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Spinal by HSeijas

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/05/96

The SPINAL Survival Guide (KI SNES)
FAQ Version: 1.00                                   Written By: HardCore
Last Updated: 5/5/96.                           Special Thanks: Nintendo

 The Spinal Survival Guide was written by myself in order to provide the
Spinal fans an edge over the competition. Spinal is often considered the 
weakest character in Killer Instinct, but I know this is NOT true. If you 
ever wanted to master Spinal, now its the best time to take advantage. 
By the way this guide its aimed at the SNES version of KI.

 Mail me with any comments or suggestions: hardcore@gil.net
 If you are a KI2 player like myself: http://www.gil.net/~hardcore/ki2

Basic Moves

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Age: 2650

Story: Spinal's origin is a closely guarded secret of Ultratech. A secret 
branch of the corporation, using a variety of special techniques, have 
succeeded in reviving an ancient warrior. With only the vaguest memories of 
his past life, Spinal knows how to do only one thing, FIGHT!

|Special Moves|

Skeleport: D,D [P/K] (punch places you in front/kick places you in back)
Skeleport in Air: D,D [QP/QK] -=In Air=-
Power Devour: Press and Hold B and [QP] -=Collect Skulls=-
Searing Skull: D,DF,F [P] -=Only after Skull Collected=-
Soul Sword: (B),F [MP] 
Reverse Soul Sword : (F),B [MP]
Bone Shaker (shield): F,F [P]
Super Searing Skull: B,DB,D,DF,F [FP] -=Only after projectile collect=-
Air Juggle: D,DF,F [P] 
Air Combo: [FK] (F),B [MK] or [MK] (F),B [QK]
Sliding Kick: DB,D,DF [FK] -=Goes through projectiles=-
Fast Sliding Kick: D [FK] -=Goes through projectiles=-
Combo Braker: F,F [P]  -=Gives you 3 skulls=-
Recovery Move: D,D [P/K]


Ultra Combo: D,DF,F [FP]
Ultimate Combo Lighting: D,DB,B [FP]
No Mercy Lighting: B,B,B [MK]
No Mercy Swords Play: B,B,F [QK] -=Close to opponent=-
Humiliation: B,DB,D,DF,F [FK]

|Transition Moves|

 Bone Shaker to Slide Kick Transition: F,F (hold F)- B+[6]

 Bone Shaker to Soul Sword Transition: F,F (hold F)- B+[2]
 Foward Teleport to Back Teleport: D,D+[1]-D,D+[4]

 Back Teleport to Foward Teleport: D,D+[4]-D,D+[1]

There are many ways to teleport in front and in the back so experiment.


Auto doubles:

   1 - (3)                2 - (3)                3 - (3)
   4 - (2)                5 - (2)                6 - (2)


   F,F+1           (1) --> 3
   F,F+2           (1) --> 5
   F,F+3           (1) --> 2,6
   DB-DF+6         (1) --> 1,3
   cF,B+1 or cB,F+2 
                   (1/2) --> 3,4,end (only if hit twice)


cF,B+2          (2) --> 3,4,5,end


  F,F+1           (3+end)
  F,F+2           (3+end)
  F,F+3           (4+end)
  D,D+A           (various endings for each opponent.  

vs. Fulgore:    1: F-D-DF+3 (4+end)     2: B-D-DB+1 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+5 (3+air)       4,5,6: D-F+2 (4+end)
vs. Cinder:     1: F,F+2 (4+air)        2: F-D-DF+6 (4+air)
                3: F-D-DF+5 (4+air)     4,5,6: F-D-DF+4 (4+air)
vs. Sabrewulf:  1: cB,F+1 (3+air)       2: cB,F+4 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+5 (4+air)       4,5,6: cB,F+6 (3+air)
vs. Orchid:     1,5,6: D-F+3 (4+end)    2: cB,F+4 (4+air)
                3: cB,F+5 (3+air)       4: DF-DB+3 (4+air)
vs. Riptor:     1: D-B+3 (4+end)        2: DF-DB+1 (4+air)
                3: DF-DB+5 (3+end)      4,5,6: cB,F+6 (3+air)
vs. Jago:       1: F-D-DF+1 (2+end)     2: F-D-DF+2 (3+end)
                3: F-D-DF+3 (4+end)     4: D-F+1 (3+end)
                5: DF-DB+5 (3+end)      6: F-D-DF+3 (3+end)
vs. Combo:      1: cB,F+2 (3+air)       2: c3B,F+2 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+3 (4+end)       4,5: cB,F+6 (3+air)
                6: cB,F+1 (4+air)
vs. Spinal:     1,4: F,F+1 (3+end)      2,5: F,F+2 (3+end)
                3,6: F,F+3 (4+end)
vs. Thunder:    1: cB,F+3 (3+air)       2: D-B+2 (4+air)
                3: D-B+3 (4+air)        4,5,6: D-F+6 (3+end)
vs. Glacius:    1: D-F+3 (4+air)        2: DF-DB+1 (4+air)
                3: D-F+6 (3+air)        4,5,6: D-F+5 (3+end)
vs. Eyedol:     1,2,3,4,5,6: cB,F+3 (4+air)


14-hit combo-Cb, f+2, 3, b+2, 3, f, f+3
air juggle ender-hold 1, Cdb, 3, f+2, 3, b+2, 3, f, f+release 1

32-hit Ultra-f, f+3, 2, Cb+2, 3, f+2, 3, hold 3, hct+release 3

22-hit air juggle ender-hold 1, Cb, f+2, 3, b+2, Cf, 3, b+2, 3,  d, 
                        d+release 1, juggle 5 times
(You must be fighting Glacius to perform this combo. You need to have
5 skulls and the d, d+release 1 must be done right after pressing 3)


 To stay morphed as Glacius end any combo with a release FP morph in a combo.

For Example: Jump [6]+2 Hold [3] D,D Release [3]

 Careful NOT to jump after you stay morphed, this will cause Spinal to morph 
back to itself.


 I have many times seen so many people commit stupid mistakes with Spinal 
against their opponent its not even funny. I thought that maybe they are not 
veteran players with Spinals, but when they go out and say things like, 
"Spinal Fucking Sucks" just totally throws me off. I tend to pick Spinal and 
kick their face! ;-) Spinal its the most strategic character in KI, but that 
makes the best. Follow the DO and DONT so you dont make mistakes.


• Collect skulls
• Dont get into "fancy" long combos, keep them short and sweet.
• Use the jump kick alot!
• Keep close to your opponent.
• Dont disappear (read strategies for what I mean)
• Do early Ultras/Ultimates
• Dont waste your skulls, use them wisely
• Use the Overhead reach advantage.
• Confuse your opponent with a transition of Bone Shaker to slide kick
• Vary your enders
• Air Combo alot


• DONT do long combos
• DONT Play turtle
• DONT use the Recovery move unless necessary
• DONT waste your skulls
• DONT single disappear (ill explain later). ;-)


 Here its the most important portion of this FAQ! The Strategies to beat other
 players. I won't guide you through HOW TO BEAT the computer, but I will guide 
 you on how to beat human opponents, remember though skills on both sides of 
 the court matter.


 Below you will notice a few things under the character names. For example: 

In order to rate how Spinal would do against other characters I pitted them 
against 10 games. He who won the most games would mean he would have an edge. 
Of course lucks plays a big part. Here its a run down on the ratings.

[1/9] = Can't do anything to win ;-(
[2/8] = If you win you probably got lucky
[3/7] = You can throw a punch or two
[4/6] = Not that much of a beating
[5/5] = TIE could go either way
[6/4] = You have an edge (careful not to fall).
[7/3] = Laugh at the opponent but careful
[8/2] = If this person won, he got lucky

Spinal Vs TJ Combo: [7/3]
Spinal Vs Fulgore: [6/4]
Spinal Vs Jago: [7/3]
Spinal Vs B.Orchid: [4/6]
Spinal Vs Thunder: [9/1]
Spinal Vs Spinal: [5/5]
Spinal Vs Riptor: [7/3]
Spinal Vs Saberwulf: [7/3]
Spinal Vs Glacius: [8/2]
Spinal Vs Cinder: [2/8]
Spinal Vs Eyedol: [5/5]

 Please understand that SKILL has lots to do with the ratings and these 
ratings reflect a matchup between even expert players.

 Some characters such as Cinder give Spinal the hardest of times, and its what
 I'm going to cover in full detail. Otherwise for any other character just 
 stick to the main strategy.

Main Strategies

 What you may want to do on the offensive end its to vary your attacks as much
 as possible. Jump Kick always holding fowards, this way you may do an air 
 combo and add extra hits and damage. The main thing about Spinal its that he 
 is a very close attacker.  If you want to win with Spinal you must be on your
 opponent like mad, use lots of Overhead sword hits and go into the bone 
 shaker for best results. Do NOT use long combos!!! Long combos will only 
 leave you open for Combo brakers! 

 Use the Bone Shaker to Slide kick Transition move to catch the opponent off 
guard!! Then go into a combo. While in a combo you may want to stop your 
combo, then hit over the head while the opponent blocks to go into another 
combo which you will finish. Use disappear only when necessary and at times 
when jumping in for an attack, specially on Jago, Fulgore and Cinder, they 
will usually be tempted to do a FIERCE uppercut which you can air combo. 
Furthermore when doing a disappear in the floor do a double one. Meaning if 
you are going to disappear in front, then disappear in back then transition to
the foward disappear instead. You got to keep your opponent guessing for your 
next move.

 Spinal its terrible at playing Turtle so dont do it often. You may wish to 
counter jump kick/punch your opponents jump kick, and go into an air combo. 
Disappear if you have to. Save your skulls for special purposes such as juggle
and tricks. Here is an example:

 Your opponent is across the screen, throw a fireball and follow it with the 
fierce bone shaker while holding foward, just when your opponent its about to 
block the fireball transition into the slide kick. Players are usually dumb 
enough to block this sequence by the top instead of by the bottom, fortunate 
for us ;-) (hehe) Play safe and one more thing, if by any chance you have red 
flashing power... play turtle, because a lot of people will try to rush at you
in order to beat you. This is the time where you should NOT dispair.

How To Beat CINDER

 Cinder its the most difficult human opponent to beat overall. Cinder can beat
 any other character on Killer Instinct blind folden. This guy its the man who
 uneven KI, and the man who everybody loves to hate, but then turn to him to 
 save some quaters.

 Cinder has speed, air control, the firekick, the fireball black out, and the 
 disappearing trick. He can handle anything! He has a 80% chance of beating 
 the best Spinal player, but a smart Spinal player can usually bring those 
 odds down to 50-50 ;-)

 The first thing you need to know about Cinder its that he controls the skies.
 His double air flame make him a threat from above, but we cant forget that 
Spinal has a terrific jump kick, if not the best jump kick in the game!!! 
Everytime you see Cinder take the air quickly jump kick back with fierce. You 
will most likely hit Cinder in 90% of the time. But the double flame MUST 
start at the end or near the end of the screen.

 Cinder also has an annoying move, thats the firekick. Some @$$holes will even
 go ahead and stay on the corner and just do the fire kick constantly. DONT 
PANIC and do something dumb and stupid. What you want to do at this time its 
to get close little by little as to reach really close to Cinder, this will 
give some worry to the player. This is when they will do the stupid kick and 
you get the chance to shove a fierce one up his behind! From here you are 
close enough to hit em hard with overheads and slides. Keep him in the corner 
at all costs.

 The disappear attack its dumb. The smart Cinders out there will disappear on 
the bridges because their shadows won't be seen and it will most likely make 
their opponent be stupid enough to go on the offense and perform a bone shaker
and get their butts counter with flames and a combo and he will launch up into
the air and disappear again. Repeating the procedure as much as necessary. Be 
smart as well. If you see Cinder disappear double teleport and go for the 
overhead! Or just press jab, dont do anything else (like a bone shaker) 
because you will be countered.

 If somebody knocks you down with Cinder, and you are Spinal prepare to be 
frostrated...  most of the time you are faced with the recovery move dilemma. 
Spinal's recovery move its the teleport. This move will place you behind 
Cinder, but we can not forget that Cinder has a double flame that will come 
right back to you!!!  Don't do the recovery move if you see Cinder jump high 
into the air to do a double flame, use the power devour instead. If you see a 
Cinder player do the quick Double Flame F,F,U [P] from the floor then you will
use the recovery move, it's sort of confusing to explain.

 By the way your best bet with Cinder's flame its to use the Power Devour, get
 yourself a skull and counter with the jump kick.

 Cinder its a very hard character to beat! But if you follow the tips I showed
 you above you can come out a winner. A bit of patiente, a bit of luck, and a 
 lot of practice! 

Special Thanks

 I would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this FAQ:

Joel Manglic - for Spinal's Glacius Morph Glitch and combos.
Derek Kisman - for the Auto Double and ender stuff.

Where to find the latest version of this FAQ

 The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:

HardCore's Killer Instinct 2 Page: http://www.gil.net/~hardcore/ki2

or through e-mail at: hardcore@gil.net


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