1. Y. Hirane C.G. Designer
  2. T. Miyata C.G. Designer
  3. K. Nakayama C.G. Designer
  4. K. Sano C.G. Designer
  5. C. Ushikubo C.G. Designer
  6. Y. Yamamoto C.G. Designer
  7. S. Ishii Manager
  8. T. Kiuchi Music and Sound Effects
  9. Shingo Kuwana Planner
  10. H. Fukuda Producer
  11. T. Ebisawa Programmer
  12. S. Ishii Programmer
  13. M. Kubota Programmer
  14. Y. Okino Programmer
  15. A. Suwa Programmer
  16. Z. Yamanaka Sound Master
  17. T. Ebisawa Team Manager
  18. Y. Yamamoto Team Manager

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