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Move List and Guide by DKisman

Version: 1.10 |

|                                                                            |
|                                   KILLER                                   |
|                              I N S T I N C T                               |
|                             The Super NES FAQ                              |
|                                                                            |



        1. Introduction
        2. General Information
          a) What's new in v1.1?
          b) What is this FAQ about, really?
          c) What are fighting games?
          d) Ok, so what's Killer Instinct?
          e) So how do I play?
        3. Terminology
          a) What are all these numbers?
          b) Basic terminology
          c) Advanced terminology
        4. Combo Stuff
          a) Guide to Basic Combos
          b) Advanced combo stuff
          c) Combo names
        5. High Scores
        6. Miscellaneous Secrets
          a) High Scores
          b) While picking your character
          c) Selecting stages
          d) "Fight On" codes
          e) The Eyedol code!
        7. Secrets during the fight
          a) Top attacks
          b) Knocking your opponent off a rooftop stage
          c) Dizzying
          d) Last Breath
          e) Powering Up
          f) Humiliations
          g) "Supreme Victory" and "Awesome Victory"
          h) PERFECT!!
          i) Spinal's combo Endings
        8. Character Profiles explanation
          a) Description
          b) Special Moves
          c) Autoseconds
          d) Openers
          e) Linkers
          f) Endings
          g) Ultimate
          h) Ultra
          i) Air Juggle
          j) Danger Moves
          k) Humiliation
          l) Combo Breaker
          m) Recovery Move
          n) Air Combo
          o) Stuff
          p) Combos
        9. Character Profiles
          a) Black Orchid
          b) Chief Thunder
          c) Cinder
          d) Eyedol
          e) Fulgore
          f) Glacius
          g) Jago
          h) Riptor
          i) Sabrewulf
          j) Spinal
          k) T.J. Combo
        10. Killer Cuts
        11. Credits


1. Introduction

        Hello everyone, and welcome to the Killer Instinct Super NES FAQ!
I'm Derek Kisman, and I'll be your host for the trip.  Please watch your
head; the management apologizes for the shoddy appearance of the entrance.
Anybody wishing to donate some original ASCII art would be most welcome and,
would get their name hung up in lights (er, pixels) in thousands of homes!
That aside, please allow me to introduce the attractions of the day.  
        For beginners and aspiring show-offs, we have the complete selection
of special moves, Danger Moves, and other finishing moves.  It is our sincere 
hope that you find these useful.  Once you've learned enough to impress all
your friends and whomp the computer, we hope you'll come again for our more
advanced tours.
        For those who have already mastered the moves, know a few combos,
and wish to know more (and avoid the dreaded C-C-C-Combo Breaker), you may 
skip the rudiments and go directly to one of our main events: a guide to 
putting together ALL elementary combos for a character.  Learn to vary your
autoseconds, figure out where the linkers and endings may go, and generally
stop being too predictable (read: beatable) in your combos.  Pretty soon
the other guys'll be begging you to sit still and let them break ya'.
        And, for our visitors of professional interest, who basically have
nothing that I could possibly tell them about strategy that they don't 
already know, we have lists of combos: unusual, uncanny, and unstoppable
(and, of course, unbelievable).  We have the maximum known Ultras for you 
greedy high-score table hoggers, (including the never-before-seen Chief 
Thunder 38, Sabrewulf 34, Fulgore 32, and Riptor 34!), the maximum normal 
combos for those wishing to try, some strange and wonderful Slow-Motion
combos, missing Ultras and combo enders, and other weirdness.  In addition,
our combos will also teach you some more advanced techniques of adding in
some extra or cool-looking hits (not that you didn't already know them, 
right?), which you can apply to almost any other combos of your own design.  
And, finally, we have combos chosen merely for their challenge.  Attempt to 
master these, and you'll be practicing some very advanced techniques!  Not to
mention that many of them are unbreakable, or very close to it... Good 
        We assure you that we have taken every pain to be sure that our
information is 100% accurate.  Everything you shall see has been confirmed
by us, and we would surely slap a guarantee on this FAQ if... well, if you'd
actually paid any money for it.  (Hopefully you didn't. :) )  With luck our 
only sins shall be omission; I assure you, we have properly made our animal 
sacrifices to the God of Typos...
        Of course, should one of you anno... er, helpful people find an
error which my secretaries, the fools that they be, have made, please don't
hesitate to point it out to me.  My e-mail address is at the end of this FAQ,
and I assure you those responsible shall be dealt with.


2. General Information


  2a) What's new in v1.1?

        Various typos were corrected from 1.0.  Please send me any more that
you find, however!  Apparently I'd missed Cinder's description in his
profile; that has now been corrected.  Whoops. ;)
        Game Genie codes have been added.  There are always more being
developed, however, so I will be a few days behind... sue me. :P
        As far as combos go, one or two new miscellaneous combos, and the
following Maximums have been improved: Cinder's Normal by 2 and Ultra by 4,
Glacius' Normal by 3 and Ultra by 2, Jago's Normal by 2, Spinal's Ultra by 1,
and Fulgore's Normal by 3.
        Finally, I have a new section describing all of the possible endings
to the game.
        Hopefully, in v1.2, I'll be able to include Shadow moves and a
section compiling together how exactly to do all these crazy combos; I've had
lots of people asking me for timing.  Also, a few moves sent in which I
couldn't cover here will appear next version.


  2b) What is this FAQ about, anyway?

        This is a compilation of information on the Super Nintendo game
Killer Instinct, by Rare.  It is basically all the moves, secrets and that
Rare intends you to find (usually), but doesn't bother to include in the
instructions.  After all, what fun would THAT be?  Remember, countless
people have spent countless hours figuring this stuff out, so treat this
with the reverence you'd treat any other repository of great wisdom.
        None of this stuff is guaranteed to work on Killer Instinct the
Arcade game, Mario Brothers, mashed potatoes, your annoying little brother,
or in fact anything much OTHER than the SNES game.  Also, I do not endorse 
doing Danger Moves on living people, without practicing on dummies at least a
little bit first.
        And if you become addicted to the thing, it's your own darn fault.


  2c) What are fighting games?

        Fighting games are a fad that people have been predicting will die
out "any day now", but haven't.  They involve, at their simplest, two
people on-screen, fighting in some sort of arena.  The people are either
controlled by one player and the arcade game, or by two players going head
to head.  The goal is to make your opponent's guy lose all of his/her energy
before he/she does the same to you, at which point the opponent will fall
down, or (in some games) remain standing and wait for you to do something
very nasty to them.
        The players set off toward this goal by pushing buttons to make their
characters punch, kick, throw, smash, etc.  Special moves usually exist, as
well, which go beyond, and are usually more powerful than the standard
hand-to-hand fighting moves.  These special moves require more than just the
push of a button to execute, and in many cases aren't told you by the game
        Admittedly, this doesn't have as much depth as, say, a good book,
a role-playing game, or even counting your toes, but as one of the poor,
stupid masses I can attest to the fact that they are ADDICTING. :)


  2d) Ok, so what's Killer Instinct?

        Killer Instinct is a very recent fighting game that arrived in
arcades around the beginning of the year.  It was designed by Rare, came
in a casing built by Midway, and was the first arcade game to store
information on a hard drive.  Because of this, its graphics revolutionized
the industry; one glance at the details in the game (even if you aren't a
fan of the silicon graphics characters) is enough to tell you that.  On
August 31, only one day late, Killer Instinct was officially released to
Super Nintendo systems everywhere.  Now slavering zombies can neglect
their social life for free, and in the comfort of their own home!
        Not to scare you or anything, but this is a very addictive game.


  2e) So how do I play?

        Well, you might be surprised to hear that there is a product out on
the market that is tailored just perfectly for your needs!  You may have
heard of it.  It's called an instruction manual, and if you were one of the
lucky first 2-billion buyers of the game, you got one included free!
        I'm not here to tell you controller operations and stuff like that;
I'm just here to tell you all the stuff conveniently left out of the manual.
And a little bit more.
        Before you head off, though, I must warn you.  Have I mentioned that
this is a very addictive game?


3. Terminology


  3a) What are all these numbers?

        When looking at all of these combos, you might notice that there 
isn't a WK or a MP in sight.  Instead, we have 1-6.  Well, in most cases I've
tried to remain in accordance with the instructions given in the manual, but
I made an exception in using numbers for the buttons.  I did this because,
well, everybody uses them these days.  You'll see the numbers a lot more 
often than MK, FP, FK, etc.  So what do 1-6 stand for?  Well, in the days of
the arcade, the console was set up like this:

        |               O       O       O
        |               (QP)    (MP)    (FP)
        | (joystick)    O       O       O
        |               (QK)    (MK)    (FK)

        So just number them 1-6 from left to right and up to down, and you
have our system.  Thus, 1=QP, 2=MP, 3=FP, 4=QK, 5=MK, 6=FK.  You'll get used
to it.  Trust me.


  3b) Basic terminology

        Ok, now what we are defining here is exactly how I tell you to move
the control pad and push the buttons to achieve something.  So I'll be
pretty exact in what my symbols mean; on the plus side, this lets me do some
VERY advanced movements in the same symbols as the novice movements.  On
the minus side, occasionally I'm a little stricter than I need to be.  You
can always just do things your way with guidance from my information, but be
warned that there will be some combos you'll HAVE to do my way.
        For a basic control pad direction, I simply have a letter (B=back,
F=forward, U=up, D=down).  Back means AWAY from your opponent, and Forward
means TOWARD your opponent.  DF would mean diagonally Down and Forward.
Sometimes there needs to be a control pad MOVEMENT.  In this case, I have
two directions linked by a hyphen (-).  This means you should ROLL from one
direction to the other, not missing any directions in between.  A smooth
thumb motion should do it for you.  So, for example, D-F means push down,
down and towards, and then toward your opponent.  In the case F-B or B-F,
you should always roll in the downwards direction (F-B=F,DF,D,DB,B).  I
use this rather than HCB because of a) its simplicity, b) it's more like
the manual, and c) it's necessary for some of the advanced motions.  Now,
sometimes you need to charge (hold the joystick for a second) in a certain
direction.  To show this, I preface the direction with a c.  So cF means to
charge the joystick forward a second.  c3F, however, means to charge forward
for THREE seconds.  I don't do this often, but that's what it means.
        Buttons I simply have as 1-6.  See the previous section for what 
they mean.  When I show a 3, for example, push FP.  What could be simpler 
than that? :)  Also, when, occasionally, you have several choices of button
to use, I'll put either the choices in brackets separated by a slash (5/6), or 
I'll use P for ANY punch, K for ANY kick, and A for ANY button.
        I connect motions and buttons using , and +.  , means you can wait
until you've finished the previous motion before going to the next.  + means
you should HOLD the previous motion before quickly pushing or doing the next.  
In other words, D-F,3 means you can push 3 after releasing forward.  D-F+3 
means you should quickly push 3 while STILL holding forward.


  3c) Advanced terminology

        Ok.  Occasionally you'll need to hold a button down while you do
a motion.  I show holding the button down by either #h or h#.  h3 means that
the PUSHING of 3 isn't really important, just as long as you're holding it
at the time of h3.  3h means that you've gotta use it, just like a regular
3, except that you also need to hold it.  So DF-DB+3h means roll from down-
toward to down-away, then push AND HOLD 3 while holding down-away.  When
you need to release the button, I use r#.  So h1, DF-DB+r1 means hold 1
(whenever you wish), then roll down-toward to down-away, and release 1 while
still holding down-away.
        At the end of combos where you need to juggle your opponent, I put
either a "...juggle" or a "juggle".  "...juggle" means you need to do the
air juggle after a while (waiting for your opponent to come back into orbit).
"juggle" means to do the air juggle RIGHT AWAY.  The reason I use juggle is
that in some cases, characters (like Fulgore) might have different powered-
up or non-powered-up Juggles.
        In some very few cases, there will be moves that set up a combo, but
are not actually part of the combo.  This is always to "fool" the CPU into
doing a linker at the start of a combo.  In this case I will have a | to
separate the beginning portion from the rest of the combo.  You must make
sure that the first part does NOT count in the combo (sometimes if you follow
the | too quickly, then the beginning WILL count), or you will find the 
combo will end much more quickly than it should.
        Now, you know everything about how to do my combos, but I need to
reiterate one very important type of move.  Sometimes I will show a 5+F or
something like that rather than F+5.  This means just what I've told you 
above - push the 5, and then push forward while still holding 5, and then
release 5!  This is NECESSARY to string some regular hits together with
special moves!  So D-5+F means to push down, then push 5 while still holding
down, roll to forward quickly, and release 5!  Tricky, huh?  Yup. :)  Also,
we might have things like D+3-F+1, which means: push down.  Push and release
3 while still holding down.  Roll forward.  Push 1 while still holding 
forward.  Release either at your leisure (sometimes) :)


4. Combo Stuff


  4a) Guide to Basic Combos

        Ok, this is what you've been waiting for!  This is the guide that
will tell you how to use the information in the character profile to put 
together ALL basic combos for a specific character.  Eventually, you'll 
learn to mix up the basic combos at random, and your opponent won't know how
to Combo Break them!
        First, the all-important concept of an autosecond.  An autosecond
is a normal move used in a combo.  However, as a reward for using this normal
move in a combo, you get an extra one or two hits from it.  In addition, you
can add a combo ending or a linker after the autosecond to extend the combo
further.  However, here's the trick: only CERTAIN autoseconds work at any
given time.  I'll tell you in a second how to figure out which ones do work.
First, though, in the character profiles I list all the autoseconds and how
many hits they give you.  For example, 3 - (3) means that using button 3 as
an autosecond will give you 3 hits rather than 1.  A very few autoseconds
also require a direction to be pushed with the button.  So, D+6 - (2) in the
profile means that you can push down and 6 to do a 2-hit autosecond in a
combo.  There are exactly 6 autoseconds for each character - one with every
        All the basic combinations in Killer Instinct start with an opening
move.  Now, this may be a jump-in attack (an attack from you, in the air, to
an opponent, on the ground), or it may be a special move (but only certain
ones).  In the character profiles, under Openings, I list all the SPECIAL
MOVES that may open a combo.  However, I don't list the redundant jump-in
openings, so I'll explain them here.
        Which autoseconds you may do depends on what immediately precedes 
them in the combo.  At the very beginning, this means that the combo Opening 
determines what autoseconds can follow it.  Now, in the character profile, 
you'll see the opening move, the number of hits it does, and then an arrow 
pointing to some numbers.  These numbers are the autoseconds that may follow
the move.  So, for example, after doing Orchid's Fire Cat with 2, you can
push either 3, 4, or 5 to get a multiple-hit autosecond to follow it.  ALWAYS
vary the autoseconds that you use from the choices given, however; this will
make breaking your combo that much harder.
        With jump-in attacks, it's a whole lot simpler to determine the
autosecond to use.  The buttons are linked 1-4, 3-5, and 2-6.  After doing
a jump-in attack with one of those buttons, on the ground you may push the
other button to do the autosecond.  This, of course, eventually leads to
an entire combo from one jumpkick, which can be very nice. :)  So after
jumping in to attack with a 5, you may autosecond with 3 (and, of course,
an autosecond direction, if required).  Sometimes you must be fairly close
to do a particular autosecond, however; be warned.
        Ok, you've done your opening move and you've gotten your first 
autosecond.  Now what?  Well, you've got a choice.  For a shorter, but much
less breakable combo, you can add on a combo Ending now.  Endings are regular
special moves that do... well, a VERY cool ending to the combo.  The combo's
over (almost) once you've done it, but your opponent will feel bashed,
bruised, battered and beaten.  In the character profiles you'll find the
section Endings, where I list all the special moves that are done as special
combo Endings.  So after you've done your opening and autosecond, then follow
it up with the Ending for a very satisfying combo.  (Note: sometimes the
endings requires charging back to do the move.  You should charge back while
the previous autosecond is still going).
        So, is that it?  Nope.  Now I'm going to tell you a way to nearly
double the size of your combos.  It's called a linker.  What the linker is
is a move done in the MIDDLE of a combo that does NOT end it.  Instead,
you can follow the linker up with ANOTHER autosecond, or an ending.  So
you've just added even more to your combo!  In the character profiles, I list
every character's linker, and the autoseconds that can follow it.  
So now your combos may become Opening, autosecond, linker, autosecond, and 
Ending!!  (Though some characters have more than one linker, you can't 
normally do two linkers in a combo.  Also, remember, if you need to charge
a direction, do it WHILE the previous autosecond is going).
        Ok, that MUST be it, right?  Wrong.  There's one final embarassment
to be thrown your opponent's way after a combo.  Look again at the Endings
section.  You'll notice that, after them, they have a number and then "air"
or "end".  The number is the number of hits that they do.  But what do the
"air"s and "end"s mean?  Well, if you do a combo Ending that "end"s, then
the combo's over.  Kaput.  However, if you do one with "air", then you can
do another special move to hit the opponent as he comes down!  In each 
character profile you'll notice a section called Air Juggle.  This is the
special move that a character may do to hit the opponent as he comes down.
You have to time it right, but the end result will be an even COOLER combo!
This'll add one more hit to your combo; or, if you are powered up (which I'll
speak of in a later section), you'll normally get THREE more tres-cool
looking hits!
        So overall: with regard to combo Endings, they can be put in after
ANY autosecond, the opening moves with "end" after them in the autosecond
list, and linkers with "end" after them in the autosecond list.  Linkers
may be done after the first autosecond, or an opening with "linker" after
it in the autosecond list.  Autoseconds may be done after anything but other
autoseconds, if you know which ones to use.
        In closing, here's the basic (longest) combo sequence we have so far:
Opening, autosecond, linker, autosecond, Ending, juggle.  You can also shift
this a little by bringing the Ending up earlier or doing the linker right 
after the Opening (sometimes).  Using this, you can do ALL the basic combos 
of any character!  At first learn only a few combos, but as you get better
with practice, learn to vary what you do so your opponent NEVER knows how
to break!
        Ah, yes, there are two more types of Endings that are a little more
secret.  One is an Ultra, the other is an Ultimate.  Both may ONLY be done
when your opponent's on his second life bar and it's flashing.  (It doesn't
need to be flashing when you start the combo, only when you do the Ultra or
Ultimate Ending).  Both end not only the combo, but your opponent.  The
Ultimate does a Danger Move right at the end of the combo.  The Ultra,
however, is a whopping 18-hit Ending that looks AWESOME!  Nothing makes
your opponent look more beat than a good, swift kick... then another one...
then a flip kick into 5 jabs, a slam, another few kicks, a sword slash or
two, and an uppercut. :)  Ultras are what make this game... well, Killer 
Instinct.  You'll find the Ultra and Ultimate moves in the character 
        Enjoy, and remember: Practice makes perfect.


  4b) Advanced combo stuff

        Now, I can't tell you like I did above how to put together your own
advanced combos.  They are VERY irregular; certainly not subject to any 
pattern I could name.  But here are a few tips to reduce the breakability
of your combos and do other weirdness.
        1) Sometimes you can hit a person with a normal move before doing
your Opening.  You might have to do the Opening fast; and, also, if you do
this the combo will often end on the coming autosecond or linker.  But it's
a good way to start combos, especially against the computer.
        2) You can start combos with Top Attacks, too.  Do the Top Attack,
then an Opening.  The same problems as above apply, however.
        3) Instead of using an autosecond, you can very often use just one
normal attack.  It'll only give you one hit, but that portion of the combo
is not breakable.  In a VERY FEW cases, you can put 2 or even more normal
moves together as a combo!  (Jago and Eyedol)
        4) If your combo DOES end on an autosecond or linker, often you can
still do an air juggle!  This actually ends up looking as neat as Endings
in some cases!  I'll tell you which air juggles can be done like this in the
Air Juggle profile section.  These special air juggles are sometimes in slow
motion, too...
        5) End your combos with regular moves or non-Ending special moves 
rather than Endings.  Again, you can sometimes Air Juggle after these.  Also,
these can't be broken.
        6) Sometimes you CAN put more than one linker into a combo.  Notable
cases are T.J. Combo and Cinder.
        7) Sometimes you can put another Opening right into the middle of the
combo!  Orchid, Riptor and Combo are very good at this.  You normally can't 
have as long a combo follow, however, or it'll end suddenly on another 
autosecond or linker.  (It's like there's a counter determining how many 
portions of a combo of whatever type you may have.)
        8) Sometimes you can just insert a normal move or two between two
portions of a combo!  Often VERY hard, this is how you get a few extra hits
like in Jago's 30-hitter.  In Orchid's case, you can even insert some SPECIAL
moves!  Timing is critical here... normally, you must push the button exactly
when you want the hit to happen.
        9) Almost any combo Endings (not just Jago's!) may become Turbo if
you hold the button down while doing the motion, and then release, rather
than doing the motion and pushing the button.  Sometimes the difference is
small, sometimes great.  (Glacius's h3,D-F+r3 Ending comes to mind)
        10) When an autosecond is going to end a combo, if you do the Turbo
version of an Ending motion BETWEEN the 1st and 2nd hits of the autosecond,
you'll usually get either: a missed combo Ending (still does the ending, but
misses the opponent with it), or a Slow-Motion combo Ending (only a few 
Endings do this, but the ones that do look awesome!).  Also, you can put an 
Ultra in there for either a missed Ultra (neat!) or an Air Ultra (for Thunder 
and Combo - MEGA neat!), where the opponent is being hit in the air.
        11) Sometimes after a very strange normal hit put into a combo, if
you delay the ending until the last second, you'll also get a Slow-Motion or
missed Ending.  I have one such combo for Glacius.
        12) If you miss by about a 10th of a second for a linker, it'll do
the linker move as the BEGINNING of a combo for many characters!  This adds
a few extra hits, and is how combos like Thunder's 38 are achieved.  In
my Combo section I show small combos that are easy to miss the linker with 
at the beginning of the missed-linker combos.  However, note that if you 
do the linker too quickly, you WILL accidentally keep the combo together - be 
careful not to.


  4c) Combo names

        This is what the announcer calls out after you've done a combo of a
certain number of hits.

        3 hit - Triple Combo            8 hit - Awesome Combo
        4 hit - Super Combo             9 hit - Blaster Combo
        5 hit - Hyper Combo             10 hit - Monster Combo
        6 hit - Brutal Combo            11 hit - King Combo
        7 hit - Master Combo            12+ hit - Killer Combo
                        xx hit - Ultra (echoing) (After doing an Ultra)
                        xx hit - Ultimate (echoing) (after doing an Ultimate)


5. High Scores

        These are the high scores that the SNES version comes with
automatically.  If you want to get your name in first, this is what you'll
have to beat!  (Push left and select at any point in the title sequences to
get to the high scores).  Sadly, every time you reset or turn off the power,
your high scores are lost...
        Speed Demons (fastest win):                     SJP  0:15.00
        Winning Streak (most consecutive wins):         MB   25
        Killer Kings (highest score):                   MRY  500000
        Combo City (highest combo for each character):
          Jago                                          LOU  30
          T.J.Combo                                     CTS  36
          Spinal                                        GAV  27
          Thunder                                       RSR  33
          Glacius                                       GN   29
          Fulgore                                       DEB  30
          Cinder                                        FAY  33
          Sabrewulf                                     JAN  31
          Orchid                                        TIM  48
          Riptor                                        KAL  30
          Eyedol                    JMH, SH , JR , EIL, CAR  03


6. Miscellaneous Secrets


  6a) High Scores

        To get to the high scores, either wait for 30 seconds at the title
screen after you've got an entry in it, considerably longer if you don't,
or simply push left and select at any point in the title sequence. :)


  6b) While picking your character

        You can choose your character by pushing left and right.  You can
choose his COLOR, however, by pushing up and down.  There are 8 different
color schemes for each character.
        To do Random Select, where the computer randomly picks your character
for you, push up and start.
        To select the stage you wish to fight on (can't be done in 1-Player
mode), push up or down and a certain button to select your character.  Which
button you used and direction you pushed to select him determines where
you'll go.  (See next section for which go where).  In 2-Player or Tournament
mode, the first person to choose picks the stage.  The second player chooses
the stage MUSIC.  (ie, you can get to the Lava Pit with the music of
Glacius's stage if the first person to choose does D+3 and the second U+1)
If the first player to pick does NOT choose a stage, it is random (and you
could get one of the 3 non-selectable stages, too).  If the second player
does not pick music, the music matches the stage (obviously).  Unfortunately,
if you choose Random Select you cannot pick a stage.
        In Tournament mode, push select while choosing characters to get a
menu that lets you modify options, change the Tournament players, or leave
Tournament mode.


  6c) Selecting stages

        These are the selectable stages and the button/direction you use to
get there:

        U+1 - Glacius's stage           D+1 - Chief Thunder's stage
        U+2 - Dungeon stage (secret!)   D+2 - Riptor's stage
        U+3 - Ice Shrine stage          D+3 - Eyedol Lava Pit stage
        U+4 - Spinal's rooftop stage    D+4 - Street stage
        U+5 - Orchid's rooftop stage    D+5 - Sabrewulf's stage
        U+6 - Cinder's rooftop stage    D+6 - Fulgore's stage
                BOTH players D+5: Sky rooftop stage (secret!)

        The two secret stages may ONLY be arrived at by selecting the stage -
they'll never come up randomly.
        The Sky Rooftop stage may only be reached from 2-player or Tournament
mode; BOTH players must use D+5 to select their character.  This is the most
fun stage in the game because you can knock your opponent off the edge at
ANY time!! :)
        Unfortunately, these stages are unselectable: Jago's stage, T.J.
Combo's stage, and Eyedol's Castle stage.


  6d) "Fight On" codes

        These are codes that are entered on the screen showing the two
characters' pictures.  You should do them only AFTER the announcer says
"Fight On", so that you don't end the screen accidentally.  You can't do
any of these in Practice mode.  You can do all or some of these at a time,
if you're fast enough. :)
        "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!"  This code makes combo breakers easier; after
you've entered the code you can break combos with ANY of the 3 buttons,
rather than having to be concerned about what your opponent's using.  To do
it, push down and start.  Only one player needs to do it, and the change
affects both people.  This is the same as temporarily setting "Easy Combo
Breakers" to On in the Options screen.
        Different speeds of play.  These let you speed up or slow down the
rate at which the game is played.  In 2-player or Tournament, both players 
must enter the code for a specific speed (so agree on it ahead of time), 
while in 1-player mode you only need to do it yourself.  For slow motion,
hold left and all three kicks.  For slight turbo, hold right and all three
punches.  For turbo, hold right and all three kicks.  For MEGA turbo, hold
left and all three punches.  You'll hear a swish or hit sound if you've
done it properly.
        "Eyedol!"  Yup, you can play as him!  If you've got Cinder, you can
hold right and push 1,4,3,5,2,6 to become Eyedol!  Only the player changing
needs to do the code.  Both players can become Eyedol if they want... Oooooh
boy... :)
        Options screen.  If you push select, you'll get to go to the options
screen to change your controller configuration and options just before the
fight starts.  Only the player who pushed select can change the options; the
other player can only change his controller configuration.  The nice thing
about this is that in Tournament mode the game remembers the configuration
for each player!


  6e) The Eyedol code!

        I already said it, but I don't want anyone asking again, so it bears
repeating.  Pick Cinder, and when the announcer says "Fight On!", hold right
and push 1,4,3,5,2,6.


7. Secrets during the fight


  7a) Top attacks

        Top attacks are attacks that will hit your opponent if they're
crouching, even if they're blocking.  This is to prevent people from holding
down and block the entire fight.  You can start combos out of a top attack
by doing the Opening right after, but the combo sometimes can't be as long.
        To do a top attack, push B+3 when your opponent is crouching.
        To FAKE a top attack (to lure your opponent into trying a quick
move), push B+2 when your opponent is crouching.


  7b) Knocking your opponent off a rooftop stage

        Yes, on the 4 rooftop stages, you can knock your opponent off the
edge at the end of the match!  There are a few ways to do this:
        1) Do a combo that takes the last bit of the person's energy and
sends 'em forward a bit.  If they fly off the edge, well, arrivaderci. :)
        2) If they're standing near the edge when the announcer says 
"Danger", do a special move that knocks them backwards a little, and, well,
sayonara. :)
        3) Of course, the best way is to end with an Ultra.  Some Ultras
don't push the character forward very much, so must be done near the edge;
some, like Cinder's, can be started from ANYWHERE, and, well, au revoir. :)
        Note that in the secret Sky rooftop stage (see 6b and 6c) you can
knock them off in the ways above at ANY time, not just the end!!!  Fun!!


  7c) Dizzying

        If you hit your opponent with several normal moves (not part of a
combo) in a row with you doing practically nil to them, then he may become
dizzied.  When this happens you'll see him convulse and he won't be able to
move.  Set up your best combo opening and let him have it!
        If YOU'RE the unlucky one who's been dizzied, you can speed up your
recovery by spinning the control pad and pushing buttons rapidly.  You'll see
the character begin to convulse faster when you do this.  It takes about 8
convulses before you recover from dizzying.


  7d) Last Breath

        Hooooo-boy.  If you really want to get your friends to hate you, read
on. :)
        After the announcer says "Danger", you might think that you are dead.
Well, do nothing, or get hit by your opponent (or have him do a Danger Move)
and you are.  However, if your opponent takes too long to set up a Danger
Move or hit you, you can break out of the Danger state for one last try at
killing them!
        To do this, as soon as you start convulsing in "Danger", rotate the
control pad and push buttons rapidly (just like a dizzy).  If you do it fast
enough, you'll break out of the Danger state!  (I think it takes 7 convulses
in this case).
        When you have this "Last Breath", you only have enough energy to
barely survive.  If your opponent hits you once, or you block a special move,
you're REALLY toast this time.  (However, he doesn't get the pleasure of a
Danger Move :) )  So what use is it?  Well, you do over TWICE your normal
damage when in the "Last Breath" state!  Fulgore's standing close 6 takes
away half their bar!  ONE combo is normally enough to obliterate the poor
guy!  However, if the person you're playing with is a) stronger than you,
b) bigger than you, or c) your boss, I don't recomment doing "Last Breath".
It tends to turn people homicidal if you beat them after "dying"... <evil


  7e) Powering Up

        You can become powered up in several ways during the fight.  If you
do this, then the white bit at the end of your life bar will start flashing.
You'll then have several special moves that are new and improved.  To do the
powered-up versions, hold the button down as you do the motion (ie, do 
h2,DF-DB+r2 rather than DF-DB+2).  These are usually faster, and do more 
damage than the regular moves.  (These are followed by a shadow in the arcade
version, but alas, not here)  In this version I don't show any moves that
require powering up (except Sabrewulf's and Spinal's...)
        Every character except Eyedol can get powered up.  To become powered
up, all you have to do is break a combo.  Easy, huh?  (ha ha) :)  Sabrewulf's
Howl powers him up, as well, and Spinal's Power Devour gives him Skulls to
power him up.  (More on Spinal in his profile)  These two are the only 
characters that can LOSE their powered-up status.  Sabrewulf does it by
connecting with a powered-up Sabreroll or Sabrespin.  Spinal does it by
throwing projectiles.
        One more thing: when a character is powered up, air juggles do 3 hits
rather than 1!  This happens for everyone except Spinal; you simply throw as
many Skulls as you can to juggle your opponent with him.  This is how you do
many of the maximum Ultra combos...


  7f) Humiliations           

        Well, we all know how to do a Danger Move when the announcer yells
"Danger!" (if not, read the manual).  However, you can do a special type of
Danger Move called a Humiliation if and ONLY if you are still on your first
bar of life after killing the opponent!  They are done as a Danger Move
(though they require no specific distance to work)  Your opponent will start
dancing, and you'll get a big "HUMILIATION" at the character win screen...
just to rub it in...


  7g) "Supreme Victory" and "Awesome Victory"

        If you do a Danger Move, a Humiliation, or an Ultimate combo to
finish off your opponent, you'll get an "Awesome victory" at the character
win screen.  If you do an Ultra, or nothing but you're still on your first
energy bar after killing your opponent, you'll get a "Supreme victory".  If
you don't do anything to your opponent and you're in your second bar of 
life, you won't even GET a character win screen. :(


  7h) PERFECT!!

        If you absolutely rule at the game, and have lost absolutely NO 
energy when you toasted your opponent, at the character win screen the 
announcer will shout out "PERFECT!" for the world to hear.  People's entire 
reputations have been created or destroyed by the utterance of a single 
"PERFECT!".  Really.  I'm serious.


  7i) Spinal's combo Endings

        Spinal has 6 combo Endings with each character.  He temporarily
morphs into the opponent and delivers one of his endings.  His morph Endings
are D,D+A: and here I'll show you the button pushed, what ending it
corresponds to for the character, and how many hits the ending is (plus "end"
or "air", depending on whether or not you may juggle afterwards).
        Note: If you do the Turbo version of Spinal's Ending (ie, h5,D,D+r5),
it will do the Turbo combo Ending for the character.  Also, if you use any
of these Turbo endings in Spinal's slow-motion combo, you'll get either that
character's slow-motion ending, or a missed ending.

vs. Fulgore:    1: F-D-DF+3 (4+end)     2: B-D-DB+1 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+5 (3+air)       4,5,6: D-F+2 (4+end)
vs. Cinder:     1: F,F+2 (4+air)        2: F-D-DF+6 (4+air)
                3: F-D-DF+5 (4+air)     4,5,6: F-D-DF+4 (4+air)
vs. Sabrewulf:  1: cB,F+1 (3+air)       2: cB,F+4 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+5 (4+air)       4,5,6: cB,F+6 (3+air)
vs. Orchid:     1,5,6: D-F+3 (4+end)    2: cB,F+4 (4+air)
                3: cB,F+5 (3+air)       4: DF-DB+3 (4+air)
vs. Riptor:     1: D-B+3 (4+end)        2: DF-DB+1 (4+air)
                3: DF-DB+5 (3+end)      4,5,6: cB,F+6 (3+air)
vs. Jago:       1: F-D-DF+1 (2+end)     2: F-D-DF+2 (3+end)
                3: F-D-DF+3 (4+end)     4: D-F+1 (3+end)
                5: DF-DB+5 (3+end)      6: F-D-DF+3 (3+end)
vs. Combo:      1: cB,F+2 (3+air)       2: c3B,F+2 (4+end)
                3: cB,F+3 (4+end)       4,5: cB,F+6 (3+air)
                6: cB,F+1 (4+air)
vs. Spinal:     1,4: F,F+1 (3+end)      2,5: F,F+2 (3+end)
                3,6: F,F+3 (4+end)
vs. Thunder:    1: cB,F+3 (3+air)       2: D-B+2 (4+air)
                3: D-B+3 (4+air)        4,5,6: D-F+6 (3+end)
vs. Glacius:    1: D-F+3 (4+air)        2: DF-DB+1 (4+air)
                3: D-F+6 (3+air)        4,5,6: D-F+5 (3+end)
vs. Eyedol:     1,2,3,4,5,6: cB,F+3 (4+air)


8. Character Profiles explanation


  8a) Description

        This gives you a description of the character, taken from the SNES
attract mode profiles.


  8b) Special Moves

        These will give you the motions for all the special moves of a
character.  Many of them give you the choice of ANY punch or ANY kick to
do a move... which one you use normally dictates the speed or distance of
the move (as well as the autoseconds which can follow the Openings).
        In addition, there are what are called Transition Moves.  These are
Special Moves that START as one move but end as another.  This can often
really surprise your opponent!  This is shown by an indented dash just 
below the move, then the name of the move it's being turned into.  After
that will be a description of the full move to do the transition, if it's
non-standard.  If the starting move can be followed by the regular motions of
the transition move, I'll just leave it at the name or listing of names.
        There are a few things I'll tell you about the moves, as well.  Some
of the moves are projectiles, which are basically objects you create that 
move across the screen and damage your opponent.  There are normal
projectiles, and two special projectiles.  I'll tell you whether a move is 
either a projectile, or a special projectile.
        In addition, some moves go THROUGH normal projectiles, some special
projectiles only, and some all projectiles.  I'll tell you if they do this, 
too.  If I don't tell you, assume they can be hit by projectiles.  Oh yeah,
and two of the special moves reflect projectiles, too.
        Finally, some moves are done in the air.  I'll tell you this, too.


  8c) Autoseconds

        Here I'll tell you how many hits the autosecond with each button
does.  In addition I specify the directions that must be held with certain
of the autoseconds.  You can use this to count up the hits you'll estimate
a combo has, too.  The number of hits are in brackets.


  8d) Openers

        These are the special moves (given as motions, not by name) that can
begin a combo.  I show the special move, followed by the number of hits that
it does in brackets.  Then an arrow points to the autoseconds that can be
done out of the move.  Also, I list "end" or "linker" if you can do an Ending
or linker out of that Opening.  Remember, though, that you can also use
jump-ins to begin a combo.


  8e) Linkers

        This is where I show the person's combo linker(s).  Same format as
the Openers, really - I list the number of hits, the autoseconds that may
follow, and whether you can do an ending.


  8f) Endings

        Here's where I show all of the combo Ending moves for the character.
I have, in the brackets, the number of hits the Ending adds, followed by
"end" if it knocks the opponent down right away, or "air" if it's possible
to air juggle the person after.  Note that the turbo versions of the Endings
are done by holding the button down through the motion.  Also, note that
Jago's F-D-DF+3 ending can do EITHER 3 or 4 hits, depending on circumstances.


  8g) Ultimate

        The Ultimate motion for the character.  You do this as a combo
Ending, and only when your opponent's life is on its second bar and flashing.
This will do a Danger Move in place of a combo Ending.  A description of the
Danger Move follows the movement.


  8h) Ultra

        The Ultra motion for the character.  You do this as a combo Ending,
and only when your opponent's life is on its second bar and flashing.  This
will do a whopping 18-hit ending!  It also fries your opponent.  I give the
number of hits (18), followed by whether it knocks you into the air or ends
the combo, in the brackets.


  8i) Air Juggle

        The motion for the character that will juggle the person after having
done a combo Ending with "air" in it.  It will add 1 hit to the combo, or 3
(normally) if the character is powered up.  These require timing and practice
to hit!  Some of them may follow autoseconds that end the combo, too; I'll 
tell you which ones.


  8j) Danger Moves

        Tells you the two or three Danger Move motions for each character.
In brackets is the distance that you must be, in terms of a fraction of the
screen.  0 means right next to the opponent, 1 means as far away as possible.
A description is also provided.  Note that for those characters with really
far fatalities, you can hit the opponent with a projectile just before you
start your Danger Move or Humiliation. :)


  8k) Humiliation

        A Danger Move that can only be done if you're still on your first bar
of life after wasting your opponent.  It'll make them dance, and you'll get
a "HUMILIATION" on the character win screen.  Distance does not matter, so
I haven't provided it. :)


  8l) Combo Breaker

        This is the Combo Breaker move that the character uses.  As it says
in the instruction book, you must use a Fierce to break if your opponent is
currently using a Quick, Medium for Fierce, and Quick for Medium.  So if your
Combo Breaker move is B,F+P, and your opponent is currently using 5 in his
combo, you can break with B,F+1.  If you've got "Easy Combo Breakers" turned
on in Options, or have done the "C-C-C-Combo Breaker" code, then Combo
Breakers can break combos using ANY of the 3 choices.

  8m) Recovery Move

        A move that is done while you are getting up from a fall.  VERY
useful to get away or retaliate if your opponent is nearby.  Just push the
movement as you are standing up.  If your opponent is standing next to you,
he'll be hit.


  8n) Air Combo

        If you are both in the air and you connect with a hit, you can VERY
quickly get a second hit in by doing this movement.  The button you use in
the movement depends on what you connected with.  If you used Fierce to hit,
use Medium in the Air Combo move.  Medium requires Quick, and Quick requires
Fierce.  So if your Air Combo move is F,B+K, and you connect in the air with
a 4, push F,B+6 for a quick second hit.


  8o) Stuff

        Just miscellaneous fun stuff that can be done with a character, that
didn't really fit anywhere else.  Send me your funny tricks for this section!


  8p) Combos

        The good stuff!  Warning: Only try if you consider yourself a VERY
advanced player.  I can't really convey the timing required, so often you'll
have to use your experience and trial and error to get the combos to work.
These are basically unusual, weird, and/or tricky combos that will impress
your friends but usually are not of much use in regular play.  Beginning the
section is the maximum Ultra combo and maximum regular combo known for each
character.  This is how you'll get on the high score list in 1st place!  Then
follow a bunch of weird combos.  Ending the section are some Slow-Motion
combos.  You can substitute the regular Slow-Motion combo Endings for either
other Endings or an Ultra for a missed Ending or Ultra.  (The missed Endings
are kinda funny.  The missed Ultras are a riot!!)
        Basically I start out with an (in air) if you must be in the air to
start the combo (though the second hit will ALWAYS be on the ground).  Then
I give the combo motion itself for you to slug through.  Finally, I give the
number of hits in my intended combo (though sometimes if you have improper
timing you can end up with a different number.  Try to get my given number
of hits...)  The number may be in two parts.  The first is the number of hits
you can get normally, and the second is the number of hits you can get if
you're powered up.  So (15/17 hits) means you can get 15 hits without being
powered up, or 17 if you are.
        Finally, just to sum up: The (known) maximum number of hits that that
character can EVER do is the powered-up Maximum Ultra.  The (known) maximum 
number of hits that can be done in Practice mode is the non-powered-up 
Maximum Normal.  (Except Sabrewulf, who can power up in Practice mode)


9. Character Profiles


  9a) Black Orchid

  |     Name: B. Orchid                 Height: 5'6"                |
  |     Weight: 125 lbs.                Age: 23                     |
  A secret agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances that
surround the Ultratech contest.  Her true identity and abilities are shrouded
in secrecy.

Special Moves:
        Lasaken: D-F+P (projectile)
        Fire Cat: cB,F+P (goes through all projectiles)
        Turbo Fire Cat: h3,cB,F+r3 (goes through all projectiles)
        Flick Flak: cB,F+K
        Ichi: DF-DB+(1/2)
        Spinning Sword: DF-DB+3
        Back Flip: B+6
        1 - (3)                 2 - (2)                 3 - (3)
        4 - (3)                 5 - (3)                 6 - (3)
        cB,F+1          (2) --> 3,end
        cB,F+2          (2) --> 3,4,5,end
        cB,F+3 (far)    (1) --> 4,6
        cB,F+4          (2) --> end
        cB,F+5          (3) --> 2,4,end,linker
        cB,F+6          (3) --> 1,end,linker
        DF-DB+1         (1) --> 4,5
        DF-DB+2         (1) --> 4,5
Linker: cF,B+5          (2) --> 1,2,end
        D-F+3           (4+end)
        cB,F+5          (3+air)
        cB,F+4          (4+air)
        DF-DB+3         (4+air)
Ultimate: F-B+5 (opens her shirt and flashes opponent, whose eyes bug out)
Ultra: cB,F+2           (18+air)
Air Juggle: D-F+1 (can be done after Spinning Sword and autosecond ends)
Danger Moves: 
        B,F,F+1 (1/3-3/4) (opens shirt and flashes opponent, whose eyes
                           bug out)
        D,F,B+4 (0-1/6) (turns opponent into frog) (push 6 to jump on them)
Humiliation: DF-DB+3
Combo Breaker: B,F+K
Recovery Move: B,F+K (goes through all projectiles, combo Opening --> 4,5)
Air Combo: F,B+P
Stuff: Flash fatality makes opponent's Orchid angry.
       cB,F+6,D+6,(cB,F+5 or DF-DB+3) does ending AFTER opponent falls down            
        Max. Normal: cB,F+6,cB+1,F+6,cB+1,F+6,cF+1,cB+5,1,F+6,1,DF-DB+3,
                     ...juggle (32/34 hit)
        Max. Ultra: cB,F+6,cB+1,F+6,cB+1,F+6,cF+1,cB+5,1,F+6,cB+1,F+2,
                    ...juggle (46/48 hit)
                (in these combos only the first kick of the first Flick Flak
                 may hit - start about 5/6 of a screen back)
        (in air) 6,6,B+6 (3 hit)
        6,DF-DB+2,F+1,B+1,6,DF-DB+2,juggle (7/9 hit)
        h3,cB,cF+r3,6,B+5,1,DF-DB+1,F+1,DF-DB+3,...juggle (16/18 hit)
        cB,F+4,DF-DB+2,F+1,B+1,3,DF-DB+2,F+1,B+1,3,juggle (11/13 hit)
        cDB,3,F+1,D+1,juggle (5/7 hit)
                (20/22 hit)
        cB,F+5,cB,F+2,cB,F+6,juggle (8/10 hit)
        (in air) 5,DF-3+DB,...juggle (5/7 hit)
        (in air) cB,1,5+F,...juggle (6/8 hit)
        (in air) cB,2,F+6,B+6,DF-DB+3,...juggle (12/14 hit)
        cB,F+5,cB+6,F+2,DF-DB+2,h3,D-F+r3 (13 hit)
        cB,F+2,cDB,4+F,...juggle (8/10 hit)
        cB,F+6,B+6,5,DF-DB+2,4,DF-DB+1,juggle (15/17 hit)
        DF-DB+1,F+1,B+1,4,DF-DB+1,F+1,B+1,4,h3,DF-DB+r3,...juggle (17/19 hit)
                (13/15 hit)


  9b) Chief Thunder

  |     Name: Chief Thunder             Height: 6'2"                |
  |     Weight: 280 lbs.                Age: 42                     |

  Mystical defender of Native Americans, Thunder enters the contest in order
to uncover the mystery surrounding his brother's disappearance in the
previous year's tournament.

Special Moves:
        Pheonix: D-F+K (projectile) (push up or down to direct it)
        Turbo Pheonix: h5,D-F+r5 (projectile) (push up or down to direct it)
        Triplax: cB,F+P (goes through normal projectiles)
        Reverse Triplax: cF,B+2 (goes through normal projectiles)
        Tomahawk: D-B+3 (in air)
        Sammamish: D-B+(1/2) or F-B+3 (goes through all projectiles)
          -- Tomahawk: F-cB+3, F+3 or F-B+3, D-B+3
        1 - (3)                 2 - (2)               D+3 - (2)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (2)                 6 - (3)
        cB,F+1          (3) --> 2,6,end
        cB,F+2          (3) --> 1,5,end
        cB,F+3          (3) --> 2,6,end
        cF,B+2          (3) --> 1,5,end,linker
        D-B+1           (1) --> 1,6
        (in air) D-B+3  (1) --> 2,4
Linker: cF,B+2          (3) --> 1,4,5,6,end
        D-B+2           (4+air)
        D-B+3           (4+air)
        cB,F+3          (3+air)
        D-F+6           (3+end)
Ultimate: DF-DB+2 (pulls out axe and lightning fries opponent)
Ultra: cB,F+1           (18+air)
Air Juggle: D-F+4 (can be done after autosecond ends)
Danger Moves:
        D-B+6 (0-1/6) (pulls out axe and uppercuts opponent away.  Various
                       items fall in their place)
        D-F+3 (1/3-1/2) (pulls out axe and lightning fries opponent)
Humiliation: D,D,F+4
Combo Breaker: D-B+P
Recovery Move: D-B+P
Air Combo: D-B+P
        Max. Normal: cF,3|B+2,cF,B+2,cF+1,B+2,1,D+4-B+2,...juggle (21/23 hit)
        Max. Ultra: cF,3|B+2,cF,B+2,cF+1,B+2,cF+1h,cB+2,F+r1,juggle
                    (36/38 hit) (Air Ultra!)
        6,D-B+1,D+4-B+2,...juggle (8/10 hit)
        cB,cF+2,6,D-B+1,juggle (6/8 hit)
        cF,B+2,cF,2+b,2h,D-B+r2,...juggle (13/15 hit)
        cB,cF+1,6,cB+2,F+1,juggle (13/15 hit)
        (in air) D-cB+3,2,cF+2,F+6,D-B+2 (8 hit)
        D-B+1,cF+6,B+2,cF,cB+2,F+3,...juggle (14/16 hit)
        (in air) cF+6,3,B+2,D-F+6 (9 hit)
        (in air) D-B+3,cF+3,B+2,5,h3,D-B+r3,...juggle (13/15 hit)
        cF,6,B+2,F+3,juggle (7/9 hit)
        D-B+1,1,D-B+1,juggle (6/8 hit)
        Slow-Motion: cB,2+cF,6,D-B+2,...juggle (10/12 hit)
        Missed: cB,2+cF,6,D-F+6 (7 hit)
        Missed Slow-Motion: cB,cF+3,6,B+2,cF+6,B+2h,D-B+r2 (18 hit)


  9c) Cinder

  |     Name: Cinder                    Height: 6'2"                |
  |     Weight: 195 lbs.                Age: 31                     |

  A convict, experimented on by Ultratech.  A failed chemical weapon test
mutated his body, turning him into living flame.  Promised freedom if he
defeats Glacius, he enters the fray.

Special Moves:
        Trailblazer: F,F+P or cB,F+P
        Air Trailblazer Dive: F,F+(1/2) (in air)
        Air Trailblazer: F,F+3 (in air)
          -- Air Trailblazer Dive: F,F+3,B+3
        Inferno: F,F+K or cB,F+K (projectile)
        Fireflash: F-D-DF+K (goes through all projectiles)
        Heatfist: B,B+1
        Mirage: F-B+2 (all projectiles go through you until you're hit)
        Heatsink: F-B+3 (invisible until hit; shadow still shows)
        1 - (3)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (2)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (2)               D+6 - (2)
        F,F+2 or cB,F+2 (2) --> 1,5,end,linker
        cB,F+3          (1) --> 3,4
        B,B+1           (1) --> 3,5
        (in air) F,F+(1/2) or (in air) F,F+3,B+3
                        (1) --> 2,4
        cF,B+1          (2) --> 2,3,4,end
        F,F+1           (2) --> 1,2,3,5,end
        F-D-DF+4        (4+air)
        F-D-DF+5        (4+air)
        F-D-DF+6        (4+air)
        F,F+2           (4+air)
Ultimate: F-B+5 (Infernos opponent to ash)
Ultra: F,F+3 or cB,F+3  (18+air)
Air Juggle: F,F+3 (can be done after 2-hit Fireflash and autosecond ends)
Danger Moves: 
        B,B,B+2 (0-2/3) (melts opponent into ground)
        D-F+4 (1/4-1/2) (Infernos opponent to ash)
Humiliation: B,B+6
Combo Breaker: F-D-DF+K
Recovery Move: F-D-DF+K (goes through normal projectiles)
Air Combo: F,B+P
Stuff: F,F-FU+1 for a very funny-looking but useless comet charge
       cB,F+3,D+6,F-D-DF+(4/5) does ending AFTER opponent falls down
        Max. Normal: (in air) F,cF+2,cB,4,F+3,cB,4,cF+3,4,cB+1,2,h5,
                              F-D-DF+r5,...juggle (19/21 hit) (Slow Motion!)
        Max. Ultra: (in air) F,F+3,cB+3,4,F+3,cB,4,cF+3,4,4,cB+1,4,4,F+3,
                             ...juggle (35/37 hit)
                    (must start when opponent's life bar is high so cB,F+3 
                     doesn't do Ultra until the end)
        F,F+2,F,F+2,F,F+2,...juggle (9/11 hit)
        (in air) 2,D+6,F-D-5+DF,...juggle (9/11 hit)
        (in air) F,F+3,B+3,2,F,F+1,5,F-D-DF+6,...juggle (14/16 hit)
        B,B+1,F,F+2,cB+5,F+3,juggle (7/9 hit)
        5,F-D-DF+5,...juggle (4/6 hit)
        cB,2+F,F,F+1,3,F-D-DF+4,...juggle (12/14 hit)
        F,F+2,F,F+2,5,F,F+1,6,juggle (10 hit)
        (in air) cF,6,5,cB+1,2,F+3,juggle (9/11 hit)
        F,F+2,F,F+2,F,F+1,cB+2,F+3,juggle (11/13 hit)
        F,F+2,5,B,B+1,5,juggle (8/10 hit)
        Slow-Motion: cB,2+cF,1,B+1,h5,2,F-D-DF+r5,...juggle (16/18 hit)
        Slow-Motion: F,cF+2,1,cB+1,4,F+3,4,F-D-5+DF,...juggle (18/20 hit)


  9d) Eyedol

  |     Name: Eyedol                    Height: too tall            |
  |     Weight: really heavy            Age: that would be telling  |

  An ultra-powerful warlord from an ancient era, snatched out of Limbo by
Ultratech's scientists to do battle with this year's Killer Instinct
finalist.  Little did they realize what kind of power they were releasing...

Special Moves:
        Evil Fire: D-F+P (special projectile)
        Dash Frenzy: B,F+1
          -- Stop: B,F+1,F,B+1
          -- Golfing Goat: B,F+1,F,B+3
        Power Stomp: B+2
          -- Stop: B+2,2
          -- Triple Evil Fire: B+2,D-F+3
          -- Mega Dash Frenzy: B+2,B,F+1
        Forward Club Pounce: UF or B,F+4 (goes through all projectiles)
        Vertical Club Pounce: U or B,F+5 (goes through all projectiles)
        Backward Club Pounce: UB or B,F+6 (goes through all projectiles)
        Golfing Goat: B,F+3 (reflects all projectiles) (yeah, I made up the
                                                        names; sue me. :) )
        1 - (2)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (3)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (3)                 6 - (3)
                (There's no difference between his Punch & Kick autoseconds)
        UF or B,F+4     (1) --> 1,6
        B,F+1           (1) --> 3,5
        D+4 or D+1      (1) --> 3,6
        D+5 or D+2      (1) --> 1,4
        D+6 or D+3      (1) --> 2,5
        any normal move (1) --> that move's jump-in autosecond
Linker: B,F+1           (1) --> 3,5
Ending: cB,F+3          (4+air)
Air Juggle: B,F+1 (can be done after autosecond ends)
Combo Breaker:B,F+P
Stuff: Stomp when opponent is at Danger.  You'll keep doing it for a while.
        Max. Normal: 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,cB+1,F+3,...juggle (15 hit)
        DB+1,F+1,3,B,F+1,juggle (7 hit)
        D+1,4,4,1,B,F+1,3,juggle (10 hit)
        UF,6,B,F+1,5,juggle (9 hit)
        4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4 (10 hit)
        4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,B,F+1,juggle (12 hit)
        6,2,B,F+1,4,juggle (9 hit)
        4,4,4,4,4,4,1,B,F+1,3,juggle (13 hit)
        B+2,F+1,3,B,F+1,3,B,F+1,juggle (10 hit)
        UF,6,B,F+4,juggle (6 hit)
        3,5,B,F+4,1,juggle (8 hit)
        Missed Combo: 4,4,4,4,4,4,1,B,F+1,cB+3h,F+r3 (12 hit)


  9e) Fulgore

  |     Name: Fulgore                   Height: 6'5"                |
  |     Weight: 560 lbs.                Age: 1                      |

  A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, entered into the
contest as a final test of its capabilities before mass production can

Special Moves:
        Laser Storm (single): D-F+P (projectile)
        Laser Storm (two shots): B,B-F+1 (projectile)
        Laser Storm (three shots): F,B,B-F+1 (projectile)
        Plasma-port: B-D-DB+A (1=far, 2=medium, 3=near on your side of enemy
                               4=far, 5=medium, 6=near on other side)
          -- any special move except Plasma-port
          -- Plasma-port: B-D-DB+(1/2/4/5), B-D-DB+(3/6)
        Plasmaslice: F-D-DF+P (goes through all projectiles)
        Eyelaser: DF-DB+6
        Cyberdash: cB,F+K
          -- Plasmaslice: cB,F+K,F,D,DF+1
        Long Cyberdash: h6,cB,F+r6
          -- Plasmaslice: h6,cB,F+r6,F,D,DF+1
        Reflect: D-B+P (reflects all fireballs to sender)
                       (hold button for it to last longer)
        1 - (3)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (2)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (2)                 6 - (3)
        cB,F+4          (1) --> 1,2
        cB,F+5          (1) --> 2,3
        cB,F+6 or h6,cB,F+r6
                        (1) --> 5,6
        6               (2) --> end,linker
        DF-DB+6         (1) --> 1,5
Linker: DF-DB+6         (2) --> 1,5,6,end
        cB,F+5          (3+air)
        D-F+2           (4+end)
        F-D-DF+3        (4+end)
        B-D-DB+1        (4+end)
Ultimate: DF-DB+2 (head turns into turret and blows opponent away)
Ultra: F-D-DF+1         (18+air)
Air Juggle: Laser storm (only 2nd & 3rd shots may hit, if not powered up)
                        (if powered up, D-F+1 automatically fires 3)
Danger Moves:
        D-F+6 (1/3-2/3) (head turns into turret and blows opponent away)
        D-B+3 (1/3) (fries opponent with a laser)
Humiliation: B-F+5
Combo Breaker: F-D-DF+P
Recovery Move: F-D-DF+P (goes through normal projectiles)
Air Combo: F-D-DF+P
        Max. Normal: h1,6|DF-DB+6,cB,6,F+6,6,DF-DB+6,6,B-D-DB+r1,juggle 
                     (17/20 hit) (Slow Motion!)
        Max. Ultra:  6|DF-DB+6,cB,F+6,6,DF-DB+6,6,F-D-DF+1,...juggle
                     (31/32 hit)
        (in air) 3,6,DF-DB+6,F-D-DF+3 (9 hit)
        cB,5+F,F-D-DF+1 (3 hit)
        (in air) 5,2,DF-DB+6,B-D-DB+1 (8 hit)
        F-6+DB,cB+5,F+5,...juggle (9/10 hit)
        (in air) 1,4,D-F+1 (4 hit)
        DF-DB+6,cB,6+F (3 hit)
        DF-DB+6,6+cB,F+5,...juggle (8/9 hit)
        Slow-Motion: h1,cB,6+F,6,B-D-DB+r1 (8 hit)


  9f) Glacius

  |     Name: Glacius                   Height: 6'3"                |
  |     Weight: 300 lbs.                Age: Unknown                |

  An alien being from a distant planet, crash landed on Earth.  He was
captured by Ultratech.  Hoping to prove the alien inferior, they force
Glacius to fight for his life.

Special Moves:
        Shockwave: D-F+P (projectile)
        Cold Shoulder: cB,F+P
        Ice Lance: DF-DB+1
        Liquid Uppercut: D-F+5 (weak) or D-F+6 (strong) (goes under all
          -- Liquid Uppercut (strong): D-F+5,D-F+6
          -- Liquid Uppercut (weak): D-F+6,(D-F+5 or D-B+5)
            -- Liquid Uppercut (strong): D-F+6,(D-F+5 or D-B+5),(wait),D-F+6
            -- Liquid Uppercut (weak): D-F+6,D-cF+5
        Liquidize: D-F+4
          -- any special move except strong teleport uppercut (including
          -- Liquidize: D-cF+4
        1 - (2)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (2)
        4 - (3)                 5 - (2)                 6 - (3)
        cB,F+3          (1) --> 1,2
        cB,F+2          (1) --> 2,3
        cB,F+1          (1) --> 2,6
        D-F+5           (1) --> 4,6
Linker: cF,B+2          (2) --> 1,2,6,end
        D-F+3           (4+air)
        D-F+6           (3+air)
        D-F+5           (3+end)
        DF-DB+1         (4+air)
Ultimate: D-B+1 (liquidizes and slides under opponent, who then melts)
Ultra: cB,F+3           (18+air)
Air Juggle: D-F+6
Danger Moves:
        B-F+2 (1/3-1/2) (freezes opponent with a pick of ice)
        B,B,B+6 (0-1) (liquidizes and slides under opponent, who then melts)
Humiliation: F,F,B+4
Combo Breaker: B,F+P
Recovery Move: D-F+K
Air Combo: F,B+K
Stuff: Used to have F-B+5 fatality in Arcade.  It may still be here.
        cB,F+3,D+6,ending does ending AFTER opponent falls down.
        cB,F+3,D+6,D-F+3 may start opponent sliding backwards by himself!
        Max. Normal: cB,F+2|cB,2,cF+2,2,B+2,2,h3,D-F+r3,...juggle (17/19 hit)
        Max. Ultra: (in air) cF,1,4,DF+4,cB+2,2,DB+4,F+3,...juggle 
                    (30/32 hit)
        cB,3,F+3,3 (3 hit)
        D-cF+5,4,B+2,D-5+F (10 hit)
        cB,F+2,6,D-F+2 (3-hit)
        cB,F+1,D+5-F+3,...juggle (7/9 hit)
        cB,3+cF,B+2,DF-DB+1,...juggle (9/11 hit)
        Slow-Motion: cB,3+F,6,D-F+3,...juggle (8/10 hit)
        Slow-Motion: cB,cF+3,3,B+2,D-3+F,...juggle (10/12 hit)
        Slow-Motion: cB,3,F+3h,2,D-F+3,...juggle (10/12 hit)


  9g) Jago

  |     Name: Jago                      Height: 5'6"                |
  |     Weight: 190 lbs.                Age: 21                     |

  A Tibetan warrior monk who calls upon the power of the tiger to discover
his destiny.  Overseen by the Tiger spirit, Jago must enter the contest and
destroy the evil within.

Special Moves:
        Endokuken: D-F+P (projectile)
          -- Wind Kick: D-F+1,DF-DB+6
        Turbo Endokuken: h2,D-F+r2 (projectile)
        Magic Endokuken: h1,D-F+r1 (special projectile)
          -- Wind Kick: h1,D-F+r1,DF-DB+6
        Wind Kick: DF-DB+K or DB-DF+4 (goes through normal projectiles)
          -- Stop: DF-DB+6,cB,F+6
            -- More Wind Kicks: DF-DB+6,cB,F+6,B,F+6,B,F+6
        Turbo Wind Kick: h6,DF-DB+r6 (goes through normal projectiles)
        Laser Sword: DF-DB+3
        Tiger Fury: F-D-DF+P (goes through all projectiles)
        Long Tiger Fury: cF,D-DF+3 (goes through all projectiles)
        1 - (2)                 2 - (2)               D+3 - (2)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (3)                 6 - (3)
        DF-DB+5         (1) --> 3,4
        DF-DB+6         (1) --> 4,5
        DF-DB+3         (1) --> 1,3
Linker: DF-DB+3         (2) --> 4,5,6,end
        F-D-DF+2        (3+air)
        F-D-DF+3        (3+end or 4+end)
        F-D-DF+1        (2+air)
        D-F+1           (3+end)
        DF-DB+5         (3+end)
Ultimate: B-F+3 (takes out sword and hits three times; last time in crotch)
Ultra: DF-DB+4          (18+end)
Air Juggle: h2,D-F+r2 (can be done after autosecond ends)
Danger Moves:
        B,F,F+1 (0-1/3) (takes out sword and hits three times; last time in
        B,B,F,F+2 (1/2-1) (meditates and eyes glow; car falls on opponent)
Humiliation: F-B+5
Combo Breaker: F-D-DF+P
Recovery Move: F-D-DF+P (goes through normal projectiles)
Air Combo: DF-DB+K
Stuff: DF-DB+3,D+6,F-D-DF+2 does a missed combo ending.
        Max. Normal: D-F+1,DF-DB+6,cB,F+6h,5,DF-DB+r6,5,DF-DB+3h,5,F-D-DF+r3,
                     juggle (19/20 hit) (Slow Motion!)
        Max. Ultra: D-F+1,DF-DB+6,cB,F+6,5,DF-DB+3,5,F+1-DB+4 (30 hit)
                (these two combos must be started from far away)
        D+3,DF-DB+3,D+3,DF-DB+3,D+3,...juggle (7/9 hit)
        DF-DB+6,cB,F+6,DF-DB+5 (5 hit)
        DF-DB+6,cB,F+6,2,2,F-D-DF+1,...juggle (7/9 hit)
        F-6+DB,2h,F-D-DF+r2,...juggle (8/10 hit)
        (in air) 5,3,F-D-DF+3 (5 hit)
        (in air) 2,3,F-D-1+DF,juggle (5/7 hit)
        DF-DB+3,1,D+3,DF-DB+3,3h,F-D-DF+r3 (10 hit)
        DF+5-DB+5h,DF-DB+r5 (5 hit)
        h6,DF-DB+r6,5h,DF-DB+r5 (7 hit)
        (in air) 6,DF-5+DB (5 hit)
        3,DF-DB+3,1,DF-DB+3,D+2h,juggle (8/10 hit)
        DF,DB+6,cB,F+6,2,2,DF-DB+3,2,juggle (8/10 hit)
        DF-DB+6,5,D+5,1,1 (7 hit)
        h6,DF-DB+r6,5,h6,DF-DB+r6,5,h6,DF-DB+r6,juggle (10/12 hit)
        Partially Missed Combo: 6,DF-DB+5,D+3,DF-DB+3,5h,DF-DB+r5,juggle 
                                (12/14 hit)
        Slow-Motion: 6,DF-DB+5,D+3,DF-DB+3h,5,F-D-DF+r3,juggle (14/16 hit)


  9h) Riptor

  |     Name: Riptor                    Height: 7'0"                |
  |     Weight: 700 lbs.                Age: 4                      |

  A product of Ultratech's DNA manipulation project.  By mixing human and
reptilian genes, they hope to cross intelligence and ferocity in a lethal
fighting machine.

Special Moves:
        Claw Uppercut: DF-DB+1
        Tailflip: DF-DB+K (goes through all projectiles)
        Air Tailflip: DF-DB+6 (in air) (goes through all projectiles)
        Flaming Venom: D-B+P (projectile)
        Air Flaming Venom: D-B+P (in air) (projectile)
        Dragon Breath: DF-DB+3
        Jump Rake: cB,F+K (goes through normal projectiles)
          -- Air Flaming Venom: cB,F+6, D-B+P
          -- Air Tailflip: cB,F+6,DF-DB+6
        Reverse Jump Rake: cF,B+(4/5) (goes through normal projectiles)
        Rampage: cB,F+P
          -- Dragon Breath: cB,cF+(2/3),B+3
          -- Tailflip: cB,cF+(2/3),B+4
          -- Jump Rake: cB,cF+P,B+5
        1 - (3)                 2 - (2)                 3 - (3)
        4 - (3)                 5 - (3)                 6 - (2)
        cB,F+1          (1) --> 2,3
        cB,F+2          (1) --> 1,5
        cB,F+3          (1) --> 5,6
        cB,F+4 or cF,B+4
                        (2) --> 1/6
        cB,F+5 or cF,B+5
                        (2) --> 1,3
        DF-DB+4         (2) --> 5,6
        DF-DB+5         (2) --> 3,4,6
        DF-DB+6 or (in air) DF-DB+6
                        (2) --> 1,2
        DF-DB+3         (1) --> 2,4
Linker: cF,B+4 or cF,B+4         
                        (2) --> 1,5,6,end
        DF-DB+5         (3+end)
        D-B+3           (4+air)
        DF-DB+1         (4+air)
        cB,F+6          (3+air)
Ultimate: B-F+1 (jumps on enemy and screen black out.  When it fades in
                 again, a very fat Riptor burps and farts)
Ultra: cB,F+4           (18+air)
Air Juggle: D-B+1 (can be done after autosecond ends)
Danger Moves:
        B-F+2 (0-5/6) (jumps on enemy and screen blacks out.  When it fades
                       in again, a very fat Riptor burps and farts)
        B,B+5 (1/4-5/6) (spits acid and melts opponent to ash)
        F,F,B+6 (1/2) (stabs opponent with tail)
Humiliation: D,F,F+3
Combo Breaker: B,F+K
Recovery Move: B,F+K
Air Combo: F,B+K
        Max. Normal: cB,cF+5,2|cB+4,1,cF+4,1,cB+4,4,DF-DB+1,...juggle
                     (18/20 hit)
        Max. Ultra: cB,cF+5,2|cB+4,1,cF+4,1,cB+4,4+F,...juggle (32/34 hit)
        cB,F+5,DF-DB+6,2,DF-DB+4,juggle (9/11 hit)
        DF-DB+3,4,DF-DB+3,DF-DB+6,juggle (8/10 hit)
        (in air) cB,3,3+F,juggle (4/6 hit)
        (in air) 6,3,D-B+3 (3 hit)
        cB,F+5,cB+3,F+4,DF-DB+4,6,juggle (12/14 hit)
        cB,2+cF,1,B+4,4,D-B+3,juggle (13/15 hit)
        cB,F+1,2,DF-DB+3,1,juggle (6/8 hit)
        cF-3+DB-B+5,juggle (5/7 hit)
        DF+3-cDB+4,F+4,DF-DB+1,...juggle (10/12 hit)
        h5,cB,cF+3,B+3,2,DF-DB+r5 (7 hit)
        (in air) DF-DB+6,cB+1,cF+2,B+3,juggle (8/10 hit)
        cB,F+3,cB+6,cF+2,B+4,juggle (7/9 hit)
        cB,cF+3,6,B+5,D-B+3 (6 hit)
        (in air) cB,6,DB+2,F+5,D-B+3 (5 hit)
        Missed Ultra: cB,cF+5,2|cB+4,1,cF+4,1,cB+4,1+F+4 (15 hit)


  9i) Sabrewulf

  |     Name: Sabrewulf                 Height: 5'11"               |
  |     Weight: 400 lbs.                Age: 45                     |

  Afflicted with the disease Lycanthropy.  Spending most of his life as a
recluse, Sabrewulf enters the tournament on the promise of a cure if

Special Moves:
        Sabrespin: cB,F+P
        Reverse Sabrespin: cF,B+2
        Flaming Bat: D-B+P (projectile)
        Howl: DF-DB+6 (powers you up)
        Sabreroll: cB,F+4 (goes through all projectiles)
        Sabreslap: cB,F+5 (strong) or c3B,F+5 (weak)
          -- Sabreroll: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+4
          -- Sabrepounce: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+6 (not an Opener)
          -- Slap: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+5
            -- Sabreroll: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+5,F,B+4
            -- Sabrepounce: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+5,F,B+6 (not an Opener)
            -- more Sabreslaps: (cB or c3B),F+5,F,B+5,F,B+5,F,B+5,etc.
        Sabrepounce: cB,F+6 (goes through special projectiles only)
        1 - (3)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (3)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (2)                 6 - (3)
        cB,F+1          (2/4) --> 3,5,end (cB,F+1 only, if not powered up)
        cB,F+2          (2/4) --> 2,6,end (cB,F+1 only, if not powered up)
        cB,F+3          (2/4) --> 1,6,end (only if powered up)
        cB,F+4          (2/4) --> 2,3,end/linker (cB,F+1 only, if not powered 
        cB,F+5          (1) --> 1,3
        cB,F+6          (1) --> 1,2
        cF,B+2          (2) --> 2,6
Linker: cF,B+2          (2) --> 1,2,6,end
        cB,F+2          (2) --> 1,2,6,end
        cB,F+1          (3+air)
        cB,F+4          (4+end)
        cB,F+5          (4+air)
        cB,F+6          (3+air)
Ultimate: D-F+3 (stabs his opponent with elongated claw)
Ultra: cF,B+4 (18+air)
Air Juggle: cB,F+6 (can be done after autosecond endings)
Danger Moves:
        B,B,F+2 (1/3-1/2) (knocks opponent up onto screen)
        B,B,5 (0-1/6) (stabs his opponent with elongated claw)
Humiliation: F,F,F+1
Combo Breaker: B,F+K
Recovery Move: B,F+K
Air Combo: F,B+K
Stuff: Loses power-up status the instant after its successful use in
        Max. Normal: (in air) cF,1,4|cB+2,6,cF+2,6,B+2,cDB,1,F+5,...juggle
                     (18/20 hit)
        Max. Ultra: (in air) cF,1,4|cB+2,6,cF+2,6,B+2,cDF,1,B+4,...juggle
                    (32/34 hit)
        (in air) cF,6,2,cB+2,3,juggle (8/10 hit)
        (in air) cF,3,6,cB+2,juggle (5/7 hit)
        c3B,cF+5,cB+5,3,F+2,cB+6,F+6,...juggle (14 hit) (can't be powered up)
        c3B,cF+5,cB+5,3,F+2,cB+6,juggle (13 hit) (must be powered up)
        cB,cF+6,5,3,cB+2,F+1,...juggle (11 hit) (can't be powered up)
        h4,cB,2+F,cB+1,F+r4 (8/10 hit)
        (in air) cDB,6,6,F+3,juggle (5/7 hit)
        (in air) cB,6,5+F,juggle (4/6 hit)
        cDB,6,F+3,cB+5h,3,F+r5,juggle (11/13 hit)
        UF+2,5,UB+2,5,UF+2,5,juggle (7/9 hit)
        (in air) 5,UF+2,5,cUB+2,5,F+4 (9 hit)
                (These last two combos are done entirely in the air, except 
                 for the ending or juggle!  Start close to the opponent)


  9j) Spinal

  |     Name: Spinal                    Height: 5'5"                |
  |     Weight: 110 lbs.                Age: 2650                   |

  An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration.  Ultratech has recreated
an ancient warrior from the past.  Having no memory and lacking in purpose,
he fights regardless.

Special Moves:
        Skeleport: D,D+A (P to go in front, K to go behind)
          -- Searing Skull, Super Searing Skull, Bone Shaker, Soul Sword,
             Weak Sliding Kick
          -- Skeleport behind: D,D+A,D,D+1
        Air Skeleport: h1,D,D+r1 (in front) or h4,D,D+r4 (in behind) (in air)
          -- Searing Skull, Super Searing Skull, Bone Shaker, Soul Sword, 
             Weak Sliding Kick
        Power Devour: B+1h (absorbs special moves as Skulls)
        Searing Skull: D-F+P (with at least 1 Skull) (projectile)
                             (takes up 1 Skull)
        Super Searing Skull: B-F+P (with at least 3 Skulls) (projectile)
                             (takes up 2 Skulls)
        Soul Sword: cB,F+2 (2 swings with at least 1 Skull)
        Reverse Soul Sword: cF,B+2
        Bone Shaker: F,F+P
          -- Soul Sword: F,cF+(2/3),B+2
        Sliding Kick: D+6 (goes through normal projectiles)
        Weak Sliding Kick: DB-DF+6 (goes through normal projectiles)
        1 - (3)                 2 - (3)                 3 - (3)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (2)                 6 - (2)
        F,F+1           (1) --> 3
        F,F+2           (1) --> 5
        F,F+3           (1) --> 2,6
        DB-DF+6         (1) --> 1,3
        cF,B+1 or cB,F+2
                        (1/2) --> 3,4,end (only if hit twice)
Linker: cF,B+2          (2) --> 3,4,5,end
        F,F+1           (3+end)
        F,F+2           (3+end)
        F,F+3           (4+end)
        D,D+A           (various endings for each opponent.  See 7i)
Ultimate: DF-DB+1 (calls lightning, which burns opponent to ash)
Ultra: D-F+3            (18+end) (if in corner, can be juggled ONCE)
Air Juggle: D-F+1 (usually fires 2 at a time) (repeat for up to 6 juggles if
                   you have 5 Skulls) (may be done after autosecond ends)
Danger Moves:
        B,B,B+5 (0-7/8) (calls lightning, which burns opponent to ash)
        B,B,F+4 (0-1/4) (strikes opponent, then stabs opponent with shield
                         spike 3 times)
Humiliation: B-F+6
Combo Breaker: F,F+P
Recovery Move: D,D+A
Air Combo: F,B+K
Stuff: Spinal powers up by getting Skulls, shown just below life bar.
       If you try absorbing more special moves when you have 5 Skulls, you'll
       take damage and it'll go down to 1 Skull.
       Combo Breaker gives 3 Skulls.
        Max. Normal: F,cF+2,2|B+2,cF+3,B+2,cF+3,B+2,3,D,D+x,...juggle
                        (up to 18/24 hit)
        Max. Ultra: F,cF+2,2|B+2,cF+3,B+2,cF+3,B+2,3,D-F+3,juggle (32/33 hit)
        DB-DF+6,1,DB-DF+6,juggle (5/11 hit)
        2,F,F+2,DB-DF+6,3,juggle (6/12 hit)
        (in air) 3,2,DB-DF+6,juggle (3/9 hit)
        D+3,F,F+3,F,F+3 (6 hit)
        (in air) cF,1,5,B+2,cF+6,B+2h,D,D+r2 (10-11/10-17 hit)
        F,F+2, 2, F,F+2 (6 hit)
        F,cF+3,cDF+2,B+2,4,D,D+1 (9-10/9-16 hit)
        (in air) 2,4,F,F+1 (5 hit)
        (in air) 1,1,F,F+1 (5 hit)
        F,2+F,6,DB-DF+6,juggle (4/10 hit)
        F,F+1,1,F,F+1 (5 hit)
        Slow-Motion: h1,cB,cF+2,3,cB+2,3,cF+2,3,F,F+r1 (15 hit)


  9k) T.J. Combo

  |     Name: T.J.Combo                 Height: 6'1"                |
  |     Weight: 220 lbs.                Age: 25                     |

  The undisputed heavyweight champion for 5 years.  He was stripped of his
title when found to be using cybernetically enhanced arms.  Now broke, he
enters the contest for the love of money.

Special Moves:
        Powerline: cB,F+3 (strong) or c3B,F+3 (weak)
          -- Rollercoaster: (cB or c3B),cF+3,B+2
          -- Turn Around Punch: (cB or c3B),cF+3,B+1
          -- Flying Knee: (cB or c3B),cF+3,B+6
          -- Stop: (cB or c3B),cF+3,B+3
        Rollercoaster: cB,F+2 (1 roll) or c3B,F+2 (2 rolls) 
                       (goes through normal projectiles)
          -- Knee K.O.: (cB or c3B),cF+2,B+5
        Flying Knee: cB,F+6 (goes through special projectiles only)
        Fast Flying Knee: cB,F+4
        Knee K.O.: cB,F+5
        Turn Around Punch: cF,B+1
        Cyclone: h3, r3, 3
        1 - (3)                 2 - (2)                 3 - (2)
        4 - (2)                 5 - (3)                 6 - (3)
        c3B,F+3         (1) --> 4,5
        cB,F+2          (2) --> 4,6,end (except cB,F+3),linker
        c3B,F+2         (3) --> 4,6,end (except cB,F+2),linker
        cB,F+4          (1) --> 1,2,5
        cB,F+6          (1) --> 1,2,5
        cF,B+1          (2) --> 4,5
        cB,F+1          (1) --> 1,2
Linker: cF,B+1          (2) --> 1,5,6,end
        cB,F+1          (4+air)
        cB,F+2          (3+air)
        c3B,F+2         (4+end)
        cB,F+3          (4+end)
        cB,F+6          (3+air)
Ultimate: D-B+5 (hits opponent twice then knocks 'em up onto screen)
Ultra: cF,B+3           (18+air)
Air Juggle: cB,F+3 (can be done after autosecond ends)
Danger Moves:
        B,F,F+2 (0) (punches opponent in stomach then breaks their neck)
        D-F+6 (0-1/4) (hits opponent twice then knocks 'em up onto screen)
Humiliation: D,D+1
Combo Breaker: B,F+K
Recovery Move: B,F+K
Air Combo: F,B+K
        Max. Normal: c3B,cF+2,B+1,cF+5,B+1,cF+5,cB+1,5,F+6,...juggle
                     (22/24 hit) (Slow Motion!)
        Max. Ultra: c3B,cF+2,B+1,cF+5,B+1,cF+5,B+1,cF+h3,5,B+r3,...juggle
                     (37/39 hit) (Air Ultra!)
        c3B,F+3,cDB,5+F,...juggle (4/6 hit)
        c3B,F+3,cDB,3+F (3 hit)
        cF,B+1,cF+4,B+1,cF+6,cB+1,5,juggle (15/17 hit)
        c3B,F+3,cDF+5,B+1,D+3,...juggle (6/8 hit)
        cF,2+cB,1,F+3 (7 hit)
        h3,c3B,2+cF,4,r3,3 (7 hit)
        c3b,F+2,cB+1,cF+4,5,cB+1,6,F+3 (16 hit)
        h3, (in air) 1,4,r3,3 (4 hit)
        cB,F+4,cB+2,2+F (7 hit)
        cB,F+4,cB+h2,F+r2,...juggle (7/9 hit)
        cB,6+F,cB+5,F+3 (9 hit)
        c3B,cF+2,cB+1,cF+4,2,cB+1,5,juggle (14/16 hit)
        c3B,cF+2,B+1,cF+5,B+1,cF+5,cB+1,F+1,...juggle (20/22 hit)
        Slow-Motion: c3DB,3+F,6+cB,F+6,...juggle (7/9 hit)


10. Endings


  10a) Difficulty Setting Endings

        After you win the game at each difficulty setting you'll get a
different winning sequence.  Some of them have the character's ending that
you're using; some of them also have the credits.  All of them have text.
So here are the 6 different difficulty level endings:

Difficulty Level 1:
        You have successfully conquered the training level.  There is more to
be seen, and more to be done.  Return to the option screen and change the
difficulty setting to **
        Better hurry, a new foe is waiting for your pitiful challenge!

Difficulty Level 2:
        Congratulations, you have defeated Ultratech's low end, garbage,
obsolete, floor model, weak, on the verge of extinction, barely mobile, only
can do a 5 hit combo, pathetic, yesterday's news end boss.
        I hope you're happy with yourself!
        Maybe you should up the stakes for a real challenge.

Difficulty Level 3:
        Excellent job, you have proven yourself as a true KI player.
Ultratech has been defeated, and all is well with the world.
        Right?  Wrong of course!?!  You don't know anything about your
        What really happens in the end?
        If you are good enough, these questions will be answered.
        Same Super NES,
                same Super NES game,
                        different difficulty level.

Difficulty Level 4:
        Congratulations, you have earned it!
        You can play through again with a different character to see what
happens to them, or you can prove your skills on a higher level.
        You're not afraid to get hurt, are you?

Difficulty Level 5:
        You have finally proven your skills as a true KI master, but you have
yet to earn your reward.  Your reward will be a secret surprise that will
only be given to the best, the elite, the ultimate KI fighter.
        You know what to do, put the hurt on the next difficulty level.
        Do you have what it takes, or are you not worthy?

Difficulty Level 6:
        You are victorious!  You've done it all and are ready to battle the
best KI players.  You beat Eyedol with one hand behind your back, and you
crushed everyone else.  You can't get any better, you are now the Sensei.
The only thing left is to give to the less fortunate and teach your skills to
the pathetic, wimpy, clueless KI beginners.  You will go down in the record
books, become a hero, a legend, be envied by all, people will fear you,
people will love you, people will want to be like you, you will reign as the
true KI champion forever!
        Or at least until...
                Killer Instinct II

                          Well done, you are indeed a
                                 true warrior!
                        You are now allowed to possess
                               Killer Instinct's
                             most valuable secret!

        To become Eyedol:
        Choose Cinder, hold > & press WP,WK,FP,MK,MP,FK at vs page.


  10b) Character Endings

        For each character, if you win the game at difficulty setting 4 or
higher, you will get a short cinema scene and some text.  Here is the text
for winning with each character: (NOTE: if you'd like to see all of the
endings yourself, don't read on...)

        "Billy... Are you my long lost son Billy?..."
        "Why would I be your son?... My name's Eyedol."
        "My son was lost in a car crash... I gave him that club for his
        "Somehow.......... we don't think so."

        Escaping unscathed with vital information about the corrupt future
plans of Ultratech, Orchid rushes back to report.
        Informing her superiors of Ultratech's evil intentions, they can now
act in bringing about the destruction of the corruption presiding there.

        Leaving as the champion of the tournament, a hostile police reception
awaits him outside the gates of Ultratech.
        As no stranger to confinement from his former life of crime, Cinder
has no intention of being imprisoned again.
        Using his newly acquired power, he easily evades the capture attempt,
leaving his potential captors in his wake.
        Picking a location suitable for his current condition, he ponders his
next move.

        After discovering the fate of his brother, Thunder contemplates the
future and mourns the loss of Eagle.
        But, with his death avenged, the soul of Eagle can finally rest in
peace forever.
                Or can it...?

        The combat test of the Fulgore series assault cyborg has been a
        Mass production can now take place...
        After years of research, a weapon of awesome power is in the hands
of Ultratech.
        The dawn of a robot-controlled empire will soon begin.
        The first prototype model, Fulgore 1, is deactivated and placed in a
museum.  The only humans left to view it are now slaves.

        After escaping from the grasp of Ultratech, Glacius finally returns
to the site of his crashed spaceship.
        With the advanced technology present at Ultratech, Glacius takes the
materials he needs and repairs his damaged ship.
        With memories of the evil he faced there fading slowly, Glacius
begins the long and arduous trip back to his homeworld.

        Jago returns victorious to his shrine for communion with the Tiger
        By defeating the evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago is brought one
step closer towards total enlightenment.
        Granted new powers for his loyal service, Jago strives for self
improvement.  He must now seek out a greater challenge and fulfill his

        Ultratech's plans at creating a genetically engineered weapon have
escalated beyond even their control.
        By toying with the laws of nature, Ultratech have finally doomed the
human race... dinosaurs once again rule the Earth.

        With victory, Sabrewulf obtains the cure he sought for so long from
the hands of Ultratech.
        Cured at last of his curse, Count von Sabrewulf can return to leading
a normal existence.

        Tired of constantly being surrounded by death and destruction, Spinal
decides on a career break...
        Although nominated for an Oscar for his first film, Spinal still has
great difficulty finding roles that have meat to them.

        With victory in the tournament, Combo has finally achieved his
ambition to regain his lost fortune and popular status.
        Once a nobody from the ghetto, Combo celebrates his win and new found
wealth by parading through those same streets.
        With money and fame at his side, Combo believes he can achieve


11. Game Genie Codes

        These were taken from several sources; credit is given at the end of
this FAQ to most of the people who created these.

*Master Code*
3C61-D4DF - This must be entered for ANY codes to work on KI

*Miscellaneous/In Works*
9987-CD61 - Nintendo & Rareware logos don't zoom in at intro
F287-C701 - Nintendo logo never zooms out in intro
EE87-C4D1 - Nintendo logo zoom-in replaced by neat twinkle effect
0087-C4D1 - Twinkle at start that you can never leave
5B2B-37D2 - Many graphics/sound/fight glitches; eventual blackout
5BE4-CDD2 - Gets weird when selecting character; some game freezes
E1E0-34AF - Character Selecting bars don't move (except with Random Select)

6D64-44D5 - Play as Eyedol without the code (even in Practice Mode!)
3E64-34AF - No score shown during fight
5BE2-3DD2 - Combo hits and points replaced with garbage
1B6E-37D7 - Really screwed up life meters, hard to read
EEC1-34AF - Player 1 takes both player's damage.  Some weird combos and hits
ACB6-44D7 - Player 1 stuck on left of screen - Player 2 can't combo him
D082-CDA7 - Player 2 Orchid usually wins if her life meter runs out!
D033-17AF - Player 2 invisible - minor glitches
3633-17AF - Player 2 and projectiles invisible - less glitches

*Basic Moves & Hits*
33B6-1F6F - Running moves keep running until certain buttons are pushed (like
            Spinal's F,F+3 or Combo's cB,F+3)
53C8-37AF - Dizzies MUCH easier to do; can even happen on one hit
D08C-1D6F - Opponent becomes temporarily invisible whenever hit
D08C-1F0F - Opponent invisible or frozen while hit - some Danger Moves are
            changed slightly
64B6-CFAF - Turn on GG after hit is scored for infinite points.  Game may
            glitch.  If no hit made, can dizzy both players

AC2D-44D7 - No projectiles
2B27-44D7 - Invisible projectiles
D027-37D7 - Neat effects when projectiles collide
4583-1F67 - Projectiles do weird stuff - some freeze game
45C0-37D7 - Super-fast projectiles, players repel each other or slide on
            their own, some blood stays on screen, extra hit bursts on left

64B1-17AF - Jump higher and slower
B5B0-17AF - All jumps are straight up
DDB1-1F6F - Forward & backward jumps bounce, upward jump very high
DDB1-170F - Jump forward low, jump up VERY high (be prepared to wait a while)
EEB1-1F0F - No jumps (jumps do weird things depending on character)
DDB1-140F - No jumps - everyone bounces instead
64B1-1FAF - Up teleports to right side of screen, then characters can walk
            through each other

D08C-17A4 - Combos may be extended forever, with some difficulty
EDC5-370F - Combos may be extended forever, slightly easier
D08C-146F - Combos do more damage, are not announced, and can go forever.
            Linkers and endings don't work
D08C-17AF - Autoseconds no longer work - must link combos with normal hits
D08C-170F - Combos don't work
53BF-37AF - Combos can sometimes be blocked while in progress
D08C-1FAF - Combos often don't count as combos, though they work properly
D08C-176F - NO combos count, though autoseconds work properly.  Everything
            can be blocked

*Danger Moves*
64B6-4FAF - Opponent freezes when life meter lost.  This can give infinite
            time to do Danger Moves or Humiliations.  Makes some of them
            weird (opponent always falls down), and gives Ultimate if the
            opponent was finished off with a combo!
D0A3-1F0F - Humiliations last less time
536F-4DA7 - Humiliations & Danger Moves are high-scoring 1-hit Ultimates
ACBE-44D7 - No knocking enemy off rooftop, even on sky stage
EEB0-1D07 - Screen left-scrolls after opponent knocked off rooftop
EEB0-1F07 - Opponent doesn't rise into air when knocked off rooftop with a
            combo ending or other lifting move
EEB0-1DA7 - May be pushed to right after knocking opponent off rooftop
EEB0-1FD7 - Opponents may be knocked off rooftop in strange ways

53C9-C4AF - CPU inflicts incredible damage on some hits, low on others
C265-1467 - Never rise above bottom rung of 1P ladder; use with codes below
            to ALWAYS fight a certain CPU character
64E6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Black Orchid
6BE6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Chief Thunder
6DE6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Cinder
CBE8-4FA2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Eyedol
CBE8-4D62 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Fulgore
6FE6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Glacius
60E6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Jago
????-???? - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Riptor (does anyone know this one?)
CBE6-4702 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Sabrewulf
CBEC-4702 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is Spinal
6EE6-47D2 - Bottom rung of 1P ladder is T.J. Combo

C3E8-47D2 - Win after 5 victories (fight ladder screwed up)
C2E8-47D2 - Win after 4 victories (fight ladder screwed up)
CAE8-47D2 - Win after 3 victories (fight ladder screwed up)
C8E8-47D2 - Win after 2 victories (fight ladder screwed up)
CCE8-47D2 - Win after 1 victories (fight ladder screwed up)
CB64-4D61 - Pick a character in Practice mode, go to 1P mode, and watch their


12. Killer Cuts

        The first 2 million cartridges purchased came with a CD containing
music from the game, called Killer Cuts.  The music includes words, noises,
and a few other interesting things not found in the game.  Here is a run-
down on the tracks on the CD:

        1. Orchid's stage
        2. "Humiliation" music remix
        3. Glacius's stage
        4. Chief Thunder's stage
        5. New song?
        6. Jago's stage
        7. Fulgore's stage
        8. Killer Instinct theme
        9. T.J. Combo's stage
        10. Street stage
        11. Cinder's stage
        12. Sabrewulf's stage
        13. Spinal's stage
        14. Riptor's stage
        15. Ending music
        16-29. Empty tracks to hide #30
        30. Humiliation music (secret track!)


13. Credits

        First of all, special thanks to Steven Gilbreath for his very
complete Arcade KI FAQ, from which I got most of the special and Danger
moves.  Also, thanks to Brian L. Smolik for his good (though somewhat
inaccurate) Arcade KI FAQ, from which I got the idea of giving basic combo
information under all of the characters.  Thank you to Charlie Grey for the
idea of using some moves before a combo to "fake" the CPU into doing a
linker at the start (from which I derived Fulgore's, Chief Thunder's,
Riptor's, and Sabrewulf's longest Ultras.  He also gave me Spinal's longest).
Thanks to Ricky Montoya for the listing of the Killer Cuts tracks.  Oh, and
thanks to araya@aol.com for most of the given Slow-Motion combos and the
Air Ultras to extend Combo's Ultra, and which I used to stretch Thunder's 
Ultras even further.
        Here is a listing of some of those I owe credit to, with no
particular order (or is there?  Mwa ha ha...):

Address                                 Name

akuma@ripco.com.........................Pete Hahn
ycjy54c@prodigy.com.....................Charlie Grey
bg468@freenet.carleton.ca...............Paul Belair
d.spayre@ix.netcom.com..................Mike Simbre
doanish@aol.com.........................Daanish Syed
rubyhead@aol.com........................RJ Mendoza
ricardom@icsi.net.......................Ricky Montoya
sgilbreath@cctr.umkc.edu................Steven Gilbreath
floyd@ripco.com.........................Brian L. Smolik
ypzk93a@prodigy.com.....................Mike Zaimont
devon@netcom.com........................Devon Tuck
mhirono@leland.stanford.edu.............Masatoshi Hirono
mmuir@es.co.nz..........................Max Muir
mfarmer@ix.netcom.com...................Michael Farmer
klturner@ncat.edu.......................Kevin Turner
cbroome@www.gnofn.org...................Chris Broome
........................................Cory Pinel
........................................Hugh Van Dyke
               -GAME GENIE CODES-
ocfernan@mailbox.syr.edu................Orlando C. Fernando
cedrict@scott.net.......................Cedric Thomas

        If you're not on this list and feel that you should be, e-mail me.


I hereby acknowledge all Trademarks.  I know, it's not very formal.  Like 
Nintendo doesn't have better things to do than hunt me down and sue me.

Copyright 1995 by Derek Kisman.
This means YOU!!

This FAQ is also available by FTP, courtesy of GamePro magazine's Andy Eddy.
Just ftp to ftp.netcom.com and cd /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.

Please send all comments, criticism, new secrets & combos, and notification
of any typos to:

- Derek Kisman
  SnapDragon of Wyrm Demo group.

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