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  1. What's all glacius move list?

    User Info: Lovellbros

    Lovellbros - 1 year ago

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  1. Key:
    U = Up/Jump
    D = Down/Crouch
    F = Forward/Toward
    B = Back/Away/Block High
    (D+B) = Block Low
    (Charge B) = Charge Back
    (Charge F) = Charge Forward

    QP = Quick Punch
    QK = Quick Kick
    MP = Medium Punch
    MK = Medium Kick
    FP = Fierce Punch
    FK = Fierce Kick
    P = Any Punch
    K = Any Kick

    QP = L
    QK = R
    MP = Y
    MK = B
    FP = X
    FK = A

    Special Moves:
    Ice Lance: DF D DB QP
    Cold Shoulder: (Charge B), F P
    Double Cold Shoulder: (Charge B), (Hold F) QP
    Shockwave: D DF F P (Projectile)
    Liquidize: D DF F QK (Teleport)
    Liquidize Uppercut: D DF F MK/FK (Anti-All) (Teleport Uppercut)
    No Mercy - Blob Engulf: F DF D DB B MK (1 Player Distance)
    No Mercy - Ice Pick: B DB D DF F MP (1 Player Distance)
    No Mercy - Acid Puddle: B B B FK (1 to 4 Player Distance)
    Humiliation: F F B QK (1 to 4 Player Distance)
    Ultimate Acid Puddle: F DF D DB B QP (During Combo)
    Ultra Combo: B F FP (During Combo)

    User Info: raonn

    raonn - 1 year ago 2   0

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