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Combo FAQ by CGrey

Updated: 04/01/96

  ** KI SNES highest combos by ICEOUT- updated 4/01/96 **
Added - Cinder's 36-37 hit(from Kisman/ Manglic's FAQs
Alternate 32 hit for Fulgore

LEGEND: 1= quick punch 2=medium punch 3=fierce punch
        4=quick kick 5=medium kick 6=fierce kick

H(1-6)=hold that button R(1-6)=release that button
(B)(F)=hold that direction
(B:03)=used for T.J>'s triple roll
B=back DB=down-back D=down DF=down-forward F=forward
FS=full screen away
/ = delay slightly to start new combo(late linker)
*=single hit

T.J. COMBO:H3,(B:03),(F)+2,6,4*,(B:03)+1,5,5*,(F)+2,6,B+R3,
wait (B),F+3(38-40 HIT)
The triple roll is used twice in this combo.
You must hold 3 to do a turbo Ultra after they fall from the 6.

GLACIUS:Jump,1,(F),4,DF+4*,(B)+2,2,DB+4*,F+3, wait QT+6(30-32 HIT)

SABREWULF:Howl,H3,H4,(F),B+2,(F),5 / (B)+2,F+R4,(B),F+R3,(F),1,
B+2,(F),4*,B+4, wait (B),F+6(35 HIT)
The timing of the charges and button releases must be PERFECT.
If done right, Sabre can get botha 4-hit roll and spin before he loses
the flashing line.

wait QT+1(46-48 HIT)

FULGORE:F+6 / QCD 6,(B),F+6,6,QCD 6,6,F,D,DF,1 , wait F,B,B,QT+1
(31 HIT) or QT+1(32 HITw/flashing line)
Jump 4,1,DF+4*,D,DB,6,6,(F),1*,D,DF,1, wait do above juggle

RIPTOR:(B),F+5,(F),2 / B+4,(F),1,B+4,(F),1,(B)+4,4*,F+4, QB+1(32-34 HIT)

JAGO:FS,QT+1,QCD 6,5,QCD 3,5,(F),1*,1*,QCD 4(30 HIT)
Holding forward just makes the QCD 4 easier to do.

SPINAL:FS,FF+2,(F),2 / B+2,(F),3,B+2,(F),3,B+2,3,QT+3(32 HIT)

THUNDER:(B),F+3,(F),3 / B+2,(F),6,B+2,(F),6,B+2,1(H1),F+R1,
wait QT+4(36-38 HIT)
One hit of the turbo Ultra will miss.

CINDER:Jump FF3,(B)+3,4,(F)+3,4,4*,(B)+1,4,F+3,4,4*,FF3, wait FF3
(35-37 hit)  You can leave out the B+3 if you wish as long as the first
fireball is in the air. WARNING: A real hair puller.

EYEDOL:(B),4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,F+3, wait (B),F+1(15 HIT)

CREDITS: Derek Kisman - Thunder/Fulgore/Eyedol high combos
Cinders 37 hit- from his FAQ / Any contributors to his FAQ
Manglic's SNES KI FAQ - Also has simplified Cinder 36 hit
Alex Navarro(PQNQ74A@prodigy.com) -
Sabre's two-moves-for-one-howl trick, from which I got his 35.

KILLER INSTINCT and all associated (C)1994,95,96 RARE/NINTENDO
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (C)Nintendo of America

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