÄÄÄÄ´
Tumble(2or3)ÁÅÄ6(+3)Ù       ³     ÀÄDBH(+2)ÄÄÁÄÄ5 (+3)
Jump 2 (1)ÄÄÄ´              ³
OHS (1)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ              ÀÄÄÄNote: you can only continue beyond this
                    point if you started the combo with
                    a 3 hit Tumble and went straight to
                    a Dbl. Backhand.  Just the way it is.

    Tumble, then Down and 3, Bounce.
    2, 3, 5, or 6, then Vertical Knee, Bounce.
    Tumble, Vertical Knee or Kneebutt 6, then Bounce.

    20 hits: 3 hit Tumble, Double Backhand, 5, Double Backhand, 5, Double
Backhand, Backhand, Bounce.
    32/34 hits: Same as above, but end with F, B3, instead of Backhand, then 

Words from the Master:  Combo is just about the best character in the game.  
His combos are fast, and he has a whole bunch of really quick ones, in 
addition to the longest non-ultra besides Orchid.  His Kneebutts give him 
excellent up defense, he can charge across the screen quickly, and dodge 
fireballs while he's at it with his roll.  His only particular weakness is
his lack of a distance attack, but, comeon, he needs some kind of 
disadvantage, and antways, I like that, cause it gives the characters variety,
(unlike a certain Midway game)...  Although I dislike corner fighting, those 
of you who do will love him.  Between his Projectile dodge, fast attacks, and 
killer up defense, he's really dangerous if he can pin you in the corner.  I 
like him because, besides all the above reasons, there's a little more 
satisfaction in bouncing your opponent with your fist than with a fireball.

****************************** Glacius *************************************


Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 300
Age: Unknown

An alien being from a distant planet. Crash landing on Earth, he was
captured by Ultratech, hoping to prove the aliens are inferior, they
force Glacius to fight for his life.


Ice Pick                :F, D, D&B, 1
Puddleport              :HCT, 4
Puddle Uppercut         :HCT, (5 or 6)
Changeup Uppercut       :HCT, 6 then HCT, 5
Snowball                :HCT, Punch
Speed Snowball          :(H)1, HCT, (R)1  (only when powered up)
Shoulder Charge         :B, F, Punch
Getup Move              :Puddle Uppercut
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :B, F, Punch

Air Juggle              :Puddle Uppercut
Air Combo               :Jump, F6, B5

Ultra (+18 +1 hits)     :B, F, 3
Ultimate                :F, D, D&B, 1
Humiliation             :F, F, B, 4
Ice Needle No Mercy     :HCT, 2  (About half the screen away)
Blob No Mercy           :HCB, 5  (Just outside striking range, but is
                apparently not in the SNES version)
Puddle No Mercy         :B, B, B, 6  (Anywhere)


Jump 2 (1)ÄÄÄ´      ³
            ÚÙ      ³
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄ´       ³                   ÚÄ6(+3)Ä¿
OHS (1)ÄÄÄÄÄ´       ³                   ÃÄ1(+2)Ä´  ÖÄF,D,D&B1(Ultimate)
Charge3(1)ÄÂÁÄ2(+3)Ä´ ÚÄÄRv.Charge2(+2)ÚÁÄ2(+3)Ä´  ÇÄB,F3(+18ultra)
           À¿       ³ ³                À¿       À¿ ÃÄIcepick (+4)Ä¿
                    ³                      ÚÙ      ÃÄSnowbal3(+3)ÄÙ
Charge 2(1)ÄÂÄ3(+2)Ä´                      ³       ÀÄHCT, 5 (+3)
            ÀÄ2(+3)Ä´                      ³
                    ³    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿³ÚÄ1 (+2)
Jump 1 (1)ÄÄÄÄ4(+3)Ä´    ³                ³³ÃÄ2 (+2)
                    ³    ÃÄRv.Charge2(+2)ÄÁÁÁÄ6 (+3)
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄ5(+2)ÄÙ    ³
In addition to those     ³
combos, any of the above ³
moves (with the exception³
of the Puddlecut 5 and   ³
Jump 2) can be chained to³
6 with the following     ³
(It's kinda hard to time, but it works)

    Charge 3, 6, Snowball 3, Bounce.
    Charge 3, Icepick, Bounce.

    14 hits:Charge 2 or 3, 2, Reverse Charge 2, 2, Icepick, Bounce.
    29/32 ultra:"------------same---------------", B, F3, Bounce.
    32/34 arcade bonus bounce ultra:Do the ultra as listed above.  After you 
launch them do a Reverse Charge 2, and wait.  When they come down, bounce then 
with a Snowball 3, then Bounce them again with the Puddlecut 6.

Words from the Master:  I'm partial to Glacius cause he's the guy I
figured out the combo system on.  If Glacius is the an average member of
his race, I'll tell you, they're certainly not inferior to us!  He's one
of the best in the game!  His Puddle Uppercuts and Icepick give him
great up defense, he has a distance weapon, his Puddle moves get him
under distance attacks, and they get him across the screen quickly.  His
regular attacks have extended range cause he can stretch his arms out.
His combos are generally pretty quick, especially doing a charge,
chaining it to 6, then throwing a Snowball 3.  It's a fast 5 hit combo
that you can bounce afterwards and it gets them off the ground in 3 hits
so they can't combo break you.  The only problem I have with him is that
some of his combos are a little hard to time, especially anything
following the quick 6 combos.



Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110
Age: 2650

An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration, Ultratech have recreated
an ancient warrior from the past. Having no memory, and lacking in purpose
he fights regardless.

Infinite Powerup: With only 1 skull, (H) 1, HCT, 2 + (R)1.
If this is done right, Spinal will throw 2 Skulls.  You can now throw 2
skulls at any time with this move, and you can also throw 1 skull like
normal.  Careful not to absorb any more skulls.....
Note: This does NOT work on the SNES version.


Absorption Shield   :B1 (hold till hit with a projectile or power move)
Flaming Skull       :HCT punch (only when powered up)
Red Skull           :(H)1, HCT,(R)1
Teleport Front      :D, D, D, Punch - Teleports in front of his opponent.
Teleport Back       :D, D, D, Kick - Teleports behind his opponent.
Air Teleport Front  :(H)1, Jump, D, D, D, (R)1
Air Teleport Back   :(H)4, Jump, D, D, D, (R)4
Charge              :F, F, Punch
Slide               :D,6
Sword Slash         :B, F2  (Spins twice if he's powered up)
Reverse Sword Slash :F, B2  (Spins twice if done during a combo)
Morph               :D, D, D + any button during a combo
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :F, F + Punch

Air Juggle          :Flaming Skull 1
Air Combo           :Jump, F6, B5

Ultra (+18 hits)            :HCF, 3
Humiliation                 :HCT, 6
Lightning/Skeleton No Mercy :B, B, B, 5  (anywhere)
Shield Stab No Mercy        :B, B, F, 4  (close)


Jump6 (1)ÄÄÁÂÄÄ2(+3)Ä¿
Charge3 (1)ÄÁÂÄ6(+2)Ä´
Jump 2 (1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³
                     ³                        ÚÄ4 (+2)Ä¿
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄ¿       ³                        ÃÄ5 (+2)Ä´
Charge 2 (1)ÄÁÄ5(+2)Ä´  ÚÄÄRv.Sword Slash(+2)ÄÅÄ3 (+3)Ä´   ÕÍÍHCF3(+18ultra)
                     ³  ³                     À¿       À¿  ÃÄÄCharge3 (+4)
Charge 1(1)ÄÄÅÄ3(+3)Ä´                                     ÃÄCharge1(+3)
S.Slash(1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³                                     ÀÄMorph (+3or4)
                     ³                                          (Plus
Jump 1 (1)ÄÄÄÄ4 (+2)Ä´                                          possible
                     ³                                          bounce
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄÄ1 (+3)ÄÙ                                          (HCT 1))

  Quickest: Spinal's combos are pretty fast to begin with, but I don't know of
            any really quick ones.  Just end with a morph that lifts them off
            the ground quickly, or with Charge 1.

    13 hits: Sword Slash, 3, Reverse Sword Slash, 3, Charge 3.
    other: Same as above, only Morph instead of Charge 3.  Spinal's the oddball 
character, so you'll have to play around a bit to find his best combos.

Words from the Master:  Spinal is actually is one of the easiest
characters to use once you get down the charge move.  I say that because
if ever you're pulling a combo and you can't remember what comes next, no
problem, just Morph,  and WAM, 3 or 4 more hits.  Also, his combos are
pretty fast, making them hard to break.  Another good thing about him is
his slide.  People just don't seem to like blocking their feet.  Also,
he's just about the easiest character to power up, next to Wolfboy, of
course.  His Absorption Shield will power him up if he blocks any kind of
power move, not just projectiles.  His only real weakness that I can
think of is that he has pretty sorry air defense, unless they jump
early, in which case you can catch them with a slide.

************************************ B. Orchid *****************************


Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125
Age: 23

A secret agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances that
surround the Ultratech contest. Her true identity and abilities are
shrouded in secret.


Helicopter Kick (HK)    :B, F, Kick
Backflip Kick           :B6
Tiger Morph (T)         :B, F, Punch  (Tiger 3 must be done from pretty
                    far away if you want to start a combo with it)
Laser Thing (L)         :HCT, Punch
Windmill                :F, D, D&B, 3
Helicopter Charge (HC)  :F, D, D&B, (1 or 2)
Backflip Kick           :B6
Getup Move              :B, F6
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :Helicopter Kick

Air Juggle              :HCT, 1
Air Combo               :Jump, F6, B2

Ultra (+18 +1)          :B, F2
Humiliation             :HCB, 3
Frog No Mercy           :D, F, B, 4 pause, 6 (for the stomp)  (Stand about 1
                         person away)
Flasher No Mercy        :B, B, F, F, 1 (close in arcade, just outside striking
                         range on the SNES)
Ultimate                :F, D, D&B, 5


OHS (1)ÄÄÄÂÄ&                                           ÚÄHK4(+4)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
Tiger3(1)ÄÅÄÄÄ6(+3)Ä¿                                   ÃÄTiger(+1)      ³
Jump2(1)ÄÄÙ         ³                                   ÃÄL3(+4)         ³
Jump1(1)ÄÄÄÄ¿       ³ ³           ÚÙ    ÚÙ   ÚÙ   ÚÙÚÙ  ÃÄHK5(+3)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´
HC  1(1)ÄÄÂÄÁÄ4(+3)Ä´ ÃÄHK6(+3)-#Ä´  @ÄÄÙ    ³  %ÄÙ ³   ÇÄF,D,DB6(Ultim) ÿ
T2(2)ÄÂÄÄÄÁÂÂÄ5(+3)Ä´ ³           ÀÂÄ1(+3)ÄÄÄ´      ³   ÓÄB,F2(+18ultra)ÄÙ³
      ÀÄ*  ³³       ³ ³           ÚÙ         ³      ³                     ³
Jump 3 (1)ÄÙ³       ³ ÃÄRv.HK5(+2)ÁÄÄ2(+2)-#Ä´      ÀÄ<ÄÄÂÄ-<ÄÄÄ¿         ³
HC 2(1)ÄÄÄÄÂÙ       ³ ³                      ÃÄ¿         ³      ³         ³
H Kick6(3)ÄÁÂÄ1(+3)Ä´ ÃÄHC2(+1)ÄÂÄÄÄ¿        ³ ÃÄHC2(+1)ÄÁÄ5(+3)³         ³
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÙ       ³ ³         ÃÄ@ ÃÄ5(+3)ÄÄÙ ÀÄHK6(+3)ÄÂÄ1(+3ÄÁÄHK6(+2) ³
                    ³ ÀÄHC1(+1)ÄÁÄÄÄÙ                    ÀÄÄ%             ³
Jump 6 (1)ÄÂÄ2 (+2)Ä´                                       Laser1(+1)<Ä<ÄÙ
    &ÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ        ³   # = note: the combo will end here      ³
          *Ä¿       ³             if it was started with       ³
Jump 5 (1)ÄÄÅÄ3(+3)ÄÙ              Tiger 2                     ³
Tiger 1 (1)ÄÙ                                                  ³

    Windmill, Bounce.
    Helicopter Charge, B6.

    28 hits:Heli Kick 6, 1, Reverse Heli Kick 5, 1, Heli Kick 6, 1, Heli Kick 
            6, 1, Helicopter Slash, Bounce.
    42/44 ultra:Same as above, but in place of the Heli Slash, do a B, F2, 
            then Bounce.

Words from the Master:  If anyone's chart needs some work., I'm sure it's
Orchid's.  She has the highest hit combos of anyone, which makes her a
little harder to map out...  What I do have down should be prety close
though... the highest hit combo I've gotten with her is (excluding
ultras) 26.  I've found though, that the hits just stop doing damage
after about 16 or 18.  That's bad if you're trying to avoid combo
breakers, but it doesn't really matter if you're just trying to look
cool.  Orchid is a pretty good character; good air defense with the Windmill
and her backflip kick (B6).  Her tiger is good for dodging
projectiles and getting across the screen pretty fast.  Really the only
drawback I see to her, as a competitive character goes, is it's hard  to
resist the temptation to pull 20 hit + combos with her, which of course
gives your opponent a lot of time to throw a breaker in.

********************************* Chief Thunder *****************************


Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 280
Age: 42

Mystical defender of native Americans, Thunder enters the contest in
order to uncover the mystery surrounding his brother's disappearance in
the previous year's tournament.


Flying Headbutt      :F, D, B, Punch  (Anti projectile)
Tomahawk Dive        :F, D, B, 3  (Can be done after a jump or Headbutt 3)
Phoenix              :HCB + Kick (You can guide the phoenix up or down.)
Tomahawk Chop        :B, F + Punch  (Anti projectile)
Reverse Tomahawk Chop:F, B2
Reverse Chop         :F, B2
Red Phoenix          :(H)5, HCT, (R)5
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :HCB, 2

Air Juggle           :Phoenix 4
Air Combo            :Jump 6, Headbutt 2

Humiliation           :D, D, D, F, 4
Raindance No Mercy    :HCT, 3 (About halfway across the screen)
Tomahawk Slam No Mercy:HCA, 6 (Right next to them)
Ultimate              :HCB, 2
Ultra (+18 +1)        :B, F1


Jump 2 (1)ÁÂÄ6(+3)ÄÄÄ¿
           À¿        ³
Jump 5 (1)ÄÄÁÄF3(+2)Ä´
                     ³                      ÚÄÄRv.Chop (+3)
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÄ¿       ³ ÚÄRv.Chop(+3)¿F6(+3)Ä´
T.Chop 3 (3)ÄÅÄ2(+2)Ä´ ³            ³       ³
T.Dive (1)ÄÄÂÙ       ³ ³            À¿      À¿ ÚÄHeadbutt3(+4)Ä¿
            À¿       ÃÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÅÄHeadbutt2(+4)ÄÅÄPhoenix4(+1)
Jump 1 (1)ÄÂÄÁÄ4(+2)Ä´                         ÃÄChop 3 (+3)ÄÄÄÙ    ³
      &ÄÄÄÄÙ         ³                         ÃÄPhoenix6(+3)       ³
T.Chop 2 (3)ÄÂÄ5(+2)Ä´                         ÇÄB, F1 (+18 ultra)ÄÄÙ
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³                         ÓÄHCB, 3 (ultimate)
Headbutt 1(1)ÂÄ1(+3)ÄÙ
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄÙ

    F3, Headbutt 2, bounce.
    Any Tomahawk chop, any ender, bounce.

    17 hits: Tomahawk Chop 3, 6, Rv.Tomahawk Chop 2, 6, Headbutt 2 or 3, 
             Bounce (This only works on the home version, in the arcade, they 
             fall out of it at the second 6)
    31/33 ultra:Same up to the second 6, then B, F1, bounce.
    35/37 arcade bonus bounce ultra:Same as above, but after you launch them in 
the air, do 2 Reverse Tomahawk Chops to get under them.  As they come down, hit 
them with a Headbutt 2, for 4 extra hits, then bounce.

Words from the Master:  Thunder's pretty cool.  At first he doesn't look too 
impressive cause he doesn't have many moves, but they all hit multiple times, 
and or go through fireballs.  His headbutt is great air defense, and his combo 
breaker is one of the easiest in game...  Just twirl the joystick like mad and 
pound on the button.  The only real drawback is that he doesn't have a lot of 
combo enders, so it's easy to get tired of playing him.

************************************* Fulgore *******************************


Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 560
Age: 1

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, entered into the
contest as a final tests of it's capabilities before mass production
can begin.


1 Bolt            :HCT + Punch
2 Bolts           :B + HCT, 1
3 Bolts           :B, F + HCT, 1
Charge            :B, F + Kick
  Transition move :Uppercut 1
Uppercut          :F, D, F + Punch
Taser             :F, D, D&B, 6
Reflector         :HCB + Punch
Teleport Front    :B, D, B, Punch (1=far, 2=near, 3=close)
Teleport Back     :B, D, B, Kick (4= far, 5=near, 6=close)
Axe Kick          :F6 (close)
Getup Move        :Uppercut
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :Uppercut

Air Juggle        :2 or 3 Bolts
Air Combo         :Jump ,F6, D, F2 (Uppercut 2)

Ultra (+18 +2)    :Uppercut 1
Ultimate          :F, D, D&B, 2
Humiliation       :HCF, 5
Laser No Mercy    :F, D, D&B, 3 (Real hard to space... about sweep range)
Turret No Mercy   :HCT, 6

                                          ÚÄ6 (+3)
Taser (1)ÄÄÂÄÄÄ6(+2)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄTaser (+2)ÄÂÄÄÅÄ1 (+3)
      &ÄÄ¿ ÀÂÄÄ1(+3)Ä¿    ³            À¿ ÀÄ5 (+2)
Charge6(1ÄÂÁÄÁÄ5(+2)Ä´                         ³
          ÀÄÄÂÄ6(+3)Ä´             ÚÄ5(+2)ÄÄ¿  ³  ÚÄBolt 2 (+4)
Jump 2 (1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³ ÚÄTaser(+2)ÄÅÄ1(+3)ÄÄ´  ³  ÃÄUppercut 1(+1)
             ÚÄÄ*    ³ ³           À¿       À¿ À¿ ÃÄUppercut 2(+1)
Jump 5 (1)ÄÄÄÄÙ      ³                            ÃÄHCF 5(+3)ÄÄÄÄÄÄ3Bolts(+2)
          *Ä¿        ³                            ÃÄTeleport 1(+4)      ³
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÁÂÄ2(+3)Ä´                            ÇÄUcut 1 (+18 ultra)ÄÄÙ
            ÚÙ       ³                            ÓÄF,D,D&B 2 (Ultimate)
Charge 4(1)ÄÁÂÄ1(+3)Ä´
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄÙ       ³
Jump 1 (1)ÄÄÂÄÄ4(+2)Ä´
           ÚÙ        ³
OHS (1)ÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄ&     ³

    Charge 6, 5, Uppercut 1, 2 or 3.
    Axe Kick, Uppercut 1, 2 or 3.

             Charge 6ÄÄ6Ä¿           ÚÄBolt 2
    13 hits: Charge 4ÄÄ1ÄÅÄ TaserÄÄ1ÄÅÄUppercut 3
             Jump 2ÄÄ6ÄÄÄ´           ÀÄTeleport 1
             Jump 4ÄÄ1ÄÄÄÙ

    14 hits:  "   "  "        "    "ÄÄÄHCT 5ÄÄÄ3 bolts
    29 ultra: "   "  "        "    "ÄÄÄUppercut 1ÄÄ "

Words from the Master:  Fulgore, IMHO, is the best character in the game.
He can throw 3 fireballs at a time, can control his teleport destination , and 
reflect projectiles.  His uppercuts give him great air defense, and his sliding
uppercut works just like Glacius's Puddleport, only it's a lot faster.
Plus, I think he looks cool and has the neatest looking combos next to
Jago.  (What else is there...?)  The only disadvantage I can think of
with him is that since he can already throw 3 bolts at a time, he gains
no particular advantage from being powered up.  That and his bounce
attacks are hard to time. Another good thing about Fulgore is his medium
powered slides are good for tempting people into trying to hit you, but
you'll usually have time block before they can get to you.

********************************* Cinder ************************************


Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 195
Age: 31

A convict, experimented on by Ultratech. A failed chemical weapon test
mutated his body turning him into living flame. Promised freedom if he
defeats Glacius, he enters the fray.


Fireball                 :F, F, Punch (Air move)
ComboBall                :B, F, Punch  (Same thing, only it can be used to
                                        start combos)
Flame Thrower            :F, F, Kick or B, F, Kick
Upperkick                :F, D, F, Kick
Flaming Palm             :B, B, 1
Invisible                :HCA, 3
Transparent              :HCA, 2 (Anti projectile)
Invisible Teleport Front :HCB, 1  (when powered up)
Invisible Teleport Back  :(H)1, HCB, (R)1 (when powered up)

Air Juggle               :F, F, 3
Air Combo                :Jump, F6, B2

Ultra (+18 +1)           :F, F, 3
Ultimate                 :HCB, 5
Humiliation              :B, B, B, 6
Lava Pool No Mercy       :B, B, B, 2
Flame-thrower No Mercy   :HCT, 4
Combos:                          ³ See Note ³
           ÚÄÄ*                  ÀÄÄÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÙ
           ³ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄFireball2(2)ÄÅÄ1(+3)ÄÂÄÄRv.CBall 1(+2)ÄÂÄ2(+3)ÄÄ¿
CBall 2 (2)ÁÅÄÄÄ1(+3)Ä¿               ³       ³                 ³        ³
           ÚÙ         ³               ³       ³                 ³        ³
OHS (1)ÄÄÄÄÁÄ¿        ³               ³       À¿                ³        ³
             ³        ³               ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´                ³        ³
AirFBall2(1)ÄÁ¿       ³                        ³                ³        ³
Jump 1 (1)ÄÄÂÄÁÄ4(+2)Ä´                        ÃÄ<ÄÄÄÄ<ÄÄÄÄ<ÄÄÄÄÙ        ³
           ÚÙ         ³                        ³                         ³
CBall3 (1)ÄÁÄÄÄÄ3(+2)Ä´ ÚÄRv.Cball 1(+2)¿2(+3)Ä´                         ³
                      ³ ³               À¿     À¿ ÚÄFireball 2(+4)ÄÄ¿    ³
                      ÃÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄÅÄUpperkick 4(+4)Ä´    ³
Air Fball3(1)Ä¿       ³                           ÃÄUpperkick 5(+4)ÄÅÄF,F3(+1)
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÄÄÅÄ2(+3)Ä´                           ÃÄUpperkick 6(+4)Ä´
Air FBall1(1)ÄÙ       ³                           ÇÄF, F3(+18ultra)ÄÙ
         *ÄÄÄÄ¿       ³                           ÓÄHCB, 5 (Ultimate)
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄÁÄ5(+2)ÄÙ

        Upperkick 5 or 6, Bounce
        Fireball 2, Upperkick 5
        Fireball 3, 3, Upperkick 5 (good if you're invis to fireballs and they
               lob one at you from far away.)

        15 hits: CBall 2, 1, Reverse CBall 1, 2, any ender, bounce.
        30/32 ultra: "----------same----------", F, F3, bounce.
        Max 80 hit arcade:"---------same------", any ender, FF1, Upperkick 5,
                FF1, Upperkick 5, FF1, Upperkick 5, etc...
        Max 80 hit arcade ultra:same as above, only end with the ultra move,
                then, FF1, FF1, FF1, Upperkick 5, FF1, Upperkick 5, etc...

Other notes:A good tactic to use against the computer is to walk backwards, and 
just as he gets in range, kick him in the head with 6, then instantly Fireball 
3, then either hit 3 again, or do an ender on him.  Or after you kick, Fireball 
2, then you can follow the top line on the flowchart, starting from where it 
says "See Note" (I hope that's not too confusing, but I thought I should put it 
in, cause the computer's a real sucker for it.)  If you have trouble with his 
combos, then just hit FF2 a lot.  If you do it fast enough, you'll pull a 8 hit 

Words from the Master:  Cinder is just about the easiest character to beat the 
game with, for if no other reason, the computer opponent doesn't know if you're 
invisible to fireballs or not, and Cinder can go through ANY projectile, 
including Eyedol's.  Other pluses with Cinder are that, although he can't 
teleport (unless he's powered up), he still can get out of corners pretty 
easily, just do his Flame Charge in the air.  Also, his Upperkick is 
practically unbeatable air defense.  On the down side, his Combo breaker's 
kinda hard (I've always found the uppercut combo breakers difficult), and if 
you use his flamethrower, you're just begging to get hit... it can be 
countered even if you hit with it.

*********************************** Sabrewulf ********************************


Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 400
Age: 45

Afflicted with the disease Lycanthropy. Spending most of his life as a
recluse, Sabrewulf enters the tournament on the promise of a cure if


Spinning Claw      :B, F + Punch
Howl               :F, D, D&B, 6 (This will power him up)
Attack Bat         :HCB, Punch (Careful! Fulgore can steal all your
                    bats by reflecting them.
                    At least he could in the arcade...)
Roll               :B, F4  (Anti Projectile)
Lunge              :B, F6  (Anti Projectile)
Charge             :B, F5  (Charge for 1 sec to knock them off their
                    feet, 2 or more to start a combo)
  Transition moves :Reverse Roll
                   :Reverse Leap
                   :Reverse Charge (Doesn't give a 1 hit dizzy on the SNES)
C-c-c-combo Breaker! :B, F + Kick

Air Juggle         :Leaping Slash
Air Combo          :Jump, F6, B5, Leaping Slash

Ultra (+18)        :F, B4
Ultimate           :HCF, 3
Humiliation        :F, F, 1
Claw No Mercy      :B, B, B, 5  (About 2 people away)
Screen Splat No Mercy 2 :B, B, F, 2  (Just outside striking distance)


Jump 5 (1)ÄÄ¿
Charge (1)ÄÙ ÚÄÄÄ2(+3)Ä´
Jump 4 (1)ÄÄÄ´ &       ³
Lunge (1)ÄÄÂÄÁÄÁÄ1(+1)Ä´
           À¿          ³  ÚÄÄSpin 2(+2)Ä¿ ÚÄ1(+3)Ä¿
Roll (2)ÄÄÄÄÁÄÄÂÄ2(+3)Ä´ÚÄ´             ÃÂÅÄ6(+3)ÄÅÄ¿  ÚÄSpin1(+3)Ä¿
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÄÄÂÙ       ³³ ÀÄRvSpin2(+2)ÄÙ³ÀÄ2(+3)ÄÙ ³  ÃÄSpin2(+2) ³
Rv.Spin2(2)Ä¿ ³        ³³                À¿         À¿ ÃÄSpin3(+2) ³
              À¿       ³                               ÃÄCharge(+4)ÄÄÄÄ´
Spin 3 (2)ÄÄÄÄÄÅÄ6(+3)Ä´                               ÃÄLunge(+3) ÄÄÄÄ´
Jump 2 (1)ÄÄÄÄÄÙ       ³                               ÇÄF, B4 (+18ultra)
                       ³                               ÓÄHCF, 3 (Ultimate)
Spin 1 (2)ÄÄÄÄÂÄÄ5(+2)Ä´
Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄÄÙ        ³
Jump 1 (1)ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ4(+2)Ä´

Note:  Any power move or jump attack can be instantly chained to Saber's
Charge, then bounced with his Lunge.

    Any jump or power move, 2, 3, 5, or 6ÄÄÄChargeÄÄLunge

                   ÚÄRollÄÄÄ¿                  ÚÄ1Ä¿ ÚÄLungeÄÄ¿
    16 hits: HowlÄÄÅÄSpin 2ÄÁÄ2ÄÂÄReverse SpinÄÅÄ2ÄÅÄÁÄSpin 1ÄÁÄLunge
                   ÀÄSpin 3ÄÄÄ6ÄÙ              ÀÄ6ÄÙ

    17 hits:  "------------------same-------------"ÄÄÄÄChargeÄÄÄLunge
    31/33 ultra: "------------------same-------------"ÄÄÄÄF, B4ÄÄÄÄLunge

Words from the Master:  Saberwulf is just plain fun.  He makes silly dog
noises while he's taking a beating, and sounds vicious while he's wiping
the ceiling with you.  Plus, it looks cool to smack your opponent into
the air and let loose with a howl.  The astute will notice that he's the
only character in a fighting game with a severe case of gingivitis, what
with all that blood spraying out of his mouth all the time.  (At least
in the arcade... sigh).  As far as a competitor, he's right up there.
He has a distance attack with his viciously trained attack bats (it just
doesn't sound scary, does it?), and he has good air defense with his
Charge.  His howl will tack on 2 hits to any combo, and if you want to
practice shadow moves, he's your man.  (I think his humiliation should be
that he piddles on your leg...)

*********************************** Riptor *********************************


Height: 7' 0"
Weight: 700
Age: 4

A product of Ultratech's DNA manipulation project. By mixing human and
reptilian genes, they hope to cross intelligence and ferocity in a lethal
fighting machine.


Fireball            :HCB, Punch
Fireball (air)      :HCB, Punch
Fast Fireball       :HCB, 1 (only after a combo to bounce)
Low Flame           :F, D, D&B, 3
Charge              :B, F, Punch
Leaping Claw        :B, F, Kick, or F, B, (4 or 5)
Tail Flip           :F, D, D&B, Kick
Tail Flip (air)     :F, D, D&B, 6
Uppercut Slash      :F, D, D&B, 1
Blue Fireball       :(H)2, HCB,(R)2  (When powered up)
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :B, F + kick

Air Juggle          :Fast Fireball
Air Combo           :Jump, F6, B5, Fast Fireball

Ultimate            :HCT, 1
Humiliation         :D, D, F, F, 3
Chowdown No Mercy   :B,D,F,2
Acid No Mercy       :B,B,B,5
Tail Impale No Mercy:F,F,B,6 (Just outside striking distance)
Ultra (+16 +1 hits) :Leaping Claw 4


Jump 3 (1)ÄÄÄ¿                         ÚÄTail Flip 5 (+3)   ÚÄ6(+2)
T.Flip4(2)Ä¿ ³                         ÃÄTail Flip 4 (+2)ÄÂÄÁÄ5(+3)
Charge3(1)ÄÅÄÅÄ5(+3)Ä¿                 ³                  ÀÂÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
Charge2(1)ÄÙÚÙ       ³                 ³                  ÚÙ      ³
            ÃÂÄ6(+2)Ä´ ÚÄLow Flame(+1) ÃÄTail Flip 6(+2)ÄÄÁÄ2(+2) ³
        #ÄÄÄÄ´       ³ ³                        ÚÄ* ³   ³
           ÚÄÙ       ³ ³ ÚÄLeapClaw4(+2)ÂÄ1(+1)Ä´   ÃÄ<ÄÙ Fast Fireball(+1)
L.Claw4(2)ÄÁÄÂÄ1(+3)Ä´ ³ ³              À¿      À¿  ³                    ³
       @ÄÄÄÙÚÙ       ³ ³ ³               ÚÙ       ³ ³                    ³
L.Claw 5(2)ÄÁÂÄ3(+3)Ä´ ³ ÀÄLeapClaw5(+2)ÄÅÄ3(+3) ÚÙ ÃÄLeaping Claw 6(+3)Ä´
TFlip 5(2)ÄÄÄ´       ³ ³                 ÀÄ1(+1) ³  ÃÄLeaping Claw 5(+2)Ä´
Jump 5 (1)ÄÄÄ´       ³ ³                         ³  ÃÄCharge (any) (+1)ÄÄ´
           ÚÄÙ       ³ ³               ÚÄ6(+2)   ³  ÃÄUppercut Slash(+4)Ä´
Charge1(1)ÄÁÄÂÄ2(+2)Ä´ ³ ÚÄCharge3(+1)ÄÅÄ5(+3)   ³  ÇÄHCT1(Ultimate)     ³
Jump 6 (1)ÄÄÄ´       ³ ³ ³             ÀÄ¿       ³  ÓÄB,F4(+16ultra)ÄÄÄÄÄÙ
TFlip 6 (2)ÄÄÁÄÄ@    ³ ÀÄ´             ÚÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´
                     ³   ÃÄCharge1(+1)ÄÁÄÄ3(+1)  ³
OHS (1)ÄÄÄÄÂÄÄ#      ³   ÀÄCharge2(+1)ÄÄÂÄ2(+1)  ³
Jump 1 (1)ÄÁÄÄÄ4(+3)ÄÙ                  ÃÄ5(+3)  ³
                                        ÃÄ1(+3)  ³  *_Tail Flip (any) (+2)

      (Charge 2 or 3) or (Leaping Claw 4), Uppercut Slash, Fast Fireball
      Charge 2 or 3, 5, Fireball 3, Fast Fireball
      14 hits:Charge 2 or 3, 5, Rv.LClaw 4, 1, (Fireball 3) or (UpperSlash),
              Fast Fireball
      28/30 ultra:Charge 2 or 3, 5 Rv.LClaw 4, 1, B, F4, Fast Fireball.

Words from the Master:  Riptor's pretty fun to play, and pretty well
balanced.  His air defense is a little weak, his slash is a little hard
to aim, and his Leaping Claw needs a little room to get going, but who
cares, he looks cool.  His reverse Leaping Claw is really useful, as it
lets you continually advance through an onslaught of projectiles.  If
you want to play someone who will make you look like you really know
what you're doing, learn Riptor.  He has (I think) the most combos of
anyone in the game.

***************************** Eyedol ***************************************

Play As Eyedol: Two different ways... depends on the version you're
    Method 1: (For some arcade machines)  Pick Riptor and hold 1,2,4 and
        left till the VS screen pops up, then hold right and 2,3,6
        and the announcer dude will say "Eyedol!"
    Method 2: (For SNES and some arcade machines) Pick Cinder.  On the Vs.
        screen, hold right and push 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 6, and you'll
        hear Eyedol.

Known Moves:
Note: You don't need to charge his stuff, just BF button.

Fireball        :HCT, punch
Triple Fireball     :Hoof Stomp, then HCT, punch
Headbutt Charge     :BF1
Fast Headbutt       :Hoof Stomp, then F1
    Transition move :B1 = stops charge
Club Swing      :BF2
Golf Club Swing     :BF3
Hoof Stomp      :B2 (Player can't regain energy)
    Transition move :2 = stops stomping

---On the SNES version, all Eyedol's jumps are the same, a leap with a
ground pound after.  These jump moves were sucked off another FAQ.  I've
never played Eyedol in the arcade, so I can't confirm these.  All his
jumps will go through ANY projectile.
Forward Jump Smash  :BF4
Straight Up Jump Smash  :BF5
Backward Jump Smash :BF6
C- c- c- combo Breaker! :BF + punch

Air juggle move     :Headbutt Charge

Charge(1)ÄÄ3 (+3)ÄÄ¿
                   ³  ÚÄÄÄCharge(1)ÄÂÄ3 (+3)Ä¿   ÚÄFireball (any) (+1)
         ÀÄ1 (+2)ÄÄÙ

Words from the Master:  There's really not all that much to say about
Eyedol...  What few combos he does have are blindingly fast, making them
hard to break, but as you can see, he doesn't have much in the way of
choices.  Once he jumps, you can't hit him with a projectile, but he
can't attack till he hits the ground, making him a grand target for a
simple jump kick.

*************************Miscelleneous Other Stuff************************

Endings:  You want to know all the endings?  You know all the combos, so
go find 'em out for yourself...

My Wish List for Future Installments of Killer Instinct

    This is just some stuff I think would be cool for the next game... of
course, not all of it's serious, but it'd make the next game pretty
funny if they put it in there...

1)  Don't take anyone out!  The more the merrier I say...  (well, maybe
    Eyedol, unless...)
2)  Make Eyedol better as a player... Give him Fatali... er, no mercies
    and humiliations, Ultra and Ultimate, etc... and something besides 3
3)  Give each character more charge moves, i.e., more ways to start a
    combo... Look at Orchid, she's got three, but poor Jago and Cinder and
    Thunder etc...  At least one more power move each...
4)  Custom Fatalities:  No mercies that would either work only against a
    certain character, like each person could crush Glacius into ice cubes
    and stick some in a drink and sip it down, or one that everyone can do
    only to T.J.  They lift him over their head and do a back breaker on
    him, and the announcer yells C- c- c- combo Breaker!  Or put in No
    Mercies that would only work if a certain character did it to a
    certain other character, like Sabrewolf sniffs at Spinal, and then
    either bites out his legbone and gnaws at it, leaving Spinal to crumple
    into a pile of bones, or he digs a hole and buries him.  Or make Spinal
    a hidden character...  Each person would have a fatality where they
    tear off their opponents skin, and, viola!  There's Spinal, ready to
5)  Make Cinder a little less of a wuss.  That Flame-thrower move of his
    is just an invitation to get slain.  Even if it hits, it can still be
6)  Make Chief Thunder a lot less of a wuss... He's only got 3 friggin'
7)  More obligatory female characters... Like maybe Chief Thunder's
    Queen, Squaw Lightning... heh heh heh.  But seriously, I mean, why not
    have more ladies in the game?
8)  Let me direct the movie!  You probably think I'm kidding, don't
    you?  (I don't want to start any roumors flying, so I'll say right now
    that as far as I know, there is no movie in the works, but if they do
    make one, they really, really need to come to me :)
9)  Keep the throws out of the game!  It would be kind of neat to have a
    wrestler character in the game, and to have some of his combos end with
    a suplex or something, but otherwise, just say no to throws.
10)  Have an endurance match where everyone you don't perform a death
    move on comes back to haunt you...  (or something like that)
11)  Leave in the 80 hit combos.  I understand taking them out so people
    can't kill each other with two combos, but they're fun to do...  Maybe
    make it so you can do them only after either of their health bars are
    depleted, so you don't win unfairly.
12)  Fix Eyedol's friggin neck!  When he looks up, there's no throat,
    just a slab of meat.
13)  When Orchid and any other female characters they add get an 11 hit
    combo, the announcer should yell QUEEN COMBO!
14)  Put more intermediate combos moves in, like Jago's only option
    after a power move and a chain button is either to end the combo or use
    his Sword Swipe... It'd be nice if there were more options besides just
    the Sword Swipe...
15)  Have a variable storyline. Since Cinder's objective in the
    tournament is to defeat Glacius, whenever you play Cinder, Glacius
    should be the boss, just speed up his movement and attacks and maybe
    give each character a boss move that only the computer can pull when
    that character is at the top of the totem pole.
16)  Put in taunts and poses.  Sure, they do nothing, but they're fun.

My Rating of Killer Instinct for the SNES:
    out of 5
Music       :4.5 (good quality, but none of it made me want to kill...)
Graphics    :4.5
Backgrounds :4
Animation   :4.9
Sound       :2.5 (They really should have cut something out to make room
        for better sound)
Overall     :One of the best games I own for the SNES. 4.75


David Barrack (Me)          :iw57@jove.acs.unt.edu

and all the people who directly or indirectly taught me how to play the
game in the first place:

Chris Suh           :I basically learned the whole combo
                system from Chris's excellent ki_glac.txt
                FAQ, available at ftp.netcom.com
                /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.  If anyone is
                having trouble with the combo system,
                Chris lays it out in the long form.

Bbob                    :Who sparred against me and basically taught
              me Saberwolf.

Brian L. Smolik         :floyd@ripco.com  (Wrote KInst5_4.FAQ
                available at ftp.netcom.com

Chris Nyman & Matt Marini (Have a WWW page with a really good FAQ)
                :(Can't recall the web addy, but their Emails
                are subzero@peter.atw.fullfeed.com, and
                matt_marini@Fastnet.co.uk) (I think)

And basically all the guys at the arcade who got me going, but whose
names I never found out....

BTW:  This FAQ and it's predecessors contents are copyrighted to me.
So don't use it without giving credit.  I don't mind if you add it to an 
archive, but let me know you're doing it, so I can tell people where they
can find it.  No animals were harmed during the making of this FAQ, and
any similarities to other FAQs, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
So there.

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