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Game Script by HarkenSlash

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/06

Killer Instinct (Super Nintendo)
Game Script
Created 7/25/06
Last Updated: 7/25/06
Version 1.0
Written by: HarkenSlash

|                           Table of Contents                          	      |
|  1. Introductions                                                           |
|       1.1 Version History                                                   |
|  2. Game Text                                             	              |
|       2.1 Endings                                                           |
|            2.11  After Ending                                               |
|       2.2 Profiles                                                          |
|       2.3 Game Credits                                                      |
|       2.4 Miscellaneous Text                                                |
|            2.41 Option Mode                                                 |
|            2.42 Rankings                                                    |
|  3. Special Thanks                                                          |
|  4. Contact Info                                                            |
|  5. Legal Information                                                       |
|                                                                             |

1. Introductions
1.1 Version History
July 25, 2006
Completed FAQ

2. Game Text
2.1 Endings

Jago's Ending
Jago returns victorious to his shrine for communion with the tiger spirit. By 
defeating the 
evil that existed at Ultratech, Jago is brought one step closer towards total 
Granted new powers for his loyal service, Jago strives for self improvement. He 
now seek out a greater challenge and fulfill his destiny.

Combo's Ending
With victory in the tournament, Combo has finally achieved his ambition to 
regain his 
lost fortune and popular status. Once a nobody from the ghetto, Combo celebrates
his win 
and new found wealth by parading through those same streets. With money and fame
his, Combo believes he can achieve anything.

Fulgore's Ending
The combat test of the Fulgore series assault cyborg has been a success. Mass 
can now take place... After years of research, a weapon of awesome power is in 
the hands 
of Ultratech. The dawn of a robot-controlled empire will soon begin. The first 
model, Fulgore 1, is deactivated and placed in a museum... The only humans left 
to view 
it are now slaves.

Cinder's Ending
Leaving as the champion of the tournament, a hostile police reception awaits him
the gates of Ultratech. As no stranger to confinement from his former life of 
Cinder has no intention of being imprisoned again. Using his newly acquired 
power, he 
easily evades the capture attempt, leaving his potential captors in his wake. 
Picking a 
location suitable his current condition, he ponders his next move.

Glacius' Ending
After escaping from the grasp of Ultratech, Glacius finally returns to the site 
of his 
crashed spaceship. With the advanced technology present at Ultratech, Glacius 
takes the 
materials he needs and repairs his damaged ship. With memories of the evil he 
there fading slowly, Glacius begins the long and arduous trip back to his 

Orchid's Ending
Escaping unscathed with viral information about the corrupt future plans of 
Orchid rushes back to report. Informing her superiors of Ultratech's evil 
intentions, they 
can now act in bringing about the destruction of the corruption presiding there.

Sabrewulf's Ending
With victory, Sabrewulf obtains the cure he sought for so long from the hands of
Ultratech. Cured at last of his curse, Count Von Sabrewulf can return to leading
a normal 

Riptor's Ending
Ultratech's plans at creating a genetically engineered weapon have escalated 
beyond even 
their control. By toying with the laws of nature, Ultratech have finally doomed 
the human 
race.... Dinosaurs once again rule the Earth.

Spinal's Ending
Tired of constantly being surrounded by death and destruction, Spinal decides on
a career 
break.... Although nominated for an oscar for his first film, Spinal still has 
great difficulty 
in finding roles that have meat to them.

Thunder's Ending
After discovering the fate of his brother, Thunder contemplates the future and 
mourns the 
loss of Eagle but, with his death avenged, the soul of Eagle can finally rest in
forever. Or can it.....?

Eyedol's Ending
Billy... are you my long lost son Billy?...
Why would I be your son?... My name's Eyedol
My son was lost in a car crash... I gave him that club for his birthday.....
Somehow.......... We don't think so.

2.11 After Ending

Congratulations, you have earned it!
You can play through again with a different character to see what happens to 
them, or 
you can prove your skills on a higher level. 
You're not afraid to get hurt, are you?

You have successfully conquered the training level. There is more to be seen, 
and more 
to be done. Return to the option screen and change the difficulty setting to **
Better hurry, a new foe is waiting for your pitiful challenge!

You are victorious!
You've done it all and are ready to battle the best KI Players. You beat Eyedol 
with one 
hand behind your back, and you crushed everyone else. You can't get any better, 
you are 
now the sensei. The only thing left is to give to the less fortunate and teach 
your skills to 
the pathetic, wimpy, clueless KI beginners. You will go down in the record 
become a hero, a legend, be envied by all, people will love you, people will 
want to be 
like you, you will reign as the true KI champion forever! 
Or at least until...
         Killer Instinct II

Well done, you are indeed a TRUE WARRIOR! You are now allowed to possess 
KILLER INSTINCT'S most valuable secret!
To become Eyedol: Choose Cinder, Hold > & press WP, WK, FP, MK, MP, FK at VS 

2.2 Profiles

Name: T.J. Combo
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 25

The undisputed heavyweight champion for 5 years. He was stripped of his title 
found to be using cybernetically enhanced arms. Now broke, he enters the contest
for the 
love of money.

Name: Fulgore
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 560 lbs
Age: 1

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, entered into the contest 
as a final 
test of its capabilities before mass production can begin.

Name: Glacius
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 300 lbs
Age: Unknown

An alien being from a distant planet, crash landed on Earth. He was captured by 
Ultratech. Hoping to prove the alien inferior, they for Glacius to fight for his

Name: Jago
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 190 lbs
Age: 21

A Tibetan Warrior monk who calls upon the power of the tiger to discover his 
Overseen by the tiger spirit, Jago must enter the contest and destroy the evil 

Name: Cinder
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 195 lbs
Age: 31

A convict, experimented on by Ultratech. A failed chemical weapon test mutated 
body, turning him into a living flame. Promised freedom if he defeats Glacius, 
he enters 
the fray.

Name: B. Orchid
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 125 lbs
Age: 23

A secret agent sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances that surround 
Ultratech contest. Her true identity and abilities are shrouded in secrecy.

Name: Riptor
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 700
Age: 4

A product of Ultratech's DNA manipulation project. By mixing human and reptilian
genes, they hope to cross intelligence and ferocity in a lethal fighting 

Name: Spinal
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 110
Age: 2650

An unprecedented discovery in cell regeneration. Ultratech has recreated an 
warrior from the past. Having no memory and lacking in purpose, he fights 

Name: Chief Thunder
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 280
Age: 42

Mystical defender of Native Americans. Thunder enters the contest in order to 
the mystery surrounding his brothers's disappearance in the previous year's 

Name: Sabrewulf
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 400 lbs
Age: 45

Afflicted with the disease Lycanthropy. Spending most of his life as a recluse, 
enters the tournament on the promise of a cure if victorious.

2.3 Game Credits

Killer Instinct
The Credits

Super NES Development Team
Head Programmer
S. Patrick

Support Programmer
J. Stafford

Additional Programming
O. Norton
P. Wattis

Graphic Artist
D. Smith

Music & Effects
G. Norgate

Quality Assurance
H. Ward
G. Richards
J. Hastie
J. Charlesworth
G. Hood
P. Weaver
I. Marshall
H. Sterchi
A. Williams
R. Richardson

Original KI Development Team
Head Programmer
M. Betteridge

Gameplay Programmer
C. Tilston

Technical Programmer
M. Hollis

3D Programmer
R. Harrison

Character Design & Models
K. Bayliss

Background Design & Models
C. Seavor
T. Stamper

R. Beanland
G. Norgate

Motion Capture Actors
K. Bayliss
S. Farmer
L. Stamper
D. Smith

Character Voices
C. Sutherland
K. Lobb
F. Newborough
K. Tamura
H. Sterchi
I. Marshall

C. Stamper
P. Cox

Game Design
C. Tilston
M. Betteridge
K. Bayliss
K. Lobb

Special Thanks
Mr. Yamauchi
M. Arakawa
H. Lincoln
D. Owsen
J. Hochberg


Presented By

2.4 Miscellaneous Text
2.41 Option Mode

Difficulty: Easy ****** Hard
Easy Combo Breakers: OFF
Random Select: OFF
Timer: ON

Controls:      P 1     P 2
Weak Punch:     L       L
Medium Punch:   Y       Y
Fierce Punch:   X       X
Weak Kick:      R       R
Medium Kick:    B       B
Fierce Kick:    A       A
              RESET   RESET
2.42 Rankings

Speed Demons
1   SJP     15:00
2   JEF     20:00
3   DPS     25:00
4   GN      30:00
5   OLI     35:00
6   PW      40:00
7   HUW     45:00
8   GAZ     50:00
9   PAW     55:00
10  JH      59:00

Winning Streak
1  MB      25
2  CIT     20
3  KB      15
4  MH      10
5  CS      9
6  RB      8
7  ROB     7
8  PC      6
9  SJF     5
10 CS      5

Killer Kings
1  MRY   00500000
2  MRA   00400000
3  HL    00300000
4  MRM   00200000
5  MRF   00100000
6  KAL   00090000
7  IEM   00080000
8  HCS   00070000
9  ARM   00060000
10 DAN   00050000

1 LOU   30   00159100
2 CIT   27   00153500
3 DPS   13   00033000
4 AS    10   00032500
5 BG    10   00032500

1 CTS   36   00137000
2 SMS   27   00113500
3 BMS   13   00033500
4 JJS   10   00032000
5 SJF   10   00032000

1 GAV   27   00114000
2 JC    13   00053500
3 DFT   13   00053500
4 RW    10   00032000
5 KG    10   00032000

1 RSR   33   00148750
2 RJ    28   00118250
3 EPW   13   00037250
4 MPK   10   00036500
5 CM    10   00036500

1 GN    29   00114500
2 MH    27   00113500
3 JEF   13   00033500
4 KJS   10   00031750
5 DW    10   00031750

1 DEB   30   00143500
2 KB    27   00113500
3 CS    13   00033500
4 RB    10   00032000
5 PD    10   00032000

1 FAY   33   00140000
2 MB    28   00114000
3 AT    13   00033500
4 CT    10   00032000
5 GM    10   00032000

1 JAN   31   00120000
2 SJP   28   00114000
3 PAM   13   00033500
4 MW    10   00031750
5 SM    10   00031750

1 TIM   48   00152500
2 CLS   35   00117500
3 JOE   13   00038000
4 KIM   10   00031750
5 KT    10   00031750

1 KAL   30   00143500
2 MIC   27   00113500
3 MEL   13   00033500
4 MAL   10   00032000
5 COR   10   00032000

1 JMH   03   00004500
2 SH    03   00004500
3 JR    03   00004500
4 EIL   03   00004500
5 CAR   03   00004500

4. Special Thanks
- Nintendo and Rare, for releasing this game
- GameFAQs, for having guides on games
- You, for taking the time to read this

5. Contact Info
My e-mail address is HarkenSlash@gmail.com if you ever need to contact me.

6. Legal Information
All of these text are from Killer Instinct which is copyrighted by Rare.

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