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Reviewed: 05/29/00 | Updated: 05/29/00

... please, God...

It ain't a well-kept secret; baseball video games are known for being either worm meat or ''average'' experiences as far as games of the genre are capable of being made on their respective platforms. Looking at Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, no exception is found.

Gameplay - 5/10

Bah. Some people'll say I'm being nit-picky (or however that's spelled), but the lack of real Major League players (all these guys're made up, 'ere) disturbs me. You have your Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals... but since when were there players named ''R. Balboa'' and ''Costello'' on those rosters? Alright, they WERE a little creative here, but still... well, I guess you get my point. Pitching is ANNOYING... it's HARD to strike out a batter (You can throw incredibly off-target pitches... hit or ball. No luck for the thrower, here). The other team is gonna nail a decent amount of homeruns off of you in each game (... or am I just really bad at this?) and there's nothing you can do about it. I tried throwing change-ups, laying off the fastball, curving this, curving that... nothing. This may've been more forgivable if the PLAYER'S batters were as good as the computer's... however, they aren't. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not the stats they give for each player mean anything. Fielding is a chore, too; slides don't do you much good, and by the time you pick up the ball, the opposing fielders'll be wayyyy ahead of you.

Sure, you can choose your own stadium, re-name players, check stats, and mess with the bullpen and line-up... but that simply doesn't make up for the horrid way the game plays.

Graphics - 8/10

See? THIS is why so many gamers give people who like good graphics in their games a bad wrap; eye candy steals mind candy in many works of the gaming industry. Fields're pretty, cute lil' cartoony graphics, all sweet and nice... only complaint is that... uhh... well... don't Griffey's lips look a liiiiittle weird?

Sound - 7/10

Catchy in-game tune, and the way batters shout after striking out is somewhat hilarious. However, sooner or later, it loses its charm; it's all nice at first, but it gets boring quickly.

Replay - 0/10

Just... say... NO!!!!. If you hate yourself and want to die, play it. If you enjoy living, don't touch it. I know how bad the baseball genre tends to be... but, please... do it for yourself and your family!

How much $$$ is it worth, pappy?

Leave me alone, kid.

Overall - 20/40; 5/10.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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