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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/24/08

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
001.0 - Contact Info 
002.0 - Legal Info
003.0 - Version History

II - Game Basics and Codes
001.0 - Controls 
002.0 - Items
003.0 - Codes

IV - Walkthrough 
001.0 - Part 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark
002.0 - Part 2: Temple of Doom
003.0 - Part 3: The Last Crusade 

Welcome to my Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
Indiana Jones in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what game 
you're talking about. Questions regarding something that's already covered in 
the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything sent to me 
that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me only if 
it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse anyone 

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2008. 
This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal 
or private use. It may not be placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advanced written permission. This guide may not 
be used for profit, and may only be used on gamefaqs.com. Use of this work on 
any other web site besides the ones noted above or as a part of any public 
display is a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Version History: 

First Submission: Version 1.0 

II - Game Basics and Codes 

001.0 - Controls 

B - Jump 

A - Nothing 

X - Throw Grenade 

Y - Attack 

L and R - Punch 

Up - Climb up a ledge

Down + B - Drop down from a platform 

Down + Left or Right + A - Roll 

Select - Switch Weapon 

Start - Pause

002.0 - Items

002.1 - Weapons

- Whip - Indy's trusted bullwhip, which can be used to attack enemies as well 
as swing from hooks or pegs. 

- Pistol - The pistol is actually less powerful than the whip, but it has two 
distinct advantages - attacking from long range and being able to shoot and 
run at the same time. You won't be using it as often as the whip, but make 
sure to pick one up if you stumble upon it just in case. 

- Grenades - A sort of sub-weapon that can be found littered throughout the 
various stages. Throw a grenade using the X button and watch any nearby enemy 
get caught in the blast. You can only carry up to nine grenades at a time. 

002.2 - Miscellaneous Items 

- Hearts - Just like in the Super Star Wars games, hearts are you life source 
in Greatest Adventures, and they'll recover about one-eighth of your life at 
a time. You won't find them from fallen enemies, however, but scattered 
around in item containers. 

- Jewels - Tiny yellow and red stones that can be found in up to groups of 
six. Each jewel earns you fifty points towards your total score. 

- Extra Lives - These are small, square Indiana Jones icons that are usually 
tucked away in areas off the beaten path. If you see an optional route, feel 
free to explore it - you may be rewarded for your efforts! 

- Kidnapped Children - Found only in the Pankot Palace levels, the kidnapped 
children are basically an upgraded form of jewels. They're not as common, but 
they're ten times better, rewarding you with five hundred points instead of 

003.0 - Passwords

Wrote down that password but lost the sticky note it was on? Accidentally 
turned off the game without writing it down? Simply stuck in an area and just 
want to skip it entirely? If any of these scenarios applies to you, then 
you're in luck, because what follows is a list of passwords for every area in 
the game for all three difficulties.  

The passwords use letters of the Greek alphabet, so for those who aren't 
familiar with them, here's a simple legend to identify each symbol.

Delta - A triangle. 
Sigma - An "E" with the vertical line bent inward. 
Phi - The letter "O" with an "I" overlapping it.
Psi - Trident-shaped, or an "I" with a "U" over it. 
Omega - A horseshoe. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Nepal (Easy)             Phi, Sigma, Psi, Omega 
Nepal (Normal)           Delta, Psi, Delta, Sigma
Nepal (Hard)             Phi, Omega, Omega, Sigma 

Cairo (Easy)             Omega, Delta, Sigma, Phi 
Cairo (Normal)           Sigma, Delta, Sigma, Psi
Cairo (Hard)             Phi, Phi, Omega, Psi 

Island (Easy)            Psi, Sigma, Sigma, Phi 
Island (Normal)          Sigma, Omega, Psi, Psi
Island (Hard)            Omega, Delta, Omega, Psi 

Temple of Doom

Shanghai (Easy)          Delta, Phi, Delta, Omega 
Shanghai (Normal)        Sigma, Psi, Psi, Phi 
Shanghai (Hard)          Omega, Delta, Phi, Psi

India (Easy)             Delta, Phi, Omega, Sigma 
India (Normal)           Sigma, Phi, Delta, Omega 
India (Hard)             Sigma, Phi, Omega, Sigma 

Pankot Palace (Easy)     Phi, Delta, Phi, Psi 
Pankot Palace (Normal)   Sigma, Psi, Omega, Phi 
Pankot Palace (Hard)     Omega, Psi, Psi, Omega 

The Last Crusade

Venice (Easy)            Phi, Omega, Psi, Omega 
Venice (Normal)          Phi, Delta, Psi, Sigma 
Venice (Hard)            Omega, Omega, Delta, Phi 

Salzburg (Easy)          Delta, Psi, Phi, Omega 
Salzburg (Normal)        Phi, Psi, Delta, Omega 
Salzburg (Hard)          Psi, Delta, Sigma, Sigma 

Berlin (Easy)            Sigma, Omega, Delta, Sigma 
Berlin (Normal)          Phi, Delta, Delta, Sigma 
Berlin (Hard)            Psi, Omega, Delta, Sigma 

Alexandretta (Easy)      Phi, Psi, Delta, Phi 
Alexandretta (Normal)    Phi, Psi, Phi, Sigma 
Alexandretta (Hard)      Psi, Psi, Phi, Omega 

IV - Walkthrough 

001.0 - Part 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark 

            "You want to talk to God? Let's go see him together, 
                       I've got nothing better to do."

Level 1: Chachapoyan Temple

Take a few steps forward and keep an eye on the top of the screen. Before 
you're close enough to punch the item container, you should see one of the 
stalactites begin to wobble. Step back and let it fall in front of you, and 
then punch the container to gain the whip. Afterwards, run to the edge of the 
water and jump to the other side, continuing to run after landing. If you 
stand around near the edge of either side, one of the two stalactites will 
drop on your head. 

Once on the other side, continue deeper into the temple, collect the grenade, 
and whip the bat flying around. As you run down the slight decline, whip the 
two bats - you should be able to take them both out with a single swing - and 
pick up the jewels. Jump over the Hovito native and attack him from behind. 
If you attack him quickly enough, he won't get the chance to fire a dart at 
you. In the next area is a heart and an extra life guarded by nothing more 
than a few stalactites. Make sure all three of them have dropped, and then 
whip the hook above you to reach the extra life. 

Continue up the incline until you reach more pools of water. Take down the 
bat hovering above you, as well as the two piranhas that jump out of the 
water to attack, before leaping to the next small platform. Kill the lone 
piranha between you and the next ledge, and then jump to it. Run forward and 
jump over the bamboo spike traps that come out from the floor as you walk 
over them - you can just see the tips when they're concealed - as well as the 
crude spike trap in your path. Run down the ramp and whip the spider web to 
pass through, but make sure to jump over the spider that quietly sneaks up to 

Behind the web is a pool of water too wide to jump over. Luckily, there's 
another whip hook conveniently placed in the middle, so latch onto it and 
leap to the other side. Make sure to jump as far as you can to pass under the 
stalactite, though. Whip the spider web, collect the jewels on the other 
side, and whip the three bats flying around near the top of the incline. 
Afterwards, collect the heart and jump over the two bamboo traps. There's 
another item container beyond the traps, as well as another bat and a native. 
Whip them both and jump over the two pairs of bamboo traps, collecting the 
heart and jewels in the process. 

Jump over the spikes and quickly jump to the floating platform, since the 
stone head will fire darts at you. Jump to the next four platforms, and then 
once more to the main level. In front of you is a large black background with 
two totem poles on either side. Position yourself so that Indy is just 
touching the black background, and roll forward - doing so will allow you to 
avoid the three spike traps that fall onto you. It is possible to simply run 
past them without being injured, but it's safer to roll under them. You can 
jump over the gap and quickly leap up to the next ledge to avoid the stone 
head's dart attack, but you can also use the whip hook to reach the higher 
area and bypass the trap entirely.    

Collect the jewels and jump over the bamboo traps. Eliminate the three bats 
hovering over the spike trap and continue up the incline, jumping over the 
bamboo traps and spiders in the process, and kill the Hovito native at the 
top. Drop down to the lower level and run forward. You'll see sunlight shine 
into two specific areas - a stalactite will drop where the first spot is, and 
a spike trap will appear where the second one marks. Past the spike trap is a 
wall that can only be rolled under. However, there's a stone head in the 
small niche, so jump over the dart before rolling under the wall. As you 
appear on the other side, continue running forward and jump to avoid the 
stalactite and spider. At the end in a native in front of a pool with a pair 
of piranhas, so kill them all and jump over the water. On the other side is a 
bat and another native, which you should take care of before whipping the 
item container to obtain another whip item. Jump over the pair of bamboo 
spikes and whip the spider webs - and possibly the native in the process - 
and run to the end of the level. 

Level 2: Boulder Chase

Obviously, any game based on Raiders of the Lost Ark would have to include a 
level that involves being chased by the boulder. While this relatively short 
level can be fun, it's also ridiculously difficult for first-time players 
since a single mistake will probably result in death. In all likelihood, 
regardless of what I were to write here, it will still take anyone new to 
Greatest Adventures several times to recognize every trap. To reduce the 
number of mistakes and frustration the player is bound to feel, there are a 
few strategies you can use to give yourself the best odds of coming out in 
one piece. 

First of all, always try and stay about one-fifth of the screen away from the 
right side. If you're right next to the edge of the screen, you won't have 
enough time to see the traps and react to avoid them, and if you're any 
farther away you run the risk of being crushed by the boulder. 

The other trick that may help you is that of the two traps you'll run into 
(besides the boulder itself), the bamboo traps actually serve as a warning. 
If you stay far away enough from the edge of the screen they'll have 
retracted back into the ground, so they can never injure you. Instead, 
however, it's a signal for you to jump since it means that a spike trap is 
about to appear in front of you. There are some spike traps that are by 
themselves without any sort of advanced warning and not every bamboo trap 
will precede spikes, but this still can be used as a tip to stay alive. 

And finally, there are several jewels scattered on the ground. Certainly 
don't avoid them, but don't waste any time going out of your way collecting 
them. If you accidentally jump over one, keep going, even if it looks like 
the boulder is far enough away to get it. It's definitely not worth. 

Now on to the actual walkthrough. 

When you gain control of Indy, you'll have a few seconds before the screen 
begins to move and the boulder rolls after you. Wait for the screen to jerk 
forward and sprint after it. Jump up the incline - it's faster than running - 
and jump at the edge to avoid the two spike traps below you. Continue running 
over the bumpy, irregular ground, and jump over the spike trap after the 
bamboo trap. 

Keep going and you'll start up an incline and back down again. Run past two 
lowered bamboo traps - there isn't a spike trap this time, but that still 
doesn't stop me from jumping over the second bamboo trap out of habit anyway 
- and over a spike trap after a bamboo trap about half of a screen away. Run 
up another incline and begin heading back down, at the bottom is a jewel, 
followed by another bamboo-spike trap combo. Whatever you do, don't 
accidentally jump over the jewel thinking it's a trap or you'll land right on 
the spikes and more than likely get crushed by the boulder.

Continue running over more irregularly leveled ground and jump when you reach 
the bottom of the highest bump to avoid an unannounced spike trap. Run over a 
small, square gap that looks as if it's been cut out, and jump over another 
spike trap that doesn't have a bamboo trap to foreshadow it. Keep going over 
a spot of safe, flat ground and pick up the jewel lying on the ground before 
heading up the incline. Jump over the spike trap at the top, and pick up the 
jewel after a set of bumps in the ground. 

Run up the incline and jump over the spike trap preceded by a pair of bamboo 
traps, and repeat for the same series of traps about a screen later. Head up 
the incline and past the two bamboo traps until you reach a spot with two 
small inclines and flat land in the middle. A spike trap is hidden in this 
flat area, so jump over it. There's another one in the next area of similarly 
flat land, but that marks the final trap. Simply run off screen to finish the 

Level 3: Nepalese Mountains

In this snowy level, drudge forward until you reach a wooden crate. A fist 
icon will appear over you, indicating that you should crouch down and punch 
the crate. Doing so will send it tumbling down the icy hill, where it comes 
to rest near the base of a rock wall. Use the crate to reach the top, and 
punch the item backpack to obtain your whip and collect the jewels on the 

Use the whip to swing over the crevice, and jump over the bear trap in 
between the two jewels. Standing by the tree, whip vertically to kill the 
raven flying above you, and then take out the wolf pacing back and forth 
ahead. Knock the second raven out of the air, and leap over the snowballs 
that come rolling down the mountainside. Eliminate the wolf on the ledge 
above you, and roll into the small niche to collect the heart if you need to 
replenish your life. Jump over the two bear traps and crouch to avoid being 
shot by the gunman. Inch your way forward in between shots until you can get 
close enough to attack, and then do so. Jump over the bear trap, and coax the 
one below it into going off if you need the heart it's protecting. 
Afterwards, whip the raven flying near the ledge and jump onto the tiny, 
snowy platform. Collect the second heart if you wish, and then jump down 
flush against the left-most cliff wall to find a secret cave containing a 
pair of hearts, a pair of jewels, and an item backpack containing a whip 

To get back to the main level, you'll see a whip hook stuck in rock of the 
narrow platforms. There are a total of four, and you absolutely need to latch 
on to at least the last one. You can use all four if you want, but I 
personally find it easier to make full, long jumps and use the second and 
fourth hooks. This method comes off as more natural instead of having to stop 
halfway through a swing and try to whip a hook two inches from your face. 
Swinging from the final hook, simply jump to the final platform and collect 
the jewel. 

From the platform, jump to the main land and over the bear trap. There are a 
pair of item backpacks, which contain a pistol and a whip item. Make your way 
up the hill, jumping over the snowballs rolling down, and attack the gunman 
at the top. If you stand below him, you can use either the pistol or whip to 
attack from this safe zone. Continue up a slightly steeper hill, hurdling 
over more snowballs of death, and take care of yet another gunman aimlessly 
firing away at nothing at the top. 

Follow the path, collecting the jewels scattered around, and jump over the 
bear trap. Equip the pistol and shoot down at the gunman in the hole. When 
he's out of commission, continue on, jumping over the two sets of bear traps, 
until you reach another cliff. Jump to the other side and collect the pistol 
in the item backpack, and then drop down to yet another secret cave in the 
rock of the cliff on the left. Collect the heart, the grenade, the whip, and 
all of the jewels, and then head back outside. If you whip the first hook and 
jump as far as you can, you can land on the narrow platform without having to 
use the second one. Standing here, whip straight up to collect the heart from 
the item backpack, and then jump to the wooden platform in the hollowed out 
rock. From here you can either run across the ice bridge or swing across 
using the hook if the ice has broken up. Land on the wooden platform and 
enter the next area to complete the level.

Level 4: Ravenwood Bar

Pick up the grenade behind you and punch the item container to get the whip 
before entering the bar. Explore the lower level, jumping over any rats or 
flaming barrels that get in your way, and collect the heart at the end. Push 
the barrels to find another heart and a grenade, as well as another whip 

Climb the stairs up to the second floor and head right, collecting the hearts 
and jewels until you reach another set of stairs. You'll notice that as soon 
as you step on the second floor, the main level will burst into flames and 
slowly follow you up. Go up, picking up more items, and push the box under 
the ledge to the third floor and use it to climb up. Use the whip hook to 
your right to swing to the long platform, and then repeat with the next hook 
to reach a set of stairs leading up to the fifth floor. Allow the rat to 
crawl up the stairs before you and follow after it. 

Jump to the platform with the barrel on it and push it to find a grenade, and 
then head to the other end, avoiding the flaming barrels and collapsing 
floors. Pick up the heart in the corner if you need it, and then run up to 
the next floor. Jump across the gap, you'll see a set of stairs to your left 
and a wide collapsible floor to your right. Above this floor is a whip hook, 
which you can use to swing across should the floor crumble away by mistake. 
As a bonus, you can use the hook to reach an extra life, but hold off for a 
moment before doing that. Collect the heart and run across another 
collapsible floor, avoiding the occasional rat, until you reach the end, 
where you'll find a heart and a pile of jewels. Make your way back, and 
before returning to the stairs, collect the extra life. The fire chasing 
after you moves up as you proceed higher up, and jumping up to reach the 
extra life triggers it to rise up to the next floor, which is why it needs to 
be done last. Afterwards, continue up the stairs to your left. 

On this floor, pick up the heart at the top and jump to the platform on your 
right after the flaming barrel rolls off of it. There's another hook above a 
wide collapsible floor that can be used to obtain a grenade, but once again, 
there's more to do on this floor so this must wait until the end. At the far 
right end of this floor - beyond the stairs - are two item backpacks, which 
contain a whip and a pistol. Collect them both, return for the grenade if you 
want, and head up to the next floor. Here, jump over the crate and collect 
the heart if you need it, and then punch the crate from the right so it 
slides down the stairs. Now you have a platform high enough to reach the next 
level, so climb up onto the crate and leap up to the next floor. 

The stairs to the next level is right in front of you, but there's a grenade 
in the far left corner. Grab it if you want, and then head up the stairs to 
the final floor. Check out the left side for some last minute hearts, jewels, 
and items, and then run over to the right for the boss. 

Boss - Arnold Toht 

Toht is an agent for the Nazis whose mission is to find the Ark of the 
Covenant. He is searching for Marion Ravenwood for the same reason Indy is - 
she has the headpiece for the Staff of Ra, an ancient relic which can reveal 
to the owner the location of the Ark. Toht is holding Marion hostage above 
you, and his attacks consist of jumping from platform to platform, throwing 
flaming bottles that bounce around the screen. There's also a small area on 
the right that will collapse if you step on it, so be sure to keep an eye on 
where you're standing. 

You should have picked up a pistol somewhere in this level - there are two 
that you actually come across if you've followed this guide - so that's what 
you'll use to fight Toht. Shoot the item container to pick up the whip so you 
don't accidentally collect it later, but immediately switch back to the 

You can attack him two different ways: standing directly below him and shoot 
the parts of Toht that are over the side of the platform, or standing about 
two platforms away and shooting diagonally. To avoid falling through the 
collapsible floor, stay on the left side of the screen and use whichever 
method applies at the moment. 

The key to fighting Toht is to not take any unnecessary risks. Fire away when 
he's jumping around, but as soon as he stops to attack you, hold up so you 
can dodge them. As long as you aren't stuck in an attack animation, it isn't 
terribly difficult to avoid being hit, since the bottles bounce in a logical 
pattern, making it fairly easy to predict where they're going to land. As you 
drain Toht's life, the bottles will bounce more and stay on screen longer, 
but the same strategies apply. After taking about twenty to twenty-five 
gunshots, Toht will flee. As soon as your points-counter is finished 
updating, the level will end.

Level 5: Streets of Cairo Part One

Jog over to the basket and roll into it. The basket will slide across the 
ground and crush the rat crawling towards you. Knock the basket to the right 
again or push it until it's underneath the ledge, and use it as a step to 
climb up. Leap over to the higher ledge in the far left corner, collect the 
jewels, and then jump up to the ledge just below the roof. At this height, 
you're eye level with the rat crawling around, so punch it before jumping up. 
Drop down over the right wall and run along the parapet, collecting more 
jewels as you go. Jump off the side and land on the overhand. As you're 
bouncing up and down, jump to the ledge, but make sure to climb up on the 
left side since the veiled woman in the window will drop a jar on you. 

Punch the woman when she appears out of the window, and then jump from the 
right side of the ledge and climb up to the lower of the two roofs. There's a 
Cairo swordsman on the roof to your left, but since you don't have a weapon 
yet it would be unwise to try and take him on. Follow this to the end and 
punch the item container to finally find a whip. Use it immediately to kill 
the two soldiers above you - luckily, you can hit them while still standing 
safely below them. Whip the item container they were guarding for a heart, 
and then drop down and land on the overhang. There are two wooden pegs 
hanging above the jar women that you can swing from, so latch onto the first 
one and use them to reach the ledge with the basket on it. Hop onto the 
basket, and jump up to the rooftop from there to find an item container with 
another heart in it. Afterwards, drop back down to the basket and push it 
over the edge before following suit. 

Roll into the basket from the left to crush the rat, and again to injure the 
soldiers beyond it. Finish them off with your whip, and continue knocking 
into the basket, killing any rats you come across in the process. Stop when 
you reach the overhang, and grab the pistol from the item container before 
jumping onto t he overhang. Afterwards, climb up to the ledge with all of the 
jewels and swing from the peg to reach the rooftop on the right. There's a 
rat crawling around, so shoot it with your pistol, but watch out for the 
monkey at the far end throwing rocks at you. Avoid one of its projectiles and 
roll towards it to quickly get within striking distance, and whip the monkey 
three times to eliminate it as a threat. Jump as far as you can to the right 
and land back down on the streets - you may see a gunman guarding an extra 
life, but you can't reach it just yet. 

Back on the ground floor, roll into the basket to kill the rat and do some 
damage to the swordsman. Finish him off, and continue pushing the basket to 
the overhang. There's also a heart right before it, so collect it if you took 
any hits from the swordsman. Climb up to the overhang, and then to the ledge 
right above it with the three jewels. 

There's another monkey almost directly above you, so kill it if you want - 
you'll have to jump if you're using your whip - before swinging across the 
wooden pegs and landing on the parapet. Jump to the ledge on the left, and 
kill the gunman safely out of his line of fire before climbing up and 
claiming the extra life prize we saw earlier. You can also whip the item 
container above the ledge for a heart, as well. From the rooftop, leap over 
the parapet to the adjacent roof and kill the soldier and rat you'll find 
here. The monkey will also have returned, so take it out, too. Jump down to 
the streets again and crouch to avoid the soldier's gunfire before whipping 
or shooting him. Continue on and you'll see a scene that looks something like 

                                        B           ___           
                          B            |2|     _   |              
                         |1|         __|_|    |3|H |              
                       __|_|                _M|_|  |              
                               |\____\             |              

Climb up to the first ledge and punch the basket over the wall so it drops 
down to the streets. Roll it over the rat, kill the soldier, and jump onto 
the overhang. Bounce up to the second ledge, and knock this basket over the 
side as well - doing so should conveniently take out the monkey on the third 
ledge as a bonus. Now, drop back down to the street and climb up the third 
ledge - you can now climb up to the top using the basket you placed there as 
a step. From here, you can either jump over the wall and continue with the 
game or drop down in between the two sides and collect the heart - just be 
aware that you may have to repeat the entire puzzle if the baskets disappear. 

There's another swordsman, along with several rats and a gunman, on the roof 
to the left guarding a heart, but quite frankly you shouldn't need it, so 
avoiding fighting them and head right. Kill the monkey and leap off the 
rooftop as far right as you can. You should land on an overhand, which you 
can use to reach a ledge with a basket on it. Ignore the monkey below you, 
and push the basket as close as you can to the left corner without knocking 
it over the side. Use it to jump to the ledge on the left, which will allow 
you to reach the roof. There you'll find two hearts and a pistol, guarded by 
a soldier and a stationary gunman. Afterwards, drop down to the wooden 
shingles just below you, and whip the wooden peg inside the walled-in area. 
Release just as you're coming up and you'll jump onto the ledge; after 
killing the rat, you can destroy the item container above you for an extra 

Drop back down to the ledge with the basket and push it over the left side. 
Follow after it and roll it into it, sending it into the monkey and several 
rats. Continue pushing it, taking out more monkeys and rats as you go, until 
you reach an overhang. There's a swordsman on the right side, and you can 
kill him with your pistol without being attacked if you stay out of his 
range. When he's taken care of, continue pushing the basket to the dead end, 
where you'll find a veiled woman dropping more jars. Whip her to death, and 
then use the basket to jump onto the ledge. Jump once again to the ledge 
above the overhang, kill the rat and soldier walking along the roof, and 
climb up to the top. Drop down to the parapet and then the streets. When you 
attempt to exit the stage, you'll be stopped by a large, menacing swordsman. 
He'll twirl his sword around but won't attack, so the only way to lose health 
is by walking into him. You'll notice that the whip doesn't inflict any 
damage, but fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark should recognize this guy as the 
unfortunate fellow on the receiving end of Indy's lazy substitute for sword-
fighting. Sure enough, a single pistol shot will take him down, allowing you 
to exit the level safely.  

Level 6: Streets of Cairo Part Two

When the level begins, pick up the pistol and stay on the right half of the 
screen. The screen will automatically move, and someone off screen will begin 
throwing bales of hay at you. Hurdle over them, and begin shooting while you 
run to keep up with the screen. Eventually the perpetrator will be revealed 
as a Nazi goon on a horse cart. Continuing avoiding the bales of hay, but now 
focus your shots on him. He takes a few more gunshots to go down, but you 
shouldn't have a problem getting rid of him in time. However, if you come 
into contact with the cart you'll take damage, and if you don't keep up with 
the screen, you'll automatically lose a life. When he's dead, the game will 
tell you to jump onto the cart. Do that, and do it quickly, because 
eventually the cart will escape and you'll have to start over. 

Once you're safely on the cart, a very large, menacing thug will join you and 
knock your pistol away, forcing you to fight hand-to-hand. If you stay near 
the right side of the cart and perform punching combos, the thug shouldn't be 
able to fight back since he'll either be taking hits or attempting to 
position himself for a counterattack. After about five or six good punches, 
Indy will emerge victorious and this fairly short but fun level will come to 
an end. 

Level 7: Streets of Cairo Part Three

Punch the item container in front of you and pick up a whip. Whip the rats 
walking along the roof above you, but watch out for the Nazi soldier on the 
ground in front of you. Whip the wooden peg at the end of this row of shacks 
- you'll have to jump to reach it - and swing backwards to land on the roof. 
Follow it back to claim a heart if you'd like, and then jump to the next 
building and whip the Nazi on the rooftop. Pick up the heart sitting on the 
edge, and jump straight down to the streets. Roll into the Nazi to stop him 
from shooting, and take him down with the whip. 

A little farther down the street is a Cairo swordsman, and unfortunately you 
don't have a pistol to kill him from afar. Allow the rat to pass you and inch 
towards him until he leaps forward, jumping over him afterwards before he 
swipes at you. From here, you can either whip him or simply run away if you 
don't feel like fighting. Push the basket down the street, avoiding the woman 
dropping jars above you, and jump up to the overhang. Use the wooden pegs to 
swing to the left side of the building and climb onto the ledge there. Kill 
the Nazi on the roof and then make your way back to the right side of the 
area, killing the swordsman in the process - there's a heart at the end if 
you lose any life. Drop straight down to the streets flush against the wall. 

Here, run down the street and fight through a pair of swordsmen. At the end, 
you'll find a basket. Use it to jump onto the roofs of any of the shacks 
after you get rid of the rats and Nazis patrolling them, and whip straight up 
in the air while jumping to find a grenade, an extra life, and a heart on the 
three shacks, going left to right respectively. On the third shack, jump as 
far right as you can, and you'll actually leap over a swordsman, allowing you 
skip fighting him. Kill the Nazi patrolling the next building and run to the 
dead end, where you'll find a pistol and a basket. Take the former, and push 
the latter to the overhang on the other side of the building. Whip the wooden 
peg to your right and swing to the ledge in the right corner. Kill the Nazi 
above you and climb up to the rooftop. To your left are a rat, a swordsman, 
and a stationary gunman guarding a heart and a grenade, so eliminate the 
entire group and collect your reward. 

Follow the rooftop to the end and jump to the next building. There are three 
Nazi soldiers patrolling around and two Cairo swordsmen at the end, so use 
your pistol and take your time pressing forward. Drop back down to the 
streets, and run to the next building. Kill the swordsman, but make sure to 
dodge the gunfire from the gunman on the ledge above you. Stand underneath 
him and shoot straight up to take him out. At the end of the street is a dead 
end with two jar women and two baskets. Jump onto the one in between the two 
women and climb up to their ledge. Shoot the one on the left, and then jump 
to the next two ledges. Kill the two Nazis on the rooftop, but watch out for 
the Cairo gunman shooting at you from off screen, since you can't crouch low 
enough to avoid his gunshots. When the three of them are eliminated, collect 
the heart and grenade and hop down to the streets below. 

Run forward and roll into the basket, which will send it into the Nazi and 
rat coming towards you. Finish off the Nazi and his comrade a few steps 
behind and continue down the street to finish the level. 

Level 8: German Dig Site

Punch the item container in front of you to find a whip, and look behind you 
to find a grenade and some jewels. Use the green barrels as stepping stones 
to jump up to the higher-level tracks, but watch out for ravens flying around 
and carts that dump rocks on you. The higher tracks are usually an easier 
route to take, as you only come across a few ravens and Nazis instead of the 
more densely packed lower regions, which also are home to German motorcycles. 
Of course, should you fall at any point, it's difficult, if not impossible, 
to get back up, but so it goes. 

Jump over the rolling cart and run across the collapsing board. Climb over 
the barrel and make your way down the tracks, under the now-highest track 
above you. You'll see a grenade and a pistol at the end of the highest track, 
but unfortunately you aren't able to reach it just yet. Keep going along the 
path you're currently on, whipping the lone Nazi patrolling the track, until 
you reach a green barrel with several ravens flying around. Knock any of the 
ravens you see out of the sky and, standing around the middle of the incline, 
leap over to the track above you to your left - you should just be able to 
climb up to it if you make a good jump. Avoid the cart that rolls towards you 
and continue attacking the swarms of ravens until you reach the end, 
collecting your grenade and pistol as a reward. Now backtrack to where the 
two tracks intersected. 

Back at the barrel, whip any remaining ravens and jump over the cart. As you 
follow this track, there's one other cart, but otherwise there aren't any 
obstacles in your way as you run down the long, descending track. At the end, 
there's a single raven flying around, so kill it and drop down. There are a 
few jewels in a line that lead to the end of this new track, which leads back 
to ground level. There's a Nazi underneath you randomly firing, but you can 
avoid him if you jump onto the raised mound of dirt with the two hearts 
sitting at the edge. Follow this path as it slopes down under the tracks, 
kill the Nazi near the end, and run off screen past the tent to finish the 

Level 9: Well of the Souls Part One

As soon as the level begins, a rock wall will drop down and block your path. 
Three punches will destroy it, and then quickly run through before a new one 
replaces it. Punch the funny-looking orb on the other side to find a whip, 
and run over to the edge of the snake pit. Wait for one of the horizontal 
rock pillars to jet out from the side, and use it to reach the other side. 
There's another rock pillar blocking your path, and a Nazi patrolling behind 
it. Whip them both at the same time to kill two birds with one stone, and 
continue along this route until you come upon another pillar. Destroy it like 
the others, and head down the stairs, making sure to attack any bats that fly 
too close. At the end is a carved snake's head that releases a rock pillar 
that you can use as a platform, along with another one across from it. Jump 
onto the far one and take out the Nazi guarding the grenade and heart in the 
corner, and then jump down. You're welcome to jump from platform to platform 
and gradually make your way down, but as long as you aim for the center 
you'll be safe, and you're only missing out on a handful of jewels. 

Wait for the Nazi to walk away before dropping down and attacking him. There 
are two more rock pillars blocking your path, but there are also hearts in 
each of the two orbs in between them. Beyond that is another pit of snakes, 
so once again use the horizontal pillar to reach the slightly elevated 
platform on the other side. Continue up the steps, attacking the pair of 
Nazis in your way, and jump to the platform with the three jewels stacked on 
it. Use this platform to reach the ones above it, and in the far right corner 
you'll find an extra life and a heart blocked by a rock pillar, as well as a 
lone heart against the left wall. 

Once you've explored the top of the area, begin heading down deeper into the 
chamber. There are only a few jewels to be found and a pair of hearts near 
the end in the right corner, so don't spend too much time here. At the bottom 
are two Nazis, so whip them and continue on. A bit farther down this passage 
you'll find a stone you can push around, but don't bother with it since you 
can't use it for anything. There are a few more snake pits and bats designed 
to keep you busy, but none of them should really give you any trouble. 

At the end, drop down between the two pillars that attempt to crush you, and 
repeat this for a similar puzzle. Whip the Nazi waiting for you at the 
bottom, and head to the left to continue exploring. The final area in this 
level can be tricky since it requires you to make near-perfect jumps over the 
final set of snake pits. After jumping over all four pits, avoid the rat and 
whip the orbs to collect some hearts and jewels, and then destroy the rock 
pillar to continue. You should time it so that the horizontal pillar is just 
about to jet out as you destroy the vertical one, so you can simply run 
through and jump to the final platform where you'll find the Ark of the 
Covenant and complete the level. 

Level 10: Well of the Souls Part Two

It's fairly dark, but you can just make out an orb in front of you. Punch it 
to collect a whip, and then jump over the snake pit to the other side. Kill 
or avoid the rat and run to the end of the area, you'll see some platforms 
above you with some jewels. Climb up to the second one and take a side trip 
to collect a heart and some extra jewels if you'd like, and then continue up.  

At the top, jump to the main passage on the left and make your way forward 
until you come across a pair of Nazi soldiers. Crouch down and whip them 
before they get a chance to attack, and then push the block in front of you 
over to the wall. Use it to jump up to the platform above you, and make your 
way to the top left corner for the next area. However, there are some hearts 
and a stack of jewels along the right wall that's easy to snag, so they're 
definitely worth grabbing. 

Standing on the highest platform, you'll notice that you aren't able to jump 
high enough to reach the next level. You may also notice that a pair of 
horizontal rock pillars come out from the walls and crush you if you aren't 
crouching. To reach the next area, wait for the rock pillars to recede back 
into walls, count out three seconds, and then make your jump straight up. If 
all goes well and you timed it correctly, you just be at the apex of your 
jump just as the pillars come out, allowing you to safely land on top of 
them. Pick up the heart on the left if you took any damage, and then continue 
right down the passage. 

On this level, you'll come across a sole Nazi soldier that's fairly easy to 
dispatch, but the danger here is the falling trap like the ones from Level 
One. After you whip the Nazi, roll along the floor until you reach the steps 
and you'll safely pass right under it. Jump over the fairly small snake pits, 
kill another Nazi, and then leap over a large snake pit. When you come down 
on the other side, whip the orb in front of you for a heart and a whip icon. 
There's another Nazi in the next step, but otherwise this level is clear. Run 
to the end and jump over the rock pillars trap to pick up the heart. 
Afterwards, wait for the pillars to recede into the rock and drop down. 

As for fall down, you'll land on a platform against the right wall just below 
the top. Pick up the heart, and use this platform to see where the next one 
is. Make your way down, and avoid the two rats on the ground floor. Head to 
your left, pick up the jewels and hearts on the first few steps, and run 
through the third step to avoid the falling spike trap. There's a Nazi that 
will come at you as you pass under the trap, so be ready to attack as soon as 
you're safe. 

At the edge, you'll see a series of platforms leading back down with handfuls 
of jewels on each one. However, what you may miss is the bat flying around 
the top of the area that conveniently blends in with the darkness. Whip it 
from the first platform, collect all of the jewels, and jump down to the 
bottom. Follow this corridor until you reach another set of snake pits. Jump 
over the first two, but use the whip hook to swing across the third and jump 
to the raised platform with a heart and some jewels on it. Drop down to the 
main level after grabbing them, and run out of the Well of the Souls to 
finish off the level. 

Level 11: Island Surface

There are two ravens flying just in front of you when the level begins, and 
the one farther away is carrying a rock. I'm sure there's a Monty Python joke 
to be made here, but for everyone's sake I won't attempt to figure out what 
it is. Wait for the two ravens to start flying back to the right, and then 
quickly jump on top of the crate, dropping back down on the other side before 
they make their return. Pick up the grenade and break the item container for 
a whip, and immediately knock as many ravens out of the sky as you can. There 
is a pair of Nazis down the slope on the level area at the bottom, so jump 
over them and attack. Alternatively, you can lob the grenade you just found 
and be done with the whole thing - there's even a replacement a few feet in 
front of you. One would think that the placement of the moveable crate here 
would indicate that you'll have to use it for something, but you can simply 
jump over the strange-looking rock formation in front of you. 

Stand under the spot light and whip the two ravens you can reach from here. 
There's still another raven carrying a rock, though, so wait for it to fly 
off screen to the right, follow after it, and whip it out of the air before 
it returns. Also be sure to take out its partner flying just below it, as 
well. Run along the island's irregular land formations until you come upon a 
moveable crate that you will need to use. Pick up the jewels and whip icon 
first, and then push it so it's flush against the wall. Before jumping up, 
though, take this opportunity to attack the Nazi walking around on the higher 
level. It will take two jumps to actually reach the top, and you may want to 
whip vertically to take out and ravens flying above you as you make the 
second one. Jump over the next rock that sticks out, and attack first the two 
ravens to your right carrying rocks followed by the lone raven directly above 
you. Follow this path down until you come across a series of gaps. 

Before jumping to the first platform, whip both of the ravens in your view. 
Unlike in Nepal, there aren't any secret caves below you, so resist the 
temptation to make a leap of faith to find one. On the first platform, stand 
as close to the edge as you can and whip the next two ravens that appear just 
on screen. If you don't, there's a good chance they'll knock you off the side 
and send you tumbling to your death. As you stand on the second platform, you 
should see a Nazi walking around the on the next one, so attack him from 
where you are before taking his place on the third rock. 

Unfortunately, three of the four ravens flying around the fourth platform 
actually are too far away to whip from where you are, so jump and quickly 
whip the two ravens carrying rocks to avoid any unnecessary concussions. 
Knock the final raven out of the sky, and then jump to the next two platforms 
that, thankfully, are sans any ravens. 

However, the following area more than makes up for the lack of ravens, so any 
ornithologists playing won't be disappointed. To greatly simplify things, do 
yourself a favor and just toss a grenade as soon as you reach the first 
crate. This will eliminate all of the birds in the area save for a single one 
at the very end, which you should easily be able to take care of. As a bonus, 
all of the item containers you destroyed in the blast contain hearts, so be 
sure to pick them up as you go. There's a replacement grenade in front of the 
final crate, and beyond that is the end of the level. 

Level 12: Rene Belloq Opens the Ark 

Boss - Rene Belloq 

The greedy and foolish Rene Belloq can't resist opening the Ark, and it 
results in the face-melting and head-imploding deaths of his comrades Arnold 
Toht and Colonel Dietrich. Belloq himself is spared in this version, however, 
so it's up to you to put a stop to all of this madness. 

As soon as you take control of Indy, immediately run over to the backpack on 
the right and pick up a whip. You're attacking Belloq himself, but the 
attacks you're defending against come from the Ark of the Covenant. 
Fortunately, there are only two types of attacks, and both are fairly easy to 
avoid. As you focus on Belloq, the Ark will release the head of some sort of 
spirit that slowly creeps up on you. If you're on the opposite side of the 
Ark from where the spirit is, you can allow it to make its way over before 
jumping over it or rolling underneath. If it's directly above you, simply run 
over to the other side. The time it takes for the spirit to move from one end 
of the screen to the next is just about its lifespan, so you'll only have to 
avoid it once before it disappears. Alternatively, you can also whip the 
spirits to get rid of them as well. 

The only other attack to watch out for is a snake-like spirit that spirals 
around the screen in your direction. By itself, this is a fairly easy attack 
to avoid, but if you have a poorly placed face-spirit it becomes impossible 
to dodge one without plowing straight into another. This is why it's so 
important to make sure any face spirits on screen are either on the other 
side of the Ark or about level with Indy, since it will allow you to either 
jump over both or have enough room to just jump over the snake-spirit. 

With that in mind, there's really nothing more to this battle other than 
trying to cut down on the number of mistakes you make. You can usually get 
about three to five whip swings in on Belloq before having to defend against 
the Ark, so it quickly becomes somewhat repetitive. After inflicting enough 
damage on Belloq, the Ark's cover will close and open again, and its attacks 
will become more aggressive, with two spirits appearing at a time. However, 
your strategy shouldn't really change at all, so just keep focusing on Belloq 
and dodging spirits when you have to. 

Eventually, the Ark's cover will come to rest for good, and the level will 
end. One movie down, two to go!

002.0 - Part 2: Temple of Doom

                "Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali... in Hell!"

Level 13: Club Obi-Wan

The Temple of Doom portion of the game opens with a bang. This level is 
short, but it can be pretty challenging since a single misstep can result in 
nearly all of your life being drained. The goal is make it from one end of 
the club to the vial of antidote sitting at the exit. Unfortunately, there 
are falling chandeliers, flaming dinner carts, and Chinese gangsters standing 
in your way. 

When the level begins, punch the item backpack and pick up the pistol. You'll 
see a pair of crosshairs floating around the screen, and eventually they'll 
settle on you and release a few rounds. These shots are extremely powerful, 
and if you get caught in the open there's a good chance you'll be killed. 

To avoid this, use the various tables and pianos for cover. The crosshairs 
will wobble before firing off a half-dozen rounds, indicated by the brown 
smoke created. After collecting your pistol, immediately duck behind the 
piano or table in front of you for cover. When there's a pause in the 
shooting, run to the table and wait out the next group of shots. Afterwards, 
make a break for the next piano, though there's a lot of open space in 
between. You'll also have to jump over a dinner cart that someone rolls at 
you, and if you see the crosshairs begin to fire you can quickly change 
directions and jump to throw them off. Using the piano can be tricky since 
the chandelier above you will fall down and the ice on the floor will cause 
you to slide out into the open. To combat both of these issues, use the left 
side of the piano for cover instead of the center. Your rear end will be 
sticking out, but not enough that it will register as a hit. 

Leave the piano and run to the next table, which has a whole slew of traps 
waiting for you. Not only is there anther chandelier and ice patch, but 
there's another flaming cart as well as one of Lao Che's goons carrying a 
Molotov cocktail. As you pass under the chandelier, jump over the cart and 
immediately crouch and begin shooting to kill the gangster. Wait for the 
crosshairs to stop firing, and run to the piano on the next screen. 
Fortunately, there aren't any surprises. From here, you can actually run past 
three tables and before having to find cover, and after jumping over the cart 
there's a long dinner table that you can use. In the final stretch, simply 
run straight the to vial of antidote when the coast is clear to end the 

Level 14: Shanghai Streets

After falling through the overhangs, Indy swiftly lands on the hood of a car 
and bounces up to the lowest overhang on the right building. If you fall down 
to the streets, you'll have to use the ledges on the left building to get 
back up. You should do your best to stay off of the streets, however, since 
you'll run into more Chinese mobsters and Auburn Speedsters that aim to run 
you down. You can explore the left building anyway, if you want, since you'll 
find a pistol on one of the ledges there - though you'll find another soon - 
and a heart, a grenade, and a stack of jewels on the roof. Just watch out for 
the thug on the highest ledge, he can be difficult to see if you aren't 
looking, as well as his buddy on the rooftop itself. 

Bouncing on the overhang you take control on, bounce along the overhangs 
until you reach the ledge on the right side of the building. From the second 
ledge, jump to the overhang up and to your left, but quickly climb up to the 
ledge above you since the overhang will collapse if you stay on it for too 
long. There's a ledge on your right that looks promising, but unfortunately 
it leads to a dead end. Instead, make your way over to the left. The next 
overhang you step on, which you won't bounce on, will also collapse. At the 
very top of the building just under the roof on the left is a grenade, and to 
the right is a ledge with an item backpack containing a whip. Use it to swing 
from the hook in front of you and land on the nearby rooftop below. Pick up 
the pistol and jewels, but watch out for the Chinese thug with a gun just off 

Below you on this roof are three Chinese thugs with pistols - one attacks 
from out of each window on the right side of the building - and there's a 
woman on the left that drops wooden planks on you, but below the plank woman 
is a heart, however, so grab it if you need it. Otherwise, you can just 
barely reach the next rooftop if you make a near-perfect jump and climb up, 
but you won't have to fight any of the plank woman, cars, and mobsters, and 
as a bonus you score some jewels, a heart, and a grenade. At the end of this 
roof, there's a whip hook above and to the right, but there are two thugs off 
screen shooting at you. Shoot back even though you can't see them to kill the 
first, swing to the balcony he was standing on, and kill his partner on the 
balcony just below you. 

Standing on the first balcony's railing, jump to the overhang to your right 
and follow the path of overhangs over the three plank women. You'll notice 
you don't bounce on the final overhang, which means it's going to collapse in 
a few seconds. Quickly whip the hook in front of you and swing to the next 
building and run off screen to finish the level. 

Level 15: Rafting Down the Himalayas 

The quick-thinking Indiana Jones manages to escape from a stalling airplane 
by inflating a raft and using it to slow down enough to safely land on a 
snowy Himalayan mountain. Unfortunately, there's still the problem of having 
to navigate through - or over - the trees, rocks, and crevices littered 
around the area, and this is where the player picks up the slack. 

This actually isn't a terrible level. The obstacles are mainly spaced far 
away enough that you won't ever get stuck in a position where you can't 
possibly pass through without crashing. The only annoying aspect of the level 
is when you jump over a crevice and land directly on a tree or something, 
since you pretty much have to make your jump before seeing that far ahead of 
you. Still, this just requires a bit of a practice and good old trial-and-
error to figure out. 

There are two points where Indy's raft bounces up, but there's only one where 
the player is required to manually make a jump. When you see a small hill 
that's entirely covered by snow, you do not have to jump, and the raft will 
simply bounce over it and knock Indy around. However, if you see a spot that 
has beige-colored rock, you do have to jump. Failing to do so will cause the 
raft to fall into a crevice and results in a game over. 

Unfortunately, there's really no strategy or definitive walkthrough for this 
level, so the best advice I can give is to make sure you put plenty of space 
between you and a given obstacle. If you have extra room, use it so you don't 
brush against a rock or tree. You may think you didn't hit it, but there's a 
good chance it will register as a collision, forcing you to completely start 
over. Also, do your best to stay in the center of the slope. The game doesn't 
let you know that you're at the edge, and you may not notice that you can't 
move to one side anymore until it's too late. 

After about eleven or twelve jumps, Indy's raft will come up to the final 
jump, but the game won't allow the player to make it. Simply slide through 
it, fall down, and finish the level. 

Level 16: Pankot Palace 

Pankot Palace is a maze that requires Indy to correctly find the statues that 
lead to the entrance of the mines. If you make a mistake, poor Indiana will 
have to wander around the palace until he winds up back at the beginning. 
However, the positive aspect to this is that the nonessential areas are 
loaded with extra lives and jewels, so it may not necessarily be a bad idea 
to explore the relatively unguarded palace. 

When you begin, pick up the whip off screen to the left and run over to the 
statue on the right. Push it a few feet until you step behind it and enter a 
new room. Push the basket to your right, kill the yellow Thuggee, and jump 
over the statue to find an extra life. There's a red Thuggee, but you really 
don't need to bother fighting him. Instead, take the pacifist's route and 
push the statue to escape to a new room. 

In this room, head right and find the basket. You'll see an extra life on the 
other side of a statue, but if you use the basket to jump over it you'll be 
taking the wrong path and will have to start over. Again, this may not be a 
bad idea if you don't mind wandering around. To continue on the correct path, 
take the basket and push it to the statue on the left. It does in fact matter 
which side of the statue you enter, so jump over it and enter from the left. 

The final room is essentially the same as the one before it. There's a yellow 
and a red Thuggee, so kill them and run to the right to find a basket. 
Another extra live is teasing you behind the statue, but once again that's 
not the path you need to take. Push the basket to the left, jump over the 
statue, and enter it from the left to complete the level. 

Level 17: Caves of Pankot Part One

Walk down the slope and punch the cross icon for a whip. Knock out the two 
bats flying around and use the hook to swing up to the otherwise unreachable 
area. Whip as many bats as you can, and then find the second hook and swing 
to the rock platform above the river of lava. Jump to the next rock platform, 
which is above a yellow Thuggee, and latch onto a hidden hook to reach 
another platform with a heart on it. 

From here, there are two different routes to take. The higher path is an 
easier one, but it can be tricky to reach. No matter how far you jump, Indy 
will hit the top of the cave, which reduces the distance he jumps and 
prevents him from reaching the higher level. The only way I've found to land 
there is to land on top of a bat and use the knock-back as an extra bump. 
There are some bats and a Thuggee, but beyond that is a mine cart track with 
a pair of hearts under it to restore any life you lost in the process.   

Follow the track to the end and jump to the area across the short gap to find 
a grenade and a heart. Left of here is a Thuggee throwing knives on the other 
side of a lava waterfall, so drop down and land on the floating platform 
below. Hop to the platform right next to it and pick up the grenade, but 
watch out for the lava geyser - stand on the left side to avoid it. When it 
recedes back down, jump to the main area to find a seemingly dead end. 
However, there's a narrow hole that Indy can roll through, so do exactly 
that. Kill the bats on the other side and follow the area down, but make sure 
not to accidentally land on another bat. There's a Thuggee to the left, so 
eliminate him and continue on. 

Roll through another narrow space in the rock and use the floating platforms 
to reach the next side. Grab the heart and roll through the space behind it. 
Whip the bats and Thuggees on the other side, but wait for them to turn away 
to avoid the knives they throw at you. Above the yellow Thuggee is a whip 
hook that you can use to reach a platform with a cross icon containing a 
pistol. Grab it and shoot the bats out of the air, and possibly the remaining 
Thuggee if he walks into range. Continue on and jump on the floating 
platforms - avoiding the lava geyser - and run up the slope. There are rocks 
dropping down in this area, but you'll pick up six hearts to make up for it, 
and at the top of this incline is the end of the level. 

Level 18: Caves of Pankot Part Two

Punch the cross to find the whip, and use it to take out the bat flying 
around. Wait for the floating platform to come within range, and use it to 
pass over the pool of lava. On the other side, take out the bats and run up 
the slope to find a kidnapped child that's worth five hundred points. Jump up 
to the next area and follow it up to find another kidnapped child and a 
heart. Kill the bats flying above you, and then attack the Thuggee throwing 
spears - if you stand close enough the Thuggee will throw his spears right 
over Indy. The rock platforms you passed under are accessibly from here, and 
you'll find a pair of hearts and a grenade at the end. However, some of the 
jumps are tricky and there are quite a few bats, so it may not be worth it. 

Follow underneath the tracks and drop down to the platform with a heart 
between it and the wall. There's another Thuggee with spears and quite a few 
bats, so to save time throw a grenade to wipe them all out in one shot. Drop 
down and rescue the kidnapped child and run allow the bottom path to find 
another child, but watch out for the rocks that fall from above. More 
importantly, the rocks breaks apart after they hit the ground, which are much 
more difficult to avoid. At the end is a Thuggee on an elevated track with 
another kidnapped child, so kill the former and rescue the latter. Use the 
track to jump to the rock on the left, which leads up to the main mine tracks 
in this area. If you check out the far right corner, above where you rescued 
the previous kidnapped child, is a grenade that you can drop down to. Follow 
the tracks up and head for the left side. 

There's are two hearts placed under between the end of the track and the next 
rock level, but a knife-throwing Thuggee is positioned so that one of his 
projectiles will knock Indy right in the head unless he's crouching there. 
Throw a grenade to kill him, and then follow this short path to find another 
pair of hearts and a pistol being protected by a Thuggee with a spear and 
falling rocks. 

Back at the end of track, follow it to the right until you reach another area 
of falling rocks. Wait for the debris to clear and quickly jump forward and 
whip the hook over the edge. Swing to a small ledge with a kidnapped child, 
and climb up to the main area. Take out any bats you come across, and watch 
out for the particularly annoying falling rocks that leave very little room 
to maneuver. It's nearly impossible to avoid taking hits here, so sprint 
through use the invulnerability time to your advantage - there are hearts and 
another kidnapped child at the end to restore any lost health. Stay on this 
level, continuing to kill bats and avoid falling rocks, and pick up another 
heart and a grenade. There's a Thuggee that throws knives on the level just 
above you at the end here, so crouch in the very corner and attack in between 
throws. Follow this path until you reach a dead end on a track. Drop down to 
the bottom, killing the handful of bats that get in your way, and exit 
through the left at the bottom. 

Level 19: Mine Cart Chase

This is another pretty fun level, and it's a recreation of one of the most 
memorable Indiana Jones scenes. Luckily, it's also infinitely easier the 
boulder or rafting levels. The player controls Indy as the mine cart barrels 
down the track, and it's your job to fend off groups of Thuggees and shoot 
the switches to follow the correct track. 

Honestly, there's nothing to this level. Holding down the Y-Button makes Indy 
shoot continuously, so just keep the crosshairs straight along the track and 
the enemy mine carts will go down one by one as they appear. The only trouble 
arises when you attempt to shoot the switches, because it's possible to 
switch them back to the wrong tracks. This is the only time you don't want to 
unload as many rounds as you can, but at the same time trying to shoot a 
single round can be difficult. Just be careful, and make sure to fix your 
mistakes if you accidentally hit a switch twice. 

After about ten switches, the cart reaches the end and rolls to a stop. 

Level 20: Rope Bridge Showdown with Mola Ram

Mola Ram is actually the easiest boss in the game, though at first he comes 
across as the most difficult by far. The level begins with Indiana Jones 
standing on the right side of the bridge from the movie with an item backpack 
a few steps in front of you. Grab the whip and walk onto the bridge - one way 
or another, you'll quickly figure out that the bridge will collapse if Indy 
stands on it for too long. On top of this, Mola Ram's personal army will leap 
down onto the bridge to attack you in groups of two or three, and Mola Ram 
himself is safely on the other side of the crevice throwing the burning 
Sankara Stones at you. This means that Indy has to avoid attacks from all 
directions, move around quickly enough to prevent the bridge from collapsing, 
and jump over the parts that already have. Oh, that's right, and you still 
have to worry about actually attacking Mola Ram. Yikes. 

Don't worry, things aren't nearly as hectic as they seem. When you first make 
your way across the bridge, stop about halfway across and allow a sizable 
portion of the bridge to collapse - four to six spaces is plenty. By doing 
so, you'll prevent Mola Ram's henchmen from being able to reach you, making 
the fight much less dynamic and allowing you to focus on the big boss man 
himself. Jump from the left side of the gap you created to Mola Ram and 
attack him with the whip once. Mola Ram will throw a stone at you, but as 
long as you continue moving from the moment it's thrown it will fly right 
over you. If you attempt to whip him more than once, either Mola Ram will 
throw another stone that probably makes contact or the bridge collapses - 
neither of which is good. After a single attack, jump back to your safe zone 
off screen and repeat. It takes about a dozen hits to put an end to Mola 
Ram's reign of terror, and afterwards you simply need to survive for another 
two seconds before the level ends. 

No time to waste. Two movies down, one to go!  

003.0 - Part 3: The Last Crusade

                            "I like 'Indiana'..."  
                        "We named the DOG 'Indiana'."  
                       "You are named after the dog?" 
              "I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog..."

Level 21: Catacombs of Venice

Rats... In the catacombs, make a very long jump over the pool of water and 
land on the pile of skulls below you. Take a few steps forward to the dip 
with the heart and crouch down there. In a few moments, a large blast of fire 
will pass by, but Indy's safely under it. When it passes, punch the item 
container to find a whip and jump over the rock to the next pile of skulls 
just in front of you. Another fire wall will appear, and when it passes run 
to the edge here, jump to the floating coffin, and drop down to the other 
side and crouch again in one of the two dips. When the wall of fire stops, 
jump over the gap and land on the narrow platform in front of the member of 
The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, the protectors of the Grail. 

The Brotherhood member will lob knives at you, but as long as you stand on 
the platform below him you'll be safe. Unfortunately, the trouble here is 
that another wall of fire is coming, and the majority of that platform is too 
high. Crouch down in the very left-most corner of the platform and whip the 
member of the Brotherhood until he dies, and then wait for the wall of fire 
to pass by. When it does, walk to the right side of the platform and whip the 
rat crawling around behind where the Brotherhood member was - since the 
platform is raised up, you can hit it. When the rat is eliminated, jump up 
and crouch where it was. Wait for the Brotherhood member in front of you to 
come closer, and attack him when he's about a two-rats length away from the 
edge of the platform and his knives will miss Indy - any closer and he'll 
make the knife's trajectory much shorter, any father and the long-range throw 
will be enough to hit you. 

When he's dead, quickly make your way across this passage and jump to the 
floating platforms until you reach one that's low enough to avoid a wall of 
fire. Sometimes the fire will appear just as you drop down to the area where 
the Brotherhood member was, so if you want to play it safe you can return to 
the low platform behind you and wait for the fire to pass. From there repeat 
the same strategy, except this time the Brotherhood member won't be there and 
you'll have more than enough time to safely reach the next area. 

After reaching the next area and avoiding the wall of fire, run along this 
passage and pick up all of the jewels scattered on the ground. When you reach 
a heart, crouch down there and wait for two walls of fire to pass. I'm not 
sure how the player is expected to know that you have to wait for another 
right behind it besides trial-and-error, but after it disappears, jump to the 
dry platform and whip the Brotherhood member. Pick up the grenade and jewels, 
and jump to the next platform with the rat and follow this area down. At the 
end, whip the hook and swing across the gap. On the other side, quickly land 
on the platform and jump down to the submerged area to avoid a wall of fire. 

Use the floating coffins to continue deeper in the catacombs and reach the 
next main area. Whip the Brotherhood member standing there, and roll into the 
rats to get rid of them afterwards. With the coast clear, run off screen to 
finish the level.

Level 22: Castle Brunwald Part One

Punch the item container and pick up the whip before running down the stairs. 
Near the fireplace is a very large man, but when you attack or get close to 
him, he charges in the opposite direction. I suppose this is the game's way 
of letting you know how this particular enemy attacks, so be grateful. Jump 
onto the fireplace and leap to the next one to avoid the Charging Nazi, and 
drop back down to the floor. There's a heart in front of this second 
fireplace, so grab it if you need the health and continue down the hall. 
There's a plain old Nazi soldier up the short set of stairs, so take him out 
and head downstairs. There's another Nazi at the bottom of these steps that 
you can either jump over or attack. One way or another, drop down to the next 

On this floor, run up two of the three steps and attack the Nazi walking 
around above you. When he's out of the picture, whip the item container at 
the top of the stairs leading back down and grab a heart, and then head 
downstairs. There's a Charging Nazi just off screen, so jump forward in 
between the two Nazi flags to avoid him. Whip the Nazi soldier at the end, 
and drop down to the lower level. 

Run down the stairs and jump onto the fireplace mantle. There's a heart and 
an item container with another above you, so grab them and jump to the next 
mantle in front of you. Grab the grenade here and drop down to the floor and 
fight the two Nazis patrolling here. Run up the stairs, but stop just before 
the top and whip the Nazi waiting to ambush anyone foolish enough to blindly 
run up the stairs. Follow this corridor to the end, grab the jewels, and wait 
for the Nazi below you to walk away before dropping down to the fourth level. 

Attack this Nazi, and then his partner crouching down just off screen waiting 
to shoot at you. When they're both eliminated, run down the stairs and pick 
up the three hearts lying out in the open. Kill the Nazi by the fireplace, 
and do the same for his comrade just for good measure before jumping onto the 
first fireplace mantle. Use it to climb onto the gray pillar in between the 
suits of armor, and whip the hooks above you to swing over this level. At the 
end is a grenade, and when you drop down you'll land at the top of the stairs 
with a heart. 

Head downstairs and jump over the Charging Nazi after you run past the 
portrait hanging on the wall. Immediately jump again to avoid the Charging 
Nazi on his return, but there's a good chance he'll hit you anyway. At the 
end of the hall is a Nazi crouching by some stairs, so take him out and 
follow this passage to the end. There is another Nazi below you, and he'll be 
shooting diagonally hoping Indy will jump onto his line of fire. Wait for a 
pause, and then leap to the stairs opposite you. Head down and take out your 
revenge on the Nazi before continuing on. At the bottom of the next set of 
stairs is another Nazi that blends in with the rest of the area, so be sure 
not to accidentally walk into him. Jump onto the fireplace mantle and, like 
before, use the whip hooks to swing over the floor. Not only will you avoid 
the Charging Nazi, but you will also find three hearts at the end when you 
release from the last hook as well as another two at the end of this floor. 
Hopefully back at full health, jump down and attack the Nazi walking around 
below you. 

There's a Charging Nazi just after the fireplace, but luckily he charges away 
from you. Since the ceiling here is too low to jump over him, whip him every 
time he charges back to fireplace until he dies. Afterwards, run down the 
hall and kill the Nazi kneeling where the ceiling opens up again. Jump onto 
the fireplace mantle and leap to the next one where you will find Henry 
Jones. The elder Jones will say, "Junior!" before Indy runs off screen to 
complete the level.

Level 23: Castle Brunwald Part Two

This is the only level where you really have any sort of time limit, because 
this level becomes infinitely more difficult if you wait around for too long 
in any area. There aren't too many enemies actually present, however, and the 
level design is heavily focused on using the whip hooks to swing from 
platform to platform. The trouble arises with the inclusion of the enormous 
windows, which will break and release bursts of flames. These are terribly 
difficult to avoid on the ground, but when you're swinging over a gap, 
there's a high probability of a cheap death. Many of the windows are placed 
very close to a whip hook, and even though you're invincible while actively 
swinging, you're vulnerable for the two seconds where you have to release 
from one and whip the next. 

When you take control of Indy, punch the item container and grab the whip. 
Although there are plenty of whip hooks, don't bother swinging from them. At 
the end of this platform is a Nazi, so jump over him and leap off of the 
platform, whipping onto the first hook. Swing along the castle wall, catching 
every other hook to save time, until you reach the next platform. There's a 
pistol and two item containers that hold another pistol and a whip, but you 
don't need them so I wouldn't suggest picking them up. 

Run along this platform and grab the hearts and grenade lined in a row, and 
jump over the Nazi soldier. The platform drops down, and there's a Charging 
Nazi here. Again, there's no point to fight him, and to make things easier 
you can catch a whip hook to swing through him. Just remember that if you 
picked up a pistol to switch back to the whip before attempting to latch onto 
a hook. 

Continue swinging over the gaps until you reach another platform. There's 
another Nazi guarding some more hearts and another grenade. Pick them up and 
take out the Nazi before leaping off the platform and proceeding. On the 
final platform, take out the Charging Nazi and pick the items, including more 
hearts, a third grenade, another pistol, and a stack of jewels. Afterwards, 
run off screen to end the level. 

Level 24: No Ticket on the Zeppelin 

As always, punch the item container in front of you for a whip. Besides your 
meat and potato Nazi soldiers, there are also mechanics that throw wrenches 
at you. They're little more than a variation of the Thuggees and Brotherhood 
members, so use the same method of crouching three-quarters of a whip length 
away from them to attack. 

Also, should you ever get lost, your goal is to reach the bottom right corner 
of the zeppelin. This guide only covers traveling straight from Point A to 
Point B, but if you're interested in finding extra jewels and goodies, keep 
that in mind. 

Whip in hand, run to your right and up the stairs - you can jump over the 
mechanic instead of fighting him. Kill the two Nazis above you from the 
stairs and continue to the right, up the stairs, and jump down to the 
platform on your right (instead of going up the stairs on your left). Follow 
this platform along until you come across a mechanic, and take him out before 

Near the end you should find some stairs leading up. Take them, and stand 
next to the green pipes. There's a mechanic on top of them, so take him out 
before exploring this level. Since you can't jump over the green pipes, check 
out the left side of the area and you'll find a crate you can push being 
protected by a Nazi. You can also use this crate to reach some stairs on your 
left that leads to some hearts and jewels if you want to do some exploring, 
but otherwise push it to the right until it's flush against the green pipes. 

Jump over the pipes and continue right until you pass two sets of stairs - 
one leading up and another leading down. Instead, stand in the corner where 
you found a stack of jewels and manually drop down (Down + B) and you'll wind 
up in an enclosed area with jewels, hearts, and a grenade. There's a mechanic 
to your left, so crouch against the left wall and whip to avoid his wrenches. 
Leap out and follow this platform to the left until you find more stairs 
leading down. There's a Nazi and a mechanic patrolling near them, so take 
them out first. 

The stairs lead to a very short platform a few feet above a much larger area, 
so hop down and continue on to the right. Attack the two Nazis patrolling 
here as well as the mechanic just behind some stairs. There's a heart in the 
far corner, so grab it before heading upstairs. Whip the Nazi from the 
stairs, and drop down to the small platform with the grenade on it, and then 
climb back up and take the next set of stairs just to your left. There's a 
mechanic standing on some green pipes at the top, and if you stand at the 
edge of these pipes and attack him his wrenches will fly over your head. 

Jump onto the pipes and follow them right. At the end, drop straight down and 
attack the Nazi at the bottom. There's a small piece of green pipe sticking 
out in the corner here with a heart and some jewels on it, so drop down and 
pick them up. The exit is directly below you, so jump down and run through. 

Level 25: Biplane Dogfight

Fans of the Super Star Wars games will recognize the basic design of this 
level. Indiana and Henry Jones are flying in the stolen biplane, and the goal 
is to shoot down twenty Nazi fighters. Far too many people like to call this 
level the most difficult one in the entire game, and like some of the other 
seemingly impossible levels in Greatest Adventures, it's actually fairly 
simple. However, this area requires a lot of patience, because it will only 
take one of two mistakes before the fighters blow your biplane out of the 

When you first begin, you'll see two or three fighters coming at you, and 
it's impossible to shoot all of them down without taking damage. This can 
seem overwhelming at first, but you do have a trick up your sleeve. It turns 
out that the enemy fighters are unable to hit you if you fly at the very 
bottom of the screen, so immediately drop down and begin flying in circles. 
You'll notice that the fighters appear off in the distance as a few tiny gray 
pixels and get progressively larger as they get closer before flying over 
you. You may also notice that the fighters don't begin shooting at you for 
the first four or five seconds, so that's your window to attack. Of course, 
you want to make sure that there aren't any other fighters in the area 
shooting at you at the same time. 

The key here is to never try and do too much at one time. As you circle the 
area, wait until you see a fighter that isn't protected by any others that 
are already shooting at you, and then fly up and shoot it down. Afterwards, 
immediately drop back down and begin circling again. That's really all there 
is to it. Simply wait for a clean opportunity and take it, and once again - 
this level is all about being patient. 

Level 26: Desert of Iskenderun 

Punch the item container and snag yourself a whip. Run along this path, 
collecting jewels as you go, and jump over the small gap and grab the heart. 
There's a member of the Brotherhood standing at the top of this slight 
incline, so crouch and whip him. As you begin to run down this steep slope, a 
group of four Brotherhood members will attack you, and it's difficult to 
dodge their knives and effectively attack them. If you have any grenade, I'd 
use them here - you can wait until two of them are close together and take 
them out in the blast. Alternatively, you can group them together and jump 
over them, though you run the risk of being on the receiving end of a knife 
to the back. 

At the bottom are two hearts - one on each side of this valley, and two 
Nazis, so whip them both in submission and grab the hearts you probably need 
at this point. There's another member of the Brotherhood just beyond the 
heart, so take him out too. Follow this path until you come to another gap 
that, unfortunately, has a member of the Brotherhood on the other side. Dodge 
his knives until you see an opening, and jump to the other side and attack 
him. Run down the slope here, picking up any jewels on the ground, and climb 
up onto the tank to fight the mini-boss. 

Boss - Colonel Vogel 

This boss is basically an upgraded version of the fight on the runaway cart 
in Cairo. The Colonel attacks you as the tank begins rolling along the 
desert, inching closer and closer to the cliff up ahead. Using just your 
fists, as indicated by the icon that pops up above the tank, you have to beat 
up Colonel Vogel before the tank drives off the cliff. You can tell how far 
away you are by the miniature tank rolling along at the bottom of your 
screen. As before, if you jump down and can't keep up with the screen, you 
will lose a life. 

The most difficult part of this fight is actually staying on the damn tank, 
since you have to fight on the moving treads. Your best bet is to jump to the 
far end of the tank and allow the treads to pull you to the front. As you 
pass by the Colonel, throw in a punch combo before sliding off the front. 
Jump back onto the back end of the tank and repeat. Luckily, it only takes 
five or six hits to take the Colonel down, so you should be able to record a 
knock out with plenty of time to spare. 

Level 27: The Temple of the Holy Grail 

When the Nazis capture Indy's group inside the temple, Walter Donovan shoots 
Henry Jones to force Indiana to recovering the grail for him. The Grail 
Temple is the older brother of the Chachapoyan Temple from the first level. 
It has the same basic level design, but with more traps and the more-
difficult members of the Brotherhood replacing the Hovito natives. 

Punch the item container to find the whip, and wait for the stone pillar to 
rise up. Run under it, and repeat the same strategy with the second stone 
pillar. There's a boulder waiting to fall on your head and there are traps in 
front of you, so stand as close as you can to the stone pillar and allow the 
boulder to fall in front of you. The next trap waiting for you is a pair of 
blades that leap out from the ground, so wait for them to recede back and 
roll through to come out in one piece. Immediately jump up to stop rolling, 
however, since there's another falling boulder and a member of the 
Brotherhood just up ahead. 

Inch up to the boulder to coax it into falling, and then run to the very edge 
of the platform and crouch down to avoid the Brotherhood member's knives. 
When he's dead, jump to the other side and avoid the falling boulder. There 
are three traps in a row here - two vertical spikes and another spinning 
blade - but they're spaced far away enough that Indy can stand in between any 
two. Simply run past one trap, pause to allow the one in front of it to 
recede back into the ground, and then pass over that one. Be on the lookout 
for a flying knife from a Brotherhood member off screen, however, since he'll 
begin attacking you just as you jump over the second vertical spike. Crouch 
near the stone pillar to safely attack him, and then run under the pillar 

Next up are four spinning blades in a row, and they aren't timed so that you 
can run or roll through them safely. Instead, wait for the first blade to 
drop back into the ground and stand where it would be. Wait here for just a 
moment until the next blade begins to fall back down, and then jump up and 
land where the blade just was - in the time that Indy is the air, the blade 
will have receded into the ground. Repeat this for each of the blades, and at 
the end, run forward to avoid the two falling boulders. 

There are two more blades, but these appear from the ceiling. Since this area 
is too low to run through, wait for the blades to rise up and roll underneath 
them. Safely on the other side, simply run forward to avoid the falling 
boulders, picking up the jewels and hearts on the ground, and pass under the 
stone pillar. Latch onto the hook and swing to the next area on the other 
side of the gap - even though there are two hooks, you only need the first 
one if you jump far enough. 

Run up the slope, pick up the heart, and attack the member of the Brotherhood 
while crouching. There's enough room to stand in between the two blades, so 
take your time avoiding them, and then follow this path down. You can jump 
over the next set of blades, and dodge the Brotherhood member's knives in 
between to two sets of blade traps until he's close enough to whip. 

There are three more blade beyond the member of the Brotherhood, with a 
vertical spike in between each one. Jump over each one, and be sure to grab 
the heart on the ground where the final blade appears. Afterwards, jump to 
the platform with the vertical spike on it. There are four more platforms - 
the last two having vertical spikes on them - and falling boulders in 
between, but if you don't stop and continuing jumping you will land on each 
of the final two platforms just after the spikes have gone back into the 
ground. From the last platform, jump to the main area below and run under the 
stone pillar after the spike drops back down. Crouch down near the spike and 
whip the member of the Brotherhood, and then stand near the stone pillar 
surrounded by the two spikes. Run under the pillar as soon as the first spike 
drops down and you'll be able to avoid both the pillar itself and the second 

Beyond the pillar are some more spikes, but they can easily be jumped over, 
and a pair of stone pillars. Pass under them and run up the incline for some 
jewels and hearts, but watch out for the falling boulders as you go up. At 
the top, jump over the two spikes and land in front of the stone pillar on 
the lower level. Pass under the pillar and stand in between the two spikes. 
Wait for the second pillar to rise and the second spike to fall, and then run 

Standing just in front of the rock wall, roll under the narrow gap and run 
past the spike after it recede into the ground to avoid the Brotherhood 
member's knife. You'll see a brown pillar in the background, and if you stand 
just in front of that you will avoid both the falling boulder and the 
Brotherhood member's knives if you crouch. Follow this path until you come up 
to a small incline with another falling boulder and a member of the 
Brotherhood standing at the top, so crouch at the base of the incline and 
attack him. 

There's another falling boulder just after the blade beyond the member of the 
Brotherhood, so coax the boulder to fall and quickly jump back to safety 
before the blade reappears. Afterwards, stand at the edge of the area and 
jump to the platform when the blade on it drops back down. Grab the heart, 
and crouch down in the very right corner to avoid the Brotherhood member's 
knives. When he's been eliminated, jump to the next area, over the blades and 
spikes, and run down to the stone pillar. Take out the member of the 
Brotherhood, pass underneath the stone pillar, and run up the incline to 
complete the level. 

Level 28: Inside the Grail Room with Walter Donovan 

It looks like someone chose poorly. Bedazzled by all of the shiny objects, 
Donovan drinks from a golden, jeweled grail that, unfortunately for him, is 
one of the many false grails. Prior to selecting, the knight had warned that, 
"For as the True Grail will bring you life - the False Grail will take it 
from you" and that is exactly what happens to poor old Donovan, who quickly 
ages into a mere skeleton. The wiser and more historically savvy Jones, 
however, realized that the only thing a humble carpenter such as Christ would 
have drank from would have been the simple cup tucked away behind the larger, 
more appealing grails. However, before being able to save Henry Jones, the 
undead skeleton of Walter Donovan puts up one last fight. 

When the fight begins, Skele-Donovan is standing in the center of the room 
motionless. Use this free time to punch the item container and get your whip, 
but don't attack just yet. After a few moments, Donovan will roll his head 
along the floor, so jump over it, but be sure to watch out for when it comes 
back. After dodging it twice, stand near Donovan and crouch down - Donovan 
will leap over you twice and pause on the other side of the room near the 

From here, Donovan can use a few different attacks. Besides rolling his head 
along the floor, he can also throw some of his bones at you. By this point, 
between the Thuggees, zeppelin mechanics, and the members of the Brotherhood, 
you've had more than enough practice dodging arcing projectiles, so this 
attack is easily avoidable. If you can get close enough, these two attacks 
offer your best opportunity to attack, so try and get a few whip swings in if 
you can. 

Afterwards, Donovan will likely bounce around the room some more, and 
eventually he will use his final attack. He will separate his entire skeleton 
and his bones will spin around in a circle. Make sure to stand in the middle 
while this is going on, and roll out when the skeleton reforms. Once again in 
a single piece, Donovan will bounce around some more or use another attack. 
The most difficult part of this fight comes from avoiding Donovan when he's 
jumping around, but I've found that if you're standing in the corner and jump 
as he's coming down you'll miss each other entirely. 

There isn't much more to this fight. Dodge Donovan when he's jumping around, 
and attack him when he's vulnerable, particularly while tossing his head or a 
random bone at you. There aren't any secret tricks to use, but then again, 
there really doesn't need to be. It takes roughly a dozen hits to put Skele-
Donovan down for good, and afterwards the ending cinematic kicks in. 

With Walter Donovan out of the picture, you've successfully finished the 
third and final movie in Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures. Sit back, relax, 
and watch the credits as the Super Nintendo version of the theme song plays. 

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