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Guide and Walkthrough by zeldadomer

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 08/18/2006

Jurassic Park FAQ
By Mike Jenista
Version 2.00
August, 2006

Version History
v1.00: finally got this baby up and running
v1.01: fixed some spelling and added info from a reader
v2.00: made the maps look much better

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Objectives
IV. Items
V. Enemies
VI. Tips
VII. Walkthrough
VIII. Maps
IX. Secrets
X. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

I. Introduction

Jurassic Park is one of the few good movie games, although it is on the lower
end of good.  It is not Batman good, but what can you do?  

The action follows the book more closely than the movie, which you can tell 
from the raptor nest and nerve gas, the ship's role, the procompsognathids,
and the layout of the visitor center.

In any case, it is a non-linear game and very colorful.  The music is decent,
and the gameplay is well designed.  The only complaint I have is that there
is so much backtracking.

II. Controls

Start: pause the game
Select: toggle between your cattle prod and heavy weapon
L and R: cancel "tips" from your friends (when they pop up, hit L or R right
	away to keep your screen clear)
Directional Pad: move around
A: fire selected weapon
B: jump
X: pick up item (outside only; inside, just walk over items to pick them up)
Y: use alternate weapon

NOTE: Inside buildings, the game switches to FPS view, and the controls change
Up: forward
Down: backward
Left, Right: turn left, right (no strafing, unfortunately)
X: nothing
B: nothing

All other controls are the same.

DOUBLE NOTE: You can use the Nintendo Mouse with this game while you are inside
buildings.  I don't have a Nintendo Mouse, so I don't know the controls.

III. Objectives

To beat Jurassic Park, you have to complete a series of objectives to secure 
the park and get a ride home.  They are as follows:

Turn on the Generator
Reboot the Computer System
Stop the Raptors from entering the Visitors Center
Clear the Ship of Dinosaurs
Collect all the Raptor Eggs
Use the Satellite Link to keep the Ship in the Harbor
Destroy the Raptor Nest with the Nerve Gas Bomb
Call the Mainland for a Ride
Get to the Helipad

There are some things you can do out of order, but I would not recommend trying
because you have to walk so far that it would be really annoying if you could 
not complete an objective you traveled far for.

IV. Items

Food: This is only found in buildings, and it restores health.

Health: These look like first aid kits, and they restore health.

ID Cards: There are many ID Cards in the game, and you need all of them except
	Ellie Satler's:
	1. Nedry's ID is in the Beach Utility Shed (southwest area)
	2. John Hammond's ID is on top of the Visitors Center
	3. Alan Grant's ID is in a dark area on the 1st floor of the Visitors
	4. Ian Malcolm's ID is in a dark room on the Upper Level of the Raptor
	5. Donald Gennaro's ID is in the basement of the Nublar Utility Shed
	6. Ray Arnold's ID is in the basement of the Beach Utility Shed
	7. Dr. Wu's ID is on the second sublevel of the ship
	8. Robert Muldoon's ID is on sublevel 1 of the Raptor Pen
	9. Ellie Satler's (worthless) ID is on the 3rd sublevel of the ship

Eggs: Pick them up when you see them, there are eighteen:
	1. southern edge of map near Nublar Utility shed in some trees
	2. in the northern secret area near the helipad
	3. on Nublar Mont
	4. northwest corner of western forest
	5. southwestern corner of western forest
	6. eastern edge of western forest at the top of triceratops
	7. between the starting area and the east mountain range
	8. on east mountain range
	9. on north mountain range
	10. eastern edge of map along eastern edge of east mountains (walk up
	    along the sea cliffs)
	11. near the southwestern base of the eastern mountains
	12. on top of the ship
	13. northwestern corner of northwest forest
	14. south of North Utility shed right above Visitors Center
	15. on top of Visitors Center
	16. north of North Utility shed
	17. southeastern edge of northeast forest, in front of raptor nest hole
	18. northern edge of northeast forest, near raptor nest hole

Nerve Gas Canister: Needed to destroy the Raptor Nest, found in the North
	Utility Shed.

Batteries: One found in each building; you need to find them before you can
	power the night-vision goggles for dark areas in each building.

Cattle Prod: Default weapon; it works against everything except the T-Rex, but
	a raptor will definitely kill you before you take it down with this.

1-Ups: Gain an extra life (they look just like the symbols in your life counter)

Heavy Weapons
	Shotgun: red bullets; takes two or three hits to take down large dinos.
	Tranquilizer: little needles; dinos go to sleep, AND this is the only
		weapon that is effective against the T-Rex.  It will make him
		back up a little, but he will come for you again!
	Rocket: black-orange rockets; one-hit kill on all dinos, but useless
		against T-Rex.

Alternate Weapons
	Bolas: three metal balls; kills any enemies in its path until it hits
		a wall or goes off screen.
	Gas Grenade: grey canisters; knocks out dinos.

V. Enemies

The dinosaurs do not respawn, so when you clear an area of dinosaurs you will
not have to worry about them anymore.  However, sometimes dinosaurs that you
have not killed in an area get "warped" to an area you have cleared out already.
This only happens locally, like a dilophosaurus on a mountain might warp to a
part of the mountain you already cleared.

The only exception to this is the raptors; they will respawn on the park map
and they will respawn in the Raptor Nest if you go in before the egg room opens.
Also, since you can not kill the T-Rex or triceratops, they are always to be
found in their areas.

My recommendation is that you collect a lot of rocket ammo and never use
anything else but that and bolas.  I make an exception for using the Cattle Prod
on the Compys because they are easy to keep track of and there are so many.
Rockets will kill anything in one hit and bolas will do the same but go through
multiple enemies.

Vines and Electrified Grates: Don't step on these, they will hurt you.  Also,
	don't walk into the water because you will die.

Giant Fly: The giant flies move about very fast, then pause.  Hit them when they

Procompsognathids ("compys"): The little yellow dinosaurs are very easy to kill
	unless they hide in the treeline or against a rock wall.  In some spots
	your cattle prod's electric arc will disappear against the trees or rock
	walls, and the compy will then run at you.  They do little damage, so 
	just be patient.  If you don't move, they will approach you, so that way
	you can lure them in for a kill.

Gallimimus: There are three herds of these running about.  Little Tim Murphy
	will tell you NOT to shoot the Gallimimus or they will stampede; don't
	listen to that brat.  Shoot them with bolas and they will disappear like
	popcorn at the movies.

Pachycephalosaurs (little head-butters): These little jerks have blue stripes
	and try to ram you all the time.  Try and shoot them from a distance to
	make it an easy kill.

Dilophosaurs (spitters): Their spit will make you move randomly or "backwards"
	if you try to hit any buttons.  Sometimes they spit at an angle that
	will surprise you if you are not careful.  They are also found in 
	buildings.  Inside, they are much easier because they do not move and
	only spit when you are close.  If you see spit coming, just back up
	and it will fall short of you.

Velociraptors (raptors): Raptors hide all over the place, and they usually
	appear in groups of two or three.  A rocket will take them out though, 
	and their hiding places are the same, so you can learn where to strike.
	Inside buildings, they will run at you if you get close, and they also
	stalk around (just back and forth).  You will get good at shooting them
	pretty quickly.

Triceratops: In a few vertical corridors on the park map, a triceratops will 
	start running after you and squash you.  You must run down until you
	find a path to take away from the triceratops because the triceratops
	is invincible. 

	To get back UP such a path, you need to find little alcoves.  Walk up
	slowly, then duck into one as the triceratops blasts past you, then
	continue up the corridor.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: You can not kill or even injure the T-Rex.  Tranquilizer 
	darts will make him pause a little, but in general you don't want to 
	even get near the T-Rex.  It is cool to get eaten once, though.

VI. General Tips

The items inside buildings respawn, but the dinos don't, so go in and out of 
them to rack up ammo.  This even works between floors.  In general, just stock
up on rockets and bolas.  If you pick up some other ammo by mistake, just run
back over your old ammo to switch back (you will still have your super-

Touch the motion sensors often; they act as respawn points if you die.

It's not really a tip, but when you get advice from the other characters, just
press L or R to cancel the message.  If Nedry gives you advice, read it; he
gives you strange advice like "Raptors only attack if you move" or "The T-Rex
will give you a 1-Up if you approach him."  It's almost as if he wants you to
get in trouble.... and then sometimes he calls you a sucker.  I confess, I fell
for the advice about not moving to avoid raptors before I figured out that he
gives you bogus advice.

I said it before, but I'll say it again, use bolas on the gallimimus herds,
especially near the Visitors Center.  This will remove a very annoying aspect of
the game early on.

Finally, if you are unable to do something (like lay down the nerve gas or
call the mainland), think about whether or not you completed earlier objectives.
I was very frustrated by this the first few tries through the game.

VII. Walkthrough

I am not going to explain how to get all items or anything, just how to get 
through the game.  You will have to explore to find out the rest (or look at my

Also, I will not explain how to go through buildings; just use my maps.


You start in the center of the map.  Walk left to pick up some bolas, then
head south through the gates.  There are some raptors (use the bolas), but you
should be able to make it to the southern area.

Go to the right until you come to the canal.  Jump it (you can walk all the way
up to the water's edge, and you need to in order to make the jump), then head
to the upper right of this area.  You will find a triceratops corridor; stay to
the right and take it down a little.  You will be able to move through the trees
into a secret area with an egg.  Take it, then go back over the canal.

There is an egg on the southern edge, below the gallimimus herd.  It is in a 
little forest area over some vines.  Now go up to the mountain, Nublar Mont.
There is an egg up here as well. 

When you have these three eggs, head to the Nublar Utility Shed (the one
nearby).  Get the batteries, then go into the back to turn on the generator.
Make sure to collect some missiles while you're in here.  Make your way back to
the entrance gates.

Nedry's ID Card

To open the electrified gate, use a rocket on the little gear-mechanism (you can
use your cattle prod, but it is slow and you have to stand there the whole time)

Head west past the gallimimus and enter the western forest.  There are many
dinos in here and they are agressive, so be careful.

Collect the two eggs in the northwest and southwest corners of the forest, then
head to the eastern edge to find a third egg.  The corridor to the right is a
triceratops corridor, but you can outrun it.  Go down through it, then carefully
make your way past the velociraptors to the Beach Utility Shed.

Get Nedry's ID from the shed, grab some missiles, and head for the Visitors
Center (remember to use the alcoves in the triceratops corrider to avoid getting

Reboot the Park System

Inside the Visitors Center, go to the second floor.  You will be able to get
to the computer room with Nedry's ID.  Use the computer there to reboot the
park system by clicking on the boot.  Now use the menu to turn on the motion

Now go to the roof, grab the egg and Hammond's ID (watch out for the raptor).
With Hammond's ID, you can get to the basement and find the batteries.  With 
the nightvision goggles, you can go in the dark area on the first floor and 
take Alan Grant's ID.

Now go out and to the right until you come to the bridge.  Use a rocket on the
gears to extend the bridge.  Head north to the mountain and grab the egg on top
of it.  Then head south back to the Raptor Pen.

Stop the Raptors from getting into the Visitors Center

Enter the Raptor Pen through the door along the top.  Shoot the raptor to your
left and then use the elevator to go down two floors to the Ground Floor.  There
will be jungle showing through some windows.

Make your way through the first few rooms to find the batteries.  Now backtrack
to the elevator, go up one floor, and enter the dark room to find Ian Malcolm's
ID card.  Proceed back to the Ground Floor.

Shoot your way through the dinos to Sublevel 1.  Find Muldoon's ID on Sublevel 1
and then use the second elevator to enter Sublevel 2.  Make your way to the door
locked by Alan Grant's ID, enter the room and kill the two raptors.  Push the
crate towards that door to stop raptors from using it (if you go in there, you 
will find a zillion raptors in a sort of cave and a 1-up at the end).

Use the elevator in this room to enter the basement of the Visitors Center (this
is how the raptors got in).  Blast your way outside.

Some Errands

Go to Nublar Utility Shed and use Ian Malcolm's ID in the basement to find
Gennaro's ID.  Then make your way to the Beach Utility Shed, use Genarro's ID
to open the elevator to the basement, and find Ray Arnold's ID.  In the process,
you should acquire lots of rockets.

The East Mountains and the Ship

Head to the East Mountains, but collect the egg south of the entrance path
first.  Now navigate the mountains, grab the egg on the top, and head down to
the southern exit path (two raptors hiding on the way).

Once off the mountain, head north along the cliff's edge to collect an egg and
a 1-up.  Head back along the base of the mountain to its southwestern edge, walk
a little south and collect that egg.  Now find the bridge on the cliff, shoot
the gears above it and collect the egg on top of the ship.

Enter the ship and clear the first level of dinos.  Also find the batteries.
Go down to Sublevel 1, clear out the dinos and grab Dr. Wu's ID card.  Now exit
the ship and head back to the Visitors Center.  Go to the computer room, and
continue through this secure area to find a second computer.  You can request
Security Level 1 from this computer.  

Exit the Visitors Center and enter the Raptor Pen.  On the Ground Level, there
is a room that you can only enter with Security Level 1; you have that so go in
and use the computer there to call the ship.  The ship will receive a satellite
order to remain in dock, completing that objective.  Now head back to the ship.

Head to Sublevel 2 and clear out the dinos (you need Arnold's ID to get through
the doors here).  Make sure to find the computer in one of the middle rooms and
request Security Level 2.  Also use this computer to switch the gate control
to Gate 1.  You will be going there after the ship.  With Security Level 2 you
can enter the elevator in the dark room.

On Sublevel 3, clear out the dinos and make note of the dark bunk room with the
computer in it (you will use it to call the mainland).  Go back to the elevator
and go down to the final level of the ship.

Sublevel 4 is actually a little hazardous because there are many dinos packed 
into small rooms.  There is a health pack very near the elevator on Sublevel 3,
so don't be afraid to backtrack for it.  After you clear out all the dinos, exit
the ship and head west.

Destroy the Raptor Nest

If you forgot to use the ship computer to open Gate 1, do it in the Raptor Pen.
Head to the west of the Visitors Center to find the bridge and shoot the gears
to extend it.  Head through the forest to its northwest corner to find an egg.
Now go to the electrified gate, which you should be able to open.  Head right 
and south to find the egg near to edge of the Visitors Center, then head to the
back of the Utility Shed to find another egg.

Enter the Utility Shed, head to the basement, use Muldoon's ID to open the large
room and grab the Nerve Gas Canister.  Now exit the shed and head all the way
back to the Raptor Pen.  Use the computer inside to switch the gate control to
Gate 2.

Go through Gate 2 and head to the southeast corner where the southern entrance
to the Raptor Nest is located, then take the egg.  Now go north, but always stay
to the east edge of the forest to avoid the T-Rex.  Along the north edge of the
map, you will find the last egg and the north entrance to the Raptor Nest.  Go 

I have tried to make a map of the Raptor Nest, but it is very difficult because
it is not in nice squares like the rest of the buildings.  In any case, there
is a very simple way to find the egg room and then find your way back.  It is
called the Left Hand Rule.  Once you enter the nest, just follow the left wall.
When you come to a choice of turn, take the left one.  If you come to a dead-end
then turn around and continue to take all left turns.  You will find the egg
room before long.  Be a little careful because there are zillions of raptors.

Walk into the middle of the room to drop the canister of nerve gas.  A message
tells you to get out immediately, but there is no timer so don't sweat.  To get
out easily, use the Right Hand Rule (opposite of Left Hand Rule).  It will take
you back out the way you came (assuming you do this right).

Ending the Game

Once outside, go back to the ship.  On Sublevel 3, use the computer in the dark
bunk room to call the mainland for a chopper to pick you up AND use the gate
controls to open Gate 3 so you can get to the helipad.

Make the long walk to the Helipad, and approach the big H.  If you picked up
all of the eggs, you will get choppered off the island.  If not, I don't know
what happens (maybe a message about picking up eggs?) because I always pick up
all the eggs.  I assume that you can not win without picking them up since 
Nintendo Power answered a question about finding the last egg.

Hooray!  You win!  Too bad the end sucks!

VIII. Maps

The names are taken from Nintendo Power when possible, and made up by me
otherwise, so don't e-mail me with the "real" names.

Crude Park Map

This is an extremely crude map of the general park layout.  It has the egg
locations and the names I used in the walkthrough.  I also marked where the
T-Rex is found and the one place that you need to be VERY careful about the

XXXX = forest edge

MMMM = mountain edge

**** = building outline

WWWW = water (canals, rivers, ocean)
   | = fencing

Xegg            | egg       WW  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM| Nest  egg        X
X               | ********* WW  M          egg   M|                  X
X               | *North  * WW  M North Mountain M| T-Rex    N.East  X
X  Northwest    | *  Util * WW  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM|           Forest X
X               | *********  WW                   |XXX  XXXXXX       X
X   Forest      |_gate1_     WW       ********    |          X       X
X                X      |    WW       *Raptor*    |_gate2__  X       X
X                       |egg WW       * Pen  *             |XX       X
XXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXX      ************  ********             XX    NestX
X                       * Visitors *                       XX   egg  X
X                       *   ****egg*                         XXXXXXXXX
X                       *****  *****                 MMMMMMMMMMMMM1upX
XXXXXXXX                                             M           MeggX
X                                            MMMMMMMMM           M   X
X      XXXXXXXX                              M          egg      M   X
Xegg                                         M                   M   X
X             XXXXXXXXXXXXX _gate3___        M   East        MMMMM   X
X  Western         egg  T X|         |   MMMMM    Mountains  M       X
X    Forest           X r X| start   |   Menter              M    WWWX
X              XXXXXXXX i X|___   ___|   MM MM               M    W  X
X       XXXXXXXX      X c X|         |       M          enterM   WW  X
X       X                 X|         |eggMMMMM          MM MMM   W   X
X egg   X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     XXXXXM              M        W   X
XXXXXXXXX             X                 XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM    WWWWW   X
X             ********X                 X                    W       X
X             *Beach *X                 X                    W ******X 
X             * Util *X                 X                bridge*egg *X
X             ********XXXXXXXXXX     XXXX egg                W *Ship*X
X                     XMMMMMMMM         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  W ******X
X                     XMNublarM     ********  W           XXXXXXXXXXXX
X                     XM Mont M     *Nublar*  W               X   eggX
X                     XM egg  M     * Util *  W  Helipad      XXXXXXXX
X T-Rex               XMMMMMMMM     ********  W               X   1upX
X                     X          egg          W               XXXXXXXX

Building Maps

The maps of the buildings are not always to scale, but they DO always have items
and dinos marked.  Also, sometimes dinos appear in slightly different places, so
be a little careful.

Finally, inside buildings, you will hear raptors scream and dilophosaurs spit
even when there are none in the room.  That's because they are in an adjacent
room and will try to attack when you get close to the wall (bad programming).
It does break up the monotony sometimes.

X = door
Y = door locked by ID card or security clearance
++ = battery (yeah, I know it should be plus-minus, but ++ is easier to see)
R = raptor
D = dilophosaur
M = rockets (M is for missile, which is close enough)
B = bolas
G = gas grenade
S = shotgun ammo
T = tranq darts
H = health
F = food
C = computer (special ones will be marked)
E = elevator
d-d- = outline of a darkened room

Special items will be marked with a key below the particular map

Nublar Utility Shed

 Ground Floor   *d-d-d-*--------------*     Sublevel 1 *--*----------*
                d G R  X    Gen   D   |                |DSX    R   DR|
                *d-Xd-d*  D     D     |                |  *---X*---*X*--*
                |MM FF X           D  |                |  |R   |D  |   R|
                *---*-**-*--X--*------*                |  | F R|  M| R  |
                    |EX D|    C|     D|                |  |S   | R *d-dX*
                    *-*  |  R  | R *-X|                |  *-*  |   dR  R|
                      |  |     |++ |  |                |  |EX D|   | MHBd
                      |R *--X--*---*  |                |  *----*   *d-d-*
                      |  X          R |                | RY D  |   |
                      *--*----X-------*                *--*    X  R|
                                                          |  DI|   |

							I = Gennaro's ID
							Y = Grant's ID needed

Beach Utility Shed

Ground Floor                                   Sublevel 1

*------*----*------*                       *----*--------*
|I     X   D|  R S |                       | D  X   R  R |
*--X---*    *---X--*                     *d*X**-*--X--*  |
|D  M  |    X  M  D|                     d   d|E|S    | D|
*---*X-*-X--*-X--*-*                     | R d*X* R  R|  |
    | D|C   |  R |E|                     d F |  *--X--*  |
    |  |    | F  *Y*                     | R d  |D   D|  |
    |  |D  B|    | |                     d   | D|     | R|
    |  **---*-X--* |                     |   d  *--X--*X-*
    |D  X        R |                     d G |  |S  H |  |
    *---*--X-------*                     |   d  |D R++|  |
                                         dD D|  *-----*  |
  Y = Gennaro's ID needed                |  Id DX      R |
  I = Nedry's ID card                    *d-d*--*--------*

					I = Ray Arnold's ID card

North Utility Shed

Ground Floor                              Sublevel 1

*-d*----*----*----*--*                    *----------*-*
d1ud    | D  | R  | R|                    |          X |
| RX    X  F X  M X  |                    *-X*--*-*--* |
*d-*    |    |    |++|                    |  XRM|G|FDX |
   *-*--*-X--*----*--*                    |  *-**X*--* |
   |EX R|    | R  X D|                    |  |EX    DX |
   *-*  |G  C|    |  |                    |M *-*-----*-*
     |  |    X  D |  |                    | HY D     D |
     |  *-*--*----*  |                    *--*     $ TM|
     | D  X       X R|                       *---------*

   1u = 1-up                              Y = Muldoon's ID needed
                                          $ = Nerve Gas Canister

Visitors Center

Ground Floor                             Basement

*--*---*---------*-d-*                         *---*--*  *--*
|E2| DB|  M      d I |                     *-d-*  D|E2|  |E3|
*X-*  **    R    X   d                     |M  X   *X-*--*-Y* 
*   R Y D        d RM|                     d  Rd*     |FM   |
*-----*----*--X--*-d-*                     |M  Rd  R  | R   |
* D   MRG  X  H   D  |                     *-d-d*---X-*-*  R| 
*X---*---*-**-*----X-*                     | D  X D R R |   | 
|    X F XE1|*|   D  |                     |    *--*X-*-**X-* 
|R *-*   *--*-**---X-*                     | D  X D| B|  |  |
|    |         X  R  |                     *----*MR|H X RX D|
*-X--*---X-----*     |                     |H ++XDB| D|  |  |
|H DM|         |  M  |                     *----*--*--*--*--*
*----*         *-----*

  Y = Hammond's ID needed                   Y = Ellie Satler's ID needed
  I = Alan Grant's ID                       E3 = elevator to Raptor Pen (E4)

Second Floor                            Third Floor

*------*-----*-------*                    *-----*
|  D   Y1 R  X  S    |                    |  R  X-----> to roof
|H   D *-----*   R C1|                    *X----*--*
|   D  XHHGMG|     D |                    |R BMHXE1|
| D    *-X-*-**---X--*                    *-----*--*
|      XD RXE1|S R  B|                    
|C2 | X M X  Y2 R F D|
|   XR*---*---*--X---*
|  M|H|       |   R  |
*-X-*-*       *X-*-dX*
|   F |       |  dM R|
|     |       | H|G1ud
*-----*       *--*-d-*

 Y1 = Nedry's ID needed
 Y2 = Wu's ID needed
 C1 = Reboot System
 C2 = Request Security Level 1
 1u = 1-up

Raptor Pen

Entry Level       Upper Level         Ground Floor

 *--*--*          *--*----*          *----*--*----*--*-d*
 |E1X  |          |E1X S D|          | D D|E1X  D |E2X  |
 *--*  *-*        *--*dX-d*          |    *--* H  *-d*  d
 |C    XR|        dI  R  Rd          |   BX D   D dH  R |
 |RS   | |        *-d-d-d-*          *-X--*-------*-dXd-*
 *---X-*-*                           |    |       |     |
               I = Malcolm's ID      | R  | Scary |   M |
                                     |    |       |B    |
                                     *--X-* Raptor*--X--*
                                     |    |       |D   D|
                                     |  R | Jungle|  R  |
                                     |++ D|       |     |
                                     |H Y  R |   D|   F |
                                     | M|    X    X D   |
                                     |C1|    |  M |    D|

                                     C1 = satellite uplink to ship
				     Y = Security Level 1 needed

 Sublevel 1                             Sublevel 2

             *----*----*               *----*----------*
             |    X    |               |M   X         D|
             |R *-*--* |               |R *-*--*---X*-X*
             |  |D  H| |               |  |    |   D|  |
             |  *--* *X*               |  |  D |R H |  |
             *X-*E3X   |               |  |    *--* |  |
             |  *--*---*               |  |  D |E3XD|  |
*----*--*--*-*  *M    D|               *X-*    *--*-*  |
|I   X D|E2X X  *   R  |               |  |    |D   X  |
|  R |  *--* |  *-X*--X*               |  |    X H  *--*---------------*
*----*  |MD  |     |  H|               |  *--*-*----*             R  R |
     |  *----* R  R|G F*-d-d-d*        | DY R|******| R *------*    R  |
     |  X  G *X-*X-*-X*dHMG 1u|        *--* %*---***|   *------*  R    |
     |  |R  R| D|    D |  R   d           |  X   |**|   R    R |   B 1u|
     |  *-X--*  |  R   d    R |           |RH**  |**|     R    *-------*
     |  |    X  | D    |  RHGMd           *X-*|  *--*-----*    |
     | D|F   |  |      *dX*d-d*           |E4|| R   R        R |
     *-X*----*  *-*----*  |               *--**----------------*
     |     D X    X D     |
     *-X--*--*-*--*-------*            Y = Alan Grant's ID needed
     |    |    |                       1u = 1-up
     |  R X  D |                       % = crate to block raptor tunnel
     *----*----*                       E4 = elevator to Visitor Center (E3)

   I = Robert Muldoon's ID card
   1u = 1-up

The Ship
  Entry Level (19 dinos)                   Sublevel 1 (10 dinos)

    *----------*                       *------*--*    *-----*-----*
    |     R R++|                       |D     X  |    | R   X    D|
    *----X*--*-*--*                    | G    |  *----*  *--*     |
    | R   |**|  R |                    |D *-d-* R      M XE1|D   D|
    |G   R|**| R  |                    *X-*D D*----------*--*-----*
    *X---**--*---X*                    d D  I d
    |    X S    R |                    *d-d-d-*
 *--*X*  *------*-*--*--*
 |    |        R| S  XE1|              I = Dr. Wu's ID card
 |    *------*  |    *--*
 |  R     R  |  |   R   |
 |           |  *-*     |
 *-*-------X-*  |*|   R |
   | R       |  |*|     |
   |    *----*  *-*--X--*
   |    |     R | F     |
   |    |  *----*      C|
   |    |  | S      R   |
   |  R |  *X---*       |
   |    |       |       |
   *-X--*----*  |       |
   |R        |  |       |
   | H     *-*  *---X-*-*
   |    M  |  R |     |
   *-------* S*-*     |
           |  |     R |

  Sublevel 2 (14 dinos)                        Sublevel 3 (18 dinos)

 *----*--*--------*------*--*         *----*--------------*-----------*--*
 | D  X  X   D    X   D  |  |         |D DH|       D      X       D   X G|
 *X-d-*-X*--*--*--*    *-*-X*         |   D|  *-X*-X*-X*  *--*--*--*  |H |
 d D  d  |  |C1X R|B   |  D |         |M   *X-*R X R|  |  X M|  X R| D*-X*
 |    X SY  | R|  |    |    |         *-X--* D| R*--*--*-X*X-*--*dX**X*  |
 *Y1*D|  *-X*-X*-X*--* X D  |         |    *X-*RI| MX R| DX G| D|C2d  *--*
 |E2d d  |R XR | MXE1| *-*-X*         |    |  *-X*-X*-X*  *--*X-*d-*  |  |
 *--*X*-X*--*--*Y-*--*D  |  |         |    X      D          X        X D|
 |F S | DX        |     D| H|         *X-* *-----------------*--------*--*
 *----*--*--------*------*--*         |E2| |
 Y = Ray Arnold's ID needed            
 Y1 = Security Level 2 needed           C2 = mainland communication center
 C1 = request Security Level 2          I = Ellie Satler's (useless) ID card

 Sublevel 4 (25 dinos)

    |DDXGRX  D X D  X  X      d
    |  |R | R  |    |  d  D D |
    *X-*--*  D |  D *--*  ** Md
    |RRXD X R  |    |**d  **GH|
    |  | M| D  | R  |**|  **HGd
 *--*X-*--*  D |    *--*  ** M|
 *E2X MXR X R  |   R|  d  D   d
 *--*G | R|    X R  X RX      |

Raptor Nest

I have utterly failed to properly map the Raptor Nest.  However, you can travel
to the egg room (where you drop the canister of nerve gas) with a simple and
fool-proof algorithm called the right-hand rule (or left-hand rule, depending
on which entrance you go in).

If you go in the south entrance, use the right-hand rule.  If you go in the 
north entrance, use the left-hand rule.  Either will get you there from both
entrances, but the above choices are the faster ones. 

Both rules go as follows:  
 Follow the right wall from the entrance.
 Every time you come to a fork, choose the right path (i.e., continue to follow
 the right wall).
 When you come to the egg room, drop the canister, then use the left-hand rule
 to get out the way you came in.

 Switch the words "left" and "right" to use the left-hand rule from the north

 This algorithm is guaranteed to work on any maze that does not have an "island"
 which means that all the walls of the maze are connected.  As it happens, there
 is an "island" in the Raptor Nest, but it is not the egg room.  The egg room
 is part of the outer wall, so this algorithm will take you there and back.

IX. Secrets

Okay, thanks to an alert gamer, Jerry from North Carolina we have a secret area
in the game:

	In the East Mountains (the big one), there are two sets of rock stairs
	near the middle that go down from the top.  At the top of these stairs
	are lots of boulders and a raptor ambush spot.  At the bottom, if you
	go to the right and walk straight up into the wall you will enter a
	secret level.  It contains some ammo for the good weapons and a 1-up
	(there is a secret door that you need to find-just push on the walls
	until you open it).

There is also a giant 'D' in the 1-up room.  It goes with what appear to be a
bunch of random letters strewn over the map.  The letters are N,E,R,R,R,H, and
O.  With the final D, they spell "Dr Horner," which is the name of one of
Crichton's consultants for his book (it was apparently a contest when the game
was released--that's why the D is hidden in the secret area; it's supposed to 
be the real challenge).

After a thorough search of the game, I am pretty sure these are all of the 
secrets.  If you know of any more, shoot me an e-mail.

X. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Copyright 2006, Mike Jenista

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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