• Codes

    Easy Combo BreakersDuring the vs. screen, press Down and Start at the same time.
    Fast SpeedHold Right + L + X + Y on the Vs. Screen (Both controllers if 2-Players)
    Faster SpeedHold Right + R + A + B on the Vs. Screen (Both controllers if 2-Players)
    Fastest SpeedHold Left + L + X + Y on the Vs. Screen (Both controllers if 2-Players)
    Get Alternate CostumesWhen selecting a character press: up or down.
    No Combo BreakerHold left then press b,a,b,a on the vs screen
    Play as EyedolSelect Cinder. At the VS screen, hold right and press L, R, X, B, Y, A.
    Select Random CharactersWhen you are selecting characters hold Up and press Start.
    Slow SpeedHold Left + R + A + B on the Vs. Screen (Both controllers if 2-Players)
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  • Stage Select/Music Select

    On the character select screen, Hold U or D with the specific buttons as shown below. The button you press will also choose your character, so be sure the fighter you want is highlighted when you do the code. In two player mode, The first person to pick their character gets to choose the stage. The second player gets to pick the music according to the same button combinations used for the stage select.

    Bloody ArensD+Y
    Canyon BridgeD+L
    Castle RoofU+R
    City RoofU+B
    City StreetD+R
    Desert RoofU+A
    Ice SculptureU+X
    Ice TempleU+L
    Lava PitD+X
    Skull RoomU+Y
    Sky RooftopD+B (MUST be on BOTH controllers)

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz and Dragon5.

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  • Come back to life

    In VS mode, when you run out of life and your opponent has the opportunity to finish you off, start hitting random buttons like crazy. There is no specific sequence. If you manage to hit the buttons fast enough before your opponent hits you again, you will come back to life with only a sliver of health, but your attack power will be enhanced greatly. If you get hit again, it's over.

    Contributed By: Miraxis426.

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  • Practice Against Eyedol

    Fight your way up to Eyedol, then let him kill you. At the game-over screen, let the timer run down and then go to "Practice", pick your character, then you'll be practicing against Eyedol.

    Contributed By: gold21.

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