Review by BXBomber

Reviewed: 06/24/04

One of the better baseball games for the SNES...

This game came out way back in 1994 and what a hit it was. It is one of, if not THE best baseball game that you can buy for the Super Nintendo. This game can get addicting, especially if you have two people playing. Now on to the ratings!


This game is easy to get into and the controls are a snap to learn. The controls are pretty tight, so it's easy to catch long fly balls in the outfield. There is a map of the field so you can easily judge where the ball is gonna land. You can either play a single game, All-Star game, the World Series, or you can start a 28-game season that is always fun to enjoy. Batting is simple; the timing might take a little getting used to, but nothing too difficult. The pitching is easy enough and throwing to the different bases is a piece of cake. You can even steal bases and stop running in the middle of going to the next base! There is every team in here from the Major Leagues (at the time the game was made, so no Diamondbacks or Devil Rays). The only downside is that they don't use real baseball players, except for Ken Griffey Jr., who is by the way the best player in the game (I wonder why...). In season mode, you can change the players names to the real ones if you like. Also, in season mode, the game keeps track of everyones batting averages, home-runs, and other stats!!!


This game is actually pretty detailed for a baseball game. The graphics are clear and precise. There is no lag when a ball gets hit and the game isn't blurry. There are different fields, so it isn't like you play on the same field the whole time. Each player also looks different. Actually there are only about 8 different sprites for the players, so some look alike. Lets put it this way, when the ball is being thrown, you can see the ball spinning by watching the stitches move around. That's pretty detailed!


The music is above average for a sports game, especially one for the Super Nintendo. In fact, it is stuck in my head as I write this. The tune is pretty addicting, too bad there is really only one... The sounds on the other-hand are excellent. You can actually understand what the umpire says when he yells "STRIKE" "BALL" "OUT!!!" or "SAFE!!!". It's pretty impressive.


After you play this game, if you enjoy it, you'll probably come back and play again. It's pretty addicting, especially if you enjoy baseball in any way. I always had someone to play with, which can be more fun than playing Season mode by yourself.


This is a game that really anyone can play and all can enjoy, no matter what age. You can still have some fun with this game, even with all of these realistic baseball games out there.


Anyone who has a Super Nintendo should look into getting this game because it's worth getting and it's pretty cheap. I'm sure you can find it on EBAY or something.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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