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Combo FAQ by JManglic

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/10/96

|\ /|   A    |\  |  |----   |       I   CCCC
|   |  AAA   | | |  |  __   |       I   C
|   | A   A  |  \|  |____|  |____   I   CCCC

/\/\anglic's SNES Killer Instinct Combo FAQ version 1.4
Compiled by Joel Manglic (manglic@xband.com)
April 10, 1996

EVERYONE CHECK OUT   http://pages.prodigy.com/manglic 
It's for fighting games, sports and MORE!!! (Uses Javascript)

What's new?
I added Sabrewulf's 34-hit Ultra and fixed Spinal's 22-hit combo.  
I will add Combo's 40-hit Ultra in the next version of this faq.

1. Introduction
2. Misc stuff
3. Key to Moves
4. Combos!
5. Glitches
6. Game Genie
7. Other Notes 
8. Credits

1. Introduction: 
        I have become fed up with the low number of FAQ's out there and 
many of them have become out dated so I decided to write my own FAQ. This 
FAQ will mostly be combos since the moves, no mercy's, etc...can be found 
in many other faqs. If you have any trouble finding any of that stuff 
please contact me and I will help you. If any one has any bigger, slow-mo, 
or kewl combos that aren't listed here please contact me my E-Mail and I 
will add you combo to the next edition of this FAQ and give you credit. 
BTW, I'm really nterested in higher-hit combos and any glitch combos that 
you might know. Upload this FAQ, print out a zillion copies, 
whatever...just keep it the way it is now, ok?=) 

2. Miscellaneous Stuff
Flashing Line- to get the maximum number of hits in most combos the 
flashing line on your energy bar must be flashing so that you can do 
multi-hit moves or juggles. 

Glitch Combos- Probably my favorite thing in the game. These include 
slow-motion combos, missed Ultra Combos, air Ultra Combos (also known as  
Manglic Combos), and using combo enders for air juggles. For all of these you 
must quickly edit the combo ender into the last autosecond of the combo. 
NOTE: the Ultra Combo in all of the combos, even the missed Ultras, can be
substitued with that character's Ultimate Combo. 

Turbo Endings-many characters (maybe all) have turbo endings, combo enders 
that are sped up. They are performed holding down the button while 
performing the combo ender. For example, for Sabrewulf's turbo ender Cb, 
f+5, you would hold down button 5, charge back, then go forward and release 
button 5 at the same time. Below are the combo enders that can be sped up. 
If you have any ones that I missed please E-Mail them to me. 
Combo-none yet 
Eyedol-none yet 
Fulgore-drp with 3 
Chief Thunder-qcb+2 
Riptor-none yet 
Jago-drp with 3 and drp with 2 
Sabrewulf-Cb, f+4 and Cb, f+5 
Orchid-none yet 
Spinal-none yet, but he can perform his opponent's turbo ender 

3. Key to Moves 
d=down       f=forward      b=back         c=charge            
qct=quarter circle towards (from down to forward)  
qcb=quarter circle back (from down to back)   
qcdb=quarter circle down back(from down forward to down back) 
drp=dragon punch motion (forward, down, down forward) 

4. Combos! 
33-hit Ultra-Cb, f+2, 1, Cb+1, 4, f+3, 4, f, f+3, juggle
(The b, f+3 must hit the opponent before their energy is in the red)
36-hit Ultra-22-hit combo-jump f, Cf+3, Cb+3, 4, Cf+3, 4, 4, Cb+1, 4, f+3, 
             4, f, f+3, juggle
(This is for this combo and the 22-hit combo: the first part is a double 
air torpedo, not the one that crosses over them. Also, when there is 4, 4, 
the second 4 is only one hit so you need to time this part well.)
missed Ultra-Cb, 6, f+2, 1, b+1, 2, f, f, 3
22-hit combo-jump f, Cf+3, Cb+3, 4, Cf+3, 4, 4, Cb+1, 4, f+3, 4, drp+5,
20-hit air juggle ender combo-Cb, f+2, Cb, 1, f+3, 4, b+1, 2, drp+5, juggle
air juggle ender-hold 5, Cb, 6, f+2, 1, b+1, 2, drp+release 5
(Cinder can juggle with two other endings, replace the 5 with either 4 or 6)
tough to break-Cb, 6, f+2, drp+5, juggle 

13-hit combo-Cb, f+1, Cb, 5, f+5, Cb, 5, f+3, juggle 

39-hit air Ultra-hold 3, Cb, f+2, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, 
                 b+release 3, juggle
24-hit combo-Cb, f+2, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, Cb+1, 5, f+6, juggle
air juggle ender-Cdb, 6, f+1, 1, b+1, 1, f+6, juggle
unbreakable combo-Cdb, 6, f+3, Cdb+6, juggle 

30-hit Ultra-Cb, f+6, 6, qcdb+6, 6, drp+1, juggle 
27-hit air Ultra-hold 1, Cb, overhead, f+6, 6, qcdb+6, 6, drp+release 1,  
air juggle ender-hold 1, Cb, 6, f+6, b, d, db+release 1

Chief Thunder
35-hit air Ultra-hold 1, Cdb, 3, f+3, 6, b+2, Cf, 6, b+2, f+release 1, juggle
air juggle ender-hold 2, Cdb, 3, f+3, 6, b+2, 6, qcb+release 2
(juggle might be possible)
19-hit Combo-Cb, f+3, 6, b+2, 6, qcb+2, juggle 
slow motion combo-Cf, 6, b+2, 6, qcb+2, juggle

48-hit Ultra-Cb, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, 1, b+5, 1, f+2, 
             juggle (only hit with the last hit of the first helicopter kick) 
34-hit combo-Cb, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, 1, b+5, 1, qcdb+3, 
             juggle (only hit with the last hit of the first helicopter kick) 
unbreakable combo-qcdb+2, 3, qcdb+2, 3, qcdb+2, 3, juggle
missed Ultra-Cdb, 3, f+hold 2, Cb, 4, f+release 2

30-hit Ultra-Cb, f+2, 2, b+2, 2, f+3, juggle
32-hit Ultra-jump, 1, Cdf, 4, 4, Cb+2, 2, Cdb+4, f+3, juggle
17-hit air juggle ender combo-hold 3, jump with 5, Cb, f+2, 2, b+2, 2, 
                              qct+release 3, juggle
air juggle ender-Cdb, 3, f+2, qct+3, juggle 
slow-motion combo-Cdb, 3, f+3, 6, qct+3, juggle 
missed Ultra-hold 3, Cb, 6, f+2, Cb, 2, f+release 3

32-hit Ultra-Cb, f+4, 1, b+4, 1, 1, f+4, juggle
18-hit combo-Cb, f+4, 1, b+4, 1, 1, qcdb+1, juggle
air juggle ender-cdb, 3, f+3, 5, b+4, 5, f+6 
air juggle ender-hold 1, Cdb, 3, f+3, 5, b+1, 5, qcdb+release 1
unbreakable combo-Cdb, 3, f+3, qcdb+1, juggle
missed Ultra-hold 4, Cdb, 3, f+3, 5, Cb+4, 5, f+release 4

32-hit Ultra-Cb, f+4, 2, b+2, Cf, 2, 1, b+4, juggle
missed Ultra-Cdb, 6, f+4, 2, b+2, Cf, b+4
18-hit combo-Cb, f+4, 3, b+2, 2, 1, f+5, juggle
unbreakable combo-Cb, f+6, Cb+3, f+5, juggle
air juggle ender-hold 4, Cdb, 6, f+4, 2, b+2, 2, f+release 4
(only works against certain characters)

16-hit combo-fireball with 1 from full screen, qcdb+6, b, f+6, 5, qcdb+3, 
             5, 1, drp+3
30-hit Ultra-fireball with 1 from full screen, qcdb+6, b, f+6 5, qcdb+3, 5, 
             1, qcdb+4
air juggle ender-6, qcdb+5, 4, qcdb+3, press&hold 5, qcdb+release 5, 
air juggle ender-6, qcdb+5, 4, qcdb+hold 3, 5, drp+release 3, juggle
missed Ultra-qcdb+6, 5, qcdb+3, 5, qcdb+5, qcdb+4
(the qcdb+5 should do a wind kick that knocks the opponent down )

14-hit combo-Cb, f+2, 3, b+2, 3, f, f+3
air juggle ender-hold 1, Cdb, 3, f+2, 3, b+2, 3, f, f+release 1
32-hit Ultra-f, f+3, 2, Cb+2, 3, f+2, 3, hold 3, hct+release 3
(I don't know whether or not you can juggle after an Ultra with Spinal) 
22-hit air juggle ender-hold 1, Cb, f+2, 3, b+2, Cf, 3, b+2, 3,  d, 
                        d+release 1, juggle 5 times
(You must be fighting Glacius to perform this combo. You need to have
5 skulls and the d, d+release 1 must be done right after pressing 3)

5. Broken Combos
Broken combos are combos started with a f, b linker that are broken and 
then started again by the f, b, autosecond. For example in Riptor's combo
you would do f, b+4, 1, and then the combo would break and say like 5-hit
combo and then a new combo would start with the f, b+4. A special thanks 
to Vijay Kher (jkher@mail.ednetlink.net) for this information.

33-hit Ultra-Cf, b+4, Cf, 1, BREAK, b+4, Cf, 1, b+4, Cf, 1, Cb+4, f+4, 

33-hit Ultra-Cf, b+2, Cf, 2, BREAK, Cb+2, 2, Cf+2, 2, b+2, Cf, b+4
34-hit Ultra-Cf, b+2, Cf, 2, BREAK, b+2, Cf, 2, b+2, Cf, 2, b+2, Cf+4, b+4,

Chief Thunder
38-hit Ultra-Cf, b+2, BREAK, Cf, b+2, Cf, 6, b+2, Cf, 6, Cb+2, hold 1, 
             f+release 1, juggle
21-hit combo-Cf, b+2, BREAK, Cf, b+2, Cf, 6, b+2, Cf, 6, Cb+hold 2, 
             qcb+release 2 

5. Glitches
This section is for glitches that aren't combos. The glitches that are 
combos (Manglic Combos, missed Ultra/Ultimate, Slow Motion, and air 
juggle ender combos) can be found in the combo secion.

******Please send all your glitches to me at manglic@xband.com******

-All characters with slow fireballs-
Humiliation and No Mercy Glitches-These characters can throw a fireball 
from a full screen's distance and then perform a humiliation. This causes 
their opponent to freeze for a second after they get hit by the fireball 
and before they dance. The humiliation can be replaced by a No Mercy that 
can be done from a full screen's distance such as Jago's car drop, and 
Glacius' puddle. What this does is hitting them with a fireball appears 
to bring them back to life, only to get No Mercied;)

80-hit combo-Yes, that's correct, 80! You must be playing Orchid vs. 
Eyedol. Both characters must be on their second energy bars. Now, Orchid
must perform this missed Ultra combo: qcdb+2, 5, qcdb+2, 5, qcdb+hold 2,
Cb, 5, f+release 2. You must do this so Eyedol still has some energy left. 
The last 5 will knock him down and Orchid will start her Ultra. As Eyedol 
is getting up tap b+3 and Orchid's Ultra will be broken. Now press 4 over
and over again all the way up to 80. *NOTE* I haven't had a chance to
try out this combo/glitch yet, so I can't guarantee that it will work.
Please send me E-Mail if you are able to do it. 

-Glacius, Orchid, Jago, Thunder, Fulgore, and Cinder (so far)-
What this glitch does is you do a 1-hit combo starter followed by a sweep
and then do a combo ender that hits them as they get up. You can also do
a deep jump attack followed by a sweep, and then a combo ender.You can 
also doa Ultra in place of a combo ender. I'm not sure whether or not the 
whole is unblockable since when I did it on the computer they were able 
to blockit and sometimes they did a combo breaker when they got up. 
Anyways, Glacius has the best combo with this glitch. It takes off about 
70% of their energy. You do a shoulder charge with 2 followed by a sweep. 
Then there is a slight pause before you do the fireball ender (qct+3). 
Four odd looking fireballs come out of his hand and send the opponent into 
the air. Anyways, here are the "combos" you can follow with a combo ender:
Glacius-Cb, f+2, d+6, ender
Orchid-qcdb+2, d+6, ender 
Cinder-Cb, f+3, d+6, ender (the torpedo must me from far away)
I have only gotten one ender to work for the following characters
Fulgore-jump 3, Cdb+6, f+5
Thunder-jump 6, d+6, qcb+3, juggle
Jago-qcdb+3, d+6, drp+2

Frog No Mercy glitch-Remember this glitch from the early arcade versions?
Well, it's back! You must be playing with Turbo Mode on. Do the frog no 
mercy (d, f, b+4) and hold up-back. Orchid will jump into the air and 
your opponent will turn back into a human. Now you can jump back and then 
press 6 to stomp on the frog from far away or you can perform a short  
combo. If anyone finds other cool stuff to do please send send it to me.

Slide Humiliation-Finish your opponent with this combo: qcdb+2, 2. Now  
quickly perform the Humiliation (hcb+3) and Orchid will slide across the

Game Freeze Humiliation+Knock off roof-Play on one of the rooftop stages
and get your opponent in "Danger" right next to the edge. Now jump back
and throw a slow fireball with 1 from a full screen's distance and then
do the humiliation (hcb+3). What happens is the fireball pushes them off 
the roof and they start to dance in midair. Then it shows them falling
and the game freezes. This is one of the better glitches in the game.

Weird knock down kick-Knock your opponent down and do a fierce torpedo
(f, f+3) and as they get up press down and 4. Cinder will do a kick that 
will knock them down and possibly dizzy them.

Stay morphed as Glacius-Play against Glacius and do this combo: 
Cdb, 3, f+2, 3, b+2, press and hold 3, d, d+release 3. The last part 
must be done very quickly. What happens is Spinal morphs into Glacius,
does three uppercuts that miss and stays morphed as Glacius. As Glacius
you can perform all of his moves and finishing moves, but you can't jump
or else you will morph back into Spinal. This is a glitch that doesn't 
work for me all of the time and I'm not sure why. If anyone has any 
info about that please send it to me. 

6. Game Genie
This game Genie code allow for 80-hit combos: 3C61-D4DF
You can do infinite-hit combos, but the counter stops at 80. This is quite
cool if you add on an Ultra at the end. Here are some 80-hit combos for you:
Combo-Cb, f+2, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, Cf, 5, b+1, etc...
Eyedol-Cb, f+1, Cb, 5, f+1, Cb, 5, f+1, Cb, 5, f+1, Cb, 5, etc...
(I have also been able to do Cb, f+1, Cb, 5, f+1, Cb, f+1 maybe it's 
possible to keep doing Cb, f+1 up to 80. LMK if you can get it)
Glacius-Cb, f+2, 2, b+2, 2, f+2, Cb, 2, f+2, Cb, 2, f+2, Cb, 2, f+2, etc...
Riptor-Cb, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, etc...
Thunder-Cb, f+1, Cb, 2, f+1, Cb, 2, f+1, Cb, 2, f+1, etc...
Orchid, Cb, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, Cb, 1, f+6, etc...
Fulgore-Cb, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, Cb, 1, f+4, etc...

7. Other Notes
Where you can find this FAQ-This most recent version of this FAQ can be 
found at http://www.MediaCity.com/~wisc/ki/snesfaq.txt If you'd like to
keep a current version of this FAQ on you WWW or FTP site send me E-Mail
so I can list it here.
Additional sites where this faq can be found:
Harcore's KI2 page http://www.gil.net/~hardcore/ki2
WIFC http://pages.prodigy.com/CA/smsl2/wifctst.html

Where you can find me-I usually play at Keystone in Mounatin View, 
California. Once in a while I play at Golfland in Sunnyvale and Tilt 
at Valco in Cupertino. You can also catch me on IRC sometimes in #manglic, 
#ki2 and #wifc. If you want to set up a time to talk just E-Mail me. 

Where you can find my picture-A picture, it's kinda old, of me is 
avaliable at http://www.MediaCity.com/~wisc/gms/pics/joel.jpg
You can also find it on AOL by going to keyword NOA and then going to
search and typing in Manglic.

Special Note-In a couple months the manglic@xband address might not 
work anymore. At that time you can reach me at mnxw52d@prodigy.com, but
you must use the subject Attn:Joel. Just keep checking the current version
of this FAQ to find out where to reach me. 

8. Credits
****Rod "Rodman"  snoop5757@aol.com
****Jose "Webber" BUZYBONE99@aol.com
****Duong Tran
****Kyle          zoofight@xband.com
****RickyWIFC     mnxw52d@prodigy.com and RickWIFC@aol.com 
****Troung Pham
****Warren (0 for KI)=P 
****B. Griffon    b.griffon'slair@xband.com
****Chris         bgbt@aol.com
****Tim           5011.0203@trader.com
****Iceout        ycjy54c@prodigy.com
****Chad Soriano  sbrt65e@prodigy.com
****Dan           dan.shrodey@spec.org
****Vijay Kher    JKHER@mail.ednetlink.net
****              bcloutier@qui.qc.ca
****Siege on IRC
****WIFC and USA*F

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