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Reviewed: 11/30/01 | Updated: 11/30/01

If you love Aquaman, this game is for you!

Back in High School, a friend of mine bought this game for his SNES for ten bucks used from the local Blockbuster. Because of this game, your view of Aquaman may change.

Basically the game is a Street Fighter 2 clone with DC heroes and villans. Most of the gameplay is a direct rip-off of the legendary SF2. Most of the characters unique moves are the down, down-forward, forward, attack button (Ryu's Fireball) motion, and a few other SF attack motions. Thus if you already have mastered any of the Street Fighter games, this game offers very little challenge and depth.
Otherwise if you have been ignorant of the SF fighting series you may find some interest in its gameplay. On the bright side, I do find Superman and Wonder Woman's Hovering attacks a bit interesting. This is because a few years later when I played Capcom's Marvel vs. series they used a greatly improved mechanic like this for Storm and Magneto.(Maybe a few others.) Maybe Justice League Task Force gave some sort of influence on a few later superhero fighting games. However these attacks generally are worthless so it really is not much of an accomplishment.

Visually, JLTF's graphics are pretty much nothing special. Just your usual 16-bit 2-D fighter graphics. Nothing horrible, nothing cool. The music is very forgettable as well. However the game does do the comic book characters images ''justice'' and the fighting locales all are good representations of the game's source material. If you are a fan of JLA you won't be cursing Sunsoft for making this game. Nor will you be praising Sunsoft. I thought they could have used the JL license to make a more interesting game then this.

One of JLTF's problems is it's character balance. To stay true to its source material, Superman should have been an obviously overpowered character. I beat Superman with Green Arrow during my first game, and that just did not sit well with me. In fact, me and my friend found out that the most well rounded character was Aquaman, and during JLTF's one player mode Aquaman provided a greater challenge then any of the other characters.
Maybe the ability to breathe underwater and command fish
give a fighter more of an advantage over a fighter with super strength, x-ray vision, ice breath, flight, and a steel body. If JLTF says this is true, then somebody who may
know nothing about DC heroes might be led to believe that Aquaman is the most powerful DC hero of all!

Overall, This game is just a Street Fighter 2 clone with DC comics characters and very little depth. I say if you can find this game for two bucks or less its worth an hour of your time. No more no less.
But if Aquaman is your absolute favorite comic book character then you will absolutely LOVE this game. When some comic book fanboy starts making fun of Aquaman just tell him that Aquaman daily whoops Superman's butt in the game world of Justice League Task Force- without the help of kryptonite!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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